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The Community Foundation of Collier County provides donors with philanthropic

knowledge and financial stewardship to strengthen our community—forever.




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munity. Together, we are changing our world—our com

n of Collier County For the past 27 years, the Community Foundatio ry philanthropic has been in a unique position to serve as the prima unity. In 2012, the resource for donors and nonprofits in our comm strategic plan which Community Foundation’s board launched a new several years on strategic will more sharply focus its efforts over the next problems in identigrantmaking and providing leadership to help solve fied areas of community needs. ed by change. Not As we reflect on this past fiscal year we are inspir ty gone through Coun er Colli of n only has the Community Foundatio unity continues comm our but ing— many changes—growing and evolv share them can we ful thank and es these chang to change as well. We are grateful to be a part of with you.

tion of Eileen Connolly-Keesler as our new One major change this past year has been the reten 12 years as CEO of the Oshkosh, Wisconsin President and CEO. Following a most successful ry 1, 2013. Her proven leadership and thorough Community Foundation, Eileen joined us on Janua tiona l. More important ly, she has continually knowledge of Community Foundations are excep of the community and to energize people to supdemonstrated the abilit y to understand the needs port those needs. as Acting CEO from May through December of We want to thank Mary George, who operated g CFO from May through September of 2013, as 2012, and Wendy Horton, who operated as Actin and capable staff for sustaining our forward progwell as the Community Foundation’s committees not have accomplished these substantial results ress. Without their leadership and support, we could during fiscal year 2013: • 25 new charitable funds created, bring ing our

total number of funds to 451

• $6,929,783 million in contr ibutions • $9,458,218 in grants distr ibuted

nt support of our wonderful organization. The curre Final ly, I want to thank you for your continued owed to the many previous Trustees and other Board of CFCC recognizes the debt of gratit ude n such a major contributor to the strength of our principal supporters who have made the Foundatio leadership. community. It is our commitment to sustain that

Thomas D. McCann Chair, Board of Trustees



Thomas D. McCann CHAIR

Alan M. Horton CHAIR ELECT

Kim Ciccarelli Kantor SECRETARY

Dennis C. Brown TREASURER



Paul W. Dresselhaus

Christine R. Flynn

John D. Fumagalli

Mana P. Holtz

Patricia A. Jilk

Kathleen L. Kircher

William D. Lange

Suzanne Lount

Brian V. McAvoy

J. Richard Munro

John F. Sorey, III

Mario Valle

Jennifer B. Walker

Harold L. Zink

Not Pictured: John J. Morgan, Jr., EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE 2

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From left: Ann Hughes, Director of Donor Services; Kali Horton, Marketing Manager; Mary George, Vice President of Community Grantmaking; Annette Kirk, Grants and Scholarship Coordinator; Eileen Connolly-Keesler, President/CEO; Eric Kingsley, Accounting Manager; Marsha Lewis, Donor Information Specialist; Lilla P. Asmund, Executive Assistant; PAST STAFF: Mary Ellen Barrett, Jane Billings, Wendy Horton, Cory Merrill, Susan Utz, Karen Warnken; INTERNS: Emily Caputo, Harvard University; Christine Manseour, Harvard College; Charlotte Newell, Yale University; Alexandria Merritt, Clemson University


Ann E. Berlam Jane Billings Dolly Bodick Cornelius P. Cacho Joe B. Cox Alison K. Douglas Jeffrey R. Erickson Linda C. Flewelling Marion T. Forté Donald T. Franke Dorothy A. Gerrity J. Dudley Goodlette Kevin C. Hale Brad A. Havemeier Thomas E. Ingram Frank L. Klapperich, Jr. William Laimbeer, Sr. James B. Lancaster L. Bates Lea Linda R. Malone Ramiro Manalich John M. Passidomo Alan D. Reynolds James T. Rideoutte Ned R. Sachs Thomas G. Schneider Michael J. Schroeder Beverly A. Smith Duane Stranahan, Jr. William E. Thomas Gordon R. Watson Joanne S. Wyss


Dorothy A. Gerrity, Chair Brad A. Havemeier Frank L. Klapperich, Jr. John M. Passidomo Ned R. Sachs Michael J. Schroeder Beverly A. Smith


Housing & Hunger

Paul W. Dresselhaus, Chair Dennis C. Brown Thomas E. Ingram Ramiro Manalich

Joseph Foster Jeffrey Cecil Barbara Desanzo Emily Watt


Social Services

Harold L. Zink, Chair Kathleen L. Kircher Thomas D. McCann J. Richard Munro Heidi Varsames

Arts James Rideoutte Rick Fumo Delores Sorey

Education Ben Tiley Jeanne Bolds Patricia A. Jilk Duane Stranahan, Jr. Jennifer B. Walker

Environment Anne Foster Susan Calkins Linda Diaz Carol Ethier Hudak

Health Care Jinny Johnson Horace W. Bernton Donald Grandi Susan Golden Martin Watson

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Ann Campbell Karen Conley Jan Eustis Nancy Wolfe

DIRECT CHARITABLE ACTIVITIES Review Committee Alan M. Horton, Chair Patricia A. Jilk Kathleen L. Kircher J. Richard Munro Mario Valle Harold L. Zink

FINANCE COMMITTEE Dennis C. Brown, Chair Alan M. Horton Thomas D. McCann John J. Morgan Deborah L. Russell John F. Sorey III


Christopher P. Bray, Chair Ann E. Berlam Dorothy A. Gerrity Alan M. Horton Thomas D. McCann Jennifer B. Walker


John J. Morgan, Chair Christopher P. Bray Kim Ciccarelli Kantor William D. Lange Ned R. Sachs Gordon R. Watson


William D. Lange, Chair Kevin Carmichael Paul W. Dresselhaus Grey Holtz Brian V. McAvoy Ellen Vanderburg

WOMEN’S INITIATIVE NETWORK Steering Committee Lisa Merritt, Chair Mary Baron Susan Dalton Lu Drackett Christine R. Flynn Myra Friedman Sue Huff Mana P. Holtz Kathleen Kapnick Suzanne Lount Jo Ann Remington Beverly Cherry Anne Welsh McNulty




“ t doesn’t matter where you are, you are nowhere compared to where you can go.” ­

— Bob Proctor


erry F. Nichols, originally from Ohio, has been a resident of Naples for almost 40 years, and recalls the days when the Community Foundation of Collier County was first being organized.

“Shortly after the Community Foundation was established both Arlene and I set up funds because we agreed with the philosophy and mission of the organization,” Jerry states. “However, as time passed, we wanted greater flexibility, so we established a private foundation.” During the period of time while they maintained the private foundation, Jerry had the opportunity to understand the time commitment, cost and responsibility associated with a private foundation. The management and administration was additional work. This, along with the Community Foundation’s newfound stature and maturity, helped renew their interest in the Community Foundation’s services. After moving their private foundation to the Community Foundation, Jerry and Arlene were able to structure an agreement that allowed them to use their fund according to their wishes—focusing on children and education. Since 1998, the Nicholses have granted $1 million from their funds with assistance from the Community Foundation.

“If you provide a safe environment for children and education, you give individuals the potential and opportunity for success,” Jerry says.

Jerry recently completed a four-year term as Chairman of the Boys & Girls Club of Collier County and was part of the founding group for Junior Achievement of Southwest Florida. He has been very active with Hodges University including being the founding Chair for their Foundation.

Community Foundation

Jerry’s wife, Arlene, passed in 2011. They have three daughters, eight grandchildren and seven great-granddaughters to date. “It’s important to me that the Nichols’ legacy and goals live on through my family. Most importantly, I have trust and confidence in the Community Foundation of Collier County to manage our assets and fulfill our family’s philanthropic interests for generations to come.”

VS. Private Foundation

No cost to establish fund.................................................... ‰ Recommended initial contribution-$10,000.......................... ‰ Cash gifts cannot exceed 50% AGI....................................... ‰ Publicly traded stock cannot exceed 30% of AGI................... ‰ Nominal administrative fee for team and community experts.... ‰ No tax returns and audits.................................................... ‰ No excise taxes.................................................................. ‰ Payout not mandatory......................................................... ‰ Donor and grants can remain anonymous............................. ‰

Community Foundation of Collier County |

$5,000-$10,000 fee to establish Foundation $2 million to justify startup costs Cash gifts cannot exceed 30% AGI Publicly traded stock cannot exceed 20% of AGI Additional cost for administrative support Annual tax returns and audits 1% excise taxes on net investment Mandatory 5% payout Donor and grants are public on Guidestar




“ usic is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy” ­

— Ludwig von Beethoven


Community Foundation of Collier County |



s we all know, subjects such as math, English, history and science are necessary parts of an educational curriculum. These elements set the foundation for success. But the evidence behind the power of a musical education is hard to dismiss. When Lucie Jenny MacCarthy was a 12-year-old immigrant growing up in Chicago, someone took the time to teach her how to play the saxophone, but she learned a lot more than how to play the instrument. She learned self-discipline and gained self-esteem from her music experience. Lucie wanted to share her love of music and the many tangible and intangible benefits of learning how to play an instrument with others. Learning music motivates; challenges; inspires; connects ones to their feelings; initiates thoughts and ideas, as well as provides a means of structuring those thoughts, ideas and feelings; fosters individual growth and teamwork; reinforces real world skills; and prepares young minds for academic success. Lucie worked with her financial advisors to set up a Donor Designated Fund at the Community Foundation of Collier County. She designated the proceeds to Champions for Learning for music education. Priority was given to purchasing instruments for deserving Collier County students and supplementing the music education budget of Collier County schools. Over the course of the last several years, the legacy of Lucie Jenny MacCarthy has been evident in the lives of students all across our community. A total of $496,148.38 has been granted to Champions for Learning since 1999 making way for thousands of students to have experiences with music that they would not likely have had otherwise.

“From the violins in Pre-K classes, to the summer band camps for teenagers, Lucie’s vision to provide instruments and music experiences to students has impacted thousands of young people in Collier County.

fund has been helping the students who need it the most,” says Susan McManus, president, Champions for Learning. Through the Community Foundation of Collier County, Lucie Jenny MacCarthy’s belief that music can make a difference in the lives of children will live on forever.

The band program at Golden Gate Middle School has been supported by the Lucie Jenny MacCarthy Music Fund in many ways. When the program first started to grow in 2007-08, we received money from Champions for Learning to purchase approximately $10,000 worth of new instruments. The majority of our families are unable to provide an instrument for their child to use in band class. Through the grant, we were able to give many more students the opportunity to participate. The band program at GGMS now includes approximately 300 kids and is one of the biggest and most successful programs in the district! —John Rosbottom, Golden Gate Middle School Band Director

“Pre-K violin lessons help students prepare for kindergarten and instrumental music programs help students of all ages become lifelong learners. With the guidance of our teachers, this

Community Foundation of Collier County |




“ ll good men and women must take responsibility to create legacies that will take the next generation to a level we could only imagine.” ­ Jim Rohn — Henry and Betty Albrecht 8



hen you think about your life, what legacy do you want to leave behind?

This is a question many of us ponder, but few of us put into action. By working with a professional advisor and completing a few easy steps, you can leave a legacy of giving. The Albrecht Legacy Society at the Community Foundation of Collier County was formed by Henry and Betty Albrecht. They are founding members of the Community Foundation and very well known in our community for their philanthropy and generosity that reaches back to 1967. The Albrecht Legacy Society recognizes individuals who have remembered the Community Foundation through their will. Like the Albrechts, Huguette Louise Castaneda settled in Naples later on in life. She fell in love with the area during a vacation. Shortly after that trip, she moved from New Jersey upon retiring from a very successful career with Bloomberg LP and her husband’s passing. While living in Naples she discovered a passion for tennis and the beach, as well as a successful career in writing poetry and children’s books. Another passion includes philanthropic endeavors. “I get to do now the things I knew I always wanted to do, but did not necessarily have the time to do,” Huguette says. “Not only do my eight granddaughters inspire me to write my books, but the beautiful beaches and landscape inspires me too. It’s paradise.” But even paradise is not perfect. In Collier County, 31% of children are living in poverty and fight hunger every day. Huguette, a choir member at her local church, organizes the “Weekend Back Pack” program in partnership with the Coalition to End Homelessness. The participating elementary school and children maintain anonymity while meals are supplied in backpacks at the end of the week. Huguette became acquainted with the philanthropic endeavors of the Community Foundation while singing in the choir with Claudia Polzin, who was working for the Community Foundation of Collier County at the time.

“Claudia’s work at the Community Foundation inspired me. After learning the mission and benefits of the organization were in line with my own values and goals, it was an easy decision to plan a portion of my estate at the Community Foundation,” Huguette says.

As a member of the Albrecht Legacy Society, Huguette can feel secure knowing her funds will always be used according to her wishes—towards children’s basic needs, as well as literacy and music—forever.

THE COMMUNITY FOUNDATION OF COLLIER COUNTY HONORS forward-thinking individuals who will leave a permanent mark on our community through a gift from their estate. The Albrecht Legacy Society honors the following philanthropists for their commitment to the community. Mrs. Theresa M. Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Kant Mr. William D. Anderson Dr. & Mrs. Charles M. Karpas Mrs. Frances D. Armentrout Mr. & Mrs. George R. Kempton Mrs. Mindy Rosenzweig Mr. Dennis Kilcoyne Baha El Din Rev. Dr. Kathleen L. Kircher Mr. Francis A. Baker Mrs. G. Edna Krentz Mr. Garry N. Bean Mr. William Laimbeer, Sr. Mrs. Jane Billings Mr. & Mrs. Ben J. Lancashire Ms. Huguette L. Castaneda Mrs. Alice Ross T. Martell Mr. Ansel M. Chandler Peggy T. McIntire Fund Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Coy Ms. Norma D. Meyer Mrs. Patricia A. Daniel Dr. & Mrs. Charles J. Mr. & Mrs. James F. Derham Montgomery Mr. & Mrs. Louis H. Mrs. Carolyn H. Neumann Dingerdissen Mr. & Mrs. Noel Osborne Mrs. Jeanne L. Doolittle Mrs. Nancy V. Potter Mr. Richard G. Ford Mr. & Mrs. James D. Proud Dr. Howard L. Freedman Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Reckman Mr. William B. French Mr. & Mrs. David S. Reynolds Mr. & Mrs. Edmond A. Adele D. Rice Fund Garesche, III Mr. Holland T. Salley Mrs. Betty Lee Gates Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Mr. & Mrs. James R. Gibson, Jr. Schueddig Mrs. Christine Ginos Mrs. Jane Shaeffer Ms. Bernice I. Grossteiner Merrill H. Shaeffer Fund Mrs. Jean N. Grunow Mrs. Joan C. Shipman Mrs. Elizabeth S. Hall Mr. & Mrs. Jefferson A. Simpson Mr. Julian R. Hanley Mrs. Nancy Sineni Dr. Mana P. Holtz Mrs. Helen Strong Mr. & Mrs. Alan M. Horton Mr. Thomas A. Sully Mrs. Robert Hurd Mr. William F. Tallmadge Ms. Nancy Reed Ickes Dr. Jack W. Thompson Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Isermann Dr. & Mrs. Donald Ullrich Mrs. Helen Iten Mr. Dietrich E. Zimmerman Mr. & Mrs. David M. Jones Milton & Marion Wolfson Fund

If you have remembered the Community Foundation in your estate plan or would like more information about naming us as a beneficiary of your will, please contact Eileen Connolly-Keesler at 239.649.5000. 9


This home will make such a difference for our children. They have space to play and

study and we have a huge backyard where they can run. Now our house is the one extended family come to for birthdays and holidays and we couldn’t be more proud.”

— Rosa Lopez

Top photo: Craig Jilk, Sergio Lopez, Jr., Norma Lopez, Sergio Lopez, Rosa Lopez, Jennifer Lopez, and Patricia Jilk Bottom photo: Members and Residents of Grey Oaks Country Club participating in their annual Habitat Build Day.



“ here is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.”


rior to moving into their Habitat home, the Lopez family found it very difficult to find safe, decent housing they could afford on their low incomes. This family of five was living in a converted garage in a house they shared with other family members. The limited space and lack of privacy made life extremely difficult. Desperate to provide a better life for their children, they turned to Habitat for Humanity of Collier County. It was a dream come true for Sergio and Rosa when they were approved to become a Habitat partner family. As they invested their 500 sweat equity hours, they hoped it would help to teach their three children, Norma (11), Sergio, Jr. (8) and Jennifer (6), that with hard work anything is possible. Now, they are the proud homeowners in the Naples Manor neighborhood. Sergio continues his work as an irrigation technician and Rosa has found a new and better job with Arthrex.

— John Holmes

New homeowners are required to place a down payment and maintain a no-interest monthly mortgage according to a sliding scale. That money, along with generous donations, is recycled to help build new homes.

“Every house is an endowment and every dollar stays at work,” Lisa says.

Owning a home can embody many things—stability, security, safety. For many, it also creates a sense of pride. Good housing in communities attracts economic investment and development; contributes to thriving school systems and community organizations; and acts as a catalyst for civic activism. Habitat for Humanity International was founded in 1976 by Millard and Linda Fuller on these basic principles. Today, the organization is a world leader in addressing the issues of poverty and housing. The Habitat for Humanity of Collier County affiliate was formed shortly after the inception of the nonprofit organization. Today, over 100 homes are constructed in Collier County per year. “We live in a very unique community where there is an immense amount of wealth, and an immense amount of poverty. Through donations and proper money management we are able to provide a ‘hand-up’ through home ownership—not a ‘hand out,’” Lisa Lefkow, executive vice president, development says. The Habitat business model is a logical and well-oiled machine.

Staff from Naples Yacht Club raising the walls on a Habitat home in Naples Manor.

So why create an Agency Endowment Fund at the Community Foundation of Collier County? “We wanted to know that in times of crisis we would have a safety net. Our unique strategic business model makes us sustainable, but a Community Foundation endowment provides another level of sustainability. If homes are damaged by natural causes or another recession hits, we want to be prepared,” Lisa says. “We also find that donors may prefer to invest in a traditional endowment—essentially everyone feels secure knowing the Community Foundation of Collier County will support Habitat’s efforts, forever.”

Benefits of Agency Endowments at the

Community Foundation of Collier County ‚ S ophisticated Professional Investment Management

‚ C ommunity Foundation’s Strong Reputation for Fiscal Stewardship

‚ Acceptance of Unusual Assets

‚ High Quality, Cost-Efficient Administration and Stewardship Services

‚ Planned Giving Services ‚ Fundraising Advice and Counsel

Community Foundation of Collier County | 11

MARC SCIALDO In loving memory July 22, 1981 – March 11, 2013

Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.” ­ —Albert Einstein


or Marc Scialdo, growing up in America meant honoring the flag and everything it stood for. He was raised in a very patriotic family. Born on July 22, 1981 in Herkimer, NY, he moved to Naples at an early age. He attended St. John Neumann Catholic High School and graduated from Edison State College. The love for his country became even more significant in his life following the traumatic and horrific events on September 11. Plans to work for the family business were put aside and he enlisted in the army. At that point in his life, Marc wanted nothing more than to protect his country and his family in the most considerable way possible.


After more than 10 years of military service and a tour in Iraq, Marc was tragically killed in a UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter crash while serving during Operation Enduring Freedom on March 11, 2013. Marc was Staff Sergeant in charge of the helicopter maintenance crew in the 603rd Aviation Support Battalion. The devotion he had to his country could not be more evident than by the great risks and sacrifices he made. Today, his wife and family honor his life and service in many ways, including the creation of a scholarship in his name at the Community Foundation of Collier County.

Community Foundation of Collier County |

SCHOLARSHIP FUND of with the intent nd Fu p hi rs ola ch S c Scialdo est I set up the Mar Vetera ns in southw of n re ld hi dc an n and gr d benefiting childre life in a sp ecial an ’s d an sb hu y m r to hono l man who Florida. I wanted pa ssionate and loya m co e, av br a as e w mea ningful way. H heart. y with al l of his tr un co s hi d an mily loved God, his fa phew s for his nieces, ne t ar he s hi in ce pla He had a sp ecial ren of wait to ha ve child t no uld co he d and godchildren an y to ha ve had the opportunit r ve ne he ly te na lled his own. Unfortu t when he was ki or sh t cu as w e as his lif an that experience, for his country as g in ht fig le hi w nistan ing up in action in Afgha w Chief. By sett re C k aw kh lac B ant than Army Staff Serge fit more children ne be ill w e lif s hi nd, ion this scholarship fu fulfill their educat em th ng lpi he by of he ever dreamed of Col lier munity Foundation om C e th e os ch I e and ca reer goals. e ability to achiev th ve ha ey th at believe th County because I chola rshi p Fund. I S o ald ci S c ar M for the who the best exposu re mber of students nu e th e iz im ax m C will hropic believe that CFC ha nd ling ou r phila nt le hi w ip sh lar ho the sc will benefit from ce and compa ssion. goals with diligen - Ka ra Scialdo

Community Foundation of Collier County |




“ ducation is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” ­

— Nelson Mandela


Community Foundation of Collier County |



ducation is probably the most important investment a community can make. From increasing self-esteem and income, to boosting economic growth and reducing poverty—education has the power to make the world a better place. Judy B. and David M. Jones are philanthropists who believe in the power of education. They created a scholarship fund at the Community Foundation of Collier County for students who need financial support to continue their education beyond high school. Eligible students excel in their studies and achieve good grades, but come from families that may have been hit hard by the economy; single-parent, single-income homes; or homes with multiple siblings that cannot afford multiple college tuitions. Often, the students are ineligible for other assistance programs. As a proud graduate of Barron Collier High School in Naples, David wanted to support students from the school that nurtured his post-college education. Together, Judy and David have been providing the power of education since 2009, and the results, as well as the reward, are evident in the lives of the scholarship recipients.


My senior year at Barron Collier High School I received the most amazing gift I could ever imagine—The Jones Scholarship. It may seem cliché, but this scholarship truly changed my life and I cannot thank Judy and David Jones enough for their generosity. Coming from a large family, middle child of seven, I was expected to pay for my education. I did what I could during high school to lower the cost by completing almost 60 dual enrollment credits. However, even that would make my dream of attending a private school an expensive one. When I received the Jones Scholarship that changed as I was able to attend The University of Tampa.

Left to right: Gabriela Fernandez, Daniela Salazar, Diana Mercas, Stephanie Gil, Jena Martino, Caitlyn Hayes, and Judy B. and David M. Jones

CHANGE the LIFE of a student TODAY. Contact Annette Kirk, Grants and Scholarship Coordinator 239.649.5000

My last semester of college was stressful, but when December arrived I was not only excited to graduate but granted the opportunity to participate as the student speaker at commencement. As I stood on stage and spoke to my graduating class, I knew that I would never have gotten there without the support and generosity of the Jones Scholarship. Their kindness was one that lasted throughout my entire college career. I graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Communication and Advertising minor with a 3.6 GPA and completed six interships. I entered the “real world” with seven job offers. I now work as a PR and Marketing Coordinator for a company in Tampa. The Jones’ kindness and generosity is amazing and I am forever thankful for them. They are angels to me because I wouldn’t be where I am without the help of their scholarship. —Jenna Tinney

Community Foundation of Collier County |




“ ou have to know the past to understand the present.” ­

—Dr. Carl Sagan



id you know that Naples, Florida, was ultimately settled and developed by a Louisville, Kentucky, senator and wealthy publisher in the late 1800s? Or that the Tamiami Trail was completed in 1928, connecting Naples to Tampa and Miami? You can find more interesting facts like these at Naples Historical Society’s Historic Palm Cottage™, the oldest house in Naples (built 1895). The Cottage is the Society’s educational headquarters. At 3,500 square feet, the exquisitely maintained house-turned-museum (which recently underwent substantial capital improvements) is a fine example of Tabbie Mortar construction, a handmade concrete consisting of sand, shells and water. A fascinating tour of the cottage transports visitors back over 100 years. In addition to the house tour is a popular walking tour of the Naples Historic District and a docent-guided tour of The Norris Gardens at Palm Cottage.

To further educate community residents and visitors alike, the Community Foundation of Collier County granted $4,000 towards the Society’s latest preservation initiative, the Archival Viewing Center. Peruse over images from the devastating 1926 hurricane (hurricanes were not named until the 1940s) and documents from

The Society’s mission to preserve Naples history for the community and future generations is accomplished through its commitment to numerous educational programs and preservation initiatives. This includes a massive and ongoing, Telly Award-winning oral history project, “Naples Oral Histories: If These Walls Could Talk,” two highly regarded children’s educational programs, “Pupils at Palm Cottage” and “Art in the Garden,” as well as a popular lecture series, “Garden Side Chickee Chats.” Still there are several other educational programs that strengthen the bounty of preserved history like the new “Council of Longtime Friends,” a program that relies on self-proclaimed old timers who provide valuable identification information for hundreds of archival photos.

Elaine Reed is the executive director of the Naples Historical Society.

the Old Naples Hotel that list prices ranging from $42/week to $140/week—an extravagant amount of money for 1924, considering the average annual salary for most people was roughly $2,200—and much more.

“There is no accession and record-keeping system in Collier County like this; it rivals the archival standard operating protocol of larger museums and institutions in Washington, D.C. I am very pleased and excited about it,” Elaine Reed states. Visit the Palm Cottage at 137 12th Ave. S., Naples, FL 34102 or call 239.261.8164 for more information.

Community Foundation of Collier County |




“ o act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” ­ —Aesop


Community Foundation of Collier County |



iving is easy at almost any age. And even the smallest acts of kindness from our youngest residents help make the world a better place. At least that’s what Charity for Change strongly believes and sets out to accomplish through its highly acclaimed School “Giver” Program. Since beginning in 2008, the School “Giver” Program, affectionately known for its “Giver” mascot, has helped teach young children about philanthropy, as well as develop important math skills. The program has reached and touched more than 5,400 children. “It’s an honor to provide this educational tool to support the academic and social development of our future generation of volunteers, leaders and philanthropists,” Karen Conley, president and CEO, states. To get students started, they learn about several local charities’ missions and activities, then select specific ones to actively support throughout the school year. Students donate spare change, hold mini-fundraisers and volunteer for their chosen organizations. The program not only educates but thoroughly engages their young minds. “I was in first grade when I started in the “Giver” Program, and I’ll be in middle school this year. I’ve had lots of fun learning about charities. The visits from the charities helped me see how my donations helped others.

“The math games and puzzles gave me ideas of ways to give and how to follow the character traits. The “Giver” Program helped me to understand the importance of giving and volunteering. I will take these experiences with me into the future,” Abby Henning from Calusa Park Elementary says.

“The ‘Giver’ Program is important to my classroom because it not only helps teach math skills, but it teaches valuable character traits, shows students that it is good to give, and it allows the students to help the community and brings the community into the classroom,” Kathryn Klein, second grade teacher, Calusa Park Elementary, adds. Over the past several years, the Community Foundation of Collier County has granted close to $17,000 supporting the operations of this innovative program, which in turn has helped students and community partners raise $82,000 for local charities.

“It’s a Great Day to Give!”

Teachers appreciate this highly engaging, multi-faceted program not only for what it adds to the current curriculum but most importantly—it makes learning fun. Students enjoy an interactive website, puzzles, games, puppet shows, incentive prizes, animated and live mascots, awards assemblies, and classroom visits and thank-you letters from the 72 charities participating in the program.

Community Foundation of Collier County |




“ he function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers.” ­

— Ralph Nader


Community Foundation of Collier County |



fter the Community Foundation of Collier County was founded in 1985, the Leadership Center was established, and then later named the Center for Nonprofit Excellence (CNE). The board of trustees at that time recognized the need to provide local nonprofits with skills and technical assistance to accomplish their missions and serve the community with excellence. As the Community Foundation grew, the CNE became the go-to resource for nonprofits serving Collier County. Over time, building nonprofit capacity—activities and grants to help agencies improve their management and governance—became a strategic focus. Seminars offered through CNE included board leadership, fundraising strategies, public and media relations, strategic planning and financial management. Since its inception, the Center for Nonprofit Excellence has served thousands of individuals from hundreds of nonprofits in Collier County. Over 300 seminars and 150 custom retreats have been offered.

“Our sincere gratitude goes to the Community Foundation of Collier County for funding many grants which have enabled us to enhance the quality and quantity of services for our patients. But it was the PEG grant we received in 2005 that changed the way we do business and measure program outcomes.

“Mary Ellen Barrett worked with us during Center for Nonprofit Excellence sessions diligently and patiently teaching us a better way to operate. She showed us how to look at our business differently. The new thought process quickly became the standard care for all of our patient educational programs, and still practiced today. We couldn't be more grateful,” Chief Advancement Officer Nina Gray, Neighborhood Health Clinic, says. The Program Planning & Evaluation Grants (PEG) were awarded to support new or existing programs of nonprofit organizations serving Collier County. This special grant program was designed to help organizations improve and strengthen their operations through rigorous training sessions (five four-hour sessions over three months). The program helped each organization identify, measure and report program outcomes, indicators and data collection methods. Although this exact grant is no longer available similar grants may be applied for on the Community Foundation website.

To date, the CNE is the only management service organization serving nonprofits in Collier County. However, the demand for services has outweighed the capacity of the Community Foundation, and in August 2012, the Board started examining options for growth. The number of nonprofits in Collier is 450+, twice as many organizations as when the CNE started operating. The demand for higher level classes and certification has grown as well. The logical solution to help serve this growing industry was to expand in partnership with a university. The Community Foundation was proud to announce partnership with Hodges University in May 2013 with a three-year grant totaling $150,000, to help establish CNE at Hodges’ Nichols School of Professional Studies as the leading educator and provider of nonprofit management and education in Collier County.

Nonprofits may view a current schedule of CNE programs at Community Foundation of Collier County |



Steering Committee

Front left to right: Christine Flynn, Liz Jessee, Lu Drackett Back left to right: Eileen Connolly-Keesler, Sue Huff, Lisa Merritt, Mana P. Holtz Not pictured: Mary Baron, Beverly Cherry, Susan Dalton, Myra Friedman, Kathleen Kapnick, Suzanne Lount, Anne Welsh McNulty, Jo Ann Remington


“ ever believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For, indeed, that's all who ever have.” ­

— Margaret Mead


Community Foundation of Collier County |



he Women’s Initiative Network (WIN) at the Community Foundation of Collier County is the only endowment fund in Collier County dedicated to supporting the unmet and changing needs of women and girls. This will guarantee that, even through difficult economic times, both now and in the future, there will always be a source of funding available to address the challenges facing women and girls in our community.

Since 2008, the Women’s Initiative Network has granted more than $300,000 to local nonprofit organizations.

The Women’s Initiative Network’s primary focus is to grow the endowment fund enough to support a minimum of $50,000 in annual grants. In FY 2013, grants totaling $40,000 were awarded to seven agencies. These grants address some of the most pressing needs facing women and girls in Collier County. • Women’s Fund of SWFL to help establish the new Esperanza Anti-Slavery Resource Center • Shelter for Abused Women & Children to provide advocacy for adults and children of domestic violence who need vital support to regain power and control of their lives • Naples Alliance for the Mentally Ill to provide services to Latino mothers who need specialized intervention and education to help their daughters with mental and/or behavioral health challenges

2013 Women of Initiative Honorees TM

Front left to right: Marsha Murphy, Brenda O’Connor, Linda White, Susan Jones Back left to right: Liz Jessee, Mary Polizzotto, Mary Beth Johns, Jackie Pierce, Shelly Stayer, Ann Berlam

• Healthcare Network of SWFL to provide breast cancer education programs and mammograms to women who are under-served, uninsured or under-insured • Healthy Start, Inc. to provide a program that serves the unique needs of teen mothers at risk of becoming pregnant again • Planned Parenthood to provide at-risk women with clinical breast exams and mammograms through a partnership with Naples Diagnostic Imaging Center • Neighborhood Health Clinic for medical supplies for poor women with job-related health problems, such as varicose veins and carpal tunnel syndrome To further educate our community and raise integral funds, the Women’s Initiative Network supports the following programs and events annually: • Power of the Purse

• Women of Initiative™

• Junior Women of Initiative

2012-2013 Junior Women of Initiative For more information please contact the Community Foundation of Collier County at 239.649.5000.

• Empowered to Lead

Community Foundation of Collier County |


TYPES OF FUNDS Donors choose how to build their philanthropic legacies. Donors to the Community Foundation of Collier County can choose how involved they want to be in determining the beneficiaries of their gifts. They can specify exactly where they want to direct their support or they can leave allocation decision up to the Foundation's Board of Trustees and staff. As flexible as the process is, all donors have the assurance that their investments will always be a part of the Foundation's assets and will always benefit projects and organizations in Collier County and throughout the United States.

DONOR ADVISED FUNDS Donor Advised funds, which are the most flexible charitable-giving tool, allow a donor to provide advice to the Community Foundation on the grants to charities. Although the recommendations are not binding, the Foundation Board of Trustees takes them under advisement in making grants. This type of fund is especially helpful for donors who, for tax estate-planning reasons, want to take a tax deduction one year and spread contributions over future years.

For it is in giving that we receive.”­ — St. Francis of Assisi

Agua Fund Lew & Dawn Allyn Family Fund Joshua J. Allyn Fund William & Janet Allyn Fund Anonymous Funds Artificial Reef Fund Aspiration Program Fund Jo Ellen Atkinson Fund Ausschnitt Fund James A. & Evelyn S. Belleman Fund Keith S. Benson Family Fund Bernton Family Fund Jane Billings Fund Blair Foundation Fund Brayman Family Fund Brown Family Fund Burton Family Fund Donald & Ruth Campbell Fund Children's Fund Harvey & Janet Cohen Family Fund Collier County 100 Club Fund The CORD Fund Critter Fund Thomas J. & Mollie E. Danis Fund Jeannine M. Danis Fund

Dearholt Fund Derham Tea Fund, in memory of Thelma, Earl & Alice Barbara Janney Desanzo Fund Charles & Helen Donahue Fund Bob & Connie Eaton Family Fund Empowerment Alliance Non-Endowment Fund Jeff and Trish Erickson Fund Edrick & Linda Flewelling Fund David J. Foege Fund for Non-Embryonic Stem Cell Research Orville W. Forte Charitable Foundation Fund Kenneth C. Freeberg Animal Rescue Fund Howard Freedman Fund Jay L. Friedland, M.D. Prostate Cancer Research Fund Myra & Mort Friedman Fund Fund for Job Creation Jay & Lee Gates Fund The GBH Fund Brian Gibbs Memorial Fund James & Nancy Gibson Fund Susan McTague Goldman Fund Goodlette Leadership Fund Goodman Family Fund Thomas C. Graham & Irene W. Graham Scholarship Fund Michael Grech & Pete Villani Memorial Fund Gulfshore Insurance Community Support & Betterment Fund Brad & Jennifer Havemeier Fund Ann McAndrews Herrmann Fund The Whitaker Foundation Fund Hope Fund Alan & Beverley Horton Fund Howard & Troth Family Fund Huntington National Bank Private Financial Group Fund Allen F. Jacobson Family Fund F. Craig & Patricia Jilk Fund John R. Wood Realtors Fund David M. Jones & Associates Fund Steven & Carisa Jones Family Fund Kantor Family Fund Kapnick Family Fund Alan Keller Fund Kristin Keller Fund George R. & Joyce H. Kempton Family Fund Eileen Kopp Advised Fund Lea Family Fund Legacy Foundation Group Fund Susan K. Lennane Family Fund Lowry Hill Private Wealth Management Fund Donald R. & Josephine F. MacLennan Fund Donna MacNiven Junior Leadership Fund

Jeanne Manuri Fund McBride Family Fund McCann Family Fund McIlvaine Grandchild Fund Mary K. McTague Fund Merrill Lynch Naples Employee Philanthropic Fund Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd I. Miller Fund John & Connie Miller Fund Moates' Kicks for Kids Fund Stephen R. & Mary Lynn Myers Family Fund Naples Concert Band Fund NCH Healthcare Community Fund Naples Endowment for the Arts & Camille's Camp Fund Roy & Carolyn Neumann Volunteer Fund Nichols Foundation Fund Norris Fund Northern Trust Silver Anniversary Fund Elizabeth & Frank Odell Family Fund Linda Halverstadt Ottenad Fund Paradis Foundation Fund Audrey Morean Petersen Fund John & Maggie Picotte Fund The Kim Prince Memorial Fund Quest Fund Bob & Judy Rathert Family Fund Richard P. & Marilyn S. Rechter Family Advised Fund John & Jackie Remington Fund Adele D. Rice Fund Richter Leadership Fund J. Lee Robinson Fund Katharine B. Ryan Family Fund Sachs Family Fund Richard M. & Maureen G. Schulze Donor Advised Fund The RWH Fund Jo Ann Schwartz Family Fund Robert P. Schwartz Memorial Fund A. Robert & Helen Seass CRT Fund Shehadi Family Fund James & Julia Shelly Fund Sherwood Forest Foundation Fund Michael & Barbara Sill Family Fund Smart Charitable Fund

Community Foundation of Collier County |

John Sorey Fund SunTrust Bank of SWFL Fund SW Florida 49ers Fund Edward R. Swingle Family Philanthropic Fund Michael J. Szwed Legacy Fund Bruce Thalheimer Charitable Fund Thiele Family Fund Jane Thomas Fund Warren F. & Jean L. Tischler Memorial Fund Douglas M. VanOort Fund Lee Varon Family Fund Wainscott Family Fund Wasmer, Schroeder & Company Fund Gerry Wheeler Memorial Fund for Grieving Children Robin T. & Youngja White Fund Richard & Barbara Widman Fund Myra N. & Van Zandt Williams Jr. Donor Advised Fund WilsonMiller Charitable Fund Karl & Joanne Wyss Fund Kazanjian-Yarrington Family Fund Zonta Club of Naples Fund

DONOR DESIGNATED AND FIELD OF INTEREST FUNDS These funds benefit specific organizations or causes that the donor identifies. If an organization ceases to exist or changes its purpose, the Foundation Board preserves the donor's intent by redirecting funds to an organization with a similar purpose.

211 Endowment Fund Herbert & Ruth Abramson Designated Fund Anonymous Funds Basic Needs Fund Berry & Diane Fund Pat & Laura Cacho Family Fund Eleanor Wallace Caswell Scholarship Fund Celebration of Philanthropy Fund CFCC Collier 211, LLC Fund Immokalee Early Childhood Education Collaborative Fund Mark & Pearle Clements Fund Paul F. & Edith B. Cooper Fund Tom Cooper Designated Fund Children's Trust Fund Collier 211 Fund Derham Fund Deupree Family Fund Delvin G. Miller & Mary F. Miller Memorial Fund Nally E.D. duBois Fund First Book-Collier County Fund


The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.”

— Oscar Wilde

Don & Helen Franke Fund Franke Leadership Fund Fresh Start for Abused Women Grant Fund Fresh Start for Abused Women Endowment Fund Fun Time Early Childhood Academy Fund Getzelman Fund William Godley Memorial Fund Alfred & Vera Goodman Fund Margaret B. Griffith Fund Helen & William J. Williams Fund Joseph & Betty Haskett Family Fund Give Them Hope Fund Hospice of Naples Endowment Fund Immokalee Emergency Services Collaboration Fund Immokalee Nonprofit Network Housing Collaborative Fund Johannes Music & Arts Fund Maurice & Lynn Katz Family Foundation Fund Myron T. Kelley Fund Mary Elizabeth Kelley Fund W. Dain Kuhns & Elizabeth H. Kuhns Fund H. Max & Letha L. Brown Fund Leadership Collier Fund The League Club Designated Fund Lee & Mary Ledford Fund Lucie Jenny MacCarthy Fund Paul E. & Ann C. Martin Fund William K. & R. Kathryn McInerney Fund William K. McInerney Memorial Fund Miracle Limbs-Courage in Motion Fund John S. Nagel Memorial Library Fund Edna Frantz Springer Award for Unsung Members Fund NCH Healthcare System Endowment Fund Jean Peaslee Scholarship Fund of The Naples Players Theatre Guild Ross P. Obley Family Fund Terry Olson Fund Professional Advisors CEU Event Fund D. Ray & Ruth D. Park Fund Chester G. & Alice P. Parsons Fund James D. & Bess S. Polis Foundation Fund Planned Parenthood Designated Fund


Edwin J. Putzell, Jr. & Dorothy C. Putzell Fund R. Covell Radcliffe Fund William G. Robertson Fund Ralph G. & Katherine K. Ryan Endowment Fund Holland T. & Mary Jeanne Salley Fund Salt of the Earth Fund Salvation Army Fund Herbert B. & Margaret E. Scheu Fund Schoen Family Fund Patricia L. Schrenk Fund Arthur G. & Helen Shireman Designated Fund Mr. & Mrs. James E. Smith Fund Edna F. Springer Fund Thomas and Elizabeth Sully Fund The Eleanor B. Sweet Designated Fund Tallmadge Fund Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative Fund Tulip Endowment Fund Tulip Fund James Lorenzo Walker Education Fund The W. Wadsworth & Dorothy M. Watts Fund Women's Giving Circle of SWFL Fund John F. & Laura M. Whitcomb Fund Arthur J. Willenborg Endowment Fund Jane R. Williams Fund WIN Budget Fund WIN Endowment Fund

Miracle Limbs-Courage in Motion Fund NAMI of Collier County Endowment Fund Naples Alliance for Children Endowment Fund Naples Music Club Scholarship-Haegg Fund Naples Music Club Scholarship-Turiel Fund Naples Music Club Scholarship-Saby Fund Naples Music Club Scholarship-Warren Fund Naples Music Club ScholarshipFernando Fund Naples Music Club-Scholarship Reserve Fund Bonnie K. Yarrington Fund (Planned Parenthood) RCMA Endowment Fund Senior Friendship Centers Foundation Fund Collier County Florida Special Olympics Fund United Arts Council Community Arts Fund

SCHOLARSHIP FUNDS Scholarship funds are dedicated to the continued education or training of students. They are a thoughtful way to establish a permanent legacy in memory of a loved one, to honor family members or to provide educational incentives for future community leaders.

AGENCY FUNDS AND AGENCY ENDOWMENT FUNDS Agencies and organizations create endowment funds as a way to secure their future. By establishing an endowment within the Foundation, the nonprofit group builds assets that the Foundation will manage. Agency funds include:

Daphne Fund Joel Deifik Memorial Scholarship Fund Dorothy Edwards Vocational Scholarship Fund of The Naples Woman's Club Carol Fedoryk Scholarship Fund Glenview Employee Scholarship Fund Patricia & F. Craig Jilk Family Scholarship Fund Judy B. & David M. Jones Scholarship Fund Jubilee Scholarship Fund Ashley Kelly Memorial Scholarship Fund MacNiven Family Fund Mediterra Employee Scholarship Program Fund

ArtsNaples World Festival Fund Bach Ensemble Endowment Fund Children's Museum of Naples Fund Fun Time Building Reserve Fund Fun Time Early Childhood Academy Fifty More Years Fund Girl Scouts of Gulfcoast Florida, Inc. Fund Habitat for Humanity of Collier County Fund Humane Society of Collier County Fund The League Club Endowment Fund Literacy Volunteers of Collier County Fund Marco Island Rotary Club Foundation, Inc. Fund Greater Marco Family YMCA Legacy Fund

Community Foundation of Collier County |

Edith & John Meli Scholarship Fund Naples Equestrian Challenge "Deb PT" High School Volunteer Scholarship Fund Port Royal Club Scholarship Fund Louise Prothero Leadership FundNaples Woman's Club Royal Poinciana Golf Club Employees & Dependents Scholarship Fund Sams Sailing Scholarship Fund Freddie Sauer Scholarship Fund The Jimmy Schneeberger Memorial Fund Marc Scialdo Scholarship Fund Michael J. Szwed Scholarship Legacy Fund Raymond D. & Sara Thomas Fund Dr. Norman & Gail Thomson Scholarship Fund Diano-Tougas Scholarship Fund Col. Walter Walsh Criminal Justice Scholarship Fund Ralph Weiss Scholarship Fund Working Republican Women's Scholarship Fund

WOMEN OF INITIATIVE NETWORK FUNDS Women of Initiative Network Funds enable women to direct their giving in focused, strategic ways to serve the current and changing needs of women and girls. These funds include:

Patty Baker Fund for Senior Arts & Theatre Mary Baron Fund Tiffany Billings Fund Dawn Litchfield Brown Fund Lu M. Drackett Fund Christine Flynn Fund Mana P. Holtz Fund for the Women's Initiative Network Martinez Lombardi Fund for Disadvantaged Children of Single Parents Sharon von Arx Fund Nancy White Fund for the Women's Initiative

UNRESTRICTED FUNDS Unrestricted funds are flexible and responsive to emerging and changing community needs. Because donors do not limit their funds to a single cause or purpose, the Community Foundation's Board can be more responsive to the immediate needs of the community.

Herbert & Ruth Abramson Unrestricted Fund The Albrecht Family Fund General & Mrs. David H. Baker Unrestricted Fund Ballard Family Fund Keith S. Benson Family Unrestricted Fund

Blair Foundation Fund Robinson & Martha Carter Bosworth, Jr. Fund Mary Jeanne & Ivan Bowen Fund Edwin H. & Yvonne Bower Fund James G. & Helen M. Brooks Fund Constance T. & Truman B. Brown Fund Eleanor & Henry Buhl Fund Evelyn De France Burnham Fund Lois & John Cashman Fund CFCC Disaster Relief Fund Jean & Wilson Chockley Fund Cincinnati Financial Corporation Fund Albert & Suzanne Cleaveland Fund Rene J. & Carolyn E. Constantin Fund Cosgrove Family Fund C. Frederick & Mildred E. Curtis Fund T. Chalmers Curtis Fund Verity Blakey Day Memorial Fund Taber deForest Memorial Fund Depuy Family Fund David B. & Katherine O. Dupee Fund Truxtun & Tyler Emerson Fund Mr. & Mrs. Philip Everest Fund Frank S. Farrell Revocable Living Trust Fund Ted and Betty Flora Fund Donald & Joan J. Forte Fund Orville W., Jr. & Marion T. Forte Fund James Rogers Fox Fund Earl & Shirley Frye Fund Gerrity Family Fund Gifford Family Fund Dorothee D. & Richard C. Grant Fund Harness Family Fund Jack & Lucile Harris Fund Hartshorn Family Fund Matthew B. Hecht Memorial Fund Sally J. Herzog Memorial Fund Rembrandt & Audrey Hiller Fund Betty & Wallace Irwin Fund William J. & Nancy Biggs Kieckhefer Fund Sara W. Knapp Memorial Fund Richard C. Krause Fund Lafrenz Family Fund Phyllis M. Landes Unrestricted Fund L. Bates & Marcia W. Lea Fund Lennane Family Unrestricted Fund Corrie & Leonard Llewellyn Fund Alan Loop Family Fund John & Anne Luetkemeyer Fund Betty & Bill Marshall Fund McClintock Family Fund David B. & Helen N. Meeker Fund Edith & John Meli Unrestricted Fund Willard & Gay Merrihue Fund Richard & Joan Michelson Fund Charles F. & Barbara W. Moore Fund James H. Morton Fund John A. Mullenmaster Fund

Community Foundation of Collier County |

Nulsen Family Fund Arthur J. Oberhelman Fund William & Sally Oberhelman Fund Joseph W. & Edwina P. Oliver Fund William Greenville Pace Fund Paterno Fund The M. Herbert Paul Fund Gene & Anne Ratliff Fund Alice Ross Martell Fund Barbara R. Schricker Memorial Fund Celia V. Scudder Fund Jean & Bruce Shannon Fund Kathleen B. Sherwin Fund Arthur G. & Helen Shireman Fund Janet Simonds Short Fund Julia T. Smith Fund Harold S. & Mary W. Smith Fund Mae Shepherd Snow Fund John & Gladys Strauss Fund Perry MacKay Sturges Fund Eleanor B. Sweet Unrestricted Fund Mr. & Mrs. Sidney Swensrud Fund Judith DeForest Taves Fund Bob Telford Fund Jack & Virginia Thompson Fund James A. & Joyce Thwaits Fund Fred W. & Virginia Uihlein Fund John S. & Mary Claire Wadsworth Fund Constance C. Wallace Memorial Fund George R. Wallace Foundation Fund Anne & Morrison Waud Fund Elizabeth & Charles Williams Fund David E. & Betsy Winebrenner Fund Wodecroft Fund Wyndemere Fund Funds established from July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2013 are shown in bold. Every attempt has been made to ensure that the information included in this report is accurate through June 30, 2013. We apologize for any error or omission. Please contact our office with corrections.



“ ursue some path, however narrow and crooked, in which you can walk with love and reverence.” ­—Henry David Thoreau Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary


CONTRIBUTORS THANK YOU The following individuals, families, companies and organizations contributed to the Community Foundation of Collier County between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013. Gifts were gratefully received through the establishment of a new fund, adding to an existing fund, or contributing to an initiative of the Community Foundation. On behalf of the Community Foundation, we would like to thank all of our generous donors. Your support allows us to fulfill our leadership role in strengthening our community.

GIFTS TO DONOR ADVISED FUNDS Susan Tischler Adler Trust Agua Fund, Inc. Mr. Joshua J. Allyn Mr. & Mrs. William F. Allyn AM-PM Lawn Service Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Amalfitano Mr. Richard G. Andison Animalife Veterinary Center, PA Anonymous Donors Mr. & Mrs. C. J. Aschauer, Jr. Bank of America United Way Campaign Merrill Lynch Employees Joan M. Bardenheier Trust Ms. Karen K. Barrow Beal Properties, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Ned W. Bechthold Berkley Bedell Living Trust Bentley Electric Co. of Naples, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Roger E. Bergmann Mr. & Mrs. Fred G. Berlet Mr. & Mrs. Terry C. Bibleheimer Mr. & Mrs. David K. Bobzien, Jr. Mr. Jared D. Bobzien Ms. Katherine D. Bobzien Mr. & Mrs. Nick Bobzien Bodine Family Foundation, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph R. Bosch Bosse State Farm Mr. & Mrs. Harold H. Brayman Mr. & Mrs. Guy Brickman Bridges & Co., Inc. Mr. Wayne L. Bromley Mr. & Mrs. Dennis C. Brown Ms. Cynthia M. Bruno Leland S. Burton, Jr. Revocable Trust Ms. Deborah M. Byers Mr. & Mrs. Donald W. Campbell Mr. & Mrs. James R. Campbell Mr. Joseph L. Carney Mr. & Mrs. Eugene J. Carr, Jr. Ms. Stacy L. Carroll Charity Golf International, LLC Mitch Collier Insurance Agency, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Greg Collins Mr. & Mrs. Domenic Costantini Mr. & Mrs. Patrick C. Coughlan Mr. & Mrs. Joel M. Cox Mr. & Mrs. George W. Crothers

Ms. Kathleen Curatolo Thomas & Mollie Danis Foundation Fund of the Dayton Foundation Mary E. Dooner Foundation, Inc. Mr. Michael E. Dougherty Downing-Frye Realty, Inc. Ms. Cynthia F. Duffy Mr. & Mrs. M. Kevin Dugan Eden Autism Services Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Edgar Mr. & Mrs. R. P. Elsperman Ms. Donna L. Evans Kenneth L. Evans Revocable Trust Mrs. Kathy Faulkner Ms. Hildegard Finnegan First National Bank of the Gulf Coast Ms. Linda Flewelling Ms. Lucy Flinn Florin Roebig, P.A. FNBGC Charitable Foundation, Inc. Orville W. Forte Charitable Foundation, Inc. Four Guys Port St. Lucie, LLC Howard L. Freedman M. D. Fund of the Seattle Foundation Mrs. Louise Friedlander Mrs. Dorismae H. Friedman Mr. & Mrs. John D. Fumagalli Mrs. Betty Lee Gates Geiman's Advertising, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Gerdes Mr. & Mrs. Robert Gesdorf Mr. & Mrs. James R. Gibson, Jr. Ms. Pamela A. Glaeser Ms. Susan Glass Goede & Adamczyk, PLLC Ms. Pamela T. Gomes Mr. & Mrs. Leslie E. Goodman Mr. & Mrs. T. A. Granfield Mr. & Mrs. Richard F. Greiwe Mr. & Mrs. Walter F. Grote, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Gruska Mr. Frank A. Gunther, III & Ms. Patricia Gunther Mr. Mark F. Hagerman Herbert & Gertrude Halverstadt Foundation Harmon-Meek Gallery HCH Insurance, LLC Mr. & Mrs. Todd E. Heger Mr. & Mrs. Alan M. Horton

Community Foundation of Collier County |

Mr. & Mrs. David L. Hunt Mr. & Mrs. Steven C. Huron Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Irene J.D. Loden Wealth Management, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Peter S. Janson Joanna Boothe Insurance Agency, Inc. Mr. Steven C. Jones Joseph J. McClellan Insurance Agency, Inc. Kantor Family Foundation of the U.S. Charitable Gift Trust Jim & Darlene Keelor Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Mr. & Mrs. Leroy A. King, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Steven P. King Mr. Bruce Langford Ms. Doris Latousek Law Offices of Peddy, P.A. Lea Charitable Trust Mr. & Mrs. Francis R. Lord, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Luba Mr. & Mrs. Dallas Mabry Mr. Ralph B. MacNiven, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Kevin A. Maher Mr. James G. Mahn Marcom Mr. Joseph & Hon. Caroline Martino Mr. Michael B. Maw Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. McBirney Mr. & Mrs. Thomas D. McCann Mr. & Mrs. David L. Metzler Mr. & Mrs. John Miller Millstein Charitable Foundation Dr. & Mrs. James A. Mini Mr. & Mrs. Clay G. Mizelle John J. Morgan, Jr. & Barbara L. Morgan Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Mr. & Mrs. Zachary T. Moss Naples Concert Band, Inc. Mrs. Carolyn H. Neumann & Ms. Marlene MacFarlane Northern Trust Bank Ms. Sandra Nylese Olds Court Corp. Olson & Dinunzio Insurance Agency, Inc. Orion Home Inspections, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. J. A. Paradis, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Pardue Audrey M. Petersen Revocable Trust 29

John D. Picotte Family Foundation, Inc. Mr. James A. Pilon PrimeGroup Insurance Services, Inc. Mr. John W. Rafter Robert Rathert Trust Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Raymond Richard P. Rechter Default Charitable Lead Unitrust Richard P. Rechter 2008 Charitable Lead Annuity Trust UAD Richard P. Rechter Default Charitable Lead Annuity Trust Adele D. Rice Charitable Lead Annuity Trusts Ross Title & Escrow, Inc. The Rotary Club of Naples Bay Foundation Corp. The Rotary Club of Naples Bay Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Sams Ms. Coleen M. Scarbrough Mr. John L. Schroeder Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan R. Schulman Scott Aerator Co., LLC Mr. & Mrs. John P. Scott, III Seven Star Enterprise, LLC Frederick S. Shehadi, Jr. Revocable Trust Mrs. Julia Jorgensen Shelly David Sherman Revocable Trust Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd M. Sigel Mrs. Barbara B. Sill Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell J. Sill Mr. James N. Smith Mr. Russell G. Smith, II Southwest Florida Employers Assoc., LLC William Speen IRA Trust Dr. Raymond A. Spinelli St. Ann Parish Mr. & Mrs. Gary T. Steiman Mrs. Diana K. Stoneburner Mr. & Mrs. Alan L. Storm Surety Construction Co. SW Florida 49ers Michael J. Szwed Scholarship Fund The T. F. Trust T.E.D Investments

Gratitude is the memory

of the heart.”

­—French Proverb Quote

Timothy M. Talbott DDS, MS, PA Ms. Erikka Thalheimer Mr. Ryan Tracy Ms. Christine Anne Tracy-Baker Tydan Construction, Inc. United Way of Central New York Douglas M. VanOort Living Trust Mr. & Mrs. Tracy Vessillo Barnie G. Walker, Jr. Agent Walter S. Gorski & Co., P.C. Mr. & Mrs. Phillip R. Washell Westminster Title Agency Wollman, Gehrke & Solomon, P.A. Wynn Properties, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Karl R. Wyss 30

Bonnie Yarrington Trust Frederic Yarrington Trust

GIFTS TO DONOR DESIGNATED AND FIELD OF INTEREST FUNDS Mrs. Virginia Jean Ackerman Ms. Joan B. Bartlett Elinor Bedell Trust Mr. & Mrs. G. J. Biernesser Mr. & Mrs. Dennis R. Blenis Jeanne F. Bolds Trust Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Bortz Ms. C. M. Brown Ms. Mary T. Brown The Clements Foundation, Inc. Close Friend Foundation Nancy B. & Howard K. Cohen Charitable Fund of the Baltimore Community Foundation Collier County Alumnae of Kappa Kappa Gamma Collier County Sheriff's Department Mr. & Mrs. John Coyne Mrs. Betty L. Cunningham Joseph N. Daley, TTEE Mr. Robert M. Davidson & Ms. Lynn M. Yager Mr. James F. Derham Mr. & Mrs. Sidney Diamond Barbara Donovan Trust Ms. Jane K. Doherty Ms. Lucille M. Drackett Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Duffy Mr. & Mrs. Thomas S. Duncan Dr. Joyce Eisel Mrs. Katheryne M. Erickson Ms. Jeanne Ernst Mr. & Mrs. Howard V. Evans First Book Donors Mr. & Mrs. William M. Flatley Mrs. Virginia Fleming Mr. & Mrs. James E. Fligg Mr. & Mrs. John F. Foley GE Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Thomas D. Gleason Give Them Hope Donations Ms. Susan Golden Mr. & Mrs. Jan K. Guben Dorothy B. Haines Trust Ms. Phyllis W. Hallene Mr. & Mrs. Hal T. Hansen Healthcare Network of Southwest Florida Ms. Doris P. Helding Mr. & Mrs. James M. Hobin, Jr. Ms. Dorothy J. Hoel Dr. Mana P. Holtz Mrs. Sarah Jane Humphrey Mrs. Joy Iannotta Mr. Frank Ibarra Ms. Marjorie J. Joder JPMorgan Chase Foundation Dr. & Mrs. James H. Knepshield Elizabeth H. Kuhns Self Declaration of Trust Mrs. Jane G. Laird Ms. Barbara K. Ledinsky Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Lepola Ms. Janice G. Lundgren Mr. & Mrs. William Lynn The Martin Foundation, Inc.

Dan E. McAllister Trust Ms. Teresa A. McAllister Mr. & Mrs. William J. Mesler Mr. & Mrs. Ronald E. Meyer Mr. & Mrs. S. Bruce Millon Mrs. Jean W. Mohr Mr. Carleton W. Moore Mr. & Mrs. Burr J. Mosher, Jr. Mrs. Colleen M. Murphy Mr. & Mrs. Stephen R. Myers Anne M. Nagan Trust Ms. Carol W. Nelson Paisner Family Charitable Foundation Ms. Jeanne Pare Penniman Family Foundation Mary Ellen W. Peter Living Trust Presbyterian Women Moorings Presbyterian Church Edwin J. Putzell, Jr. & Dorothy C. Putzell Charitable Remainder Trust Mrs. Ruth P. Rambo Ms. Shirley Rashin Swart Mr. Peter W. Schutz & Mrs. Sheila L. Harris-Schutz Dr. Joan Sehdev Joan K. Slocum Foundation Trust Charles Henry Smith, Sr. Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Marty R. Smith Ms. Toni St. Germain St. Monica's Episcopal Church Ms. Frankie Anne Tester Ms. Roselyn S. Travis United Way of Collier County Wasmer, Schroeder & Company, Inc. Mrs. Joan M. Webster Wells Fargo Bank, NA Mrs. Barbara Widman & Ms. Linda K. Wyer Youth Haven

GIFTS TO AGENCY FUNDS AND AGENCY ENDOWMENT FUNDS Fun Time Early Childhood Academy, Inc. Golisano Children's Museum of Naples The League Club, Inc. Marco Island Rotary Club Foundation, Inc. Marco Island Y.M.C.A., Inc. Naples Music Club

GIFTS TO SCHOLARSHIP FUNDS Abbey Carpet of Naples, LLC Mr. Albert E. Abrahams Mr. & Mrs. Frank D. Aiello Mr. & Mrs. Lew F. Allyn Mr. & Mrs. Joseph K. Ambus American Legion Post 135 Disabled War Veterans Assistance Fund Mr. Stephen G. Anderson Anonymous Donors Armstrong Family Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Robert T. Arnold Ms. Doris J. Atteberry Mr. & Mrs. Alan L. Atterbury Mr. & Mrs. Michael E. Autera Helen Harrison Ayer Charitable Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Mr. & Mrs. Jay H. Baker Barron Collier Partnership

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Mr. & Mrs. Michael Barry Albert J. Basl, TTEE Edward T. Baur Foundation of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Mr. & Mrs. John M. Beeman Mr. Paul G. Benedum, Jr. Mrs. Jane P. Berger Mr. & Mrs. Bruce J. Bergman Mrs. Sharon Bernstein The Berry Family Foundation Frances L. Bethel Living Trust Ms. Joanne C. Bhatta Ms. Florence K. Bieber Mr. & Mrs. Peter Bifora Mr. Edwin Billman Mr. William E. Bindley Mr. & Mrs. Richard S. Bodman Ms. Eileen M. Bolster Mr. & Mrs. Peter Bos Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Bozzacco Mrs. Sumiko Brinsfield Mr. Wayne L. Bromley Mr. & Mrs. Maynard H. Brown, Jr. Joanne D. Brown Foundation Mr. & Mrs. William Buchanan, Jr. Buechel Patient Care Research & Education Fund, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. John M. Burris Byrnes Family Foundation Anne D. Camalier Family Trust Ms. Gillian Campbell Mrs. Betty Lee Carl Mr. & Mrs. Michael C. Caruso Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Chenoweth Cherry Family Foundation Mr. Donald R. Chierici Ms. Barbara B. Chur Mr. & Mrs. John M. Clark Mr. & Mrs. Joseph R. Clausen, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J. Coletta Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Coletti Mr. & Mrs. Frank W. Compolo, Sr. Ms. Margaret F. Cousineau Mrs. Eliza M. Crowder Mr. & Mrs. E. W. Cummings Mr. & Mrs. Andrew E. Cummins Ms. Ellen T. Cusack Mrs. Leland H. Davenport Mr. & Mrs. Bruce C. Davis Mr. & Mrs. Idalberto M. de Armas Mr. & Mrs. John P. Debbink Mr. & Mrs. Richard P. Del Bello James M. Den Herder Trust Ms. Katharine B. Dickson The Dickson Family Gift Fund of the Schwab Charitable Fund Ms. Cathy Dion Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Dole, III Ms. Lucille M. Drackett Mrs. Marjorie W. Drackett Mr. David C. Dressler Mr. & Mrs. M. Kevin Dugan Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Dunn Capt. & Mrs. Peter B. Easton Mr. & Mrs. John W. Eaves Mr. & Mrs. Richard P. Eide, Jr. Ms. Joan B. Elder Ms. Elizabeth H. Elledge Engelhardt Family Foundation Ms. Mary Ann Engert

Ms. Norma L. Enghauser Ms. Ethel K. Ettinger Mrs. Marjorie M. Evans Farrell Family Fund of the Greater St. Louis Community Foundation Mr. Stephen H. Farrington Mr. John J. Fauth Mr. & Mrs. Richard Fay Aubrey J. Ferrao Trust Mr. Dennis Ferriel Anne S. Fisher Trust Flanaconsulting/Flanacard Ink Mr. William M. Flatley Mr. & Mrs. Terrance R. Flynn Orville W. Forte, Jr., TTEE Mr. & Mrs. Peter Fortune Mr. Stephen W. Foss Mr. & Mrs. John Fox Mr. & Mrs. Richard T. Francesconi Mr. William A. Frank Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Freda Mr. Charles W. Gaillard Garatoni Family Foundation Mr. & Mrs. John Garippa Mr. & Mrs. Jean Pierre Garnier Mr. & Mrs. Gary R. Garrabrant Ms. Pamela P. Gartin Ms. Carol Gaunt Mrs. Lavern N. Gaynor Anne M. Gebbie Trust Mrs. Susanne E. Geier Mr. & Mrs. David T. Genuardi Mr. & Mrs. Frederick M. Genung Mr. William I. George Mrs. Patricia Gerding Mr. & Mrs. James M. Gibbs Mr. & Mrs. Robert K. Gicking Ms. Suzanne M. Gillespie Ms. Virginia W. Glasgow Grinstead Park Management, LLC Mr. & Mrs. Henry R. Guild, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. William E. Gunton Mrs. Dorothea A. Hadler Mrs. Jeanette E. Hakes Katherine L. Hall Trust Mr. & Mrs. Francis S. Hallinan Mr. Wilbert Hamstra Ms. Ann C. Hannah

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Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Harris Ms. Mary Louise Harvey Mr. & Mrs. R. James Harvey Hel-Mar Corporation Ms. Kate C. Henry Hillenbrand Family Foundation Mrs. Karin M. Holmes Mr. & Mrs. Peter R. Honiball Ms. Nina H. Hopkins The Hovey Foundation Ms. Ruth M. Howell Mrs. Sara S. Iredell Irving Properties Mr. & Mrs. J. Dale Jackson Mr. James D. Jessee The William & Susan Johnson Charitable Fund of the Ayco Charitable Foundation Mr. & Mrs. David M. Jones Patricia S. Jorgensen, TTEE Mr. & Mrs. Jan F. Kantor Mr. & Mrs. Frederic P. Katz Mr. Mark F. Kaucher Mr. Paul C. Keiswettler Mr. & Mrs. William J. Keleher Mr. & Mrs. Harold E. Kelly, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Kennedy Mr. & Mrs. Maurice D. Kent Mr. & Mrs. James G. Kereiakes Mrs. Catherine S. Kiddoo Donald & Patricia Kiernan of the Schwab Charitable Fund Ms. Donna King, Ms. Patty Gomez & Ms. Deborah Cook Mr. Robert E. Kipka Mr. Carl W. Kleinknecht Mr. H W. Knapheide, III Mr. & Mrs. James E. Koons Mrs. Sherry L. O'Hearn Mr. Peter P. Kotch Dr. Michael C. Kubly Mr. & Mrs. John A. Kuhne Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Kukk Mr. & Mrs. T. J. Kukk Ms. Mary E. Lane Mrs. Gwen Langley Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Lauer Mr. & Mrs. Ned C. Lautenbach Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Layton 31

Mr. & Mrs. Sam S. Leotta Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Liddy Mr. & Mrs. Christopher M. Linneman Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Linneman Dr. Judith G. Lister & Dr. Christopher C. Roland Lloyd's Food Products Holding Co., LLC Linda London Bonebrake Revocable Trust Ms. Peggy R. Lorence Ms. Laura Losciale Mrs. Roberta D. Lynch Mrs. Leslie S. Magin Mr. Thomas P. Maher Mr. Hugo R. Mainelli Manhattan Construction Co. Mrs. Mary L. Marsh Mr. Raymond A. Mason Mr. Stewart K. Materne, Jr. & Mr. Stuart M. Materne McClanathan Family Foundation Ms. Anita I. McCloskey Ms. Gail J. McCready Mr. & Mrs. Michael McGavick Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. McGlynn Mr. Thomas J. McGuire Mr. C. Anthony McMunn Mr. & Mrs. James McNitt Mr. & Mrs. Richard McPherson Mr. & Mrs. Alvin E. McQuinn Mr. & Mrs. Henry J. McVicker Dr. & Mrs. Robert J. Meli Ms. Jo'An H. Merzweiler Mr. & Mrs. Don Mignosa Mrs. Catherine C. Miller Miramar Fiduciary Corporation Ms. Jean M. Moakley Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Mohn Mr. Vincent P. Mona Mr. & Mrs. Charles P. Morgan Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Morris Mr. James F. Morrison Mrs. Myra W. Morrison Mr. & Mrs. William C. Morton Betsy B. Moulton Ms. Lorraine B. Mueller 32

Mr. & Mrs. Theodor Mueller Mr. & Mrs. J. Richard Munro Ms. Edith M. Murphree Mr. Vincent A. Naccarato Mr. & Mrs. Carl M. Nagel Mr. & Mrs. Emilio L. Napoleon Mr. & Mrs. Richard B. Nash National Association of Realtors Mr. & Mrs. Thomas D. Neal Network for Good Mr. & Mrs. M. E. Nevins Ms. Karen A. Noble Linda Novak Memorial Fund Ms. Judy O'Connor Mr. & Mrs. William J. O'Meara Mr. & Mrs. Patrick M. O'Neil Mr. & Mrs. Kerry A. Oldfield Mr. & Mrs. William Oley Mr. & Mrs. Richard G. Onkey Mr. & Mrs. James F. Orr Mr. & Mrs. R. Christophe Ott Ms. Frances K. Ousley Ms. Christine W. Paddock Mr. & Mrs. Jack H. Paley Mr. & Mrs. Ronald I. Pass Mr. Bruce A. Patterson Mr. & Mrs. James O. Payne Ms. Cheryl H. Peters David W. Pettler Trust Mr. & Mrs. G. H. Pettway Mrs. Daphne Pfaff Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Poussot Mrs. Jean B. Preston Mr. F. G. Pruitt, Jr. Mrs. Anne T. Ratliff Mr. Walter T. Ream & Ms. Gloria B. Hall Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Reckman & Richard F. Reckman Mr. Thomas R. Reusche Mrs. Maureen Robinson Mr. & Mrs. Collin E. Roche Mr. & Mrs. A. Courtenay Rogers Mr. Edward C. Rorer Mr. & Mrs. James J. Roth, Sr. Ms. Ellen M. Rowe Ms. Kimberly Sacco Thomson Henry Salvatori Family Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Patrick A. Salvi Mr. Joseph S. Sample Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth P. Saundry Mr. & Mrs. Edward L. Scanlon Mr. & Mrs. John Schaff Mrs. Adele R. Schiff Mr. Robert C Schiff, Jr. Mr. George A. Schreiber, Jr. Mrs. Patricia Schroeder Mr. & Mrs. Harold S. Schwenk, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Scifres Mrs. F. Annette Scott Mr. Joseph B. Scott & Ms. Susan F. Morgan Mr. & Mrs. M. L. Searfoss Robert & Michele Seass Charitable Trust Mr. & Mrs. B. A. Sells Mr. & Mrs. T. Joseph Semrod Mrs. Mary Sharp, Mr. Richard Sharp & Mr. Kenneth Sharp Mr. & Mrs. Donald H. Shaw, Jr. Showalter Gift Fund of the Ayco Charitable Foundation Mrs. Barbara B. Sill

Mrs. Ann C. Simpson Mr. & Mrs. Paul D. Slater Terrance A. Smith Distributing, Inc. Mrs. Barbara Smith Carl G. Smith Trust Garnett A. Smith Family Foundation of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Mrs. Elsie Snyder Drs. Jonathan E. Sonne & Rebecca W. Lambert Mr. Stephen B. Spano St. Doris Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Raymond J. Staffeldt Mr. Stanley Star Mr. John W. Steiner Ms. Marjorie P. Sterritte & Ms. Nancy S. Theado Dr. John P. Stewart Dr. Steele F. Stewart, Jr. & Rev. Nancy Stewart Mr. & Mrs. Ronald R. Strain Mr. & Mrs. Duane Stranahan, Jr. Mr. Frederick P. Stratton, Jr. Robert J. Stucker Trust Mr. & Mrs. J. Hans Stumm Suncoast West Foundation Donald C. Sutherland Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Mr. & Mrs. Earl A. Sween Mildred L. Tappan Trust Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Tarbutton Mr. Joseph M. Thomas Mr. Peter A. Thomas Dr. Norman B. Thomson, III Dr. & Mrs. Norman Thomson, Jr. Mr. Gerald L. Tiffan Mr. & Mrs. Michael T. Timmis, Sr. Mr. Joseph G. Tompkins Marjorie L. Treadwell Trust Trinity-by-the-Cove Episcopal Church United Abrasives, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. James T. Vanderslice Mr. & Mrs. Roger M. Vasey Mr. & Mrs. G. Sheldon Veil Mr. William F. Vernon, Jr. Mrs. Mary Jeanne Villaume-Bowen Mr. Joseph P. Viviano John & Barbara Vogelstein Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Dolph W. von Arx Mr. & Mrs. George P. Wagner, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. William H. Waltrip Mrs. Alice M. Ware Mr. & Mrs. Martin M. Wasmer Ms. Sarah C. Webb Mr. & Mrs. Donald C. Weeden Mrs. Jane D. Wentling Mr. & Mrs. Tom Wheeler Mr. R. V. Whisnand Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Wiegand Mr. & Mrs. George S. Wiley Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth D. Williams Women's Republican Club of Naples Federated Mr. & Mrs. John R. Wood Mr. & Mrs. William M. Yaple Mr. John Yeager Mr. & Mrs. Alfred M. Zeien Mr. Kenneth Zeisler Ms. Paula D. Zeisler Dr. Charles W. Zinn

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GIFTS TO UNRESTRICTED FUNDS Dr. Jody L. Alexander Ms. Mary Ellen Barrett Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Becker Mrs. Ann E. Berlam Mary Duke Blouin Revocable Trust Mr. & Mrs. Christopher P. Bray Mr. & Mrs. Dennis C. Brown Mr. Cornelius P. Cacho Mr. Robert C. Carroll Lois M. & Philip S. Cohen Family Philanthropic Fund of the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati Crnkovich Fund at the Dayton Foundation Depository, Inc. Mrs. Sheilah M. Crowley Mr. Peter A. Cullman Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Decker Mr. & Mrs. Edward L. Delahanty Mr. & Mrs. James F. Derham Mr. & Mrs. David J. Eskra Mr. & Mrs. Garry Evans Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Evans Federal Signal Mr. & Mrs. Eugene U. Frey Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Gable Mr. & Mrs. L. Scott George Golden Circle Business Solutions dba Portico HR Mr. & Mrs. Donald L. Grandi Drs. Jeffrey & Donna Green Ms. Kate C. Henry Dr. Mana P. Holtz William B. Hopke, Jr. Revocable Trust Mr. & Mrs. Alan M. Horton Ms. Sheila Jensen Rev. Dr. Kathleen L. Kircher Mr. & Mrs. John H. Kolmer, Jr. Mr. Lucious Lackore Mr. & Mrs. William Laimbeer, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Peter L. Manion Constance A. Messner Trust Mr. Richard W. Miller John A. Mullenmaster Charitable Remainder Unitrust Mr. & Mrs. J. Richard Munro Mr. Tye J. Nordberg Mr. & Mrs. A. Edward Owen Raymond F. Pieper Trust Mr. F. Verne Powell Mr. & Mrs. George M. Powell Mr. & Mrs. Michael V. Reagen Mr. & Mrs. Arthur J. Reiber, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. E. David Rollert Mr. & Mrs. David J. Ryan Mr. Ned R. Sachs Mr. & Mrs. Ronald R. Schneider Shannon Family Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Dale E. Shaw Mr. & Mrs. Jerry R. Sprague Mrs. Sandra L. Sprague Standard Motor Products, Inc. Ms. Sandra Steele Jack W. Thompson Charitable Lead Annuity Trusts Mr. & Mrs. David C. Travis Mr. Robert S. Troth Ms. Mary Lee Turk

Varga Signs & Decorative Arts Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Walker Mr. & Mrs. Richard V. Washburn Mr. & Mrs. Gordon R. Watson Ms. Emily Watt Mr. & Mrs. Harold L. Zink

GIFTS TO THE CFCC INITIATIVES Abbot Downing Mrs. Virginia Jean Ackerman Akerman Senterfitt Ms. Liz Allbritten Mrs. Theresa M. Anderson Ms. Kay Andrews Anonymous Donor Mr. & Mrs. John Aymar Anne W. Baldwin Revocable Trust Mr. & Mrs. James N. Barton Albert J. Basl, TTEE Mrs. Diane Bedran Ron & Jean Bell Family Trust Mrs. Jane P. Berger Mrs. Ann E. Berlam Mr. & Mrs. G. J. Biernesser Mrs. Jane Billings Mrs. Dolly Bodick Bond, Schoeneck & King, PLLC Richard & Jane Borchers Family Fund of the Minneapolis Foundation Ms. Heather Borelli Mr. & Mrs. Gary Boros Mr. & Mrs. Christopher P. Bray Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Briant The Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation Mr. William F. Brock Cornelius P. Cacho Revocable Trust Ms. Susan Calkins Callow Revocable Trust Campbell Family Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Charles Campbell Rev. Stephanie Campbell Ms. Kelly Capolino Ms. Lorraine A. Carlson Mrs. Patricia B. Carpenter Mrs. Marcia C. Carthaus CAS Advisory Management, LLC Cheng Management Co., LLC Mrs. Beverly Cherry Mr. & Mrs. William E. Chipman

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Cooley Ms. Joyce T. Coughlan Cox & Carlson, PL Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Cullman Mr. Gordon Demaine The Dickson Family Gift Fund of the Schwab Charitable Fund Ms. Jane K. Doherty DOVIA Ms. Karen Elliott Ms. Rae Ann Enders Mr. & Mrs. Brad Estes Mr. & Mrs. Larry Fagan Mrs. Audrey Fenton Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Ferraina FineMark National Bank and Trust Ms. Kathleen Flynn Fox Mr. & Mrs. Terrance R. Flynn Orville W. Forte, Jr., TTEE Mr. & Mrs. Eugene U. Frey Mr. & Mrs. J. Craig Fuehrer Mrs. Lydia Galton Mrs. Lavern N. Gaynor GE Foundation Mrs. Dottie A. Gerrity Mr. & Mrs. James R. Gibson, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas D. Gleason Mr. & Mrs. J. Dudley Goodlette Ms. Meghan Gorman Dorothee D. Grant Charitable Remainder Trust Mr. & Mrs. Jan K. Guben Gulfshore Insurance, Inc. Hahn Loeser & Parks, LLP Katherine L. Hall Trust Mrs. Gwenda W. Hanson Harmon-Meek Gallery Mr. & Mrs. Frank M. Harris Ms. Kate C. Henry Elma Mae Hoffman Revocable Trust Dr. Mana P. Holtz Ms. E. Sue Huff Hughes McGrath, Inc. Mrs. Laura E. Ingraham Mr. Thomas E. Ingram Mrs. Emily James John F. & Virginia K. Johnson Family Fund of the Ayco Charitable Foundation Mrs. Judy Jorgensen JPMorgan Chase Foundation

As we express our gratitude, we must never

forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” ­—French Proverb Quote Carleton A. Cleveland, Jr. Trust Close Friend Foundation Coffin Family Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Nancy B. & Howard K. Cohen Charitable Fund of the Baltimore Community Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Stefan J. Contorno

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Dr. & Mrs. Jeffrey A. Kahn Mr. & Mrs. Jan F. Kantor Ms. Judith B. Kaufman Mr. Patrick E. Keesler & Ms. Eileen Connolly-Keesler Margaret A. Kennerly Revocable Trust Mr. Charles A. Kerwood, III Rev. Dr. Kathleen L. Kircher 33

Mr. & Mrs. Frank L. Klapperich, Jr. Ms. Jeannine Klump Dr. & Mrs. James H. Knepshield Mr. Alan R. Korest Ms. June T. Kroeschell Kvetko Family Foundation Mr. Kent Kyle Mr. & Mrs. William Laimbeer, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. James B. Lancaster, Jr.

Ms. Marilyn Wrucke Mr. & Mrs. Harold L. Zink


Nothing is more honorable than a grateful heart.”

Mr. William D. Lange Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Lepola Mr. & Mrs. Graham C. Lount Hon. Ramiro Manalich & Mrs. Jane Knoble-Manalich Mr. Brian V. McAvoy Mr. & Mrs. Thomas D. McCann Ms. Kathleen McCarthy Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. McCarthy, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. David G. McCurry Ms. Susan Mehas Mr. & Mrs. Jay S. Merritt Mrs. Catherine C. Miller Dr. & Mrs. Charles J. Montgomery Ms. Martha L. Moore John J. Morgan, Jr. & Barbara L. Morgan Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Mrs. Josephine A. Morse Mr. & Mrs. J. Richard Munro Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club Naples Money Management Mr. & Mrs. Peter Negri Gary G. Newman Family Trust Scott J. Newman Revocable Trust Mr. & Mrs. Gus J. Nichols Northern Trust Bank Ms. Brenda L. O'Conner Mr. & Mrs. John M. Passidomo Drs. Kenneth & Egle Pedini Penniman Family Foundation Mary Ellen W. Peter Living Trust Ms. Claudia Polzin Mrs. Nancy V. Potter Mrs. Anne T. Ratliff Mr. & Mrs. William S. Reiling Mr. & Mrs. Alan D. Reynolds Mr. & Mrs. James T. Rideoutte Ms. Karen Rollins Mr. & Mrs. Herbert J. Rowe Ms. Marjorie M. Rubacky Mrs. Anne W. Russell Foster Ms. Deborah L. Russell & Mr. Elmer Wheeler Mr. Charles L. Rye & Ms. Susan M. Colstrup Mr. Ned R. Sachs Ms. Jean S. Sampson Ms. Gwyn P. Sanford The Thomas G. Schneider Revocable Trust Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Schroeder Mrs. Helen M. Schultz Noreen R. Schumann Revocable Trust Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Scott Mr. James D. Seitz Senior Care Communities, Inc. 34

Ms. Beverly A. Smith Mr. & Mrs. David B. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Walter J. Smith Mrs. Delores R. Sorey & Ms. Scarlett S. Ferguson Mr. Patrick S. Stayer & Ms. Jennifer A. Murray Ms. Susan P. Steiner Mrs. Jamie G. Steuer

­— Seneca quote

Mr. & Mrs. Duane Stranahan, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Strommel Mr. Thomas A. Sully SunTrust Foundation Donald C. Sutherland Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Mr. & Mrs. M. E. Tardy, Jr. Dewey & Brenda Tate Fund of the Vanguard Charitable Endowment Fund Ms. Janice J. Teal Ms. Anne D. Thomas Mr. Peter A. Thomas Mr. & Mrs. William E. Thomas Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Tiley Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Tougas Mr. W. Terrell Upson

Gifts to honor or remember loved ones, friends or special occasions benefit our community's charitable purposes. Gifts may be made to any established fund, or a special fund may be established to reflect the honored person's life. Memorials and Honorariums were made for the following individuals between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013.

IN MEMORY OF: Howard Aurelius, Jr. Melvin Bernstein Helen Bisanz Shirley Brinsfield David Dance Paul Dauphinais Katherine Dupee Jay Gates Bob Gerrity Virginia Glasgow Jack Hakes Barry Hastings Robert Heidrick Norma Hindman Joy Ianotta Ashley Kelly John S. Kozlak Charles Lister Donna MacNiven Virginia Matthews Beth Moore Pat Mullen John Myers Nicole Nenon Doug Szwed Donald Treadwell Ashley Ward Jack Ware

IN HONOR OF: Mr. & Mrs. Everett H. Van Hoesen Mr. & Mrs. David Wahlstrom Mr. & Mrs. Alan H. Walker Mrs. Jennifer B. Walker Ms. Susan Warren Wasmer, Schroeder & Company, Inc. Mr. Michael E. Watkins & Ms. Ellin Goetz Wells Fargo Bank, NA Ms. Nadine Wells Ms. Ann D. Westerfield Mrs. Linda G. White Ms. Mary N. White The Williams Consulting Group, LLC Willow Street Advisors, LLC

Linda C. Flewelling Keith Kelly Rev. Dr. Kathleen L. Kircher Mana P. Holtz Mary Beth Johns Marsha Murphy Mr. & Mrs. Don Porter Linda White Every attempt has been made to ensure that the information provided in this report is accurate through June 30, 2013. We apologize for any error or omission. Please contact our office with corrections.

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WAYS TO GIVE TYPES OF GIFTS One of the many benefits of working with a community foundation is the ease at which we manage a variety of assets and gifts for charitable giving. A donor may utilize charitable donations and gifts by putting them towards an existing fund, or the Community Foundation can explain how to start a fund with those assets. Let us help you make your philanthropy ideas a reality.

CASH Cash is the simplest way to add to or create your own fund. Your gift immediately establishes your charitable fund from which you can make grants or award scholarships.

STOCKS AND SECURITIES Stocks, bonds and mutual funds that have appreciated over time provide a greater tax benefit to you than gifts of cash. They’re easily transferrable, transfer at full market value and allow you to avoid capital gains taxes.

PROPERTY Tangible property or personal property such as artwork, musical instruments, books, computer equipment, furniture and automobiles can be donated to the Community Foundation of Collier County.

REAL ESTATE All types of real estate make excellent charitable gifts. Your current home, investment property, vacation homes and land can be used for charitable purposes. Often, a home is the largest asset a donor can give. You receive an immediate tax deduction for the full appraised value and avoid capital gains taxes if you’ve held the property for more than 12 months.

RETIREMENT ASSETS Retirement plans are often decimated by taxes at the end of life. Using these assets to add to or create a fund is a way to preserve their value and carry out your charitable wishes. There are also significant tax advantages for individuals age 70 and over.

Change always comes bearing gifts.” ­ — Price Pritchett

LIFE INSURANCE Often, life insurance is not needed later in life. You can establish your charitable Fund by naming the Foundation as a beneficiary. You may also purchase a policy in the Foundation’s name and earn an additional tax deduction each time premiums are due.




$9,458,218 were issued during the period of July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2013 through the Community Foundation's grant program and donor funds.



“ o one has ever become poor by giving.” ­

— Anne Frank

A Breath of Hope Lung Foundation Able Academy, Inc. Abuse Counseling and Treatment, Inc. Adopt-A-Native-Elder AdoptaPlatoon African Literacy Art and Development Association, Inc. All God's Children, Ltd All Hands Volunteers Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound, Inc. Alzheimer's Association - National Office Alzheimer's Association - FL Gulf Coast Chapter Alzheimer's Support Network American and Foreign Christian Union, Inc. American Bible Society American Brain Tumor Association American Cancer Society American Heart Association American Indian College Fund American Red Cross Americares Foundation, Inc. Anonymous Grants Anti-Defamation League Foundation Association for the Preservation of Cape Cod Atlanta Day Shelter for Women & Children, Inc. Audubon of Florida/Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary Auroville International USA Ave Maria University Avery County Humane Society Avow Hospice, Inc. B'nai B'rith International Baby Basics of Collier County, Inc. Bach Ensemble Ball State University Foundation Baltimore Woods Nature Center Bay Colony Dollars for Scholars Benedictine Academy Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Sun Coast, Inc. Billy Graham Evangelist Association Bloomington Hospital Foundation, Inc. Bonita Springs Community Prayer Breakfast, Inc. Borodino Methodist Church Bosom Buddies Breast Cancer Support Group, Inc. Boston College Boy Scouts of America-Southwest Florida Council Boys & Girls Club of Collier County Boys & Girls Club of the Tennessee Valley

Brady Urological Institute Brian Bex Report, Inc. Bright Spot Therapy Dogs, Inc. BrightFocus Foundation Britney Gengel's Poorest of the Poor Fund, Inc. Bucknell University Burr & Burton Academy Cairo Public Library Camp Sunshine Cancer Alliance of Naples, Inc. Candlelighters of Southwest Florida Cape Cod Commercial Hook Fishermen's Association, Inc. Care Club of Collier County Cathedral of St. Patrick Catholic Charities of Collier County Catholic Charities in the Diocese of Paterson Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Venice Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Chicago Catholic Inner City Schools Education Fund CATO Institute Cayuga County Community College Foundation Central Florida Zoo Central Vermont Community Action Council, Inc. Chabad Jewish Center of Collier County Naples & Marco Island The Chapin School Charity for Change, LLC Chatham Conservation Foundation, Inc. Chatham Ecumenical Council for the Homeless, Inc. Cheetah Conservation Fund Child Evangelism Fellowship of Eastern Pennsylvania Good News Club Child Mind Institute Children's Advocacy Center of Collier County Chosen People Ministries Foundation, Inc. Christian Appalachian Project, Inc. Christian Brothers of Bonita Springs Los Hermanos, Inc. Cincinnati Zoo Foundation, Inc. Citizens Scholarship Foundation Chatham Chapter City of Naples Civil War Preservation Trust Classical South Florida Classmate Fund, Inc. Colby College Colgate University College of William & Mary Foundation Collier Building Industry Association Foundation, Inc. Collier County 100 Club Collier County Audubon Society Collier County - Board of County Commissioners Collier County Children's Advocacy Council, Inc.

Collier County Hunger and Homeless Coalition Collier County Public Schools-Laws of Life Contest Colorado Water Trust, Inc. Commentary, Inc. The Community Foundation of Louisville Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture The Community Library Community Pregnancy Clinic Community School of Naples Competitive Enterprise Institute Congregation Hebrew Educational Alliance The Conservancy of Southwest Florida, Inc. Conservation Council for Hawaii Corte Madera Community Foundation Cortland College Foundation, Inc. Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement Covenant House Florida, Inc. Crayons to Computers, Inc. Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of America, Inc. Dana Hall School Trustees of Dartmouth College David Lawrence Foundation Mental Health, Inc. Deerfield Academy Dental Outreach of Collier, Inc. Disabled American Veterans Charitable Service Trust Doctors Without Borders USA, Inc. Dorset Theatre Festival/ American Theater Works, Inc. Dorset Village Public Library Association, Inc. Down Syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati Dr. Piper Center for Social Services, Inc. Drug Free Collier Dublin School, Inc. Eagle Forum Education & Legal Defense Fund East Naples Baptist Church ECHO, Inc. Eden Autism Services Florida Education Foundation Champions for Learning Eldredge Public Library Emma Willard School Emmanuel Lutheran Church Empowerment Alliance of Southwest Florida Engineering Ministries International, Inc. Environmental Film Festival in the Nations Capital Episcopal Church of the Redeemer Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art, Inc. ESF College Foundation, Inc. The Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute, Inc. The Everglades Foundation, Inc. Falcon Foundation Family Promise of Berks County, Inc. Farm Aid

Community Foundation of Collier County |

Feed the Children, Inc. Feminist Majority Foundation Finger Lakes Land Trust The First Parish in Cambridge First Presbyterian Church The First Presbyterian Church of Skaneateles, NY First Presbyterian Church of Bonita Springs Flatirons Habitat for Humanity Floor Covering Industry Foundation Florida Gulf Coast University Foundation, Inc. Florida Repertory Company, Inc. Food Bank of Central New York Footsteps to The Future Foundation for Cultural Review, Inc. Foundation for Historic Christ Church, Inc. Foundation for Seminole County Public Schools, Inc. Foundation for the Developmentally Disabled Freedom Waters Foundation, Inc. Friends of Foster Children of Southwest Florida Friends of Gummi, Inc. Friends of Haystack Friends of Seoul Foreign School, Inc. Friends of Shishur Sevay Friends of the High Line, Inc. Friends of the Library of Collier County, Inc. Fun Time Early Childhood Academy, Inc. The Fund for American Studies The Garden of Hope & Courage Genealogical Society of Collier County George School Georgetown University Law Center Georgetown University Georgia Conservancy, Inc. Gift of Life International, Inc. Global Fund for Women, Inc. Grace Place for Children and Families, Inc. Grant Foundation dba Hopital Albert Schweitzer Green Opportunities Greenwood House Home for the Jewish Aged, Inc. Guadalupe Center, Inc. Gulf Coast Runners Club, Inc. Habitat for Humanity of Collier County Habitat for Humanity Habitat for Humanity of Lee & Hendry Counties, Inc. Hands on Atlanta, Inc. Har Sinai Temple Harry Chapin Food Bank Harvard University Harvest Community Church Haynes House of Hope 37

Healthcare Network of Southwest Florida Foundation Help The Least of These, Inc. Heritage Foundation The Hill School Hillel The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life Hillsdale College History Center in Tompkins County Holocaust Museum of Southwest Florida, Inc. Hood College of Frederick Maryland Hope for Haiti Hope for Life Hope Healthcare Services Hope Lutheran Church Hopkins Nanjing Program Center Hospice of Cincinnati, Inc. Hospice of the Fisher House Humane Society of Collier County Immokalee Child Care Center Immokalee Foundation Indiana University Foundation Institute for Humane Studies International Fellowship of Christians & Jews Invisible Theatre Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans of America Foundation, Inc. Jewish Family & Community Services of Southwest Florida Jewish Family Services Jewish Federation of Collier County Jewish World Watch Joe Foss Institute, Inc. John Burroughs School John Dau Foundation Junior Achievement of SW Florida Kenan-Flager Business School Foundation Kingdom Harvest, Inc. Kneads a Fresh Vision for Special Education Lambi Fund of Haiti Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law Leadership Collier Foundation, Inc. The League Club, Inc. Lee Memorial Health System Foundation Lely Presbyterian Church Lensic Performing Arts Center Corporation Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Liberty Youth Ranch Literacy Volunteers of Collier County Loomis Village, Inc. Lorenzo Walker Institute of Technology Low Vision Information Center 38

Make a Wish Foundation of South Florida, Inc. Manlius Pebble Hill School March of Dimes Foundation Marine Corps - Law Enforcement Foundation, Inc., Inc. Marquette University High School Massachusetts Audubon Society, Inc. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Masters School Maui Adult Day Care Center for Senior Citizens & Disabled, Inc. Mayo Foundation for Medical Education & Research Meals on Wheels of Bonita Springs Florida, Inc. Media Research Center, Inc. Medical Benevolence Foundation Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center Mercy Corps Mercy Home for Boys and Girls Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation Minnesota Medical Foundation Miracles in Action Misericordia Home Monomy Community Services Moody Bible Institute of Chicago Moorings Park Foundation, Inc. Moorings Presbyterian Church Morristown Memorial Health Foundation, Inc. Muscular Dystrophy Association Nantucket Boys & Girls Club Nantucket Conservation Foundation Nantucket Cottage Hospital Naples Art Association, Inc., von Liebig Art Center Naples Botanical Garden, Inc. Naples Community Church, Inc. Naples Council on World Affairs Naples Equestrian Challenge, Inc. Naples Gulfshore Rotary Club Foundation, Inc. Naples Historical Society Naples Lions Club Foundation Naples Music Club Naples Players, Inc. Naples United Church of Christ Naples Yacht Club Blue Gavel Scholarship Fund, Inc. Naples Zoo National Audubon Society National Disaster Search Dog Foundation, Inc. National Foundation for Cancer Research National Jewish Health National Multiple Sclerosis Society National Museum of Commercial Aviation National Music Museum National Society of the Colonial Dames of America National Veterans Legal Service Program Native American Rights Fund Nature Conservancy Central/ Western New York The Nature Conservancy Florida Chapter Nature Conservancy Vermont Chapter Nature Conservancy, Inc. NCH Healthcare Foundation Neighborhood Health Clinic New England College of Optometry

New Horizons of Southwest Florida, Inc. New Jersey Institute of Technology Foundation New Life Ministries Free Methodist Church Nonviolent Peaceforce North Star Fund Northern Neck Free Health Clinic, Inc. Northfield Mount Hermon School Northrise University Initiative Northshire Civic Center, dba Riley Rink at Hunter Park Northside Center for Child Development, Inc. Northwestern University Ogunquit Playhouse Foundation Ohana Makamae, Inc. Oklahoma City Community Foundation Old Deerfield Productions, Inc. Omni Montessori School Onondaga Community College Foundation, Inc. Opera Naples, Inc. Operation Smile Orran Our Lady of Perpetual Help Pace Center for Girls Parkinson's Association of Southwest Florida, Inc. Patriots for Freedom Foundation, Inc. Pawlet Community Church Pawlet Historical Society Pawlet Public Library Pawlet Scholarships, Inc. Town of Pawlet, VT Pawlet Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. Philharmonic Center For The Arts, Inc. Planned Parenthood of Collier County Port Chester Carver Center, Inc. Portland After School Tennis, Inc. The Prentice School Primary Care Coalition of Montgomery County MD, Inc. Prison Fellowship Ministries Professional Givers Anonymous of Collier County, Inc. Project Help, Inc. Providence House, Inc. Provincetown Art Association & Museum, Inc. Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies Puente De Amistad, Inc. Purdue Foundation

Community Foundation of Collier County |

The Quest Educational Foundation Rebuilding Together, Inc. Redhouse Arts Center, Inc. Redmond Lions Club Charities Remnant Trust, Inc. Reynolda House, Inc. Riverside Community Care Roman Catholic Diocese of Charlotte, NC Ronald McDonald House Charities of SW FL The Rotary Club of Naples Bay Foundation Corp. Rotary Club of Naples Charitable Foundation, Inc. Royal Oak Foundation, Inc. Rutgers University Foundation Rutland Area Visiting Nurse Association, Inc. Rutland Health Foundation, Inc. Saint Daniels Catholic Church Saint Francis Community Services, Inc. Saint Joseph Social Service Center Salt of the Earth Salvation Army Salvation Army of the Syracuse Area Sankaty Head Foundation, Inc. Santa Fe Opera Santa Fe YMCA Sarah Lawrence College Sconset Trust, Inc. Seaweb Senior Friendship Centers, Inc. Seven Hills School Shakespeare in Paradise, Inc. Shelter for Abused Women Shetland Sheepdog Placement Services of NJ, Inc. Shriners Hospitals for Children Sightline Institute Sisters of the Humility of Mary Smile Train, Inc. Smokey House Center Soldiers Project Solebury School South Londonderry Library Association Southern Poverty Law Center, Inc. Southern Vermont Arts Center Southwest Florida Community Foundation Southwestern Vermont Health Care Corp. Special Olympics of Collier County Special Operations Fund Special Operations Warrior Foundation St. Andrew's Preschool St. Ann School Foundation, Inc. St. Frances Cabrini Roman Catholic Church St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church St. Joseph's School St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church St. Matthew's House St. Therese Foundation, Inc. St. Vincent de Paul Society, Inc. St. Williams Catholic Church Steve Rummler Memorial Foundation Summit Medical Center Health Foundation Sunlight of Collier County, Inc. Susan Odell Taylor School for Children Tax Foundation Temple Congregation Ohabai Sholom Temple Rodef Shalom Theta Delta Chi Educational Foundation, Inc. Tides Center Tilton Library

Timken Museum of Art Tree of Life Church Trinity-by-the-Cove Episcopal Church Tripp Memorial Foundation, Inc. Tumani Fund USA, Inc. Turning Point, Inc. United States Olympic Committee United Way of Collier County University of Florida Foundation University of Massachusetts at Amherst Alumni Association, Inc. University of Massachusetts Foundation, Inc. University of Miami University of South Dakota Foundation University School of Nashville Unwanted NYC Pets, Inc. Upper St. Clair Band Parents Association Upward Bound of Unity, Inc. USF Foundation Vantage Health System Vassar College Vermont Catholic Charities, Inc. Vermont ETV, Inc. Vermont Food Bank Vermont Public Radio Vermonters for a Clean Environment, Inc. Vienna Presbyterian Church Visiting Nurse Association of Chittenden & Grand Isle Counties Vistamar School Voices For Kids of Southwest Florida, Inc. Washington National Eye Center, Inc. Wellesley College West Pawlet Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. WGBH Educational Foundation WGCU Public Media WGCU-TV Wheaton College Wheelchair Foundation Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts WMHT Educational Telecommunications, Inc. Women for Women International Women's Resource Center of Northern Michigan, Inc. The Woods Hole Research Center World Vision, Inc. Wounded Warrior Project, Inc. Yale University Yampa Valley Land Trust, Inc. YMCA of Monroe County, Inc. YMCA of the Palms Young Life Youth Haven

GRANTS FROM DONOR DESIGNATED AND FIELD OF INTEREST FUNDS Alzheimer's Association - National Office American Cancer Society American Diabetes Association American Heart Association

Community Foundation of Collier County |

National Bequest Center American Institute for Cancer Research American National Red Cross American Red Cross Anonymous Grants Arthritis Research Institute of America Audubon of Florida/ Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary Avow Hospice, Inc. Bosom Buddies Breast Cancer Support Group, Inc. Boys & Girls Club of Clinton County Boys & Girls Club of Collier County BrightFocus Foundation Cancer Alliance of Naples, Inc. Care Club of Collier County Catholic Charities of Collier County Celebration Community Church Choate Rosemary Hall Foundation, Inc. Christian Appalachian Project, Inc. Colgate University Collier County Audubon Society Collier County Junior Deputies League, Inc. Collier Harvest Foundation Columbia Law School The Conservancy of Southwest Florida, Inc. Delta Tau Delta Educational Foundation, Inc. Earthjustice Edison State College Foundation, Inc. Education Foundation Champions for Learning First Book Florida Christian College The Fort Wayne Rescue Mission Ministries, Inc. Friends of the Library of Collier County, Inc. Fun Time Early Childhood Academy, Inc. Glenwood School for Boys and Girls Grace Place for Children and Families, Inc. Great Lakes Christian College Guadalupe Center, Inc. Habitat for Humanity of Collier County Hanover College Healthcare Network of Southwest Florida Foundation Healthy Start Coalition of SW FL Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania Humane Society of Collier County I HOPE Immokalee Child Care Center International Lutheran Layman's League Kenilworth Church Lorenzo Walker Institute of Technology 39

Mayo Foundation for Medical Education & Research Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center Mennonite Disaster Service Miami Children's Hospital Foundation Middlebury College Moorings Park Foundation, Inc. NAMI of Collier County Naples Christian Church Naples High School Naples Players, Inc. National Children's Cancer Society, Inc. National Wildlife Federation NCH Healthcare Foundation Neighborhood Health Clinic North Naples United Methodist Church Ohio State University Foundation Pace Center for Girls of Lee County Parents Television Council, Inc. Parkinson's Association of Southwest Florida, Inc. Philharmonic Center For The Arts, Inc. Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Inc. Planned Parenthood of Collier County RCMA Rotary Club of Naples Charitable Foundation Salvation Army Salvation Army National Corp. Headquarters Seeing Eye, Inc. Shelter for Abused Women St. Ann Catholic Church St. Francis Academy, Inc. St. John Neumann High School St. John's Episcopal Church St. Jude Children's Research Hospital St. Matthew's House St. Vincent de Paul Society, Inc. Sunrise Community of Collier County, Inc. Trinity-by-the-Cove Episcopal Church U.S. English Foundation, Inc. United States Fund for UNICEF United Arts Council of Collier County, Inc. Unity School of Christianity University of Colorado Foundation WGCU Public Media WGCU-TV The Women's Fund of Southwest Florida Youth Haven

GRANTS FROM AGENCY AND AGENCY ENDOWMENT FUNDS Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Venice Collier Harvest Foundation Fun Time Early Childhood Academy, Inc. Literacy Volunteers of Collier County Marco Island Rotary Club Foundation, Inc. Naples Music Club Northside Naples Kiwanis Foundation, Inc. Special Olympics of Collier County

GRANTS FROM SCHOLARSHIP FUNDS Anonymous Grants Barry University Bonita Springs School, Inc. Building Trades Education Services Childcare Education Institute 40

The College of New Jersey College of the Holy Cross Columbia University Edison State College Edison State College, Collier Campus Express Language Center Florida Gulf Coast University Florida Southern College Florida State University Gold Coast Schools Hodges University Hope College ITT Technical Institute Johnson & Wales University Kaplan Test Prep Keiser University Leadership Collier Foundation, Inc. Lexington Theological Seminary Lorenzo Walker Institute of Technology Marshall University Milwaukee Community Sailing Center National Academy of Sports Medicine Nova Southeastern University Rasmussen College Rochester Institute of Technology Saint Leo University School of the Art Institute of Chicago Southwest Florida College St. John Neumann High School Stetson University The Training Domain Trine University University of Central Florida University of Florida University of Miami University of North Florida University of South Florida University of Tampa University of North Carolina at Greensboro Yale University

GRANTS FROM UNRESTRICTED FUNDS Able Academy, Inc. Avow Hospice, Inc. Bayshore Cultural and Performing Arts Center, Inc. Care Club of Collier County Charity for Change, LLC Children's Advocacy Center of Collier County Collier Animal Rescue, Inc. Collier County Audubon Society Collier County Housing Authority Land Acquisition New Develop, Inc. Collier County Hunger and Homeless Coalition Columbus International High School Columbus Museum of Art Community Pregnancy Clinic David Lawrence Foundation Mental Health, Inc. Drug Free Collier Education Foundation Champions for Learning Entrepreneur Society of Naples, Inc. Foundation for the Developmentally Disabled Freedom Waters Foundation, Inc. Friends of Fakahatchee, Inc. Friends of Rookery Bay

Fun Time Early Childhood Academy, Inc. Grace Place for Children and Families, Inc. Greater Marco Family YMCA, Inc. Greater Naples AAUW Charitable Foundation Gulfshore Playhouse Haitian Coalition of Collier County, Inc. Harry Chapin Food Bank Hodges University Foundation Holocaust Museum of Southwest Florida, Inc. Housing Development Corporation of SW Florida Humane Society of Collier County Immokalee Child Care Center Immokalee Housing & Family Services Interfaith Action of Southwest Florida K is For Kids Foundation, Inc. League of Women Voters of Collier County Education Fund Legal Aid Service of Collier County Lighthouse of Collier, Inc. Literacy Volunteers of Collier County Lucky Parrot Refugee & Santuary, Inc. Mental Health Association of Southwest Florida Montessori Academy of Naples, Inc. Naples Alliance for Children Naples Concert Band, Inc. Naples Garden Club, Inc. Naples Historical Society Naples Lions Club Foundation Naples Orchestra & Chorus dba I Musici Di Napoli Naples Zoo Neighborhood Health Clinic New Horizons of Southwest Florida, Inc. Oklahoma City Community Foundation Planned Parenthood of Collier County Salvation Army Shy Wolf Sanctuary, Education and Experience Center, Inc. St. Matthew's House Student Farmworker Alliance The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation TheatreZone, Inc. United Cerebral Palsy of SWFlorida YMCA of the Palms Young Life Youth Haven

Every attempt has been made to ensure that the information provided in this report is accurate through June 30, 2013. We apologize for any error or omission. Please contact our office with corrections.

Community Foundation of Collier County |



2013 Summary Financial Statements for the Year Ending June 30, 2013 Statement of Financial Position ASSETS

2013 2012

Cash and Cash Equivalents $772,132 $3,409,374 Cash and Cash Equivalents Held for Investment $3,757,741 $3,670,714 Certificates of Deposit $2,343,344 $983,398 Accrued Interest Receivable $53,985 $60,700 Investments $55,088,959 $52,701,564 Receivables, Net $6,500 $3,500 Convertible Debentures, Net - Split-Interest Agreements $2,091,717 $2,605,252 Property and Equipment, Net $7,768 $1,558 Other Assets $35,572 $34,680 TOTAL ASSETS

$64,157,718 $63,470,740






LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS LIABILITIES Grants Payable Accrued Expenses Funds Held For Agencies Annuity Obligations

$97,347 $96,777 $2,580,258 $660,653

$54,477 $125,867 $2,588,641 $859,659

Total Liabilities



NET ASSETS Unrestricted Board Designated Endowment Funds Donor Advised Funds Operating Funds Total Unrestricted Net Assets Temporarily Restricted Split-Interest Agreements Total Net Assets TOTAL LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS




$34,372,996 $22,840,915 $1,417,055

$33,332,949 $22,138,552 $1,765,343









$64,157,718 $63,470,740




$94,582 Community Foundation of Collier County |


TRANSFER OF WEALTH Whether Collier County is your hometown or the place you now call home—you have a lot invested here.


ollier County offers a quality of life and tropical ambiance that is irresistible to full-time and part-time residents and vacationers alike.

But if you look beyond the pristine beaches, lavish oceanfront homes, luxurious culinary delights and upscale shopping venues—you will see a community in need.

DID YOU KNOW... 31% of children under the age of 18 are living at or below the poverty level in Collier County.1

13.4% of female senior women live in poverty. 24% o f Collier County residents do not have health insurance. Our opportunity to transform the community we enjoy is NOW. 2


In 2012, Florida Philanthropic Network commissioned a “Transfer of Wealth” study to understand what might happen to wealth as Baby Boomers begin to retire and pass their assets on to the next generation. The study revealed a possible transfer of $52 billion in Collier County. Consider this—if we captured just 5% of $52 billion—that would translate into $735 million for this community in the next 10 years. Endowing $735 million would spin off $34 million each year to address needs and challenges facing children, women, elderly, families, the homeless, the hungry, human services, public safety, unemployment, education, health care, the arts, environment and wildlife. Endowments create a permanent source of income. Nonprofits can set up an Agency Endowment Fund at the Community Foundation of Collier County for as little as $10,000. We manage the assets for you and you decide when to access the funds. Pooling assets at the Community Foundation of Collier County reduces expenses and enables your fund to accept a wide variety of gifts. We bring visibility to your endowment fund and protect its permanence and purpose—FOREVER. You have a lot invested here—help us endow Collier County’s future. U.S. Census Bureau Florida Legislature Department of Economic and Demographic Research 3 Collier County Health Department 1 2


Community Foundation of Collier County |



Annual Report Sponsor

BMO Private Bank is honored to be a partner of the Community Foundation of

Collier County Women’s Initiative Network.


MO Private Bank’s commitment to the communities it serves extends far beyond serving the financial needs of our clients. It also includes sincere dedication to making a difference in the lives of others. BMO has been a pioneer in recognizing the contributions women can make in building a strong business. Our history as an organization boasts the first female bank officer in the state of Wisconsin, a specialized banking division to serve women customers who were managing their own money, and a task force for women to help eliminate barriers in the workplace. BMO has been steadfast in its commitment to supporting women’s causes in it corporate culture and in its philanthropic endeavors in local communities. We reinforce our commitment to women’s issues by being a proud sponsor of the 2014 Women of Initiative luncheon. BMO Private Bank applauds the work the Women’s Initiative Network is doing to strengthen our communities.

BMO Private Bank’s focus on Women & Wealth both nationally and globally will assist us to be a resource to all women in Collier County. Our goal is to be a premier resource to serve the financial needs of women. We will accomplish this through thoughtful research and programs focused on educating women in our local communities with relevant topics. One of our messaging platforms this upcoming year focuses on Women & Philanthropy: Creating a Legacy. We are excited to bring this research, powerful information and corresponding program to the women of Southwest Florida. Established in 1817, BMO Financial Group is a highly diversified global financial services provider. With total assets (in the United States) of $542 billion as of January 31, 2013, and more than 46,000 employees, BMO provides a broad range of retail banking, wealth management and investment banking products and services to more than 12 million customers.

800 Laurel Oak Drive, Naples, FL 34108 | 239.592.2470 Pictured: Amy Hale, Director, Wealth Advisor

Community Foundation of Collier County |



Annual Report Sponsor

Our firm is proud to partner with the Community Foundation of Collier County

because it allows us to provide our clients with unparalleled knowledge concerning both current and likely future community needs, as well as providing information and insight about a wide range of philanthropic support services.


n addition, we are pleased to support the Community Foundation through our financial contributions and by volunteering. We see the immediate benefits of the Foundation’s focus on unmet community needs throughout the Southwest Florida Region, as well as the long-term benefits provided by its endowment operating model. With 115 years of dedicated client service, Bond has an ingrained tradition of giving back to the communities in which its staff and attorneys reside that includes: pro bono legal efforts; volunteer time by staff and attorneys alike; and monetary donations not only to personal charities, but to larger “general” organizations like the Community Foundation of Collier County, the United Way, the American Red Cross, the Salvation Army and the Harry Chapin

Food Bank. The firm also makes “corporate” contributions to major capital projects and special efforts to address significant community needs; to innovative programs that complement economic development efforts; and to other unprecedented events and situations that require extra-ordinary funding. In summary, Bond feels a responsibility to be a good citizen; to make sustained efforts to contribute across a broad spectrum of efforts and causes; to be active and not passive in its giving; to be entirely open minded and welcoming to all requests for support; and ultimately to continually reinforce its tradition to give back to those communities from which we gratefully derive our collective livelihoods.

4001 Tamiami Trail North, Suite 250, Naples, FL 34103 | 239.659.3800 Pictured L to R: William L. Owens, Thomas K. Rinaldi, C. Neil Gregory, F. Joseph McMackin, III, Kelly A. Johnson, Adam C. Kerlek, James D. Dati, Lenore T. Brakefield


Community Foundation of Collier County |



Annual Report Sponsor

Our family, our company and those we serve understand living in a community means believing in the community. Whether a seasonal or full-time resident, our personal lives and business legacies become centered here. Partnering with the Community Foundation of Collier County is a perfect fit for the work we do.


hirty five years ago, the dream of this town we call home, Naples, became reality to our family. We have watched the community develop and grow, not only in population, but in its sensitivity for the future of the place we call home. The Community Foundation of Collier County since 1985 has endeared us to better bridge the relationship of family, community and philanthropy. As we assist in designing a legacy plan, the Community Foundation ensures it is carried out; enabling donors and professionals to set a philanthropic vision in motion with

the tools, knowledge and resources to match those that need and desire them. Many charitable endeavors exist here, most with a focused audience, mission and purpose. Reality is that giving spans over many multi-generational family members and multiple charitable organizations. With change and growth a constant of our community, a strong and balanced foundation is necessary. The Community Foundation dynamically serves this role and we are privileged and proud to be affiliated with them.

3066 Tamiami Trail North, Suite 202, Naples, FL 34103 | 239.262.6577 9240 Bonita Beach Road, Suite 3300, Bonita Springs, FL 34135 | 239.495.2242 Pictured L to R: Paul Ciccarelli,CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®, Jill Ciccarelli Rapps,CFP®, Raymond Ciccarelli, Kim Ciccarelli Kantor, CFP®, CAP™, Anthony Curatolo, Carol Girvin, Lynn Ferraina

Community Foundation of Collier County |



Annual Report Sponsor

The mission of Classical South Florida 88.7 FM is to enrich the minds and nourish the

spirit of our community through the art, availability and advocacy of classical music.


s part of the American Public Media Group, we are proud to say that each week up to 300,000 people listen to classical music programming provided by the Classical South Florida network, making us the largest local broadcaster of classical music in the State of Florida. As such, we believe that working with our Community Partners we can enrich the lives of our listeners and donors. As a partner, we recognize the value the Community Foundation of Collier County brings to our radio station. Additionally, we partner with local arts organizations to assist them in fulfilling their goals and expand the audience that knows about the wonderful cultural fabric of the arts in our area. Working with organizations like Artis—Naples, Opera Naples, ArtsNaples World Festival, Naples Art Association, Naples Music Club, Classical Chamber Concerts, CAPA Bayshore and Vanderbilt Presbyterian

Church—we are able to introduce a wider audience to the beauties of classical music. The power of classical music has been proven through the ages and we are proud to be a part of expanding the reach of the power of this music. As a part of fulfilling our mission we bring talented young musicians to the forefront and feature them in our events throughout the region. Join us in the upcoming season and hear these wonderful young musicians—live in your community, or enjoy on-air programs like “From the Top,” a preeminent showcase for young musicians from around the country. Celebrate with us the cultural beauty of our community during this year, meet our very talented young people at our receptions and events and share classical music with your community of colleagues.

999 Vanderbilt Beach Road, Suite 200, Naples, FL 34108 |239.290.9433 Pictured: Claudia Polzin, Elizabeth Boeder


Community Foundation of Collier County |



Annual Report Sponsor

e Bella magazine is proud to be an ongoing Community Foundation of Collier County

Women’s Initiative Network partner. Our individual intentions, to make a difference for women, are so closely aligned that it’s only natural to work together toward that end.


mpowering, inspiring and investing in the potential of women and girls are top priorities for both organizations. The Community Foundation has the structure to fulfill on those priorities and è Bella magazine has the ability to raise awareness and resources for addressing current and changing issues facing women in our area. The magazine connects the community to the positivity and power of women supporting women, thus raising the consciousness of women as a dynamic force. The Women’s Initiative Network is a fabulous example of women supporting women, as well as the power of women in our community. è Bella provides charities with a voice, bringing aware-

ness to their resources, needs and activities to help them thrive. The Community Foundation’s Center for Nonprofit Excellence has also addressed the needs of charitable organizations by offering training and assistance throughout the year. So many women in our community—and those involved in the Women’s Initiative Network—are shining examples of real people making a real difference. By sharing their stories with the rest of the community, we hope to inspire and empower others to follow suit. è Bella and the Community Foundation are real and empowering resources!

1750 J&C Boulevard, Suite 5, Naples, FL 34109 | 239.598.0961

Community Foundation of Collier County |



Annual Report Sponsor

Gulfshore Insurance recognizes that healthy, thriving communities depend on involved

citizens, organizations and corporate partners for momentum. As a community-based agency, we are committed to creating meaningful change in Collier County through community leadership, employee volunteerism and fundraising support.


ur humanitarian philosophy is based upon a belief that a successful organization has a genuine responsibility to contribute to the overall well-being of the community, and that a strong and vibrant community is a great place to do business. Our corporate commitment strongly aligns with the mission of the Community Foundation… “to be the community leader and driving force that brings nonprofit organizations, corporate entities and philanthropic individuals together for a common purpose—to serve and better our community.” Gulfshore Insurance is committed to enhancing our community through programs that help make it a better place to live. Through our Gulfshore Humanitarian Foundation, we strive to enhance and strengthen our community by supporting organizations that provide assistance, training

and rehabilitation to residents of all ages, cultures, denominations and socio-economic status. A significant portion of our giving is directed to health-related initiatives that hold the promise of improving many lives. We also support programs that provide relief to victims of disasters and that help people prepare for and prevent ill-fated situations. As outsourced risk managers, we are committed to providing assistance to individuals and families facing considerable challenges. We proudly support: American Cancer Society; Avow Hospice; Habitat for Humanity; Humane Society Naples; St. Matthew's House; and The Shelter for Abused Woman & Children.

4100 Goodlette Road, Naples, FL 34103 | 239.261.3646 Pictured: Michelle Gleeson, Gregory Havemeier, Brad Havemeier


Community Foundation of Collier County |



Annual Report Sponsor

Partnering with the Community Foundation is a solid choice and a natural fit for us. It is a pleasure to support those who support others; it is also a Naples characteristic that makes this community so unique.


iving here for the past 20 years we have discovered that no one actually retires; they just reinvent themselves, set new goals and continue to make a difference. The wealth of human capital in our community is beyond measure and none of it is wasted. Recognizing that there may be new citizens to Naples who are as yet unaware of the Foundation's service to the community, we would like to help change that. The full scope of service and advocacy programs that the Foundation provides crosses

age and economical barriers. As the owner and publisher of the magazine Life in Naples, we look forward to increasing community awareness while highlighting the activities and the specific programs of the Community Foundation. Using community leaders who have the financial expertise, funds have been prudently managed over the years enabling grants to worthy causes and a legacy of which we can all be proud.

745 12th Avenue South, Naples, FL 34102 | 239.692.8267 Pictured: Sandra Buxton, Reg Buxton

Community Foundation of Collier County |



Annual Report Sponsor

With a strong commitment to the neighborhoods we serve, JPMorgan Chase’s

philanthropic goal is to be the catalyst to meaningful, positive and sustainable change within our highest need neighborhoods and communities across the globe.


e focus our giving on local nonprofits that support affordable housing, economic development, financial empowerment and workforce readiness. In Collier County, our partners provide a range of services to our most at-risk neighbors. Through the Community Foundation of Collier County, we are proud to partner with Habitat for Humanity of Collier County on creating homeownership opportunities for families in East Naples. Additionally, we helped seed the Naples Botanical Garden and Collier County Schools New Culinary, STEM and Social Enterprise Partnership. This innovative program brings the classroom into the garden, giving students a hands-on learning experience around sustainable gardening, healthy living and fresh food preparation. As a partner to the Guadalupe Center, JPMorgan Chase provides support for their Tutor Corps program, which

provides high quality workforce readiness skills and college preparation for teens in Immokalee. And, our grant to the Boys and Girls Club of Collier County provides high school students in Immokalee with after-school programs and mentors focused on education and career development, and character and leadership development. We take pride in helping people and communities achieve their financial goals and create stronger foundations for future generations. Through corporate giving and Foundation grants, we gave more than $190 million to thousands of nonprofit organizations across 42 states, the District of Columbia and 37 countries around the world in 2012; more than $6 million of that was put to work in Florida. In fact, The Chronicle of Philanthropy recently named JPMorgan Chase among the top 10 most charitable U.S. companies.

850 Park Shore Drive, Naples, FL 34103 | 239.263.1301 Pictured Seated L to R: Barbara Imbert, Lisa Merritt, Shanna Short; Standing L to R: Greg Hunter, Tom D’Amore, Royce Reed


Community Foundation of Collier County |



Annual Report Sponsor

Since our formation in 1923, Naples Daily News is proud to be actively involved in

supporting programs and organizations that contribute to the culture and education of Southwest Florida.


e believe our community is a better place to live and work when growth and knowledge are fostered and shared. On the publishing side, we serve as a forum for the community to exchange ideas on local events and issues. Our platform of communication brings both citizens and businesses together to create a stronger, more informed community. We encourage a culture of philanthropy among our employees and strive to make all charitable contributions work to promote fundamental growth in the community. As we celebrate our 90th anniversary this year, the Naples Daily News is committed to its continuing mission

of supporting the Southwest Florida community. Each year we work with more than 200 local organizations in Collier and south Lee counties, with our major areas of focus being education, literacy, health, human services and community. In addition to community organizations, we also support our own local chapter of Newspapers in Education. The Newspapers in Education (NIE) program is dedicated locally to strengthening literacy by providing more than 400 educators in Collier and south Lee counties with newspapers for their classrooms.

1100 Immokalee Road, Naples, FL 34110 Pictured L to R: Samo Smrekar, Rocco Bovenzi

Community Foundation of Collier County |



Annual Report Sponsor

At Northern Trust, philanthropy is a key component of corporate social responsibility, which includes a focus on community affairs, diversity and inclusion, environmental awareness and socially responsible investing.


orthern Trust is honored to be a Corporate Partner with the Community Foundation of Collier County. We are pleased to support an organization so beneficial to a broad spectrum of organizations. In that same spirit, represented here are just a handful of Northern Trust’s officers who volunteer their time and expertise to Boards and Committees throughout our area, further elevating our community’s wildlife, environment, arts and culture, and most importantly, its people. In addition to Northern Trust’s local corporate contributions, Northern Trust employees have personally given of their time, talent and funds to help support the substantial range of worthy organizations which benefit our southwest Florida community. Due to their efforts and gifts, Northern Trust has been able to provide numerous matching gifts to further the impact of every qualified

donation. Northern Trust gave nearly $14 million in cash contributions to charitable organizations worldwide in 2011, and more than $72 million during the last five years. For the fourth year in a row, Northern Trust has been named the “Best Private Bank in North America” by The Financial Times Group, publishers of the Financial Times, The Banker and Professional Wealth Management magazines. Northern Trust has been fortunate to receive this honor due largely to the opportunities afforded to the company through the clients and communities we serve. Northern Trust remains fully focused on providing our clients, respected local professionals and community organizations with integrated wealth management solutions of financial planning, investment management, private banking, and trust and estate services.

Park Shore: 4001 Tamiami Trail North, Naples, FL 34103 | 239.262.8800 Downtown: 375 Fifth Avenue South, Naples, FL 34102 | 239.262.5560 Pictured Seated L to R: Ronald Ciesla, Cherry Smith, Daniel Hickey; Standing L to R: Martha Marland, Linda Flewelling, Gail Neuharth


Community Foundation of Collier County |



Annual Report Sponsor

Family owned and operated, The Naples Beach Hotel traces its community roots to

1946. In these 67 years, three generations of the Watkins family—Henry Sr., Henry Jr., Mary, Henry III, Bernadette, Mike and Ellin Goetz—have made community support integral to their business philosophy.


hrough land donations such as Cambier Park, leadership roles in countless organizations, and initiatives including housing for the poor and scholarships for Naples High students, the Beach Club and its founding family have become community institutions. It is the intention of the Hotel to remain involved with our growing community and to sustain our family tradition of support for the education system, for conservation, for those in need, and for those organizations that influence and help prepare the future leadership of Naples. The philanthropic nature of our community creates numerous opportunities to support worthy causes. The Community Foundation offers the means to identify those that most closely match our giving philosophy, at the same time assuring that our contributions are put to their most effective use.

We proudly support: Bosom Buddies; Children’s Advocacy Center; Fun Time Early Childhood Development Center; Habitat for Humanity; Project Help; Community Foundation; Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary; Champions for Learning; Edison Community College; Florida Gulf Coast University; Immokalee Child Care Center Foundation; Junior Achievement; Naples High School; Leadership Collier; Naples Community Hospital; Trinity by the Cove Church; Everglades Foundation; Naples Community Hospital; Neighborhood Health Clinic; River Park Aquatic Center; Cancer Alliance of Naples; American Heart Association; Avow Hospice; Conservancy of Southwest Florida; Naples Zoo; Naples Philharmonic League; United Arts Council; The Audubon Society; Conservation Collier; Naples Botanical Garden; Cambier Park Playground Project; Naples Art Association; Sunlight Home; and Naples Historical Society.

851 Gulf Shore Boulevard North, Naples, FL 34102 | 239.261.2222 Pictured: Michael Watkins

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For over 26 years, philanthropy has been a cornerstone of Wasmer, Schroeder & Company’s (WSC), business philosophy.


rom creating jobs to volunteering time and making impactful financial contributions to nonprofit organizations, community involvement is an important component of long-term business success. We are committed to contributing significant capital to philanthropy and making it an integral part of our business. Our core focus is on grass roots organizations that provide food, shelter, basic services and medical care for those suffering from the current economic environment. Corporate philanthropy is a critical component in building a strong and stable social and economic infrastructure in

our community. The Corporate Partners Program offered by Community Foundation of Collier County provides firms like WSC an ideal vehicle for managing the charitable component of our business. As a Corporate Partner, numerous benefits are available including access to Community Foundation resources, knowledge, expertise, stewardship and other valuable administrative functions. We strongly support the Community Foundation of Collier County and we encourage other firms to explore the benefits of becoming a Corporate Partner.

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Community Foundation of Collier County |



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The private wealth management services provided by Willow Street Advisors allow

clients to safely put their resources to work to help them achieve their most important goals and philanthropic objectives.


illow Street Advisors, LLC was founded by Chris Bray, Rich Stevens and Dave Kearns—former senior executives of a top ten U.S. bank and trust company. With over 50 years of combined professional wealth management experience, the founders started the firm in response to client demand. The firm was formed to provide exceptional and unbiased comprehensive wealth management services including investment management, trust administration and tax consulting. Clients of Willow Street Advisors know that they can depend on a dedicated team of experienced investment, tax, estate and financial planning professionals who provide comprehensive, objective and substantive wealth management counsel. The result is an integrated and well-coordinated strategy spanning multiple generations. The private wealth management services provided by Willow Street Advisors allow clients to safely put their resources to work to help them achieve

their most important goals and philanthropic objectives. Accordingly, the firm approaches client relationships, built on trust and integrity, as long-term investments that last an entire lifetime. As a registered investment advisory firm, Willow Street Advisors provides all client services in accordance with the highest standards of fiduciary care under the oversight of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. We proudly support: The Community Foundation of Collier County; The Naples Zoo; The Naples Art Association at The von Liebig Art Center; The Conservancy of Southwest Florida; Helps Outreach Ministry; Ave Maria School of Law; New Horizons of Southwest Florida; The Naples Players at Sugden Theater; Grace Place for Children and Families; Pregnancy Resource Center of SWFL; American Cancer Society Relay for Life; The YMCA of the Palms; and Big Life Ministries.

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he Community Foundation of Collier County aims to be the community leader and driving force that brings nonprofit organizations, corporate entities and philanthropic individuals together for a common purpose—to serve and better our community. By utilizing our community knowledge and focusing our efforts on raising assets, we can provide maximum impact with our grantmaking. Not only does the Community Foundation want to develop the vital internal systems of nonprofit organizations, but by funding integral community programs and projects—together we can reach great heights in Collier County and beyond. At left: The Foundation’s first grants, awarded in 1986, included seed money for a new agency—The Shelter for Abused Women—and support for construction of the band shell in Cambier Park. Pictured from left: William Oberhelman, Ned Putzel and Bill Barnett.

What we offer:

What we do:

We make giving easy, flexible and effective, accepting a wide variety of gifts, including cash, stocks, property, bequests and more. Donors can leave personal legacies by establishing a charitable fund in their name or the name of a loved one, and they can be personally involved in recommending the uses of their gift.

With a variety of funds to choose from, our expert staff will help you craft a strategy to make a difference in the world in the ways that matter most to you.


LOCAL EXPERTISE Our professional staff has an in-depth understanding of the issues, opportunities and resources that shape your community. We can help donors learn more about the agencies and programs that impact the areas they care about most.

COMMUNITY LEADERSHIP We invest in the long term and bring people and organizations together, convening diverse voices to address local issues and needs. Our business is community building.


GROW ENDOWMENTS An endowment speaks to the sustainability of a community and the desire of people in the present to make sure that generations are ensured the same or better quality of life.

ASSIST CORPORATE PHILANTHROPY PROGRAMS From initial vision to implementation, we help companies achieve their unique philanthropic goals. We offer Customized Philanthropy Services. We provide a full range of consulting services to individuals, corporations, private foundations and nonprofit organizations. Find out how you can benefit from our expertise in grantmaking, nonprofit accounting, investment management, donor engagement and more.

GRANTMAKING The Community Foundation will fund grants to improve the capacity of the nonprofit organization, and support innovative, new or existing programs and services that address a documented community need.

The Community Foundation of Collier County is in compliance with the National Standards for Community Foundations as set forth by the National Council on Foundations. 56

Community Foundation of Collier County |


Your generosity has and will continue to create

positive change in our world, our community.

If and when the time is right to consider a nonprofit in your will, we hope you will consider using the Community Foundation of Collier County.

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Community Foundation of Collier County Annual Report FY 2013  
Community Foundation of Collier County Annual Report FY 2013