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Letter from the editor

Letter from the editor

Hey, we here on “Games” would like to say welcome to our magazine. We really appreciate that you are reading our magazine and hope you enHey, weyouhere “Games” saygames welcome joy what read.on In this magazinewould you canlike read to about we enjoy, because our goal to inform you about these games so that to our it’s magazine. We really appreciate that youyou aremight also enjoy them some day. reading our magazine and hope you enjoy what you We here at Games don’t want our readers to pay for our magazine, since read. this magazine can toread about games we we don’tIn care about money; weyou just want inform our loyal readers about the great games available. our you magazine is free and enjoy,allbecause it’s our goal Therefore to inform about these we make the little money we need off of some ads here and there. We games so that you might also enjoy them some day. hope this won’t interfere with your reading. We here at Games don’t want pay forLeaIn this episode of “Games” you can readour aboutreaders Heroes oftoNewerth, gue ofmagazine, Legends and since Quake Live, some ofcare the games have a very our we don’t aboutthat money; weactive E-sports scene, so If you want to make money on your gaming, make just want to inform our loyal readers about all the sure to read this months copy of “Games”!

great games available. Therefore our magazine is free and we make the little money we need off of some ads here and there. We hope this won’t interfere with your reading. In this episode of “Games” you can read about Heroes of Newerth, League of Legends and Quake Live, some of the games that have a very active E-sports scene, so If you want to make money on your gaming, make sure to read this months copy of “Games”!


Quake Live Quake live is a game developed by ID Software and it was released August 6th,2010. The Quake Series has been around since 1996 when the first game was released. The game only has a multiplayer and no single player mode because the series became most famous for its intense and brilliant multiplayer mode. It’s free to play and only takes a couple of minutes to install. The quake gameplay is both very simple and very hard to learn; it really depends on how you want to play the game. If you are just going to play it casual at like a LAN-party with your friends there isn’t much to learn, you just need to learn how to shoot and walk which is hard to not know how to do. Though if you want to get better at the game and go pro you have to learn EVERYTHING that you could possibly learn like; how to jump perfectly according to situation, learn all the spawn times, where all the supplies spawn, how you get around between the supply spawns while covering as much ground as possible etc. Then you also need to build up your FPS reactions but they aren’t as important as they are in other games such as counter-strike which is also a popular multiplayer game with a big fanbase. The popularity of the game is not that great actually, but most people know what Quake is because it’s the father of all great FPS games such as Counter-Strike and Halo. Sadly nowadays it isn’t as popular as it was in the days of Quake 2 and Quake 3 but hardcore fans still hang on to the game. Quake is possibly one of the most respected game series of all time just because it is the predecessor to so many great 3

games that have a big fan base, so those fans respect Quake because it is the game that is responsible for their favorite game. There has always been a lot of money in the E-sport part of Quake and there still is. Because players get sponsored by companies that have to do with electronics/gaming equipment and then the player shows who is sponsoring in many different ways, a few of them are having popups in their livestreams and some wearing clothes that has the sponsoring company logos on them. There are also a lot of tournaments with big prize pool that are sometimes above $100, 000. But nowadays you don’t see such prize pools regularly. Why you should play this game, There are a lot of reasons why I think this game is great and that more people should play it. Some of those reasons are that the game is just loads of fun. It doesn’t matter how you play it or why you play it it’s always fun to play. The Quake Live community also has a big part in why the game is as awesome as it is, because in most other games, take Heroes of Newerth or CounterStrike for example, the communties are pretty horrible with people just screaming at each other, trash talking and so on. But when playing Quake Live you don’t feel those vibes, it’s more if you win, you win, and that is great for you. No one really cares it seems, altough there are people like that, but I’ve only met one. So please consider playing the game, after all its free and fun to play so what do you have to loose?

League of Legends League of Legends is an action RTS (Real Time Strategy) video game made by Riot games, this game is like the old school game DoTa All-Stars made by IceFrog (it’s an map on Warcraft III). League of legends gameplay is that you form two even teams and pick heroes, but in tournaments or Ranked games you can even ban some heroes that you don’t want the opposite team to pick. Summoner: When you log into League of Legends the first time you need to name your Summoner, your Summoner will go up in level when you’re playing and you can select masteries when you are leveling. There are three types of mastery pages, one for offence (when you are playing a Damage Hero and you need to deal so much damage as possible), one for defensive (when you’re playing a Tank or Offtank (second tank, using both damage and tank stuff) or something like that and need to absorb so much damage as possible to survive) and the last specc for ulti (when you’re a spellcaster and need cooldown reduction for more spells casting in a figth). When you’re playing League of legends you’re getting experience for your Summoner and “Influence points” (in-game currency). The Influence points is a currency you can but runes and new heroes, there is different type of runes like the masteries, some for offence (Like armor penetration, damage etc.) One for defensive (like armor, magic resist, health, etc) and one for Spellcasters (Ability power, cooldown reduction, etc). Match: When you’re joining the que for the game

you will be put in a team against another, there is an 5vs5 map a 3vs3 map and another 5vs5 map but with another objective. The maps are called “field of justice”. On the most popular 5vs5 map there are 3 Lanes that you can go on. The most popular game style is that you put an spellcaster at the middle lane, an offtank at top lane, a support and a Damage dealer at bot. There is also a hero that’s going in the jungle. In the jungle (forrest) there are spawning mobs that you can kill and gaining gold and experience from. You doing this so the other ones ca<black-wallpaper. jpg>n get more experience and gold from their lanes. The jungler main objective is to gank the other team. When you killing someone from the other team you’re gaining much experience and much gold. You can spend the gold at the shop in your base to gatting stonger. There are three towers at each lane, when you’re destroying a tower you getting much gold to the each hero in your team, at the base there is three buildings called “inhibitor” at the start on every lane, when you destroy it your team gains “Super minions” on that lane that are very powerful, it helps a lot. But the inhibitor are also respawning so the team that got an inhibitor destroyed got a chance to win. I think this game is very fun to play, I play it a lot and I recommend this game to you guys. It’s free to play so you can just visit League of Legends website and download the game and stat playing! Written by Johan Granberg


the game. People were saying that it was a Call of Duty clone, that it required no teamwork, and that it was, as I said earlier, a dumbed down version of Battlefield 2.

If you talk to a gaming veteran, it’s likely that he will mention how much modern gaming sucks. They claim that games are casual, mainstream and most of all, way too easy. 15 years ago there were no tutorials and many games were murderously difficult, yet those gamers were rocket jumping through Quake before we could even finish the first level of Black Ops. Or at least that’s what they like to think. There are several issues that you need to consider when trying to talk about something as widely spread and varied as the gaming culture. First of all, you can’t just scratch the surface and be done with it. The game I see mentioned most of the time when people are arguing that modern games suck, is Call of Duty. When I think about it, Modern Warfare 3, Battlefield 3, and Skyrim are probably the only games I’ve seen mentioned in this debate in the last year or so. By veterans, Modern Warfare is said to be generally bad, Battlefield 3 is called a “dumbed down version of Battlefield 2”, and Skyrim is a “dumbed down version of Morrowind”, and that is all they see. This is a big problem, because hidden behind all of these mega blockbusters you’ll find a massive cluster of lesser known games, many of which are simply amazing. People complain about the simplicity of Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3, yet they have never even tried Red Orchestra 2, a game by Tripwire studios, where every shot matters, running and gunning is out of the picture and patience is key. Red Orchestra 2 sold fairly well for such a small studio, and had a decent player count. But then came Battlefield 3, and immediately the servers were empty. This didn’t surprise me at all, seeing as Battlefield 3 was a huge release. What really baffled me, though, was the amount of people complaining about

”...You can’t just scratch the surface and be done with it”


Normally this wouldn’t have bothered me, but the fact that the game they seemed to want, Red Orchestra 2, was right in front of their eyes, really angered me. How can anyone complain about modern gaming, when the only games that exist in their eyes are the ones that they get thrown in their faces? You see this everywhere. People are complaining about Skyrim, but they have never played The Witcher 2. People miss Quake, but they have never played Hard Reset.

Tired of Call of Duty yet?

The second issue I want to mention is that it’s always been like this. It always used to be better, not only in gaming, but in everything. If you ask older people, they’ll most likely tell you that things were better in their days, and gaming veterans are like the senior citizens of gaming. They glorify their own generation without properly looking at the current one. People tend to like things that they grew up with and got attached to, and while there is nothing wrong with this, it does not justify criticizing the entirety of modern gaming. And even though I can assure you that in ten years, when kids are playing Call of Duty: Laser guns and Battlefield 5, my generation will be talking about the good ‘ol days, with such classics as Skyrim and Battlefield 3, that will not makes us correct in criticizing their games. I guess what I’m trying to say is that, basically, people like to glorify their own generation, and unjustly criticize the current one, and that it might not be that games that are the problem, but the gamers.

It’s been five years since last time, but it’s finally time for Ethan hunt’s fourth impossible mission. Hunt is jailed in Moscow, but is broken out by the IMF (Impossible Missions Force). His mission is to infiltrate The Moscow Kremlin, but it all goes horribly wrong as an unknown culprit bombs the fortress. Hunt is given the blame, and the bombing is considered an undeclared act of war. The U.S President declares Ghost Protocol which disavows the entire IMF, and leaves any agents on their own. It’s now up to Hunt and his team to stop the imminent nuclear war in what winds up to be one of the best action movies that I’ve seen in a very long time. I must admit that I was not very excited about this movie, and it wasn’t even on my radar until just before its release. I’ve never been a big fan of the series. Out of the all the earlier movies I’ve only seen one, and I didn’t even like it that much. This movie, on the other hand, proved to be exciting, funny and full of action, without losing any of its charm. Tom Cruise is absolutely fantastic in his role as a super spy, and his acting really gives a good impression of being a rugged veteran in the business. He’s

also the person to act out some of the most amazing set pieces that I’ve seen in recent movies. There were some sequences that I really didn’t expect, and I think that made it even more effective. Apart from surprising, the stunts are also impossibly unrealistic, and chances are that some time during the movie, you’re going to think something along the lines of “wow, this could never, ever happen in real life”, or perhaps “holy shit, that’s fucking amazing”. All the set pieces are very well executed, and fit in to the context of the movie flawlessly. This, among other things, is what really made this movie stand out from the crowd for me. I never felt like anything happened just because the directors thought it sounded cool. For example, when Tom Cruise was running on the outside of the Burj Khalifa, it didn’t feel like the team went there just so he could do that, it felt like he did what he had to, and just happened to be in the world’s tallest building. This gives the movie a good flow, and makes all the set pieces feel natural, despite being so ridiculous. It might surprise you to know that Ghost Protocol has more actors in it than just Tom Cruise. The team also consists of Paula Patton as Jane Carter, Jeremy

Renner as William Brandt, both giving very solid performances, but nothing I’d put my money on, and last but not least Simon Pegg as Benji Dunn. Pegg was probably the actor that surprised me the most. I had only seen him in Hot Fuzz before, playing a very serious cop. Thus I found it surprising that it was made clear right from the start that he was going to be the comic relief of the movie. I have a bad track record with such characters, so I didn’t get my hopes up. Fortunately, I was pleasantly surprised. I don’t know what it is with Simon Pegg. It might be his great acting, his fantastic timing, or maybe it’s because he’s just so darn likable, but he has a fantastic way to incorporate comedy in to serious movies, without making it sound cheesy. Just as with the set pieces it all flows very naturally, and you are very likely to just laugh without even thinking about it. The bottom line is that Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol is an absolutely fantastic movie, filled to the brim with great acting, set pieces and comedy. I’d say it’s worth every penny, so go watch it. Right now!


Heroes of Newerth (Or HoN) Is an action RTS (Real Time Strategy) game developed by S2 Games. The game is inspired by the game Defense of the Ancients that is a custom map of the game Warcraft III. The game was released on May 12, 2010 and became free to play on July 29, 2011. Gameplay: In HoN you start up by being directed into two teams. Either you can queue alone or as a group with friends. Both teams have their base at opposite sides of a map. The most common map has three lanes going from one base to another and the goal is to destroy all the towers that are placed in every lane and then eventually the base which is strongly defended with more towers and buildings that spawn units. Well, that sounds pretty simple but it really isn’t becuse every 30 seconds the Creep spawns and it gives you gold and experience if you kill them. The Creeps are computer units and will go to each lane and try to get to the base. You win if you destroy the other team’s base or if the other team concedes after 15 minutes. There are mainly four phases in Heroes of Newerth, first the Picking Phase and actually, in my opinion, it is the most important one because to make a successful team you need many roles, like there is for example “Support” that supports the team the whole game and babysits the Carry, “Carry” is a role for a hero who is bad at the start of the game when he has no items that make him stronger, like you can get items that buff your health. Later into the game the Carry will be the one carrying the game for his team. There are also “Ganker” and “Initiator” and you need them too to make a good team.


An ingame Screenshot from an undergoing HoN match

The Laning Phase: In the start for about ten minutes each hero will go to one of the three lanes where the creeps will meet each other and try to kill the other team’s heroes and creeps for experience and gold. If you win the lane you are on you will have an advantage over their heroes. Mid Game: After you have been laning you and your team will have to group up and kill enemy heroes and push towers for gold. This is an important thing to do because if you have an advantage and kill the enemy heroes they will give up after a while, so it’s important to have a good team that can push and kill heroes.

Late game: After about 40 minutes the late game starts, but usually in HoN there won’t be a late game since the average game is 35 minutes. Here the “Carry” you picked will start to shine and kill the other team’s heroes with ease if he had a good farming game.

Heroes Of Newerth have about games played every day and the number of users online is always over 50,000. I think Heroes of Newerth is a great game that I’ve been playing a lot and I think you should go to their webpage right now and make an account. Simon Källberg

Popularity: Heroes of Newerth released in a beta stage April 24, 2009. Open beta was opened March 31, 2010 and during that time about 3,000,000 accounts were made. On May 12, 2010 the game was released. A big patch HoN 2.0 was released with an ingame shop. Became free to play on July, 29 2011. You can buy more things from the store with coins you get for playing games.



Napoleon: Total War The French war machine is something you rarely hear someone speak well about, often symbolized by its incompetence during World War II, however 140 years ago was France a major power under the command of Napoléon Bonaparte, he will also be the main character in the Creative Assembly’s series latest game, Napoleon total war. The campaigns that Napoleon Total War circles around are well made and satisfying but with Creative assembly converting to more Historical accuracy at the expanse of sandbox feeling makes Napoleon: total war feel very strict compared to earlier games in the Total war series bringing both negative and positive responses, for example in earlier titles you could explore most of the world, Napoleon total war those however only have 3 campaign about Napoleon’s life where you travel from Italy to Egypt and Finally takes you to the fields of Waterloo and since the creators have mainly focused on such small areas at the time has left them with creating very nice looking maps filled with forests, mists and mountains. The Italy campaign can easily completed in a few hours, even when doing the extra missions, however the campaign are timed meaning if you don’t complete them within a certain amount of time you will fail you can still continue to play but It won’t count as a success but however you will still unlock the next campaign so don’t feel despair when a windows pops up suddenly saying that your time to finish the campaign is about to end. Although the campaigns are rather strict, it doesn’t mean that they are easy, the battles are significantly harder and it’s no longer possible to lure the enemy in simple traps and since the main focus lies on gunpowder weapons and cannons you often have to think on new risks and possibilities and simple choices like ordering your troops to taking cover behind building or walls may be the key to victory, and with this crucial changes pretty much everything you’ve learned from years of playing earlier Total War titles feels as good was blown away, Cavalry is important it new ways, while cannons are of the most importance, the battles are different and feels simple, but still perfect. The campaign is two-parted, and instead of playing as Napoleon you can also play on the side of the coalition force where four other nations are playable in either the historical campaign or World domination campaign. + Plus: Historical, intense, challenging, great graphics. - Minus: Strict and less playfull. Overall, fun with all the new, although a little strict, grade 8 of 10




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