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The latest office gossip from Walters

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The Office | Launch edition September 2013





Walters | The Office | First edition Autumn 2013


The latest office gossip from Walters



A FABULOUS Welcome to this, our first edition of The Office magazine, crammed See back page full of all the latest news, features, for details and new products plus a few juicy bits of gossip! Just look what’s inside...


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6 More than just a new logo Mike Walters unveils the new face for his company and explains the change. 9 A day in the life... Doors open at the crack of dawn and vans are on the road by 7am. It’s stationery, but it doesn’t stand still. 10  What’s grey on the outside and green on the inside? Copying some green ideas from Konica Minolta.



12 D  on’t just sit there Planning for a better working environment with Senator and AB Agri 15  We’re green - it’s official! How to run a successful business without it costing the earth.


Regular gossip 4  Coffee time titbits Who’s been doing what...the latest quotes...and rolling back the years to 1988.

A word from the top...


ell, if it’s a word from me, then I guess that word would be “change”.

This month will see a complete new image for the company that I have been involved with since 1975, and you’ll see inside on pages 6 and 7 that it will mean a new way of doing business for all of us at Walters. We’ve never been a company to rest on our laurels and I have a fantastic team that always just makes things happen - so a big “thank you” to them too. We’re planning to get The Office magazine to you regularly, it’ll also be on our web site and available as a download (doing our bit for the environment as ever!). So grab a coffee, sit back and take a break to read what’s going on in Walters Office. All the best, Mike Walters

16  It’s competition time! To celebrate the Walters re-brand we’re giving away a fabulous Apple iPad mini. Just visit our brilliant new web site, answer 3 easy questions and you’re in it to win it!

3 Walters Limited . 19 Royce Road . Peterborough . PE1 5YB . 01733 707000 .



All the latest news, views from and the innovations from Walters Walters Group



to help fight cancer Q What do you get when you mix 180 willing team 8-foot plywood frog...100 metres of rope...some scaffolding...and a JCB digger?


A brilliant day of fun and thousands of pounds raised for the MacMillan charity’s fight against cancer.

And the winner is...

The “great and good” from amongst Konica Minolta’s dealer partners gathered in Wales recently at the annual business solutions conference. Hosted at the prestigious Celtic Manor resort, this event allows Konica Minolta to engage its dealer partners in all the product innovations and service enhancements for the coming year. Plus it’s a great opportunity to recognise outstanding performance from the previous year. Once again, Mike Walters, MD of the Walters Group scooped the coveted Special Recognition award.

Walters | The Office | First edition Autumn 2013

20th June saw Walters’ team members (pictured left to right above) Sophie Purvis, James Walters, Matt Kealey, Jason Swepson, and Vince Tindale competing in the 2013 MacMillan World Frog Racing Championships held at the Peterborough Greyhound Racing Stadium. Winners, ABC Stainless, collected the Eileen Walters Memorial Trophy (in memory of Mike’s mother). Regrettably after a brilliant practice run this year, things went a bit pearshaped for the Walters team, but as always it’s taking part rather that winning that matters!


In this year... 1988

Welcome to the “little red dot”

Located in Southeast Asia, Singapore has a tiny overall size of just 710 square kilometres, making her one of the smallest countries in the world – hence the nickname “The Little Red Dot”. Although small in size, Singapore commands an enormous presence - very similar to the Walters Group’s status within Konica Minolta’s dealer lineup. So it’s no surprise that when just 10 of the top business partners were invited on the 31st Dealer Invitation Trip, that Mike and Mandy Walters were top of the list. It was also a great opportunity for Mike to receive yet another award at the event’s Gala Dinner in recognition of his company’s promotion of Konica Minolta’s equipment and for improving the quality of customer satisfaction. Pictured above: Mike giving a grateful response after winning the award.

Who could have imagined back in 1959 that the little stationers in the tobacconist shop on the corner of Midgate, Peterborough (pictured below) would become the thriving, national business services and supplies group that it is today.

Walters is now a leading local company, being Bondholders of Opportunity Peterborough, members of the Peterborough Chamber of Trade and the Peterborough Business Club. They also sponsor the Customer Services Award at the Peterborough Telegraph Business Awards Evening.

A red letter day

Celebrating success is high on the agenda of the Walters management team and when comments arrive from customers like this one from Harry Norman MD at Olympus Automation, it’s a good reason for everyone to take pride in the firstclass customer service that they provide. Read on and you’ll see why...

Walters provided an excellent service in the modernisation of our offices. The team were good listeners and very patient with our everchanging demands, nothing was too much trouble and we are very pleased with the end result. The price was good but the value we received was excellent and I would have no hesitation in recommending them.

From tiny acorns

We take a nostalgic look back across 25 years at some of the things making headlines then... • Kylie Minogue topped the charts for the longest time that year with her hit single “I should be so lucky”. • Margaret Thatcher becomes the longest serving British prime minister this century. • The first BBC Red Nose Day raises £15 million for charity.

• Jim Walters, founder of ‘Walters’ (pictured above in a sketch from 1982) sadly dies, and control of the business passes to son, Mike. • It is revealed that the average price of a house in Britain reached £60,000. • British Rail announces a 21% rise in the cost of long distance season tickets. • AND FINALLY.... Peter Billinghay, sales director, starts work at Walters on 1st April. He was clearly no April fool and has had a long and successful career. Many congratulations on 25 years service Peter!

Walters Limited . 19 Royce Road . Peterborough . PE1 5YB . 01733 707000 .


More t It’s all change this m business supplies & We find out how and who made it happen


he Walters stationery business that started back in 1959 has changed beyond recognition. Gone is the small tobacconist and office shop in Peterborough city centre - replaced by fully-equipped showrooms, offices and warehousing on an expanding business park. No more sales of carbon paper and snuff - today’s business supplies cover over 20,000 different product lines.

operation is promoted in its own market and this led the thinking behind the new image of Walters. Mike explains...

This month sees the next chapter of the Walters amazing history when a brand new corporate identity is rolled out across the Group. We caught up with Managing Director Mike Walters to get the story behind his bold decision to change the face of the company. Walters has become a very diverse business, expanding its core stationery supplies operation to become an award-winning, document solutions provider as well as a well-respected office interiors design and installation company. Like many multifaceted businesses it’s important that every part of the

There are still many of our customers who see us only as a stationery supplies company, and although this is still a major part of our business, we can offer complete solutions for every business, from fullynetworked copier and printer systems to total office furniture planning and refits. Our new corporate identity allows us to show our diversity in a very bold way.

Walters | The Office | First edition Autumn 2013

Segmenting the Group into three distinct sectors, each with their own signature colour has enabled every part of the business to be fully identified in the new range of multichannel marketing material. Everything from external signage on the head office to delivery vans, customer documentation and staff uniforms has been re-branded. “You can’t shout softly and so we are intending to make a real impact with the launch this month of our new corporate identity” continues Mike...

than just a new logo onth at Peterborough’s leading services group. why from the man

We’ve looked at everything, in particular our customerfacing communications and at the forefront of this is the new website. We’re delighted with the bright, clean and easy-touse approach to the website and you can see straight away how diverse we are. Take a look at

Launched on 2nd September, the new identity for the Walters Group is now proudly displayed across every aspect of the business clearly identifying it as a national provider of business services and supplies.

Top left: Walters original shop with Mike Walters (inset). Above right: its re-branded headquarters. Above: the new look website at which launched on 2nd September.

Walters Limited . 19 Royce Road . Peterborough . PE1 5YB . 01733 707000 .


A new look for your Initiative office products During 2014 the Initiative range is being redesigned to make the office a more inspiring place, from the reception to the board room. Initiative will continue to bring you high quality and price-efficient products that you can rely on time and time again.

New for 2014

Look out for the exciting new look range during 2014 and the chance to win some inspirational prizes!

Inspiration into Action Walters | The Office | First edition Autumn 2013

With the changes that have happened in the way that offices work and the switch from manual tasks to electronic communications, the business of supplying office stationery has changed too.  Ranges that were once popular (remember ‘Kalamazoo’ and ‘Caribonum’?) have all-but disappeared and computer consumables are now high on the list.  So what’s it like on an average day in the Walters’ warehouse? We take a look...

We are stationery ...but we don’t stand still 05:30 DAY BEGINS

The warehouse team have arrived and are busy preparing for the day ahead. Key-drop deliveries from suppliers are being checked-in and other lorries are arriving with the final products needed to fulfil yesterday’s orders. 06:00 ALREADY TIME FOR A BREAK!

Once everything is checked-in it’s time for a breather and a muchneeded strong coffee, while picking notes are being run and deliveries processed! 08:00 TARGET-TIME TO BEGIN LOADING DELIVERY VEHICLES By 8 o’clock most of the orders will have

been picked, checked, packed and loading onto the various delivery vehicles will be well underway. 08:30 FIRST DELIVERIES MADE TO BUSY OFFICES The vans are out and about making the first drops of the day. Some vans will be out most of the day, only returning after round trips of over 100-miles. 13:00 BACK TO HQ FOR THE NEXT LOAD Vans from the more local delivery routes return to base, ready for a second run after lunch.

17:01 DAY OVER - APART FROM THE MD WHO’S STILL PACKING ORDERS! The warehouse winds down after almost 12-hours of frenetic activity, for all but Mike, who insists on making final checks before returning to the office to finish the day off. And so to bed...until the alarm rings the next morning when it’s back to yet more stationery orders that keep us on the go!

15:00 PACKING UP THOSE LAST MINUTE OVERNIGHT DELIVERIES Orders for next-day delivery throughout the UK accumulate through the day and final packing is completed ready for collection by our overnight courier partners.

9 Walters Limited . 19 Royce Road . Peterborough . PE1 5YB . 01733 707000 .




DID YOU KNOW Walters have been a konica minolta authorised dealer for over 20 years? Supplying a full range of equipment guaranteed to save you money, energy and improve your efficiency?


19 Royce Road, Road Industrial Walters have beenCarr a konica minolta Estate Peterborough PE1for5YB authorised dealer over 20 years? Supplying a full range of equipment guaranteed to save you money, energy

01733 707000 and improve your efficiency?


Grey on the outside They sit in the corner of the office, reliably printing, copying and scanning your documents on-demand. Few of us think what’s going on inside the essential, but almost totally ignored, office copier or printer. Konica Minolta have gone to extraordinary lengths to make their latest multi-functional document systems as efficient and environmentally-friendly as possible. Their cutting-edge R&D has put them at the forefront of copier manufacture and have won them awards including Blue Angel, Energy Star and Buyers Lab Inc.

Here are five things that you almost certainly didn’t know when you press the “print” or “copy” button... 1 M  ORE THAN 95% OF KONICA MINOLTA’S TONERS ARE POLYMERISED Plant-based toners have lower melting temperatures which consumes less electricity, uses less toner and creates 33% less CO2. 2 IT’S THERE WHEN YOU NEED IT SAVING ENERGY WHEN YOU DON’T Built-in eco-timer switches the equipment on and off based on usage made possible by self analysis of actual activity over the previous four weeks.

3 REDUCED PACKAGING Overall packaging has been reduced by 20% and all non-recyclable materials have been removed from consumables and machines. 4 NEW SUSTAINABLE PLASTICS Plant-based bioplastic results in lower environmental impact by using less petroleumbased resources and emitting less CO2. 5 VERY LOW ENERGY CONSUMPTION Low power mode = 1 light bulb. Sleep mode = 100 times less!! (1w). Uses only enough power required to wake up the machine.

Green on the inside

Printed copies of THE OFFICE magazine are produced using a Konica Minolta bizhub machine as shown above, printing up to 110 duplex pages per minute

Walters | The Office | First edition Autumn 2013



As work pressures grow, time spent glued to computers increases and commutes are extended – how are we coping with more sedentary lives? We take a look at the problems, the cures and what forward-looking companies are doing to improve their work environments.


The British Journal of Sports Medicine recently stated Prolonged sitting should be considered within occupational health and safety policies just like other elements of posture.


Modern office life dictates many repetitious tasks and we all know that spending hours each day at a computer puts us at risk of a host of repetitive stress injuries related to monitor, mouse and keyboard use. But there are other dangers caused by the absence of general body motion that are now being commonly grouped under one name sitting disease.


So, what are office furniture manufacturers creating for the modern workspace to help fight sitting disease? Multiple-height desks for working either sitting down or standing, multi-functional seating that harmonises with different working positions and flexible, consolidated document storage systems are all high on the list. Take a look at how AB Agri of Peterborough, approached the epic task of replanning their offices to achieve better space efficiency, unite disparate teams and how they managed their complete furniture refit in conjunction with Walters.

GETTING TO GRIPS WITH OFFICE PLANNING How AB Agri created that all-important workspace that ticks all the boxes for staff, is good for the environment (and keeps the finance director happy too!)

Walters | The Office | First edition Autumn 2013

What about the waste? How it all began

Office space is key to the wellbeing, enthusiasm and productivity of your workforce. Over time, team structures change which often leads to desk layouts being wrongly configured and separates co-workers. AB Agri (Associated British Agriculture), a worldwide organisation based in Peterborough, experienced exactly this in 2012, and Walters were approached for consultancy and initial plans.

Like a military operation

“Hassle-free installation with no office down-time was vital to this project.” continued Darren “With building contractors on-site turning divided office areas, storage facilities and meeting rooms into an open plan area together with internal IT technicians re-routeing power and computer cables, the major work was undertaken out-of hours. We had a formidable 15-man team on-site all weekend.”

It’s Walters’ standard operation to include adherence to strict environmental policies, procedures and systems, as part of the selection criteria for suppliers. And with Senator they had a great example of how this should be done. Every scrap of packaging for the whole office refit, together with any unwanted or scrap furniture was removed and recycled through one of their three UK sites.

Tell it like it is!

Quick to respond, Darren Tuck from Walters Office Interiors division, arranged visits to their fully-equipped showrooms for key stakeholders. He explained...


Getting buy-in at an early stage is vital. We wanted to demonstrate just some of the vast range of quality office furniture we can provide. We demonstrated modern, practical workstations with advanced cable management, ergonomic seating, desk top screens, re-positionable monitor arms and a selection of storage options. We asked them to tell us exactly what they thought...and they did!


To ensure the furniture selection was exactly right, Senator, the UK’s largest manufacturer was chosen to partner the project and even provided their 35 foot-long mobile office showroom for demo purposes.

After almost a year of planning, in just one weekend almost 100 workstations were changed replacing old style furniture with new workstations, refurbishing usable existing components and reconfiguring seating arrangements. And to ensure the most costeffective result for the project, surplus furniture was redistributed to other AB Agri regional offices.

Above: Senator’s Freeway benching workstations and below under construction at AB Agri, Peterborough.

13 Walters Limited . 19 Royce Road . Peterborough . PE1 5YB . 01733 707000 .


Born in the UK

Global Headquarters Altham Business Park Accrington Lancashire BB5 5YE T +44 [0]1282 725000

Mandy and Mike Walters (centre) collect the coveted Green Award from Investors in the Environment.


nvironmental behaviour is becoming an increasingly important criteria upon which companies are judged both by their customers and business partners. For Walters it’s been top priority for many years and they have achieved incredible results - take a look...

Turning over a new leaf The essence of a good, modern Amongst some of the initiatives routes to customers and using environmental policy is simply good that Walters have introduced are more environmentally-friendly business practice. None of us want the extensive recycling of just vans, as well as encouraging to waste fuel or energy these days, about every disposable element employees to help by it costs too much. Equally, printing of their business - from printer introducing staggered office large volumes of customer-facing cartridges to drinks cans. hours, field-based roles and documentation and then sending They have also reduced fuel providing facilities for it through the mail is just as costly usage by combining delivery those cycling to work. and labour-intensive. And when it comes to the disposal of waste... “All these operational elements formed the start-point for the environmental successes that we have had” Here commented Mandy Walters, ’s Walte how gree Director of Walters and n rs’ op eratio accredita champion of environmental • 8 tion h ns... 5% matters and CSR programme as ch redu ange to a “but we didn’t stop there.” c d strin tion in land gent • O In 2010 Walters made their fill w recy n lin initial pledge to Investors in the a c l e i n billi g po ste volu pap Environment - a not for profit n l me d er c icy g ons and s ue organisation designed to help • u t a Sus mpt the business sector reduce their ion tement tain by 3 s a gre impact on the environment. 1% reduce en ble pu in o r pro prod “From that point it got serious” ne y d ces uct chasin ear continues Mandy “and with the s an • ses gp He o d l i help of every member of the c ma ad nuf y ens hea offic team we attained the top-level a ctu uring e t ring Green Accreditation in April of pow, max refur er imis bish this year - we are thrilled!”


e m sum natur ent t ptio al lig o co n ht a nse nd rve red uce

15 Walters | The Office | First edition Autumn 2013


If you want to get your hands on one of these...

click here To celebrate our fantastic new branding, we are giving away a personalised Apple iPad mini to the winner of our fun and easy-to-enter competition. Simply browse our new website at and take a look at all the great new features, the stunning product line up in our new pictorial galleries and so much more. You’ll find the competition on the Walters Group page in the FIND OUT MORE section. Complete your contact details and answer three easy questions about the new Walters couldn’t be easier! The competition is running until the end of October 2013 and the winner will be selected from the online entries that we have received up to the closing date.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your mouse, get online and an Apple iPad mini could be yours! Walters iPad competition runs from 2nd September to 31st October inclusive. The winner will be selected at random from online entries received by midnight on the closing date. The winner will be notified using the contact details entered on at time of entry and will be shown in the next edition of The Office. No product exchange or cash alternative available.

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