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NEWTRENT BRINGS THE LATEST IGEEK IPAD SMART CHARGER T echnology has turn out to be our best acquaintance these days as it helps in many significant intentions both private and professional. Almost everybody at present uses a gadget that is loaded with latest and sophisticated features as these devices actually make life easier. When someone shops or any new widgets like an iPad or an iPhone, there are many things that he/she considers but the major feature which everyone considers is the battery life of the gadget. A gadget with greater battery life is evidently the one which gets picked by the mass. Now-a-days, the trend has shifted and people are more reluctant on buying an external battery for their iPads and I phones. The latest iGeek iPad Smart Charger is first and foremost an external battery which for iPads and iPhones and is compatible with almost all the smart phones. This external battery is very much useful and happens to be an outstanding backing system while you are on the go. It will work totally fine with Samsung galaxy S2, iPod touch from 1G till 5G, Samsung Galaxy Note, LG Optimum V and Motorola Droid Razr plus one can also use it in HTC Android EVO Sensation. Not only can latest iGeek iPad Smart Charger can improve the battery of smart phones but it can also be used in tablets offered in the market such as Samsung Galaxy tablet, Google Nexus 7, HTC Flyer etc. This charger has already emerged as a best seller in the market due to its very useful and advanced features. This external battery is extremely long lasting and other than that it possesses many other great features so let us bring them forward for getting a better picture. With the mega high capacity of 9900mAh with Dual ports output, iGeek can get you an extra 500% of iPhone 5 battery life, 95% iPad 2 and 60% iPad 3 battery life. It is can fit in any bag and is really dominant. What’s more? A person can charge two devices simultaneously with this high capacity charger. In order to buy this breathtaking and exceptionally valuable product visit New Trent on the internet and it will get delivered right on your doorstep. This is the best selling New Trent external battery for the new iPad, iPad 2 and latest Smart phones. This ultra ongoing external battery will be the ideal power resolution for a traveller.

NewTrent Brings the Latest igeek ipad Smart Charger  

This is the best selling New Trent external battery for the new ipad, iPad 2 and Smart phones. This ultra ongoing external battery will be t...