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Technical Team Report: Salient Findings of the Environmental Investigation Mission on the Effects of Citinickel Mining on Espanola, Palawan

November 23-27, 2012

Methodology Ocular Survey

Measurement of key parameters

Key Informant Interviews & Round Table Discussions

Parameters Measured River and Coastal Ecosystems Physico-chemical Analysis • Total Suspended Solids • pH (Alkalinity/Acidity) • Temperature • Stream velocity Biological Analysis • Biodiversity Assessment • Sensitivity Assessment

Farm Ecosystem Colorimetric determination of acidity/alkalinity and presence of macroelements (N, P, K)

Surveyed Points

Salient Findings

Physico-chemical Parameters Pasi River

Maribong River

Pulot River

Punang River Site

Sitio Bulikawa






Average 32 Temperature (â °C)





Average Depth

25.40 cm

5.40 cm

126 cm

155 cm


Average Stream Velocity (m/sec)






Average pH

Biodiversity and Sensitivity Assessment Pasi River near the Siltation Dam • Observed fauna: small fish and shellfish • Bleached shells littered the riverbank, possibly indicating massive death of shellfish • No visible hydrophites or aquatic plants like algae • Clear water with very few floating debris • Riverbank sediments is made up of sandy grey sediments • Riverbed sediments is rusty red to orange in colour due to silt

Biodiversity and Sensitivity Assessment Maribong River passes through Sitio Maribong • Presence of cone gilled shellfish and insect larvae along the river bed • The stream in the direction of the old tribal settlement is still teeming with vegetation (Pandan species, Bamboo, Club mosses

System of Siltation Dams

Siltation dams constructed near the stream are made with hardened mud, and are approximately 4ft in depth.

Biodiversity and Sensitivity Assessment Pulot River/Interior Dam • Presence of fish species such as Pait and Lugusan

Pulot River/Interior Dam

• Distinct reddish sediments observed at the bottom portion of the river sediment profile

Biophysical Assessment Rice farmland ecosystem – receiving irrigation coming from Pulot River Interior Dam • pH - 6.8 • Amount of macroelements in observed farmland Nitrogen – Low Phosphorus – Medium Potassium – Sufficient • Soil color – Black to brown

Biodiversity and Sensitivity Assessment Punang River Point – mangrove forest • mangroves in fairly good condition • seemingly typical estuarine waters with grayish soil • macro-invertebrates, fishes thriving

Biodiversity and Sensitivity Assessment Sitio Bulikawa • Observations • Dead mollusks observed scattered in the area • Death of shellfish in recent months, as reported by residents

Summary of findings • There are strong indications of heavy metal contamination and processing chemical pollution • Discoloration of rivers and the loss of coastal and aquatic resources such as mollusks, crustaceans, seaweeds and fishes • Endangered food chains of aquatic ecosystems • Pollution of irrigation systems connected to the Pulot River, Maribong River and Pasi River

Potential Impacts • Death of river system due to toxic materials in mine wastes that drain into waterbodies • Long term effects of heavy metal contamination in the form of acid mine drainage would be bioaccumulation of contaminants in the food chain • Continued mining operations may aggravate flooding in the area, increase the risk of disaster

Recommendations • A comprehensive and independent scientific study of the environment around the Citinickel mining site, including facilities for mine waste disposal

• Review track record of Citinickel to ensure the company’s adherence and accountabiltiy to environmental standards

Espanola Palawan EIM Technical Report  
Espanola Palawan EIM Technical Report  

Technical Report on the Salient Findings of the Environmental Investigation Mission on the Effects of Citinickel Mining on Espanola, Palawan