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15 02 2014


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Greetings!! ots of happening in the month of January. 5th Consecutive annual convention was held at Vadodara on 25th of January. This time the convention was held at Vadodara as an integral part of BITA IT SHOW. FITAG office bearers always insist to have their activities at various places in Gujarat, not being concentrated only on Ahmedabad or Gandhinagar. A detailed coverage of FITAG convention is given in this edition as a special coverage. I would like to quote few very important information shared by Dr. Ajay Kumar in their monthly newsletter. For the information of all the readers, Dr. Ajay Kumar is Jt. Secretary, DeitY and also act as the chied editior of Electronics India e-newletter. He stated in his January edition that Communication and brand building is an important part of the effort to promote India as a destination for electronics system design and manufacturing. Shri Dewang Mehta, the effervescent first President of NASSCOM played that role admirably to put India on the world map in the IT sector. Electronics also needs a Dewang Mehta. Industry associations have an important role to play in this regard. They are our brand ambassadors. They conduct fairs and conferences with both national and international participation. These events are opportunities which should be exploited to the maximum. Government has decided that the Electronics India logo of "Billion Needs Million Chips", be allowed to be used by all those who share the goal of developing the objective of making India a hub for electronics system design and manufacturing. The logo could be the new common insignia for all efforts. It has been decided to mark 2014 as "Made in India" year for electronics. AC Nielsen study, in 2013, found that electronics goods made in India are perceived as those of good quality. Companies manufacturing from India could use this logo to mark their products with this logo. This mark should become the mark of quality, a mark of "Made of India". Readers must be aware of a slow and steady shift into the focus of Government from IT hardware and software to Electronics industry with multiple reasons like reducing the import bills as well as to promote huge level hi-tech electronics within India and in turn establishing India as an alternative resource to countries like CHINA and TAIWAN. In fact skills of CHINA and TAIWAN can be jointly seen here as an added advantage of INDIA. Government of Gujarat has been working after this since long and trying to pull a large chunk of electronic manufacturing industries as well as the ESDM sector. Somehow in Gujarat there has been no promotion of Electronics Manufacturing Cluster (EMC), but there are all chances that Gujarat will become host to India's one and the only FAB in very neat future. So, let us also try and support this mammoth movement of "Electronics India: Billion Needs Million Chips". Air are hotter with winter vanishing and the political development in the country. It looks like a hung parliament once again in INDIA, unless there is a huge sweep by BJP. We, as an industry, are the people who wonder and suffer about the results of elections. Enjoy reading the details about FITAG convention as well as the lead sessions taken during the convention in the form of articles. Presenting you the 7th edition of FITAG TIMES.


Mr. Kaushik Pandya Editor

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5 FITAG th


Convention 2014

th consecutive FITAG convention was held on 25th January, 2015 at Vadodara. This time the convention was held at Vadodara with a motive of keeping the venue rotational and not making it stagnant at either Ahmedabad or Vadoddara. Our president Shri Gaurang Vyas was searching for a host and gracefully, Baroda Information Technology Association (BITA) proposed to host the FITAG Convention 2014. BITA had planned their IT Expo from 24th January to 26th January and in between they have proposed to keep FITAG convention on 25th of January at the seminar dome, which was agreed and accepted by FITAG president. FITAG Convention had a theme of "Connecting to


Fitag Times reaches to 21,000 retailers / dealers across Gujarat

Converse". Carrying forward the five point agenda of FITAG i.e. Flourish, Knowledge, Networking, Strength & Protection, this new concept of connecting within to converse and gain out of the conversation was the main motive or theme of FITAG Convention 2014. This was the 5th consecutive convention attended by about 125 people from various member associations. Dr. Nitabahen Shah, Director, e-governance, GIL was invited to grace the

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Fitag Times reaches to

21,000 retailers / dealers across Gujarat



15 02 2014


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occasion as the chief guest. She has been very kind enough, as she has been always to FITAG, to travel all the way from Ahmedabad and specially visiting the convention to boost the morals of Fitagians. We are very much thankful to her for her graceful presence. Convention started with a heart warming welcoming speech from BITA secretary Shri Nikesh Gorasiya followed by a small note of BITA president Shri Rajesh Mehta. Convention was then officially handed over to FITAG for the proceedings. Our Vice President Shri Mitesh Dave was the moderator for the entire convention under the able leadership of Shri Amit Shah, FITAG EXECOM member, who was appointed as chair person of FITAG Convention 2014, who also delivered a welcoming speech on behalf of FITAG to all the delegates. Certificate of membership were distributed to all the member associations by honorable chief guest, followed by a small but very inspiring speech from her.

more and more on circulating the same to their members as well as to non members IT fraternity also. Shri Yogesh Thakkar also delivered a very impressive speech highlighting the past and presence of FITAG. After words there were to interesting sessions taken by our founder president Shri Kaushik Pandya as well as our mentor Shri

2nd session of the convention was full of information distributed in three different sessions. Our president Shri Gaurang Vyas took a session on the current and future activities of FITAG as well as highlighted the features of "Fitag Times". It is good to know that most of the member associations have been receiving FITAG Times, but they need to concentrate

Nandak Pandya. Their sessions were "Seven Secrets to success in Business" and "Converse to Converge and Converge to Connect" respectively by both the speakers. Both the sessions were actually merged to each other and the entire session took almost 2 hours. We could conclude the convention at around 8 PM with vote of thanks from Shri Sejal Patel and

Shri Ricky and an excellent poetry on FITAG by Shri Sejal Patel. The dinner arrangments done by BITA team was excellent. All the delegates

were extremely happy that they could attend the convention and meet so many people as well as returning with a pot full of knowledge in various aspects.

FITAG team has once more acheived its five point agenda with the success of the convention - Flourish, Knowledge, Networking, Strength & Protection.<


FITAG Times Review Hello Fitag, Respected Fitag President & General Secretary, This is a very good approach by fitag President Mr.Gaurang Vyas for FITAG Times. In FITAG Times Editorial message by Mr.Kaushik Pandya is very good and knowledgable regarding current scenario of IT Business. Creating Pride in Business (WIFI-5) is a very good artical by Mr.Nandakbhai. Over all FITAG times gives good knowledge to all the members and help to keep in touch with new things. I Congratulate FITAG Team For E-MAGAZINE "FITAG TIMES" and Also for " ABCD-IT PROJECT"

Thanking You Mukesh Patel President MCMA

Message From Shri Rajeshbhai Mehta, President, BITA BITA CommitteLkku ¼økehÚk Ãkwhw»kkÚko yLku BITA MemberLkwt yfÕÃkLkeÞ ÞkuøkËkLk s BITA ExhibitionLke MkV¤íkk {kxu nfËkh Au. íku{ BITALke MkV¤íkk Au. FITAG Presitdent ©e økkihktøk¼kE, VP ©e {eíku»k¼kE yLku Hon. Sec.©e Mkus÷¼kELke

ðzkuËhkLke ð¾íku sýkðu÷ fu yk ð»kuo Convention õÞkt fhðwt íku Lk¬e LkÚke. BITA òu íkuLk ExhibitionLke MkkÚku Convention {kxu Þs{kLk çkLku íkku økwshkíkLkk Ëhuf IT Associatorr {kt ykðu, Lkshku Lksh ExhibitionLkku ÷k¼ ÷u yLku íku{Lkk Center {kt Ãký ykðwt MkhMk yurõÍrçkþLk fhu. çkexkLkk yLkw¼ð Úkfe økwshkík ykE.xe. ¼rð»Þ{kt ÔÞkÃkf «{ký{kt rðMíkhe þfþu. ©e økkihktøk¼kELke ÷køkýeLku {kLk

ykÃkeLku çkexk yu yk íkfLku yðMkh{kt YÃkktíkh fhe. rVxkøk fkuLðkufuþLk 2014 îkhk rVxkøk xe{Lku yuf Mkçk¤ ÃxuxVku{o ykÃkðk økwshkíkLkk Ëhuf ykE.xe. yuMkkurþÞuþLk Lku fhðk, rVxkøkLkk fkÞo íkÚkk ykøkk{e fkÞoLke YÃkhu¾k ykÃkðk íkÚkk rð[khkuLkk ykËkLk «ËkLk fhðkLkk nuíkwyku MkkÚku çkexkLkk Mxu#øk f{erx {uBçkh íkÚkk rVxkøk

fkuLðkufuþLk 2014Lkk [uh{uLk ©e y{eík¼kE yLku íku{Lkk MkkÚkeËkh ©e {eíku»k¼kE yLku ©e «Lkð¼kELke {nuLkík MknhkLkeÞ níke. íkuLkk «íÞw¥kh ykÃkíkk økwshkík Lkk 85% yuþkurMkÞux yk{kt Mkn¼køke ÚkÞk níkk. yLku Mkkçkeík fhe ykÃÞwt fu “Units is the Strength” rVxkøk fkuLðkufuþLk 2014Lke MkV¤íkk {kxu rVxkøk xe{, çkexk xe{ yLku Mkðo fkÞofíkko xe{Lkk {uBçkh nfËkh Au. y{u ykÃk MkðoLkku yk¼kh {kLkeÞu Aeyu.

Fitag thanks all member associations to support antipiracy drive & authorize FITAG to deal in this regard in future.


15 02 2014


FITAG Times Review Hello Fitag, Respected Fitag President & General Secretary, Its a matter of immense pleasure that FITAG is coming out with monthly magazine namely “FITAG Times”. I am sure that the magazine is helpful to all concern for gaining the required technical knowledge and a relevant information in the field. I wish that FITAG News will spread its circulation to the communiThanking You ty at large. At this stage I congratulate and Chetan Shah appreciate the efforts put by team FITAG Skyway Computers to prepare such an excellent magazine. Pvt.Ltd.

FITAG exe. committee Message From Shri Amitbhai Shah Chairman, Fitag Convention 2014 suLkku ytík Mkkhku, íkuLkwt çkÄwt Mkkhwt That's FITAG Convention 2014 = It's journey from connecting to converge = Being event chairman I thanks team FITAG for giving me opportunity. Thanks to my home team BITA, Thanks to Miteshbhai & Pranavbhai for supporting hand to hand = FITAG convention is not an event, its vision & platform to handshake. Presence of 84% association itself prove that we all are ready to share information & grow to gather inspite of all odds = Messages from FITAG & BITA team were crystal clear - "Love your business, business will love you" = Excellent brain storming section by Nandakbhai & Kaushikbhai add values. = FITAG vision sharing by president Gaurangbhai & warm welcoming notes by BITA President Rajeshbhai plus Hon. Secretary Miteshbhai were excellent. = It's my proude to conclude "WE DID IT". Moto of convention achieved Thanking all of you AMIT SHAH

Fitag Times Times Fitag reaches to 21,000 retailers / dealers across Gujarat

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FITAG TIMES Sejal: 98240 53863 Dhaval: 98240 66111


15 02 2014


rVxkøk rVxkøk rVxkøk rVxkøk rVxkøk, þwt Au yk rVxkøk? fu{ Au yk rVxkøk? íkLk {Lk ykí{kLku zku÷kðíkwt Mktøkeík Au Mkw{Äwh, 25 MkwhkuLkk r{÷LkÚke h[kÞu÷ku yuf fýor«Þ hkøk... yk Au rVxkøk Mkw{Äwh Au rVxkøk... MkkiLkk MkkÚk yLku ¾qçks MknfkhÚke çkLÞwt Au {sçkqík, sYheÞkík Ãkzu íkku çkíkkðe þfu Au, MkeLkk{kt ¼¼qfíke ykøk.. yk Au rVxkøk, {sçkqík Au rVxkøk.. ík÷ðkhLke þwt sYh? òu ÃkkMku nkuÞ f÷{ ÄkhËkh, rVxkøk xkEBMk {krníke ykÃkðk, sYh Ãkzu íkku ÷zðk Au Mkòøk... yk Au rVxkøk, {sçkqík Au rVxkøk.. ¿kkLk ÃkehMkðk, Mk{eÃk ykððk ---- Au {kæÞ{, EåAþku yu çkÄwt s {¤þu, nf fhe yufðkh íkku {ktøk... yk Au rVxkøk, {kæÞ{ Au rVxkøk... yk {kºk {khwt LkÚke, ík{khwt LkÚke, Ãký Au ykÃkýwt, yk{kt íkku Au ykÃkýk MkkiLkku, Mkh¾u Mkh¾ku ¼køk... yk Au rVxkøk, ykÃkýwt Au rVxkøk... rVxkøk rVxkøk rVxkøk, yk s Au rVxkøk, Mkw{Äwh, {sçkqík, ÄkhËkh, ykÃkýwt rVxkøk... Sejal Patel (Partner) Online Infotech, Mehsana

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FITAG TIMES Sejal: 98240 53863 Dhaval: 98240 66111




FITAG WiMentor Mantra F- Focus is the key….where is yours? I- It's now or never…act urgently T- Take Risks…& use your resources fully. A- Act…not just thoughts & conversations. G- Growth … are you really desperate?

Step Focus is the key….where is yours?


t is observed that in the initial phase of business, each one of us talk about 'Customer Centric Approach' & 'Service' & 'Excellence' & …….And as the time go by; a sudden shift happens. We start shifting our attention on 'Numbers' at any cost. And even justify by saying 'Ultimately in business, numbers matter.' No two views on the comment but we started the business with a different purpose & a different focus. The obvious outcome was evident & that's the key….. Where is your focus now? Answer it yourself. And check whether it fulfills the business you are in. Also see the impact of it on < you (the CEO) < your team(staff & partners) < your family < your fellow businessmen & < Your customers. Here are some critical questions…… < Why will anyone else support you in accomplish your targets with 'that' focus? < Will that focus forward your business? < How will business grow with that focus? (10 years down the line). And then decide…… whether to continue the focus or shift somewhere else……decision is yours &


15 02 2014


It was an awesome experience to get connected with one another from all over Gujarat. When I asked myself why will we converge & converse & connect? Here is what I saw for myself & our IT industry. I am sharing what I think will be useful to all of us. young man asked Socrates the secret of success. Socrates told the young man to meet him near the river the next morning. They met. Socrates asked the young man to walk with him into the river. When the water got up their neck, Socrates took the young man surprise and ducked him into the water. The boy struggled to get out, but Socrates was strong and kept him there until the boy started turning blue. Socrates pulled his head out of the water and the first thing the young man did was to gasp and take a deep breath of air. Socrates asked him, "What did you want the most when you were there?" The boy replied, "AIR." Socrates said, "That is the Secret of Success. When you want success as badly as you wanted air when your head was under water, then you will get it!" I have a question to ask…. Do you still experience the same desperation to grow as you had when you started your business? If-Yes-congratulations & keep it up!! If-No- Generate desperation & move ahead. It was 'You' who grew & it is 'You'-the same 'You' who will expand for sure. v Focus on…. < Grow together as a family & staff. < Healthy relationship with feedbacks. < Create gaps for yourself, learn accordingly and grow.



we respect it. v Focus on…. < Focus on the future that you are upto ! < Keep your current focus in writing in front of you, everywhere.


responses. the technology that works for you.

< Use


Step It’s now or never…act urgently


n the current business scenario, it is now or never. The competition & the competitiveness are at the peak. And I know, you have excellent ideas for the growth of your business. You also have maintained relationships-adequate resources. You also have enough money & skills to invest. But ….if you spend some more time in making a decision…there are enough chances that someone else or another company will have taken that initiative & you will say to yourself , "Alas!! Had I started it earlier!!" It's velocity with risks. I suggest you to have a team of people to take prompt decisions, design action plans & implement it immediately. Preferably, a resource person/ a mentor/ a trainer will be a bonus. v Focus on….


resources….don't wait for breakdowns to wake up.

Instant, personali z e d

Take Risks…& use your resources fully.


ou may have an excellent team & a rich experience to back it up. But it is not sufficient. There is an important element attached to business today & that is RISK. RISK is related to < Our abilities < Money < Recruitment of people < Hiring a mentor < Marketing a new product. & many other aspects. Even approaching a resources person/an expert involves risk & it is all about taking that risk & being in action. Also make a list of human resource & other resources available. You must be aware about their utility. Take decisions at the right time to use right resources fully. It will create breakthrough results for sure. v Focus on…. < Train yourself & train your staff regularly. < Approach your


Step Act…not just thoughts & conversations.


have been referring to this for a few months now. But it has reached a point where I am addressing straight…… No more thoughts about expansion. No more conversations about profit ….we have enough knowledge, skills & resources. You have FITAG and your associations with you all the time. Now no more wait. Act now…..implement what you have talking about & thinking about for a long time. As I shared ….it's now or never. And what makes a difference is 'Action'. Many a times, it is observed that thoughts & conversations , if not converted into actions actually prove to be hurdles. Don't let them be hurdles in our progress. v Focus on…. < Convey to converse and share. < Action oriented environment.


Step Growth … are you really desperate?


That's why let's converge to converse & converse to connect…..As one we will flourish for sure.





8.1 sales failed to

desktops and notebooks, as well as hybrid devices that could function both in clamshell and tablet mode. In mature markets like the US, IDC said that the PCswhether they be desktops or materialize. “Perhaps the chief laptops - will continue to concern for future PC demand decline, barely recovering by is a lack of reasons to replace 2017 with just 0.4 percent an older system,” said Jay growth. And in emerging marchou, a senior research ana- kets, only notebooks will lyst, at IDC, in a show any real statement. “While increases - 4.8 per10% IDC research finds is the expected cent in notebooks, that the PC still and 2.2 percent overdecline in the PC market in remains the primary all - by 2017. by 2014. computing device then, IDC Predicts Consumer PC for example, PCs are sales that the PC market is expectused more hours per ed to be down will total 305.1 milday than tablets or lion units, 120.8 mil15 percent. phones - PC usage is lion of those within nonetheless declining each mature markets like the US. year as more devicesbecome Some now consider tablets available. And despite indus- and phones to be personal try efforts, Pc usage has not computing devices, which moved significantly beyond means that the picture could consumption and productivity be far rosier for companies tasks to differentiate PCs from with diversified hardware other devices. As a result, PC portfolios. But for traditional lifespans continue to increase, PC suppliers like Dell and thereby limiting market Hewlett-Packard, it looks like growth,” Chou said. stormy seas ahead. IDC defined the PC as - Mark Hachman

PC’s Desline is Far Worse than Expected I

DC REPORTED that the PC market is expected to plunge by more than 10 percent this year, with consumer PC sales dipping by about 15 percent. That’s by far the steepest PC market decline in history. In total, the number of PCs sold is expected to decline by 10.1 precent in 2013, slightly below the previous projection of 9.7 percent. IDC expects PC unit sales of about 314.8 million, which is on pair with 2008 sales figures. IDC reported that commercial PC sales will fare slightly batter, dropping about 5 percent, but that consumer PC sales will fall about 15 percent compared to the prior year. IDC also expects that worldwide PC sales will fall 3.8 percent in 2014 as well. IDc previsously predicted a drop of 9.7 percent after


New Licensing Scheme Will Make Life Easy idsize companies should get ready this month as Microsoft introduces a new purchasing scheme that changes the way it deals with its volume licensing customers. The company says the purpose of the new Microsoft Products and Services Agreement (MPSA) is to make buying and managing volume licenses easier, according to a blog by Richard Smith , the general manager of Microsoft’s World Wide Licensing and Pricing. MPSA replaces Microsoft Business and Services Agree ments, Select Plus Agreements, and Microsoft Online Services purchasing terms and conditions. The program will include a new Website that offers a new set of options


for making purchases and keeping track of agreements easier, according to Smith. An online seminar on the MPSA was scheduled for Dec. 10 for UK customers, according to the blog Software Ruminations. Customers using hybrid clouds based on Microsoft products want more flexible licensing to accommodate their unique needs, Smith writes in his blog. The contract structure for volume licenses changes under MPSA so there will be one agreement covering all of a customer’s organizations and individual entities in a way that “delivers the best overall value based on total volume,” as Smith describes it. -Tim Greene

IT Investments by Tier II Cities SMBs to intensify ndia-based SMBs (Firms with 1-999 full-time employees) are keen to leverage technology to enhance employee productivity & collaboration, and are forecasted to display a healthy CAGR of more than 15% over the next five years in boosting their ICT infrastructure. SMBs within the Tier-II cities contribute a significant proportion of the all- India SMB IT spending These find-


ings have emerged from a soon -to- bereleased study by New Youk- based AMI Partners. As the Indian economy gradually Shrugs off the effects of the downturn and begin to show a ‘boom’ in many sectors triggered by innovative economic and investment policies, the metros or the Tier I cities are the ones that are primarily inundated with burgeoning invest ments in the industrial and services sector. Saturday

15 02 2014


Samsung to bring out foldable smartphones next year

amsung has revealed quite a few plans for the future at its first analystes’s day in the last eight years. The company revealed that it was aiming to bring out foldable smartphones by 2015. Now, sources say that smartphones coming form Samsung in 2014 will have double the pixels that current smartphones have.


The company also promised AMOLED display panels with 560 ppi density for its future phones, said the report. Samsung reportedly directed analysts to look forward to 4K resolutions in 2015. Further, Samsung revealed that it has shipped over 100 million units of the Galaxy S and Note handsets in 2013.




15 02 2014


What you can do with “Google” With all the changes coming to Facebook, some bloggers are tired of the “pay to promote” features and the lack of notifications in their newsfeeds. In general, Facebook is digging its grave because a lot of writers and business people want to stop with all the nonsense.Enter Google +. So many people don’t get Google + and I’ll admit, I was one of them. But I also said the same thing about Twitter for 4 years! And I finally got it. And I learned that if I stick with it, I’ll get it. And I have to say, Google + is growing on me. So here’s what I’ve learned so far. If you are new to the platform, let me know if these tips helped. I’m going to start by drawing some parallels between Facebook and Google +. If you know Facebook, you’ll see the similarities.

The Newsfeed

On the top left hand side, you’ll see a home button. Hover over that and you’ll be able to access your profile, explore new topics, follow events, upload photos, join communities (which is just like Facebook groups), find new people to connect with, and the more tab is where you can find local stuff, games and apps, hangouts (which is like Skype), and pages. Sometimes the tabs move around depending on how frequently you use them. Google + pages works a lot like the Facebook pages. More on that later.

Understanding Circles

Learn How to Use Google Plus | A Beginner’s Guide off what circle you want to add them to. < The little number on their profile explains how many friends you have in common. It’s perfectly acceptable to connect with people you do not know yet. < At the top of this page, you can click on the button that says, “Added You”. This will pull up people who have added you to their circles. Click on it. If you hover over someone, you can add them to your circles back. When you are sharing things on G+, you can specify which circle to share it with. You can choose public (which means the whole world can see it) or pick the circle that would be most interested in what you have to say.


Circles are where your friends go. In the main menu area, it’s called PEOPLE. Now in Facebook, you can create custom lists, but you accept a friend – and it just goes into the big pool of friends. Circles are an easy way to interact with different people from work, the community, or online. You can create as many circles as you’d like. People can be in one circle or many. < If you click on the find people button, it will pull up suggestions for you. < When you find someone you recognize, hover over their name. A menu will pop up and you can check

The profile in G+ works a lot like Facebook. You have a cover photo, a profile photo, and then a bunch of tabs where you can find your photos, YouTube videos, things you’ve liked, etc. One of the nice features of G+ is that your photos are automatically connected to a Picasa account (if you have one- it was phased out and now resides on Google). Also, if you have a YouTube account, those will appear as well. On the right hand side, you’ll see

all your friends, plus the people who’ve added you into their circles. 1. To edit your profile, go to the About Tab. 2. You’ll see boxes of various categories. Each box has an “Edit” button. Go ahead and beef up your profile! It’s one of the most important things you can do on Google +. ONE IMPORTANT NOTE! When you are searching for something online, do you ever see a person’s profile shot in the google search results? Do you notice how my headshot shows up under my website and the others do not? This is a great way to increase your visibility in search results and is done by editing your profile. It’s called Google Authorship. Scroll down until you find the box that says Links. Here is where you want to add and connect all your profiles, websites, and blogs so that your photo shows up in search results. Click the edit button and enter all the information in. There are also WordPress plugins that allow you to verify your authorship. Search in the plugin directory of your site for help.

Can you Like stuff in G+ ? The +1 !

cle or status update. The +1's are everywhere, just like the “like” button on Facebook. Have fun with it, and when you want to see all the things you’ve liked, go to your profile and look under the +1's tab. You’ll see it all listed. Neat huh?

Posting on G+ Let’s post something. Go to your profile button or your home button. Either one is fine. You type in what you’d like to say. If you have a link, just paste it in there and it’ll pull up a preview. You can scroll through the images (with the little arrows), just like in Facebook. You can also tag people. Where it says + Add names, circles, or email addresses, just add the people you think would like it! This is a cool feature because if you have gmail and have added your contacts, you can use the option that says, “Send email”. It will send an email to all of those people in the specified circle. Then your post will go directly to their inbox. Use judiciously! Hashtags Similar to Twitter, you can use a hashtag in your status to help people find your post. Refer to my Twitter guide for an explanation of hashtags. What about the four little buttons? One is to upload pictures, videos, add an event, or add a link.

Advantages of Google + On G+, you +1 things that you like. It’s your way of saying you would recommend an arti-

A lot of people haven’t joined G+ because Facebook is so similar, why have two platforms? Well, G+ is quickly showing its superior skills with

the following advantages:

< Full integration with Gmail, YouTube, and Picasa. < Photos display MUCH more beautifully. < Regular engagement on G+ helps with your Google ranking for websites and pages. < Video hangouts (which Facebook does not offer). < Open platform with less rules and restrictions. < Integrated the hashtag function. < Allows people to categorize friends more easily. < Whereas Facebook is meant for connecting with friends and Twitter is about following people that interest you, Google + has combined the best of both worlds. < The events feature has invites, party mode, and other options that Facebook does not. < Once you get used to the navigation, the hover menu options makes G+ easier to use than Facebook. < No paying to promote posts! < If you host your blog on Blogspot, you have even more integration options. Go to your dashboard and click G+ to see the features available to you! < Each post is its own webpage and makes it easier to share across the web. < The ripples effect shows you how far your posts travel and who is sharing you. < Instant upload with photos on your smartphone right onto Google.

Contined on page 8...

Publisher : Gaurang Vyas, President, Fitag Editor : Kaushik Pandya Assistant Editor : Sejal Patel Designer : Hardik Pancholi Address : B/302, Rudra Arcade, Nr. Helmet Circle, Memnagar, Ahmedabad-380015. All rights reserved. No part of this publication can be reproduced without the prior permission from the publisher.





MCMA Cricket & Get to


15 02 2014


This year in January, 2014 MCMA arranged cricket tournament for members and staff. Total four teams played tournament and also enjoyed lunch. We had lot of fun during this event. Continued from page 7...


Understanding the differences between posting on Google plus and posting on Facebook

Your notifications will be in the top right hand corner next to your profile image. That’s also where you can adjust your settings and email notifications. You can respond, mute, and reply right from the notification box. This box will also be available in your gmail account and when you are on the Google search bar! It appears on the Google bar and on YouTube as well. Everything you need to do can be done in that neat little

Every single post on G+ is in essence its own webpage. That means it has a URL attached to it for easy sharing. This being the case, a lot of people blog right into the Google plus status bar. It is common to have links, hashtags, photos, and text all in that box. It’s a major difference from Twitter (the microblog) and Facebook– both which favor shorter updates. If you want to learn how to post on G+, here’s a recipe for the perfect G+ post.

What’s the View Ripples option? That allows you to see how many times it has been shared and by who. Then you can hover over their names and visit the post and thank them.

box. Multitasking at its finest!

ATE NEW PAGE. When you want to post as that page, go to the top right where your profile shot is, and switch to your page. You can do many of the same things with your page as you can with your profile.


Pages Just like Facebook, you can create a page for your blog. Go ahead and hit CRE-

Communities function similarly to Facebook groups. You can join the open ones or request invites into the closed ones. You’ll notice in a group that there are categories for different types of posts. This feature isn’t available on

Facebook and works great if the feed is super busy. Notice the little red numbers? That tells me how many unread posts I have in each group I belong to. Scroll down further and you can explore groups to join. Communities are great to use because it helps you find a targeted audience and connects you to new people. If you decide to start a community, share your posts in the community first, and then share them out to your profile. It’ll give your community a bit more exposure. <

Seven Edition of FITAG TIMES  
Seven Edition of FITAG TIMES