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WELCOME ROTP is a brand-new research study designed to understand the future behaviours and attitudes of pub customers when lockdown measures are eased. Defining the ‘new normal’ for pub experiences in the UK. This exclusive research has been conducted by KAM Media, in association with the BII and with support from Toggle, Punch Pubs, Greene King, Admiral Taverns, Fuller's, Hawthorn, Star pubs and bars and Frederic Robinson. Our collective aim is to provide valuable information and insight to help operators and brands prepare for the ‘new normal’ as the UK exits lockdown.

The research is based upon 1,113 interviews with UK adults (+18) who visited pubs at least once every 6 weeks, prior to lockdown. Nationally representative of the UK. Research conducted in May 2020.

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Contents Introduction and foreword 1. The impact of Covid-19 on future footfall to pubs 2. The importance of the Great British pub 3. Customer views safety / protective measures in pubs 4. Impact of Covid-19 on pub-going occasions 5. How to drive customer loyalty through vouchering 6. Customer view on pub pricing in the immediate future 7. The new role for delivery 8. The future digital solutions 9. Top takeaways Summary statement

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Customer views on safety/protective measures

How safe will pub-goers feel when they initially return to pubs after lockdown has lifted? 49% of pub customers will feel at least 'somewhat' safe when they return to pubs. 33% will feel 'a little' safe and 18% will feel 'not at all' safe 18-34 14%


35-54 16%




10% 33%

28% 35%




With all the media talk of Corona virus being most dangerous for the elderly, it's no surprise that the older generation are going to feel less safe overall when it comes to returning to the pub after lockdown. There's no real significant difference by gender or region, which suggest that age is the driving factor for safety fears. The research shows a real spread in confidence, which suggests that pub-goers are currently divided in terms of how safe they believe pub will be when they re-open. Q. How safe will you feel initially when going back to pubs after the lockdown has lifted, if all the protection measures have been implemented?

Source: KAM Media ’Return of the Pub’ Report, June 2020

How do these protective measures rank in importance for pub goers ‘post-lockdown’? Regular service cleaning (tables, chairs, bar, etc.)


Hand sanitiser stations in the main pub area / entrance & exits



Max number of people in the pub



Communication regarding safety measures in and outside of the pub


Less seating and tables (spaced appropriately apart)


Seating space in outdoor areas


Contactless ordering and payment


Flow systems for moving around the pub


Protective screen on the bar between staff and customers


Protective masks and gloves for staff


5% 6%













39% 38%

16% 19%

A member of staff supervising the door/toilets




Communication regarding safety measures online




Contactless payment only




Single-use menus




Booking time slots to be in the pub for in advance


Protective screens between tables


Must have Q. For each of these Covid-19 prevention measures, do you believe they are a MUST HAVE / NICE TO HAVE / NOT NECESSARY in pubs when they re-open?

Nice to have

44% 41%

26% 31%

Not necessary

Source: KAM Media ’Return of the Pub’ Report, June 2020

Which protective measures will have the most negative impact on the pub going experience? Max number of people in the pub Protective masks and gloves for staff Booking time slots to be in the pub for in advance Flow systems for moving around the pub Protective screens between tables Protective screen on the bar between staff and customers Less seating and tables (spaced appropriately apart) A member of staff supervising the door/toilets Contactless payment only Contactless ordering and payment Single-use menus Communication regarding safety measures in and outside of the pub Communication regarding safety measures online Hand sanitiser stations in the main pub area / entrance & exits Regular service cleaning (tables, chairs, bar, etc.)

32% 27% 24% 22% 22% 22% 15% 15% 14% 13% 11% 11% 9% 9% 8%

Paradoxically the action that will make them feel the safest, will also take the most away from the overall pub-going experience. With 2 in 3 pub goers saying that limiting the number of customers in a pub would be a ‘must have’ safety precaution measure, yet 1 in 3 of them also claiming that this would be the one measure that will have the most negative impact on their experience. It will be a real challenge for pubs to find a balance for customers to ensure they retain the experience and atmosphere that makes pubs what they are, whilst ensuring they also feel safe. Outdoor space will certainly become a highly valuable commodity and should be maximised. Pubs with outside space should be looking at what they can do to 'weather-proof' it. Those without any should be looking to see if they can extend their footprint- is there car park space that can be sacrificed for example? Q. For the same list of potential Covid-19 prevention measures which, if any, will have a negative impact on your pub going experience? (select all that apply)

Source: KAM Media ’Return of the Pub’ Report, June 2020

We're going to have to keep evolving, and quickly, in order to remain relevant


We of course want to reopen and want to reopen safely. However, the implications of a 2-metre distancing measure in pubs is going to be quite scary. For example we typically have two-people deep crowds at our bar, after a long day of work in the city, and as a main contact area it will need to be regularly cleaned. It’s fundamentally going to impact one of the main experiences for customers when they enter a pub.

Anthony Pender Co Founder Yummy Pubs Watch the full interview with Anthony here

From door handles, toilets, non-wipeable materials on chairs to members of staff on each floor controlling numbers. All these factors have to be taken into account in order to ensure we are following the correct measures. Our capacity on our main floor is 110, but we would have to drop down to 55 and we will have to move to table service and won’t be able to allow vertical drinking as we just can't guarantee the safety of our guests if we do allow it.


Katy Moses M D ,



"The great British pub is the community hub for people all over the country. It’s a lifeline for the lonely and the elderly. It consistently tops polls for being one of the places that tourists look to visit when they come to the UK. Pubs raise over £100m for charitable causes (and £42m for grass roots sports!) every single year. KAM research has shown that 94% of British adults think that a visit to the pub with friends is good for your mental health. 800,000 people are employed directly by the pub industry. The fact that pubs have been closed for the last 10 weeks has had a catastrophic effect on so many people who rely, in one way or another, on their local. This report aims to help pubs reopen with the insight that they need to ensure customer and employee safety- and to give every licensee the best shot at ensuring their business not only survives but thrives in the new normal. In this extraordinary situation that we all find ourselves in, it’s more important than ever that we are basing strategic business decisions on fact, on insight; the pub customer of a few months ago has changed- and we need to understand howand how that behaviour will evolve as the pub industry comes back to life. We’re proud to have created this report with support from The BII, Toggle and the participating pub companies."

The BII is the leading independent licensee support organisation for individuals working in hospitality, with over 8,000 individual members. With licensee members running premises across the UK predominantly tenanted, leased, managed and freehold pubs, the organisation will celebrate its 40th Anniversary in 2021. With its integral helplines, online business support, guidance on key industry issues, networking opportunities and savings on a range of supply deals for its members, the BII exists to offer trusted support for people at the heart of great pubs.

www.bii.org Twitter & Facebook: @biiandbiiab Instagram: @britishinstituteofinnkeeping 01276 684449 or membership@bii.org

Contact Dan Brookman dan.brookman@airship.co.uk 07966796581 Or go to usetoggle.com and sign-up for free.

Toggle is a quick set up platform that drives pre-sold revenue through gift cards, experiences, retail products and Pay it Forwards. It has built in tools to drive new revenue and customer data growth through sales promotions, and integrates with Zonal, Access and several other EPOS platforms. Toggle took the decision to open up their platform for free to help the hospitality industry generate income during the COVID crisis. Toggle is a sister platform to Airship who have over 15 years experience in the hospitality sector.

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