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BEST OF 2010


WHEN YOU LOOK THIS GOOD, EVERYONE WILL WANT A PIECE OF YOU. Quand vous paraissez aussi bien, tout le monde voudra une partie de vous.

Morraine Lake, Rocky Mountains — Banff, B.C.

W W W. J A R D I N D E V I L L E . C O M


W W W. N A U T I Q U E I N T E R N AT I O N A L . C O M

MISSION : The Best of Canada idea started with a conversation about doing “Best of Montreal and Toronto” issues of KA Magazine. The thought of doing a full Best of Canada issue seemed too large a task to take on in our first year of print. It was during one of the many walks with Ms. King, that the obvious was stated: “If you are already doing the best of Montreal and Toronto, you are more than half way there already.” It was as a result of these sage words, that you have in your hands the first annual KA Best of Canada magazine. Since this is the mission page, the point would be to say what the mission is in the context of Best of Canada, but the first questions would be, what does “best” mean? This is one of those words that you can debate for hours. Who is the best designer, artist, cobbler, butcher?… I don’t even think it is possible that we can even scratch the surface of what is out there, but in doing the scratching, we did uncover something: Canada is hot! Yes, we said hot. I am not sure that this is a word usually used in describing this country, (besides the summer that we had this year with record highs) but it is a word that I think you should begin to get used to. I feel that “hot” will be said by many others in the future when describing Canada. The mission is a simple one: to have KA Magazine be a sort of ‘taste filter’ of what is the best in Canada. In order to be included in the Best of Canada, the recipient had to have a score of eight out of ten. Surprisingly enough, even those big sexy companies out there only had a score of seven, or even six in most cases. The marketing campaign had as much weight as the charity culture of a company. In this way, it did not matter if a company was able to spend millions on ad campaigns, if they had no heart, then their score was lowered by a point. The other thing that surprised me in this first Best of Canada issue, was how hot the small business sector was and how strong and focused these entrepreneurs are, as well as how concerned everyone seemed to be about charity and green (and not just in dollars). Two points very dear to all of us at KA. Kevin Allwood


EDITORIAL NOTE The thought manifests as the word; The word manifests as the deed; The deed develops into habit; And habit hardens into character; So watch the thought and its ways with care, And let in spring from love Born out of concern for all beings... As the shadow follows the body, As we think, so we become. F R O M T H E D H A M M A PA D A (Sayings of the Buddha)

This is the first year of KA Magazine and it has been one of the most interesting years I can remember. This journey started with the first issue which had Ashley King on the cover. This issue was actually something of a testament to what can be done with just drive and spirit alone. When the first editorial was written, I stated that if only one other person gets it, then this was enough for me. Little did I know, a year later, thousands would have not only gotten “it”, but were willing to also support what we were doing. KA started with a simple enough premise: what would happen if we took all the best that we could find, and put them in one magazine without the pretext of being advertised to? To this end, I decided that there must be others out there who thought as I did. However, the story begins even before this, and on this first year anniversary of KA Magazine I think it would be good to sort of pull a ‘star wars’ and go back to before the beginning. Its truly amazing, when viewed in retrospect, things are not as horrible as they seemed while going through them, and in actuality the bitter pill was the best thing you could have ever swallowed. But tell that to someone who just lost their businesses, their homes, their bank accounts, as well as the person that they considered their best friend in the world (when said best friend turns out to be completely “Doctor Jekyll Mr. Hyde”). Then tell it to the person while they are in the middle of a process that created the perfect storm which would wipe out everything that they had in the world, leaving them with only the clothing they had in the closet…This person might not take too kindly to such a remark. But there I was four years ago, staring in the eye of the perfect storm literally. It’s funny how the clichés are completely true. I can list them all: you will know your friends when you have nothing, people can be the most vicious when a person is down, catastrophe seems to attract more to itself. These were all things that

I encountered when the following occurred. First, I lost both my stores to someone that I thought was a savior, which turned out to be the “wolf in sheep’s clothes” (another cliché). Then everything else was lost due to the activities by the person that was running the business side of my company. The next cliché, when you think it cannot get worse, it does. That came when my truck was broken into; passport, license and all identification stolen. Add to this my ex who decided that since I was going through so much stress, I was not going to be able to see my boys. To say that this was a dark point in my life, would clearly be an understatement. But something very strange happened in the eye of the storm, something entirely unexpected. I felt calm. It was very small at first, but it was there, a subtle calm which grew and grew each day until it became a voice that spoke softly in my ear. “You need very little to live and to live well.” This has been the truth that I have lived with even now, four years after this life change. You see, when everything is taken away from you in a manner that you did or could not expect, you are left with only one of two choices: sink or swim. What I realized when I chose the first which was to sink in my own misery, was that even though I felt justified in feeling badly, at the end of the day, life still goes on. So since I am still breathing, then there must be a reason for my being here still. I think KA and the good that it is doing is the reason. I think that creating from the context of charity is the reason. I think that aligning myself with what is true, good and of integrity is the reason, and it is by knowing the other side that I am sure of my choices. I know that if I am to be sure in this life, it is to choose to give first, rather than to receive. Now, I am here and it is the first year of KA Magazine, what started as an idea has become so much more. Kevin Allwood, Editor in Chief

see the full story on WWW.KAONLINEMAGAZINE.COM


There is a song by Dinah Washington, which begins with the unforgettable phrase “What a difference a day makes”. A definite fact of life, is that a day can be incredibly transformative. The song we would like to write though, with all respect to Dinah, would be “What a difference a year makes”. A year ago, KA was an idea that should not have worked, since it had no template which already existed. How can a luxury magazine be created at a premium price, with the highest quality print, and all this with the attitude of giving first? Then take all this and make it a for profit business with the soul purpose of giving it’s profits to a designated charity whose mandate is to build first world schools in a “third world” country (Jamaica)— and all this while the world economy just went into a recession? Those were the questions a year ago, but now the main questions that we receive are: “why didn’t someone think of this before, and how can we help?” ...What a difference a year makes. One year after the first published KA magazine with the lovely Ms. King gracing the cover, we are embarking on a special journey. The first ever (in our knowledge) Best of Canada edition in a printed publication, covering from chefs to rock-stars and with ice-wine thrown in the mix to keep things interesting and “KA”. A year later KA has become an adjective as in: “that’s very KA!” (pronounced Kaah). To help you navigate this issue and for the sake of keeping things clear, the winners of Best of Canada all have a tiny maple leaf at the top of their pages. I awake and wipe the dew from the windows Looking in I am not able to see out A little child lies in the corner watching I am struck by the stillness of his gaze Reaching out I recoil at the distance Awake in the dream of sleep I slumber I mumble I know That child is me



All proceeds from sales of the KA Prayer bead bracelet go directly to the My Jamaican Heaven Foundation. Price : 150.00$

MY JAMAICAN HEAVEN mon paradis jamaïcain The My Jamaican Heaven (MJH) mission is to help create a better life for the children in Jamaica, focusing on the basics of health, nutrition, and education. My Heaven is focused on ending malnutrition as well as creating first world schools for the children of Jamaica, starting one parish at a time. It is our goal to build a community around the context of schooling, and creating mini campuses across this island which will be self-sufficient and connected to each other. MJH is proud to have Ashley King as its Ambassador and with the assistance of KA Magazine and other partners of KA, we are determined to create the first freestanding “campus” by Fall 2011. To this end, KA Magazine has pledged all profits from it’s sales to this cause. This along with the generous donations from the partners of KA, is making what seemed to be a dream only a year ago, into a reality.

BVLGARI In 2009, to mark the 125th anniversary of Bulgari, the Italian luxury goods company chose to support Save the Children’s Rewrite the Future Campaign. Bulgari has created three special pieces of limited edition jewelry to celebrate their 125th anniversary. When one is purchased, 60$ will go to Save the Children. Willem Dafoe, Terrence Howard, Ben Stiller, Isabella Rossellini and many more celebrities have posed with the jewelry to draw attention to this cause. See this year’s new ring, worn above by the beautiful Isabella Rossellini.

ABOUT ONEXONE : Our mission is to improve the lives of children in Canada, the USA and around the world with programs dedicated to the fundamentals: water, health, education, play and food. Thanks to generous contributions, the past five years have been filled with hope and inspiration for those of us at ONEXONE. In Canada, ONEXONE is committed to fighting hunger in First Nations Communities with the First Nations Breakfast program, providing nutritious meals to over 3,000 students each day. ONEXONE has recently expanded our outreach to help assist additional programs dedicated to eliminating hunger. We are proud of our international aid support. Our continued worldwide involvement includes initiatives in the USA, South Africa, Kenya and Rwanda. Already in 2010 ONEXONE has participated in 8 relief missions to Haiti, delivering over 7 million dollars worth of goods and medicine to children affected by the devastating earthquake. ONEXONE remains committed to rebuilding Haiti by working with reliable on-the-ground relief agencies, ensuring all resources are directed to Haitians most in need. Our journey has reinforced my belief that helping another person is not a responsibility or an obligation but a privilege with great rewards.

Joelle (Joey) Berdugo Adler — Founder OneXOne



SPECIAL THANKS Joelle Berdugo Adler at OneXOne, Adam Brecht at Creed, Dana Capone and Karlee Edmonds at Bvlgari, Dr. Chanh Tran Tien, Ivry at Rosenstein Paris, Rabih Bazzi at Femme Coiffure, Magda Frederik at La Maison Ishi, Mary Fotopoulos at OneXOne, Marcelle Bourque at Jardin de Ville, Stephane Thomas at Ozone Distribution, Erika Larva and Liz Walsh at Monarch Events Group, Marco Iancampo at Group Optima Design, Alain Forcioli at Groupe Cote Sud, Carlos Ferreira at Ferreira Cafe, Ted Sparkes and Lori Cohen at Pazazz Printing, Vanessa Morcom at Vanessa NK PR, Claudia Emde at W Hotel, Maya Sardouk, Claude Cyr at Le Cartet, Brenda Libby at Starlink Aviation, Elle, Gabrielle and Nadia from Montage Models.

VOLUME 3 KA MAGAZINE is published every quarter by KA Magazine Ltd. KA is independently owned. All rights reserved. KA Magazine Ltd. ISSN 1920-3179 KA MAGAZINE MONTREAL 630 William, Penthouse 923 Montreal, Canada H3C 4C9

Have you seen this bird?

The Bird That Shat On MY Head — A story by Kevin Allwood

It is a day unlike any other day; a day filled with varying degrees of grey. It was one of those days when the color that is out and the people walking through it are indistinguishable from each other. It was the kind of day that blends into itself creating one long unbroken chain of malaise drifting aimlessly through fog. On a day such as this, the unspeakable happened. It is on this day that the grey was penetrated, as a rip through the very fabric of Guy’s Universe itself. On this fated day, the color fell like paint out of the sky, dropping on his canvas of gloom and despair. Such gifts from heaven, like most heavenly gifts, are most un-welcomed by the receiver. “What the...? Holy shit!” Guy’s face was twisted in total disgust. “I just got freaking shat on!” “What?” Responded Beauty. “What do you mean you got shat on? I didn’t mean anything by…” “No, not…no, no, no…not you. It’s not you, that bird shat on me. I mean, I just got shat on my %!@#$ head.” Guy was now pointing up at the sky, flailing his arms. “I can already feel the cancer growing from all the toxins seeping into my skin.” “What are you talking…Oh my God! HiHiHiHiHiHi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Beauty was in hysterics. “What the hell are you laughing at? I have my head covered in @#$ shit, and all you can do is laugh!” At this point guy was beyond furious with Beauty. How dare she get pleasure at his expense, at his pain! Was she blind? Didn’t she see he has shit on his head? “I am convinced that you made this happen.” He spat the words at her in rapid fire, trying with each word to sink his venom deeper into her very being. “You have always secretly hated me, I know it! And now…now look at what you made happen to me! You made this happen!” Beauty reached out to Guy, but he was fuming. “Don’t, don’t touch me! Go away…. Go!” Beauty slowly turned and walked in the other direction. “Where are you going???” Guy asked, still furious. “You told me to go, so I’m going!” Responded Beauty. “You’re full of shit...hihihihihi”. Beauty was not able to contain herself from bursting with the hilarity of the spectacle that was Guy with colorful shit on his head. (excerpt from the book)...











103 41








In this issue’s travel section, KA continues with coverage of the best hotels around the world. The focus being on those hotels that we would not necessarily have to leave the city for, thus allowing you (the KA traveler) to take care of business, while enjoying a mini vacation in your home town.

Design is everywhere in this issue of KA. The clothing, the jewelry, the cars, the yachts, all designed with the same esthetics in mind: to be the best.

In this issue of KA, we decided that the mix needed to be ‘even more’. So we have much more men’s fashion as a response to the amazing men and women that are requesting to see more hot men’s stuff. KA pays homage to luxury menswear, as well as the best men’s store in the country.

BEAUTY KA along with Ex Aurum Montreal will introduce in this issue the special KA collection of rings, bracelets and necklaces, where proceeds from sales of these beautiful pieces will go to charity. Also, the Bulgari Save the Children ring is redone for this new year and is as beautiful as ever.

GIVING This issue marks the first year of a simple experiment: how to create a business that all profits goes to charity, as well as keeping the business sexy and relevant? That said, KA issue number four is being launched at the Best of Canada 2010 benefit event, along with partner OneXOne.



In this issue, we have dedicated a full feature section to some very special cars. From the Fisker Karma to the Maybach Landaulet, this editorial does not ignore the need for conservation. Clearly the cars on the pages of KA are not the ones you will likely find in your daily commute.

SOUL KA Soul continues from the last issue, but this time going still deeper into why we are essentially happy machines. Along with the ever popular horoscope section of KA and rounded off with KA Feng Shui, the soul section is definitely much needed soul food.

FOOD From the very first issue of KA, we wanted to showcase food in a sexy and thought provoking manner including candid interviews with true taste makers. In this issue, we have gathered together three of Canada’s best chefs, and you will definitely not leave this section hungry.


MUSIC Music is in the DNA of KA magazine, and this issue, we continue our love affair with music and music makers. In this issue of KA, we have candid interviews with Canada’s best, a sure treat.

PROFILE We continue the People Profiles with a twist this time. Gone is the restriction to whether or not the interview is about the billionaire mindset, this has been replaced with another dialogue with “real” people (not implying here that the men interviewed before were not real, but lets just say that with success comes the inevitable belief in ones own success - this can sometimes lead to very guarded dialogues). Since we are always looking for the unbridled truth, KA People Profiles has been brought to the men and women on the street.



Ex Aurum, is one of those rare finds that has been passed along by word of mouth for many years in Montreal, by and between those whose demand for beauty is only surpassed by their insistence on quality. Not only does KA consider Ex Aurum to be best in Canada 2010, but the recent collection of beautiful pieces for KA of which proceeds from sales will go to the My Jamaican Heaven foundation — This goes to show that luxury and beauty can definitely create the perfect win/ win. The KA collection consists of beautiful rings, a tennis bracelet and a circle of life pendant, all in semi-precious “life” stones.




THE KA HOTEL Imagine a five star hotel that is completely built around the holistic needs of its guests. Not just in the manner of a spa, or a pool, but going as far as which direction the head of the sleeper faces (Feng Shui) to align with the most auspicious direction for that guest. Then couple this concept with technology, where each guest upon arrival is connected directly to the hotel and concierge service, whether in the hotel or while outside exploring. This hotel would also be a collection of beautifully designed spaces, from the spas, restaurants, gym and private rooftop terrace; all in the signature KA style (designed by Kevin Allwood the creator of KA magazine, in collaboration with Group Optima Spaces). Now take this leap of imagination, and add to it this: all of the “KA” profits from this hotel will go to charity. This is definitely a first in the world.

The creators of KA have been making a virtual world through the KA Magazine experience, and now, they intend to make this virtual reality real in the creation of their first ever luxury hotel, where all the KA profits will be donated to the My Jamaican Heaven (MJH) foundation. The idea of the KA Hotel concept is to create a holistic environment, while using the advances in technology, thus enabling a peaceful and rejuvenating stay at the hotel, while allowing the guest to keep linked to the business world when needed. The costs of all the items chosen by the guests will be upfront, and no additional charges would be added once a menu is selected for the room, allowing the guest to feel free to be completely at home during their stay at KA Hotel. The KA Hotel boutique would have the products that are advertised in KA Magazine; from Creed perfumes, to KA jewelry. Guests at the hotel and KA members are free to enjoy the rooftop terrace by dipping their feet in the wading pool on a hot summer’s day, or just relax with a refreshing drink. Experience the KA lifestyle while giving back to charity at the same time; a perfect win/win.





To say that the Azimut is a thing of beauty is as obvious as saying that water is wet. What is not as obvious is why. Why do we create such beautiful things to begin with, and what is the drive behind such a passion? If one were cynical, he could argue that the world doesn’t need such things as beautiful yachts, cars or for that matter, even magazines — but then if we take this approach, what would we be left with? How would we dream and what would we aspire to experience? It is definitely something to know, that life is more than just toys and the pleasures that they give. But if this is true, when things are at their darkest, how will we see the light? I am not saying that an Azimut is the light that the world needs, but I can definitely say that if for the time that you are looking at this beauty, your thoughts have taken a break from the things that worry you, and instead rested in the beauty on these pages…then this is a good thing. A little story, I discovered this company 6 years ago. By chance a friend of mine showed me a photo of the 103S and then soon after this, I happened to watch an episode of Friends- the one where they made a word, and whenever someone was upset, they used this word instead of one that would keep them upset. I decided then and there that my word would be Azimut. I have completely forgotten the rest of that episode of Friends, but I have never forgotten that word….. Azimut.


PAOLO VITELLI Founder and President of Azimut Benetti Group

KA — Why do you make these creations so breathtaking and beautiful? PV — This is a flattering question! Since I started this company my mission has always been to build the most beautiful, reliable, technological and innovative yachts: the more a yacht is comfortable, safe and eco-friendly, the better you perceive its beauty and appreciate its design. KA — How do you see the future of these creations in a “green” world? PV — Today no industry can ignore that the future of the planet depends on us. One of the main activities of our Research & Development Centre is the study of solutions designed to reduce environmental impact. At the Genoa International Boat Show we will have the world premiere of the Magellano 50, a yacht boasting the greatest eco-compatibility imaginable, thanks to original technological solutions and the adoption of environmental protection policies, as required by RINA’s GREEN PLUS standards. The new yacht bears witness to the environmental commitment of Azimut Yachts, the first big shipyard to attain ISO14001 certification thanks to its cutting edge processes and approach to emissions and the processing of wood and other raw materials. KA — How do you continue to innovate? PV — Innovation is synonymous of success. We are proud of having revolutionized life at sea with some creative and technological novelty such as the adoption of the infusion system for manufacturing fiberglass hulls and decks or the use of “fisheye” windows made of great glass panes. Today we continue on the same direction, identifying new solution aimed to whet the appetite of the more technologically oriented clients. One of the most recent is UCS (Unique Control System) a proper control “station” which substitutes the traditional wheel and engine throttles, with a pilot chair installed on the flybridge with an integrated joystick for full control of the vessel in all navigation and maneuvering conditions. UCS is extremely easy to handle: 3600 HP can be controlled by a singlehand movement thanks to sophisticated sensors which register and translate with mathematical precision even the smallest input received. KA — When we think of the Azimut, the Ferrari comes to mind… is this a sensible comparison? PV — I consider this a compliment, but it is true that both the companies are famous all around the word for similar reasons: style and design, tradition, luxury, technology, and Italian flavor. In a word: dream products! KA — Why do you think that we are so seduced by the Azimut? PV — It must be because our relationship with the clients does not end where many love stories stop: courtship and conquest. We keep in contact with our clients and offer them the best after sale services, covering all the owner’s needs: refit works, berthing facilities, crew training and recruiting, managing of administrative formalities and also concierge activities like booking hotels, flights and restaurants.

Today no industry can ignore that the future of the planet depends on us.





URBAN LUXURY The terms ‘Urban’ and ‘Luxury’ are such complete opposites, that putting them together creates a certain tension of words. When we think of urban, the first image that comes to mind is not pristine beaches or for that matter rolling meadows, things that we would immediately think of when we picture the word luxury. Try it for a minute “luxury”, what comes to mind? Space, cashmere, crystal clear pools, soft linens, impeccable service, and if you are like me, food made to perfection fresh and mouth watering. But if this is your definition (or something close to this) of luxury, then the hotels in this issue’s Urban Luxury section, are sure to please.

Bvlgari Spa — Bvlgari Hotel Milano



BULGARI HOTEL Tucked away in the Bulgari “secret gardens”, this hotel has contemporary design with unforgiving comfort

We reviewed the Bulgari Hotel Milan in the first issue of KA Magazine, but this is one of those hotels that even though we reviewed it once, we felt compelled to bring it back again. If you did not get the first issue, it would be sad that you were not introduced to one of the finest hotels and one of the most surprising finds in Italy. Milan is one of those cities that seem to hide all the rare and precious things, either behind deep courtyards, or in tiny cobble stone alleys. Ironically, the Bvlgari Hotel is a stone throw away from the bustling activity of everyday Milan. It would not be rare to be that visitor to this wonderful city, who without foresight, would visit Milan only to leave it and not be fully satisfied. You see the key to Milan is to persist and with enough persistence, she opens up showing you her treasures. Such a treasure is the Bulgari Hotel. This hotel is tucked away on a serene street at the end of a beautiful garden, but it is still in the city center. Refined and prestigious, the hotel combines contemporary design with unforgiving comfort. This hotel feels like a tribute from the high end jeweler, to the seekers of luxury at its most refined. The area where the hotel is located is Via Montenapoleone, Via della Spiga, home to the world famous and iconic Scala Theatre and the academy of Brea. To say that the hotel is unexpected is an exercise in understatement, but this oasis of exclusive tranquility is not ruffled by the frenzy of the city centre. The 4,000 square foot private garden next to the Botanical gardens, ensures a quiet haven. The original facade has been preserved and one can still see elements of the 18th century, lovingly preserved. Perks: Hotel spa, private gardens with meditation area, unpacking and packing service, personal shopper, hair and make-up service, valet. Bulgari Hotels and Resorts Milano Via Privata Fratelli Gabba 20121 Milano


Where the Bulgari Hotel Milan is “garden beautiful and serene”, the Fairmont Pacific Rim is “unobstructed mountain and harbor views”. Though this is the biggest of the hotels reviewed in this issue, it follows the trend of being intimate even in its size and with such things as meditation pods. You get a sense here that this place was designed with the individual in mind and you are left with a definite feeling that you are not just a number. “Ok fine” you say, “how long can I stay in a meditation pod after getting in touch with my inner me...what’s there to eat?” That is definitely covered here as well with an authentic Pan-Asian bistro, an Italian inspired deli and cafe, and the Lobby Lounge which if you need to be entertained, features live entertainment six nights out of seven. The hotel is the new kid on the block, but it is a Fairmont hotel so that makes it as new as saying Madonna’s child is new to the celebrity lifestyle. The hotel has made no mistakes, from planning to completion. Located in the heart of the historic port and financial district which fronts on one of Vancouver’s most exciting streets, while having completely unobstructed views of the harbor and the North Shore mountains. The decor of the hotel is on the safe side but it is not at all boring, and you are left excited enough by its Asia meets West coast vibe without feeling too much of either. This, I am sure, is a hard balancing act with a project of this scale, but they have pulled it off perfectly.The offerings are what you would come to expect in a luxury five star hotel, but it is the rooftop pool with private cabanas and fire pits that gives the little extra that we look for. The Fairmont Pacific Rim is definitely a KA hotel of choice and KA Best of Canada 2010. Perks: Spa,outdoor terrace with jacuzzi ( believe me there is nothing wrong with a jacuzzi when enjoyed on the terrace of a hotel), great food, butler service, meditation pods. Fairmont Pacific Rim 1038 Canada Place Vancouver, British Columbia Canada V6C 0B9


FAIRMONT PACIFIC RIM Falling in love with Vancouver all over again



LES THOMPSON Embodying the ultimate in clean industrial New York

We could not do Urban Luxury without a trip to New York. New York City, what is it about this place that just the name alone makes you swoon, and like the city of its residence, Les Thompson is definitely “swoon worthy”. Located at the corner of Allen and Houston streets in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, the hotel is a convergence of some of the flashiest names in design. The architect is none other than Ed Rawlings and the interior is designed by Jim Walrod, in collaboration with Ed Rawlings. The hotel manages to stand out from its surroundings while drawing inspiration from its form and design esthetics, allowing it to embody the ultimate in clean, and industrial New York. Guests at this hotel will not be disappointed by the amount of on site goodies, including private terrace bar Above Allen, very similar to the A60 at 60 Thompson and ABH at the Thompson in Beverly Hills. There is a pool with a lounge on the third floor, which has a filmstrip image of an Andy Warhol photo lithographed onto the very tiles at the bottom, now that’s cool! With 141 rooms, there is still a feeling of intimacy to be had here. The rooms are minimalist without being cold and with floor to ceiling windows, the views are amazing. Gone are the days when you paid through the nose to get a closet in the big Apple— the rooms at this hotel are spacious and the bath amenities by Kiehls and linens by Sferra round things off nicely. The location of the lower east side is also a draw in and of itself, the area that stretches from Houston Street to Delancey bordered by Bowery and the East River, is fast becoming one of the most exciting areas in Manhattan. Recent decades have seen an influx of artists and cool professionals quickly making this area the place to be. Les Thompson fits nicely into KA’s Urban luxury vibe. Perks: Babysitting, bar and lounge, pool on third floor, chinese restaurant with star chef Susur Lee, Kiehls bath products, Sferra linens, spa. 190 Allen Street New York City New York, USA 10002 US


W W W. W M O N T R E A L H O T E L . C O M

Scarlett Johansson

Karma — Fisker Automotive


GET YOUR HEART ON What is it about cars that evoke so much adoration from young and old, male or female‌ even animals love cars! Have you ever watched a car pass by with the family dog in the passenger seat, it is hard to figure out sometimes who is enjoying the ride most: the dog or the driver! Sure, there is the person who will tell you with a straight face, that cars are made to get you from point A to B, but I am sure that even this person after seeing the cars on the following pages would not help but get their heart on for the four sweet rides in KA’s car feature.




There is a running joke at KA that if I was given a spoon to create an ad campaign for, it would be photographed entering a woman’s mouth. The point is that I love the woman, and I would put her with anything to make the point of that object’s beauty, at least this is my interpretation. Well after much ribbing from my wonderful associates, I decided that penguins are beautiful and I would make the other series of ads with penguin images. This did not go over at all, and proves my point that you just cannot please everyone. But was I ever pleased when I received the images of the Fisker Karma campaign. I was at last vindicated! I mean, anyone that would put a blonde in a red bathing suit, lounging on the solar panels of an electric sports car, wearing black heels, is definitely proof positive that this was my kind of person! This company was also our first choice in issue number one as the KA car and as well they graced our first back cover which made me smile for days. I remember that Henrik Fisker answered one of his questions with the prophetic phrase: ”My intent — to design the sexiest car period.” To this end, there is no doubt, but we will go one step farther and challenge you to find a sexier car ad anywhere. The Fisker Karma is a marriage of beauty and brawn, and the specs are as impressive as any gas operated sports car. The car features cutting-edge plug-in hybrid technology “Q Drive”, developed by Quantum technologies exclusively for the Karma. To put the technology in Layman’s term: there is a small gasoline tank which keeps the generator turning which in turn charges the lithium ion battery pack, powering the electric motor which turns the rear wheels. This concept can keep you going for up to 50 miles per day and with only a single charge each evening, you can conceivably run your car with a single refill each year. Added to this 0-60 in 6 seconds, and a top speed of 125 mph, this is definitely one of those rare times that you can have your cake and eat it too.




Courtesy Lauzon Porsche Montreal — Photographed by KA

When we started this issue’s car features, we had a clear list of the cars we wanted to feature, and the 911 turbo was nowhere on this list. You see, this was an error in familiarity. The 911 Porsche was a car that I have driven in countless times and somehow even though I thought this car is definitely the best in its class, my familiarity with the Porsche made it ‘not as exotic’ in my mind. But as fate would have it, that was all to change. The director of fashion, Ashley King is a car fan (I think in some ways she is more of a fan than most guys out there), she knows what she wants and she likes them fast, very fast. So when she was given the task to choose the car for this issue’s fashion editorial entitled “Sexy Secret Agents” shot at Starlink Aviation, she wasted no time in contacting Lauzon Porsche and requesting a white Porsche 911 turbo 2010 model. You will notice that I said white, but the car on this page is black. It seems that the white was no-longer available for the photo shoot, but actually the black was Ms. King’s favorite to begin with, but how did that change my mind you ask…? Have you ever seen a black ‘spit shined’ Porsche 911 turbo stalk up on to an eat-off-the-floor white private jet hangar? Well after this, I am sure if you had a magazine with a car section, you too would make space. Imagine that 35 years ago, when the turbo Porsche was introduced in Europe, they actually thought the market would be satiated after 500 deliveries. Now try 80,000 to be correct with no end in sight. Since the 911 revolves around the motor, the majority of the upgrades are here. By integrating the cylinder blocks and the crankcase, the weight of the car is reduced, dedicated oil returns— ok that’s not exciting stuff, but all the tinkering around with the 2010 model’s engine, made this engine 22 pounds lighter. Now that means more fuel efficiency and actually, a faster, sexier beast.



What is a Maybach? This word by itself conjures up so many things: royalty, a King from a Shakespearian novel, even at times a sorcerer in an Arthurian legend. I remember the first time I saw a Maybach, I had no way of thinking about the car in terms that was readily available in the context of cars. This car was so over the top that to start would be impossible. The price is impressive with most models starting at half a million dollars and others like the one on this page, going for over a million. What makes a car worth a million you say? To that I think I would not have the answer and as this is not the forum for answering these questions, but more to display for the sake of beauty itself. Just as the viewer will look on a beautiful painting without thinking of the price, then too the Maybach Landaulet asks the same. Do you remember the scene in Sex and the City 2 where the 4 white Maybachs pulled up to pick up the girls? Now if we suspend for a minute all the comments about the movie itself, that was definitely a cool scene (the first time). The one - off Maybach Landaulet study lets the passengers enjoy the open-air via a retractable roof that electro-hydraulically disappears into the rear-parcel in (get this) 16 seconds flat, leaving the reinforced rear windows in place and the chauffeur’s compartment completely enclosed. With all white — from wheels to the front white indicators and the seychelles white leather appointed interior - the “jet on wheels” is powered by the twin- turbocharged V12 engine that gives a whopping 450kW/612 hp from a displacement of 5980 cc. What does this all mean? Well basically, this thing can fly.


Have you ever seen an Aston Martin go fast, it is the strangest thing to witness. It’s as if there is a slow motion machine, the car just suspends time and then “vroom” it’s gone! It’s not that it even speeds past you, it just strolls at 145km per hour past you all low and growling. The Aston Martin is a study in perfection; a car that seems to defy conventional wisdom and succeed where others have failed terribly. Lets see, build it by hand: check. Build it in limited quantity: check. Every now and then, build only 77 - that’s it, that’s all, and put a price tag of over one million on it: check, check, check. The sight of “the One” our loving name for the new Aston Martin one-77 is as mind blowing as the first sight of the Mona Lisa at the Louvre in Paris. You can’t and I mean, you cannot seem to take your eyes off her. There is something silent, haunting, brooding and unfair about such a thing not coming back home with you. It is not a wonder that this vehicle feels less like a car and more like a vehicular art form. Yes, I think this should become a new word: “vehicular art form”. The car is based on a sophisticated carbon fiber chassis with a hand crafted aluminum body, making the 7.3 litre V12 super, possibly the only Aston Martin (while on slow motion passing stealth mode) seem well, invisible to the naked eye. With 77 of them to be produced in the world, the chance of seeing one is practically impossible, but we are pleased to have it here on the pages of KA giving you this rare glimpse of “The One”.






KA HOMES In this issue of KA Magazine, we are introducing the ‘KA homes’ section. This part of the magazine is not just about pictures of homes as you will be able to see on the following pages, but more in the context of what makes the box that once built, no matter how beautiful it is, is still not a home. So in KA homes, we are focusing on what makes a home a home: the furniture, the appliances, the flowers...The topics for discussion are endless, and in this issue we focus on those brands that KA magazine considers Best in Canada for 2010.

Bulthaup kitchen



BULTHAUP This Toronto based maker of the “holistic kitchen” is a perfect match in this holistic luxury magazine, and KA Magazine’s pick for the Best of Canada 2010.

When we decided to do KA Best of Canada, the product that had the most of my attention was the kitchen. You see, I am sure to not be alone when I say this: I love kitchens! Everything about a great kitchen just makes me all warm inside and the added bonus of being fed by such a beauty, is definitely something that makes this a win/win love affair. Finding the kitchen for Best of Canada was not as easy as it seemed. There are ten points that each BOC candidate had to meet and since a point of eight out of ten was the cut off, even the stylish and well known brand mostly ended up with seven out of ten. Add to this, that a point was given to the often over-looked ‘vibe’ of the owners, you can see how the field became narrow pretty fast. However the name Bulthaup kept showing up again and again on our radars and after a trip to Toronto and a chance meeting with the husband of Bulthaup’s owner, resulting in a complete immersion in the world of the “holistic kitchen” and we were hooked. Bulthaup kitchen is more than a kitchen, it is a living space. They are able to create systems for the most complicated of spaces, always having that signature Bulthaup look and feel. With three distinct collections: Bulthaup 1, 2 and 3, the choices seem endless, but that is where the designers and planners come into the picture and work their magic. The essence of what makes a kitchen more than just a space to cook and store pots and pans in, is apparent in the kitchen’s planning. When you are in one of these spaces, it seems that there was a magnificent mad scientist dedicated solely to the perfection that is before you. This same scientist seemed to magically identify the amount of storage space required in the kitchen cabinets and the quantity of cooking, crockery and household appliances needed. Then he separated the important from the unimportant, thus allowing the greatest possible access to what is most needed: creating a perfect order and clarity while keeping everything in close proximity. This, though it might seem a little exaggerated, amounts to no less than the perfect love affair with your kitchen.

I love kitchens! Everything about a great kitchen just makes me all warm inside and the added bonus of being fed by such a beauty is definitely something that makes this a win/win love affair.




JARDIN DE VILLE Who doesn’t love beautiful well-made furniture? As a species, we have always created furnishings for either cave or palace. From its humble beginnings of straw on dirt, to the beautiful creations of design and genius that we now have to enjoy; home furniture has become an art form on its own. It wasn’t too long ago though, that the garden or outdoor furniture choices were very limited to a variety of plastic weave chairs in bright pinks and seafoam green and a little white metal table on the side. It’s thanks to companies like Jardin de Ville that the outside of the house is now as beautiful and comfortable as the inside.

It’s businesses like Jardin de Ville that not only make doing this Best of Canada issue a joy, but as well a necessity. This Canadian company, which has been family owned since 1956, is truly the best in Canada. One visit to a Jardin de Ville showroom, and you will be as convinced as we are that when it comes to high end furniture for both inside and out, there is no need to look any further. The summer months are by default a pleasure to experience and this pleasure is heightened by having the furniture from the incredible selection offered here. The chairs, the tables, the lounges, the cloud soft cushions, and something that we at KA have experienced first hand: the “self cleaning“ materials that make use and care a dream. Something that we saw with the furniture that we have on KA’s outdoor terrace; was that whenever it rained, the cushions seemed to wash themselves, and actually have stayed perfectly white all summer long. Now, that is definitely a good thing. From its humble beginnings in the small town of Saint-Antoine des Laurentides, Jardin de Ville has grown to not only be the best in Canada but as well, one of the world’s most respected names in high-end outdoor furnishings and accessories. “Jardin de Ville is a family that is as passionate about serving its clientele, just as its clientele is all about Jardin de Ville’s furniture.”



AVENUE ROAD There is a saying that we have all heard at one time or the other, it goes like this: “The cream always rises to the top” and it is with this that we will also add a new twist to this phrase: “The cream will always recommend one another”. Case in point is our KA Magazine pick for Best of Canada in the sector of fine furniture: Avenue Road. The chance of us even stumbling on it, is as remote as finding snow in the Sahara desert. There was no way that we could have randomly found this gem of a furniture space if fate hadn’t intervened. You see, the marketing director of KA was given the enviable task of finding the following: a furniture store that carried impeccable designs, as well as had owners with a super great Canadian vibe. Undaunted, Ms. Silvano took to the task and went on her way knowing not where or how she would find such a showroom. It was during a short two day trip to Toronto, that the proof of the second saying came about. All through the best of Canada project, we found that the best companies were more than happy to suggest others that they thought we should research. Upon walking into the Bang&Olufsen flagship store in Toronto and introducing KA magazine, B&O did not only insist that the people at Avenue Road see the magazine, but that we had to meet with them in person. The building that houses the Avenue Road showroom is a completely refurbished historic building located in the Leslieville district of Toronto. The building’s facade creates a certain mask which acts as a complement to the splendor that is within. However, either by design or by chance, it is the simplicity of the refurbished building that makes the first look inside even more spectacular. Avenue Road was an adventure to find, and quite a splendid addition to the journey that is KA Best of Canada 2010

Either by design or by chance, it is the simplicity of the refurbished building that makes the first look inside even more spectacular.


Photographed by KA


OPTIMA DESIGN It was during this very photoshoot for Group Optima Spaces, that a lovely and excited member of the staff came down to the third floor to see what was going on. To say that she was excited would be a gross understatement; she could hardly control her excitement at seeing the photo shoot in full progress. “What’s this for?” she asked with eyes wide open, as a child in front of a candy store must look from the other side. “It’s for the KA Best of Canada Magazine” was the reply. “Best of Canada, what is this all about?” she retorted. “Well, we were voted best of Canada.” “By who?” came the rapid fire question. To which the assistant of the partner responded in such a smooth and sweet manner you would think the employee asking the question was actually one of her bosses. “We were chosen by this amazing magazine…” and at that point she went on to explain the KA Magazine concept to the breathlessly giddy young lady. At the end of the explanation, the same young staff looked up at me as if staring at the Pope himself, and remarked one single word: “Wow”. Then, she was gone as quickly as she came in. “Who was that excited little girl?” I remarked as if in a ‘Devil Wear’s Prada’ scene. “She works for us in the construction department, she just loves things that are creative.” It’s funny how when you make a decision on things, the Universe conspires to help you out in order to show you the way. Sort of how and in this context all the reasons why KA chose Group Optima Spaces as Best of Canada Here you have a company where they value everyone in their ranks with the same level of respect. Where the vibe was so clean that walking into a photoshoot and chilling out was actually accepted and allowed (by a member of the staff). I have known one of the principals at Group Optima Spaces for over 18 years, and to see this company expand into a global player has been thrilling. Group Optima Spaces is able to design and render, as well as fabricate and build, thus creating a turn key one stop operation for the client. They specialize in producing stores across Canada and the world. KA Magazine has hands down voted Group Optima Spaces as the design, build and construct company of 2010.

w w w. o p t i m a - d e s i g n . c o m


W W W . K E B E C S O N . C O M

For more than 30 years, Kebecson has been providing their loyal clients with the best in the world. The service doesn’t stop at the purchase, as they also provide experts to install and maintain your system for optimal performance. One meeting with owner Richard Petit and it becomes obvious that this company is driven by his passion, as the man is passionate about the simple act of breathing. You are left with a sure knowledge that you were in the presence of someone that knows electronics and home entertainment systems, as you would if you had met Gretzky on a skating rink. The beauty of Kebecson is that they have the best in all levels; from entry level multi media set ups, to no-hold-barred top of the line sound and visual systems, like the Bang&Olufsen pictured here. The fact that they are actually located in a real house, just makes it all that more interesting, and definitely KA Magazine’s choice for Best of Canada 2010.

Photographed by KA


In KA Magazine there is a theme that we started from the first issue; we ask the question “who is?” as in “who is the person on the cover?” This question is asked, then answered within the issue, creating a sort of dialogue between the reader and the features. With our pick for real estate broker, we had the same question: “Who is Bunny Berke?” Hers is a name that you will encounter often in the context of real estate, philanthropy and just about any topic where impeccable taste is a subject. Her signature glasses and knock-out smile coupled with an irresistible chemistry has made Bunny truly a self-made success. Bunny Berke encompasses all that is KA; she has tirelessly worked her way to the top of her game by refusing to compromise and take short cuts. When first meeting her, I was shocked at how positively warm and inviting she is, plus how much she actually loved real estate, the joy of selling homes, and finding beautifully perfect spaces for her clients. But it was when she said that she would have no issues with smaller purchases and as a matter of fact she welcomes them, we became convinced that Bunny Berke was our choice for KA Best of Canada 2010. Bunny Berke is proof positive that a genuine approach to doing business coupled with a clear vision and integrity, is truly a winning formula.

Co-Presidents Marc Griffin and Louise Martin, photographed by McCall Photography

KA and Rezo’s connection started way before we even decided to create the first Best of Canada edition, and actually, even goes as far back as the very first issue of KA Magazine. It was after creating the first issue, that a comment was made by Ishi Canada’s Magda Federik. Upon seeing the magazine, she just flat out stated that we need to meet Rezo! Then a little later, after giving the magazine to Carlos Ferreira, the same comment came out. Then during meetings with another, and then another—the same comment came out again and again: “You’ve got to meet with Rezo.” At that point, we were so immersed in the creation of the magazine and distribution that meetings outside of the already scheduled list were impossible at best. Then with the printing of the second issue, the comments on Rezo began again, this time by the most random of people. Finally I asked the question to Magda after she had said it another time over tea, “I have to introduce you to Rezo” I couldn’t help myself, so I just blurted out: “Who is Rezo Magda?! Everyone has been telling me to meet this person and I have no idea who he is!” To this outburst, Magda looked at me and laughed out loud, then she answered still smiling: “Rezo is not a ‘who’ darling, it’s a ‘what’. It’s a group of companies that are in the same caliber as yours; high end and with common goals. The presidents Louise and Marc are wonderful people, I know they would love KA Magazine and find it a perfect match with their mission.” We both had a laugh at my expense and continued to enjoy our tea, but from that day onward (like the day you decide to buy a certain brand of car and all of a sudden they are everywhere) I started seeing Rezo everywhere. I received a Rezo magazine from Carlos Ferreira since there was a cover story on him. Then another copy from Marcelle at Jardin de Ville, as she showed me a feature they had in the magazine. Then a few weeks later, Magda announced that she forgot give me the copy that had an article on her. It was the most interesting coincidence. When we decided to create KA Best of Canada, we actually had no definite group or category that we intended to focus on. We were actually wide open, to the point where even on the website for best of Canada, we stated clearly that “if there is a category that we have missed, feel free to submit it for our consideration”. At this point, the Rezo story took another turn, since a few businesses had asked why don’t we make a category for this company as they are among the Best in Canada in what they are doing. This was definitely too direct to ignore, so in we went, and after a meeting with our marketing director, Rezo was finally nominated and accepted as Best in Canada. So what exactly is Rezo you ask? Rezo helps, facilitates and creates business opportunities for its partners which are all decision makers. You can call them business brokers. Rezo organizes different kinds of events for building great relationships and also offers a private concierge services for precious time saving which improves quality of life. With Rezo we can add another part to the two sayings if you don’t remember them, the first is: “the cream always rises to the top”, the second: “the cream always refers one another” and now a third: “ the cream sticks together” and they have a great time doing so!

ROYAL DE MARIA Royal DeMaria is another find that made this journey which resulted in the Best of Canada issue, such a pleasure.

Joseph DeMaria with no previous winemaking experience, made his first ice wine from a 5000L surplus of Vidal ice wine juice. Now this is where the story becomes interesting, because midway through the process, he made a major error. Undeterred, our ice wine hero continued on. As fate would have it, his blind correction of the “error” resulted in a technique that would go on to create the now legendary Vidal icewine. This first icewine went on to win five International awards, and the “error” has become the technique that Joseph has used to create icewine ever since. Continuing the trend of the KA Best of Canada 2010, Royal DeMaria is not only recognized as Best in Canada, but is also considered best in the world.

Regarded as Canada’s icewine specialists, and internationally recognized as a premier producer of the world’s most expensive icewines, Royal DeMaria has produced 24 different varietals of icewine both red and white, including the world’s first: Royal DeMaria 2002 Meritage Icewine. Lets also not forget the worlds most expensive icewine valued at 250,000$ a bottle, which by the way once each bottle is sold, the price on this limited collection will go up until the very last bottle which would be estimated at 500,000$. The “Royal” in Royal DeMaria can be definitely taken literally as the most famous Royal Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth requested 6 bottles during her Jubilee visit to Canada in 2002, and Sir Richard Branson visited the winery in September of the following year. All this would be good enough to make Royal DeMaria a sure candidate in KA Best of Canada 2010. So you can imagine how thrilled we were to also be on the receiving side of this company’s generosity, when they without pause, donated a 10,000$ bottle, and a 4,500$ bottle of icewine from their collector’s series to be included in a silent auction at the KA Best of Canada Benefit event. Royal DeMaria creates several types of icewine, including the popular Vidal and the Riesling, as well as Gamay, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and the world’s first Bordeaux style Icewine blend, which combines Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot. The winery’s 25 acres of vineyards are nestled below the Niagara Escarpment in the quaint town of Vineland. Yes, the town is called Vineland, how perfect!


Royal DeMaria is the only wine in history that has won five consecutive gold medals at Chardonnay du Monde. Chardonnay du Monde is a World renowned competition, exclusive to recognizing the best Chardonnay wines in the World. Royal DeMaria’s 2000 Chardonnay Icewine is the only Canadian Chardonnay chosen within the top ten Chardonnays among 923 wines tested from 37 countries.

Ice wine is a rare gift from a magical Canadian winter. Picked at the coldest moment of a winter’s night, each frozen grape creates just a drop of ice wine‌ one smooth, rich, luxurious drop.

KA — How does someone wake up one morning without any previous experience or training, and just decide to make something as difficult as icewine? JD — I have been considered to be somewhat of a visionary. I do believe that we all have a blueprint in life that God gives us, and part of mine includes making world-class icewine. I have a strong entrepreneurial intuition that guides me through business ideas that others will avoid. I do take chances that others call impossible to do!! They are cautious and well thought out chances, before taking the leap. The rest is marketing skills that are all based on intuition, and timing. KA — We are just discovering icewine and not only is it fascinating, it is also quite romantic. How do you get the word out to the general public? JD — People love the story. They hear about a hairdresser becoming a self-taught world class vintner who, by way of a winemaking accident, has created the worlds largest and most diversified icewine portfolio, holds 8 world wine records, produces the world’s most expensive icewines, and has drawn Royal DeMaria Wines to the forefront of the wine industry and this all within 12 years. That has and continues to draw attention from TV, radio and magazines around the world who call for interviews to date. KA — A question that is often asked is: when is the best time to drink icewine? The misconception here, is that it is to accompany desert or something sweet. Could you please help me give the readers a simple answer? JD — Traditionally icewine has been served as a dessert wine. Icewine is a dessert on its own, and is generally not accompanied by cakes and other typical desserts. In more recent years, icewine has been paired with sharp cheeses and fresh fruits. Icewine can also be enjoyed as an aperitif, or in lieu of a sorbet when having a larger course meal. The Royal DeMaria 1998 Vidal Icewine, which I have compared to a young cognac, has become quite popular amongst cigar aficionados. The icewine should be chilled for 1 hour in the refrigerator and the traditionally pour is between 1 and 2 ounces. KA — Your generosity is huge, and we thank you for the bottles donated to our charity. Is charity a big part of your philosophy? JD — I feel that I was blessed with a gift that needs to be shared. My way of sharing will be in siding with humanitarian organizations such as yours, to give where it is needed the most. KA — What music are you listening to? JD — I primarily listen to R&B and Soul. KA — Could you please explain the Royal De Maria 2000 Chardonnay Icewine, and the concept behind the price rising as the last 18 bottles are being sold? JD — The Royal DeMaria 2000 Chardonnay Icewine has been my most celebrated icewine to date. The Royal DeMaria 2000 Chardonnay Icewine has been involved in 5 of the 8 world records the winery currently holds. Including a world record at Chardonnay-du-Monde, the worlds’ most prestigious Chardonnay wine competition held annually in France, where it has received 5 consecutive gold medals 2005-2009. When there were only 32 bottles left, I placed the Royal DeMaria 2000 Chardonnay Icewine in the Billy Myers Series for $30,000 making the 2000 Chardonnay icewine the most expensive icewine in the world. I promoted that I wanted the price to raise as the inventory depleted and would be asking $500,000 for the last bottle. Within 2 months of the release I sold 1 bottle for $30,000 to a Saudi Arabian business man in New York City. With only 18 bottles left the price per bottle for the Royal DeMaria 2000 Chardonnay Icewine is $250,000. Pricing is all about the Royal DeMaria brand. It demands a price because of reputation, credibility and demand. KA — What is it about the Niagara region that creates such amazing conditions for the creation of icewine? JD — Niagara has the micro-climate from Lake Ontario, which creates a hot and cold effect that travels through the region during the Summer and Fall seasons and matures the grapes with intense flavors. Niagara is blessed with soils that produce strong acid that is vital to wine longevity. Consistent cold temperatures always prevail for the sweetness necessary. The above combination of mature fruit, balanced acid, and sweetness is a recipe for great icewines. KA — When are you most relaxed? JD — You do not relax when your in business, or you will draw to complacency. I find myself waking up at 2am and writing something of thought. When you are working your way to the top and you finally feel that your almost there, that is where it is most dangerous. The fall is much faster and the hurt goes further with lasting effects. Once you reach the top, your work becomes much more difficult and you need to be very cautious. Old movies and music help me to balance myself. KA — Who is Joseph? JD — I consider myself to be a Bugatti EB Veyron with no rear view mirrors. I do not want to see what is behind me, but I am truly interested in what’s up front...(laughing) I am my own person and I have the ability to strategize and see marketing opportunities. I have been told that I live so far outside the box, that I rarely come in for a visit! I am quite a simple person really. I don’t want to lose the appreciation I have for the simple things in life. I don’t want to become desensitized.

Joseph De Maria


SEXY FOOD What is it about the dessert that makes it so sexy? Have you seen perfectly poised and composed ladies melt at the sight of a chocolate cake, or anything chocolate for that matter? But in the context of the dessert, their eyes are wide in anticipation of the first bite, taken always the same way with a certain tension, to then be overtaken by something much bigger than the need to remain poised in the presence of the dinner date. Lost to the men at the table, that for the life of them will never understand what the ladies see in these sweet seductions. For a moment, all we will hear is the ‘hmmms’ and the ‘my God this is so good, it is even better than the last time’, then one minute later, only to immerge eyes glazed with one thought and one thought only: ‘I wonder if it would be improper to lick the plate?’…

Algarvio - Passion fruit and chocolate mousse cake - Ferreira Cafe


Exceptional cuisine and service. Da Vinci is always a consistent dining experience. With holds






which many

Italian provinces, especially selected just for you.

Finding an Italian restaurant that could come close to the ones experienced in Italy, can sometimes be a daunting task. Finding one that is as good, and in some cases better than the best in the world, is down right impossible. KA magazine Best of Canada 2010 choice for Italian fine cuisine, Da Vinci is always a consistent dining experience. With a wine list which holds treasures from many Italian provinces, especially selected just for you.

Ristorante Da Vinci 1180 Bishop Street Montreal 514.874.2001


RENATO FERRANTE Italian Chef Renato is the other half of the new team behind the DaVinci restaurant. He along with partner Vincenzo Amodeo, are blazing a new and exciting trail for this KA Magazine Best of Canada restaurant, which we are sure will be a delight to experience.

KA — What made you go into cooking? RF — What made me go into cooking is simple. At a young age, I always was intrigued with my mom’s preparations of fresh Italian food, made the old fashion way from scratch, such dishes as fresh pasta, curried meats, home made wines and home made dishes. The joy and satisfaction it gave to strangers, family members and friends was reason for me at that time to know my calling. The second reason was on a professional level when I began working as a bus boy in a restaurant and seeing the enormous respect that the chef was given by employees, management and more importantly the clients, I knew then I wanted to be the man they call Chef Renato - and that is when I chose to go to the culinary academy and my journey began. KA — How important is giving back in the context of charity? RF — Being privileged by having a healthy son and family, enjoying a good life, I feel it is my obligation and duty to give back to the less fortunate especially different children’s foundations that we at Davinci work hand in hand with by either holding different fundraisers or attending different children’s foundations functions. We also like to involve ourselves with foundations which are getting kick-started through Davinci. KA —What is your favorite dish to prepare? RF — Antipasto dishes are always my favourite dishes to prepare in the restaurant. The reason being, it is your confidence builder with the customers. At Davinci, we offer our guests an option of the chef’s antipasto. That is usually done spontaneously and goes something like this – it can consist of Grilled Portuguese Sardines, Soft Shell Crab, Kamouraska Lamb Chops, Bison Carpaccio, Jumbo Sliced Scamp Tails, Parma Prosciutto rolled with Greek figs. Once the guest received these platters of antipasto, by then we have gained the guest’s confidence. Then the clients allow me to prepare their menu on the fly, that is when as a chef owner, you have done your job properly and efficiently by gaining their confidence first. KA — What dish would you say that Davinci is famous for? RF — Davinci is famous for without a doubt our braised veal shanks. When you have travellers from the homeland – Italy – come into the restaurant and order it through reputation alone, and compare it to theirs back home. You can sincerely say that Davinci veal shank is better than their own. Also when I tried to remove it from the menu on numerous occasions, during the hot summer days, feeling that it was not adequate for that time of year, the clients insist on keeping it on the menu, or the clients intends only to return to the restaurant when the dish becomes available again. You know that this is a dish due to remain on the menu for the many years to come regardless of my opinion. KA — Now that we no longer go out only to eat, but we actually eat as a form of pleasure and entertainment, has this changed the way you create your dishes? RF — Yes, it has definitively changed because it is a form on entertainment. In the past, restaurants and chefs were just criticized on food and service, whereas today you are constantly being judged on atmosphere, decor, service, food, taste, presentation, linen, cutlery, glassware, etc. So everyday, like in show business, the curtain goes up and the show must go on – no matter what the circumstances. And that is when consistency of your product is key and that is when creations of your dishes must be seasonal with the times.

KA — What do you do to relax? RF — I relax by going and trying new restaurants with my wife Georgia, and businesses partners. If time permitting, I love to play a round of golf with friends, always in the background discussions about the food and restaurant scene. But my total relaxe time is on Sunday evenings, with my son Gianni, who is 6 years old. We spend quality time together. He definitively motivates and rejuvenates me to get through the next week. KA — How do you innovate with a food so steeped in history and tradition? RF — Innovate is a big word in this industry, so I do not consider myself an innovator, but what I do consider myself doing is taking the rich traditional dishes such as gnocchis, ossobucco, polenta, etc, and adding my personal touch to them such as scallops to the gnocchis, braising ossobucco in champagne and orange juice and by adding fresh black truffles to the polenta – that is my personal twist on those traditional dishes! The basis of these fabulous products are all laid out for you as a chef, it is up to me to explore and bring them to a different level by adding or even removing certain ingredients in the preparation. KA — You have an open kitchen policy, where the clients are allowed in your kitchen even when you’re in the juice. Has this caused any funny stories? RF — At Davinci we have a saying – expect the unexpected at all times. We have many guests and celebrities that visit our restaurant and kitchen as well, so these walls have much history to them. One funny story that I recall is the visit of a famous hockey player who came into the kitchen knowing that I am a big hockey buff, and also knowing that he was my favourite player in the NHL. He came into the kitchen and whispered to me that he was being traded to the Montreal Canadians. So what do you think happened then?! I called my friends, family, and told the guests in the restaurants that a certain player is coming to Montreal through a trade. Much later in that evening, at around 2:00 a.m., the hockey player told me himself “I am just pulling your leg.” I then realized the hard way – looking like a fool to family and friends, never to reveal any information that goes on at Davinci. KA — What is the big plan for DaVinci? RF — Davinci has been on the Montreal restaurant scene for 40 years. We tend to keep up this traditional for 40 more years. With partnerships such as Vincenzo Amodeo and Patisserie Lafrenaie (Ruvo family) our goals are not only set for her in Montreal, but to also open up different locations. The key word here is opening without any compromise on service or food. Taking small steps at a time, I am sure we will achieve these goals. Aim far, aim high, who knows, perhaps Vegas here we come! KA — Who is Renato? RF — Renato is from the east-end Montreal, where food, family and friends mean everything to him. With hard work and ambition, I always knew from the moment he began working at Davinci, that one day it would be his. Now 6 years later, the dream has come true and now new dreams begin. Renato is a proud father of a 6 year old boy Gianni and a husband of 17 years to Georgia, who without her support in this industry, success would almost be impossible to achieve.


1446 Peel Street Montreal 514.848.0988

The choice of Ferreira Cafe as Best of Canada 2010 in the category of fine restaurants, was a forgone conclusion. Montreal has been blessed with what many consider the best Portuguese restaurant, not just in Canada, but in the world. When we mentioned to one of the Best of Canada interviews that we chose Ferreira Cafe as a top pick, her response said it all: “Ferreira is the best in Montreal and possibly the best in the world for Portuguese food. I have never in my life and I mean never, had a better lamb than at this place.” Chef Marino has been at the helm of the kitchen since the opening, and coupled with the gentle but firm guidance of David Bonami and owner Carlos Ferreira, the consistency of this place hasn’t wavered a bit. It’s a rare thing in a culture of fast changes that you will be able to without hesitation, refer your best friend or client to a restaurant knowing one hundred percent that they will not be disappointed, ever. Go there, we recommend it.

Experience the warm atmosphere and discover its divine gastronomy

Salad of Octopus and Peppers


MARINO TAVARES Do not stare into the eyes of this chef, or you will be lost forever in the depth that you will encounter. The intensity of his eyes is matched by the intensity of the passion he has for his chosen craft. This Portuguese Chef, who is responsible for the amazing food at Ferreira Café, is definitely a rare find of passion mixed with a lightness of hand, which only results in perfection. Marino was the first chef in the premier issue of KA Magazine and the catalyst for the “sexy food” section that we will be including not only in this Best of Canada issue of KA Magazine, but in the regular issues to come. This chef, is definitely KA Best of Canada 2010.

KA — Thirteen years later, and still you are as fresh as the day you started. What keeps the sparkle in your eyes when you do your work? MT — Passion, you have to love what you do. KA — I have seen you come out of the kitchen to serve people personally, is this something that helps to keep things exciting for you? MT — It’s different for the customers. I’m probably the only chef who goes to the table to see them. I talk to them about creating a menu, and take care of it from start to finish. It keeps me on my toes. KA — Ferreira Café has a reputation as one of the best Portuguese restaurants in the world. How does this make you feel personally? MT — It makes me feel great! Like the bear on the box of frosted flakes! KA — When is a grilled cheese sandwich enough for chef Marino? MT — Any morning in Lisbon, with a Galao (cafe au lait). KA — The Marino spell is a contagious mix of simplicity tempered with a perfection and attention to detail not easily matched by other chefs. What makes you such a perfectionist? MT — Too many chefs make the same thing. Everyone wants to be noticed for their efforts. The key is to just do what you love, don’t confuse the customer, as simple is always best. KA — What is your philosophy on charity?

MT — Charity is from the heart, it brings you pleasure, and it comes back to you. Everyone is in need of help of somekind. Nobody is superman. KA — Describe a meal that you would consider if you were to have the “perfect meal”? MT — One of my best meals was in portugal; sunset on the beach, ocean breaze, rose wine, seafood can’t beat that. KA — What is your personal mantra? MT — What the heck is mantra?! Is it my hero in the cooking world? Well, it’s Paul Bocuse and Daniel Boulud, they both brought me inspiration. KA — How do you deal with the stress of cooking for strangers? MT — No problem, stress is only developped when you have no idea what you’re doing. When you understand the customer, all you have to do is go with the flow. KA — What music do you listen to when you need to relax? MT — Jazz baby!! KA — What about being in Canada do you love? MT — Canada is confortable and safe. KA — Who is Marino? MT — A psychologist, a teacher, a coach, understanding, passionate, a lover, a father .... i am what i am ....



NORMAND LAPRISE Relais & Chateaux Chef extraordinaire, Normand Laprise is also the man behind the famous Toque Restaurant. He shares the reasons why he started cooking in the first place and his decision to open his “prêtà-porter” version of Toque: T Bar. This KA Magazine Best of Canada 2010 chef is definitely a man with a mission.

KA — For the upcoming KA Best of Canada benefit event, when I mentioned live chefs and live recording artists - they both received the same amount of excitement. When did this all happen that chefs became stars? NL — There is a new tv show about chefs that plays on Mondays at 8pm and it has over 1 million viewers. Not bad for a Monday night in the summer time! It’s a show about chefs, actually it’s sort of like the “American Idol” chef. It has actually taken a long time for chefs to be recognized. Paul Bocuse was one of the first to “come out of the kitchen” so to speak. This phenomenon hasn’t stopped, especially when TV cookbooks sell the most at the book stores, and most of them aren’t even that good. I think that the biggest push has happened with the American shows. This has sort of tipped the scale and there seems to be no turning back. Chefs are now celebrities. KA — Is the ‘celebrity status’ that the chefs are receiving a good thing? NL — I’m afraid a little bit about that. You see each year, primary school students come to visit me here at Toque, as there is a book printed in Quebec that lists the most popular things in the province and I am in it. So certain kids choose to come and visit me. On one such visit, a ten year old came to me and excitedly told me that he wished to become a chef when he grows up because he wants to be on television. Now, you can just imagine my surprise, but I just smiled and told him that it might be better to pursue acting if he wished to be on television. There really is no substitute for experience, but now it seems that there are chef shows where the cooks are actually just actors, it has become a reality that because of the fame factor, people who have never been in the kitchen are doing cooking shows. This to me is not good and at some point, it will create a problem that will have to be addressed. KA — How do you innovate? NL — Creating T Bar was the most innovative thing that I have done in a while. This move allowed me to create from scratch the Toque that has existed, but with a twist. I had to create something that was accessible. This was the challenge, but the solution was simply to continue to give maximum for maximum. The beef for example is the same beef that we use for our tartar at Toque. The difference was to create using less steps, a sort of ‘prêt-a-porter’ while Toque remained the ‘couture’. It’s simple really when you wish to get the bespoke feeling you come here to Toque and when you wish to get food from the same brand but quicker and with less steps,

you would enjoy the T Bar, but they are both the same brand. This has allowed me to realize my dream to bring the Toque experience to a new audience. The signature is the same, the quality and attention to details is the same, and everything is home made ‘a to z’. Montreal has 2.5 million people and there is so much quality here, so this is the best place to perfect such an idea. You have to create your own not just follow the fashion. KA — With something as personal as food, you are able to create dishes that guests at Toque and now T Bar cannot get enough of. How do you manage this? NL — It has been seventeen years, and still today it is the same philosophy: I only use what is available. The trend now is to give minimum for maximum, but we work the artisanal way and this is maximum for maximum. I see what is available in the morning and that is what is cooked that day, this is what you will eat. I grew up on a farm so the idea of frozen was something that was difficult to grasp. Now I have a small freezer for the sorbet and that is it! Everything else is fresh and non-frozen. It’s a bit harder yes, but the result is in the taste. Something as simple as tomatoes, becomes a taste sensation. I remember that when I was young, food was never bought, everything even the bread was fresh and real. This is something that sticks. I think that good taste is something that is universal. Sure there are restrictions, some people will not eat meat, some will not eat fish, some are lactose intolerant; but at the end of the day, when you take all this into consideration and create with fresh ingredients that are filled with taste, the taste buds take over. KA — What would be your dream? NL — My dream actually would be to close in the winter and open in the summer starting April. This way I would be able to keep everything fresh. It is difficult for Toque to operate in the winter, as fresh things are not available. For example, we preserve one thousand jars of tomatoes from the summer months so the taste will be the same summer to winter. This is difficult but it is necessary. So that would be a nice dream, but since this is not the reality, I still enjoy the winters and celebrate when it is April. KA — Who is Normand Laprise? NL — I like life and what I do in life. I push myself to keep on track to create and to evolve. I never think one year in advance, when I do something, I go by instinct.



Nestled securely in the heart of Old Montreal, Le Cartet is one of those rare finds that you are most likely to know about the old fashioned way: by word of mouth. The fact that this restaurant didn’t even have a website (for the past 10 years) until now, is a testament to how amazing food and consistent great service can drive a business to success. Le Cartet has possibly the best coffee in Montreal (Illy) and the house roast is so perfect that is seems a shame to actually spoil it by adding cream or sugar. There is definitely something to be said when walking down McGill on a Saturday or Sunday morning and there is nothing happening, and I mean nothing at 10am in the morning! Then as you pass Wellington and start to get towards the little sign that reads “Le Cartet”, something magical happens. At first you are not quite sure what to make of it, but there it is in front of you, a line up sometimes stretching out to the street, of some of the most charming people and they are all waiting for the most amazing brunch in Montreal “Le Cartet” style.

Love at first sight...

Quartier des spectacles 1485 Jeanne-Mance Montreal 514.289.4558

Located in the heart of the effervescent Quartier des Spectacles, in a luminous and relaxed atmosphere, F Bar is a must for all foodies. Chef Gilles Herzog offers a savoring menu in which he favors fresh market produce with a Portuguese touch! His inspiration? ‘I hope to offer our clients perfumed, light and typical Mediterranean dishes, a region where I come from, along with Portuguese accents in which olive oil will be my sole instrument!’ he explains with enthusiasm. The service is friendly and discreet which adds to the wonderful dining experience at F Bar.

The Best of Canada issue is special in the sense that “second best� is not what we are looking for. The Pinnacle collection of ice cider is just that: the best, hands down. This amazing product has been raved about by wine critics, chefs, and sommeliers alike and its taste is something hard to match. Also, the Pinnacle estate, which produces the one-of-a-kind premium product line, is definitely something to experience. The orchard and cidery is located on the southern slopes of Pinnacle Mountain in the Eastern Townships of Quebec. Making it literally, a home grown success, and definitely Best in Canada 2010.

Snow is so beautiful, when you’re in love

Canada’s best ice cider


It took us a bit of time to wrap our collective minds at KA around the concept of “rare iceberg water”. Was it good for the environment? Were the Icebergs being harvested, and if so, was that creating a problem? If all of the above was being done in a “green” manner, what is there to say about the ships that transport the water, is this a good thing? All these questions we brought to the people responsible at Glace. Yes, we tasted a bottle of Glace water, and I must say, it felt at first a bit of a guilty pleasure. But that was before we were educated, that not only are all the procedures of harvesting this iceberg water “green”, but as a bonus to the environment, it is also helping to alleviate certain after-effects of global warming. As you know, the icebergs themselves are melting rapidly, and the fresh water is mixing into the salt ocean, thus causing a special mix of problems. It so happens that the carbon footprint of the Glace ships are of the highest standards, and the amount of water collected to bottle the product, represents merely a thimble in the proverbial ocean. But still I must say that the taste (like fresh snow in the pristine country side before it even hits land) is so refreshing and yes delicious, that to drink it just to quench thirst seems to be a bit of a shame. Glace has become the KA water of choice, and the choice of KA Best of Canada 2010.

Singer/ Songwriter — Ashley King

Photographed by Kevin Allwood / Hair : Rabih Bazzi



MONTREAL : 8128 Decoarie Blvd, Montreal, Qc DIX 30 : 6000 Boul. Rome, Brossard, Qc MIRABEL : 124000 Boul. de L’Avenir, Mirabel, Qc



Photographed by Steven Meisel


LINDA EVANGELISTA It would not even be a thought to do a Best of Canada issue with a models’ section, and not include the queen herself: Ms. Linda Evangelista. We all love the fashion, the editorials, the magazine covers, but what did it for me was seeing Linda in the George Michael’s video, Freedom! The video itself was genius, but the sight of Linda just made it “butter”. She has been called legendary and a fashion chameleon who along side her famous friends ( we all remember Linda, Christy, and Naomi) changed the model game forever. Yeah, and it is so sweet that she is Canadian too! Linda is definitely KA’s Best of Canada 2010 and if we were to ever have a hall of fame, she is already on the short list.


Photographed by Karl Lagerfeld for FENDI


JESSICA STAM What is it about farms or the rural country side that seem to produce tall lanky beautiful girls? I am sure if a poll was done on where the the most beautiful models in our world came from, the majority of them would have been raised either on a farm or in the country! Case in point, Jessica Stam, or as she is called by friends “Stam”, hails from Kincardine, Ontario. She grew up, yes you guessed it, on a farm, raised by a devoutly religious family and attended Sacred Hearts School. If that wasn’t enough of a point, she also worked at a local Tim Horton’s, where she was discovered by a scout, who was on her way back from (of all places) Canada’s Wonderland. Fast forward to Stam becoming the “it” girl for photographer Steven Meisel, who afterwards practically placed the Canadian beauty in every campaign and cover that he photographed, and the rest is history. Now Ms Stam, you have also been chosen as Best of Canada 2010.



UBAH HASSAN We found Ubah, like all good things in life: by chance. This is the story. It was last year around this time, there we were, looking at a magazine, and bam!! The picture of a goddess in a pouredon gold evening dress just jumped out of the page at us. After a moment to put our eyes back into our heads, the only question was “Who is this girl and when do we put her on the cover of KA Magazine?” Then you can only imagine our surprise when we found out she was Canadian. The Somalian born model fled her war torn country at an early age to finally land in Vancouver Canada. After being discovered in Vancouver, she was then picked up by Click Models NYC. She instantly became the face to watch and after her appearance in the now legendary all black issue of Vogue Italia shot by Steven Meisel (yes Steven definitely seems to like the Canadians), that her star was on a definite rise. It wasn’t long after that, other designers were asking about this Canadian beauty from Vancouver. Fast forward to a go-see at Ralph Lauren and the rest is history. “I wasn’t expecting him (R.L.) to be there, and he asked me to come over. Then he touched my hair and said that I had the most beautiful face.” says Ubah. Yes Mr. Lauren, we definitely agree with you and we are glad you approve of our choice for Best of Canada 2010: The beautiful Miss Ubah Hassan.

111 Photographed by Bruce Weber






RUDSAK, Canada’s leading fashion brand in outerwear, footwear and accessories takes to the sky for its aviation inspired Fall/ Winter 2010 Collection entitled “Fly High”.

KA — The inspiration for your campaign is very clear and ironically it is our inspiration for this issue of KA as well! What made you choose this direction for your ad campaign? EA — I think it represents well what Rudsak is all about; sleek, simple, and luxurious designs. Aviation and jet set travelling, mixed with urban classical styles is what I tried to portray in the ad campaign this season. KA — I remember apx. 15 years ago, when you were at the beginning of your career, I actually have in archives somewhere a group shot of the winners of a particular designers’ grant. There we all were, young and eager to conquer the world! Were you as surprised as I was at the changes that were to come in the manufacturing sector? EA — You have to stay afloat of changes, I think it applies to many other industries not only fashion. You have to constantly reinvent yourself and keep up with a changing world. KA — What is the feeling for this season in the Rudsak collection? EA — The feeling this season is classic and timeless, yet stylish and sleek, drawing inspiration from aviation, jet set travelling, and everyday life. I believe this collection captures Rudsak’s timeless and luxurious feel, by using a wide range of fabrics and accessories including high quality leathers and furs. KA — With the advent of huge manufacturing ships creating the clothing onboard as they take the one month voyage to port, do you think that there will be a point when things will reach a maximum and then somehow go back to some sort of sanity, or do you think that mass and fast is here to stay in the clothing industry? EA — I think those types of ship produce for specific mass market clientele. Rudsak does not compete with those fast changing fashion brands, we try to produce high quality products that will not be out of fashion within 3 months time. KA — When do you relax? EA — I like to relax at home with my wife and kids. My kids are still very young; I get amazed at them discovering life. It’s all about balancing work & play. KA — What is it about being a Canadian clothing company that you love the most? EA — The fact that in Canada we are surrounded by so many different cultures; it has been an inspiration for much of my work. I also truly enjoy dressing women and men for all 4 seasons. You can reinvent your wardrobe a few times a year. KA — What do you feel needs to be done to light up the fashion sector in Montreal? EA — It needs more worldwide exposure and to attract more international buyers. I am aware the city of Montreal is doing many efforts to revitalize the Chabanel fashion district; I think they are putting a lot of good efforts to help our industry. KA — What’s next for you? EA — Making Rudsak part of the international fashion scene. KA — Who is Evik? EA — Honest, straightforward, hard working, and passionate about his work. Evik Asatoorian



TORONTO What is it about fashion week that the mere mention of the word in any city can create a feeling of immediate expectation and excitement? Gone are the days when couturiers were the people we hired to stay somewhere in the background in case we broke a hem. Now fashion designers are stars and baby, they are Canadian! Toronto’s official LG Fashion week is run by Robin Kay and a small army of professionals and volunteers. Which includes Erika Larva and Liz Walsh of Monarch Events, who I might add, were instrumental in KA having a successful Fashion Week backstage viewing. Thank you ladies, and a huge bravo to all the amazing Canadian designers out there; those who showed at Fashion Week, as well as those who are silently doing their thing.

B A C K S TA G E PA S S Photographed by Ashley King - Fashion Editor


This page : David Dixon



THE ALLURE OF THE SEXY SECRET AGENT... We chase bad guys 24/7...Its a tough job, but we were born to be sexy secret agents!


HOT In the villain’s never ending quest for world domination and flawless skin, the battle against the unleashing of the free radicals rages on. With our freedom to choose great skincare products and high fashion, held in the balance by the ceaseless efforts of Elle and Gabrielle, our sexy secret agents. The villain has threatened to unleash the free radicals on an unsuspecting Sexy act that could cause the balance of perfect skin to be a thing of the past, a threat that even Source Defense would not be able to prevent. It is up to our heroines Elle and Gabrielle, to fly into the face of danger and exchange a suitcase filled with Source Defense by Bvlgari (with the priceless minerals and gems), in a bid to stop the impending disaster...







ELLE : Dress by Kevin Allwood, Knee-high boots by Christian Louboutin (Rosenstein Paris), Shades by Ray Ban. GABRIELLE: Dress by Rolland Mouret (Ursula B.), Shoes by Sofia Kokosalaki (Ursula B.), Shades by Bulgari, Bangles by Kevin Allwood.




ELLE : Dress by Julien MacDonald (Ursula B), Shoes by Christian Louboutin (Rosenstein Paris), Necklace model’s own. GABRIELLE: Top by Sofia Kokosalaki (Ursula B.), Pants by Kevin Allwood, Necklace by Vera Wang (Ursula B), Shoes by Jimmy Choo (Rosenstein Paris). CAR : Porsche 911 Turbo GT, courtesy Lauzon Porsche.


Suitcase by Rimowa

Bag by Jimmy Choo (Rosenstein Paris)


ELLE : Dress by IRFE (Ursula B), Shoes by Jimmy Choo (Rosenstein Paris), GABRIELLE: Jacket by Kevin Allwood, Skirt by Rolland Mouret (Ursula B), Shoes by Vera Wang (Ursula B).



Starlink Aviation is Montreal’s only choice for a fully operational executive private aircraft facility dedicated to providing the highest quality in customer service for aircraft owners and operators. Headquartered at Pierre Elliot Trudeau International Airport, Starlink Aviation is in the heart of Montreal’s general aviation industry and provides the best alternative way to fly privately. We offer state of the art hangar facilities and fully qualified aircraft technicians 24/7. Starlink Aviation’s experienced staff understands your time is precious therefore, let us make all the arrangements for you. They are capable of taking you to more than 5,000 airports in North America and virtually any city with an airport worldwide. There are clear benefits when it comes to chartering private aircraft: Accessibility, Comfort, Privacy and Time Saving. Whether you’re one person or a group of people, let Starlink Aviation take you where you want to go. Anywhere… any time… any place.

Vasco first opened its doors in 1972 in downtown Montreal as a family owned business. At the time, the range of products and services offered downtown was limited, so the family decided to fill that void. Now, over 30 years later, the vision has not changed, although the product assortment has. Vasco carries luxury products such as writing instruments, men’s accessories, time pieces, grooming accessories, perfume, gadgets and games as well as home and office accessories.

Personality ... what’s yours

1327 St. Catherines W., Montreal, Qc, H3G 1P7, 514.284.0475

100 Years of Innovation Now celebrating its 100th Anniversary, Ermenegildo Zegna carries its tradition of innovation and excellence into the new century. Passionate, inventive and committed to superb quality, the founding vision is unchanged: to create the finest fabrics and menswear in the world.

Inspired by its heritage and the future simultaneously, Zegna has reintroduced its “Fabric N1”, the original innovation of 1910. Today, the “N1” has been recreated as a lightweight fabric that reflects Zegna’s role as the creator of style for the modern man. In a range of versatile, tailored options, the “Fabric N1” collection features Zegna Centennial suiting and continues into a specially created selection of Centennial belts, shoes, sunglasses and handbags.

Just as the fabric heritage sets the highest standards, Zegna upholds a century-long commitment to human welfare and environmental projects. As always, the Zegna philosophy speaks to the forward-looking man of the world who values the eloquence of a rich past and looks to an even more abundant future.

Available at L’Uomo Montreal

SU MISURA Truth, goodness, and beauty are only to be found in true, good, and beautiful things.

While creating this issue of KA Best of Canada, there were certain curators of fine taste that we had in our vision. These businesses were the road maps of what created the “best”. Ironically, two of those businesses were right beside each other here in Montreal. The first being L’Uomo Montreal, and the second Ferreira Cafe. L’Uomo cannot even be considered simply a rare find. It is an impossible find, like the alchemist’s quest for the elixir of life. The “boys” Paul Teboul and Albert Cohen, have been doing their rare brand of “Alchemy” for thirty years now in Montreal. Starting at a time when luxury was not even a term that was used when describing men’s clothing in Canada. These two pioneers chose a road that one would consider at first glance, an impossibility. To create a luxury men’s boutique when there was no one doing this, and to do so with brands that were unknown to the local and national market.

The gamble did pay off, as can be seen by the many other mens stores to spring up over the years with the word “Uomo” in their name. A word that Paul would tell you that at the beginning, most of their clients had a very hard time pronouncing. L’Uomo was the first to introduce in Canada brands such as Ermenegildo Zegna, Nino Cerruti, Gianni Versace, Giorgio Armani, and Valentino— all which are now household names. Were it not for these two men and L’Uomo Montreal, things would have definitely been different. In his recent book “Style and the Man” Alan Flusser is quoted as saying. “L’Uomo is undoubtedly the single finest men’s store in Canada, ranking amongst the top ten in North America.” This is definitely a truth that KA Magazine will agree with, but we will also like to add that it is Paul and Albert “the boys” who are like gardeners growing and creating fine flowers. As Paul said to KA in a recent conversation, “We don’t sell products, we sell an Art de Vivre. It’s like the joy of having a glass of water on a hot summer day, in a crystal glass with a thin slice of lemon…perfect.” Yes Albert and Paul, KA definitely agrees that not only is L’Uomo Montreal the finest men’s store in Canada, and KA Best of Canada 2010, but we will venture to say that L’Uomo is one of the finest men’s stores in the world.

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MARK ANTHONY After a few minutes with Mark Anthony (the DJ responsible for the crazy beats at the now famous ‘Black and Blue’ parties in Montreal), you know you are in the presence of the real deal. At the recent shoot with Mark for this issue of KA Magazine, we asked him to show us what he is like before a session. As you can see from these shots, he is definitely “in the zone”. KA Magazine Best of Canada 2010 DJ Mark Anthony, has been spinning in Montreal and around the world for more than 20 years now, and his signature “textured beats” and mastery of sound has helped to propel this DJ aficionado to the top of his game.

KA — What does being the best mean? MA — Wow, that’s a question I don’t really give much thought to! When you’ve been working on your craft for so long, I guess you hope it becomes second nature. I love to play (DJ) in front of a receptive crowd that is totally into the music. Although, when I started, I never imagined that DJ’ing would be my career of choice. I’ve always taken it very seriously, putting in the necessary time to perfect my skills. Part of the work involves shopping everyday on the Internet (yes I BUY music! but that’s a whole other topic!) searching for new material to play. So I’m still doing my homework to stay current and keep fresh. One of my goals has always been to be a DJ who is not afraid to play a record because it is different than the status quo. I embrace new sounds and ideas, which I guess helps to keep a new perspective which keeps the ball rolling. Success is not random, it chooses those who persevere and never give up! KA — How do you keep on your game for so many years? MA — As I said earlier, I put in a lot of time when it comes to searching for new music so as to stay on top of my game. Besides the shopping, in my recording studio, I like to remix and edit a lot of the tracks I play, which gives me the opportunity to personalize each song and give them another dimension. Surrounding yourself with the right people is a big career booster as well. You can’t climb to the top without a helping hand! I am blessed to have a great partner who helps to guide me when needed. I know my weaknesses and I try to improve on them. KA — Where is your favorite city to work? MA — This is a question I am reluctant to answer simply because I haven’t played in every city on the planet but I do have favorites in the ones that I’ve DJ’d at so far. Montreal will always be one of my favorites because my roots are here and I have so many fond memories, such as the warehouse days, Playground, Stereo, the BBCM Black & Blue parties just to name a few. Montrealers are very open minded, cheery people who love to have a great time all the while discovering something new. I also very much enjoy playing in Paris, Mexico City and Atlanta- love the people; their joie de vivre and the energy and of course, let’s not forget NYC which never misses a beat! KA — When you are traveling, what is it about Canada that makes you the most proud? MA — For one, just how vast, beautiful and rich the landscape of this country truly is. When I’m traveling, I am most proud to be Canadian since we are viewed as a civilized, peaceful and giving nation that care. Canada is also a multi-cultural country, which helped shape what we are today. I like to think that we live in a


progressive and liberal society. When abroad and asked what my nationality is, people always have good things to say about Canada. I also love the fact that we have two official languages in our country; French & English which spices it all up. The standard of living in Canada is quite good as compared to many other developed countries in the world. I think this is especially true for Québec (except for the taxes we pay…), where housing and real estate is still affordable overall. Let’s not forget about all the knowledge and talent in the educational, medical, business, arts sectors, etc. that comes from here and is exported worldwide. It is good to be Canadian- Canada rocks!!!

Success is not random, it chooses those who persevere and never give up

KA — What has affected you the most in your life so far? MA — I think the answer to that one would have to be raising my two young children; they are a couple of happy-go-lucky smart cookies that are always on the move. Besides, getting to raise my children as I see fit and seeing them develop (at an alarming rate!) is priceless. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am fortunate to have my office and studio in my home however, finding a balance between the creative, business, and raising my children can be quite the challenge at times. Needless to say, that for the past few years, I’ve had full days and sometimes full nights. Thank God the nightlife schedule has somewhat prepared me for this madness! I’m grateful that my business partner is also my wife and the mother of our kids. Having someone share the same passion as yours is a blessing in disguise. Due to the workload that it all represents, we would probably not be able to get it all done or rarely see each other, if it weren’t so. KA — You did the 64 Prince warehouse parties in Montreal when Prince Street and Old Montreal wasn’t even a destination, what do you think you can do now to be “new” and fresh? MA — For the most part, the club scene in the late 80s and early 90s was saturated with commercial music and lacking a dance venue that we could call our own. So, we created these parties in warehouses to have a place to “get down” to the music we liked and cared so much about. These parties in question gave birth to the afterhours scene, as we know it today. So naturally, I am still creating new events such as my latest; F_cker which showcases the music I produce and play and which is an explicit exploration into sensuality and decadence that meets the dancefloor. Furthermore, we’re starting a new weekly club night on Sundays at U.N. Nightclub that promises to feature an eclectic crowd of music lovers and aficionados set in a beautiful venue in historic and trendy Old Montreal- back to my roots! One thing is for sure, is that I’m always looking around the corner to try and see what’s coming up and how I can take it to the next level. We have lots of projects and ideas that we are constantly looking into exploiting. Along with my two new priorities in life, the plan just seems to always expand! KA — Who is Mark Anthony? MA — I’m essentially an artist who is passionate about his craft and all that surrounds it. I have an equal love for the music as well as the nightlife. I’ve always wanted to create the ultimate night clubbing experience. Being a professional DJ, music producer, sound engineer and event producer permits me to create and work in the many facets of the industry that I live for. I get to travel the world and discover the diverse architecture, design, cuisine and way of life of the various cultures that compose the beautiful world we are fortunate to live in. All of which certainly inspires me both in business and on a personal level. I cherish our planet and can only trust that we will become better at giving it the respect and care it deserves. We all have to do our part no matter how little or insignificant it might seem. All in all, I consider myself extremely lucky to be doing what I love for a living. It can get quite confusing when you wear many different hats but at the end of the day, all that is most important to me is under one roof!!!

JOJO FLORES One night at a JoJo Flores session and you will be hooked. The man is really that good! Playing now for over 25 years, JoJo is from the school of the mixed tapes (remember when DJs used to make mixed tapes?!). That rare brand of DJs that had to make it the hard way: with talent and lots of it. Doing it when the audience had no real idea what “it” was and still was rocking the house. JoJo Flores is KA Magazine’s 2010 Best of Canada (soulful house music) now, that’s cool. KA — How do you keep fresh with your music and DJing? JF — I maintain a fresh sound by communicating with other touring djs; asking them what they’re banging at the moment or what tracks they’re feeling. When I play with djs who open or co-headline, I take notes on what and how they play; the crowd’s reaction to certain songs. On nights off I check out club nights, or international djs who are in town playing. I’m also fortunate enough to be on many record label promo lists. And a few A-list producers send me tracks to test out for sound quality and dance floor reaction. KA — With so many choices in music, do you find it more difficult to choose the good stuff? JF — Yes, it is a very long process to filter through all the promos. There are tons of bad music being made by djs who try to produce. Out of 10 tracks I’ll probably find 1 I can rock. Online record or MP3 shops should definitely focus on quality not quantity. KA — With the amount of influence that DJ’s have on the music that people listen to, how do you reconcile your personal taste with hearing a talented musician that should be out there? JF — Good music is good music. Most djs, when we hear a song that we like, even if it’s not in our genre or personal taste, we’ll remix it. e.g. Led Zeppelin, Radiohead, Depeche Mode, and Broken Social Scene. My bias will always be towards good music. KA — When traveling, does being from Canada create a positive response from the people you meet? JF — Very positive! People love & respect Canadians. But, it’s also because fans of Deep Soulful House are very passionate. And I’m lucky to be one of the few artists in this niche that gets to travel to as many countries as I do. So yes they like Canadians, but they love House music too. I just happen to cover both areas. KA — How does it feel to be called out by KA Magazine as the Best of Canada on such a short list? JF — I appreciate any recognition, especially coming from a hometown magazine. Sometimes people are so familiar with you locally as a person that you don’t get the recognition as an artist until you travel internationally. The real value coming from any award is recognition for the whole Soulful House genre. Even though MY name is on the award, I see it as acknowledgement of the work done by all the pioneers and current artists: Osunlade, Kerri Chandler, Nick Holder, Dennis Ferrer, Louie Vega, all the way back to Larry Heard. That’s why I proudly list these awards on my websites and blogs. KA — What project are you currently working on that is not public yet? JF — I’m busy working on a Therapy compilation, and in the spring I expect to begin production on my first studio album featuring new original music in collaboration with renowned artists including legends that I have admired all my life. Also, My partner Rom and I just released a Jamsteady remix of Broken Social Scene’s “All To All.” I’m looking forward to possibly completing at least one John Legend remix before the holiday season (fingers crossed). In addition my partners and I are really trying to strengthen the Therapy & Gotsoul brand worldwide through merchandise and really well executed events. Straight up, our goal is to make Gotsoul/Therapy two of the strongest brand in electronic music. KA — Who is Jojo? JF — Jojo is: Family man, Music lover, Hockey fan, Workaholic, Very detailed, Somewhat stylish, Lacking sleep..

Yes they like Canadians, but they love House music too. I just happen to cover both areas.


MICHAEL JOANNIDIS Teacher, poet, mad scientist, designer, architect…KA Magazine’s Best of Canada 2010 Designer Michael Joannidis is that rare bird that is all of the above. If this interview alone doesn’t fully convince you as to why he is definitely the one to watch, then time will do the job nicely. We invite you to take a look at his website and see for yourself, we had wished to preview some of Michaels’ projects in this issue of KA, but due to time restrictions, we were unable to — so please be our guest visit his site

KA — How much does luck influence your career, good or “bad”? MJ — When I was younger (and much more naive or is that idealistic?), I used to think that it had nothing to do with luck and everything to do with talent and hard work – that I was in total control of what happened to me, my career, anything I touched or had a say in. Today, after all those years and countless surreal experiences; I would tell you that at the end of the day, it has nothing-to-do-withnothing…and everything to do with “something” that for the most part, cannot otherwise be articulated, defined or pinpointed. So if what you mean by ‘luck’ is what I refer to as that ‘something’, then yes, most definitely…luck has had and continues to have absolute influence over my career (and life).

No matter, I love what I do (for the most part) and it gives me tremendous satisfaction and unconditional reward. I’m pretty fortunate however in that I am able to choose my projects and with that, I’m able to tell (or at least for the most part) if the outcome will be satisfying or not. Design for me is not about how many square feet you’ve designed last year or how many hollowed hours you’ve billed for or how much you invoiced in the last quarter – if it were, I’d surely be doing something else. Dostoevsky once wrote; “Deprived of meaningful work, men lose their reason for existence; they go stark, raving mad.”

KA — Luck is considered to be “opportunity meets preparedness”… Do you think that this is a good explanation of success, and in the time between that lucky moment, how do you suppose the best way of coping would be? MJ — Yeah, I’d say that’s about right (coincidently, it’s the same definition that I use)…The best way I found is to never, ever panic…lose hope, blame something or someone – what I do is basically enter into ‘screen-saver’ mode…the lights are off but someone is definitely home, so to speak. I simply conserve my energy in the absence of stimuli. Just like a Nile croc, floating effortlessly, using the water for buoyancy…I lay in patient and calculated-wait, for that next lucky moment to present itself.

KA — What would be your dream contract? MJ — My dream contract…begins with a brilliant client, accompanied by a succulent multi-course mandate, followed by a realistic budget, and capped with an earthly timeline.

KA — There is a saying that if you are the best at what you do, then the rewards are in the doing. Are you rewarded by the creation itself, or is there more to it than the joy of the art? MJ — For the most part, the reward is most definitely in the creation itself… but, when that feeling of elation and euphoria evaporates (and it usually does after every endeavour) just like an addiction, I find myself searching for that next high. From a pragmatic perspective though, the more mature (both in craft and in years) I become, I find myself trying to find more & more meaning to what it is that I do…including, trying to draw on that ‘perfect’ balance between sacrifice and pay-off…investment vs. return. Because sometimes, ‘the joy of the art’ alone is usually accompanied by a very high personal cost – Often replacing other necessary elements, which are otherwise critical to a well-balanced life. KA — Your work is extremely meticulous, even to the point of genius. How do you let go of your work once it is done? MJ — When I was sculpting and doing one-offs (furniture & lighting), I found it very difficult to ‘let go’ once I was done. I would work incredibly hard towards a show, invitations would go out, guests would start to trickle into the gallery, people would express interest in buying & I would respond by; ‘sorry, it’s not for sale’. This lasted for quite some time…up until I realized that is, that if I didn’t sell (and soon) I would end up in line at a soup kitchen. I recall this feeling of absolute anxiety and sheer primal fear that would always come over me every time I would complete a piece, triggering the question if I would ever be able to do it again or perhaps even surpass that piece. The process was quite consuming and rather insular…it was just me, myself & I (along with the work) – from conception to fabrication, and from installation to photography, it was pretty much all consuming. But with interiors and or architecture, the process takes on more of a collective propulsion…(all the effort is still there, but) my input is but a single stop in an otherwise long series of interventions & exchange with others. Kinda like the making of a pearl, it might start with a grain of sand and a shelled mollusk but it ends with a retailer in the form of a commercial product, intended to be used by others. (However, unlike the fate of a mollusk) I move on…and embark on yet another commission, (like the circle of life) and the whole thing starts all over again. KA — What was the most satisfying project that you were involved in? MJ — At the risk of sounding really clichéd (and possibly even lame)…every single project that I have ever undertaken has been incredibly rewarding. Just like relationships (or love affairs) throughout the course of one’s life, despite all the variations, types and turmoil, either we choose to remember the bad and the painful or we consciously opt to contextualize all the ‘ugliness’ and simply to chalk it up to experience, smile, move on and look forward to falling in love all over again. The most satisfying project I suppose is yet to come. KA — What makes a project “satisfying”? MJ — A satisfying project is one that tackles and overcomes ridiculously impossible constraints and unrealistic expectations. It’s about being able to bring a project in on budget and on time…regardless of mandate and whilst remaining ‘true’ to your (professional) integrity and not compromising either your own vision or that of the client’s. I’m not interested in that easy victory. I love to continuously test my limits…to raise the bar every single time. I believe that’s how one grows, discovers and ultimately secures their confidence into trying yet another greater challenge the next time. Since attitude is a product of experience. So I don’t know, either I’m simply a thrill-junkie or just a glutton for absolute pain.

KA — When a contract is over, is it hard to release your creation to the client knowing that it is now in their hands and sometimes what you saw in purity of your mind’s eye is not what they see in the context of commerce. How do you let go? MJ — No not especially, I mean I wouldn’t exactly put it like that, but it is understood from the very beginning, regardless of how I might feel, like a surrogate; I have a contract to conceive and deliver – regardless of the attachment, emotion, or intended commercialization. It might sound rather cold and somewhat detached of me…but this is what I do. This neither takes away from the intention or devalues the entity/end-result. In fact, one of the functions of design is to exist in the context of commerce. Commercial design is that booster shot to a client’s commerce, intended to render it immune to the competition. But I think what you’re referring to; is more a question of individual respect rather then anything else, which all the money in the world could never replace or buy. KA — You created the Excentris, which is still one of the most beautiful spaces in Montreal, and you did this way before its time. How do you reconcile with the fact that your ideas are way before “their time” and as such will suffer the ignorance of the unfamiliar only to be later copied by the mass and you the creator to not be recognized as the original? MJ — Put like that, and imitation all of a sudden, is not exactly a ‘form of flattery’. Lack of recognition on the other hand…now that’s a hard pill to swallow (and nothing to do with ego). Since the only way of securing the next contract/commission is by having gotten the proper credit for your last project. The romantic notion of the ‘unknown soldier’ is not applicable here. The reconciliation part in this instance however, is basically two-pronged – One: being copied (or the fear of being copied) is something that I don’t give much thought to…I’ve come to terms with the fact that that is well beyond my control. And if it will happen, then that’s fine as well because there’s a hundred more ideas from where that came from, just waiting to explode. You see I made a career decision at the very beginning (before I even had my first client) which was to never take the easy way out and to always remain true to myself, no matter what. I knew very well from the onset, that this approach; that of always aiming to create a demand rather then catering to one, would be a very costly one, if not even bring about my own demise – (the good thing about making a rational & well-explored decision, is that you’ll never have any regrets…something about eyes wide open). Twenty something years later, and I still carry the same flag and march to same beat (despite the number of so-called ‘losses’ I’ve taken on). Every project is completely different from the last and or the one to come. Quite simply, my design/aesthetic is dictated by the mandate. Unless one day I decide to become complacent and copy myself (and become that cookie-cutter), It’s inevitable that two projects (or designs) will ever resemble each other. Two: is an inherent by-product (of one), the fact that I am continuously ‘reinventing’ my design, rendering my own work obsolete, is enough to remain ahead of the forgery – by the time that something has been copied, I’ve already moved on and set up camp somewhere else. Besides, my ultimate appeasement comes from the notion that nothing that is either found in nature or even manmade can’ truly’ be duplicated. Yes anything can be in essence imitated, replicated, or even cloned…but there will always be that ‘first’ and a copy will always be exactly that; just a copy – Regardless of recognition, or not. KA — What is your favorite thing about Canada and being Canadian? MJ — The thing I like most about Canada is its size and general disposition. It’s huge, plenty of space, not too many people and no one gets in your way…favorite thing about being Canadian? The comfort in knowing that I can travel anywhere in the world and no one gets in my way.


GAROU The word “garou” is french for “wolf”. This is definitely an enigma, as the singer from Sherbrooke Quebec, whose first album “Seul” is one of the best selling French albums of all time . Add to this, his international reputation and amazing personality, Garou is definitely a sure choice for KA Best of Canada 2010. KA — You are incredibly popular in the most interesting of places: Russia, Poland, just to name a few. How did this happen? G — NNDP has been my break. A great chance in the life of an artist. It gave me the opportunity to be known in many countries in Europe, such as France, Russia and many others. After my First album, one of my songs Gitan oppened up other doors like Poland where the song became a huge hit. It’s great to prove that music has no barrier of language. KA — Do you have any plans to perform in Montreal anytime soon? G — Since I’m still performing my last tour in Europe and Russia until December, I have no more dates in Montréal. I started the tours in Canada. But now I’m working on a new album and will plan the next tour with its release at the end of the year. KA — How do you create when sometimes you just don’t have the vibe. Do you just stop and wait for it to happen, or do you push forward? G — I never pushed. It has to come natural. I’m very fortunate to work with all the the best francophone and some great international creators so I don’t have to force myself to write for me. There’s better magic in collaborations. KA — As the audience, we seem to think that artists are immune to the things that trouble us all, such as insecurities and fatigue, just to name a

few. What is your mantra to deal with this sort of things? G — I perform for the audience and not for myself and that brings out the best of me. When I feel sad or bad, I say to myself: Tonight they deserve the same good show as the others. KA — What other music do you listen to? G — Totally eclectric. I like to listen to pretty much everything when it’s well done. But I choose depending of my mood. It’s like choosing the right wine with the right meal. KA — When you travel and you are performing in other countries then you return home, what is it about Canada that makes you happy to be back? G — Home. House by the lake. Holiday no 1. It’s my favorite destination. KA — Have you read anything interesting lately and could you share? G — ‘‘Free’’ From Anderson. Very Fascinating the speed of evolution with internet I’m even getting implicated in the development of a new platform for artists. KA — What would be your dream collaboration? G — I’ve been very lucky so far! Ok Let’s go crazy. An album with Paul McCartney Maybe ?


CHRIS SMITH When is a manager doing a great job? We think it would be when that manager manages to build the careers of his or her client while keeping a healthy low pro. If the list of talented people, both in entertainment and sports is any indication, Chris Smith is definitely doing a great job and one worthy of being chosen as Best of Canada 2010.

KA — When we look at your resume, it seems that it must be humanly impossible to do as much as you do. However you seem to do it with seeming ease, what’s your secret? CS — I surround myself with great people and I try to spend quality time doing quality things. KA — Everyone seems to believe, or want to believe that “it” is easy; that others always have it easier than they do, and that’s why that person reached some sort of success. I think that somewhere along the line, someone always had to give us a hand up, who was that “someone” for you? CS — I believe the team I surround myself with at any given point in my career is responsible for assisting me in getting me to the next level. KA — In order to manage the careers of others, what is the most useful character trait to have? CS — Being an active listener. KA — KA Magazine has voted you Best of Canada 2010, one of the reasons was to create more awareness of the person behind the scenes; the necessary one that by design is over-looked but completely necessary in the success of the client. Why do you think that in general the people in your profession keep such a low profile? CS — It is important to keep a low profile, as you never want your personal ego or attitude to transfer to your clients’ goodwill.

KA — If you could have a clone, what would he be doing as a job? CS — He will be doing interviews and sleeping for me. KA — What motivates you on a daily basis to do your best, even when there is no one else seeing it? CS — Providing for my family and knowing that I have people’s dreams in my hands. KA — How important is family to you? CS — I love my family and I want to make them proud. KA — What music is on your playlist? CS — Candi Staton and all my artists. KA — What single act of kindness have you witnessed recently that brought a smile to your face? CS — Witnessing my mother’s volunteer work in her town. KA — Tell us something about Chris that we need to know? CS — I am a dreamer and it takes me a while to accept reality. KA — Who is Chris? CS — Honestly, I am not completely sure who I am. My only certainty is what I want to do.


STEPHAN MOCCIO Stephan Moccio is a genius. There it is in print, and we said it! To much beating around the bush, let’s just get straight to the point; this KA Best of Canada 2010 choice in the context of rare genius, should go to Stephan Moccio. Add to this, a gift of making the piano into liquid emotion that one drinks through the sound coming from his music and you are left somewhat speechless (not a good thing when we need to write an intro). But there you have it; we are speechless. Its definitely a good thing that we have his amazing interview to make up for the lack of a fitting intro. KA magazine definitely suggests that you get his new release “Color” out in November, you will be happy that you did.

KA — First random act: meeting Joelle (Adler) and asking her about women that inspire her. Second random act: Joelle invites me to the event “Hope and Cope”. Third random act: you are the performer at said event. Fourth not so random act: I am hooked on both your music and your vibe. Was it random, or do you think that somehow, some way I had to be there at that exact place and time to experience exactly what I experienced? SM — I believe the cream rises to the top. Having said that, I feel blessed that our stars aligned that particular evening. Somehow we share parallel energies with people, like yourself, and energy is everything, it is what guides our lives. KA — Now imagine that after seeing you at this event, I immediately did my research and then told my editor to create more space in the next issue of KA best of Canada since you had to be included. How much of this is luck and what is your take on luck? SM — I am lucky that you were in the room. However, I don’t believe in luck for the big picture, success and sustaining success has nothing to do with luck. KA — The story goes deeper, because not only did I randomly go to this event at which you were performing, which made KA choose you as best of Canada, but the next day Maria Fotopoulos (Joelle’s assistant) calls my assistant to tell her that she has gotten an interview with Stephan Moccio. An interview that even at this point I did not even know if it would be possible to fit in the magazine. Do you believe in destiny? SM — I believe in hard work. It’s true what they say.... when preparation meets opportunity, incredible things start to happen. KA — I am particularly drawn to porcelain, what is the story here? This song rips me up, I can play it on repeat for hours…the beginning is both melancholy and happy at the same time. SM — It is an incredibly honest piece, that came through me. I am touched you feel it too. It deals with the creation of being in the moment, the creation of life.... it is inspired by the two most powerful people in my world, my wife and my daughter.

KA — I know the story of how you penned that very famous song for Celine Dion from being at your recent concert, but tell us again as I am sure that my telling is not as poignant as yours? SM — The beauty of this story is that dreams do come true, if you believe in yourself and more importantly, if you are honest with yourself. The short version is that I told Céline one day I would write her a song and the rest is history..... I had the honour of cowriting Céline’s come back song A New Day Has Come. KA — When I saw you live, I just couldn’t believe how nice (really), how nice you seemed and all I could think was “is it possible that being nice and being a success can really happen?” Please tell me it’s an act and you really are just a regular “mean guy”!… SM — Haha! I am genuinely a humbled guy, who sits in awe everyday of the little things. However it isn’t always easy being around me during the creative process..... what is that beautiful saying... “what is to give light must endure burning”.... I endure lots of burning. KA — I ask all of the Canadians in this issue’s interviews what they love the most about being Canadian. My question to you relates more to being a Canadian artist. Is being Canadian an asset? SM — I honestly haven’t figured this one out yet. KA — How do you relax? SM — The world stops when I am at the piano, she’s an incredible confident, I hear silence. KA — What has been a single selfless act that has made you stop and think people can be wonderful and life is worth it? SM — Becoming a Father. KA — What is your mantra? SM — I have many.... passion is important... you really only live once....go for it.... trust yourself. KA — Who is Stephan Moccio? SM — I am Husband, I am a Father and I am an Artist.


HOWDY Every city has it’s “Howdy”; you know that person that everyone knows and loves, the party in the party the girl, or guy who just connects everyone together and that to whom no negativity can be attached. Our choice for Best of Canada (people) definitely fits all of the above and so much more. KA — Your chosen name is Howdy, which ironically is slang for hello and your vibe is exactly like your name – it is saying a bright, loud and beautiful “hello”! How do you stay so up, and remain completely generous? HM — I love life. Life is a gift. I come from magnificent parents, who instilled their values in me and taught me about integrity. I stay positive because I know that attitude truly is everything. Happiness comes from within—from your state of mind and your attitude. In my career, I’ve known a lot of wealthy people. Maybe they should be the happiest men on Earth—but they rarely are. So many people are so negative and that’s what interferes with their potential happiness. KA — How much of your success do you attribute to luck? HM — There’s no correlation. To be successful takes hard work, determination and intelligence, but has nothing to do with luck. I worked very hard to get to where I am today. And I continue to work hard. I was not born lucky. None of us are. I beleive that we create our own “luck.” KA — What is your personal mantra? HM — Integrity, values, honesty. Those are three things I cannot help but repeat to myself. KA — How do you create prosperity and abundance? HM — There are opportunities everywhere. Wherever you look an opportunity is staring back at you. You do not need to know everyone in the world to create something good, something big. You need to know a couple of people. Those people know people too, and so on. A ripple effect of helping and sharing is the best way we can create something valuable. KA — When you are not in the most positive place, how do you get out of it? HM — Again, it always comes back to having a positive attitude. It’s the sim-

plest thing in the world, really; being happy is better than being sad. We are one or the other and rarely in between. I just try to let it go, to let it be. I try to stay positive for the benefit of others. When you think of it, regardless of your will to do charity and be loving, you are the most important person in your life. If you are happy, that means everyone around you can be happy too—the contagious good mood. KA — What is your dream? HM — I have many dreams. My ultimate dream is to see my three children each live a happy, safe life. A second dream of mine relates directly to that—but in regards to other peoples’ children. I want to work with kids who are handicapped as well as kids who have suffered abuse. If someone was to contact me tomorrow and offer to help build a foundation for children, I’d be all over it. KA — When you travel, what is it about being Canadian that you most admire? HM — Canada is the most beautiful country on the planet. This country allowed me a few university degrees, a beautiful family and great success. I am from Iran, but when I travel I am proud to carry a Canadian passport. We are an (almost) peaceful country. We are generous. We have health care and hospitals and a good education system. We have freedom and we have shelter. In Canada you can be whatever you want. KA — Who is Howdy? HM — Howdy is Mohammad Ali Meghdadi—Howdy is just my nickname. I am humble and down to earth. My friends are from all walks of life. Who cares how rich, poor, famous or average you are. It is the soul that matters. Impress me not with your pocketbook, but with your personality. Who are you?

Dr. CHANH TRAN TIEN Dr. Chanh has been with us since the very first issue and this one would be not the same without him. Chanh is not Canadian, but he has recently decided to chose Canada as his future place of residence, as he mentioned to us “Canada is the best country in the world to have a life”. We agree with him, and we are also pleased to include him as Best of Canada 2010 (even if it is in advance). KA — You have been a constant part of the KA family since the first issue and another constant in all your discussions is the theme of love. Non romantic and inclusive, now that we are dedicating this issue to love. The big question is, can love be considered a main factor in weight loss? Dr. C — I love the spirit of your magazine and the reasons behind it. This is why I am so happy to be a part of this KA Adventure. I also see KA as a family. Love is, without a doubt, considered as a principal factor in weight loss. KA — When you told the story in the previous issue of KA about the young girl in Vietnam who after receiving payment from you for the item that you purchased, she paid for your lunch without you knowing, This story created such an immediate switch in the readers, a feeling of “why are we all complaining, lets get in the game and do something!”Years after this event, do you still feel the same sense of urgency that it first elicited in you? Dr. C — Many years have gone by since my chance meeting with this young child in Vietnam. I do always feel that sense of urgency, however now maybe in a slightly different way — as I tend to keep things relative. I somehow learned how to see and take care of the suffering that is directly around me. After all, we cannot make up a sort of ladder that calculates the degrees of suffering that different people experience. Just as human beings are unique, so is the suffering we go through. When my patients talk to me about their discomfort with themselves, I do not allow myself to judge them by telling them “Lighten up, you aren’t the most unfortunate on this planet, all you need to do is open your eyes and look around you.” This approach would only make the situation worse, and the person would never grow out of their current reality. That said, if I have never looked again for the young girl in Vietnam, it is because although I know she was very poor, this didn’t mean she was unhappy. KA — The disaster in Haiti has affected the Globe in a way that seems to go far beyond the past responses to natural disasters. In your opinion, do you feel that we are more sensitive to the suffering of others, especially children?

Dr. C — I think that humanity has always been sensitive to the suffering of others. We are no better or worse than our predecessors. It is the means we have now to diffuse all the information and images of what’s going on that maybe give the illusion that the world is more sensitive than before. In fact, let’s notice how this does not only concern the suffering in the world, but also the epidemic risks that have become amplified by the way we take this information — That said, I believe that humanity is fundamentally caring and generous and has always been this way. KA — You are from Paris, and you have traveled everywhere in the world - but what is it that brings you time and time again to Canada? Dr. C — Canada is where I started my business over again from scratch after I had a “falling-out” of sorts in Europe. Its people have been open to me and I am truly blessed to be able to pratice what I love in this beautiful country. I am just starting to really discover it’s vast beauties - from British Columbia all the way to the Maritimes, Canada has so much to offer. Not only this, but it is the only country to have so many natural ressources, as well as a healthy and stable economic sturcture and wealth. It’s a perfect mix of everything and one can truly build anything they wish here. In fact, I have recently decided to reside permanently in Canada, since the constant traveling and staying in hotels is starting to take its toll. KA — In the first issue of KA we asked the question who is Chan? …we ask this yet again to see if anything has changed. Dr. C — Life cannot be stable or durable, it is always in movement, in mutation and transformation. It is thus difficult to say who we are in an objective manner, but in this very instant, I would like to cite the title of a Korean film : “ Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… and Spring” ( from Kim Ki-Duk). Maybe this is the best way I can speak of myself.

165 163

RABIH BAZZI Hair stylist Rabih Bazzi might have launched his career for the love of all things beautiful, but is that really such a bad thing? KA Magazine’s Best of Canada 2010 choice for hair stylist is also the KA stylist of choice, as his most recent work can be seen throughout the issue. KA — Why do you think that the best hair stylists are men; for that matter even the best chefs are men! At first glance, you would think that this would be the domain that the ladies would tear up? RB — It is true that some of the best stylists are men, but there are some women also that are really good in the Biz. Take Sally Hershberger, she is good, even considered the best and there are others! For men, I think the straight stylists are the most talented ones, because they get it: it’s a sex thing. Women want to look sexy, there is no other way to put it. KA — Ok Mr. Rabih… what really made you first pick up the scissors? RB — If I said that it was my long childhood dream, I would be telling a story. Actually, at first it was for the girls (I mean “hello!!), but then I started to work with someone that was good, and I mean really good. The kind that only comes around once every so many years, and I’m not just saying that! So I was lucky that I got to work with him and that was when I knew I wanted to cut hair just like him. I wanted to be as good as I could get, and I’m still trying. KA — You have been there for us at KA from the very beginning of our little experiment in printing good vibes, where did you get this incredible quality of generosity? RB — I think in the time I have been around, I should be able to tell a good thing when I see it. I love the work that you are doing, and I wanted to help out any way I could. So keep up the great vibes, I hope to always be there with you in the future. KA — How important is it for you in the context of doing what you do to keep connected to the fashion shows and other such spectacles?

RB — I think in a way it is important, but at some point you are expected to come up with your own ideas. That is why people come to see you. So you have to be ahead of the game. KA — What is the funniest thing that has happened to you in your work? RB — One time at a salon I used to work at, that night all of the staff went out for a drink. The only thing is that one of the girls had a bit too much to drink. The next morning, she showed up to work 45 min late, and her poor client was waiting for her in the chair. As she stood behind the chair to say hello, she threw up on the client covering her completely with vomit! This is a true story ...and I had a camera! KA — You were an apprentice at age 15, when most boys are busy trying out there new puberty gifts you are there learning how to cut hair. I bet that didn’t go over too well with the boys...How did you deal? RB — Some of my friends didn’t get what was going on. I would drop out of school to go do hair! Some thought I was “going soft”. It was one day that everything became clear. I invited one of my friends backstage at a fashion show, we were sixteen at the time. He got to see some things that he is probably still talking about now! So at that point, all the “talk” was over, and my friends understood that cutting hair was cool. I didn’t deal with anything after that. KA — How cool is it to live in Canada eh? RB — I will tell you this; I could live anywhere in the world but I choose to live here. I love this country. KA — Who is Rabih? RB — Who am I?... that will be in the “Book”. (HAHAHAAH)

SIMON CARPENTIER Simon continues the trend seen in this year’s choices for Best of Canada 2010; the “quiet warriors”. With so many reasons to shout (music, Cirque du Soleil, and now a movie project) you would think he would be more in your face, but not this man. He is definitely the real deal, as is revealed in his interview. KA — It’s been almost a year since we last interviewed you. Since then, you have created music for Guy Laliberte’s space broadcast, worked on a new Broadway musical for the Cirque du Soleil, so what are you working on now? SC — I am working on ‘’my own independent movie’’. It is a 90 minute music video. KA —You are working on a movie that is close to your heart, something that has been brewing for a few years now. How is that going and are you able to give us a little tease? SC — Going very good so far, extremely creative and chaotic which I like a lot. I feel like I am 14 years old. All my past experiences in shows, music and now film, brought me into this new adventure ; I had to do it. So I am taking all the tools that I have around me and work one day at a time. It tells the story of an unusual snowstorm that forces people to stay at the Elle Motel for a night. I tried to find a Motel for the shooting, but I decided to build the set next to my home. I’ve been shooting every week for 3 months now. Hoping to finish the shooting later this year. I do a few scenes, then I edit and write the music at the same time. KA — How difficult is it to jump between music and video, does it require an adjustment? SC — As a composer, I know my tools but to do this, I had to learn more about cameras, shooting & lighting. I’ve discovered a world that is pretty close to music. Images, people and places are what inspire me the most; to shoot this movie was inevitable for me. KA — When we create music a large part of this is solitary (before recording). Is this the same for movie production? SC — It was like that at the beginning and now more people are involved. I try to keep it simple even if it has a tendency to get complicated every time

we start shooting. Before shooting I feel the same way I used to feel when performing live, I always feel that I am not ready enough, but then I jump, and it feels good — so much that I can’t wait ‘till we shoot again. KA — What has been the most interesting surprise in your new creation (movie)? SC — Trying to keep it open; to be willing to adapt and find more expressions or precisions in what I want to say; even if we stick to the plan, even if we still tell the original story, the way we tell it evolves as we shoot and, most of the time the music takes over the dialog. KA — KA feels that you are the best at what you do. What does being the “best” mean to you? SC — Thank you so much. You can always be better in every way. Both, internal and external; it has to be cooked at the right temperature and served at the right time so people can enjoy it after. KA — Truly doesn’t it make you feel a little special to know that out of the randomness out there, someone has said you are the best at what you do (this might be my opinion, but I am also willing to print it!)? SC — (thanks a lot !!) I am lucky, I am happy and I have a lot of love in my life; it helps to perform. I am not afraid of change. Everyday I try to do my best and I am working very hard to keep it from the heart. KA — How has Simon changed since the last time we met? SC — Can’t say really but exploring new era and doing this new creation is exciting and makes me feel good and when I feel good, I know that I am on the good way and this helps me to be more positive and see life as it should be : beautiful.



To me “the best” means to be true to yourself and not finding excuses if you don’t succeed at something.

Herby being chosen as Best of Canada 2010, was a decision made even before the issue was conceived. He is the best at what he does and he tirelessly works at his craft. Just check out his “Herby TV”, and you will see what we mean. In this case, a picture (or a TV show) is worth a thousand words in print.

KA — I have never seen you in a bad mood, how do you do that? HM — Hey what can I say I’m a good actor! Joking aside, I am sometimes in a bad mood like anybody else, but I try to be respectful around others and always be as pleasant as I can be.

KA — We interviewed you as Best of Montreal a little while back, and here we are interviewing you as Best of Canada. What does “best” mean to you? HM — I was very flattered by that article, but what is most important to me is to be passionate about what I do. I only want to be the best that I can be without having to feel like a have to compete with anyone else but myself. To me “the best” means to be true to yourself and not finding excuses if you don’t succeed at something.

KA — What made you make such a pioneering and brave move to this Herby TV? HM — For me it is not a matter of bravery but more common sense since everything today is about the internet.

KA — We always try to be the best we can be, but sometimes those bloody “gremlins” just don’t seem to stop. How do you deal with your gremlins? (gremlins = little “annoying stuff” in life) HM — I try not to let unimportant things get to me and concentrate on my goals.

KA — Who is Herby? HM — A father, a son, a brother, a friend, a guy who likes to communicate with others but especially likes to listen to others. I think I chose the perfect profession.

KA — How is the Herby TV project going? HM — Very well, it’s expanding. Herby TV is more than just a web tv show, it’s a blog, and it is now a page in the newspaper: La Presse, every Thursday. Soon I will have more to announce…I am very excited.

KA — How important is charity to you? HM — I consider myself like a person who has been very lucky in life and I try to give back as much as I can.

WARREN WERBITT Why did we make a category for printers in this Best of Canada issue, along with the sexy DJs, artists, etc? Only one answer, and to borrow a phrase from the man himself: “printing is sexy!”. Imagine sending out unprinted flyers, or for that matter, unprinted CD’s or (insert dramatic music here) reading an unprinted magazine…The fact that Warren’s company not only prints, but they strive in every way to be the best not out of necessity, but out of love, makes them the best in our books.

KA — You made a comment that more energy is wasted by the computers being left on than from printing. This statement has left a big impact on me, could you please enlighten me a bit more on this point? WW — There is a misconception out there – most people believe that “by using less paper, trees will be saved.” Actually that is not a very valid statement. Print adds value to our society. According to the Print Grows on Trees Association, “print contributes in economic, social and environmental ways that have not been clearly represented to the public.” Print on paper actually helps to grow trees and keep our forests from being sold for development. Draining energy by leaving computers on 24 hours a day is more harmful on the environment than printing. KA — Really how sexy is print! I still am not able to be as moved by a USB as I am by a beautifully printed magazine (such as KA). There is just something special even in the smell of the ink on paper. What’s your feeling on the sexiness of printing? WW — Print can be incredibly sexy. Print appeals to so many of our senses – you can touch it, feel it, and smell it. Combining design, ink, colour, paper and technique creates movement, texture and curves. The end result is “absolutely sexy” KA — Most people think that when they read a magazine that there is a direct link to the tree and they are not aware that sometimes 95% of the paper they are reading is recycled. How do you think we can change this perception that printing is a wasteful process? WW — People need to be educated so they can make intelligent decisions. I fully agree with the Print Grows on Trees campaign when they say that, “Climate change is the most important issue facing our planet and the people on it. Our forests and the trees in them can, and must, play an integral role in maintaining a healthy ecosystem. But the big picture is what really matters that we concentrate on replanting trees and keeping forests alive and intact. That’s exactly what FSC, PEFC and SFI do – they promote the responsible management of the world’s forests. KA — How does someone decide to become a printer? WW — If you remember the line in our Youtube viral video, Printing’s Alive “I didn’t choose printing I didn’t wake up and decide to be a printer I was born into it, it’s in my DNA.” Kidding aside, printing is my passion. If you are an entrepreneur, creative, love a challenge and focused on customer relations, then printing might just be for you.

KA — Your recent video on you tube is hilarious, it shows a person really loving print. Even though this is an amazing spoof, there seems to be a kernel of truth in your love of printing. How much do you really love what you do? WW — It’s true, I love what I do! Printing is a part of me. It touches every aspect of our lives. The video is humorous but it states the truth “we can’t live without printing.” I don’t say that lightly, I love printing! KA — I am personally blown away by yours and Pazazz’s incredible generosity in sponsoring the printing for the KA Best of Canada benefit event, but even more so by the quality of the work; that though sponsored, the results are still by far the most impressive printing job I have seen in years. Where does this attention to detail and generosity come from? WW — Pazazz promotes a unique work environment – we work as a team. We are committed to quality and we make the effort to achieve excellence on every job (no matter how small or big the project is). We promote enthusiasm, passion, professionalism, quality and devotion to excellence. We are committed to our customers. KA — How important is giving back to you personally and as a business? WW — Personally and in business I have always valued the importance of contributing to community. I consider myself to be fortunate and my goal every year is to, in some way help people who are less fortunate. Most recently Pazazz chose to support En Famille, a Hope & Cope program of the Jewish General Hospital Segal Cancer Centre. En Famille is dedicated to offering support and resources for young families living with cancer. Pazazz printed the book “When Daddy Got Sick” to provide parents diagnosed with cancer an opportunity to tenderly introduce the subject of this illness to their children. We are dedicated to help make a difference. KA — What music are you listening to these days? WW — Black Eyed Peas, Grateful Dead, Eminem. KA — Who is Warren? WW — Warren is an absolute people person. He’s a straight shooter who says it as it is. Warren thrives on challenge and isn’t scared to roll up his sleeves and get his hands dirty. He works hard, plays hard and is passionate about printing!


FEDE SANCHEZ Trying to pin this guy down is as easy as holding on to a live fish with a hand full of Vaseline! But we did it, and you will be glad. KA’s Best of Canada Federico Sanchez is an artist, poet, blogger, movie director, manager…all of this and so much more. It was at a recent conversation that the question was asked and the answer, so simple. “Fede, what do we call you?” Her answered: “I think the best thing to describe me is author, everything starts with the author, and this is more what I am... at the moment.

KA — Your wit is razor sharp and one is left with a feeling of admiration for your command of language. Was it always this way or were you a shy introvert as a child? FS — Writers and comic book artists were my heroes. My chilhood bedroom, back in Spain, had all its surfaces covered in books. The passion came from my father and grandfather, who were both avid readers and had fabulous libraries. I guess I felt reading was the adult thing to do. I often dig into my memories and seek landmarks to pinpoint accurately at what age I was reading what books by remembering, for example, the school I was attending, the house in which I was living or the year I came to Canada. I’m pretty sure I was heavily into Shakespeare and classic literature in the equivalent of the last year of elementary and the first year of high school. Then, it was philosophy: Kant and the Greeks. I loved the notions of ethics and justice. And I was absolutely fascinated by great journalistic and editorial writing in newspapers and magazines, the kind that was full of wit and made you think. To their credit and to my utter amazement today, my parents never censored anything, for as long as the authors were respected and recognized. All the while, I was writing and drawing comics. By age 13, I was publishing (and getting paid for) a weekly page in one of the Canary Islands’ finest newspapers. In other words, I was the ultimate bookworm nerd into my early teens. But, boy, did I worship Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan, also! KA — Do you believe that one has to suffer for their art to be an “artist”? FS — Yes. Or win a fat lottery. Any form of art takes deep commitment to earn recognition, which ultimately translates into income for the artist and the ability to pay for luxuries, such as food and rent. Our society is not set up to reward art as a legitimate career. The opportunites are farther and more apart than in any other profession. We admire and idolize artists, we listen to their music, see their movies, buy their paintings and their fashion collections, but we dread the day our children will wish to become one. For the majority of artists, art seems to be a sure path to starvation in North America. But if an artist is not willing to follow it with conviction, surviving by any means necessary, he or she may as well give up and step into that river that runs from 9 to 5 and puts all our minds to sleep after 7, as prime-time TV dishes out its most addictive programming. A steady paycheck is the biggest dream-killer in America. It’s like a form of slow euthanasia that terminates our ability to achieve by making us feel comfortable. For nothing great, including art, has ever been achieved without scary risk. KA — Your movies, blog and conversation is saturated with references to the woman and the beauty that is a woman, this might be obvious but I am sure that nothing is as it seems on the surface. Do you find most of your inspiration through the feminine? FS — Absolutely. Until my early university years, none of my comics or writings featured women in any type of starring or even supporting role. Then, I was asked by the editor of Vidéo-Presse, a French magazine in Montreal, to create a comic book character that would appeal to girls. I came up with “Agatha & Christian,” a female paranormal investigator and her geeky sidekick. The drawn character was awkward, but it was as if the exercice had flipped a switch in my brain. From that moment on, which must’ve been the mid-90s, I did not write any piece of fiction, including screenplays, which didn’t feature strong female characters. I believe today that this inclination is driven by my admiration for my mother, a woman who survived the horrors of World War II to become a soloist with the national folkloric ballet of Poland in the days of the Cold War, rubbing shoulders with some of the most important political and artistic figures of the 60s, and later did anything fearlessly to provide food and shelter for her family. I’m a strong believer in the divine feminine. I am convinced

that the brass of the Catholic Church is going to get a nasty surprise when they reach the Pearly Gates and are required to justify their discrimination towards women. KA — You write like a modern day Fitzgerald; when I read something that you have written I feel that if I stay and read each line again I could make a paragraph from a sentence. This makes me, (the reader) slow down and pay more attention to what you write. Was this your original intent? FS — I am still working hard at this, especially since I started writing blogs. People enjoy reading short bits on their phones, laptops and emails. Ideas need to be communicated in concise, yet very evocative ways. The value of a sentence has appreciated dramatically in the past five years. A lot of my pleasure in writing derives from that wonderful moment when a few words and sentences come together like a loaded gun, packing the right amount of heat in the smallest possible size. By the way, in spite of the metaphor, I do not support the right to bear arms, but I would get a bloody nose any day for the right to think freely and interpret media in an enlighted manner. KA — You once made the point that good magazines are guides for people to navigate the jungles of bad taste and disposable choices (quote not exact). Please explain this marvelous idea? FS — Anyone can post anything on the web. Articles, pictures, films... Whatever. We have billions of pages out there and who-knows-how-many blogs are launched every day. The only people laughing all the way to the bank are the umbrella hosts that facilitate the process: YouTube, Google, Wordpress and the likes. They have also created the habit, which leads consumers to expect everything for free. Unfortunately, many things in life are not free, such as the kind of solid investigative journalism that keeps an eye over our elected officials. The Fourth Power. As the web grows, it is inevitable that we will need help to navigate a sea of mediocrity. Most music posted online by amateur musicians is awful. Most self-published e-books would put a shark to sleep. How will we be able to find key words and search for things that truly matter? How will we discover true talent if we have no guides? By sheer luck? I sincerely hope that we will see an increase of the need for “taste curators,” which, in the “old days,” were specialized journalists, professionals who had dedicated their lives and their education to discover the best and weed out the worse in fields like painting, writing, moviemaking, music, food, etc. Today, magazines and mainstream media still drive a huge percentage of web searches, because, while anyone can have a MySpace page, it is still extremely difficult for the average indie rock band to get the cover or a feature article in a leading print publication. The merit must be significant. I love to read restaurant reviews on Chowhound or Yelp, but I will never trust them as much as I would trust Sam Sifton, of the NY Times, when seeking out a place to take a date for dinner in Manhattan. KA — When I saw your movie ‘ETERNAL’ I was shocked that this was your first offering as a director. To tell the truth I am a bit on the squeamish side and any violence or visuals for that matter stay in my mind’s eye for weeks after. So the blood scenes were hard to watch, but put that aside and some of the scenes were pure poetry. This cannot be the first and last, please tell me that you will do another film? FS — Independent films take years to produce, especially if you decide to finance them. But I look forward to my next one. This time, I will move from the world of supernatural adult thrillers into PG-13 adventure. I’m fascinated by pulp fiction and the days before the nuclear bomb and TV, when innocent adventure and the possibility of magic was omnipresent in the minds of all. Seeing a crocodile or a Komodo dragon was an extraordinary event. I also grew up watching Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee movies in the 70s and have a sincere appreciation for their prowess. So, my next picture will star a female action hero investigating bizarre archaeological crimes

in the lands of Southeast Asia. The scripts (3 are already written) blend the escapist elements of Indiana Jones with stories devoided of crazy visual effects, much more grounded in reality and hardcore action, like a Luc Besson film or an early 80s Hong Kong slug fest. I have coined three terms to define the main driving elements of my next films: 1) “Epiquality,” or the aspiration to capture every moment, exotic lands and forbidden places, with sublime photography; 2) “Sensualization,” or the artistic desire to infuse as many moments with a sense of beauty and pleasure; and 3) “Brutalization,” or the sheer fun of making audiences wince and cringe during action scenes, which is something that, fortunately, cannot be achieved with CGI, even with the budgets of X-Men and Avatar combined. KA — What keeps Fede motivated on a day-to-day basis? FS — The possible. I live in a world of possibilities. I’ve seen enough “impossible” things happen in my short life, that I am entitled to being naive and to sustain the conviction that great things can be achieved from nothing. My next adventure keeps me awake at night. Everyone should have a fantastic adventure in the making. There is no feeling that can compare to the euphoria of achieving something against the odds, something that started as a tiny thought. KA — How do you recognize talent? FS — Instinctively. I trust my personal life experience and my culture, which ultimately shape my taste. I cannot define specifically what makes, in my

opinion, an exceptional writer or musician. It certainly has nothing to do with style or genre. But I can tell you instantly when I’m in the presence of true talent. Often, and I know this may sound weird, I can sense someone’s potential just by looking at a photo. I still have a magazine pictorial, featuring a 19-year-old Monica Bellucci. I kept it because I felt she would become an Italian icon one day. I remember looking at a picture of Prince in a newspaper. I had never heard his music. Shortly thereafter, I heard “When Doves Cry” on the radio. For some strange reason, I knew that only the man in that photo could’ve created that track. I wasn’t sure it was him until the DJ confirmed it. I’ve had many, many such “vibes.” I think there’s nothing mystical to them. The subconscious just passes artistic judgements based on personal culture. KA — Tell me something random about yourself? FS — I met my wife 25 years ago at the time of this writing. She was 14 and was just learning how to walk on heels. I love her still. She captivates me. KA — Who is Fede? FS — A writer and an idea man. Every single significant idea that has shaped our lives by becoming real, started with someone writing a word and dreaming of possibilities. For that reason, I intend to keep coming up with words and seeking out artists and entrepreneurs willing to create things, fight and make a difference.


ZARK FATAH It seems that a common thread with this issue of KA Best of Canada is serendipity, and this trend continues with the chance meeting between the editor of KA magazine and Zark Fatah. It was at such a chance meeting that we knew that this was not an ordinary promoter. Zark was definitely someone we wished to know and share with you. He is a modern day renaissance man, someone who it seems the word ‘stop’ and ‘no’ is translated as ‘yes’ and ‘go, go, go’! This guy never stops. With multiple business in the Toronto area which changed of our views on Toronto from that of a quiet little big city, to a world player, Zark is there doing what he does and doing it well. Our KA Best of Canada 2010 pick for best promoter and innovator (Zark Fatah) can be summed up in one word: visionary.

KA — You have created an incredible name for yourself. When Erica Larva was asked who she felt in Toronto was doing an amazing job to promote new and exciting things, she immediately mentioned your name on the top of her list. How did you manage to create such a name for yourself? ZF — I’m not afraid to push the envelope. I travel and experience so many wonderful ideas and concepts that my city would enjoy. These moments inspire and motivate me to share these experiences with my friends and our clients. Traveling has had a huge impact on who I am and how our companies operate. By seeing many different cultures and societies, you develop a global perspective that takes you far beyond your own local “bubble”. Having this worldly perspective gives me the courage and drive to try new things and take chances on risky ideas and innovative projects. I believe that if you believe enough you will convince those around you also. So far it’s been working out quite well! KA — Another thing that was said is that you had impeccable style, how important is styling to you personally, and do you feel this is directly linked to your success? ZF — I’m a big believer that excellence is in the details. I carry this philosophy in how I present myself, in the décor of my home, the service at my restaurant and the music at our venues. I’m a very detail oriented person so I absolutely take great care and pride in how I present myself. I’m also very passionate about fashion and have to admit that it’s my one big vice. I present myself in a specific way and wear certain clothing to create a distinction and stand out. In a city of over 5 million people it’s absolutely necessary for people to take notice if you’re trying to be recognized, style plays a huge part in this. KA — How important is charity to you? ZF — Giving back is something that I now have the ability to do. Thankfully with my connections and resources I am able to help various organizations achieve their goals by donating my time and energy. I strongly believe that when you reach a certain point in your career where you have the money, time or influence to make a difference, that you are morally obligated to help out however you can. In this world we are all one. Living for just yourself is not a life complete. This January I’m joining 20 other Toronto based Canadians on an amazing mission to Kenya where we will build an art school for underprivileged children. The goal of our mission is to help break the cycle of poverty by educating through the arts. The charity is called Artbound and you can learn more about it at KA — The businesses that you operate are similar… in the sense that the spa, restaurant and club have a certain cool aesthetic that still gives off a sense of “welcome”. Is this a reflection of your personal being? ZF — My partners and I are all very personally involved with all of our businesses. We’ve been able to achieve a real family atmosphere within all of our organizations and I truly believe that our customers can feel this when visiting one of our establishments. We connect with our staff and treat them as equals so that they respect us as people and pass that respect on to our customers. From a design perspective, we know how to create a first impression that allows a guest to feel comfortable and welcome even if it’s their first experience. I understand the intangible elements that together create the right mood and ambiance. This is a skill that’s been developed over 18 years of working in this environment. KA — What besides ‘not needing much rest’ would you consider the most important quality to have in doing what you do? ZF — I can’t honestly say there is on defining quality. Here are the three that I feel are the most important: Time management is crucial. With so much going on every day it would not be possible to balance my professional life, personal life and travel schedule

if I wasn’t able to manage my time efficiently. Equally important is my passion for what I do. After almost 2 decades I still love what I do in every aspect. I truly enjoy meeting new people and entertaining old friends and clients. I thrive on the creative aspect of beginning a new project and I tackle the day-to-day problems like a chess match. I end each day exhausted and I jump out of bed every morning ready for more. Consistency, I believe in order to develop a solid reputation it’s absolutely critical to be consistent and always straight up with people. I strive to always deliver on what I promise and am committed to making sure I don’t disappoint those I commit to. In the entertainment and nightlife industry many people talk a big game and make them selves out to be much bigger than they are. I would rather stay humble and pleasantly surprise. KA — What’s next? ZF — The next project to open will be our second location of Blowfish at the Bay Adelaide Centre. Blowfish on Bay will be a bit larger than the King Street location and is scheduled to open early 2011. After that, I think I’m going to set my sights a bit bigger. I can definitely see myself collaborating on a boutique hotel / condo project. I have a great admiration for hoteliers like Andre Balazs, Jason Pomeranc and Ian Schrager. I feel that with my knowledge of design, hospitality, entertainment as well as spa and wellness it seems like a natural progression to pull all these elements together into a lifestyle focused property. KA — What music are you listening to? ZF — I love and listen to a wide variety of music. I’m actually listening to Sade at this very moment. She is amazingly timeless and I can never get tired of listening to her. On my iPod currently is Jay Z, John Legend, Drake, Maxwell, Kaskade, Killers, City and Color, Lenny Kravitz and a variety of deep vocal house. KA — Who is Z? ZF — This sounds like such a simple question to answer but I don’t think most people ever stop think about how they would define themselves… It really is an important question everyone should consider thinking about. It’s amazing what you will learn from your own answer. ....So who is Z…? I am a self made, self-aware individual who is truly enjoying every moment of life in every way possible. I work hard and I play hard, I strive to maintain this healthy balance. I’m a good brother, son, friend and employer. I’m proud to say that I treat everyone with respect and do not believe that I am better than anyone else regardless of where we are in life. I am a proud Canadian and am doing my part to help define what it means to be a Canadian with every trip and every country I visit. I am proud of where my parents were born and appreciate the journey and hard ships they went through to allow me to be born in this incredible country. I am a man of my word and can definitely be counted on. I care with all my heart but will react with the same passion if I’m disrespected. I am someone who is truly blessed to have experienced so many beautiful things in life and am grateful for all of the wonderful things yet to come. I am focused, honest, hard working and have an open heart. One day I am going to make a great father.

I am a self made, self-aware individual who is truly enjoying every moment of life in every way possible. I work hard and I play hard, I strive to maintain this healthy balance



STEVIE B. HAMRON When in the presence of Stevie B, you feel a certain stillness that is hard to explain...until you look into his eyes (checkout this shot of Stevie!). They seem to go on forever without end, and they give you the impression that his mind never stops thinking and dreaming. The KA Best of Canada (events promotion) recipient is definitely on the move, and one to watch in the coming years.

KA — When I met you, I was not expecting such a down to earth generous person as with the field you are in, most of the guys are not so genuine. How do you keep both feet on the ground? SH — I started at the bottom and understood every step of the way. It allowed me to understand the value of things and most importantly the value of people, trying very hard in never taking things for granted. I was told at a young age that who ever you meet on the way up will be the ones you meet on the way down so stay true, humble & genuine…part of that lesson came from family. I stay grounded by surrounding myself with real things, spirituality, family, good friends and the basic values of life. KA — The thing I was struck by was your particular sense of style; part ‘boho’ part retro, part Bond. Have you ever thought of going into fashion from the design perspective? SH — Its funny you ask…I actually started my career in fashion but more on the retail management & buying side but quickly got bored and felt isolated. Fortunately my fashion experience led me to special event planning mixing both fashion & event production and giving birth to my first event brand “Don’t tell my booker” in 1998 with now offices in Paris, Miami & Montreal and with more than 10 international events a year. I’m also currently working on developing a premium denim line out of Montreal for worldwide distribution KA — DTMB (Don’t Tell My Booker) is a phenomenal success, all the events that you do seem to be an immediate success. At the obvious risk of it not being a secret after we print, what is “your secret”? SH — Secret huh? hahaha! If I tell you I will have to kill you!!(007)… Seriously though…it’s the combination of many things.1.CREATIVITY: I’m always looking for the wow factor in a DTMB event, the fear of doing just a regular thing scares me that’s why I spend a lot of time thinking outside the box. People need to escape and I’m there to give it to them. 2. AMBIANCE: ambiance is extremely important but often underestimated. It’s about understanding the flow of a room, knowing what and how to program the evenings entertainment. 3.CREDIBILITY: Make strong contacts and build your credibility, people talk and doors open 4.PERSISTENCE & STRONG WORK ETHIC: I always say, “you’re only good as your last event” That saying is what keeps me working hard, if you aim for the stars and only reach the moon well that is still good ‘cause your still out there. KA — What new projects are on the burner? SH — Always new projects on the burner, it’s what keeps me alive? I’m working on developing new hosting cities for DON’T TELL MY BOOKER. DTMB merchandising. A new denim line for early 2011. Also on the horizon restaurants, clubs and hotels…the more projects I have the happier I get KA — What is it about Montreal that seems to draw us back, even though the rewards are not close to being equal to the massive efforts? SH — I left this city many times and for long periods of time but coming back always felt like home. Probably because things don’t change much, so you can leave for a while, come back, and always know what to expect…My only two set backs have been the cold weather and the lack of unity between French & English speaking Quebec. If both parties worked on one agenda, this city would be invincible. Montreal needs to start acting like a big city…so once again, blame it on politics. KA — When do you take a break? SH — I don’t …I live and breathe this stuff but no ones complaining here KA — When KA decided to do Best of Canada, you were an immediate choice. Does this sort of thing really make a difference to the person who receives it? SH — Of course It does….most people who are passionate of their job never expect rewards , I know I don’t but being acknowledged sure gets appreciated…so thank you KA mag. KA — Who is Stevie B.? SH — Happy, passionate, inspired, determined and always ready.


NELLY FURTADO Doing a magazine and choosing who to interview for Best of Canada isn’t as easy as it seems. But when it came time to chose Nelly Furtado as the best, this was an easy one! However it wasn’t so much because of all the awards and the great music that she had done over the years that made it for us. It was more the fact that she had to keep on striving against the odds at the beginning of her career that did it. To know that even she had to (like other greats before her) make it against all the odds, can serve as a bit of motivation for other artists out there feeling that they should give up: don’t. For the first KA Best of Canada issue, we are thrilled to have Nelly Furtado as Best of Canada 2010(music).

KA — How important is charity to you, and tell us what you are doing these days? NF — Giving back is important. I keep most of my charity interests private, but I will say that I feel smaller, community-based projects are really important and often overlooked. KA — When you create a new album, how much of your time do you actually invest in such a project? NF — An album can take as little as 6 months to as long as three years.. It depends on craft, songs, time dedication and inspiration. KA — Which other artists are you currently listening to? NF — Always listening to K’naan, Emm Gryner, Dylan Murray. Great Canadians. KA — How important is love to you in the context of waking up in the morning and living each day? NF — Love is essential. Love is everything.

Love is essential. Love is everything.

KA — Where are you most at peace? NF — Inside my mind. KA — When you’re in studio, how do you know when you have “The take”? NF — When it just feels right and gives you the goose bumps. KA — Do you have a specific ritual that you do before recording or performing live? NF — I drink lots of tea and I make sure my lyrics are scribbled and as messy as possible on the page! :) KA — What was the last book that you read that inspired you the most? NF — Paulo Coelho’s “Winner Stands Alone”. All his books have incredible meaning that can be applied to everyday life. KA — Do you have a hero in your life? NF — My heroines are all my female ancestors. Portuguese domestic warriors who pounded the earth with their fists and washed their clothes in the sea. KA — When doing a magazine, there is so much work in the production of it that by the time it goes to print and is on the news stands, I have seen it a thousand times. I actually have to wait a few weeks before visiting a store and pretending that it is the first time (still I am not fooled) to get a slight feeling of “surprise”. How do you get your slight feeling of surprise after working on an album or song so intensely? NF — As soon as I hear one of the songs on the radio, it suddenly feels “real” to me, and I have a chance to really reflect on the energy and vibration of the music. KA — Who is Nelly Furtado? NF — To quote the awesome Erykah Badu, from her album “Mama’s Gun” I’m an “analogue girl in a digital world”.


JOEY ADLER Eyes seem to be the focus in this issue of Best of Canada, maybe when your passion pushes you to be the best, the eyes reflect this passion... If you see Joey in person, the one thing that will get you is her eyes. They are captivating, and filled with an otherworldly sort of glow. One look into them, and you know right away that this is no ordinary woman. KA Magazine is so pleased to have Joey Berdugo Adler as Best of Canada 2010, but to put a category would not be even necessary in her case, so we will just leave her as simply “Best of Canada”. If you were wondering, just checkout this shot of Joey… see what I mean about her eyes? Extraordinary.

This is the greatest country in the world. I’ve been everywhere in the world and when I get back home, I want to go on my knees on the tarmac and kiss the ground.

KA — What does “best” mean to you? JA — That’s a hard one , I don’t believe though that you go out to be the best I think that you should go out to be your best: (smiles) did I say that? This could replace what I had written in my next speech… “man plans and God laughs” KA — What’s new in your personal reality that has put a smile on your face? JA — I just got news that I will be receiving a honorary doctorate of law from the University of Concordia. That was a great gift. I went to Concordia but never finished my degree, now thirty years later I am getting this amazing honor. This is really a great feeling. KA — How are things in Haiti from someone who is there on the ground since the disaster? JA — It’s not fair at all to see Haiti and the loss that these people have suffered from a Western wealth perspective. These people had a home, they had jobs they had a life and that was all wiped away over night. The place has been literally shaken to the ground and it has to be built from scratch. Some reporters have cynically stated that there wasn’t anything there to begin with but this type of reporting is not true at all. KA — Besides housing and other basic needs such as clean water and sanitation what do you feel is another pressing issue that needs to be addressed in Haiti? JA — In my opinion the most serious thing is the issue of creating a mental health program for the children. One X one gave one hundred thousand to partners in health to tackle this very point, so that we can help the children of Haiti come through this. Another thing that is also interesting is Clinton has created a task force to help preserve the amazing art that has survived the disaster as well as to help rebuild a art space for the existing artists to create and connect in some ways it is getting better and in some ways it is getting worse it is still too soon to do anything other than work, roll up your sleeves and get to it. There is a massive process ahead of us but there is tremendous corporate support as well. KA — Is there something that has given you a sense of satisfaction in the middle of all the struggles to rebuild? JA — You have to understand that one and a half million displaced people living in tents, on a human scale, is something extraordinary. But to have broken ground for a state of the art healthcare facility in Marabella, one of the poorest regions in the country was enough to make me smile for days on end. Imagine how this will not only impact the region , creating over one thousand new jobs but as well how these jobs trickle down into the community. This is definitely an amazing thing and so soon after the earthquake. There is also the head of Digicel who is putting his own money into rebuilding the artisan aspect of the country. I am also amazed at the amount of transparency in the way that the money for aide is spent, the Clinton task force is doing an amazing job with this. KA — How did the response from Canada (after the earthquake) make you proud to be a Canadian? JA — Per capita Canada was the biggest donor in the world. Take that and add to the fact that the Harper government created a matching funds program. Which I can testify worked since the majority of people who donated to One X One asked if we were participating in the matching funds program. All this over and above the funds that were pledged by the government, made me very proud indeed to be Canadian. I mean how many elected officials would step aside and give the spot light to someone else the way Mr. Harper did with (Governor General) Michaelle Jean. That was an amazing thing to do. He is definitely a gentleman. In my opinion at the end of the day you still want to be proud of the leader of your country and this was a very human reaction by a very human man. KA — How do you react to people copying what you are doing? JA — When people copy what you are doing, I get a little hurt at first but when it does good then this is ok… my thing now is to concentrate on

what is in my control. If you focus on what is out of your control this will only rob you of your energy. KA — How do you find time to take a break when you are doing so much it seems that you have somehow created the 34- hour day? JA — Last time we spoke I told you that my Sundays were my days that this was the day that I took for myself. This is not available to me any more. It’s interesting that you are asking me this question as this is something that has been on my mind a lot lately. There is a time that you have to stop and look internally to see why are we doing what we are doing. It’s good to be running, to do good but in this process could I be running away from something? This is the real question. One X One is growing, I am in the process of hiring a CEO this is important and will help to take us to the next level. Back to the other running, I think I am running: (smiles and says to KA this is very personal but I am already in it so here goes) I think I am running from what happened 7-8 years ago I think that I have not truly coped with this enough and the trauma is still there chasing as I run. The choice will have to be made on what will be managed in a healthy and proper way. I think taking time out for myself will be a healthy start, so maybe next time I will be able to answer your question with remarks on how I like to bake on the weekends. KA — KA has voted you the best in Canada for too many reasons to list here but a main one is your charity work and your truly amazing vibe. Tell us what is it like to travel and then return back to Canada. JA — Canada is without a doubt the best (country) in the world and the most talented. Because we are so small in population it is much more challenging to do business this I think is why Canada produces such excellent entrepreneurs we are the best on every front; music, magazine, art and commerce. New York and the tri state area has almost as much people as we do in a small area, so with the large area that we have to deal with we are still able to keep it together and get things done. The Maritimes (have the) best people the landscape is one of the most beautiful anywhere. The only thing I feel that could destroy us is to not embrace our differences. “This is the greatest country in the world.” I’ve been everywhere in the world and when I get back home I want to go on my knees on the tarmac and kiss the ground. I mean it I am so glad to be back home that I would kiss the ground. That’s how much I love this country. Remember visiting a place and living in a place is never the same, you cannot replicate this quality of life anywhere, you would have to be a multi millionaire to do this in the US or anywhere else. You can’t just go to the Hamptons for the weekend or Cote d’Azur, you would have to be a millionaire to live this lifestyle. The education system is the best in the world at the University level. I mean, in the US, to put your children to a good school, you would have to mortgage your house — and don’t get me started on health care! Even with the problems we have, it is still one of the best on the planet. In Europe, only the extreme wealthy get to go to the best schools. Every time I go anywhere and people see I am Canadian, they really love that. It’s a nice feeling, I think our passport will one day be the most valuable in the world. KA — Back to Haiti and the recent announcement that Wyclef will be running for the top job. Being on the ground in Haiti, do you think this would be good for the country? JA — I think that no one can doubt “Clef’s” love for his country, but I believe that he would better serve himself and his country if he were to secure a portfolio as an internal ambassador. He would make an excellent internal ambassador, and at 39 years of age, he has plenty of time to learn the ins and outs of running the country. A president have to compromise, compromising is the biggest thing in politics and I am sure that it takes it toll on the individual. I think it would be sad if he ran and won, and then didn’t do the best possible job because he wasn’t prepared. With the majority of the population in Haiti in the 20 year old category, he definitely has a great following. We will have to just wait and see what happens.


ASHLEY KING There would not be a KA Best of Canada or even for that matter a KA Magazine without this person. She was the inspiration for the original KA and she remains a key figure in the creation and development of this magazine. Coupled with her role as ambassador for the MJH foundation, Ms. King is making it very public that she wishes to help the children of Jamaica in any way possible. In doing so, she has energized not only her loyal fans to the cause, but she is also the reason behind the KA Best of Canada Benefit Event. All this and at age 24, now if this is the start of Ms. King’s journey, we are definitely seeing a rising of the bar. KA — How important is gratitude in your creative process? AK — Gratitude is the most important as I wouldn’t have nearly the amount of blessings I have if it wasn’t for the amazing people and support around me. Without this, I might as well be creating in a vacuum. KA — When we create, we have a vision of how we wish things to progress. Has your reality been in line with your vision? AK — I think that when creating, it’s best to let go and be completely taken over by the “creator within” and let this be the leader. I have found that when I try to imagine what the future will hold, it usually keeps me away from focusing on what’s right in front of me. When you let go, the reality always surpasses whatever your vision could be. KA — What is your mantra? AK — I am blessed. KA — What is it about Canada that makes the artists so humble in your opinion? AK — I find that Canadian artists need to work a little “harder” to be heard in this country – which is a good thing, it builds character and helps the artist get better at their craft. In the “manufactured” music world of the States, I feel that Canada is sticking to a clearer musical vision – one that is about the music, and less about the money. This, I believe keeps you humble. KA — You have chosen the laid back organic approach to your career.

What made you choose that approach instead of the regular “send your work out to as many people as possible and pray to be picked up by a major”? AK — Great question! It was a little tough for me to get it at first too. I tried sending my music out, I sent out the packages…and I just didn’t like how it felt. It seemed as if I was sending my soul to be “accepted or not” by some judge that I did not know… it was not very cool. It was then that I really made the choice to just stick to making music, putting it out, and building my fan base organically. Not skip steps – just live each day one at a time and appreciate the fans I have. I love the way this feels, because it keeps me centered and eager to keep creating good music – and that’s what it’s all about. KA — What has been the most pleasant professional surprise this year that made you know you were indeed on the right path? AK — That ones easy! A few weeks ago actually I was asked by a wonderful Canadian company to be their spokesperson: Glace Iceberg Water. I was just so happy to know that there are people – such as the ones from Glace – who truly see the potential in an artist like myself. This topped off by the fact that I was placed on a beautiful huge billboard in downtown Montreal during the World Film Festival along with my music blasting from the speakers, really was a pleasant surprise! KA — Who is Ashley King…for now? AK — I just recently decided to become a “love-atarian” longer a “fear-avore”...what a feeling!


ANNA LIANI Anna Liani’s journey began years ago as a teenager who was heading for certain fame and then, the nightmare happened. The manager of her then young group completely “lost it” after he began suffering from depression – locking himself away with all their hopes and dreams held on a string. This caused a chain reaction for Anna and her band mates, resulting in her young careering derailing. Undeterred, Anna continued her career by singing for none other than the Cirque du Soleil. Now, under a new label (KA), Anna is doing her thing once again and is truly proof positive that giving up is not a part of the game. Anna is hands down one of the best voices we have heard in a long time, and she is also a huge role model for women out there. Anyone who thinks that they should stop because they have passed “their time”, well the success of Ms. Liani is testament that there is no “time”. Giving Anna Liani Best of Canada 2010 is that much sweeter, considering her journey to now.

KA —Why do you think that people are afraid of wanting it all? AL — We are scared to be’s a sin to want it all. We feel guilty to say yes.....but the confidence that you give to yourself can bring spectacular moments. You can have it all in one piece, then you can decide to take as many bites as you want’s yours have it ....have fun with it!!! KA — How did you reconcile with the fact that you are worth it and that it is fine to follow your dream? AL — I gave up the thought that I was not important. I decided to just take all that was being given to me as a blessing. Today I see that all that surrounds me is for me and that me and my dream are worth it! KA — Your music, your voice, your style has made a complete 360. What was that process like? AL — It was goooood....a complete 360 !!!! Have you ever seen that??!!!

KA — When you are in the creative vibe of the studio, when do you know that it is the good take? AL — When I sing my songs, I need to feel like I just had the greatest party in bed!! KA — How has the last few months of creating your album been? AL — I did not suffer....I did not cry..... KA — What feeling does being a Canadian artist bring to your work? AL — FREEDOM KA — How important is being sexy to your creative freedom? AL — Sexiness needs to be present....You need that. There is no compromise. How fade is love without sex.....? KA — Who is Anna Liani? AL — Anna Liani needs her brings her joy...if she doesn’t have it....then she’s not Anna Liani.

I decided to just be... to take everything that was being given to me as a blessing.


NICOLE JONES Allot of readers have commented on how much they love KA Magazine because it introduces them to people that they would otherwise not have known. They are so happy that we focus on talent and heart first, and put great emphasis on these two qualities. Nicole Jones, our TV personality of choice, is the main person behind the new show “Montreal Lights”. Just one viewing of Nicole in action, and you will see how she caught the attention of KA Magazine and how she is definitely one to watch. KA — I will never forget the first time I met you. Actually it is not even anything about the place or the time that I can remember, it was just the energy of the woman standing in front of me. It wasn’t until you left and I saw a photo of you that I was struck by how incredibly beautiful you are inside and out. Where do you get your massive amount of positive energy? NJ — First, thank you for the compliment. I am always humbled when someone recognizes me for my energy because it’s based on the real me, my brightest light. I would say my positive energy comes from my grateful attitude and thankful heart. I get my best energy from God, the Universe and being in tune with myself, my life, family and friends. KA — I also felt at that meeting that “Here was a woman that is working her ass off to get where she needs to be”. How much of success do you feel is blind luck, a sort of roll of the dice, and how much sweat and tears? NC — You know it’s a tricky question because I have been very fortunate with the people I’ve met over time especially in the industries I dreamed to work in. However I also believe in the law of attraction. I love my life and I am good to it, I feel blessed, I have a clear focus of what I want, I work very hard, I do my best in everything I aspire to achieve and I think life naturally rewards hard work. I’ve always loved the quote “luck is timing and preparation come together”. I am constantly preparing for the next level even when I don’t know what that level is but that’s all part of the excitement. KA — You feel like you have just come through a certain self-realization, is there a story here that will help others who are in the good fight? NJ — I’ve done a lot of work on myself over the years to be able to get to the point where I am proud of myself and able to answer such questions with confidence and peace. I feel like my entire life has been a test and through it all my spirit always reminded me I will get through the hard times. Reminded me to look for the positive to be thankful for what I have, to learn the lessons along the way and always continue to dream…I choose positive and positive chooses me. It’s really a choice to be happy; it’s the most powerful thing a human being has is the power of choice. KA — What would be your dream assignment? NJ — My dream assignment would be to interview Oprah. I know it may sound cliché to some but she’s been a big inspiration in my life for many years and in more ways than I can name she has helped me define my own path; total respect from one woman to another. KA — If you had three wishes, what would they be (you have been given permission by the wish police to tell your wishes)? NJ — The ultimate question… My first wish would be eternal health and happiness for my family and friends, my second wish would be to find loving homes for every child in foster care and my final wish would be to have three more wishes;) KA — Do you believe in heroes and if so, who is yours? NJ — I do believe in heroes, it’s important to have someone to look up to who reminds you that anything is possible. In my case, again I am very blessed to pull from a deep pool of amazing individuals but none quite like my mom. She’s an angel on earth and has helped so many children, despite so many personal hardships, she’s survived all odds, and she is my hero and the keeper of my heart. KA — When you were a little girl, what was your view on life and the world around you?

NJ — I grew up with what I needed not always or often what I wanted, my family had very little and worked very hard but they shared what we had with anyone who was in need and that taught me great values and family values. One of my favorite stories is when my sister reminds me that I knew at eight years old I wanted to be a star! I knew there was so much more out there in the world then what I was privy to growing up in small town of Chambly, Que. When I was a little girl, I thought the world held all your dreams and all you had to do was go get them. KA — Is there a single act of kindness by someone else that has affected you the most this year? NJ — There are a few great moments that come to mind but one that stands out is after an interview with a very successful and predominate guest, he said to me “I will bet on your success, there are not many like you, and I’m not one to throw compliments”. It was one of those unexpected compliments that felt like a surge of confidence and empowerment. I know this person has been exposed to some of the most powerful and successful people in the world and I appreciated him taking the time to share his thoughts, I was humbled and it’s stayed with me, thank you. KA — KA Magazine has chosen you as best of Canada 2010; does this give you a special feeling of good vibes? NJ — To be chosen as Canada’s best is like a dream come true, it’s confirmation that I am on my path and all of my hard work, dedication and commitment to living my dreams is really happening. It’s an honor to be recognized, it’s a privilege and it inspires me to continue moving towards my destiny helping as many people possible. Thank you KA magazine and thank you Canada. KA — When you travel, do you carry your little Canadian flag pin, isn’t it wonderful that the Canadian passport is such a positive thing to show? NJ — Yes, our passport is fantastic to show! No, I don’t have a flag pin (I probably should;) however, I am well traveled and I am always so proud to represent Canada wherever I go, I love to be from Canada and the world loves us too!! KA — How do you stay clear and positive? NJ — I stay clear and positive mainly from my faith, I am spiritual, I believe in God and I know that I am not in this life alone. I have the blessed responsibility to be the keeper of this vessel and I take that seriously. I pray, I love myself and I am thankful every day, I do my best to stay open to all opportunity in life to help others and that is a good way to maintain positive energy and keep it real. KA — What music are you listening to these days? NJ — Right now I am into house music, plus I’m freshly back from Ibiza, Spain where I discovered an amazing DJ named Jimmy Jones at DC 10, wow! I love my local DJ’s Bruno Brown and Erik El, they’re amazing as well. On another note I like everything Mary J Blige, Alicia Keys, and of course, Ashley King is never far. KA — Love: have you defined it yet? NJ — TBC… KA — Who is Nicole? NJ — I am a daughter, a sister, an aunty, a best friend, a professional, a mentor, a dreamer, a child of God and a woman with compassion, empathy and love for the world. I am simple soul, I love to laugh, I have wings and roots, a gentle heart and big ambition; I am me and I love who I am. God Bless.


VANESSA MORCOM Vanessa Morcom is the PR person’s PR agent, and she is part of the new bread of agents out there: young, ambitious, but completely connected to their hearts. KA Magazine is pleased to have Vanessa as Best of Canada, and will definitely do our part to “PR her” as the best in her field.

KA — What is for you, an act of kindness that makes you feel good and warm inside? VM — There is no substitute for a handwritten letter. A handwritten note is one of the most powerful forms of communication; and the fact that they are becoming increasingly rare makes them even more valuable. KA — Where are you most at ease? VM — Someone once said that dancing is the vertical expression of a horizontal desire. The way you dance, it’s not an expression, it is foreplay. There is a rhythm that runs through life, and it affects everyone and laces people together with an amoral, prehistoric, sweaty, rain-forest beat: excitable, dangerous, irresistible, and best of all, most attractively, the DANCE of life - it’s free of guilt. KA — What is a pr agent, and why do we need one? VM — Somewhere along the way, we as an industry lost our way. We got caught up in hype, spin, hyperbole and buzzwords. We forgot that PR was about Public Relations. A true publicist transcends monologue in order to give way to an exchange versed in dialogue. PR is a dual frame of communicating the client’s message and listening to the audience in return. KA — Everything about you seems to be the opposite of what we think the pr. guy agent is; how do you keep so clear in an industry known for being what it is?

VM — I call my family daily. They are wild, spiritual and loving people. My father, Doug, and mother, Irene, are my role models. KA — What would be your dream event VM — The key to being a great host is to make your party a natural extension of you. Imagine, Jasmine and lush pink May roses from the medieval Provencal town of Grasse, creamy yellow ylangylang blossoms from the Comoro Islands off the east coast of Africa, rum-scented tonka beans from South America, vanilla and sandalwood accents. The location would be in a house, or a modern version of a castle with a moat, where you raise the drawbridge every evening. I would invite the neighboring village over for dinner. KA — When you arrive back to Canada after a long trip abroad what about this country gets your smile on? VM — Montreal is a weird and wonderful place for weird and wonderful people. Today, there is an emerging set of social leaders under the age of 30 who are making their homes here, succeeding at business, helping invigorate the charity scene, it is the rise of a veritable youthquake. KA — Who is Vanessa? VM — A quiet and private person who wishes her eulogy to read: acclaimed Canadian novelist and critic best known for her trilogy, Le Divorce, Le Marriage, and L’Affaire.

MAYA SARDOUK When we first met Maya, we were floored by the amount of energy that she had, plus the magazine that she was publishing (YU) is amazing. Now, Maya has continued to reinvent herself, and coupled with her experience in print media, she has launched her PR and marketing company. Seeing Maya work and her attention to details, we at KA cannot help but agree that she is truly Best of Canada.

KA — When did you decide that becoming your own boss was the thing to do? MS — I’ve always been on my own…call it the entrepreneur curse!

person than just what we would be surprised. I think the least judgmental people are the ones with the strongest network.

KA — You were the editor of a beautiful magazine “YU”, what about this experience would you say helped you the most in doing what you are doing now? MS — Being the Editor in Chief of a high-end lifestyle publication gave me the opportunity to develop a solid and enviable business network. I got to meet a lot of great successful and inspiring Montrealers. Also I developed my leading skills; I had a great team that consisted of editors, designers, sales, photographers, stylists etc…

KA — As a woman it is sometimes expected that unlike men, you have to be more open and sensitive. How do you respond to this when sometimes you wish to just get the job done and get past the sensitive stuff? MS — Men are sensitive… but the difference is they always get the job done. After all, business is business...nothing personal. That’s how women should be also.

KA — When you meet people for a living, how do you do this casually when you are no longer working? Or like an artist, are you always painting? MS — I love developing my network; I am constantly meeting new people. I believe every single person we meet has something to offer, an experience to share, or needs some kind of referral. One unpredictable encounter can change the whole course of your life, on both business and personal levels, so keep your mind and heart open. KA — Maya: it is the illusion that is pulled over our eyes to believe what we see as the real world. How much of what we see of “Maya” is illusion, and how much is allowed to be real? MS — There is no illusion, what you see is what you get. That said, sometimes people get the wrong impression based purely on my lifestyle, they build a certain image without really getting to know me. There is much more to every

KA — You are an avid golfer, how did this come about? MS — My parents have always been members of a golf club; I spent all my childhood summers on the driving range. After winning at 13 my club’s President’s Cup Championship, I fell in love with the game, and with winning! Golf is a great asset for business development; also it is nice being sometimes the only lady playing at an important charity tournament with more than a 100 men! KA — When you travel to the UAE, what is it about coming back to Canada that you appreciate the most? MS — Dubai is an amazing source of inspiration, very surreal; but what I appreciate in Canada is the professional way business is done. Rules of the game are very different there. KA — Who is Maya? MS — Still trying to figure that one out…


MARCELLE BOURQUE Marcelle will be the first to tell you that it is not her alone, and that the work she does with Jardin de Ville is a complete family affair. Dear Marcelle, we will not stop you from sharing this Best of Canada distinction with the rest of your family.

KA — Jardin de Ville is considered the best —not only in Montreal, but in Canada. Was the attention to details a part of the companies’ DNA from the beginning? MB — Yes, it all started with my mother. She was an extraordinary person; a hard working woman with a lot of taste. It was from her that I, and the rest of my family, learned how to make even the smallest details count. KA — When we meet you at first, we are immediately convinced that what you chose for us will be perfect and it actually is! How do you make each client feel so special and important? MB — Furniture is a mood and a part of our personality. Our home is the most important place!!! It has to be nice and comfortable….and most of all, home has to respond to our needs. Some people are looking for comfort, others want to be trendy, or sometimes space is limited. To be able to recommend the right furniture, I need to be aware of everything. Any and all information is important and listening is the only way to acquire this information. I prefer to say that I do not sell furniture, I sell a lifestyle. KA — What is your most interesting project in the context of your business? MB — Our business is constantly expanding. For the last year, we have put a lot of energy into our new product, the “Terrace Concept”. It is one of our big focuses. This concept can be exported throughout the world. We exhibit at many shows, in France, in Las Vegas, in Chicago. We are also opening new stores in Quebec and Ontario. We have many projects going on all at the same time! KA — Will we ever see a Jardin de Ville indoors collection with the same clean and current lines as Jardin de Ville outdoors?

MB — Nature takes care of things. Today the trend is indoor-outdoor, so what more can we ask for! At least fifty percent of our collections can be used either indoors or outdoors. Our present marketing strategy is in this direction, since we have already magnificent furniture collections that nobody would believe can go outside…. KA — Jardin de Ville is a family owned business and it seems you are very family oriented and close to all the people that you work with. When working with family, what are the pros and cons? MB — There are a lot of pros and cons, but respect is what we consider to be the most important value. Working with family is the most wonderful blessing that we have. KA — What is Marcelle’s favorite music and musical artists? MB — I really could say that I am a music lover. I like Charles Aznavour, Michel Bublé, Barbra Streisand, latino music, lounge music, gospel, jazz, and even classical. The music I enjoy has to be melodious. KA — Who is Marcelle? MB — I am soft and sensitive. I love people with good values, real people. When someone talks to me, they must look me in the eyes. I want harmony; I want the people who surround me to be happy. I find solutions easily. I am easy going but when someone exaggerates, then I become a little tougher. My home is uncluttered since I like everything well placed and it its place. I really think that there is an artist in my soul. People who know me probably have a completely different impression, but this is how I see myself…

SABINE KARSENTI When we found out that Sabine Karsenti (one of our first KA interviews) was writing a book (Les Demons de Los Angeles), to say our interest was peaked is an understatement. KA loves Ms. Karsenti’s bravery in putting pen to paper, in writing a story which depicts her journey in the land of fantasy that yearly draws thousands of unsuspecting artists with the same goal to “make it” in LA. KA — What part do you think the ego plays in the decision making process? SK — The ego is very present in all our lives in some way or the other, and sometimes we need to reach the bottom in order to get the real lesson. KA — What makes a Montreal girl decide to pick up and move in with the sharks in LA? SK — Going to LA is like going straight to the finish line without so much as running the race. Sometimes being eaten up is part of the growth process. In retrospect, I think the best way is to enjoy the process while being detached from the results. KA — How did you decide to write a book and what was the lead up to this decision? SK — Writing was a thought that was in the back of my mind for a few years now, but being on maternity leave left me completely isolated. After awhile, I couldn’t find an extraordinary way of changing diapers. It was at this point that I decided it was time again to create something. Authoring this book required a great deal of discipline as I made a pack with myself to write three pages per day and I stuck to it.

Photo : Maxime Cote

KA — Why were you compelled to share so candidly your experiences in LA? SK — I felt that sharing this experience in a candid a manner, might help someone who was in the process of making similar decisions as I did. You see, the choices for actors are very similar really and sometimes, actually most of the

times, these life decisions are made with no or little forethought. KA — Was writing a book more difficult than acting? SK — Writing was much easier than anything that I had done up until now, because I was alone and this allowed for a certain freedom; something that you rarely have when acting. It doesn’t matter who you are, when you act, you are aware of the instant reaction to a take. However when writing, you don’t censor yourself, it’s your own time; you are your own lighting person and director… that’s cool! KA — Why were you compelled to share this particular part of your life in your first book? SK — I wanted to share my experience. In my case, it was impossible to keep integrity and still remain a part of the system in LA. Others might have another way of coping, but for me, it was impossible to keep working in that environment and keep my equilibrium. I was seeing many others in the same reality as me, and at one point, I just asked the question: Why am I doing this to myself, and what for? KA — Do you intend to put pen to paper again soon? SK — I will definitely write another book. Actually the next one I wish to write is in English and the topic would be about maternity and spirituality; how these little angels happen to be here with us and how to care for them in a spiritual context, while caring for yourself as well.



Photos : Norman Wong

It was on a preview of this KA Magazine that another Best of Canada candidate summed it up best. Upon seeing this page with Erica and Liz, she couldn’t stop raving about how amazing these two women were. One memorable comment goes a bit like this: “Have you seen these two together, it’s too much good! It’s similar to the collision of two “ginormous” (huge) suns of good energy and good vibes. I love these ladies and their talent and perfection is unmatched in this field. Great choice!” We couldn’t have said it better...Thanks Nicole.

KA — As the other half of the “dynamic duo” that is Monarch Events Group, how much fun is it working with the amazing Erica Larva? EW — I am truly blessed to be able to work with Erika. We are great friends and we are very lucky to have a harmonious working relationship. KA — What was the most stressful event that you had to reconcile with at the recent Fashion week (LG) in Toronto? EW — LG Fashion Week is an amazing week. There is so much going on, with so many back to back shows, that there isn’t much time to catch your breath. Our job is to manage backstage and we strive to please and accommodate everyone’s needs and demands. KA — I always see you (at the fashion week) with headphones on and a clipboard in hand. What is on this clipboard? EW — The model line up for the fashion show and I always draw the routines just to remind the models what they are doing before they hit the runway. KA — Your profession seems like so much fun, but incredibly stressful. What do you do when in the juice, to stay so calm and focused? EW — It is an exciting profession, filled with adrenaline. There is one chance to get it right and that is what keeps me calm & focused. KA — During the day of an event, what is your ritual? EW — A strong espresso is always first!!! Then the footwear, I always bring 3-5 pairs to change throughout the day as we are on our feet constantly. Meet up with our team and MAKE IT HAPPEN. KA — How important is charity and ‘giving back’ to you? EW — It is very important to me to “give back”. Most of the events we work on are charity based and to know that the work we do “adds the

It is an exciting profession, filled with adrenaline. There is one chance to get it right and that is what keeps me calm & focused.

element of excitement and entertainment” which enables the Charities to raise money is very rewarding KA — When are you the most relaxed and at ease? EW — I spend my summer vacation in the Okanogan Valley and I am truly at peace there. KA — What novel are you currently reading and how good is it? EW — I just finished Eat Pray Love and enjoyed it very much – curious to see the movie. A thousand days in Tuscany – I enjoy the recipes and the Italian lessons. A book of insight, wisdom from the other side – I think it is important to be open minded to all our senses. KA — How important is love in your choices, both personal and professional? EW — Love is what makes thing happen. I love what I do so work hard at it. I love my family and friend so I am loyal and committed. KA — Who is Liz? EW — I love to send handwritten Thank you cards (that’s with a stamp!!!) Always buy tulips on January 2…..spring is just around the corner And I sign off with SMILES.


KA — Working with your amazing partner Liz, is this more “Batman and Batman” or “Batman and Robin”? EL — Oh we are so much more than Batman and Robin - for one thing we’re better dressed! We strive to create fantastic experiences for our clients so the work is much more than just “saving the day”. KA — Would you do an event on a space station if you could (even a tiny one). If so, what would it be? (remember no gravity) EL — I would welcome such a challenge, sounds like fun and a bit crazy. Creative Direction: A modern, stylish and avant garde version of The Jetsons - themed event. I used to love that cartoon. KA — Is there something that has happened this year so far that has put the biggest smile on your face? EL — Professionally - Being profiled in KA Magazine. Personally- reconnecting with my brother after 18 years. KA — You have an amazing vibe, even under the most incredible pressure, you “kill them” with kindness. How do you do it when most people would be throwing the clipboard? EL — I’m an empathetic and patient person by nature and I understand that everyone copes with stress differently. I believe that aggression is often a coping mechanism, so I try not to react in the same tone. I pre-

We all strive to become better people, to learn, to grow, to understand, to evolve…it is what motivates us, what inspires us, what makes us want to live.

fer the “kill them” with kindness approach, it neutralizes tension. No one wants a negative reaction when they are already feeling upset and vulnerable. It’s really a win-win. KA — Where in Canada have you traveled? EL — I have always felt so fortunate to have immigrated to Canada! It was most one of the most exciting and defining moments of my life. I will never forget the day my mom announced we would be moving here, I cannot describe the excitement. It promised a new life, new opportunities … becoming a Canadian, brought so many gifts to my life. I have not seen enough of this beautiful country…I have done short trips to Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary. My husband and I recently decided that it is time to explore Canada and become tourists in our own land… KA — Is there something that you are working on presently that is making you very excited? EL — The Catwalk Cure – a fundraising event being re-branded and relaunched and brought back after a long hiatus – scheduled for February 2011 – Stay tuned also, working on LG Fashion Week is always a highlight for me. KA — When traveling, how proud are you to be Canadian? EL — I never forget my European roots, it is my foundation, my core, but being in Canada, becoming a Canadian gave me opportunities I might never have had and I will be forever grateful. Canada gave me my future, my work, my friends, my great love …this is who I am today…a proud Canadian. KA — Last time we spoke, you were not a butterfly as yet, how is that process going? EL — Ah, it is a work in progress, one I believe will last as long as I live. We all strive to become better people, to learn, to grow, to understand, to evolve…it is what motivates us, what inspires us, what makes us want to live.


People need to be wrapped every day in what makes them feel most beautiful and most human. I cannot have the world of big fashion dictate to me what is considered beautiful while detracting from my dignity and my sense of self. I say to myself: people have got to get it‌ the authentic, cool and real thing that I have to offer.


JENNIFER GRIFFIN Jennifer is the owner of what could be undoubtedly one of the best audio stores in Canada (Coup de Foudre) and her recent foray into fashion goes to prove that there is no pegging this girl down. But neither of these is a category that we wished to put Jennifer in for Best of Canada 2010. We feel that her spirit, her drive, and her determination to just be who she is, even when times suck, is something that will resonate with all the other women and men, boys, girls, puppies, and cats out there. So much so that Jennifer is our Best of KAnada tribute to all of you who are “holding it down”.

KA — What does it mean to do your “best”? JG — For me it means to never give in. to fight like crazy to oppose the mediocre and the commonplace and go against the grain. To not be dissuaded or be tempted by the path of least resistance and most importantly to be true to yourself all the time no matter what. KA — Some days do you wake up and wonder if this is all real, or if you’re still dreaming? JG — Every day I wonder what I’m doing and what it has to do with the larger picture or great purpose of things. In this way, it all seems like a dream…like where is this taking me now… I stand outside the day-to-day circumstantial things and try to find an awareness that is more concrete than the facts of the mundane. I don’t remember my dreams… guess I burn myself out trying to have dreamy eyes on all day long. KA — When did you realize that you had to take things (life) by the horns and just go for it? JG — The first time someone told me no. At first it was an unskilled general rebellion, but mostly it was every time I was faced with a sense of injustice. Hypocrisy, abuse of power, ignorance, selfishness and greed…these things make me lose it and I decided that I would not just stand by and do or say nothing. Passive isn’t really me, or the sense of entitlement that breeds arrogance laziness and self-pity. I go for it all the time, asserting myself now in ways that are less aggressive and more intelligent, I figure my presence, my character are a challenge enough to most people, so to be effective in my revolutionary spirit, I must also be wise and articulate… KA — What gets you motivated? JG — Passion is the key to everything I do, and even the smallest things give me an urge to either take up arms and go to battle, or jump up and down with glee, or even sit and cry with some new awareness of the frailty of human nature. Sounds sort of primitive. All these things motivate me… a great song, a beautiful building, a character on the street, a perfect fruit, laughter, love, my guitar and espresso. KA — When you feel like quitting, what do you say to yourself to keep going on your current project of VirginX? JG — There is a kind of imperative that drives me against any common sense or blatant obstacle in my way. I feel the necessity to do what I think is right, and I am sure of my intention and my goal. People need to be wrapped every day in what makes them feel most beautiful and most human. I cannot have the world of big fashion dictate to me what is considered beautiful while detracting from my dignity and my sense of self. I say to myself: people have got to get it… the authentic, cool and real thing that I have to offer. KA — VirginX …the name… tell me!? JG — Virgin…something pure, iconic strength and compassion. X...something tainted, something experienced, something knowing, something prohibitive… a good paradox for me. Perfectly scarred. KA — How did you jump from stereo to fashion? JG — Ok, I’m going to get philosophical now… music is like fashion for me, and the two are really linked. Maybe more a phenomenon of social development… every period in our history has both a musical soundtrack and an accompanying style, both informed by the social and political climate of the time. Both simultaneously had a huge impact on the world. The blatant sexuality of the tight leather pants and silver belt that Jim Morrison wore, the black suit of jazz, the fidora Sinatra wore, the combat boots on The Clash, the miniskirt on Twiggy the list is endless…

When I sit and listen to a track by an artist of a certain period from my own life, I am transported to another place and I feel certain very specific things, deeply. Like everyone I want to emulate in some way the greatness of the time or of the feelings that certain styles represent on me. It defines us. Links us together and communicates instantly a complete message. I can say… yeah this moment reminds me of Neil Young, and you want to have on you…that amazing totally worn in jean jacket. It says everything. Or reverse that, you see me wearing tight jeans, a tailored shirt and low tops and I am instantly Joan Jett or Chrissie Hynde. So back to the point… just like people listening to whatever crap is being pumped out by the marketing machines in the music industry which lacks artistry and integrity…the imperative for me to be in the stereo business is to bring us back… so to the fashion industry forgot its roots and now its some backroom stylist who decided that some bimbo from Hollywood has the strength of character to entice me to dress like them? I don’t think so… those characters hold no interest for me. I want the real deal…. music and fashion and life. I want this for you. KA — Did you know before hand how crazy fashion and retail was? JG — No its really difficult, and even more so when you care like I do. Everything is made in China… which I’m not entirely opposed to… if you could say that mass manufacturing of any kind is good. Good for profit maybe. An artisan. a designer. a seamstress, a fabric, the time and intention in small production, the care it takes to execute is insane. The end result is however definitively better. I hate what fashion has become. I am in a niche market again. Like high-end audio, my clients have to care about the quality. They have to forget the marketing the branding and the ignorance that is popular culture. I know that these people are out there to support a boutique like coup de foudre, and there are clients who like me…adults who don’t want to be forced into a style box and just want what is pure and cool, reflecting who they are. KA — Would you prefer that things came easier than they do, or is it the challenge that keeps you high? JG — If things that were great were also easy the world be a different place. It is the painstaking care and attention to detail that divides the common from the great. It is why instant anything can’t be good, why talent needs discipline. Real requires equal portions inspiration and perspiration. The challenge is even more awesome today where it has become easier to live a conformist, disposable, careless, superficial life….it’s everywhere. It is much more grueling to hunt out the authentic to observe and become like the architect of your own life’s masterwork. This does not make me high… it makes me tired, seems like the task is almost impossible at times. I get high, I think, when someone is able to see the same things as me, the beauty in the labor, the paradox of the pain in the love. KA — Are you really “half dog” like you said? JG — Yes… maybe more than half. Loyal fierce alpha female, and a growling puppy. KA — Who is Jennifer? JG — Virgin-x… the rest I’ll tell you another day. You can read everything in my face, I have nothing to hide.



BLISS Conversation with the Universe::: It is all in your intent.q

In the last issue of KA, the Bliss section spoke of gratitude, and how with our attitude of gratitude, we are able to create a vibration of good around us. The question that came to me since this last issue was: “When is gratitude not enough?” Sometimes, we are just too deep in, that even to give gratitude cannot alleviate the pain or the stress. The thing that needs to be realized here, is that the gratitude I speak about is not the gratitude of someone who received a gift and says thank you for the present. No, the gratitude I speak of, is the one born of faith. Knowing that there is something inside of you that is there to help you to reach a positive place; that little voice, that moment of peace. The gratitude is the one that even when there is nothing physical in front of you, you are still giving thanks to the energy that surrounds you and the people that are sending and sharing love with you right here, right now. It was during a recent conversation that I had the most spectacular “ah-ha” moment of the year. This moment was so profound, that I think it was life-changing. The beauty was that this type of game-changer usually doesn’t come in such a clear and simple package. The story started by a discussion with a dear friend about the pit falls of not being clear when you’re dealing with other people, and how if you have a hidden agenda, there could be some unforeseen consequences. Even if you are not fully aware of it, the other person will always pick up your intention subconsciously, and your discussion will go in the direction of what you are actually thinking. Now consider that both of you were not really clear, you can see how much of a mess this would cause. Take for example, Mary comes to see Kim and says to her: “I love your dress, it looks amazing on you.” While she is actually thinking “I don’t really care very much about your dress, but I know you do, so I will use this as a way to trick you since I need to ask you for a favor.” Chances are, even though she didn’t know it, Kim would actually somehow feel exactly what Mary intended. Eventually, their relationship will explode in the context that makes no sense to either of them. What happens here, is that all the mal-intent gets stored up, and this usually results in a complete collapse of the relationship. What if Mary had just come out and asked for the favor directly? Chances are, Kim would have said yes or no, but the difference is that there would have been zero exchange or chance for negativity. This was my take on things up until my friend innocently shattered my Universe with the simple phrase: “But isn’t the conversation really between you and the Universe, and when you connect with a person, are you not just connecting with a part of the Universe?” So, if you meet someone and you are not being honest in your intent, you are directly communicating those thoughts to the Universe. Therefore, you will actually get the results based on what you are truly intending. As you are speaking to the Universe through your thoughts and intentions, it is the Universe that will respond accordingly, not necessarily the other person. If you take the time to wrap your mind around this simple concept, it has astounding consequences. Imagine if you will, a world where when you meet with someone, you know that he or she is your “brother or sister”. But take it even further, and imagine that when you are speaking and communicating to this person, you are directly communicating with the Universe itself. You will be aware at this point that “thoughts become things” is merely the tip of the iceberg. Consider this until the next time we meet. Remember that it is not the thing that makes us happy or unhappy, it is the thoughts about the things that will make it so.


FENG SHUI The cause and effect of your thoughts and how the practice of Feng Shui will help you slow down to see the reality before you.

Feng Shui has gotten so much in fashion, that I think this “fashionizing” of this word and practice could in the end have an adverse effect. As we all know, fashion is not exactly slow or flowing (in the mass market) as would be necessary for a proper application of Feng Shui. Instead we are living in an age where the whaler ships are being replaced by the modern day equivalent, the fashion-ships. On these massive polluting vessels, the raw materials are brought on board and the clothing is then created on the voyage to the port of call. What does giant factory ships and fashion have to do with Feng Shui you might ask? Everything. You see, in Feng Shui everything is connected in a web of cause and effects. To think otherwise is like going on the highway and feeling that you and your car were not connected to everyone who was on that highway that same day, or for that matter right back to the people who created the highway itself. Do the following exercise and it becomes very clear that if we take little snippets or snapshots, we would have the following picture. If the idea didn’t occur for a highway, you would not be on it. Then, if the builders didn’t build the highway, same thing. Then, if you fast-forward to your particular commute, all the drivers that entered the highway that you are on, are directly connected by cause and effect—one cause creating a chain reaction of effect. The obvious would be a large (unfortunate) accident, but there are more subtle ones. Take for example, someone slowing down, and you by direct effect would be forced to slow down too. This one minute that you slowed down, resulted in a completely different set of things happening to you for the rest of the day, and actually, for the rest of your life. This idea was brilliantly shown in the Brad Pitt movie ‘Benjamin Button’. In the particular scene in question, you are taken back through the tiny causes: a taxi driver is delayed, a woman stops to buy a flower—all seemingly random causes, but if anyone of those things happened differently, then the end accident would not have occurred. In the movie you are left thinking that this is the end of the effects. But is it? The particular car accident results in another series of cause and effect. Just like the phrase goes “and so on, and so on, and so on”. Now as we are talking here about the “fashionizing” of Feng Shui, the point is that with this new cause, what will be the effect? Since all that is mass fashion goes against the very principles of Feng Shui, we could comfortably say with some certainty, that the effects would not be the ones that the practitioner of this fast Feng Shui would desire. Then the question would now be; in a fast world, how do you practice Feng Shui in a way that actually would give the results needed? The answer is really simple actually: you slow down. Take the time that is needed, but slow down. Do the other things fast if you wish, but when you get to the Feng Shui part of your life, take the time to make the time. This simple act of slowing down is actually a Feng Shui practice in and of itself. In the last issue of KA magazine the topic was on the Tiger year and happiness. The fact is, we are essentially happy, but it is our thoughts about certain things that make us unhappy. We discussed how two people in the same situation, say a bus, can both have completely opposite reactions to the exact same reality. One would be completely unhappy, and the other is over the moon. The effect here has nothing to do with the bus, or the bus

ride. It could be that one person feels bad because she doesn’t have a car and in her mind, the status symbol of a car is linked directly to her self worth; a perfect recipe for a miserable bus ride. On the other hand, her bus neighbor is smiling from ear to ear as he not only loves the time that he is on the bus and takes it as a needed break to unplug, read a book, and people watch. He also feels proud to be contributing to the effort of keeping the consumption of gas down by his not driving back and forth to work everyday. Same situation, different thoughts about it. This might be a simple example, but as in Feng Shui, it’s the simple things that will ultimately give the biggest results. Before we can really progress with activating this or that corner and cleaning the closets, the first act would be to start with activating the unused corners of our minds, as well as de-cluttering our thoughts. You see, even if you activate the sector in the home that is for love, this might create the reality of the “perfect” person showing up right in front of your eyes. But if your mind is cluttered, you will be bringing this into the “bus” of your new relationship and chances are, this will not be a happy ride. Take another example, you energize the sector of the house that corresponds to wealth, but here again you did not deal with the clutter in your mind that pushes you to spend on impulse. How would more wealth create lasting happiness? Chances are, the sudden wealth would only help to increase the addiction, like the addict getting more cash to fuel his vice. The first act of Feng Shui then, is to focus on your thoughts about things. Use a journal if necessary, and write down what you are thinking (not everything that would be impossible), but the things that pull you out of your centre. What is it that made you upset, and how important would this event be in a week from now, and then a year form now, and then in five years? Chances are, you will see that most of the things that we get affected by in the now, will not even be relevant a week or so, much less in a year. The next thing to do, is remove yourself from situations and people that are toxic. In some cases the connection is a bit more complex, so in this case when the noise starts, take a walk and remove yourself in this way. Walks have a way of clearing the mind. The fact that it is amazingly healthy is an added bonus. Try not to mix closely with those who lower your ideals, and create materialistic nervousness in you. However at the same time, do you exclude anyone from your love. The last thing, and one that I tend to practice the most, is to always know that you are blessed. It is impossible that your life (even though not having that car, girl, guy, dog, cat, goldfish, or outfit you wanted to buy for the wedding…) is the most miserable on Earth. If all this fails to get you back and you still feel that you are in a dead end job with no reason to focus on the positive, then get on a bus, take it to the nearest hospital, and spend some time in the sick children’s ward. If all this doesn’t change your world and create a good vibe, take a moment to realize that you woke up this morning, allot of people didn’t. This KA Feng Shui is a bit of a cold shower, so if the temperature was too cold, I cannot apologize for this—as it is still your thought about it that makes it either good or bad. ‘Till next time.

HOROSCOPE It’s funny how even though I know about the energies affecting us at this point in time, I too sometimes fell like a “victim” to it’s pull. It’s true, as the horoscope was not going to be written because I did not “feel” like it. However, with the help and persuasion of a positive outside force, I realized that it was not lost energy, and that some of you do read and enjoy this, so here you have it! The thing to note here, is that whatever is happening with the planets is affecting all our collective realities in the same way. So whatever you are going through, just know that you will need to love and support of someone else. Now is not the time to try and do it alone.


Heading in the fall months, Aries, you are feeling a bit ragged from all the stops and starts you experienced this year. But the fall months will prove to be just right to get going again and with Mercury no-longer in retrograde, there is not much out there stopping you from getting things done and just the way you like it too: yesterday. This time around, just pay more attention to the details and small print and you will be just fine.


Unlike Aries’ love of the game, the Taurus loves the rewards of the game. But lately you have been holding up your card and asking to get a break already. It seems that the game has been going on a bit intensely this year, and you are on the worn side, needing a bit of a break and some well needed pampering. Well dear Taurus, this break is on its way, and probably by the time of reading this, you might already be enjoying it.


The Gemini love of talking is legendary, but this is not a negative thing. Turned to a profession, the gift of gab is a plus, such as television announcer, radio personality… you get the picture- but, it is most likely, dear Gemini, that lately your conversation has been happening in the space between your ears. Though this is usually called “thinking” for most of the other signs, for you it has become a bit too much. Do yourself a favour and take one idea and do it, just see where it leads you.


Yes Cancer, you are definitely the home maker of the zodiac. Though this is a good character trait to have in the best of times, in the times that we have all been experiencing, this could lead to unnecessary worry. This fall, allow yourself to take a little break from the needs of others, recharge your own batteries, and see what goodies this extra bit of positive energy will attract..



Libra is the seventh sign of the Zodiac and it is with Libras that we start to see the shift. While the first six signs focus on the individual, the last six are “others focused”. Libras now tend to focus on others and how they relate to them. This is definitely a good character trait to have, but for the last few months of this year, try to give yourself permission to think about yourself first and others second, if only periodically.


Scorpio is one of the few signs that should not be taken lightly in any way, shape, or form. Those born in the sign of Scorpio are completely focused on learning about others, to the point of it becoming a mission of sorts. These people have a sort of radar that will zero-in and get the secret that lies within. There is usually only black and white for scorpios but now, there is room for grey. So for the rest of the year Scorpio, try other colours in your painting of life and see if this will do the trick to free you from yourself.


The need for freedom has been one of the most pressing things on the Sagittarius’ mind of late, and with the advent of fall, there seems to be no letting up. This feeling will be less as we enter the cooler fall months. Try picking up a good book, or for that matter read this magazine at your favourite cafe. There isn’t much more to be done than to just create a positive reality around yourself, which begins with your own state of mind.


If you ever see a Capricorn that isn’t about hard work, then he or she must definitely be in a “mood”, because even while at play, the Capricorn is all about getting things done. Ambitious and determined, it used to be possible to just follow the same formula; work hard and the rewards will come. Sadly, the last few years have not been about physical efforts, but more about what you have in your heart. So dear Capricorn, take the time to work now on the thoughts that are coming from the reality creating factory in your chest.

Ok Leo, it’s time to let the other animals sleep and take a rest before the big push. Have you seen a lion in it’s natural habitat, its practically impossible to miss if you are in the area of one of these proud creatures — but then, when they take the time to rest, you almost feel like it would be possible to have one as a pet. Leo, take a cue from your feline counterpart, and take a bit of a rest now because the time to prowl the jungle again will soon be upon you.




It’s funny how the VIrgo’s rep. for being picky and critical is first thought to be an external thing, when they are actually most critical and picky about themselves. This constant self-reflection originates with their need to serve. This time around Virgo, this need to serve will get its rightful outlet, so stay aware of the signs and for once, take a moment before analyzing the situation to death, take a leap of faith.

Aquarians spend most of their time thinking up ways of making even the mundane better. But where you will see the Aquarius at their best, is when this has to do with philanthropy. With the fall approaching, the key for all Aquarius’ is to draw back, take a break, and just do your best. Ask yourself the question “have I done my best?” if the answer is yes, then give yourself a break. The good news Pisces, is you can put away the foil cap and come out now. Things are finally looking up for you. The key is (and always will be) how you think about things. Use your big creativity and do what comes naturally; dream your ideal situation. Chances are, before you know it, you will be in it. Remember, and this applies for all the other signs who are reading the Pisces part of the horoscope (why do we do this), love turns on all the lights in us and allows us to create our reality... there is only love and non-love, the rest are derivatives of these two.


Beauty is in the deta ils.

The mantra of KA Magazine is “Stay positive”. Positivity can make any situation better no matter what it is. We also feel that positivity is contagious, and the combination of positivity with enthusiasm is unbeatable. Pazazz printing, and the coincidences around us finding this company, continues the now common point in this issue of which all the best companies are linked. It was during a visit to one of the companies featured in KA, that Pazazz’s rep found a copy of KA Magazine in the lobby. He immediately saw the quality of KA, and made a statement that was like music to our ears: “We can make this look even better than it already is”. This is something that we hear allot, but there was something different about Pazazz and their genuine love of printing. Not to mention, they have the “Maybach Landaulet” of offset press machines. You see, KA Magazine loves creating the perfect magazine, and Pazazz loves to print perfection; that is why Pazazz is hands down one of the best printers in Canada and KA Magazine’s choice for the Best of Canada 2010.

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le pouvoir des fleurs 1039 Avenue Mont Royal Est, Montreal, 514. 529.5365

This gem of a flower shop is located in the heart of the rue Mont Royal strip, just minutes walk from the Mont Royal metro station. The front is small and it might be easily passed, but if you do, it is definitely worth looking for until you find it. Once inside you will feel immediately the love that the owner and staff put into every detail of their craft. Zen prides itself on creating unique arrangements a bit outside of the box and even decided to hold off on doing a website as not to be forced to copy themselves. Take a visit for yourself to this oasis of beauty and you will definitely not be disappointed.

“Let yourself be pampered” THE NEW ISHI CHOCOLATE PRODUCTS available exclusively at La Maison ISHI

la maison


ISHI: The Italian well-being Philosophy Derived from Japanese world meaning reliable and ambitious, ISHI is an Italian-based cosmetics company that ranks among the most renowned beauty professionals in the world. For the past 30 years the company has excelled in the field of well-being by remaining passionately communicated to developing innovative products of exquisite quality. Just like the country’s vintage wines, high –quality cosmetics and mouth-watering local dishes. ISHI calls upon its rich heritage of expertise and tradition, dedicating itself to creating beauty lines that reflect the abundance of Italian life. Their products capture the joy of living, becoming the ultimate symbol of beauty, originality, luxury and good taste. Rather then relying upon uninspired mass production techniques, ISHI has dedicated itself to the details, engaging in a passionate quest for refined individuality, creating a unique range of products that is absolutely bursting with distinctive character and personality. With Magda Federik and ISHI Canada, we are definitely pleased to take this Italian philosophy, add a bit of Canadian hospitality to it, and happily make it Best of Canada. A little story: after hearing that we were nominating ISHI Canada as best of Canada, a friend told us this charming story. It seems like most women, she had a certain addiction to chocolate. It was during a visit to one of the spas that distributed these ISHI products that our chocolate addict without control proceeded to pick up a little sample of the product (which looks like a piece of chocolate) on display and proceeded to put said sample into her mouth. You can imagine her shock when the taste was not as she expected, but embarrassed to spit it out as a technician just came in, she had to swallow what she had in her mouth! To this day, she has been cured of her tendency of taking things without first asking, but she went on to say that the chocolate treatment she had that afternoon was the best ever.

2122 CRESCENT MONTREAL 514.989.8615

not your ordinary experience Upon entering the Mansfield Athletic Club (Downtown) in Montreal, you are immediately in a different world. You automatically feel good, energized, and ready for some well deserved “you-time”. The Mansfield has not only the most beautiful workout area which is in a restored theatre, complete with mezzanine which has all the cardio machines (seen in photo). The Club also offers private training, group classes, a health clinic, a bistro (with amazing smoothies), a spa... and so much more. Now the club is also KA Best of Canada 2010.

Montreal — 1230 Mansfeild — 514.390.1230 Brossard — 8000 Bvld. Leduc Complexe Sportif Bell — 450.618.0321 Pointe Claire — 2375 Transcanadienne — 514.426.0321

TOQUE! Toque has an original menu prepared by passionate artists and some of the most experienced artisans, while using perfectly fresh products and ingredients. With a warm and friendly atmosphere, come and savour the dishes of Relais & Chateaux chef Normand Laprise. Toque is a restaurant that has truly won the hearts of KA, and is a great choice as KA Best of Canada 2010.

Toqué! Restaurant — 900 Jean-Paul Riopelle Place, Montreal 514.499.2084 —

BORIS BISTRO For anyone living in Old Montreal, Boris Bistro is as much a standard as the port itself. You will be hard pressed to find a better terrace anywhere (if not only in Montreal, I would venture to say in Canada). Built behind the facade of an original building, the Boris Bistro terrace is definitely something to experience. But when the weather gets on the chill side, the indoor restaurant will definitely not be a hard choice. The food here is amazing, the service is tops, and the owner (and no his name is not Boris) is a true perfectionist. Boris Bistro is definitely Best of Canada 2010.

Boris Bistro — 465 McGill, Montreal — 514.848.9575

EUROPEA There is a trend with the best Chefs that we have the pleasure of interviewing here in KA, and this similarity is their insistence in market fresh produce. Jerome Ferrer is no exception to this, and the perfection that awaits you at the Victorian mansion housing Europea in downtown Montreal, is definitely an experience to remember. This restaurant is a temple of fine French cuisine with a modern touch inspired by the Jerome Ferrer. The chef’s whimsical sense of humor is present in all he creates and there is a playful sophistication in the meals. Try the entree of mushroom ravioli with truffles, then you must try the dessert macarons; little French cookies to “live” for. Europea — 1227 De la Montagne, Montreal — 514.398.9229

TRI EXPRESS In every city there is a myth (and it usually revolves around that most elusive of finds...The perfect sushi) it goes like this: “Last night, I had the best sushi in the city, I finally found it!” To which the listener would respond “Where did you go/” and upon finding out the response, would be something to the effect that he had already tried it and such and such is better. The two would then sit and lament on the impossibility of finding the perfect “master sushi maker” (if such a person actually exists). We at KA Magazine will not only be happy to say that the search is over, but we can also give you the address. Tri Sushi — 1650 Laurier E, Montreal — 514.528.5641

LE CLUSIER Le Clusier is truly a rare find and as all rare finds goes, it is one that leaves you wondering “how come I didn’t know about it before”. Situated in Old Montreal, this men’s boutique gives you a feeling of stepping back in time to a place where things were done right and with care. They carry made to measure suits and shirts, as well as Clusier signature pieces, all the way to shoes and accessories. This store is definitely one that KA magazine recommends that you visit. You will definitely be glad you did.

Clusier Habilleur — 432 McGill, Montreal — 514.842.1717

GROUPE COTE SUD I feel that when you are the best at what you do, others will recognize this, it is inevitable. Alain Forcioli of Groupe Cote Sud was chosen by KA from the very beginning as the Best in Canada, but as fate would have it, he became ill and was not able to participate in this issue to full capacity. It was a statement that he made to Ms. Silvano that stuck with us and made us not only sure of our choice, but as well, sure of our course as KA Magazine (a sort of unexpected sign). Alain made it clear to our marketing director that he didn’t need to advertise, and that was not how he got his business, but he believed in KA and wished nothing more than to be apart of it in some way. Well Alain, KA believes in you, and wish to promote you as Best in Canada 2010. Groupe Cote Sud — 4446 St. Laurent, 10th Floor, Montreal 514.842.2605 —

BOUTIQUE OINK OINK Oink Oink is really an amazing place; it is a kids store that even as an adult you do not wish to leave. The toys are fun and interesting, and you feel like once you buy an item for your child, the time spent with the toy will be positive and entertaining at the same time, not to mention educational. The collection of clothing is fashionable without going too far, and who can resist a pink Barbie mini ghetto blaster! Don’t let size fool you here; Oink Oink in our opinion, is Best in Canada and well worth the drive to Westmount, whether you are from Montreal or just visiting. Oink Oink — 1343 Greene Ave, Westmount — 514.939.2634

SPIEGEL SOHMER In a recent issue of KA Magazine, we did a feature on the best in Montreal — and if you received this issue, you will recall that we interviewed a bright young lawyer by the name of Jean Francois Briere. Well, to be completely transparent, this is the same lawyer that has appeared on the masthead of KA Magazine from its inception, or rather the firm Spiegel Sohmer. The thing that did not come up in the interview, was that this lawyer is also working on the My Jamaican Heaven Foundation charity pro bono. Add to this a rock solid reputation of the firm, and we definitely have a must for KA Best of Canada 2010. Spiegel Sohmer — 5 Place Ville Marie #1203, Montreal 514.875.2100 ­—

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WWW.KAONLINEMAGAZINE.COM BEST RESTAURANTS CANOE – ONTARIO 66 Wellington Street West, Toronto – 416.485.8047 – CENTRO – ONTARIO 2472 Yonge Street, Toronto – 416.483.2211 – L’UNITA – ONTARIO 134 Avenue Road, Toronto – 416.964.8686 – MARBEN RESTAURANT – ONTARIO 488 Wellington Street West, Ste 102, Toronto – 416.979.1990 – JACOB’S & CO – ONTARIO 12 Brant Street, Toronto – 416.506.8800 – AUBERGE DE POMMIER – ONTARIO 4150 Yonge Street, Toronto – 416.222.2220 – NOCE RESTAURANT – ONTARIO 875 Queen Street West, Toronto – 416.504.3463 – EIGENSINN FARM – ONTARIO 449357, 10th Concession, Singhampton – 519.922.3128 OPUS RESTAURANT – ONTARIO 37 Prince Arthur Avenue, Toronto – 416.921.3105 –

MBRGR – QUEBEC 2025 Drummond, Montreal – 514.906.2747 – GREASY SPOON – QUEBEC 160 Laurier West, Montreal – 514.495.7666 BICE – QUEBEC 1504 Sherbrooke West, Montreal – 514.937.6009 – LE LOCAL – QUEBEC 740 William, Montreal – 514.397.7737 – BORIS BISTRO – QUEBEC 465 McGill, Montreal – 514.848.9575 – LE 116 / RESTAURANT GRAZIELLA – QUEBEC 116 McGill, Montreal – 514.876.0116 – LE CARTET – QUEBEC 106 McGill, Montreal – 514.871.8887 FERREIRA CAFE - QUEBEC 1446 Peel Street, Montreal - 514.848.0988 - FID RESTO - NOVA SCOTIA 1569 Dresden Row, Halifax - 902.422.9162 -

COLBORNE LANE – ONTARIO 45 Colborne Street, Toronto – 416.368.9009 –


SPICE ROUTE – ONTARIO 499 King Street West, Toronto – 416.849.1808 –

HOLT RENFREW – ONTARIO 50 Bloor Street West, Toronto – 416.922.2333 –

BOEHMER RESTAURANT – ONTARIO 93 Ossington Avenue, Toronto – 416.531.3800

GOTSTYLE – ONTARIO 489 King Street West, Toronto – 416.260.9696 –

BLOWFISH SUSHI – ONTARIO 668 King Street West, Toronto – 416.860.0606 –

119 CORBO – ONTARIO 119 Yorkville Avenue, Toronto – 416.928.0954 –

THE HARBORD ROOM – ONTARIO 89 Harbord Street, Toronto – 416.962.8989 –

HUGO NICHOLSON – ONTARIO 55 Avenue Road, Toronto – 416.927.7714 –

ALLIUM - ONTARIO 87 Holland Ave, Ottawa - 613.792.1313 -

MARLOWE BOUTIQUE – ONTARIO 38 Avenue Road, Toronto – 1.877.655.5575 –

BONETA RESTAURANT – BRITISH COLUMBIA 1 West Cordova, Vancouver – 604.684.1844 –

HARRY ROSEN – ONTARIO 777 Bloor Street West, ste 1600, Toronto – 416.935.9220 –

FRAICHE RESTAURANT – BRITISH COLUMBIA 2240 Chippendale Rd., West Vancouver – 604.925.7595 –

DAVIDS FOOTWEAR – ONTARIO 1200 Bay Street, ste 600, Toronto – 416.929.9629 –

GOTHAM STEAKHOUSE – BRITISH COLUMBIA 615 Seymour Street, Vancouver – 604.605.8282 –

AVENUE ROAD – ONTARIO 415 Eastern Avenue, Toronto – 416.548.7787 –

JOE FORTES – BRITISH COLUMBIA 777 Thurtlow Street, Vancouver – 604.669.1940 –

BULTHAUP TORONTO – ONTARIO 280 King Street East, Toronto – 416.361.9005 –

COAST RESTAURANT – BRITISH COLUMBIA 1054 Alberni St., Vancouver –604.685.5010 -

KLAUS BY NIENKAMPER – ONTARIO 300 King Street East, Toronto – 416.362.3434 –

BLUE WATER CAFE – BRITISH COLUMBIA 1095 Hamilton Street, Vancouver – 604.688.8078 –

BANG & OLUFSEN YORKVILLE – ONTARIO 175 Avenue Road, Toronto – 416.935.1919 –

CIOPPINO’S MEDITERRANEAN GRILL – BRITISH COLUMBIA 1133 Hamilton Street, Vancouver – 604.688.7566

HUMBERTOWN JEWELLERS – ONTARIO 270 The Kingsway, Etobicoke – 416.234.1600 –

C RESTAURANT – BRITISH COLUMBIA 1600 Howe St., Vancouver – 604.681.1164 –

MARK LASH – ONTARIO 938 Eglinton Avenue West, Toronto – 416.256.5229 –

VIJ’S RESTAURANT – BRITISH COLUMBIA 1480 W 11th Avenue, Vancouver – 604.736.6664 –

MINDHAM – ONTARIO 4 Avenue Road, Toronto – 416.962.6369 –

WEST RESTAURANT – BRITISH COLUMBIA 2881 Granville Street, Vancouver – 604.738.8938 –

RIMOWA - ONTARIO 101 Bloor St. W, Toronto - 416.922.2644 -

LUPO RESTAURANT AND VINOTECA – BRITISH COLUMBIA 869 Hamilton St., Vancouver – 604.569.2535 –

BOBOLI ON SOUTH GRANVILLE – BRITISH COLUMBIA 2776 Granville Street, Vancouver – 604.257.2300

MILOS – QUEBEC 5357 Park Avenue, Quebec – 514.272.3522 –

LEONE FASHIONS – BRITISH COLUMBIA 757 W Hastings Street, Vancouver – 604.683.1133 –

TOQUE – QUEBEC 900 Place Jean-Paul Riopelle, Montreal – 514.499.2084 –

STUDIO 848 – BRITISH COLUMBIA 623 W Hastings Street, Vancouver – 604.685.5264

GLOBE – QUEBEC 3455 St-Laurent blvd., Montreal – 514.284.3823 –

ALANNA MATHIS – BRITISH COLUMBIA 15218 Pacific Avenue, White Rock – 604.531.3101

TRI EXPRESS – QUEBEC 1650 Laurier east, Montreal – 514.528.5641 -

MARC JAMES CLOTHING – BRITISH COLUMBIA 2941 West Broadway, Vancouver – 604.734.2381 –

CHAO PHRAYA – QUEBEC 50 Laurier West Avenue, Montreal – 514.272.5339 –

ROCHE BOBOIS – BRITISH COLUMBIA 716 W Hastings Street, Vancouver – 604.633.5005 –

QUEUE DE CHEVAL – QUEBEC 1221 Rene Levesque West, Montreal – 514.390.0090 –

B & B ITALIA - BRITISH COLUMBIA 97 Water Street, Vancouver – 604.682.3868

DAVINCI — QUEBEC 1180 Bishop, Montreal - 514.874.2001 -

MCL MOTOR CARS – BRITISH COLUMBIA 1820 Burrard Street, Vancouver – 604.736.7911 –

LA PINSONNIERE – QUEBEC 124 St-Raphael, La Malbaie – 418.665.4431 –

ESSENCE DU PAPIER – QUEBEC 1 Place Ville-Marie, Montreal –514.874.9915 -

LE CLUB CHASSE ET PECHE – QUEBEC 423 St-Claude, Montreal – 514.861.1112 –

LATITUDE NORD – QUEBEC 4410 St-Laurent boul., Montreal – 514.287.9038 –

EUROPEA – QUEBEC 1227 de la Montagne, Montreal – 514.398.9229 –

JARDIN DE VILLE – QUEBEC 8128 Decarie, Montreal – 514.342.8128 –

IL CORTILE – QUEBEC 1442 Sherbrooke west, Montreal – 514.843.8230

MAISON CORBEIL – QUEBEC 2323 Autoroute des Laurentides, Laval – 450.682.3022 –

DA EMMA – QUEBEC 777 de la Commune West, Montreal – 514.392.1568 –

ROCHE BOBOIS PARIS – QUEBEC 505 Avenue du President-Kennedy, Montreal – 514.350.9070 –

MEUBLES RE-NO – QUEBEC 2673 Charlemagne, Montreal – 514.255.3311 – MONTAUK SOFA – QUEBEC 4404 St-Laurent boul., Montreal – 514.845.8285 – HASTENS – QUEBEC 4255 St-Laurent boul., Montreal – 514.788.8997 – EKLIPSE LIGHTING — QUEBEC 2090 Moreau, Montreal - 514.590.0099 - OINK OINK – QUEBEC 1343, Greene Avenue, Westmount – 514.939.2634 – KEBECSON – QUEBEC 6555 St-Denis, Montreal – 514.270.7900 – COUP DE FOUDRE – QUEBEC 1110 de Bleury, Montreal – 514.788.5066 – CHATEAU D’IVOIRE – QUEBEC 2020 de la Montagne, Montreal – 514.845.4651 – HENRY BIRKS – QUEBEC 1240 Phillips Square, Montreal – 514.397.2511 – L’UOMO MONTREAL – QUEBEC 1452 Peel, Montreal – 514.844.1008 – URSULA B. – QUEBEC 1455 Peel, Montreal – 514.282.0294 – OGILVY – QUEBEC 1307 Ste-Catherine west, Montreal – 514.842.7711 – CLUSIER HABILLEUR – QUEBEC 432 McGill, Montreal – 514.842.1717 – M0851 - QUEBEC 3526 St. Laurent, Montreal - 514.849.9759 - RUDSAK – QUEBEC 1400 St. Catherines W., Montreal – 514.399.9925 – LAURO & CO – QUEBEC 6750 St-Laurent boul., Montreal – 514.439.4751 FLORE – QUEBEC 5008 Sherbrooke West, Westmount – 514.488.3555 – HARRY TOULCH – QUEBEC 4021 St-Laurent boul., Montreal – 514.849.1433 – VASCO CIGARS – QUEBEC 1327 Ste-Catherine west, Montreal – 514.284.0475 – LE BALDAQUIN – QUEBEC 63 de la Commune West, Montreal – 514.288.6366 – LES TOUILLEURS – QUEBEC 152 Laurier West, Montreal – 514.278.0008 – NAUTIQUE INTERNATIONAL – QUEBEC 550 de la Commune East, Montreal – 514.841.0100 – ROSENSTEIN PARIS - QUEBEC 2148 De la Montagne, Montreal - 514.287.7682 -

BEST HOTELS THE THOMPSON – ONTARIO 550 Wellington Street West, Toronto – 416.640.7778 – DRAKE HOTEL – ONTARIO 1150 Queen Street West, Toronto – 416.531.5042 – THE WINDSOR ARMS – ONTARIO 18 St-Thomas Streett, Toronto – 1.877.999.2767 – THE HAZELTON HOTEL – ONTARIO 118 Yorkville Avenue, Toronto – 1.866.473.6301 – THE IVY AT VERITY - ONTARIO 111d Queen Street, Toronto - 416.368.6006 - SHANGRI-LA – BRITISH COLUMBIA 1128 Georgia Street West, Vancouver – 604.689.1120 – FAIRMONT PAN PACIFIC – BRITISH COLUMBIA 999 Canada Place, #300, Vancouver – 604.662.8111 – FAIRMONT PACIFIC RIM – BRITISH COLUMBIA 1038 Canada Place, Vancouver – 604.695.5300 – OPUS – BRISITH COLUMBIA 322 Davie Street, Vancouver – 604.642.6787 – FOUR SEASONS RESORT WHISTLER — BRITISH COLUMBIA 4591 Blackcomb Way, Whistler – 604.935.3400 – SOFITEL – QUEBEC 1155 Sherbrooke West, Montreal – 514.285.9000 – LE GERMAIN – QUEBEC 2050 Mansfield, Montreal – 514.849.2050 – AUBERGE SAINT-ANTOINE – QUEBEC 8, rue St-Antoine, Quebec – 418.266.3503 – HOTEL LE CRYSTAL – QUEBEC 1100 de la Montagne, Montreal – 514.861.5550 - HOTEL LE ST-JAMES – QUEBEC 355 St-Jacques, Montreal – 514.841.3111 – HOTEL GAULT – QUEBEC 449 Ste-Helene, Montreal – 514.904.1616 – HOTEL LE QUINTESSENCE – QUEBEC 3004 Chemin de la Chapelle, Mt-Tremblant – 819.425.3400 – HOTEL ST-PAUL – QUEBEC 355 McGill, Montreal – 514.380.2222 – W HOTEL – QUEBEC 901 Square Victoria, Montreal – 514.395.3100 – AUBERGE ST. ANTOINE — QUEBEC 10 Rue St. Antoine, Quebec – 418.692.2211 – DELTA BONSEJOUR – NEW BRUNSWICK 750 Main Street, Moncton – 506.854.4344 – L’HOTEL St. JAMES – NEW BRUNSWICK 14 Church Street, Moncton – 506.383.7505 – LE GERMAIN – ALBERTA 899 Centre Street, Calgary – 403.264.8990 –

HEALTH AND BEAUTY GEE BEAUTY – ONTARIO 2 Roxborough Street West, Rosedale – 416.486.0080 – DLK ON AVENUE – ONTARIO 108 Avenue Road., Toronto – 416.440.2597 – ELMWOOD SPA – ONTARIO 18 Elm Street, Toronto – 416.977.6751 – HAMMAM SPA – ONTARIO 602 King Street West, Toronto – 416.366.4772 – WHITE OAKS – ONTARIO 253 Taylor Road, Niagara-on-the-Lake – 1.800.263.5766 – 100 FOUNTAIN SPA – ONTARIO 48 John Street, Niagara-on-the-Lake – 9005.468.2123 –

BEST WINERIES MILAN WINERIES – ONTARIO 6811 Steeles Avenue West, Toronto – 1.800.218.7052 – ROYAL DEMARIA – ONTARIO 4551 Cherry Ave, Beamsville – 905.562.1380 – VINTAGE 1 – ONTARIO 4896 Dundas Street West, Toronto – 416.231.6994 – STRATUS VINEYARDS – ONTARIO 2059 Niagara Stone Road, Niagara-on-the-Lake – 905.468.1806 – DOMAINE PINNACLE – QUEBEC 150 Richford Road, Frelighsburg – 450.263.5835 –

ROSEWATER SPA – ONTARIO 156 Church Street, Oakville – 905.338.7724 –


STE-ANNE’S SPA – ONTARIO 1009 Massey Road, Grafton – 905.349.2493 –

PORTER AIRLINES – ONTARIO Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport, Toronto – 416.203.8100 –

THE TORONTO ATHLETIC CLUB – ONTARIO 79 Wellington Street West, 36th Floor, Toronto – 416.865.0900 –

MAC COSMETICS – ONTARIO 201 Bentley Street, Makham – 905.470.7799 –

BALANCE FIT – ONTARIO 52 St-Clair Avenue East, Toronto – 416.225.2623 –

ROGERS COMMUNICATIONS – ONTARIO 333 Bloor Street East, Toronto – 416.935.7777 –

CHI SPA AT SHANGRI-LA – BRITISH COLUMBIA 1128 West Georgia Street, Vancouver – 604.695.2447 –

HOLT RENFREW – ONTARIO 457 Adelaide St. West, Toronto – 416.746.6770 –


RESEARCH IN MOTION – ONTARIO 295 Philip Street, Waterloo – 519.888.7465 –

ROCK WATER SECRET COVE RESORT - BRITISH COLUMBIA 5356 Ole’s Cove Road, Halfmoon Bay – 1.877.296.4593 -

AIR CANADA – QUEBEC 7373 Cote-Vertu Blvd. West, Saint-Laurent – 514.422.6644 –

LA MAISON ISHI – QUEBEC 2170 Crescent, Montreal – 514.989.8615

LISE WATIER – QUEBEC 5600 Chemin Cote de Liesse, Montreal – 514.735.2309 –

SPA SCANDINAVE LES BAINS – QUEBEC 71 de la Commune West, Montreal – 514.288.2009 –

STARLINK AVIATION – QUEBEC 9025 Ryan Avenue, Montreal – 514.631.7500 –

VICTORIA PARK – QUEBEC 376 Victoria Avenue, ste 425, Westmount – 514.488.0163 –

BOMBARDIER – QUEBEC 800 Rene-Levesque Blvd. Weat, Montreal – 514.861.9481 –

SPA BALNEA – QUEBEC 319 Chemin du Lac Gale, Bromont – 450.534.0604 –

LM SAUVE — QUEBEC 451 St. Catherines W. #301 - Montreal - 514.842.7411 -

LAILAMA — QUEBEC 204 Notre Dame O #100, Montreal - 514.288.9508 -

DELOITTE & TOUCHE – QUEBEC 1 Place Ville Marie, Montreal – 514.393.7115 –

FEMME COIFFURE — QUEBEC 4185 St. Catherines W. - 514.934.2525 -

SPIEGEL SOHMER – QUEBEC 5 Place Ville Marie, Montreal – 514.875.2100 –

MANSFIELD CLUB ATHLETIQUE – QUEBEC 1230 Mansfield, Montreal – 514.390.1230 –

GXB LEADERSHIP – QUEBEC 1 Place Ville Marie, Montreal – 514.875.9339 –

MAA – QUEBEC 2070 Peel, Montreal – 514.845.2233 –

GLACE WATER – ICEBERG CANADA CORP. – QUEBEC 5335 J. Armand Bombardier, Saint-Hubert – 450.443.4963 –

MIDTOWN LE SPORTING CLUB SANCTUAIRE – QUEBEC 6105 Du Boise Avenue, Montreal – 514.737.0000 -

HOMBURG INVESTMENTS – NOVA SCOTIA 1741 Brunswick, Halifax – 902.468.3395 –


The new men’s fragrance by CREED CREED is the world’s only privately held luxury fragrance dynasty. Founded in 1760 and passed from father to son since then, CREED has served more than 10 royal houses and the discerning public for 250 years. Indeed, CREED is one of the 100 oldest family businesses in the world. Based in Paris, CREED today is led by the legendary Olivier CREED, sixth generation master perfumer and company chief. Working alongside is his son, Erwin, 29, rising seventh generation and future head of the House. A house of tradition, CREED adheres to unrelenting high standards in fragrance creation and client service. CREED uses methods of hand production, including maceration and filtration, instituted at the company’s founding. CREED is the industry’s strongest proponent of natural ingredients in fragrance. For these reasons and many more, KA Magazine has chosen CREED as it’s Best of Canada 2010 fragrance. Not because it is from or made in this beautiful country - but because it is one of the many incredible luxury products that are available accross Canada. You will be able to find the CREED fragrances in any Holt Renfrew location in the country, or Ogilvy Montreal. Other world retailers include Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, the CREED boutique at 794 Madison Avenue, Printemps in Paris, Bonmarche in Paris, Lane Crawford in Hong Kong and the CREED boutique in Dubai.


KA MAGAZINE - Best of Canada 2010  

KA MAGAZINE 1 year Anniversary Issue - Special Edition "Best of Canada 2010"

KA MAGAZINE - Best of Canada 2010  

KA MAGAZINE 1 year Anniversary Issue - Special Edition "Best of Canada 2010"