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POST-HUMANISM SPRING/SUMMER 2015 Humanity is shifting its ‘human colours’, ultimately varying it’s pigmentations, resulting in new technology’s to adapt to new skin tones. Super intelligent products perfecting skills for a cleaner application. Tools that enhance features in order to visually illustrate Super Wellbeing through flawless complexions, and complementing colours. Creamy, velvet, rich texures with super longevity, securing woman’s confidence.

Super-Wellbeing Altering Humanity’s DNA, sensing fulfilment and content. Designing the human biology through genetic alteration to achieve perfection. Indicate a sense of wellbeing in 2015 with golden flawless skin, pink eyes and a creamy nude lip.

Super-Longevity Curing the disease of ageing, through rejuvenation therapies, fashioning wise immortal beings. Show wisdom and authority with creamy black eye shadow, thick eyeliner and sculpted cheekbones.

Super-Intelligence Integrating humankind with technology in order to enhance brain capacity Evidently reconstructing a stronger, intellectual race. Look powerful with a bold red lip this season. Highlight, godlike features with Multi tonal blue’s, to imply wisdom, and intelligence for spring/ summer 2015. Compliment with golden undertones.

‘Perfecting the Design of Humanity’



‘The Mask of Youth’ -Queen Elizabeth I


‘Human Enhancement’

Hot Lips, L403

Navy Blue, Creamy Eyes, E113

Light Blue, Creamy Eyes, E118

Deep Black, Creamy Eyes, E103

Creamy White, Creamy Eyes, L109

Deep Fuchsia, Creamy Lips, L104

Milky Lips, Soft Peach L208. £23.00

Nude Lips ‘Its all about bold eye’s with natural lip’s. drawing out a glowing tan and healthy skin this summer...’

ELLIS FAAS TIP FOR LIPS For longer lasting, fuller, healthier looking lips ,use a tooth brush to remove the dead skin before applying your desired shade of lipstick. By brushing gently in a circular motion.

Hot Lips, L404, Bright Fuchsia. for a striking eye this season. Hot Lips, £23,00 each.

SPING/ SUMMER Colour Palet This season is all about colours that signal for attention. Lively shades including an assortment of pinks, from vibrant to cool pastels.

Hot Lips

L401, Bright Red

L402, Bright Orange

L403, Bright Fuschia

L404, Fluo Pink

L405, Bright Coral

L406, Rose Violet

l407, Deep Pink

L408, Baby Pink

L409, Pink Nude

Match Your Eye Colour to the Right Eyeshadow Supernatrual, Sexy Eyes Compliment the colour of your eyes. To make your eyes stand out, apply shades from the opposite side of the colour wheel. See the colour wheel on the opposite page for guidance. Green eyes: red’s, purple’s, pinks and browns. Blue eyes: brown’s, and pink’s. Brown eyes:Apply blues, greens and pinks to make the eyes pop.

ELLIS FAAS Creamy Eyes

THE CAMPAIGN Body art is the earliest form of ritual in humanity. Dating over a 1000 years, the evolution of make-up has come a long way. Ellis Faas are introducing new technologies into makeup for a better coverage, and skilful application. Making it easier to store, access and apply. ‘Velvet textures, rich pigments, for a slick finish.’

Products that support artistic talent, increasing innovation, whilst enhancing inspirational beauty. Changing the shape of the face, lips, and eyes in order to experiment with imminent idealistic forms of beauty and humanity. ‘Supreme Being Super Model.’ Subcribe for ‘ELLIS FAAS NEWS LETTER’

Intensifying woman’s beauty on and off the catwalk, so everyone can look like a /contact/newsletter/ supreme being.


ELLIS FAAS clips Ellis has designed a constructive tool that helps Make-up Artist’s store their Ellis pens. Making equipment easily accessible and organised on the job. It is a Super Intelligent design with a purpose. You can wear this as a belt or fold it. Just take out the pen that you need without disconnecting the clips.


This device works with any amount of clips, even starting with just two. An affordable way to store your makeup pens at a price of £2,00 that you can add to every time you update your kit.

‘The future essential accessory for the professional make-up artist.’

Buy at



Sumpreme Flawless Complexion Creamy, luxurious textures.

ELLIS FAAS Compact Powder SHADE: Dark S403 £17,00

ELLIS FAAS Compact Powder SHADE: Meduim S402 £17,00 ELLIS FAAS Concealer: LIGHT/ FAIR S201 FAIR S202 FAIR/ MEDIUM S203 MEDIUM S204 MEDIUM/ TAN S205 TAN S206 MEDIUM/ DARK S207 DARK S208

‘Always use a concealer that is one shade lighter then your skin tone , in order to cover blemishes’

-M��� �� ��is� K����e�� Cr��

ELLIS FAAS Compact Powder SHADE: Fair S401 £17,00

ELLIS FAAS Foundation Pen shades include: LIGHT / FAIR S101 FAIR S102 FAIR/ MEDIUM S103 MEDIUM S104 MEDIUM/ TAN S105 TAN S106 MEDIUM/ DARK S107 DARK S108 £35,00 each

M���-U� A�is� K����e�� Cr��



Step by step how to achieve this look...

Ellis eyes lights, green gold, E302, £26.00

1. Prepare the face as usual. Correct blemishes with the ELLIS FAAS Concealer. 2. Match the right foundation to your skin tone by applying a small amount of ELLIS FAAS ‘Skin Veil’ to the jaw line. 3. Apply the foundation to the back of your hand (warm’s the product), take a large blending brush and really work the product into the brush. 4. Use the brush in a circular motion, making sure the foundation is really worked into the skin. Don’t forget to apply under the neck, as well as the ears. 5. Use a clear mascara to brush and shape the eyebrows. 6. Contour using ELLIS FAAS blusher, shade soft bronze, (S303, £22, 00). 7. Apply the Ellis Faas ‘eyes light’ onto the eyelids and blend into the brow. 8. Curl and add a small amount of Ellis Faas mascara, (£22, 00) . 9. Apply ‘creamy eyes’ navy blue (E113, £24, 00) to the lips. Apply brush pen right to the lip line in order to achieve a full pout. 10. Set look with ELLIS FAAS Compact Powder.

ELLIS FAAS Foundation Bottle ‘Skin Veil’ £55,00.

‘The application of makeup may change, but the signature fundamental’s of beauty are everlasting.’ - Kalreece Crow




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Ellis Faas, Post-Humanism, Lookbook for Spring/Summer 2015  

2015 Spring/Summer lookbook, for ‘Ellis Faas Cosmetics’. Inspired by the 'Post-Humanism' phenomenon. Following Ellis Faas’s exciting campa...

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