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and challenging world, with regained conviction of self-confidence. Our Goal and Commitment The raison d’etre — to bring out the hidden talent in the young generation, making it fundamentally stronger and more competitive, thereby paving a way for a prosperous nation — for, the future lies in the hands of the young generation.

About Unified Council About eighteen years ago, seeing the plight of the quality of education imparted to the young generation, a desire to improve their ‘learning’ set a few likeminded persons to form Unified Council. Since then, we and our dedicated team of educational experts at Unified Council, have been continually reviewing the changing patterns of pedagogy, researching its contemporary trends and accordingly redevising and upgrading our programmes to improve and make easier, ‘learning’ of the young generation in order to make it ‘fundamentally strong’, so that it can take on the ever-changing


To remain a leader in providing professional service in Testing & Assessment. We believe, everything we do, must be based on : — Strengthening fundamental principles. — Development and growth of, involvement with and recognition of, students’ achievements. — Quality services to students, parents, educational institutions and schools. Aristotle was asked as to how much the educated were superior to the uneducated and he said, “as much as the living are to the dead”. That is the significance of education, which leads us from darkness to light. In this world, everything has its distinct quality; like fragrance is of flowers, flavour & taste of fruits and light & heat of the Sun. Similarly, we believe, Man is also endowed with some inherent and innate qualities, that can be explored through education. Education must make our people wise and equipped to understand so as to solve the problems of our world. That calls for conceptual clarity and in-depth knowledge. Today, one can observe a disturbing trend among students. They answer questions without seeking to understand them. They rarely seek clarifications or admit ignorance. Correcting this state of affairs, needs a new approach. We must use imagination 8

while setting exam papers, by including questions which initiate the thoughtprocess. We must move from ‘what’ to ‘why’ and from ‘when’ to ‘how’ & ‘why not’ ! That would elevate students from ‘rote learning’ to ‘understanding’. The need of the hour is the paradigm shift from mere ‘remembering’ to ‘understanding & accepting’ to ‘questioning’ and from ‘reading’ to ‘reflecting’. Students need to understand the basic concepts and also need to develop the ‘ability & need to think’, reflect and enquire. Our programmes are designed to achieve just that. Our programmes and services provide an environment that enables students to realise their personal potential and use it for higher achievements through questioning self and those around, reviewing their own ‘strengths’ & ‘weaknesses’ and taking corrective steps. Our focus has been on training young minds through numerous challenging programmes designed to entice students to take ideas from concept to completion. The common underlying factor of this wide range of programmes is the understanding of fundamentals of education, and the perception & implementation of applied tools. Every structured programme we offer, emphasises the principles and aspects of strong fundamentals, while educating new and easy learning techniques. We are committed to ‘the right to quality education’ through a widespread network of dedicated work-force, geared


to reach to students across the country. The objective being — if there is a student, Unified Council must reach out to him. We advocate the cause of quality education through integrity and social responsibility. After much debate and discussion, educational experts at Unified Council design and develop various educational programmes to strengthen students’ skills and cultivate their talents to meet the needs of changing educational trends. These experts, with their originality and technical excellence, bring the best practices of their professions into Unified Council and enrich its intellectual reserve and vast pool of skills. We offer the following tests for classes 1 to 12 : q National Level Science Talent Search Examination (NSTSE) q Unified Cyber Olympiad (UCO) q Unified International English Olympiad (UIEO) We incorporate the latest findings from the research studies on educational assessment, formative assessment techniques, etc., to equip the young generation for future needs. The only institution of its kind in the country, Unified Council is renowned for its comprehensive study capsule guides, Success Series Books, which we provide ‘free’ to all students taking the NSTSE programme. These books have been conceived after thorough research on students’ requirements.’


Souvenir- 2016  

Souvenir released on the occasion of Annual Awards Celebrations-2016 held on 19th June,2017 at Ravindra Bharathi, Hyderabad.

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