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Create Task form with the help of InfoPath Designer 2013

Step 1, create a new SharePoint Task List App

1) Go to the SharePoint site 2) Click on the ”Site Contents” 3) Click on ”add an app” 4) Search an app ”task” 5) Click on the ”Tasks” app 6) Enter the Name: Tasks 7) Click Create 1

Step 2, delete columns

1) Go to the ”List” tab 2) Click on the ”list Settings”

3) Select the column % Complete 4) Click Delete 5) Click OK to the dialog box

6) Do the same with a) Predecessors b) Related Items 2

Step 3, show forms in a dialog 1) Click on the ”Advance Settings” 2) Allow ”Yes” to Launch forms in a dialog 3)

Click OK

4) Create a new task to test that the form opens in a dialog.

Step 4, edit the form by arranging the columns in InfoPath 2013 1) Go to the ”List” tab 2) Select the ”Customize form” which opens InfoPath Designer 3) Click ”Allow” to the dialog box

4) Go to the ”LAYOUT” tab 5) Select ”Insert Below” 6) Select the cells between Start date and Due date 7) Click on the ”Merge Cells”

8) Click on “Split Cells” 9) Enter the number of columns and rows 10) Click OK 3

11) Cut and paste all the following information in the columns and rows

a) ”Start Date” b) ”Due Date” c)

Cut ”Priority”

d) Cut ”Task Status”

12) Select all the empty rows 13) Click on the ”Delete” option under the LAYOUT at the top 14) Select ”Rows” 15) Click on the ”Publish” icon

16) Go to the SharePoint site and reload the page 17) Click on the ”new task” and create a test task 4

Step 5, enable Versioning on the Task List 1) Go to the ”List” tab at the top 2) Select the ”List settings” 3) Click on ”Versioning settings” under the ”General Settings”

4) Allow ”Yes” to create a version at each editing

5) Click OK

Step 6, add a multiline comments field with the setting ”Append changes to existing text” 1) Click on the ”Create column” 2) Enter a) Column name: ”Comments” 3) Select the ”Multiple lines of text” 4) Allow ”yes” to ”Append Changes to Existing text”

5) Click OK 5

Step 7, Customize the form in InfoPath again, to add the new comments field 1) Go to the ”List” tab 2) Click on ”Customize form” 3) Click ”Allow” to the dialog box 4) Click ”Yes” to the dialog box 5) Click ”Yes” to the Update field dialog box 6) Open the Layout tab at the top 7) Click on ”Insert Below” 8) Click on ”Merge Cells” 9) Drag the ”Comments” below the description field

10) Go to the ”Publish” icon at the top 11) Click OK to the dialog box 12) Go to the SharePoint site 13) Click on the Reload page icon

Step 8, create a task , add a comment , close and edit again with another comment 1) Click on the ”new task” 2) Enter the Task name: Task 3 3) Add some comments in the ”Comments” field 4) Go to ”Edit” 5) Click on Save 6

6) Click on ”Task 3”

7) Click on the ”Edit Item”

8) Go to the ”Comments field”

9) Enter some more text and save

10) Check the result. 7

Customize a SharePoint 2013 form in InfoPath  

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