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15 08 2013 Ahmedabad, Gujarat Vol. 1, Issue No. 1, Pages 8

Monthly Edition



n idea floated in the executive meeting and then in the annual general meeting of FITAG " How about launching our own news paper?" A news paper of FITAG? What for and what will be its utility? Which format? Who will do the work? To be outsourced....? Finally, we are coming out with e-edition of FITAG times, which is our own news paper - published, complied and managed by FITAG. So, in all manner it is our own news paper. For the first few months it will remain an electronic publication, which can be viewed only on the computer, but after one or two quarters we intend to publish this as a regular printed newspaper. FITAG has been established as a bridge or a common platform for the IT fraternity across the state. We as a community needed to have our own publication which will carry news about our world, articles throwing light on latest technology and of course it can carry advertisements of various IT products from distributors, vendors and resellers to promote their products. Being our own publication, we have kept the rates of advertisements very low. I urge all to be a part of FITAG times and give it a first priority in compariMr. Kaushik Pandya son to others about their adverEditor tisement spending and let the paper be of 16/32 pages in near future in printed format. Sections like Association Corner & news center will surely be an attraction. All member associations are requested to send their special activity report along with good quality photos to FITAG times, so it can be published in forth coming editions. In the initial stage I have taken up responsibility of the publication, but it would be a great idea to have few more people joining hands with me to do the needful in the context. I would request all to express your views and ideas on FITAG Times on Welcome to the news world of FITAG Times and congratulations to all FITAGIANs for having their own news paper.


President’s Message Dear Fitagians,

en the five basic values of FITAG reetings & Congratulation to including flourish,knowledge,netall fitag members for releasing working,strength and protection. Our this year agenda highlights FITAG times. I wish all the best to newly would be : We will continue to supelected FITAG Committee port the local associations & try to Members to become a successful explore all the association by our leader of "IT fraternity" in Gujarat. specially organize technical & I feel very proud to be a third motivate sessions. Besides the luckiest person of "IT INDUS- award ceremony and the annual TRY", getting chance to serve the cricket tournaments, we will organentire GUJARAT STATE IT frater- ize technical & motivational comnity. It gives me immense pleasure bine sessions for each association. to write to you on the occasion of Vendors would be invited to discuss releasing first E-Magazine FITAG their product roadmap and business Times. Federation of Information clarity. Currently, we are in the Technology Associations of Gujarat process of on-boarding the vendors. FITAG proudly announces first - FITAG is formed as a parent body ever E-Magazine FITAG of all the associations of times for IT Industry of Gujarat in the year 2000, Gujarat on August 15th with its five point objec2013 to achieve the main tive: Flourish, Knowledge, Five point agenda of Networking, Strength and FITAG. "Every association Protection. can publish their activities Achieving its five point objective FITAG has Mr. Gaurang Vyas in an exclusive space alloPresident cated in FITAG times. The organized 1) "FITAG idea is to share ideas, chalConvention & Leadership Awards", focusing on Gujarat's Hardware lenges, Messages and even case and Networking Industry. Entire IT studies with each other." I am sure fraternity doing business in Gujarat that with the launch of FITAG were present at the event. 2) times, we will strengthen our bond"Cricket Tournament", focusing on ing carrying on with our five point unity. 3) "Motivation Activities in agenda - Flourish, Knowledge, Strength and Local Areas", focusing on healthy Networking, business practice & addressing Protection. I assure all FITAGIANs to carry common issue on single platform. 4) Representation to Local, State or on all necessary activities to protect Central authorities for discussing and promote the interest of business community. Once again congratulacommon issues. We would continue to strength- tions on publishing FITAG Times.


FITAG TIMES Sejal : 98240 53863 Dhaval: 98240 66111

Message From Shri S. J. Haider, Secretary Dept of Science and Technology Government of Gujarat s an all-round vibrant State, Gujarat has achieved remarkable milestones in ICT & e-Governance under the dynamic vision of the State Government. Over the years, we have come up with robust IT infrastructure in the form of State Wide Area Network, state-of-the-art State Data Centre, Apno Taluko Vibrant Taluko (ATVT) and eGram Vishwagram just to name a few of them. We are fast moving towards creating Knowledgebased Society leading to Knowledge-based Economy. I firmly believe that Gujarat has immense potential and fervently wish that all the stakeholders from different walks of life would come together to tap this opportunity. Federations like FITAG are doing a commendable work in collaborating with local IT players and voicing their concerns and issues at an appropriate level for expeditious resolution. On this occasion, I wish FITAG and its members all the best for their e-Magazine ‘FITAGTimes’ the e-publication of which would obviate the usage of paper to an extent and, thereby, help in the reduction of carbon footprints. I look forward to reading it. I hope it would cover the latest topics on Information & Communication Technology and e-Governance as also give impetus to IT Mass Literacy in a substantive way. I would also like to take this opportunity to wish all of you ‘Happy Independence Day’ in advance.


Gandhinagar Date : 14th August 2013




15 08 2013



Mr. Gaurang Vyas Compugarage Mo. +91 98240 66777 Member Assocation: ACMA

Main Committee Vice President

General Secretary

General Secretary

Joint Secretary


Joint Treasurer

Mr. Mitesh Dave

Mr. Sejal Patel

Mo. +91 98242 08215

Mr. Ricky Sharma Shangul Enterprises

Mr. Pranav Parikh Desktop Creators

Mr. Dipal Shah Dazzle Computer Media

Mr. Dharmendra Joshi Citizen Telecommunication

Mo. +91 98240 53853

Mo. +91 98252 37301

Mo. +91 98250 31617

Mo. +91 98250 68128

Mo. +91 98253 04213 Member Assocation: MCMA Member Assocation: GITA Member Assocation: CHITA

dazzla_computermedia citizentelecommunication Member Assocation: GCHA Member Assocation: ABITA

Apurva Computers Tech. Pvt. Ltd. Online Infotech Member Assocation: ZITA

IPP Immdiate Past President

Executive Members Executive





Mr. Yogesh Thakker Rhythm Electronics

Mr. Bhanu Soni Jalpari

Mr. Kekin Ganatra Ganatra Infotech

Mr. Bhavesh Dave Shreeji Infotech

Mr. Amit Shah Ab’s Infotel

Mr. Nilesh Bhatt Triotronick Systems

Mo. +91 98240 09359

Mo. +91 99241 23163

Mo. +91 93773 28560

Mo. +91 98240 18648

Mo. +91 92275 27157

Mo. +91 94269 13150 Member Assocation: BITA Member Assocation: PCMA Member Assocation: SCMA Member Assocation: VCMA Member Assocation: BITA

Advisory Committee Advisor Member

Advisor Member

Mr. Kaushik Pandya Kalp Systems

Mr. Narendra Bhetaria Harsh Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Mo. +91 98250 31502 Member Assocation: ACMA

Mo. +91 98240 77386 Member Assocation: ACMA Member Assocation: JITA




15 08 2013


List of Member Associations & Respective office bearers Ahmedabad Computer Merchants Association


Vice President

Gen. Secretary

Kishor Nagecha

Chetan Dalal Mo. 9924207800

Samir Chokshi

Mo. 93773 83838

Gandhidham Information Technology Welfare Association


Phone :- 9924207800 Office :- 079-27491761 Email :- website :-


Joint Secretary

Hiren Shah

Nilesh Thakkar

Mo. 98240 64080

Mo. 98240 13842

Ankleshwar Bharuch Information Technology Association ABITA

Phone :- 94261 12752 Email :- Vice President

Gen. Secretary

M. A. Tadiwala

Sudhir Patel

Arun Champaneria

Mo. 94261 12752

Mo. 94296 73705

Mo. 93763 64447


Vice President

Gen. Secretary


Joint Secretary


Rajesh Mehta

Rajeev Patel

Nitesh Gorasia

Brijesh Patel

Jayendra Sheth

Mo. 98250 46479

Mo. 98250 08001

Mo. 9898666379

Mo. 98240 99805

Mo. 9227108299

Association of Bhuj Computer Dealers Phone :- 9825034580 Email :- President

Vice President

Gen. Secretary

Joint Secretary


Satish Awatramani

Ricky Sharma

Manish Patel

Vikasdutt Sharma Ketan Gohel

Mo. 99251 25702

Mo. 98252 37301

Mo. 90999 45499

Mo. 99243 02777

Mo. 93745 27675

Gandhinagar Computer Hardware Association GCHA

Phone :- 94260 10828 Email :- website :- President

Vice President

Gen. Secretary

Joint Secretary


Chetan N. Shah

Sandip Kotecha

Uren Patel

Tushar Shah

Bhavesh Soni

Mo. 94260 10828

Mo. 98980 12850

Mo. 98242 47007

Mo. 98989 07577

Mo. 99253 84200

Jamnagar Information Technology Association

Baroda Information Technology Association Phone :- 9409280137 Office :- 0265-2354583 Email :- website :-

Vice President


Mo. 98250 31530



Phone :- 99251 25702 Email :-



Phone :- 94269 13150 Email :- President

Vice President

Gen. Secretary

Joint Secretary


Nilesh J. Bhatt

Naimish J. Trivedi

Hitehs D. Kanani

Jayesh K. Patel

Apurva Ghataliya

Mo. 94269 13150

Mo. 94262 59683

Mo. 78741 23001

Mo. 98252 05127

Mo. 99139 06363

Junagadh Information Technology Association JITA

Phone :- 9824478320 Email :- President


Gen. Secretary


Niraj Rachh

Sunil Dave

Rajesh Bhudia

Paresh Rughani

Viral Vithalani

Dilip Maheta

Mo. 9825034580

Mo. 9825230865

Mo. 9898261300

Mo. 9824478320

Mo. 9904093697

Mo. 9825220416

Charotar Information Technologists Association Phone :- 9824441627 Email :- President

Vice President

Gen. Secretary



Mehasana Computer Marchants Association Phone :- 98240 53863 Email :- President

Vice President

Gen. Secretary

Joint Secretary



Vimal Patel

Girish Patel

Dhaval Desai

Pranav Parikh

Sejal Patel

Paresh Patel

Vijay Agrawal

Chetan Prajapati

Mukesh Patel

Mo. 9824441627

Mo. 9898610916

Mo. 9825383841

Mo. 8460652661

Mo. 98240 53863

Mo. 98250 48077

Mo. 97248 04526

Mo. 99988 14039

Mo. 99796 64780




15 08 2013


List of Member Associations & Respective office bearers Morbi Information Technology Association MITA

Phone :- 98980 21906 Email :- President

Vice President


Joint Treasurer

Yagnesh Somaiya

Vinodbhai Detroja

Jitendra Kotadiya

Shirishbhai Trivedi

Mo. 9898021906

Mo. 90990 53503

Mo. 99795 99887

Mo. 96243 46517

Mundra I.T. Welfare Association


Phone :- 9824137976 Email :- President

Gen. Secretary

Vice President


Joint Secretary

Nitesh Senghani

Ajay Chudasama

Haresh Patel

Mitesh Soni

Sandip Velani

Mo. 9879159191

Mo. 9825271661

Mo. 9925633988

Mo. 9825133644

Mo. 9825753731


Nadiad Computer Merchant Association

Rajkot Computer Traders Association RCTA

Phone :- 98256 09050 Email :- web:- President

Vice President

Gen. Secretary

Joint Secretary

Samir Desai

Praful Desai

Amit Kotak

Paresh Ajmera

Rajiv Upadhyay

Mo. 98256 09050

Mo. 9909953131

Mo. 9879500406

Mo. 98245 12020

Mo. 9879528222

South Gujarat Information Technology Association SITA

Phone :- 9824508651 Email :- web :- President

Vice President

Gen. Secretary

Joint Secretary

Amit Inamdar

Manish Gandhi

Sunil Desai

Amit Desai

Mo. 9824508651

Mo. 9428628995

Mo. 9825250369

Mo. 9374706801

Mo. 9825982206

Surendranagar Computer Merchant Association SCMA

Phone :- 9824227560 Email :-

Phone :- 98252-68849 Email :- Vice President

Joint Secretary

Nilessh Desai




Gen. Secretary



Gen. Secretary


Dipen Bhatt

Harshad V patel

Pravin Prajapati

Munesh Makani

Mo. 98252-68849

Kekin Ganatra

Hardik Shah

Chetan Shah

Mo. 96872 66555

Mo. 98254-75411

Mo. 98245-07270

Mo. 9824227560

Mo. 9173941010

Mo. 9825369821

Palanpur Information Technology Association PITA

Phone :- 94265 81144 Email :- President

Vice President

Gen. Secretary

Unjha Computer Merchant Association Phone :- 98245 29476 Email :-



Vice President

Ashish Chaudhari

Hidaytulla Parmar Digant Dave

Kaushik Sisodiya

Mo. 94265 81144

Kalpesh Jani

Mehul Patel

Mo. 9898678378

Mo. 9825083701

Mo. 9825415719

Mo. 98245 29476

Mo. 98258 84077

Patan Computer Marchants Association Phone :- 99241 23163 Email :- President

Vice President


Gen. Secretary


Vapi Information Technology Association VITA

Phone :- 9824137976 Email :- President

Vice President

Gen. Secretary

Joint Secretary


Bhanu Soni

Dharmesh Dave

Rushikesh Soni

Sanjeev Rai

Sanjay Bhandari

Dhruv Kalasariya

Rakesh Shah

Manoj Patel

Mo. 99241 23163

Mo. 98243 51447

Mo. 98257 60651

Mo. 9824137976

Mo. 98791 71005

Mo. 9825130431

Mo. 98257 37837

Mo. 98241 00513




15 08 2013


List of Member Associations & Respective office bearers Visnagar Computer Marchants Association Phone :- 9824018648 Email :-


Zalawad Information Technology Association Phone :- 98242 08215 Email :-


Executive Members President

Gen. Secretary

Bhavesh Dave

Dipak Chaudhari

Mo. 9824018648

Mo. 9879088090

Mitesh Dave Ashish Pandya Ravi Dave

Bharat Patadia Mitesh Parmar Jitesh Maheshwari Bimal Shah

Mo. 9824208215 mitesh.dave@

Mo. 9824285281 Mo. 9426491444

Mo. 9825899293 timessystem@

Mo. 9375021545 ravi.compuware@


Mo. 9879425953 gayatrielectronics@ pc_junction@

Mo. 9426437100 nidhi108@


Who could be punished for software piracy

An Introduction

a. Consumer who demands for a pirated copy and makes a dealer carry out illegal installation under the principle of contributory liability b. Whoever offers to install pirated software onto the customer's PC c. Whoever offers to give or sell CDs containing pirated software d. Whoever offers to install pirated software at customer's premises e. Whoever uses pirated software for personal and/or business purposes f. Whoever makes multiples copies of pirated software g. Whoever makes multiple copies from one genuine software without permission h. Whoever gives on rent or hire pirated software

Some basic facts: a. Software is regarded as a literary work and also as a "computer programme" protected under the Indian Copyright Act, 1957; b. Software is never sold but always licensed to the customer to use the software; c. Software is to be used/sold to the Customer as per the end user license terms and conditions contained in the agreement; d. Software owner enjoys the follow-

ing exclusive copyrights: e Right to reproduce the work and store in any medium f. Right to make copies and distribute the work to the public g. Right to perform the work in public h. Right to communicate the work to the public i. Right to translate or adapt the work j. Right to sell the work to the public k. Right to give the work on commercial rental

Copyright Law on Software Piracy Software is protected work under the Copyright Act, 1957 and the law considers it illegal to install, distribute, use or sell unlicensed/pirated software in any form or medium. Software piracy is both a civil wrong and a criminal offence. i. Civil offence leading to injunction, damages, costs, seizure of infringing copies etc. a. Damages could be for the losses suffered - could be in lakhs i.e. compensatory damages b. Damages could be given as a punishment i.e. exemplary/punitive

damages ii. Criminal offence leading to spot arrests, seizure of infringing copies iii. Knowing use of pirated software is a criminal offence a. Police has the power to take self cognizance b. Software piracy is a non-bailable offence c. Jail imprisonment of upto 3 years d. Fine imposition of upto Rs. 2 lakhs e. The owner of copyright is entitled to the custody of infringing products post conviction.

12A & 88A Distributor


Mauli Trading : C/1, Ramkrupa Apartment, BoB Lane, B/h. Centre Point, Panchwati, Ahmedabad-380 006,

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Sejal 98240 53863 Dhaval 98240 66111

Mo: 99242 07800 Ph. 079- 26430421, 26425461 e-mail:


15 08 2013


Now book train tickets with Cleartrip’s Android App!

Fedora 19 released

etting a train ticket was never so easy. After IRCTC’S SMS ticket booking service, Cleartrip has further ironed out the train ticket booking process for travellers. Cleartrip has launched the upgraded version of its Android app, which ont only comes with improvised features, but also offers support for train ticket booking as well. The Cleartrip Android app version 3.0, as it is known, is available on Google Play. The app allows users to search and book for tickets with Indian Railways. It also helps in checking for the PNR status of the waitlisted tickets. As is the case with the Cleartrip website, users need to connect their IRCTC account with their Cleartrip account on the app to book their tickets. The updated Android app oc Cleartrip Comes with Some important bug fixes as well.


he second major release of the Fedora Linux project, Fedora 19, has been released. The Red Hatsponsored project has been released seven months after the Fedora Linux 18 and offers several new features for server administrators. The latest version first made its appearance in the end of May, giving a sneak peek into the world of Fedora 19. The features list is an impressive one with new Federated VoIP, high availability features, advanced firewall security and the latest PHP 5.5 stack. Now that Fedora 19 has been released, developers will now focus on the development of Fedora 20, said Robyn Bergeron, Fedora project leader.


Aakash 4 to run on Android and Linux akash 4 specifications are finally out, and the Indian government has officially made a statement on how it plans to bring out the next generation of the Askash tablet series. Aakash I was a success in the Indian tablet market but the


follow-ups, Aakash II and III, made headlines for all the wrong reasons. While it’s pretty certain that the upcoming tablet will be an improvement in terms of hardware, the biggest news is that it will be based on a dual-

boot platfrom, i.e., Android and Linux (through a microSD card.) The tablet computers, produced by MHRD, were conceptualised as a very low cost device with 17.78cm (7-inch) touchscreen displays based on Android.

Now, convert household objects into drones rones are known as outstanding machines that fly with a level of accuracy and silence - a characteristic that makes them both beautiful as well as dangerous. A Dutch independent artist and programming hobbyist, jasper Van Loenen, has designed a thin, stainless - steel briefcase that can fly any household item with just a few turns of the screw. The ‘Drone It Yourself’ kit introduced by Loenen comprises four motors and a CPU control kit that can be fixed on any household object, and then it has the


ability to fly like an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). The kit was designed using a 3D printer and contains a small bill of materials. The ‘Drone IT Yourself’ system runs on an Openpilot flight controller, which makes the entire kit completely open source and free. You need not use solder-

ing or heavy machinery to create the components listed. Also, no technical knowhow is needed to implement it. The kit is based on a simple vice mechanism and can work with anything that it can grab. As a result, you get flying objects of all shapes and sizes, but with differing flight complexity.

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FITAG TIMES Sejal : 98240 53863 Dhaval: 98240 66111





common myth about “the channel” is that the addition of “middlemen” adds cost. As surprising as it may sound, quite the opposite is true. The channel provides the value of an end cost that is less than or equal to buying computer wares direct-


15 08 2013


Understanding the Channel ly, along with an increase in efficiency, expertise, and peace of mind. In large part, these benefits are the products of the many different distributors in the

channel that meet the needs of solution providers, retailers and Internet resellers throughout the world. To understand how this works,

you’ve got to understand what distributors and their reselling partners do, and how they do it. When technology vendors, resellers or distribu-

tors talk about “the channel,” they usually mean the two-tiered (wholesale) distribution supply chain. In this chain, manufacturers sell technology products to

distributors, and distributors in turn sell the products to end-user businesses and individuals, as illustrated by the following diagram. FOR Space Booking in


This linear supply chain model (“the channel”) is also called two-tiered distribution [Distribution’s Role] because two kinds of businesses — distribution and resellers — handle IT products as they flow from manufacturers to end-user customers. By most estimates, more than half of all IT products flow through the channel, perhaps as much as 60 percent. Sejal :- 98240 53863 Dipal :- 98250 68128

A Diverse Value-Added Ecosystem The Flexibility of The IT supply chain, in reality, is far more complex than the linear channel model above suggests. more realistic picture is represented by the chart below from Raymond James & Associates: As the chart illustrates, some distributors sell components to vendors as well as buy finished IT products from


manufacturers. Some manufacturers and distributors sell directly to end-user businesses in addition to supplying

resellers with their wares. Clear lines no longer distinguish one part of the supply chain from another. Any given product can take multiple paths to market. The

question is, which path is best? As the industry

the Supply Chain T

has evolved from a linear to a nonlinear marketplace, partnership and collaboration are more imperative than ever. Successful manu-

facturers, distributors, and resellers form and reform teams and partnerships in response to market trends.

The Channel’s Different Sweet Spot: SMB W T

he two-tiered distribution channel is the most ecient sales engine for delivering technology solutions to industry, especially to the small-tomedium businesses that are at the heart of the nation’s growth today. There is no more ecient sales force for this purpose than the thousands of solution providers supporting the businesses, government entities, and educational institutions across the world. The core competency of distributors is to aggregate the many products and services that help channel companies more easily provide total solutions to these businesses. For distributors, that also includes being a wealth of information for their channel customers. With the continually increasing complexity of technological solutions, the channel today is as much about information as it is about products. Market research shows

that resellers cite access to an informed distribution account rep as one of the most important pre-sales services distributors provide. Pre-sales technical information is crucial to a smoothly implemented solutions sale, and distributors can often be the only source of information about how to integrate a particular multi-vendor conguration properly. IT solution providers, therefore, use that distributor expertise to solve specic business problems for their end-user customers. Knowledge is power in the technology business, and distributors — in addition to delivering the right products on time and cost eectively — in many cases also hold the key to delivering the knowledge needed to succeed. As a result, solution providers tap distributors as a resource for both products and information, and vendors tap them as their best, and most cost-eective, routeto-market.

ho are these “resellers?” Reseller, known as “solution providers” today, range from very small businesses staffed by a handful of technology experts, to giant discount sales operations that sell directly to end users through telesales and Web sites. Corporate resellers specialize in Fortune

he one constant in the channel has been change, as distributors and resellers continually discover new ways to take more costs out of the supply chain. See related Costs of IT Distribution study. When the Web became ubiquitous, distributors developed cuttingedge ecommerce expertise and passed

that expertise along to their resellers. As technology has exponentially increased in complexity and capability, distributors have moved from a focus almost exclusively on product to an offering that includes a broad range of services, while always maintaining their position as the industry s channel experts.

Kinds of Resellers

2000 accounts, delivering major technology implementations such as a corporate-wide hardware upgrade or a conversion to a new operating system. These corporate resellers often source products directly from vendors. However, most solution providers source their products from distributors.

Solution providers specialize in tailored solutions for particular customer sets, from government to private enterprise. They add value by not only implementing hardware and software but also by ensuring that the technology solves a specific business problem for the customer. In addition, they are

experienced with multivendor solutions, integrating products from more than one manufacturer into the best solution for the customer. Solution providers can sell to Fortune 2000 accounts, but more often focus on the small-to-medium business (SMB) and/or government markets.

Mkus÷ Ãkxu÷, ykuLk÷kELk ELVkuxuf, {nuMkkýk

Publisher : Gaurang Vyas, President, Fitag Editor : Kaushik Pandya Assistant Editor : Sejal Patel Designer : Hardik Pancholi Address : B/302, Rudra Arcade, Nr. Helmet Circle, Memnagar, Ahmedabad-380015. All rights reserved. No part of this publication can be reproduced without the prior permission from the publisher.



15 08 2013


FITAG Committee wishes Happy Independace Day to All FITAGIANs 15.08.2013

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FITAG TIMES Sejal : 98240 53863 Dhaval : 98240 66111

ACTIVITY CORNER Activity Done by Zalawad Information Technology Association 4th August is world friendship day and on that day we arrange 2 event in sequence 1). Celebrate Friendship day with in ZITA Members 2). Celebrate Friendship day with Fedora Linux. 1st event we celebrate with friends at Hotel Brindavan on 9.00am to 9.30am with very gracefully every member wish each other for their friendship. Our children celebrate friendship day every year but most of all friends were share their feelings and celebrate together first time in their life. 2nd one was started at 9.30am. for that we invite Mr. Nilesh Vaghela from Electromech Corporation, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad. Who is Red hat Linux’s Certified Training and Channel Partner. Fedora is a part of Red hat Linux and it is a Free and open source os. We would also like to thank Fedora Community for Select our city Surendranagar for launching Fedora 19, specifically providing the opportunity to Zalawad Information Technology Association (ZITA). For training session we invite several key persons from University, Colleges, Schools, Government’s Information Technology Department of Surendranagar. After heaving a high tea launching of Fedora19

program was done in presence of our members and our honorable guests, then after Mr. Nileshbhai Started introduction and discussion phase of open source and fedora. we enjoyed the strengths of that training program, including the stability of the open source program, the numerous opportunities for our

in this area. Also, we were very pleased that you provided us with ample time for extended group discussions of the different contributions presented. We are very glad to confirm that we have received a lot of positive feedbacks to your excellent training sessions. Not only have we all learned a lot, but it has

involvement in research for linux. We understand the core value of open source. Video promo of fedora19 and features video of fedora19 was awesome. Our several members done live installation of newly launched fedora 19 in their own laptop. We provide live cd to all of present members for future installation. We also discuss Linux Vs Windows. Without a doubt, it was the best Linux meeting we have ever attended. we left there with a wealth of knowledge on the excellent research taking place

also been a very pleasant cooperation with nileshbhai. The meeting was a major success. We would like to thank our members for their contributions to this event. After this all present members who attend this training successfully got Training Certificate. We also provide lot’s of freeware and important business applications those who want. We appreciate guidance and help in helping us to understand Open Source. Trainer’s experience especially in Linux has been very valuable. Thanks again!!...

First Edition of Fitag Times