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Issue 1,  Dec.  11th  2012    


Looking through  the  Eye:  a  glimpse   into  a  real-­‐life  design  journal.  


A Deeper  Meaning  –  the  true   definition  of  design  and  how  it   really  works.  


Content:   Essential  design  skills  –  how  to   become  the  greatest  editorial     designer  you  know.  


A Note  from  the  Editor  



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Looking through  the  Eye:  A  glimpse  into  a  real-­‐life  design  journal   Eye magazine, a worldrenowned graphic design journal that focuses on graphic design and visual culture, exemplifies the different role design plays in magazines. First published in 1990 by its founder, Rick Poyner, the magazine soon became a reading must-have for students, professional designers and anyone else interested in graphic design and visual culture. Recently, the magazine went under an upgrade and was completely re-designed. Here, art director and contributor, Nick Bell, gives us a glimpse into what it’s like to completely redesign a magazine and the huge role design played in doing so.

try to compete with the content it is presenting. Having said that, the magazine itself as an object is part of its subject so therefore should be worthy as an example of what it preaches – if it is not, perhaps the magazine loses some credibility. It’s a fine balance.

D&C: Eye is a magazine about design. How difficult is it designing in that context?

Nick: It’s simpler, and doesn’t attempt to draw attention to itself. We have a 12-column grid on which both text and images can be hung in a rich variety of ways. It’s a very flexible structure.

Nick: When designing a magazine about design, the layout must not


“It’s a very flexible structure. The design of Eye can’t be full of rules, it has to be open to anything happening.”

D&C: What was the philosophy behind the recent redesign of Eye? Nick: I wanted to increase the presence of Eye’s voice in proceedings and lessen the degree to which each layout responded specifically to its content, to lessen the degree to which I was interpreting ideas and styles in each article.


D&C: Describe the redesign.

Nick Bell Art Director

Eye Magazine

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Design is a term that is used to encompass a broad range of meanings. There are also many different definitions of the word design, some of these definitions being specific while others are very broad. Design is what makes your kitchen table aesthetic pleasing. It’s what makes your car go faster. It made Oscar de la Renta’s name.

Interpretation According to Design Council, “design could be viewed as an activity that translates an idea into a blueprint for something useful, whether it’s a car, a building, a graphic, a service or a process.” Overall, the main part is how the idea is translated, and how the activity “translates an idea into a blueprint for something useful, whether it’s a car, a building, a graphic, a service or a process.” Many misconceptions about the term design have recently come to the attention of many. People “often need reminding that everything around us is designed and that design decisions impact on nearly every part of our lives, be it the environments we work in, the way we book holidays, or the way we go about getting the lid off the jam jar,” says Design Council.

“Aesthetics are important, but only a part of a bigger picture.” - Design Council referring to the role that design plays.

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The user and design Design must always begin with what the user needs. No design is any good if it does not fulfill the user’s needs. First, designers have to find out what the customer wants exactly. Then, the designer must build on these wants and needs, all while maintain a mindset that includes “creativity and commercial insight.” In order to make sure that the design will be successful, different methods are used by each designer – user testing, market research, prototyping and trend analysis are all combined together to decrease any risk of failure.

Uniqueness The design of something does not have to be new or different in order to be successful in the product world – it just need to fulfill a need. Sometimes, ideas that may seem weird are the ones that a worth exploring more. Observing users and clients in real-life situation gives designer a better idea into their behavior, leading to ideas that wouldn’t have been formed otherwise. Overall, design encompasses many different aspects that do not immediately come to mind when first thought about. The term “design” can be used in many different situations. Mainly, design is not simply how nice something looks; it’s part of a larger image that most people seem to forget.



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Essential Design Skills A quick guide on how to become the greatest editorial designer you know In order to be successful, designers are now having to become familiarized with a wide range of “practical, technical and mental design skills and knowledge” when it comes to creating effective and popular layouts. Editorial designer Jeremy Leslie gives you a guide on his must-have editorial designer attributes: §



An interest in the content he or she is working with and the ability to make it look interesting. Good typographic skills

§ § § §

Sincerely,     Kalie Marsch Editor-in-Chief Design & Conquer Magazine  

A strong sense of what’s what in illustration and photography. An understanding of market context, competitors, etc. Being able to spot a good idea regardless of whose it is(and give credit for it). The ability to chose the right battle. Bloody-minded self-belief!

There you have it. Now go become the greatest editorial designer you can be!

Hello, designers! My team at Design & Conquer wanted to bring to you all a special issue that focused mainly on one topic and one topic only: design. Design is a huge part of working in the fashion industry as well as many other careers. While many people think they know exactly what design is, the term is most often misunderstood; people also forget that design has a greater definition than just how aesthetic pleasing something is. In that case, we decided to give to you an allinclusive issue that gives you all you need to know on design. Hope you all enjoy! Don’t forget; always open your minds to inspiration. See you all next time!

Kalie A. Marsch




Design & Conquer  

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