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Treating Oak Wilts by San Antonio Tree Care Did you notice an oak tree dying near your house or on your property? Make sure you do not ignore this, because the oak may have oak wilt and spread it around to the other oaks around. Oak wilt is caused due to a deadly fungus called Ceratocystisfagacearum. Onc e this fungus gets on to the oaks, it infects them beyond reversal. Onc e a tree gets oak wilt it loses its branches and then it cannot be pruned any more. A diseased oak cannot be cured as there are no cures for the disease as yet. The only option is to use fungicides on the trees to prevent the fungus from spreading further. The best thing to do if you notice an oak that does not seem healthy is to call for San Antonio tree care to identify the oak wilt. Oak wilt identification will prevent the disease spreading to other oaks and if it is in its initial stages then the disease can be contained. How does oak wilt spread? Oak trees that are in the immediate vicinity often tend to be connected at the roots. If a diseased oak is standing next to the other oaks, there are chances that oak wilt could spread to these trees through these connected roots. Once the tree care professionals identify oak wilt, the next immediate step they take is to dig a trench and cut out the connection bet ween the roots, so that the disease does not spread. The professionals are qualified at their job and will do their best to take the necessary measures to make sure the oaks are in a healthy condition. You can play your part in making sure the oaks are healthy by calling the San Antonio tree care and having them take care of it. For more information about tree servic e San Antonio and San Antonio tree care please visit

Treating Oak Wilts by San Antonio Tree Care