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Pretty Amazing save the date for the 2017 community meeting

pretty lake camp: 100 years of “pretty amazing�

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grantmaking highlights

leave a legacy: norm hahn

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Hands down, this is my favorite time of year. As I sit down to write this, the leaves are at peak color, there is a slight chill in the air, the college football season is in full swing and most Americans are about to make their year-end gifts to support causes and organizations that are important to them. My team is having a spectacular season and even though I know that can change quickly — and may already have by the time this goes to print! — I know that charitable giving will still be strong this time of year. About 30 percent of charitable gifts are made in December, and 12 percent in the last three days of the year. While I contribute to organizations all year long, I definitely pick up the pace as the year draws to a close. I have the best of intentions, yet in the last week of December I find myself writing checks, filling out my matching gift forms, and searching for envelopes and stamps. Joanna Donnelly Dales Vice President, Donor Relations

So, if you are like most of us and you haven’t yet finished all of your giving, I hope you will consider including the Kalamazoo Community Foundation in your year-end plans. The Community Foundation has a fund for just about anything that may interest you and our Love Where You Live Funds provide support for the most pressing needs in our community. And if you don’t want to scramble during the last week of the year to find your checkbook, envelopes and stamps, you can make a gift quickly and securely at When you make a gift to the Kalamazoo Community Foundation, you are helping to create permanent community capital for the place you call home. Please join me in showing you love where you live by making a gift to the Kalamazoo Community Foundation.




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What we fund We fund 501(c)(3) nonprofits for projects that fit within our community investment priorities and will benefit residents of Kalamazoo County. We also provide Kalamazoo area students with scholarships for education beyond high school.




Mail a check Kalamazoo Community Foundation 402 East Michigan Avenue Kalamazoo, MI 49007-3888 Arrange a planned gift There are many ways for you to plan now for a gift later. To learn more, get in touch with our Donor Relations team at 269.381.4416 or

What we don’t fund We don’t fund for-profit business development projects, private land purchases or private home purchases. Learn more at



Dr. Mae Jemison Photo from

2017 Community Meeting to feature first woman of color in space Dr. Mae Jemison broke more than

At the 2017 Community Meeting

the universe — and thereby

the sound barrier when she climbed

she’ll recount her inspirational story

once again belong.”

aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavor

and talk about the importance of

in 1992. She became the first

STEM education, especially for girls

woman of color to travel into space.

and people of color.

On March 23, 2017, she will be the

Says Jemison, “As we face the

the Humanities at Western Michigan

keynote speaker at the Kalamazoo

future, space exploration is now

University’s 2016/2017 series:

Community Foundation’s 2017

as much a part of the landscape of

Science and the Human Endeavor.

Community Meeting at Miller

the whole world as it once was for

Auditorium on the campus of

the young girl I used to be, gazing

Western Michigan University.

at the stars over Chicago. It is part of

Jemison, who trained as an engineer before becoming a physician, is an advocate for STEM education and founded

our yesterday, today and tomorrow. It is part of our human heritage — which is our responsibility not to forsake.

The Earth We Share science

“That is a heritage some mistakenly

camp. She’s also the author of

see as harshly separating us from

several books, including Find

the rest of nature; yet our insatiable

Where the Wind Goes: Moments

curiosity propels us to try to grasp, to

From My Life.

understand, to know the secrets of

The 2017 Community Meeting will be free and open to the public, and is part of the University Center for

Learn More About Dr. Mae Jemison About the Speaker Series




Photos on cover and these two pages courtesy of Pretty Lake Camp

Pretty Lake Camp: 100 years of “pretty amazing” leadership of Pretty Lake.

We build relationships. Their hearts will do the rest.

anniversary for this pretty amazing

“We build relationships. Their hearts

Eric Wimbley Pretty Lake Camp

place, nestled in the southwest corner

will do the rest,” says Wimbley from his

of Kalamazoo County. The Community

office with a view of the lake and a slice

Foundation is a long-time partner,

of some of the camp’s 250 protected

not only by providing grants, but also

acres. “We strive to strengthen

through fundraising partnerships, staff

campers’ resolve to overcome barriers

volunteer projects and as the steward

and to instill a desire to give back to

of an endowment fund that helps

the community. Pretty Lake helps kids

ensure the camp’s sustainability.

reshape how they understand their

Pretty Amazing. That was the name

a former camper, counselor and Pretty

of Pretty Lake Camp’s fundraising

Lake board member, he brings 25 years

campaign two years ago to build a new

of experience as a Michigan State Police

gym and make other improvements.

trooper and post commander to the

This past summer was the 100th

own potential.”

Over the years Pretty Lake has


impacted more than 60,000 area kids.

Progress and evolution

One of those kids is Eric Wimbley, who

The camp’s history is one of

this summer became Pretty Lake’s new

progress and evolution. When local

executive director. In addition to being

businessman Edward B. Desenberg



established the camp

with disabilities,”

— inspired by

he says.

the volunteer work of

Community support,

his mother, Bertha

says the former

— his purpose was

camper, is the

simply to expose youth

answer to expanding

to the benefits of

opportunities at Pretty

fresh air and natural

Lake, “in the same


manner in which

Today Pretty Lake’s

Desenberg grew

mission is to provide

the camp.”

adventure education

Meanwhile, Pretty

and unique outdoor

Lake’s description of

experiences that

its summer camp

change lives and improve the community. They do this through the summer camp, year-round leadership training and team-

is very telling, for develop a spirit of curiosity and

both the past

sharing that enriches their lives and

and future:

the lives of those around them.

The secret of a great summer

building at the Adventure Centre,

According to Wimbley, “Our goal

camp is surprise! Our summer

school group visits to a farm on the

is to serve as many kids as we can,

camp is designed to help children

property, and retreat and meeting

and to turn down as few as possible.

surprise themselves. Campers are

facilities for community use.

Without this opportunity, we know

free to shake labels from home

there are kids who would not benefit

…They can surprise themselves

from a camp experience, which many

by uncovering a new identity as

people might take for granted.”

a hard worker, a peacemaker or

of generous donors, Pretty Lake

The next 100 years

a good listener. Camp is a place

provides everything campers need

Looking toward the next 100 years,

for their experience: clothes, toiletries,

independence and leadership.

Wimbley reflects on the untapped

bedding, towels, food, transportation

When children can surprise

potential of Pretty Lake, providing

to and from camp and activities

themselves, they can surprise

even more unique camp experiences

— at no cost to the children or their

the world.

for the community.

One thing that has not changed since 1916 is that summer camp is free. Plus, because of the financial support

families or caregivers.

to unlock hidden self-confidence,

For Wimbley, his days as a camper

“We’re expanding our Adventure

Campers, ranging from third

showed him he had opportunities.

Centre resources down to the

grade through high school, foster

Pretty Lake’s long-standing, evolving

third- and fourth-grade levels,

friendships, build self-esteem,

presence continues and when lives

and we’re envisioning Adventure

increase independence, and

change, the community improves.

Centre activities designed for youth




Grantmaking highlights 23 GRANTS AWARDED IN SECOND GRANTMAKING ROUND OF 2016 We make community investments in quality programs we believe will make Kalamazoo County a place where every person can reach full potential. We awarded 23 grants totaling $1.2 million to Kalamazoo County nonprofits in our second grantmaking round of 2016. • City of Kalamazoo/Bronson Park 21st Century Campaign • Communities In Schools Kalamazoo • Community Healing Centers • Douglass Community Association • Edison Neighborhood Association • Friendship House • Girls on the Run • Goodwill Industries of Southwest Michigan • Hispanic American Council • Kalamazoo Civic Theatre

• Kalamazoo County Public Housing Commission • Kalamazoo Kids in Tune • Kalamazoo Literacy Council • Kalamazoo Loaves & Fishes • Kalamazoo Neighborhood Housing Services • Marvelous Music! • Michigan Immigrants Rights Center/Welcoming Kalamazoo • Planned Parenthood Mid & South Michigan • SLD Read • United Way of the Battle Creek and Kalamazoo Region • Urban Alliance • Vibrant Kalamazoo • Village of Vicksburg Nonprofits also received grants from Advised, Field-of-Interest and Designated Funds.

Kalamazoo Community Foundation Investment Performance THIRD QUARTER 2016 Qtr 3


3 Yrs

5 Yrs

7 Yrs

10 Yrs





























Core Assets Moderate Growth Performance

Income and Growth Performance

Investment performance is net of manager fees and derived from core Kalamazoo Community Foundation assets allocated into its two investment strategies. Historic performance for each is then derived from linkages to prior quarterly returns. Performance reflects prior changes in asset allocations while benchmarks assume current allocations. The Moderate Growth Benchmark is a staged index composite benchmark that has the current composition of the Barclays US Aggregate Bond Index (15 percent); Barclays US Treasury 5-10 Yr TR USD (10 percent); DJ US Select REIT index (2.5 percent); MSCI EAFE Small Cap Index (10 percent); MSCI Emerging Markets Value index (10 percent); Russell 1000 Value index (5 percent); Russell 2000 Value index (10 percent); Russell Micro Cap index (5 percent); S&P 500 index (30 percent); and the NCREIF Fund Index ODCE (2.5 percent). The Income and Growth Benchmark consists of the S&P 500 index (50 percent) and the Barclays US Aggregate Bond index (50 percent).



Norm Hahn died in 2005 TODAY HIS GIFTS ARE HELPING YOUTH BE SUCCESSFUL IN SCHOOL, BECOME SELF-SUFFICIENT AND CONTRIBUTE TO THEIR COMMUNITY Norm Hahn was a generous, hard-working man who loved Kalamazoo. He always encouraged people to be their best. His legacy is an Unrestricted Fund that addresses our community’s current needs, one of which is to help youth develop the skills they need to graduate from high school prepared for what comes next, whether that’s going to college, learning a trade or starting a career. Local nonprofits like Eastside Youth Strong, Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Kalamazoo and YMCA of Greater Kalamazoo strive to do just that. Unrestricted gifts — like Norm’s — are especially powerful because they become part of a permanent endowment and benefit Kalamazoo County forever. We can help you show your love for Kalamazoo and leave a legacy too. Call a member of our Donor Relations team or visit to learn how.

Our Donor Relations Team Raven Britt 269.381.4416 / Coby Chalmers 269.585.7249 / Joanna Donnelly Dales 269.585.7260 / Ann Fergemann 269.585.7238 / Jeanne Grubb 269.585.7248 / Julie Loncharte 269.585.7270 /




Nonprofit Organization U.S. Postage paid Kalamazoo, MI Permit Number 66

402 East Michigan Avenue Kalamazoo, MI 49007-3888 269.381.4416

THE POWER OF ONE On its own, one can seem powerless. But when one gift is added to another — and another and another — there is power in one. Because all those gifts add up to support one vision: A community where every person can reach full potential. One community, where we all love to live.

give online at mail a check in the enclosed envelope text GIVE to 269.359.3376


Update | Winter 2016  
Update | Winter 2016  

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