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Welcome to Cyprus, the Mediterranean Treasure

Wines of Cyprus

In the hills of Pafos and Limassol discover the unknown Cypriot countryside. Hidden in the heart of this historic land, you will visit people who have the passion of wine making. They are ready to share with you their knowledge about wine and walk you through the process of modern wine making using a tradition thousands of years old. Vouni Panayias: The winery that rediscovered the local grape varieties. Maratheftiko, Spourtiko and other local varieties had been forgotten for many years. But fortunately, Andreas Kyriakides and his family - with methodical investments and love for what they are doing- have brought back to us the splendor of Cypriot wines. The winery is located in Panayia, a historic village of Pafos located at the beginning of the Pafos forest, a splendid place to take a walk into nature. Tsangarides Winery: Angelos Tsangarides, following the footsteps of his family, created a winery that explores new grape varieties. Tsangarides Winery offers you a unique opportunity to adopt your own personal vine in Cyprus' most beautiful vineyard. The winery is located in the picturesque village of Lemona, where time stopped for a glass of wine and forgot to continue.

Laying in the Mediterranean like a mermaid, Cyprus was loved by its neighbors, who came and left like lovers in the night. They left behind them a mosaic of civilizations and cultures that form today’s landscape, architecture and archeological heritage. We will not only talk to you about the glorious past; we will walk you through our culture and history and make you feel the Cypriot heritage. You will very well understand why Aphrodite chose to be born close to Pafos; you will feel the same Richard the Lionheart did when he stopped over on his way to Jerusalem; you will sense the inspiration of Lawrence Durrell and you will fall in love again. Hellenistic Ruins, Roman Temples, Byzantine Churches, Venetian Walls and Bridges, Ottoman Mosques and Colonial Buildings are not only part of the Cypriot landscape but also of Cypriot life. We can find innumerable traces of all those who came to the island and went away in the gastronomy, the traditions, the celebrations or the language of Cyprus. We will help you discover them and you will be able to build your own cultural mosaic.

Culture of Cyprus

Cyprus Pottery Art and Craft

When you visit a place like Cyprus you need to take back a souvenir that lasts forever. 5,000 years ago Cypriots formed clay to make pots in which to keep their food. Today, Avgoustinos still moulds or hand- throws clay and earthenware in the same way. At his workshop, you will be able to make with your own hands a souvenir to take home. Let’s go to meet Avgoustinos and experience the magic of pottery in your hands at his hospitable workshop. On the one hand, Avgoustinos is probably the most representative carrier of this millennial art. On the other hand, his colleague Panikos Georgiades at Savvas Pottery, a few meters away from Avgoustinos’ workshop, has developed his father’s workshop and has created a modern and colorful range of pottery items that combine glazed and hand painted pieces. Both workshops are located in Yeroskipou, the small town where Aphrodite’s gardens used to be. Last but not least, in the prehistoric village of Lemba, you can visit the other potters of Pafos, Giorgos and Soteroulla Georgiades, who are passionate for new shapes and forms.

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