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PORTFOLIO Kalina Valkanova Gradeva

Work experience


Kalina Gradeva Architecte DEA, ENSAV - Versailles Muchen +4917636400332 Bulgarian nationality 03/10/1989

Education 2011 - 2013

“Ecole nationale d’architecture de Versailles” Versailles, France - Diploma in Architectural studies 2011 - 2012 “La Sapienza” facoltà di architettura “Ludovico Quaroni”, Rome, Italy - Exchange program Erasmus for one year 2008 - 2011 “Ecole nationale d’architecture de Versailles” - bachelor’s degree 2003 - 2008 “Frédéric Joliot Curie” High school, Varna, Bulgaria - option: french Languages   Bulgarian French Italian

native language excellent good

English Greek

good basic

07-08/2011 Internship in “RICCISPAINI”, Rome, Italy 05-06/2010 Guide in “Maréchalerie”, Versailles, France 07/2010 Intership in “Urban Creative” Varna, Bulgaria 07/2010 Art installation in high school “Petko Slaveikov”, Varna Bulgaria 07/2009 Internship in“GARDAYGINI’, coating, formwork of concrete, Varna, Bulgaria 09/2009 Workshop with CAMPANA’s brothers from Brazil, art installation, Versailles, France Computer skills Autocad Rihnoceros Sketchup Artlantis Studio 3 Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator/Indesign CS5 Adobe after effects CS5 Interests Painting and exploring a various type of techniques: gouach, watercolor, charcoal drawing, painting on glass, iconography Hand-made objects, Art installations, Design of furniture Travel, World History

CONTENT University projects _Viaduc of Costaviola _Housing development _Multimedia library Personal Projects _Plein-Air _Warm table _Somewhere Workshop _Luster of bottle


Viaduct of Costaviola Scilla/Favazzina-Calabre _Italy

The view of the Mediterranean sea and the robust structure of concrete are the most important aspects of the Costaviola viaduct. The suggestion is to put a light structure of steel handing a house under the construction of the bridge, built in 1970. This complex of houses shall be cultural and sport centre, because the area where the bridge is located is appropriate for developing summer and winter tourism. The environment is composed by mountains and sea. In the middle of the bridge we propose to construct space for visitors where they can contemplate and observe the beautiful nature. Actually there is no transport connection between Scilla and Favazzina, our idea is to install a tramway on second upper way.

team / GĂŠraldine Humbert, Claire Labourie, Gullaume Lelasseux DETAILS OF OBSERVATORY


Housing development Carrière-sur-Seine/Paris_France

The community of Carrière sur Seine increases its population every year. The master plan of 1995 provides for building 1100 houses in 13 years. My proposal is to design a model of a house that does not require complex constructive techniques. The complex reminds of a Lego game. Any apartment is like a piece of Lego element and offers different kind of benefits of its inhabitants. On the ground floor of the house there is a private garden, on the second floor we have a duplex.

/ 42m²

1 2 3 4

1_Housing R+2 / 9m 2_Housing R+2 / 8,6m 3_Housing R+1 / 6m 4_Suburban homes R+1 / 6m






Multimedia library Varna_Bulgaria

The City of Varna is mainly developed during the XX century. Most of the buildings are made by industrial concrete elements. Our project represents the typical example of this kind of construction. The building that is object of rehabilitation is located on a court of the technical university of Varna. The five-storey building has one level below the ground. The parameters of the project include saving of the sustainable panels of the original building. These particular panels marked the accessibility of circulation systems, which link the spaces all together. The complex of modules organized the entire space of the building: hall polyvalent, hall of reading, auditorium. The proposal is to establish a cultural public place – mÊdiateque. In front of the main entrance there is a water mirror (2cm surface with water). My view contains the development of small models of the main building in every separate district.

Housing 7/8 floors

Private houses

Our project

Axonometry of project

Elevation Sud






1,6cm 16cm 15cm

Plan type

First floor






Competition_Bathroom of the year_IDEAL_STANDARD_Bulgaria








Our answer to the competition ‘My personal ideal bathroom “ to the international company Ideal Standard is a bathroom made entirely of wood. The structure is made of columns - beams. They are 20 by 20cm of size and they fill the area of 6.6 m ². The bathroom can be built fast and easy. We propose a bathroom completly independent to its context. The design could be a proposal for public toilet in an urban landscape


The wood “ accommodates“ the products of Ideal Standard and builds a rack and shelves for various uses. Wood is the main material and it is used for the floor, the ceiling and the walls.


Warm table design at home

Structure of wood

Second internal plates

Put a polycarbonat

Pieces are unit with metalic joints External plates

This table is made of polycarbonate sheets and a simple metallic inox bolts. It is an experimental object which can be made of different robust materials like a glass of 3mm. The idea is to create warm romantic and mysterious atmosphere. The project was accomplished in a real scale 1:1.

Internal plates


Somewhere Varna_Bulgaria


This project represents the visualization of virtual protective sphere that surrounds everyone. Every man has a personal imaginative world where one could easily approach the ultimate perfection. But this personal utopia creates invisible boundaries and sometimes the real world turns to a hostile place. The primary goal is to recreate the idea of isolation as sphere in real scale .The design resembles construction of brain neurons.


Luster of bottle Versailles_France

“See the beauty where it does not lie, to produce it�_ Humberto Campana The brazilian designers Fernando and Humberto Campana suggested to explore a simple plastic bottle as a constructive element for an art installation. The start point of the adventure was a chandelier of the Hall of Mirrors. We chose to transform the bottle in pikes and produce an caotical sturcture. You cannot recognize its original form.

Gradeva portfolio 2014  

University and personal projects