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e have always known we were meant to be parents. We are an Aunt, Uncle, Cousins and Friends to many but not yet a Mom or a Dad. As you learn about us, we are even more excited to get to know YOU AND YOUR HOPES AND DREAMS for your baby. With our unique personalities, we promise to enhance the INDIVIDUALITY, CREATIVITY and WELL-BEING your child deserves. We will make sure he or she never forgets the love that you have, and strength you showed when you brought them into this world, and chose us to raise them.

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Thank you for your open mind, open heart, and brave soul as we prepare to start on this amazing journey together.



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e met in 2008 via, JESS THOUGHT JOSH WAS A MILLIONAIRE, because his first photo showed him standing with a small plane after a flight. JOSH THOUGHT JESS WAS BEAUTIFUL. One of us was right (just kidding)! We quickly realized we were in love and moved into our first apartment together a year later. WITHIN TWO YEARS JOSH PROPOSED TO JESS (after three previous failed attempts) at the tree at Rockefeller Center in New York City while on a bus trip with our family. After we were married in 2011, we tried for 4 years to have a baby, but our plans shifted to adoption in the fall of 2015.

Our hobbies include: Proposal in NYC

A nice fall h ike

Hiking Kayaking Fitness (a new love) Cooking Entertaining Refinishing furniture

A few fun facts about... HOBBY: Puzzles, Singing & Knitting ACTIVITY: Gym, Kayaking & Hiking DREAM: Broadway Singer WORK: IT Operations Project Manager PLACE: Anywhere near family

Jess by Josh


Jess has to be one of the STRONGEST and MOST LOVING people I know. No matter the obstacle in her life she has found a way to overcome it, sometimes with my help. Her love for her family & friends is endless, SHE WOULD DO ANYTHING for them. She can be A LITTLE GOOFY sometimes with her jokes and faces, but this is why I fell in love with her. She has been a great partner, A CARING WIFE, and looking forward to being a mother to a wonderful child.

Love locks

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A few fun facts about...


HOBBY: Golf ACTIVITY: Kayaking DREAM: Pilot’s License WORK: I.T. Engineer PLACE: Anywhere warm

Josh flying

Josh by Jess

Cousin bo nding tim e

Josh is the MOST CARING AND PATIENT man that I know. He WORKS HARD to provide for our family and I am proud of his work ethic. He puts HIS ENERGY AND HIS LOVE into making our house a home and making time to ensure we see our family and friends. Josh will be an amazing father, he will CHALLENGE, ACCEPT AND LOVE the baby which our home is blessed with. He believes that no matter what love is the answer, I could not have asked for a greater partner in life than him.

Kayak time!

The photo that made Jess fall in love

our home Home is where the heart is! We put a lot of HARD WORK AND LOVE into our three bedroom two and a half bathroom home in a SMALL CITY IN CONNECTICUT. We have a good size room directly next to ours for the baby to live in with plenty of room to grow! We cannot wait to open our doors to A NEW ADVENTURE and sit in our living room at night READING STORIES AND PLAYING GAMES.

Home swee t home!

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Our family is strong, loving and the center of our world. Futur

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Josh’s brother

Most weekends you can find us with our family for one or more days. WE LAUGH, CRY AND SUPPORT EACH OTHER through anything life hands us. As part of this family we have numerous Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, two sets of Grandparents, a Great Grandmother, and our cat, Sox, and dog, Noelle. While both Josh and Jess have siblings that live in other states, we make sure that WE SPEND AS MUCH TIME TOGETHER AS POSSIBLE. We believe that family is both given and chosen, and we hope you chose us to be the family to raise your baby.

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Josh and N oelle



jess’s family Meet Jess’s family, we may be SMALL BUT WE ARE VERY TIGHT KNIT! Jess’s parents live 40 minutes away, so while we do not see them as much as we would like, we do take DAY TRIPS together, we go to COMMUNITY EVENTS together, and we celebrate Thanksgiving, Easter and Christmas together. Jess also has a sister and brother in law that live two hours away, and they are here for every major holiday and family events. While we all cannot be together all the time tradition in important, WE SPEND TIME EVERY SUMMER AT HER AUNT’S BEACH HOUSE IN MAINE and just hang around, catch up and eat a lot of lobster! We may not physically be together all the time, but we talk often!

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e gals! favorit

Jess an d cousin s

Future grandparents, great aunts and great uncles

josh’s family

Family Christmas visit to Alabama

Meet Josh’s family, we are large, loud, and fun! Josh’s mother, step-father and younger brother live 20 minutes away. We see each other as often as possible, whether we are WATCHING FOOTBALL, GOING TO DINNER OR JUST BEING LAZY TOGETHER, we are around each other at least once a week. His sister and brother in law live in Alabama; we see each other about five or six times a year, alternating visits between our homes and theirs. TRADITION AND TOGETHERNESS IS VERY IMPORTANT, as are celebrations, if we cannot spend a holiday together we create a holiday such as early thanksgiving or Easter egg coloring. We love to celebrate life’s moments!

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Josh with siblings

our promise We want you to know we promise to PUT YOUR CHILD FIRST in our lives. We will be at every event they have, whether it be a school play, a soccer or baseball game, or dance/ music recital. We will PROVIDE SUPPORT for homework assignments, projects, and will ENCOURAGE THEM to embrace their dreams and work to achieve them. In short

we will be their biggest cheerleaders. We want you to know that YOU WILL BE SPOKEN OF WITH HONOR and celebrated in our family. You will always be referred to as a woman that EXEMPLIFIES BRAVERY, AND SELFLESSNESS, and we promise to teach those characteristics to your child. Your child will be proud of their heritage and will have the best example of love already in front of them, thanks to you. We promise to write often, and make sharing memories and milestones with you PART OF OUR TRADITION.

Adoption Packet  

A sample packet for couples hoping to adopt.

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