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Analysis Paper One Nonverbal Communication How nonverbal messages are coming into play is that our group “The Sensational 6” we show a lot of facial display and body-languages. In the book on chapter 6 pages 116-119, it talks about the types of nonverbal communications and why we use them. I have notice that when my group meet, we tend to have eye contact with that specific person who is talking. It shows that the more eye contact we use, the interaction increases. When eye contact comes into play, it shows that we all pay attention to one another and respect one another and their opinion. Another nonverbal communication is posture. I have notice that the day when you split up the groups and formed new groups, the postures of my team mates have changed. To me, it seemed like the body postures looked like they weren’t has comfortable as if they were in their original group. I saw that not a lot of them were opening up as well because to be honest, I wasn’t ready to open up to other groups either.

Norms The norms that we have in my group so far are that everyone is responsible for their own action and behavior. Everyone respects one another and do what they are expected to do. One of the types of norms that my group has is the implicit norm. Whenever we do something that is a group effort or just an individual, we always praise as a group or just that individual. An example of that would be when we were in class on February 18th, the day we took our first quiz and we got to take that quiz as a group, my group did well working together although there were some conflicts where one person would said oh I remember this one, and then another person would say I do too but your answer is not the answer that I have. Even though we had conflict we

resolved it. After being done with the quiz, my group told one another “good job group” Even though my group didn’t score that will on the quiz that just encourages us to strive through a different method next time. Our norms have effect us a lot since we’ve had a couple members missing class on days where we had a couple of minutes in class to meet up with our group. But that has become a norm where we as a group know that it’s our responsibility to arrive on time and only miss class if it’s an emergency. My group doesn’t really have attendance problem which is a good thing.

Roles We have had some major roles that have been filled. One of them is the recorder. She has provided a folder for us to keep our researches in there and just to be organized. She and myself have record some of our meetings that we’ve talked about and have posted them on blackboard or emailed them out. Another role that has been filled is the summarizer. Every time we conclude our meeting, she would always summarize up what we’ve talked about and will always remind us to do more researches or what will be our next step in the process. Honestly, every time when my group meets, there will always be someone who does these specific roles. I’ve notice that we do alternate the role. It’s not like one person is stuck doing the same role over and over again. Also whenever we come together as a group, someone will always fill in role whenever it is needed. A role that is missing from out group is the tension reliever. To me, it seems like my group is always trying to finish things and not really relaxing or trying to have fun. I believe my group needs that sometimes. The roles that I am and had played in my group are I have been the initiator where I propose new ideas and have given ideas of ways how to approach our problems. I’ve also played the encourager, supporter, and process observer.

Leadership How leadership is like in my group is we have someone who usually starts things off first like what we need to do, where we are, and the process we all plan to take. That means that we have a vision leader where he/she has a vision where to lead the group into. Also, we have a leader who assigns things to the members to get it done and in the right form that can get the group somewhere we want to be. In our group the leadership is running good so far meaning that we have had some accomplishments and success. The effectiveness of the leaderships is very effective. We get things done on time and when one member doesn’t understand something, we always have someone to clarify it out. This effect the group in a very big way to where we all know what we’re doing and that helps encourages us to help each other out as well.

Analysis Paper Two Cohesion Yes, my group is cohesive. My group does count on each other to do what they are supposed to do and we all do trust each other. We are all comfortable enough to share our thoughts and feelings about a particular subject. It’s a phases of group development called storming on Chapter 4 page 68-69. We can either use it wisely and help each other or make it a conflict for our group. I believe that my group, when we come together as a group, that sets an influences for all of us to keep that motivation and willing to contribute to our group and our adhoc topic. Sometimes in my group there are groupthinks that are involved, but everyone tries

to think outside the box. We try to have very little conflicts within our group but if it’s necessary to talk about it and see what the whole group thinks then we let the groupthink comes into play but we do have facilitators to watch over our groupthink talks.

Conflict Yes there were conflicts but very little conflicts. Our groups have had some miscommunication and has had too much of accountability on members. There was this one time in class; I believe it was on February 25th when we got our topic back from the professor and she said that our topic was too broad and we need to lower it down to where we focus on a particular subject based on our topic. As my group was talking, I brought up idea where we can talk about child obesity within the minority such as Asian, Hispanic, African American, and ect. One of the member said that we should just focus on gender as male and female. We kind of talked to where we didn’t understand each other because I felt that she disowned my idea and what I had to say but we both talked it over and how we both resolved it was it was just a misunderstanding of each other. Another conflict that we had was that some of the members’ dose off and how we solved that conflict is where we do a check to make sure that everyone is on the same page and everyone is down to earth. Overall, my group hasn’t really had conflicts.

Diversity How the culture impacted the group was for me, my group didn’t really know what ethnicity I was. When I shared who I am and where my family were original from, that did open up their perspective of viewing me. I have notice that females overrule the males in my group. There are four females and two males in my group. The males don’t really talk until one of us

girls ask them what they think and what their input or output is. For age range, my group members are about the same age. I found out that I was the youngest in my group and sometimes I feel that since I’m younger and I have not taken classes to bet their level I do feel down sometimes. Most of my group members are at the same range of age expect me. Since I was raised that the older youth, I should respect and listen to what they have to say, so that is why I don’t say much in my group unless I feel the need to speak up. I believe that my group is a little of heterogeneous and homogenous. We’re all different when it comes to thinking and viewing things when working together, we all work and like to work and get things done. How this impacted the group is we did get along because we had similarity within the group. We weren’t shy with one another and we are pretty open towards one another.

Overall evaluation Yes I did feel heard and I did feel like I was a part of the group. This is a positive experience for me because what I learn from being a group I can take it as an encourager and when I work with another new group in the future I know what to expect. The major element that I have learned is just being on the same page and communicating with one another. Be open minded and don’t stump on someone else’s ideas because I have that done on me and it didn’t feel too good. Over all this is a good experience for me so far.

Analysis Paper  

Group Communication

Analysis Paper  

Group Communication