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Kelli Kalish Photography

Photography Workshops for Women Budding Confidence Workshop This intimate, half day workshop, is created for you! Instead of learning a lot of technical instruction, we will focus our time on easy camera settings that change your results overnight. You will have your creative eye opened to how photographers look for light and set themselves up for success, regardless of what type of camera they are using. You will also be inspired by the teaching on creative composition--the reasoning behind how you frame a moment. For a half day, we cover a lot! So roll up your sleeves, bring whatever camera you use whether it's a Point and Shoot, SmartPhone or DSLR, and get ready to be experience the

budding of a new kind of creative CONFIDENCE!

Growing Confidence Workshop Are you frustrated because you invested in an expensive DSLR camera but feel like your point-and-shoot or Smartphone get better results? If yes, this workshop is for YOU! True to this workshop, time tested (and approved:)), we are excited to equip you on several levels of understanding your DSLR so you can capture the moments of your loved ones in difficult lighting. The first half of the day will be focused on the topics such to becoming aware of light--seeing like a photographer sees..deeper awareness in how to compose a storytelling photo and how to build Ideas for a photo story before the shoot happens and many more! You'll also take home with you

in a 50 plus page, beautifully, designed workbook! The second half of the day will be hands on CONFIDENCE building as you process the full morning by doing a live photo shoot!

Confidence Workshops For Women  
Confidence Workshops For Women  

Introducing Photography Workshops For Women