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Why the youth vote is giving up on ‘Hope’ SAR AH NEAL Contributing Writer The presidential election is in 10 months, and my options are already stressing me out. It appears that Mitt Romney will be the Republican elected to run against Barack Obama, and my liberal little heart can’t vote for a man as conservative as he is. In a perfect world, this inability to vote for the Republican nominee would result in a default vote for our incumbent president. However, I’m not so sure I can bring myself to vote for the man who has been such a disappointment. Obama has done great things during his time in ofďŹ ce. His presence and speaking ability have brought eloquence and poise back into the presidency. “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,â€? and the Iraq war have ended under his watch. His ac-

complishments deserve to be recognized, and the president should be lauded for them. Unfortunately, he has also overseen several unsettling changes in the nation. The healthcare plan he proposed was great, but he and congressional Democrats ended up giving too much away to the opposition to pass the watered-down bill that eventually became law. While it is positive that everyone will be allowed to purchase insurance, the concessions to conservatives and the removal of the public option offers no incentive for insurance companies to lower their rates to prices working-class people can afford. Requiring all Americans to purchase insurance with no public option places an additional ďŹ nancial burden on people who are already struggling. As the healthcare debacle is forgivable, so are many of his other disappointing actions. After all, Congress has been a mess during this time, and the opposition to

Democratic plans has been outrageous. It can’t be easy to lead a nation when so many of those who are supposed to be working with him have had the audacity to publicly declare that their only goal is to ensure that our “KenyanMuslim-terrorist-socialist-fascistcommunist-dictator of a presidentâ€? does not see a second term. He can only get so far when the rest of the government has lost its mind and has stymied so many plans that he was elected on. But Obama has done things during his time in ofďŹ ce that are not forgivable. It is unconscionable that he continues to stand by the intrusive and unnecessary screening methods implemented by the TSA. It is unforgivable that a man who campaigned against the overstepping of George W. Bush’s administration has established himself as the ďŹ rst president to execute a U.S. citizen without due process. But the most atrocious thing he has allowed to come to fruition during his presidency is

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the recent signing of the National Defense Authorization Act, which allows for the indeďŹ nite detainment of American citizens without due process if the president deems that person a threat in the “War on Terror.â€? Obama issued a statement indicating that his administration would not use this new legal power. That is great, but who is to say that the next president will not abuse the powers given him (or her) by this law? Just as the PATRIOT Act signed into law by Bush (and extended by Obama) has been further abused as each year passes, isn’t it likely that the indeďŹ nite detention clause will also be manipulated and abused in the future? As much as I hate to say it, I don’t think I can vote for Obama this election cycle with a good conscience, but the thought of not voting sends butter ies of panic racing through my stomach. I am left extremely frustrated with America’s political apparatus – and ultimately hope that the 2016 election offers up some better candidates.


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