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Issue 1,  Dec.  11th  2012  

A Sneak  Peek  Into  Publishing  Issues  

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Print Issues  Declining  

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Digital Readers  vs.  Physical  Readers  

-­‐ How  are  readers,  those  whom  originally  subscribed  physically  and  are  now  digital  readers,  affecting   media  outlets?  (Statistics,  specific  examples,  etc.)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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Looking through  the  Eye:  A  glimpse  into  a  real-­‐life  design  journal   Eye magazine, a worldrenowned graphic design journal that focuses on graphic design and visual culture, exemplifies the different role design plays in magazines. First published in 1990 by its founder, Rick Poyner, the magazine soon became a reading must-have for students, professional designers and anyone else interested in graphic design and visual culture. Recently, the magazine went under an upgrade and was completely re-designed. Here, art director and contributor, Nick Bell, gives us a glimpse into what it’s like to completely redesign a magazine and the huge role design played in doing so.

try to compete with the content it is presenting. Having said that, the magazine itself as an object is part of its subject so therefore should be worthy as an example of what it preaches – if it is not, perhaps the magazine loses some credibility. It’s a fine balance.

D&C: Eye is a magazine about design. How difficult is it designing in that context?

Nick: It’s simpler, and doesn’t attempt to draw attention to itself. We have a 12-column grid on which both text and images can be hung in a rich variety of ways. It’s a very flexible structure.

Nick: When designing a magazine about design, the layout must not


“It’s a very flexible structure. The design of Eye can’t be full of rules, it has to be open to anything happening.”

D&C: What was the philosophy behind the recent redesign of Eye? Nick: I wanted to increase the presence of Eye’s voice in proceedings and lessen the degree to which each layout responded specifically to its content, to lessen the degree to which I was interpreting ideas and styles in each article.


D&C: Describe the redesign.

Nick Bell Art Director

Eye Magazine

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“itʼs a very flexible structure. The design of Eye canʼt be full of rules, it has to be open to anything happening.”  

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