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Tillamook County Creamery Association August 2, 2010

History • Co-op founded in 1909 by 10 small cheese plants; to market cheese from the county and control quality of product – Threeprimary advantages of being a co-op include: • Profits are directed back to the farmer-owners • Farmer-owners are required to be the primary suppliers of milk • A 9-member board of directors represents all of the farmerowners • Made up of 110 dairy farmers – averaging 200 cows

• Built large plant just north of Tillamook in the late 1940’s. • By 1968 all smaller plants in the county had joined the co-op, and marked the beginnings of a single Tillamook cheese. • Over 1-million consumers visit the plant each year Tillamook

Company Overview • • • • • • •

Private company Estimated at 650 employees Estimated $100-$500 million in annual sales Best selling Natural Cheese Brand in the West Hired Hello Design in LA as Digital AOR in July ’10 Hired Maxwell PR as PR AOR in July ‘10 Executives – – – –

Rick Godhino – Chairman and Secretary Harold Strunk – President and CEO Don Desjarlais – VP Finance and CFO John Russel – Senior Marketing Ocer

People/Events • Very involved and active in the Tillamook County – Believe in supporting and stimulating their local economies

• Excellence in Leadership Scholarship Program – Benefits graduating Seniors, College Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors that have permanent residence in Tillamook County

• June Dairy Parade – Took over sponsorship in 2002, when the event lost funding

• Taste of Tillamook County – Presenting sponsor and vendor since 2003; donate all their proceeds to local HS clubs that man their booth

Product • Create cheese from milk not supplemented with rBST (cow growth hormone) – One of the first major cheese corporations to do this – Cows are mostly Holstein-Friesians, but you’ll also find Jersey, Guernsey and Brown Swiss

• Voted “World’s Best” Medium Cheddar Cheese at the 2010 World Championship of Cheese

Oerings • Oer over 25 dierent varieties of cheese – from Cheddar to Colby Jack. • Oer over 25 dierent varieties of ice cream • Oer 20 flavors of yogurt. • Oer 6 dierent creams – sour cream to butter cream.

Competitors • Cheese – – – –

Associated Milk Producers Inc. Kraft Foods, Inc Sargento Foods, Inc.  Grocery Brands – Lucerne, Safeway Selects, Kirkland, Kroger, Sam’s Choice

• Ice Cream – – – –

Dreyers Breyers Ben and Jerry’s Grocery Brands – Lucerne, Safeway Select, Kirkland, Kroger, Sam’s Choice

• Yogurt – – – –

Yoplait Danon Breyers Grocery Brands – Lucerne, Safeway Select, Kirkland, Kroger, Sam’s Choice

Creative • TV Spots – – ice cream – – farmer owned – v=tN6pbuuCuIA&feature=related – Tillamook Cheese loaf

Loaf Love Tour • http:// – Small Tillamook branded van touring the nation; and stopping at grocery stores around major cities – Sampling Tillamook cheese – Virtual Cheese Sampling – Social Network Connected – Twitter and Facebook



Tillamook History/Overview  

This deck includes a brief history of Tillamook, as well as a company and creative overview.