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Born on 22nd June 1966 at London, Sriram studied in Madras, Calcutta and Delhi, qualifying with a BE and an MBA. After stints in advertising and marketing, Sriram turned entrepreneur in the fields of hydraulics and software. Since 1999, Sriram has emerged as a chronicler of Madras city (Chennai) and Carnatic music. He writes frequently on these subjects in the city’s dailies and also several magazines. Sriram is Associate Editor of Madras Musings, a fortnightly dedicated to Chennai and its heritage. He is also Contributing Editor to Sruti, the magazine devoted to the classical arts. Sriram’s heritage walks in the city of Madras are well-known events which are much looked forward to. He has authored two books, Carnatic Summer (2004), on the lives of twenty two exponents of Carnatic Music and The Devadasi and The Saint (2007), the biography of Bangalore Nagarathnamma, a well-known exponent of the arts. This year, Sriram co-authored with V Subrahmaniam, a biography of veteran Carnatic musician Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer titled Semmangudi Life: Music.

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After a Post Graduate Degree in Sociology, Chandra Sankar spent a few years in research in related fields. Thereafter she has devoted herself to cultivating her natural interest in arts, crafts and heritage. She has been associated with a number of charitable and healthcare organisations – Trustee of the Childs Trust Hospital and the Madhuram Narayanan Charitable Foundation, Executive Committee Member of the Crafts Council of India, and President of the National Association for the Blind, Tamil Nadu, among others. She has been responsible for The Sanmar Group’s collection of contemporary art. A connoisseur of classical music and dance, she is a member of several fine arts and social organisations. A staunch believer in age-old institutions and traditional systems, she has been involved in reviving public interest in traditional values, by bringing out several unique publications, including Books of Proverbs, Siva Temples of Mylapore, Grandma’s Home Remedies, Traditional South Indian Hairstyles, and Stars and Trees. The present publication, Historic Residences of Chennai, is the latest in the series. She is Director and Publisher, Kalamkriya Limited, a design studio for printing and audio visuals.

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Historic Residences of Chennai Founded on 22nd August 1639, Chennai that was Madras, has

will save whatever is left, built and natural, of the city’s past.

a glorious heritage which is now under threat. With enormous

But the city by and large, has only displayed apathy towards

pressure on land today, the city is witnessing a phase when

its heritage.

old properties are being developed, with the buildings and gardens standing on them giving way to high-rise construction. Bungalows set in large parcels of land are only viewed as potential locations for putting up multi-storeyed buildings with no thought for their architectural and historic values. The stately bungalow, once an integral part of Chennai, is now more or less a thing of the past.

This book, featuring a random sample of heritage houses, is as much a tribute to the few heritage residences that survive in the city as it is to the spirit of those who live in them and maintain them, notwithstanding the many temptations and tensions that come their way. It is also an appeal to those institutions that occupy heritage residences to spare a thought for conservation and not accept demolition as the only solution.

The smaller town houses which opened out to the street and

The Sanmar Group has for years been an active supporter of

which shared common walls with their neighbours were also

the city’s heritage. Each year, under the guidance of Mrs

typical of Chennai. Such houses abounded in the four Mada

Chandra Sankar, the group brings out a free-for-distribution

Streets of Mylapore and Triplicane and in the commercial

publication connected with heritage. This year, when I was

district of George Town. These houses which were built with

asked to write it, I initially thought of a booklet on the historic

ventilation and coolness in mind have suddenly become

buildings of the city, but Mr S Muthiah, the city’s chronicler

unfashionable. These are being replaced with shopping

suggested a focus on historic residences. The idea was warmly

complexes and flats that need air conditioning and artificial

espoused by Mrs Sankar. If we manage to get at least a few

lighting, both of which are unsustainable in the long run.

more people to appreciate the city’s heritage after they have

With these buildings rapidly vanishing, Chennai stands in

read this book, we would be more than satisfied.

danger of losing its unique architectural identity. It will soon be no different from any other city in any part of the world. Is this sameness something worth aspiring for? For years, a small but dedicated and now rapidly thinning band of heritage conscious people has been fighting for a Heritage Act which

Sriram V 17th August 2008 Chennai (First Reprint – November 2008, with some corrections). 3

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Contents - nghUslf;fk; Page no.

Page no.

1. Ajmer – m[;Nkh; .................................................................................................................... 6

26. Kovur Sundaresa Mudaliar’s House – NfhT+h; Re;jNur Kjypahh; ,y;yk; .................................................................. 56

2. Ambujammal’s House – mk;G[k;khs; ,y;yk; ............................................. 8 3. Anantha Sadan – mde;j rjd; ....................................................................................... 10 4. Annai Illam – md;id ,y;yk; ...................................................................................... 12 5. Beach House – gPr; `T]; .................................................................................................... 14 6. Bedford House – ngl;/Nghh;L `T]; ...................................................................... 16 7. Ben’s Gardens – ngd;]; fhh;ld;]; ........................................................................ 18 8. Bharati Illam – ghujp ,y;yk; .................................................................................... 20 9. Brodie Castle/ Thenral – g;uhB fh]py;/ njd;wy; ...................................... 22 10. Chettinad Palace – nrl;behL khspif ............................................................. 24 11. Crynant – fpiudz;l; ............................................................................................................... 26 12. C V Raman’s House – rp.tp. uhkd; ,y;yk; ......................................................... 28 13. Deva Solai – Njt Nrhiy .......................................................................................... 30 14. Dhanvantri Villa – jd;te;jphp tpy;yh ................................................................. 32 15. Ekamra Nivas – Vfhk;u epth]; ............................................................................... 34 16. Girija – fphp[h ......................................................................................................................... 36 17. Gokulam – NfhFyk; ........................................................................................................ 38 18. Government College of Arts and Crafts – muR ftpd;fiyf; fy;Y}hp ......... 40 19. Grassmere – f;uh];kpah; .......................................................................................................... 42 20. Hick’s Bungalow – `pf;]; gq;fsh ........................................................................ 44 21. Hyde Park Gardens – i`L ghh;f; fhh;ld;]; ............................................................ 46 22. ‘Jalatarangam‘ Ramaniah Chetty’s House – ‘[yjuq;fk;‘ ukiza;a nrl;b ,y;yk; .............................................................48

27. Krishna Vilas – fpU\;z tpyh]; ................................................................................. 58 28. Mammen Mappillai’s House – khk;nkd; khg;gps;is ,y;yk; ......... 60 29. Mithila – kpjpyh ................................................................................................................... 62 30. Moubray House – nksg;Nu `T]; ....................................................................... 64 31. Musiri Subramania Iyer’s House – Krphp Rg;ukzpa ma;ah; ,y;yk; .. 66 32. Nathella Mansions – ehnjs;s khspif ........................................................... 68 33. Nileshwar – ePNy];th; ................................................................................................... 70 34. Palm Grove – ghk; f;Nuht; .................................................................................................... 72 35. Poes Gardens – Ngha]; fhh;ld;]; .............................................................................. 74 36. Pugh’s Gardens – g;A+]; fhh;ld;]; .............................................................................. 76 37. Railway Bungalow – nuapy;Nt gq;fsh ............................................................ 78 38. Ramalayam – uhkhyak; ......................................................................................................... 80 39. Runnymede – ud;dpkPl; ........................................................................................................... 82 40. S Rajam’s House – v];. uh[k; ,y;yk; ................................................................... 84 41. Sasi Vilas – rrp tpyh]; ........................................................................................................... 86 42. Sri Bagh – ( ghf; ......................................................................................................................... 88 43. Srinath Baug – ( ehj; ghf; ................................................................................................... 90 44. Sullivan Gardens – ]y;yptd; fhh;ld;]; .............................................................. 92 45. Sundara – Re;juh ................................................................................................................ 94 46. The Grove – jp f;Nuht; ................................................................................................. 96 47. Tiruvottiyur Tyagier’s House – jpUnthl;bA+h; jpahfa;ah; ,y;yk; . 98

23. Kalki Gardens – fy;fp fhh;ld;]; ............................................................................ 50

48. Underwood Gardens – mz;lh;Tl; fhh;ld;]; .............................................. 100

24. Kamaraj House – fhkuh[h; ,y;yk; ........................................................................... 52

49. ‘Veena’ Dhanam’s House – ‘tPiz’ jdk;khs; ,y;yk; ..................... 102

25. Kingston – fpq;];ld; ........................................................................................................ 54

50. Woodlands – cl;yz;l;]; ................................................................................................ 104

No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any means, without permission from the publisher. ,g;Gj;jfj;jpd; ve;jg; gFjpiaAk; vt;tpjj;jpYk; ntspaPl;lhshpd; mDkjpapd;wp kWgjpg;G nra;af;$lhJ. 5




811, Periyar E V R (Poonamallee High) Road, Kilpauk

811, nghpahh; <.Nt.uh () e;jky;yp) neLQ;rhiy> fPo;ghf;fk;

The South Indian Export Company (SIEC), founded by DeClermont and Donner, was one of the old trading houses of Madras. Located at a vital intersection of George Town, it was in its time an exporting agent to several companies of repute such as Titagurh Paper Mills, Indian Iron and Steel Company and Tide Water Oil. Its main business was in hides and skins and during the Second World War, it was appointed the sole inspecting agency for these items by the Government.

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Dewan Bahadur V Shanmuga Mudaliar (1874-1953) was the dubash of the Company. This position involved being a representative for the company and the dubash or agent was entitled to a share of the earnings. Ajmer was built in 1931 for Shanmuga Mudaliar’s daughter. Her husband, Rao Bahadur Kachapikesa Mudaliar, succeeded his father-in-law to the position of dubash at the SIEC. Shanmuga Mudaliar was also on the board of the Imperial Bank of India which later became the State Bank of India. His son-in-law was also co-opted to the board and remained a director till the bank was nationalised. He then became a director of the Indian Bank and remained on the board till the bank was nationalised in 1969.

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A large and stately house, Ajmer probably acquired its North Indian name, from Shanmuga Mudaliar having to interact with several Muslim families dealing in hides and dyes. The curved sunshades and the projecting balconies are interesting features of the house. Today, Kachapikesa Mudaliar’s son, TK Singaram and his family live in this house.

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Ambujammal’s House

mk;G[k;khs; ,y;yk;

342/245, Ambujammal Street, Alwarpet

342/245, mk;G[k;khs; njU> Mo;thh;Ngl;il

The lady of the house was born into a renowned family, her maternal grandfather being Sir V Bhashyam Iyengar and father being ‘Sriman’ Srinivasa Iyengar, both legal luminaries. The family home, Amjad Bagh on Luz Church Road was a veritable palace, with its garden spanning 150 grounds. Ambujammal (1899-1981) was educated privately and married at a very early age as was the custom of the time. Mahatma Gandhi came to stay at the family guest house in Madras, in 1920 and a meeting with him changed Ambujammal’s life. She became an ardent nationalist.

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Throwing herself headlong into the freedom struggle, Ambujammal along with her aunt Janammal, picketed liquor shops and boycotted foreign goods. She was arrested in 1932, along with her aunt and sent to the Vellore prison where she served a sentence of six months. When freed, she continued her campaign with vigour. This did not meet with the approval of her father but she carried on nevertheless. He vetoed her decision to join Gandhi in Wardha, but a hunger strike for three days got him to change his mind.

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Ambujammal set up the Srinivasa Gandhi Nilayam, an institution for imparting education to destitute women and orphans. She actively championed the Balwadi system of childcare. Being fluent in Hindi, she translated the Ram Charit Manas into Tamil and also wrote books on Gandhi and India. She revived the Women’s Indian Association and also served as the Chairperson of The Social Welfare Board of Tamil Nadu from 1961 to 1964. The Government of India awarded her the Padma Shri in 1964.

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Anantha Sadan

mde;j rjd;

110/124, Luz Church Road, Mylapore

110/124, y]; rh;r; rhiy> kapyhg;) h;

This handsome Madras-terraced house with deep verandahs fronted by flat columns and an interesting grille pattern repeating itself across the ground and first floors and also the terrace, was the residence of Rao Bahadur Sir CV Ananthakrishna Iyer (1874-1966). A corner property, it had exits on two roads, one of them an access for servants alone. Age-old trees grace the garden.

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Beginning as a junior under PR Sundara Iyer (see page on Sri Bagh), Ananthakrishna Iyer rose rapidly in the legal profession, becoming Government Pleader, Advocate General of Madras, judge of the Madras High Court and finally Chief Justice of Travancore-Cochin from where he retired in 1937. In 1916, he purchased about 44 grounds of land in the upmarket Luz Church Road, believed to cover the entire stretch from St Isabel’s Hospital to the junction of Luz Church and Oliver Roads. Later he sold parts of it to his friends, including Sir Alladi Krishnaswami Iyer (see page on Ekamra Nivas), retaining 10 grounds for the construction of Anantha Sadan which was the residence and an adjacent building which was used as an office. The building was designed and constructed by one of PR Sundara Iyer’s sons, for Sir Ananthakrishna Iyer was keen that his senior’s family should execute the work. After retirement, Sir Ananthakrishna Iyer preferred to live in his native village of Chittur in Palghat District, surrounded by books, visiting Madras and residing at Anantha Sadan occasionally. His son CA Vaidialingam (1907-1989) followed in his father’s footsteps and after practising law in the Madras High Court and becoming Government Pleader, was a judge, first at the Kerala High Court and later at the Supreme Court of India. He also resided in the house which continues to be with his family.



Annai Illam

md;id ,y;yk;

17, Chevalier Sivaji Ganesan (South Boag) Road, T. Nagar

17, nrthypah; rpth[p fNzrd; (njw;F Nghf;) rhiy> jp. efh;

George T Boag, an ICS officer of the Government of India, was Census Commissioner in 1921, Member, Board of Revenue, Chief Secretary and finally Advisor, Government of Madras in the 1930s and 1940s. Later, he also officiated as the Governor of the Orissa Province. He was honoured with a knighthood by the Government of India. This house, set in 1 ½ acres was his residence and the road was consequently named after him.

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The house was later acquired by Sir Kurma Venkata Reddy Naidu(1875-1942), member Imperial Legislative Council (1920), Acting Governor of Madras Presidency (1936), Prime Minister of Madras (1937) and Vice Chancellor, Annamalai University (1940). In the early 1950s, it was purchased by a Muslim family that was into selling snuff.

,t;tL P gpdd ; h; ]h; Fh;kh ntq;fl nul;b ehAL (1875-1942) vd;gtuhy; ngwg;gl;lJ. ]h; nul;b ,k;ghP pay; rl;lkd;wj;jpd; cWg;gpduhfTk; (1920);> nkl;uh]; gpnu]pnld;]papd; ,ilf;fhy MSduhfTk; (1936), nkl;uh]pd; Kjy; ke;jphpahfTk; (1937) kw;Wk; mz;zhkiy gy;fiyf;fofj;jpd; JizNte;juhfTk; (1940) gy;NtW gjtpfspy; gzpGhpeJ ; s;shh;. 1950fspd; Jtf;fj;jpy; ,J %f;Fg;nghb tpahghuk; nra;J te;j xU K];ypk; FLk;gj;jpduhy; thq;fg;gl;lJ.

In 1946, VC Ganesan (1928-2001), a young and struggling actor so enchanted ‘Periyar’ EV Ramaswami Naicker with his portrayal of Chatrapati Sivaji, the Maratha Chieftain, in a stage play that he gave him the title ‘Sivaji’. It was as Sivaji Ganesan that he became famous. In 1952, the film Parasakthi made Sivaji Ganesan a top-ranking film star.

tho;fi ; fg; ghijapy; Kd;Ndw Kad;W nfhz;bUe;j Jbg;ghd ,isQd; tp.rp. fNzrd; (1928-2001) 1946y; kuhj;jpa murh; rj;jpugjp rpth[pahf ehlfj;jpy; ebj;jijf; fz;L tpag;Gk; gutrKk; mile;j ‘nghpahh;’ <.Nt. uhkrhkp ehaf;fh; me;ebfDf;F ‘rpth[p’vd;w gl;lg;ngaiu mspjj ; hh;. rpth[p fNzrdhfj;jhd; cyfk; mtiu milahsk; fz;L Nghw;wpaJ. 1952y; ntspte;j ‘guhrf;jp’vd;Dk; jpiug;glk; rpth[p fNzrid xU jiyrpwe;j jpiug;gl ebfdhf khw;wpaJ.

Sivaji’s father acquired the property in 1959 and the family by then comprising the actor, his family and that of his brother moved in after renovations that took two years. It was renamed Annai Illam. Today, Sivaji’s sons continue living here. Though the residence has an Art Deco frontage, parts of it date back to early 20th century. The family considers the residence to be a memorial to Sivaji and maintains it beautifully. The road has been renamed after the actor.

rpth[papd; je;ij Nghf; NuhbypUe;j ,e;j tPli ; l 1959y; thq;fpdhh;. ,uz;L tUlq;fs; mij khw;wpaikf;fTk;> GJg;gpf;fTk; nra;j gpwF rpth[pAk; mth; rNfhjuUk; jk; FLk;gq;fSld; ,q;F FbNawpdh;. tPl;bw;F md;id ,y;yk; vd;W ngah; #l;lg;gl;lJ. rpth[papd; kfd;fs; ,d;Wk; mt;tl P b ; y; trpff ; pwhh;fs;. tPlb ; d; Kfg;G ‘Mh;l; nlNfh’ vd;Dk; ehfhPf ghzpapy; ,Ue;jhYk;> ,t;tPl;bd; rpy ghfq;fs; 20Mk; E}w;whz;bd; Kjy; rpy tUlq;fisr; Nrh;ej ; it. rpth[papd; FLk;gj;jpdh; ,e;j ,y;yj;ij rpth[papd; epidTr; rpd;dkhff; fUjp> Nghw;wp nrk;ikahfg; guhkhpj;J tUfpd;wdh;. ,r;rhiyf;F ,e;ebfhpd; ngah; #l;lg;gl;Ls;sJ. 13


Beach House

gPr; `T];

Queen Mary’s College Campus, Mylapore

,uhzp Nkhp fy;Y}hp tshfk;> kapyhg;) h;

There was a time when residences came up along the Marina! Even the Ice House was once the home of Bilagiri Iyengar, a lawyer. One of the earliest residences here was Beach House, the home of Sir S Subramania Iyer (1842-1924) or Mani Iyer as he was more popularly known.

xU fhy fl;lj;jpy; nkhpdh flw;fiuianahl;b FbapUg;G tPLfs; fl;lg;gl;ld! I]; `T]; $l gpyfphp ma;aq;fhh; vd;w tof;fwpQhpd; ,y;ykhf ,Ue;jJ. mg;gbj; Njhd;wpa tPLfspy; xd;W jhd; gPr; `T];. kzp ma;ah; vd;W gutyhf mwpag;gl;l ]h; v];. Rg;gpukzpa ma;ahpd; (1842-1924) tPL.

Mani Iyer enrolled as a vakil in the Madras High Court in 1869 and soon became a leading lawyer. In October 1888, he became Government Pleader and Public Prosecutor and in 1891 was made an acting Judge of the Madras High Court, a post he held till 1892. He was appointed as Judge of the High Court in 1895 and retired prematurely from that post in 1907 owing to failing eyesight. In between, he officiated as Chief Justice in 1903, 1905 and 1907. He was one of the founding members of the Indian National Congress and was also an ardent Theosophist. His association with the Congress led to his being hounded by the Government, though this did not deter him in the least. He renounced his knighthood and preferred to be called Dr. Subramania Iyer. A member of the Madras University Senate, he is commemorated with a statue unveiled in 1935, outside Senate House. To honour him, the Theosophists built Mani Iyer’s Hall in nearby Triplicane. Mani Iyer’s personal life was tragic and the house by the beach must have given him solace. It is an interesting structure with projecting balconies and monkey-top shades above its windows. It is today, a part of the Queen Mary’s College campus.

kzp ma;ah; 1869y; kjuh]; cah;ePjp kd;wj;jpy; xU tf;fPyhf gjpT nra;J nfhz;lhh;; tpiutpNyNa xU Kd;dzp tof;fwpQuhfTk; Mdhh;. mf;Nlhgh;> 1888y; mth; rh;ff ; hh; rhh;gpy; thjhLk; tf;fy P hf gzp Ghpe;J> gpd; murhq;fj; jug;gpy; Fw;w tprhuiz nra;Ak; tof;Fduhf epakdk; nra;ag;gl;lhh;. 1891y; nrd;id cah;ePjp kd;wj;jpy; jw;fhypf ePjpgjpahf mkh;j;jg;gl;lhh;; ,e;j nghWg;ig mth; 1892 tiu tfpj;jhh;. kjuh]; cah;ePjp kd;wj;jpd; KO Neu ePjpgjpahf 1895y; epakpff ; g;gl;lhh;. Mdhy; fz; ghh;itapy; NfhshW Vw;glNt chpa fhyj;jpw;F Kd;Ng 1907y; Xa;T ngw;whh;. ,il ,ilNa mth; jiyik ePjpgjpahfTk; 1903, 1905 kw;Wk; 1907 tUlq;fspy; gzpahw;wpdhh;. ( kzp ma;ah; ,e;jpa NjrPa fhq;fpu]pd; ];jhgfh;fspy; xUth; Mthh;. mth; gpUk;kQhd Nfhl;ghLfspy; ek;gpf;if cs;sth;. fhq;fpu]; fl;rpAldhd mtUila njhlh;G mtiu Mq;fpy rh;f;fhuhy; Njlg;gl;l xUtuhf Mf;fpaJ. Mdhy; ,e;j Ntl;il mtUila NjrPa Mh;tj;ij rw;Wk; ghjpf;ftpy;iy. Mq;fpNya murhy; jkf;F mspf;fg;gl;l ‘]h;’ tpUijAk; Jwe;J> lhf;lh; Rg;ukzpa ma;ah; vd;W miof;fg;gLtijNa mth; tpUk;gpdhh;. mth; nrd;id gy;fiyf;fofj;jpd; Ml;rpf; FOtpd; mq;fj;jpduhf ,Ue;jhh;; mjd; epidTr; rpd;dkhf nrdl; `Trpd; ntspNa mtUila cUtr; rpiy 1935y; jpwe;J itf;fg;gl;lJ NkYk; gpUk;kQhd rig> jpUty;ypf;Nfzpf;F mUfpy; mth; ngahpy;> kzp ma;ah; `hy; vd;w fl;blj;ij vOg;gp mtiu nfsutpj;jJ. mtUila nrhe;j tho;f;if Nrhfkhdnjhd;whf ,Ue;jjhy;> flw;fiuapy; mike;j mtUila khspif mtUf;F XusT kdr; rhe;jpia mspj;jpUf;ff; $Lk;. me;j khspif> ntspNa ePl;b nfhz;L ,Uf;Fk; khb Kfg;GfSlDk;, rhsuq;fspd; Nkw;Gwk; mike;j mfd;w mbg;Gwj;ijf; nfhz;l epoy; jUk; rhsu tpjhdq;fSlDk; mike;j xU fth;r;rpahd fl;blk;. ,d;W mk;khspif ,uhzp Nkhp fy;Y}hp tshfj;jpd; xU gFjp. 15


Bedford House

ngl;/Nghh;L `T];

90, Alagappa Chettiar Road (Ormes Road Extn.), Purasawalkam

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The gateposts are topped by angels holding flaming torches. The tall clump of trees that divide the driveway into separate entry and exit routes hide the house from view. Several statues dot the lawns and verandah. The chunam-plastered building, always painted in white, was originally single storeyed, with a colonnade of pillars running round three sides of the house. The property was added to, with the purchase of parts of the neighbouring Lady Napier Villa in 1919 and 1934.

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The property was purchased from the Mercantile Bank in 1915 by M Ct Muthiah Chettiar (1887-1929), a business magnate of Chettinad who had migrated to Madras in 1912. Knighted in 1922, he was a Director of the Indian Bank and President of the South Indian Chamber of Commerce. Sir Muthiah’s son M Ct Chidambaram Chettyar (1908-1954) engaged himself in the banking and insurance businesses, founding the Indian Overseas Bank in 1937 and developing United India Insurance which his father had acquired. The famed LIC Building on Mount Road was planned by him as the insurance business headquarters. He added a matching portico and a second storey to Bedford House. In his time the house was known for its immaculate flowerbeds, vegetable gardens and orchards. The garden also had a set of tennis courts. Chidambaram Chettyar’s elder son, M Ct Muthiah (1929-2006), who inherited Bedford House was director on the board of several companies and ran a successful automotive business as well. Several schools in the city are run by the family.

1912y; kjuh]{f;F FbNawpa nrl;behl;bd; gpugy tzpfh; vk; rpb Kj;ja;ah nrl;bahh; (1887-1929), kh;fz;ily; tq;fpaplkpUe;J 1915y; ngl; / Nghh; L `T i] thq; f pdhh; . 1922Mk; Mz; L Mq;fpNyahpd; tpUjhd ]h; gl;lk; ngw;w mth;> ,e;jpad; tq;fpapd; ,af;FduhfTk;> njd;dpe;jpa tzpff; FOkj;jpd; jiytuhfTk; ,Ue;jth;. ]h; Kj;ja;ahtpd; kfdhd vk; rpb rpjk;guk; nrl;bahh; (19081954) tq;fp kw;Wk; fhg;gPLj;Jiwfspy; jlk; gjpj;jth;. 1937y; ,e;jpad; Xth;]p]; tq;fpia Jtq;fpaJld;> jk; je;ij thq;fpapUe;j Aidnll; ,e;jpah ,d;#ud;]; epWtdj;ijAk; tphpTgLj;jpdhh;. ,d;W nrd;idapd; Gfo; ngw;w vy;.I.rp. fl;blk; ,tuhy; tiuaWf;fg;gl;L fhg;gPL mYtyfj;jpd; jiyikr; nrayfkhf cUthf;fg;gl;lJ. mth; ngl;/Nghh;L `T]pw;F Kfg;G kz;lgKk; Nky; jsKk; mikj; j hh; . me; j ehspy; ,e; j tP L > ) r; n rbfs; > fha; f wpj; Njhl;lq;fs;> gokuq;fs; nfhz;l mofhd Njhl;lj;jpw;Fg; ngah; Nghdjhf ,Ue;jJ. Njhl;lj;jpy; ,uz;L nld;dp]; jply;fSk; ,Ue;jd. rpjk;guk; nrl;bahhpd; %j;j kfd; vk; rpb Kj;ija;ahtpwF ; (1929-2006) ngl;/Nghh;L `T]; FLk;g nrhj;jhf te;jJ. mth; gy epWtdq;fspd; FOf;fspd; ,af;Fduhf ,Ue;jJld; xU thfd epWtdj;ijAk; rpwg;ghf ,af;fpdhh;. efuj;jpd; gy gs;spfis ,f;FLk;gj;jpdh; epUtfpj;J tUfpd;wdh;. 17


Ben’s Gardens

ngd;]; fhh;ld;];

16/75, Pasumponmuthuramalinga Thevar (Chamiers) Road

16/75, gRk;nghd; Kj;Juhkypq;f Njth; (Nrkpah;];) rhiy

John de Monte was a Portuguese businessman who arrived in Madras from French Pondicherry in the early 1800s. He was successful in business and became wealthy. It was around this time that he bought from George Moubray, the house and 105 acres known then as Moubray’s Gardens (See page on Moubray House). These acres stretched from today’s Chamier’s Road down to the Adyar River and from Turnbull’s Road to Chamier’s Road extension and Pugh’s Road, which leads off it to the river.

/g; n uQ; r ; Mjpf; f j; j pypUe; j ghz; b r; N rhpapypUe; J 1800Mk; E}w;whz;bd; Kjy; gFjpapy; Nghh;j;Jfy; Njrj;ijr; Nrh;e;j [hd; b khd;Nl vd;w njhopy; mjpgh; kjuh]; te;jhh;. ,q;F mth; njhopypy; ghpzkpjJ ; nghpa nry;te;juhdhh;. mf;fhyf;fl;lj;jpyj ; hd; b khz;Nl> Rw;wpYk; 105 Vf;fh; epyj;Jld; $ba nksg;Nu]; fhh;ld;]; (nksg;Nu ,y;yk; gf;fk; ghh;f;f) vd;w md;iwag; ngaUila tPl;il [hh;[; nksg;Nu vd;gthplkpUe;J thq;fpdhh;. me;j epyk; ,d;iwa Nrkpah;]; rhiyapypUe;J milahW MW tiu xU gf;fj;jpYk;> lh;d;Gy;]; rhiyapypUe;J Nrkpah;]; rhiyapd; tphpthf;fk; kw;Wk; MW Nehf;fpr; nry;Yk; g;A+]; rhiy tiuapYk; gutp ,Ue;jJ.

John de Monte left a will, which, apart from bequests stated that “none of my landed property, nor any part of my Plate, Furniture and Fixtures shall be sold.” The management of the properties and the disbursement of its income — to “Orphans, Widows and distressed Families… and also Charity Schools” –— was to be undertaken by the Bishop or Vicar General of St. Thomé and his successors. Whenever parts of it were sold, it was by court order. Ben’s Gardens, the largest remaining part of the property, is in extent about 9 acres. It was, till 1996 occupied by the Partners and, later, the senior executives of Parry & Co. The oldest house in the middle of this estate could well have been the original garden house in Ben’s Gardens, later, three or four more houses were built on the leased property, quite possibly by Parry & Co. The residents of Ben’s Gardens were the first to own a motor car in Madras. It is not clear as to what the Church plans to do with this property now.

[hd; b khz;Nl jd; capypy; gyUf;F gy;NtW nghUs;fis vOjp itj;jgpd;> ‘vd;Dila ve;j epyGyd;fSk;> vd;Dila jl;L> kur;rhkhd;fs;> tPlb ; Ds; Vw;fdNt nghUj;jg;gl;bUf;Fk; nghUs;fs; vtw;iwAk; tpw;ff;$lhJ>’ vd;W Fwpg;gpl;bUe;jhh;. mtUila nrhj;Jf;fis guhkhpg;gJk;> mjd; %yk; te;j tUkhdq;fis “mehijfs;> tpjitfs;> tWikapy; thLk; FLk;gq;fs; kw;Wk; jh;k gs;spf$ ; lq;fs;” Mfpatw;wpwF ; gfphe ; j ; spgg; Jk;> nrapzl ; ; jhk]; khjhNfhapiyr; Nrh;e;j fj;Njhypf;fg; NguhaNuh> mt;tl;lj;jpy; ,izr; nrayuhfg; gzpGhpAk; kjFUNth nra;aNtz;Lk; vd;W Mizapl;bUe;jhh;. mjdhy; mjd; xt;nthU gFjpAk; tof;F kd;wk; %ykhfj;jhd; tpwg; id nra;ag;gl;lJ. kprr ; k; ,Ue;j gFjpahd ngd;]; fhh;ld;]; 9 Vf;fh; epyg;gug;igf; nfhz;lJ. mJ 1966 tiuapy; gq;Fjhuh;fspd; thr];jykhfTk;> gpd;dh; ghhp epWtdj;jpd; cah; gjtpapy; ,Ue;jth;fspd; ,Ug;gplkhfTk; ,Ue;jJ. ,e;j Njhl;lj;jpd; eLtpy; ,Uf;Fk; gioa tPL Mjpapy; ngd;]; fhh;ld;]pd; Njhl;l tPlhf ,Ue;jpUf;fyhnkd;W fUjg;gLfpwJ. gpw;fhyj;jpy; Fj;jiff;F tplg;gl;l epyj;jpy; NkYk; %d;W ehd;F tPLfs; - mNefkhf ghhp epWtdj;jhuhy; jhd; fl;lg;gl;L ,Uf;f Ntz;Lk;. nrd;idapd; Kjy; ehd;F rf;fu thfdk; ngd;]; fhh;ldpy; trpj;jth;fsplk; jhd; ,Ue;jJ. khjh Nfhapy; eph;thfk; ,e;j ,y;yj;ijg; gw;wp vd;d KbntLf;Fk; vd;gJ jpl;ltl;lkhf njhpahjjhy;> ,e;j nrhj;jpd; vjph;fhyk; xU Nfs;tpf; Fwpahfj;jhd; ,Uf;fpwJ. 19


Bharati Illam

ghujp ,y;yk;

88/83, Tulasinga Perumal Koil Street, Triplicane

88/83, Jsrpq;f ngUkhs; Nfhtpy; njU> jpUty;ypf;Nfzp

Subramania Bharati (1882-1921) needs no introduction to the people of India. Freedom fighter, essayist, writer, poet, critic, reformer, cartoonist… the list is endless.

,e;jpa kf;fSf;F Rg;gpukzpa ghujpia (1882-1921) mwpKfg;gLj;j Njitapy;iy. Rje;jpu Nghuhl;l tPuh;> ftpij> fl;Liufspd; vOj;jhsh;> tpkh;rfh;> rPh;jpUj;jthjp> Nfyp rpj;jpuk; tiugth;-,g;gb vz;zw;w ghpkhzq;fs; nfhz;lth; ghujp.

Life for this visionary was not easy and his writings soon got him on the wrong side of the British Raj. Forewarned of the possibility of arrest in 1908, Bharati, thanks to timely help from good friend Dr. Nanjunda Rao (see page on Sasi Vilas), managed to escape from Madras to Pondicherry, which was then a French possession. Here he continued writing and living a precarious existence with his wife and children. In 1920, following a General Amnesty by the Government, he returned to Madras and joined the leading Tamil daily Swadesamitran as sub-editor. During this time he lived at this address. The house was divided into small residential units and Bharati and family occupied a tiny room with a kitchen. It was from here that Bharati set out everyday to worship at the Parthasarathy Temple and feed its elephant. One day the elephant playfully lifted him with its trunk and dropped him down. This was too much for Bharati’s emaciated form. He died a few weeks later.

,e;j jPh;f;fjhprpapd; tho;ehl;fs; vd;dNkh rpukkhfj;jhd; fope;jJ. mtUila Njrpathj vOj; J f; f Sk; mtiu Mq; f py murhq;fj;jpd; vjphpahfNt Mf;fpaJ. 1908y; ifJ nra;ag;glf; $Lnkd;gij Kd;$l;bNa mwpe;J nfhz;L> cw;w ez;gh; lhf;lh; eQ; R z; l uhtpd; ( rrp tpyh]; gf; f k; ghh; f ; f ) cjtpAld; nrd; i dapypUe; J > mg; N ghJ /g; n ud; r ; Mjpf; f j; j pypUe; j ghz;br;Nrhpf;F jg;gpr; nrd;whh;. kidtp kf;fSld; mq;F mth; kpff; fbdkhd #o;epiyapy; ,Ue;j NghjpYk; jk; vOj;Jg; gzpia njhlh;e;J nra;J te;jhh;. 1920y; murhq;fk; mwptpj;j xU nghJ kd;dpg;G jpl;lj;jpd; fPo; ghujp nrd;id jpUk;gp> gpugy ehspjohd RNjrkpj;jpudpy; cjtp Mrphpauhfg; nghWg;Ngw;whh;. ,e;j fhy fl;lj;jpy;jhd; mth; jpUty;ypf;Nfzpapy; Nkw;$wpa tPl;by; trpj;jhh;. me;j tPL rpW rpW FbapUg;Gg; gFjpfshfg; gphpf;fg;gl;L ,Ue;jJ. ghujpAk; mth; FLk;gKk; xU kpfr; rpwpa miwAk; rikayiwAk; nfhz;l gFjpapy; trpj;jdh;. ,e;j tPl;bypUe;Jjhd; ghujp jpdKk; mUfpy; ,Ue;j ghh;j;jrhujp Nfhtpypw;Fr; nrd;W Nfhtpy; ahidf;F czT mspgg; hh;. xU ehs; me;j ahid ghujpia jd; Jk;gpfi ; fapy; tpisahl;lhfj; J}f;fpf; fPNo Nghl;lJ. ghujpahhpd; nkype;j clyhy; ,e;j mjph;r;rpiaj; jhq;f Kbahky;> rpy thuq;fspNyNa mth; kuzk; mile;jhh;.

This building passed through many hands and suffered many changes before the State Government acquired and rebuilt the façade to match the way it looked when Bharati lived in it. The restored building is now a museum to Bharati’s memory and is venue to many symposiums and music performances. It is also testimony to what the Government can do to preserve our heritage if it has the will to do so.

me;j ,y;yk;> gy iffs; khwpa gpd;> ,Wjpapy; jkpof murhq;fk; mijf; ifafg;gLj;jp mjd; Kfg;ig ghujp mq;F trpj;j ehl;fspy; ,Ue;jJ NghyNt jpUj;jp mikj;jJ. ,d;W me;jf; fl;blk; ghujpahhpd; epidTr; rpd;dkhf> mth; rk;ge;jg;gl;l nghUl;fs;> E}y;fs; mlq;fpa mUq;fhl;rprhiyahf tpsq;FfpwJ. gytpjkhd njhopw;gl;liwfs;> fUj;juq;Ffs;> fiy epfo;r;rpfs; Mfpait elf;Fk; muq;fhfTk; ghujp ,y;yk; jpfo;fpwJ. muR tpUk;gpdhy; ek; ghuk;ghpaj;ij ghJfhf;f ve;j mstpwF ; nray;gl KbAnkd;gjd; vLj;Jf;fhl;lhfTk; mJ xsph;fpwJ.



Brodie Castle/ Thenral

g;uhB fh]py;/ njd;wy;

Isai Kalluri Campus, P S Kumaraswami Raja (Greenways) Road

,irf;fy;Y}hp tshfk;> gp. v];. Fkhu];thkp uh[h (f;hd P N ; t];) rhiy

Several garden houses came up along Greenways Road, which was named after a man who owned a large property on this stretch. Most of these houses had English names such as Bridge House, Grange, Hovingham, Cranleigh and Ardmayle. Some still survive as bungalows occupied by ministers and judges, but in their gardens have come up many more government houses. All of them have Tamil names now.

,e;jg; gFjpapd; ngUk;ghd;ikahd nrhj;jpw;F cilikahsuhd xUthpd; ngahpy; mike;j ,e;jr; rhiyapy; gy Njhl;l tPLfs; Njhd;wpd. mitfspy; gyTk; g;hpl;[; `T];> f;NuQ;> n`stpq;fhk;> f; N ud; y P kw; W k; Mh; l ; N ka; y ; Nghd; w Mq; f pyg; ngah; f isf; nfhz;litfshfNt ,Ue;jd. mitfspy; rpy> ke;jphpfs;> ePjpgjpfs; Mfpath; f spd; tP L fshf ,d; W k; cs; s d; mitfspd; Njhl;lq;fspy; NtW gy murhq;f tPLfSk; vOg;gg;gl;bUf;fpd;wd. ,g;NghJ mtw;wpw;nfy;yhk; jkpo; ngah;fs; #l;lg;gl;Ls;sd.

One property which has remained largely unchanged is Brodie Castle, which is today called Thenral. It was built between 1796 and 1798 by James Brodie, an East India Company civil servant who obtained an 11-acre grant to build his mansion. He fell on bad times and rented it out to the Government. Brodie, who was fond of boating on the Adyar river was drowned in it in 1801, some say in a boating accident, others call it suicide. The family sold the castle to the Government and it has been Government property ever since. Several judges occupied it over the years. It also served as the official residence of PS Kumaraswami Raja (1898-1957) when he was Premier of Madras Province from 1949-1952. The road has now been renamed after him. In 1956, it became home to the Central College of Carnatic Music which was set up in 1948. Many leading musicians such as Musiri Subramania Iyer (see page on Musiri Subramania Iyer’s house), T Brinda and Tirupamburam Swaminatha Pillai have been on its faculty. A white, towered and turreted building, Brodie Castle is not in the best of shape today but it still catches your attention.

mjpf khw;wq;fs; ,y;yhky; gioa Njhw;wj;jpNyNa fhzg;gLk; xU ,lk;> ,d;W njd;wy; vd miof;fg;gLk; g;uhB fh]py;. ,J 17961798w;Fk; ,ilNa N[k;]; g;uhb vd;gtuhy; fl;lg;gl;lJ. ,e;j khspifia fl;bf; nfhs;tjw;nfd fpof;fpej ; paf; fk;ngdp mjDila mYtyf Copauhd g;uhbf;F 11-Vf;fh; epyj;ij ntFkjpahf mspj;jJ. gzj; jl;Lg;ghl;bd; fhuzj;jhy;> mth; jd; tPl;il murhq;fj;jpwF ; thliff;Ff; nfhLj;jhh;. milahW Mw;wpy; glfpy; cy;yhrg; gazk; NghFk; tof;fKs;s g;uhB> 1801y; Mw;wpy; %o;fp ,we;jhh;; mij tpgj;njd;W rpyUk;> jw;nfhiynad;W rpyUk; $Wfpdw ; dh;. fhuzk; vJthfapUe;jhYk;> mth; kiwtpwF ; g; gpwF mth; FLk;gk;> tPli ; l murhq;fj;jpwN ; f tpwW ; tpll ; J. md;W Kjy; mJ murhq;f nrhj;jhf ,Uf;fpwJ. mJ gy ePjpgjpfspd; ,Ug;gplkhf ,Ue;J> gp.v];. Fkhu];thkp uh[htpwF ; (1898-1957) mth; 1949ypUe;J 1952tiu nrd;id khfhzj;jpd; Kf;fpa ke;jphpahf ,Ue;j fhyj;jpy; trpff ; muR mspjj ; ,Ug;gplkhf ,Ue;jJ. mtiu nfsutpfF ; k; tifapy; ,d;W mr;rhiyapd; ngah; gp.v];. Fkhu];thkp uh[h rhiy vd; W khw; w g; g l; b Uf; f pwJ. 1948NyNa Jtf; f g; g l; L > ,d; W ,irf;fy;Y}hp vd;W miof;fg;gLk; ‘nrdl;u; y; fhNy[; Mg; fh;dhbf; k;A+rpf’; 1956y; mjpy; FbNaw;wg;gl;lJ. Krphp Rg;ukzpa ma;ah; (Krphp Rg;ukzpa ma;ah; ,y;yk; gf;fk; ghh;ff ; ), b. g;Ue;jh> jpUg;ghk;Guk; ];thkpehj gps;is Nghd;w gy Kd;dzp ,irf;fiyQh;fs; ,f;fy;Y}hpapd; Mrphpah; FOtpy; gzpahw;wp ,Uf;fpwhh;fs;. nts;is tz;zj;jpy; ];J}gpAlDk; kzpNfhGuj;JlDk; jpfOk; g;uhB fh]py; ,d;W rpwg;ghf guhkhpf;fg;gl;L tUtjhff; $w KbahnjdpDk;> mJ ,d;Wk; ghh;itahsh;fspd; ftdj;ijf; ftuj; jtWtjpy;iy. 23


Chettinad Palace

nrl;behL khspif

P S Kumaraswami Raja (Greenways) Road

gp. v];. Fkhu];thkp uh[h (f;hPd;Nt];) rhiy

This vast and handsome pile in probably the largest private property in the city is set in what was once a verdant estuary, now overrun by constructions. Originally, a garden house called Somerford; it was purchased and modified to an Italian architect’s adaptation of a Baroque design in the first half of the 20th century, as the residence of Raja Sir Annamalai Chettiar of Chettinad (1881-1948). A business magnate, he was one of the directors of the Indian Bank and became director of the Imperial Bank of India when it was set up in 1921. He had vast business interests and lands in Burma. He was also a member of the Madras Legislative Council for three successive terms from 1920.

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Annamalai Chettiar’s management saw the Meenakshi College in Chidambaram, founded in 1920 by his elder brother Dewan Bahadur Ramaswami Chettiar, transformed into the Annamalai University which came into existence on 1 January 1929. He was honoured with a knighthood, and the distinction of a hereditary Rajah of Chettinad was conferred on him. He was also a champion of Tamil Isai, fighting to restore Tamil to its rightful place on the Carnatic music platform. He founded the Tamil Isai Sangam in 1943 and the Raja Annamalai Manram, located in the Esplanade area, was built as its headquarters and as a memorial to him in 1953. His son Raja Sir MA Muthiah Chettiar (1905-1984) was a prominent businessman and philanthropist. He was the first Mayor of Madras in 1933 when that office was re-instated. His son, the business and turf baron MAM Ramaswami lives in the palace.

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11/6, McNicholls Road, Chetpet

11/6, nkf;dpf;fy;]; rhiy> Nrj;Jg;gl;L

Thatikonda Namberumal Chetty was a leading building contractor of Madras city from the 1880s to the 1920s. The Victoria Public Hall, the Connemara Library, the Hindu High School and the Victoria Memorial Hall (now the National Art Gallery) were all built by him, based on designs by architects such as Robert Fellowes Chisholm and Henry Irwin.

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Namberumal Chetty, became very wealthy and acquired many houses in the Chetpet area of Madras. It is said that he had 99 houses in Chetpet and the locality was originally called Chetty Pettai (Chetty’s place). He refused to acquire the 100th house on astrological advice! Namberumal Chetty was the first Indian and third resident of Madras to acquire a motor car. The vehicle, bearing the registration number MC-3 was imported from France.

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Crynant was Namberumal Chetty’s residence. Set in vast gardens, the house is two-storied with colonnaded verandahs on two sides and a porte-cochere in the front. It is surmounted with a flat Madras roof and, unlike Namberumal Chetty’s creations, has always been painted white. The house has an intimate association with the mathematical genius, Srinivasa Ramanujan (1887-1920). Namberumal Chetty looked upon him as his own son and when Ramanujan was terminally ill he was looked after at Crynant. Ramanujan however, felt that the house had a melancholy name (he objected to the syllable ‘cry’) and was shifted to yet another Namberumal Chetty home nearby called Gometra. It was here that the genius breathed his last.

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C V Raman’s House

rp.tp. uhkd; ,y;yk;

2, Rajamannar Street, T. Nagar

2, uh[kd;dhh; njU> jp. efh;

The name of Chandrashekara Venkatraman or CV Raman (1888-1970) is one that is well known in the scientific world. Born in Tiruchirapalli, Raman graduated from the Presidency College, Madras in 1904, standing first in Physics. He acquired his Masters from the same college in 1907. There being very little encouragement for a career in science, he joined the Government Finance Department in Calcutta. There he became involved with the Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science (IACS), eventually becoming its honorary secretary. At the Association, he conducted several experiments in his free time. In 1917, he resigned his job and became the Palit Professor for Physics at the Calcutta University. He continued his work at the IACS and during this time he worked among other things, on the scattering of light, which became known as the Raman Effect. He was knighted in 1929. In 1930, his work was recognised internationally when he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics, making him the first Asian to win the prize in the science stream.

mwptpay; cyfj;jpy; re;jpuNrfu ntq;fl;uhkd; my;yJ rp.tp. uhkd; (1888-1970) vd;W miof;fg;gLk; tpQ;Qhdpia mwpahjth; ,Uf;f KbahJ. jpUr;rpuhg;gs;spapy; gpwe;j ,th; nrd;id gpurpnld;rp fy;Y}hpapypUe;J 1904y; ngsjPf ,aypy; Kjd;ik ,lj;Jld; ,sepiyg; gl;lk; ngw;whh;. mwptpaypy; Ntiy tha;g;Gfs; mjpfk; ,y;yhj epiyapy; fy;fj;jhtpy; muR nghUshjhuj; Jiwapy; Ntiyf;Fr; Nrh;e;jhh;. mq;F mwptpay; gw;wpa mwpitg; ngUf;Fk; fofkhd ‘,e;jpad; mNrhrpNa\d; /ghh; jp fy;bNt\d; M/g; rad;];y;’(IVrpv];) cWg;gpduhf MdJld; tpiutpNyNa mjd; nfsutf; fhhpajhprpAk; Mdhh;. jdJ Xa;T Neuq;fspy; mf;fofj;jpy; uhkd; gy ghpNrhjidfspy; <Lgl;lhh;. 1917y; jd; murhq;fg; gzpapypUe;J tpLg;Gg; ngw;W fy;fj;jh gy;fiyf;fofj;jpy; ‘ghypj;’ ngsjP f g; Nguhrphpauhf gjtp Vw; w hh; . IVrpv]; ] py; jd; Muha;r;rpfisj; njhlh;e;J nra;J te;jhh;. ,e;j fhyfl;lj;jpy; mth; xspr; rpjwy;fisg; gw;wpd Muha;r;rp nra;J te;jhh;. mjw;F ‘uhkd; tpisT’ vd;W ngahplg;gl;lJ. 1929y; uhkDf;F ]h; gl;lk; toq;fg;gl;lJ. 1930y; mth; Gfo; cyfnkq;Fk; guTk; tifapy; mtUf;F ngsjPfj; Jiwf;fhd Nehgy; ghpR mspf;fg;gl;lJ. mwptpaypy; ,g;ghpirg; ngw;w Kjy; Mrpah; ,tNu.

In 1934, Raman became the Director of the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore. In 1947, he was made the first National Professor by the Government. In 1948, he retired from the IISc and set up the Raman Research Institute in Bangalore, a year later. He was to work here till his death. In 1954, he was awarded the Bharat Ratna, the highest recognition from the Government of India.

1934y; uhkd; ngq;f@hpd; ,e;jpa mwptpay; fofj;jpd; ,af;Feuhfg; gjtp Vw;whh;. 1947y; ,tiu murhq;fk; NjrPa Nguhrphpauhf mwptpj;jJ. 1948y; NtiyapypUe;J Xa;T ngw;whh;. xU tUlk; fope;j gpd; ngq;f@hpNyNa uhkd; Muha;r;rpf; fofj;ij epWtpdhh;. jd; ,Wjpf; fhyk; tiu mth; ,f;fofj;jpw;Nf jk; Nritfis nra;J te;jhh;. 1954y; ,e;jpahtpd; kpf cah;ej nfsut tpUjhfpa ghuj uj;dh ,tUf;F ,e;jpa murhq;fj;jhy; mspf;fg;gl;lJ.

Though he lived mostly in Bangalore, Raman purchased several properties in Madras, mainly as an investment, including this one. However, it has the distinction of him living under its roof for sometime.

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Deva Solai

Njt Nrhiy

92/32, Landons Road, Kilpauk

92/32, Nyz;ld;]; njU> fPo;ghf;fk;

Landon’s Gardens was the home of Col. Colin Mackenzie who was India’s first Surveyor-General. Beginning in 1796 and ending with his death in 1821, Mackenzie collected palm-leaf manuscripts, coins, drawings and antiques. Around 8000 of his manuscripts formed the nucleus of the 50,000-strong manuscript collection at the Government Oriental Manuscripts Library near the Marina. Landon’s Gardens was bought by Rajarathnam Chetty, dubash of Binny and Co for his granddaughter Venkata Nagalakshmi and Deva Solai was built here.

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Her husband Timeri Vasu Naidu (1884-1949) was a businessman and developer, but it is for his contributions to Madras cricket that he is most remembered. He was a founder of the Madras United Club which did much to foster cricketing interest in the city. Vasu Naidu’s nephew and son-in-law, Timeri Murari (1901-1988) was Director of Animal Husbandry, first for Madras and later for Andhra. During the Second World War, he served under a King’s Commission, and rose to the rank of Major. He was the first Indian member of the Madras Cricket Club and also the Marylebone Cricket Club. He played cricket with legends such as Hobbs and Sutcliff. In the 1920s, both Vasu Naidu and Murari played for the Indians against the British in the Madras Presidency cricket matches. The well-known author Timeri N Murari is the son of Major Murari and is the present occupant of Deva Solai. His novel, Four Steps to Paradise is said to be based largely on life as it was lived in this house in the 1940s and ‘50s.

mtUila fzth; jpnkhp thR ehAL (1884-1949) xU njhopyjpguhfTk;> tPLfs; fl;b tpwg; tuhfTk; ,Ue;jhYk; mth; ngah; nrd;id fphpfn ; fl;bw;fhf mth; nra;j njhz;bw;fhfj;jhd; nghpjhf Ngrg;gLfpwJ. ,e;efhpy; fphpfn ; fl; Mh;tj;ij tsh;jj ; kjuh]; Aidll; f;sg; vd;Dk; rq;fj;ij Jtf;fpath;fspy; thR ehALTk; xUth;. kUkfd; jpnkhp Kuhhp (1901-1988) tpyq;F tsj;Jiwapd; nrayhz;ik ,af;Feuhf Kjypy; kjuh]pYk;> gpdd ; h; Me;jpuhtpYk; gzp Ghpej ; hh;. ,uz;lhk; cyfg; Nghhpy; mth; Mq;fpNya murhpd; gilapy; gq;Nfw;W Nk[h; gjtpia tfpjj ; hh;. ,th; kjuh]; fphpfn ; fl; f;sg; kw;Wk; khh;ypNghd; fphpfn ; fl; f;sg;fspd; Kjy; ,e;jpa mq;fj;jpdh; Mthh;. mth; goq;fhyj;J gpugy fphpfn ; fl; tPuh;fshd `hg;]>; ]l;fs ; p/ g; Nghd;wth;fSld; tpisahbapUf;fpwhh;. 1920fspy; thR ehAL> jpnkhp Kuhhp ,UtUk; ,e;jpa mzpapy; Mq;fpNyah;fSf;F vjpuhf nrd;id khfhz Nghl;bfspy; gq;Nfw;Ws;sdh;. gpugy vOj;jhsh; jpnkhp vd;. Kuhhp> Nk[h; Kuhhpapd; kfdhthh;. jw;NghJ ,th;jhd; Njt Nrhiyapy; trpj;J tUfpwhh;. ,th; 1940 kw;Wk; 50fspy; ,t;tpy;yj;jpy; tho;e;j tho;f;ifiag; gw;wpa ehty; /Nghh; ];nlg;]; L ghuil]; vd;gjhFk;. 31


Dhanvantri Villa

jd;te;jphp tpy;yh

22/15, Rajarathinam Street, Kilpauk

22/15, ,uh[uj;jpdk; njU> fPo;ghf;fk;

The twins AR and AL Mudaliar were a force to contend with, in the first half of the 20th century. While Ramaswami (18871976) qualified as a lawyer and later assumed a prominent role in Indian public life, becoming a member of the Viceroy’s Executive Council, Dewan of Mysore, India’s Representative to the UN and founder Chairman of ICICI, Lakshmanaswami (1887-1974) qualified in gynaecology and obstetrics. He became the first Indian principal of the Madras Medical College and later became the Vice Chancellor of the Madras University, a post he held for an unparalleled 27 years. He served as Chairman of UNESCO and WHO. The twins were knighted, became Vice Chancellors (Sir Ramaswami headed Kerala University), were members of the Madras Legislative Council, active in Justice Party affairs, fine writers and orators. If Sir Lakshmanaswami held a doctorate by qualification, Sir Ramaswami was conferred one by the Madras University when his twin was the Vice Chancellor. In his speech, Sir Lakshmanaswami remarked that he knew the recipient from birth!

,Ugjhk; E}w;whz;bd; Kw;ghjpapy; gpugykhf ,Ue;jth;fs; Kjypahh; ,ul;ilah;fs; - jpU. V Mh; KjypahUk; V vy; KjypahUk;. uhk];thkp (1887-1976) tof;fwpQuhf Njh;r;rp ngw;W nghJ tho;tpy; <Lgl;L gy Jiwfspy; rpwg;Gg; gzp Mw;wpdhh;. it];uhapd; fhhpaf; FOtpy; mq;fj;jpdh;> ik#hpd; jpthd;> I.eh. rigapd; gpujpepjp> I.rp.I.rp.I ia Jtq;fp mjd; Kjy; jiyth; vd;W gy rpwg;Gfisg; ngw;whh;. y\;kz];thkp (1887-1974) kfg;NgW kUj;Jtj;jpy; Njh;rr ; p ngw; w th; . gpw; f hyj; j py; nrd; i d gy; f iyf; f ofj; j pd; Kjy; cgjiytuhf gjtp Vw;W tuyhW fhzhj tpjj;jpy; 27 tUlq;fs; me;j epWtdj;ij eph;tfpj;jhh;. mth; If;fpa ehL fiy fyhrhu mikg;ghd And];Nfh> cyf Rfhjhu epWtdk; Mfpatw;wpy; cah; gjtpfs; tfpj;jth;. ,UtUNk Mq;fpy murpd; tpUjhd “]h;” gl;lk; thq;fpath;fs;. ,UtUNk gy;fiyf;fofq;fspd; cg jiyth;fshf ,Ue;jth;fs;> (]h; uhk];thkp Nfush gy;fiyf;fofj;jpd; jiytuhf gjtp tfpjj ; hh;) ,UtUNk nrd;id rl;l rigapd; mq;fj;jpdh;fs;> [];b]; fl;rpapd; mYty;fspy; rpwg;G gq;Nfw;wth;fs;> rpwe;j vOj;jhsh;fs; kw;Wk; rpwe;j Ngr;rhsh;fs;. ]h; y~;kz];thkp gbj;J Kidth; gl;lk; ngw;whnud;why;> ]h; uhk];thkpfF ; nrd;id gy;fiyf;fofk; mtUila (,ul;ilr;) rNfhjuh; gjtpapy; ,Ue;j NghJ Kidth; gl;lk; mspj;jJ. ]h; y~;kz];thkp md;W Mw;wpa ciuapy>; Kidth; gl;lk; thq;fpath; jkf;F gpwe;jehs; Kjy; njhpe;jth; vd;W Fwpg;gpl;lhh;!

Sir Lakshmanaswami Mudaliar built Dhanvantri Villa in 1932 as his residence. But his brother’s frequent travels out of Madras meant that his family also had to be taken care of and it was felt that Dhanvantri Villa was not large enough, such being the ideas of space in those days. The families therefore moved into Kensington, a much larger home on Poonamallee High Road. Today, Kensington and Dhanvantri Villa are lived in by Sir Lakshmanaswami Mudaliar’s descendants.

1932y; ]h; y~;kz];thkp Kjypahh; jd;te;jphp tpy;yh itj; jd; FbapUg;ghff; fl;bdhh;. mtUila rNfhjuh;> mbf;fb nrd;idf;F ntspNa Rw;Wg; gpuahzq;fs; nry;y Neh;e;jjhy;> rNfhjuhpd; FLk;gj;ijAk; ftdpf;Fk; nghWg;G ,tUf;F te;jJ. $l;Lf; FLk;gkhf ,U rNfhjuh;fspd; FLk;gq;fSk; ,Uf;f jd;te;jphp tpy;yhtpy; ,lk; Nghjtpy;iynad;W fUjpdhh;. me;ehisa ,ltrjpfs; gw;wpa fUj;Jf;fs; mg;gbahdit! mjdhy;> ) e;jky;yp rhiyapy; jd;te;jphp tpy;yhit tpl kpfg; nghpjhf ,Ue;j nfd;]pq;f;ld; vd;Dk; tPl;bw;F mf;FLk;gq;fs; Fb ngah;e;jd. ,d; W nfd; ] pq; f ; l d; kw; W k; jd; t e; j php tpy; y htpy; ]h; y~;kz];thkp Kjypahhpd; gpd; Njhd;wy;fs; trpf;fpd;wdh;. 33


Ekamra Nivas

Vfhk;u epth];

64/62, Luz Church Road, Mylapore

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This was the residence of Sir Alladi Krishnaswami Iyer (18831953), one of the greatest legal luminaries of India. Apart from being one of the leaders of the Madras Bar, Sir Alladi served as Advocate General of Madras for sixteen years. He also played a very important role in framing the Constitution of India. Ekamra Nivas was later home to Sir Alladi’s son Professor Ramakrishnan (1923-2008), a renowned mathematician. He was inspired by the Institute of Advanced Study in Princeton, and in 1962, persuaded the Government of India to set up MATSCIENCE, a similar institution in Madras. Ekamra Nivas was its first home and Ramakrishnan its first Director. Today the institute is in Taramani.

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Ekamra Nivas was in its time, a spectacular garden house of Madras. A colonial bungalow, it was to quote Prof. Ramakrishnan, “spacious, elegant, old-fashioned and comfortable…a haunting memory and a living inspiration. It is a palatial building with almost a dozen living rooms, each the size of a small apartment in a modern building complex.” In its time it has played host to Prime Ministers and Presidents of India, lawyers, judges and scientists such as Niels Bohr. Its Navaratri celebrations, presided over by the gracious Lady Venkalakshmi Alladi were famous. Surrounding it were the houses that Sir Alladi constructed for his daughters. A couple of these bungalows still survive. Today, the gardens surrounding Ekamra Nivas have gone, but the house remains, beautifully maintained and a fitting memorial to Sir Alladi and Professor Ramakrishnan.





94, Dr. S Radhakrishnan (Edward Elliots) Road, Mylapore

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Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan (1888-1975) was from a poor family of Tiruttani. Educating himself largely through scholarships, he completed his MA in Philosophy from the Madras University and became Assistant Professor at the Madras Presidency College in 1909. In 1918, he was appointed Professor of Philosophy at the Mysore University. In 1921, he became the George V Professor of Philosophy at the Calcutta University. By then the author of many books, he published his Indian Philosophy in 1923. The work has since been hailed as a masterpiece. During this time he also became the Spalding Professor of Religion and Ethics in Oxford. He was knighted in 1931.

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Returning to India that year, he became Vice Chancellor of the Andhra University in Vishakapatnam. In 1938, he was appointed the Vice Chancellor of the Benares Hindu University. It was during this time that he purchased 13 grounds of land on Madras’ upmarket Edward Elliots Road (now renamed Dr. S Radhakrishnan Road). Girija, named after one of his daughters was built on the site to the design of LM Chitale, a leading architect of Madras at the time. Its façade is a classic in the Art Deco style. After independence, Dr. Radhakrishnan headed the University Education Commission and in 1949 he became Ambassador to the Soviet Union. In 1952, he became Vice President of India and in 1962 he became the President. At the end of his term, he returned to Girija where he lived till his death. His son Sarvepalli Gopal (1923-2002), the well-known historian and biographer, also lived here.

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86/1, Mundagakanniamman Koil Street, Mylapore

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This is a vast oasis of trees located rather incongruously in a congested neighbourhood. Gokulam was once the residence of Thoppur Sitapati Iyer (1880-1954), a well-known doctor of the city. Born in Gudiyattam in a very poor family, he completed his schooling there and came to Madras to study medicine. Subsisting on ‘vaara saappaadu’, a philanthropic scheme whereby the well-to-do families, fed deserving students, by turn, on different days of the week, he acquired his LM&S degree. He joined Government service at the King Institute. He also worked with Col. Charles Donovan who isolated the organism causing Kala Azar. Later sent to Germany for advanced training, he returned and set up Koch’s Laboratory in a building that survives in Mylapore. He became the first Indian Assistant Director at the King Institute. He also built up a good private practice in Madras and the mofussil. A mixture developed by him was extremely popular. He was given the title of Rao Bahadur by the Government.

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The property where Gokulam stands was a burial site in early times and was acquired by him in 1916/17 at a reasonable price, as nobody else wanted it! Workmen too, were reluctant to come to the site but Dr. Iyer’s rational outlook prevailed. Gokulam was completed in time for his eldest daughter’s wedding, which took place in the central hall. Music was Dr. Iyer’s passion and he brought a violin for his wife from Germany. ‘Tiger’ Varadachariar and ‘Veena’ Dhanam were honoured invitees to the house and both taught Dr. Iyer’s daughter, Savitri Rajan.

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Government College of Arts and Crafts

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Periyar E V R (Poonamallee High) Road

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The Madras School of Arts was established in the 1850 by Dr. Alexander Hunter. It played an important role in the channelising of artistic energies into creating a Madras school similar to the Bengal school. Initially located in Broadway, the School was taken over in 1852 by the Government and under Dr. Hunter it became the Government School of Industrial Arts with two departments, the artistic and the industrial. In 1855, photography became a new discipline in the college. In 1868, Robert Fellowes Chisholm (1840-1915), the architect who created most of the Indo-Saracenic buildings of Madras, succeeded Dr. Hunter. Many of Chisholm’s buildings depended on the material produced by the School and it became a workshop for glazed tiles, painted glass and terracotta, much of which was used up for the Senate House. The Industrial Department did not lag behind and in 1898 it pioneered the use of aluminium for industrial purposes. The Indian Aluminium Company took over this work in 1903 and began introducing aluminium into the market.

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The building in this sketch was the principal’s office cum residence and this was where Chisholm lived. It houses a gallery with a permanent exhibition of paintings and sculptures. The first Indian to hold the post of principal at what was reconstituted as the Government College of Arts and Crafts was Debi Prasad Roy Chowdhury, hunter, wrestler, painter and sculptor. He was principal during the 1940s and 1950s. He sculpted the Triumph of Labour statue and the Mahatma Gandhi statue that adorn the beachfront.

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Tamil Nadu Archives, 51/28, Gandhi Irwin Road, Egmore

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Grassmere was a state-owned garden house. At the beginning of the 20th century, its site was earmarked for the construction of a hospital but the noise and the hustle and bustle of the nearby railway station proved a deterrent. It was at this time that the Government was looking for a suitable home for the Madras Records Office, which traces its origins to a decision taken by Governor William Langhorne in 1672 to record all decisions of the Government, thereby qualifying it to be the oldest in Asia. The Records Office was initially in Fort St George. In 1909, a decision was taken to identify a permanent location and Grassmere was selected.

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T Loganatha Mudaliar, who had made his name in building the St Marks Church in Bangalore won the contract of Rs 2.20 lakhs to alter the building to make it suitable for housing archival material. It is a classic in the Indo-Saracenic style, with exposed brickwork all along the exterior. There are 7 record rooms, a library of books and magazines and separate spaces for scholars to sit and read. An additional Rs 1.17 lakhs was spent for the stacks and furniture and what was titled the Madras Records Office and Archives was opened here in October 1909. It is today used extensively for reference by scholars from all over the world. The Archives have in their collection Dutch, Danish, Persian, English and Tamil records. The very first issue of the Madras Courier dating back to 1795 can be found here, as well as old maps and books.

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Hick’s Bungalow

`pf;]; gq;fsh

Express Estates, 12, Club House Road

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Hick’s Bungalow was the residence of Captain Archibald Patullo who was commandant of the Governor’s Bodyguard. Patullo is remembered by the road in the vicinity being named after him. In 1898, the Madras Club, which had come up on the neighbouring property in 1832, acquired Hick’s Bungalow and the gardens. In this vast property, various buildings of the Madras Club were built, all of them fine examples of Palladian architecture. The Prince of Wales (later Edward VII) attended a ball in his honour here in 1875. King George V also visited the Club in 1905 when he was the Prince of Wales.

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In the 1940s, a financially weakened Madras Club sold all its land to Ramnath Goenka, founder of the Indian Express group of publications and moved elsewhere. Hick’s Bungalow became Goenka’s residence in Madras for the rest of his life. The Indian Express publications began coming out from this address in 1949 and the property became Express Estates. It was from here that Goenka launched the battle against the Emergency of Mrs Gandhi’s government and it was here that he hosted several of the opposition leaders who were supposed to have gone underground to evade arrest.

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Goenka’s inheritors did not heed the pleas of conservationists and heritage lovers and decided to pull down the Club buildings to make way for commercial development of the Express Estates. As these lines are being written, several pillars have already come up, heralding a completely new skyline. Hick’s Bungalow however survives, as it is the family residence.

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Hyde Park Gardens

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Kilpauk Medical College Campus, Kilpauk

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Captain Dr. G Srinivasa Murti founded the Government School of Indian Medicine (GSIM) in 1925 and became its first principal. The college needed a place to function from and help came from Parthasarathy Ramarayaningar, the Rajah of Paanagal (1866-1928). He belonged to a wealthy zamindar family of Andhra that owned several properties in Madras and Hyde Park Gardens was one of them.

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Captain Srinivasa Murti later founded the Indian Medical Practitioners’ Co-operative Society which functions in Adyar. The GSIM was reorganised in 1947 and out of this came the College of Indian Medicine which in 1953 became the College of Integrated Medicine. This was closed in 1960 and Hyde Park Gardens was made over to the newly established Kilpauk Medical College. The College of Indian Medicine was revived in the 1970s as the Arignar Anna Government Hospital of Indian Medicine and functions from Anna Nagar.

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A statue of Captain Srinivasa Murti still adorns the Kilpauk campus. The Rajah of Paanagal who was Prime Minister of the Madras Presidency between 1921 and 1928 is remembered by name and with a statue in Panagal Park. One of the blocks in the KMC is also named after him. Hyde Park Gardens is a two-storeyed house with the first floor surmounted by a sloping roof. Two corners of the building are octagonal in shape and contain staircases. Long verandahs on both the floors protect the interiors from the glare of the midday sun. The upper verandah is topped by a sloping Mangalore roof supported on slender wooden posts with decorated braces.

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‘Jalatarangam’ Ramaniah Chetty’s House

‘[yjuq; [yjuq;fk;’ ukiza;a nrl;b ,y;yk;

50/30, Thatha Muthiappan Street, George Town

50/30, jhj;jh Kj;ijag;gd; njU> [hh;[; lTd;

The community of Komati Chettys may have comprised businessmen of varying degrees of success, but almost all of them were lovers of Carnatic music. None more than ‘Jalatarangam’ Ramaniah Chetty (1887-1963). The son of Suri Chetty, a chit fund manager of George Town, Ramaniah was known for his munificence to musicians whom he felt had potential to make it big.

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Ramaniah had a weak voice and therefore specialised in the jalatarangam, its name becoming a proud prefix to his own. He was very partial to the music of the ‘Veena’ Dhanammal family and bailed that clan out of several financial embarrassments. Dhanammal herself was a guest of honour at his house, spending several days there at a stretch. Others who took shelter under his roof included Palani Subramania Pillai, the mridangist, and Chittoor Subramania Pillai, the singer. To help the musicians, he organised Rama Navami concerts on the terrace of his house and invited several of his friends to attend. That way, the musicians’ talents were appreciated and they got several concert opportunities. Ramaniah was also one of the founders of the Music Academy. Sadly, his last days were a struggle, his generosity having eroded his fortune. He was declared insolvent and survived by teaching music. One of his last students was Mani Krishnaswami, the well-known singer. The residence is of the town house variety, its simple façade hiding its enormous length of which an idea is obtained by looking at the terrace, once the venue of so much music.



Kalki Gardens

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20, Guruswami Mudaliar Road, Kilpauk

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This historic residence was originally called Sladen’s Gardens, named after a British Officer who owned it in 1857. In the first part of the 20th century it became home to Justice Badruddin Tyabji who hosted Mahatma Gandhi here. In 1941, this property became home to MS Subbulakshmi (1916-2004). Purchased by her husband T Sadasivam a short while after their marriage, it also became home to Kalki, the magazine that he started in 1941, along with R Krishnamurthy who wrote under the pseudonym Kalki.

rhpj;jpu Kf;fpaj;Jtk; tha;e;j ,e;j ,lk;> 1857y; ];Nyld; vd;w Mq;fpNyaUf;F nrhe;jkhf ,Ue;jgbahy; ];Nyld;’]; fhh;ld;]; vd;w ngah; nfhz;bUe;jJ. 20 Mk; E}w;whz;bd; Kw;gFjpapy; ,e;j kid cah; ePjpkd;w ePjpgjpahd gj;Uj;jPd; jpahg;[papd; ,Ug;gplkhf ,Ue;jNjhL k`hj;kh fhe;jp ,q;F jq;fp ePjpgjpapd; tpUe;Njhk;giy Ritj;j ,lkhfTk; gpurpj;jp mile;jJ. 1941y; ,J vk;.v];. Rg;Gy~;kpapd; (1916-2004) tPL MfpaJ. ,J Rg;Gy~;kpapd; fzth; b.rjhrptj;jhy; mth;fSila jpUkzj;jpwF ; rpy fhyj;jpwF ; g; gpwF thq;fg;gl;lJ. 1941y; rjhrptk;> fy;fp vd;Dk; Gidg; ngahpy; vOjp te;j Mh;. fpU\;z%h;j;jpAld; ,ize;J Jtf;fpa fy;fp vd;Dk; gj;jphpifapd; ,Ug;gplkhfTk; ,J MfpaJ.

Renamed Kalki Gardens, the house resounded with not only the golden voice of MS Subbulakshmi but also countless other musicians who came to teach her, share their experiences with her and also partake of the famed hospitality of the place. In its heyday four cooks worked round the clock and the kitchen fires were never extinguished. The gardens were tended by six gardeners who ensured that MS had her string of jasmines and roses for her chignon every evening without fail, no matter which part of the globe she sang in. Rajaji was a frequent visitor and a cottage in the compound was his to stay in. The Swarajya magazine came out from here. The Swatantra-DMK alliance which brought Annadurai to power was forged here. The drive way always echoed with sounds of cars sweeping up even as the corridors resounded to footsteps of international and national personalities.

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In 1977, the Sadasivam-Subbulakshmi couple moved out, Kalki Gardens having been sold to the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Centre. Though the gardens are built over, the house has survived. After all the music and the speeches, silence now prevails.

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Kamaraj House

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52/46, Tirumalai Pillai Street, T. Nagar

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K Kamaraj (1903-1975) was Chief Minister of Madras State for a period of nine years from 1954 to 1963. From very humble origins in Virudunagar, Kamaraj threw himself into the freedom struggle, becoming the right-hand man of S Satyamurti (see page on Sundara), the eminent nationalist. Known for his laconic speech, Kamaraj nevertheless became a charismatic leader after the death of his mentor in 1943. He became the face of the Madras Congress and was soon very close to Jawaharlal Nehru. Kamaraj was synonymous with simplicity in lifestyle and scrupulous honesty in all his dealings. He moved to this rented house and remained a tenant for the rest of his life.

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Kamaraj’s three terms as Chief Minister are considered to be the golden age in Tamil Nadu’s growth. Free public education and the free midday meal scheme for school children were introduced. The seeds for the rapid industrialisation of the state were also laid during his tenure. He became president of the Congress Party in 1963. In 1964, following Nehru’s death, he played a key role in getting Lal Bahadur Sastri elected as Prime Minister. In 1966, he was to do the same for Mrs Gandhi, though several felt that the post should have been his.

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Kamaraj’s importance declined with the rise of Mrs Gandhi and the subsequent split in the Congress. The rise of the Dravidian parties spelt an end to his political career and he led a retired life, respected by all. After his death, the Government acquired the house and converted it into a memorial for him.

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Seetha Kingston School, 768, Periyar E V R (Poonamallee High) Road

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The Calavala family was well known in business circles in Madras. But it was ‘Dharmamurthi Rao Bahadur’ Calavala Cunnan Chetty (1869-1920) who made the name immortal. Having studied in Madras Christian College, Cunnan Chetty joined the firm of King & Co in which his family had shares. He soon became very successful in business.

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Cunnan Chetty and his wife Seetha were of an extremely generous bent of mind and, being childless, decided to spend their money on charitable causes. In 1909, Cunnan Chetty became involved in the affairs of the Tiruvallur Native School (founded in 1887). In gratitude for his financial contributions, the institution changed its name to Rao Bahadur Cunnan Chetty High School, thereafter. He also began a school in Perambur which still functions. Many years later, yet another school in his name came up in Pattabhiram. Actively involved in welcoming the Prince of Wales on his visit to Madras in 1905, Cunnan Chetty however, refused the knighthood that was offered as a reward. He felt that he had done his duty and that was all. In his will he had left instructions that all his wealth was to be used for charitable purposes alone. Kingston, which was one of his properties, became home for a few years to Dr. S Rangachari, the eminent surgeon. During the Second World War, the mansion was requisitioned by the Government. The Charities that administered Cunnan Chetty’s will got the property back in 1969 and set up the Seetha Kingston School here.

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Kovur Sundaresa Mudaliar’s House

NfhT+h; Re;jNur Kjypahh; ,y;yk;

41, Bunder Street, George Town

41> ge;jh; njU> [hh;[; lTd;

This was the town house of Kovur Sundaresa Mudaliar, a dubash of the East India Company. The mansion is accessed from a typical narrow street entrance. A wide-open courtyard flanked on both sides by large warehouses is at the ground level. The walls made of chunam stand on granite floors. A grand staircase, leads to the upper residential floors. These have rooms along the four corridors, all of which overlook the courtyard. Sundaresa Mudaliar was a patron of the arts. Acceding to his request, Tyagaraja (1767-1847), the great composer, came to Madras and stayed in this house for a week. He also travelled to Kovur, Mudaliar’s native village on the outskirts of Madras, and composed five songs on the presiding deity of the temple there. These are today referred to as the Kovur Pancharatnams.

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Sundaresa Mudaliar’s son was Ekambara Mudaliar, one of the trustees of the Pachaiyappa’s Trust which even today runs several educational institutions in the state. When the Trust’s Pachaiyappa’s School moved into its own Greek-styled building in 1850, in nearby Esplanade the inaugural procession left from No 41, Bunder Street.

jkpo;ehl;bd; gy;NtW ,lq;fspy; fy;tp epiyaq;fs; elj;jptUk; gr;irag;gh; nghWg;ghl;rp epWtdj;jpd; nghWg;ghsh;fspy; xUtuhf Re;jNur Kjypahhpd; Gjy;td; Vfhk;gu KjypahUk; nghWg;Ngw;W ,Ue;jhh;. 1850y; ,e;j epWtdj;jpd; gr;irag;gh; gs;sp> mUfpy; ,Ue;j v];gsNdby;> fpNuf;f ghzpapy; fl;lg;gl;l jd;Dila nrhe;jf; fl;blj;jpw;F Fb ngah;e;j NghJ me;j Ch;tyk; 41, ge;jh; njUtpypUe;Jjhd; Gwg;gl;lJ.

In the 1950s, one of the rooms became home to the Indian Music Publishing House, run by Professor P Sambamurthy, the eminent musicologist. It was from here that most of the text books he wrote, which still remain part of the University music syllabi, were published. Today, the mansion is a warren of shops, totally decrepit and crying for maintenance.

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Krishna Vilas

fpU\;z tpyh];

36, Alagappa Chettiar Road (Ormes Road Extn.), Purasawalkam

36> mofg;g nrl;bahh; rhiy> (Mh;k;]; rhiy tphpthf;fk;) Guirthf;fk;

This two-storeyed house, in the Art Deco style, was the residence of Dr. Rm Alagappa Chettiar (1909-1958). Qualifying in law from London, he went into the textiles business in Cochin. From there he diversified into rubber, tin mining, insurance, stock broking, hotels, theatres and even ran a private airline. However, his interests soon turned from business to education and in 1943 he donated Rs. 3 lakhs to the Travancore University to set up a Tamil Department. An honorary doctorate was conferred on him by the Annamalai University in 1943. In 1944, encouraged by the Vice Chancellor, Sir A Lakshmanaswami Mudaliar (see page on Dhanvantri Villa) he set up the Alagappa Chettiar College of Technology in Madras. The Madras University conferred a LLD degree on him the same year. In 1945, he was knighted by the British Government.

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In 1947, having renounced his knighthood, Alagappa Chettiar set up the Alagappa Arts College in Karaikudi. He also convinced the Government to set up the Central ElectroChemical Research Institute in Karaikudi by donating 300 acres and Rs 15 lakhs to it. His own palatial home in Kottaiyur was given away to a women’s college. Seven more colleges followed in the same area, almost in annual succession.

1947y; jd; ]h; tpUijg; Gwf;fzpj;J murpw;Fj; jpUg;gpa nrl;bahh;> fhiuf;Fbapy; mofg;g nrl;bahh; fiyf; fy;Y}hpiaj; Jtq;fpdhh;. 300 Vf;fh; epyKk; &.15 yl;rk; nuhf;fKk; ed;nfhil nfhLj;J murhq;fj;ij fhiuf;Fbapy; kpd; Ntjpay; Muha;rr ; pf; fofk; xd;iw epWtr; nra;jhh;. muz;kid Nghd;w mtUila Nfhl;ilA+h; ,y;yk;> ngz;fs; fy;Y}hp xd;wpw;F ed;nfhilahf mspf;fg;gl;lJ. mjd; gpd;dh; Vwf;Fiwa tUlj;jpw;F xU fy;Y}hp vd;w fzf;fpy; VO Gjpa fy;Y}hpfs; me;j gpuhe;jpaj;jpy; Jtq;fg;gl;ld.

In 1950, Krishna Vilas, his home in Madras became home to the Ramanujan Institute of Advanced Study for Mathematics. It is now a ministerial bungalow. Chettiar was awarded the Padma Bhushan by the Government of India in 1957. Ill health, removed at an early age, this great philanthropist from our midst.

1950y; nrd;idapy; mtUila tPlhf ,Ue;j fpU\;z tpyh]; ,uhkhD[k; cah; j u fzpj rhj; j pu Muha; r ; r p epWtdj; j pd; (Ramanujan Institute of Andvanced Study for Mathematics) cgNahfj;jpw;fhf nfhLf;fg;gl;lJ. ,d;W me;j fl;blk; ke;jphp xUth; trpf;Fk; ,y;yk;. 1957,y; nrl;bahUf;F ,e;jpa muR gj;k ) \z; tpUij mspjj ; J. JujpU\;ltrkhf> Njf MNuhf;fpaf; FiwT ,e;j khkdpjiu rpW tajpNyNa ek;kplkpUe;J gphpj;J tpl;lJ> 59


Mammen Mappillai’s House

khk;nkd; khg;gps;is ,y;yk;

55/28, G.N. Chetty Road, T. Nagar

55/28, [p. vd;. nrl;b rhiy> jp. efh;

Hailed as one of the pioneers of the Indian tyre industry, KM Mammen Mappillai (1922-2003) was born in Kerala. His father was KC Mammen Mappillai, the editor of the well-known newspaper Malayala Manorama. Graduating in science from Madras Christian College, his attention turned to balloonmaking. In 1946, the young entrepreneur opened a small toy balloon-manufacturing unit in a shed at Tiruvotriyur, with very little money and lots of hope and energy. He and his wife, Kunjamma, worked in the factory and he himself took the balloons for sale. The company grew from strength to strength and in 1952 ventured into tread rubber. It was registered as a private limited company in 1960. The next year, it became a public limited company and, in 1962, entered into an arrangement with the U.S. tyre giant, Mansfield for production of tyres. Madras Rubber Factory became MRF, the first Indian tyre firm to export tyres to the U.S. In 1973, it introduced nylon tyres to the Indian market. That year, following the death of his elder brother, Mammen Mappillai became the Chairman of MRF. Apart from its main business, the group is recognised for the encouragement it has given to sport in India, particularly cricket, by setting up the MRF Pace Foundation in 1988 to train fast bowlers.

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He was honoured for his contributions to Indian industry. The Government of India conferred the Padma Shri on him in 1992. His residence on GN Chetty Road was a landmark and is noteworthy for its Art Deco frontage. It is one of the few bungalows to survive on this busy stretch.

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410/215, T.T.K. (Moubray’s) Road, Alwarpet

410/215, b.b.Nf. rhiy (nksg;Nu];)> Mo;thh;Ngl;il

Mithila, one of the few surviving stately homes on this road, is the residence of Mr and Mrs TR Nagoji Rao, descendants of one of the oldest Maharashtrian families of Madras. The land was purchased in 1930 from noted mathematics professor Anand Rao, and his brother Madhav Rao, by their brother-inlaw, T Ramachandra Rao (1896-1973), a successful chemist and druggist of Broadway, Madras. He was a founder of the Triplicane Permanent Fund and the Mahratta Education Fund. He was also a Fellow of the Royal Economic Society and a member of the Servants of India Society besides being the zamindar of Eliambedu, Ponneri. His grandfather, T Ramachandra Rao (1825-1879), the first Indian to become Deputy Commissioner of Police in the city, was honoured by the Prince of Wales (later Edward VII) during his visit in 1875.

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Mithila was built on this site in 1931 as a single-storeyed bungalow, in strict accordance with manae shastra, the treatise that governed construction. Handsomely proportioned with a combination of traditional and colonial features, the house, constructed on a high plinth, was designed for good ventilation and at the same time keeping out the strong sunshine. Attached toilets to the bedrooms were a novelty. The house features high ceilings, deep verandahs and projecting eaves and gables. All the prescribed trees, as per the shastras, were planted in the garden, which soon became a bird-lovers’ paradise. The first floor, comprising three tile-roofed rooms and a central hall, was added in 1945.

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Moubray House

nksg;Nu `T];

The Madras Club, 8, Adyar Club Road

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This was once the home of George Moubray, who, arriving in India in 1771 as Government Accountant, acquired 105 acres of the Adyar river bank for an annual rent of 80 pagodas. The mansion that he built was Moubray’s Gardens but became known as Moubray’s Cupola on account of the cupola on its roof, in its time an engineering marvel. The house was the first building to be built on the banks of the Adyar. A cart track shaded by immense trees led to this house all the way from Mylapore. This became Moubray’s (presently TTK) Road.

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Moubray left India in 1792 and the house changed hands a few times. In 1810, it was acquired by John de Monte when his firm took over Francis Latour and Co, the firm that owned the property at that time. In keeping with John de Monte’s will (see page on Ben’s Gardens), the property was left in trust to the Archdiocese of Mylapore. After the 1820s, several judges of the Law Courts occupied the place. In 1890, the property was leased out to the Adyar Club by the Bishop. The Adyar Club made several modifications to the structure, though the octagonal central hall, the cupola, the billiards room and the ballroom were left untouched and have survived intact till today. By the late 1950s, both the Madras Club (see page on Hick’s Bungalow) and the Adyar Club were facing difficult times and decided to merge as The Madras Club. The new entity purchased Moubray’s Cupola which continues to remain the main club building.

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Musiri Subramania Iyer’s House

Krphp ,y;yk;

28/2, Musiri Subramania Iyer (Oliver) Road, Mylapore

28/2, Krphp Rg;ukzpa ma;ah; (Mypth;) rhiy> kapyhg;) h;

Musiri Subramania Iyer (1899-1973) was a one of the leading Carnatic music singers of the first half of the 20th century.

20Mk; E}w;whz;bd; Kw;gFjpapy; ,Ue;j rq;fPj tpj;thd;fspy; Krphp Rg;ukzpa ma;ah; (1899-1973) Kjd;ikahd xUth;.

Musiri, as he became popularly known, made emotion or bhava the bedrock of his music. His style of singing involved a slow gait with a number of subtle nuances that went a long way in making audiences understand the import of the lyrics. A successful recording artiste, Musiri, through the income from such assignments, bought property on Mylapore’s upmarket Oliver Road and built his home there. He was also one of the earliest musicians to act in a film – Tukaram in 1935.

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The residence, designed mainly on the lines of a town house has a simple façade. Its first floor, used in Musiri’s time as the music room, is flat-roofed in the front and has a sloping roof in the rear. A large open area on the first floor adds to the sense of openness. Red-oxide flooring, a rarity these days, is used in most rooms of the house. Being fluent in English, Musiri made friends with a number of people outside the music community. These included business barons, government officials, lawyers and professionals. The house played host to all of them and many musicians as well. Musiri’s life was one of many honours. He was Principal of the Central College of Karnatik Music from 1948 to 1965. At the instance of close friend, Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer, Oliver Road was renamed Musiri Subramania Iyer Road. 28/2 continues to be a proud and well-maintained possession of Musiri’s descendants.

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Nathella Mansions

ehnjs;s khspif

16, Vasu Naidu Street, Kilpauk

16> thR ehAL njU> fPo;ghf;fk;

It has been mentioned elsewhere that practically the whole of the Chetpet area was owned by Komati Chettis and among them, T Namberumal Chetty was the largest landowner (see page on Crynant). One reason given for the name Chetpet is that it is a corruption of Chetti Pettai, taking into account the number of Chettis here. Almost all of them were businessmen and among them the families of Vummidi and Nathella became famous in the jewellery line and continue to remain so. The workshops and showrooms were in George Town, and the community largely lived there. But with growing affluence they moved to the leafy neighbourhoods of Kilpauk and Chetpet.

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Nathella Mansions stands on Vasu Street, named after T Vasu Naidu who owned Landon’s Gardens which spanned most of this area (see page on Deva Solai). This house was the residence of Nathella Anjaneyulu Chetty and continues to be in possession of the family. Not much is known about the history of the house, but it is noteworthy that just as in the case of a jeweller’s showroom, all the balconies are protected by collapsible gates! The Chettis of this family being staunch Vaishnavites, religious icons were used to embellish the building. The façade incorporates several elements from the Art Deco style which came to Madras city in the early 1930s. It would appear from the architecture that the building was constructed at around that time.

ehnjs;s khspif thRj; njUtpy; mike;Js;sJ. me;j ,lj;jpd; ngUk; gFjpia Mf;fpukpj;j yhz;ld;]; fhh;ld;]pd; cilikahsh; b. thR ehALtpd; ngah; njUtpw;Fk; mspf;fg;gl;lJ. (Njt Nrhiy gf;fk; ghh;f;f) ,k;khspif ehnjs;s MQ;rNdAY nrl;bapd; thr];jykhf ,Ue;jJ. ,d;Wk; mtUila FLk;gj;jpdNu ,q;F trpf;fpwhh;fs;. ,jd; tuyhw;iwg; gw;wp mjpfk; njhpahnjd;whYk;> eiff; filfspy; cs;sJ NghyNt ,e;j tPl;bd; ghy;fdpfSf;Fk;> ghJfhg;gpw;fhf klq;Fk; ,Uk;Gf; fpuhjpf; fjTfs; nghUj;jg;gl;L ,Uf;fpd;wd vd;gJ ,e;j tPl;bd; xU tpj;jpahrkhd jdpf;$W. ,e;j tPl;bd; nrl;bfs; jPtpu itzth;fshjyhy; fl;blq;fspy; nja;tr; rpiyfs; nghUj;jg;gl;Ls;sd. tPl;bd; Kd;Gwk; 1930d; Kw;ghfj;jpy; kjuh]{f;F te;j ‘Mh;l; nlNfh’ vd;Dk; fiyaoF kpf;f ghzpapd; gy mk;rq;fis rhh;e;J mikf;fg;gl;bUg;gjhy;> ,e;j khspif Vwf;Fiwa ,e;j rkaj;jpy; jhd; fl;lg;gl;bUf;f Ntz;Lnkd;W mDkhdk; nra;a KbfpwJ.





14/7, Chandrabaugh Avenue, Mylapore

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Prof. KA Nilakanta Sastri (1892-1975), the eminent historian, was of humble origins and completed his higher studies thanks to an elder brother funding it. He passed the FA (First exam in Arts) at the Hindu College, Tirunelveli and graduated with a first class from the Presidency College, Madras. His first employment (1913 to 1918) was at the Hindu College, Tirunelveli. Sir PS Sivaswamy Iyer took him to the Benares Hindu University and the Rt. Hon. VS Srinivasa Sastri had a hand in getting Pundit Madan Mohan Malaviya to accept him as Professor of History and he served the university from 1919 to 1920. He was Principal of the Meenakshi College Chidambaram in 1920 and spent eight years in building up the college. Prof. Nilakanta Sastri served as one of the most distinguished professors of Ancient Indian History and Archaeology of the Madras University from 1929 to 1947. He was invited to Mysore as Professor of the newly-established department of Indology in 1952 and continued till 1956.

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Between 1957 and 1971, he was Director of the Institute of Traditional Culture of South East Asia set up by the Madras University in collaboration with UNESCO. Some of his wellknown works are “Development of Religion in South India”, “The Cholas”, “A History of South India” and “Age of the Nandas and Mauryas”. He received the Padma Bhushan in 1958. Nileswar, his bungalow, is typical of those built in the 1930s and ‘40s. Its façade is clearly inspired by the Art Deco style. The garden’s dense foliage is one of its most appealing features. The descendants of Nilakanta Sastri live in the house.

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Palm Grove

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Kesari Matriculation School, Royapettah

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This mansion, designed on classical lines, with some of the finest wrought-iron grille work to be seen in the city, was built by LA Govindaraghava Iyer, a well-known lawyer of Madras. It subsequently became home to S Doraiswami Iyer, a top-ranking lawyer who was known for his extremely strict business practices, which often included fighting for social causes without a fee. Doraiswami Iyer came from a musical family, for he was a descendant of the composer ‘Veena’ Kuppayyar (see page on Tiruvottiyur Tyagier’s house). He learnt the veena from Syama Sastry, a descendant of the great composer Syama Sastry (1762-1827). He was also a close associate of Subramania Bharati (see page on Bharati Illam).

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Doraiswami Iyer’s peaceful life was shattered by the death of his son. He gave up law and retired to the Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry. Palm Grove came up for sale and was purchased for Rs. 70,000 by Dr. KN Kesari (1875-1953), a famed Ayurvedic physician. He gifted it to a school that had been set up in the city to impart education in Telugu to students of Andhra origin. This subsequently became Kesari High School. Dr. Kesari constituted a committee of trustees to manage the affairs of the institution and administer the properties.

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In April 1947, Dr. Kesari donated a further Rs. 1 lakh to the trust towards education of girls. The ‘Kesari Education Society’ was formed and registered in February 1951, which today possesses this property and runs the school.

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Poes Gardens

Ngha]; fhh;ld;];

2/96, Poes Gardens

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This is a very famous area of Chennai, known for its political and business personalities, but Poes Gardens is named after an obscure 19th century merchant or a resident civilian. In the Government records it appears variously as Pugh’s, Pois and Poys but the correct name appears to be Poe’s, for an 1837 map shows this to be the property of a Mr Poe. Indeed, it appears that the entire Teynampet area was once called Poe’s Gardens, such being the extent of the property. Earlier, a huge house was built there in 1816 and occupied by the Anglican Bishops of Madras till at least 1822.

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Later much of this area became Binny’s property in 1921, when the firm acquired for its Managing Director a large house and gardens called Waterton. In the gardens were added Greystoke, Westbourne, Hornton and Halsboro for the other directors. In the 1950s, the rush to build in Adyar began and Binny’s sold the entire area for a sum of Rs 3.3 lakhs and it was divided into residential plots. Among the five bungalows, two have survived, one of which is featured in the accompanying page. It is not clear what its original name was. From the fact that it now houses a Railway department, it is probably in the possession of the Government. There have been vague talks about converting it into a marriage hall which have not fructified into any action. In the 1960s, ironically, a few society weddings were conducted here. Now the trees have taken over, some growing on the building itself and covering the walls.

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Pugh’s Gardens

g;A+]; fhh;ld;];

45, Pugh’s Road, Adyar

45, g;A+]; njU> milahW

The house today looks like a bombed-out building, what with all its doors and windows having been removed. The vast gardens are totally unkempt and there is no signage or a marble plaque in the compound wall to tell us what the property was called. But old maps of Madras indicate that this could be Pugh’s Gardens. Certainly, the road running on one side of this house is still called Pugh’s Road.

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The house was built in 1816 and by 1822 it was owned by a James Minchin. In 1837, it became the home of a “Mr Pugh” who most probably was the same Joseph Pugh who was head of the merchant firm Pugh & Breithaupt. This later became Pugh & Co and had its offices in Parry’s Corner. The house has an interesting design, with circular and curved motifs appearing to dominate the entire façade. In its time it must have had a phenomenal view of the Adyar river, but is today, completely obscured by the MRTS line running close to the property. If this house is Pugh’s, then it is probably at least 200 years old; even otherwise, it could be a century old. It deserves to be preserved. But whoever owns it seems to have other ideas as is evident from the neglect of the structure and its gardens.

1816y; fl; l g; g l; l ,e; j tP l ; b w; F 1822y; N[k; ] ; kpd; r pd; cilikahsuhf ,Ue; j hh; . 1837y; ,J g; A + vd; g tuhy; thq;fg;gl;lJ; mth; tzpf epWtdkhd g;A+ mz;l; g;nua;jhg;l;]; jiyik nghWg;G tfpj;j N[h]g; g;A+ Mf ,Uf;ff;$Lnkd;W Njhd;WfpwJ. gpd;dh; me;j epWtdk; g;A+ mz;l; fk;ngdp vd;W miof;fg;glyhapw;W. mjd; mYtyfk; ghhpKidapy; ,Ue;jJ. tpj; j pahrkhd> gytpj tl; l q; f s; > tisTfs; nfhz; l mzpNtiyfs; neLfpYk; mikf;fg;ngw;w Kfg;Gld; $ba me;j tPL fth;r;rpahd Njhw;wj;ijf; nfhz;ljhf cs;sJ. Mjpapy; milahW Mw;wpd; xU tpag;Gf;Fhpa Njhw;wj;ij ,e;j tPlb ; ypUe;J ghh;f;f Kbe;jpUf;Fk;; Mdhy; me;j MW> ,d;W ntF mUfpy; nry;Yk; nkl;Nuh (MRTS) uapy; ghijahy; ghh;itapypUe;J KOikahf kiwf;fg;gl;L tpl;lJ. ,J g;A+ vd;gthpd; tPLjhndd;W cWjpg;gLj;j Kbe;jhy;> ,jd; taJ Fiwe; j gl; r k; 200 Mf ,Uf; f f; $ Lk; . mg; g b ,y;iynad;whYk; ,J 100 tUlq;fshf ,Ue;J tUfpwnjd;gjpy; IaNkapy;iy; Mjyhy; mJ ghJfhf;f jFjpAw;wJ. Mdhy;> tPLk; mjd; Njhl;lq;fSk; ftdpf;fg;glhky; tpl;bUg;gijg; ghh;j;jhy;> mjd; nrhe;jf;fhuh; me;j nrhj;jpd; vjph;fhyj;ijg; gw;wp NtW jpl;lq;fs; itj;jpUf;fpwhNuh vd;w vz;zk; vOfpwJ. 77


Railway Bungalow

nuapy;Nt gq;fsh

24/136, Sterling Road

24/136, ];nlh;ypq; rhiy

The Railways came to India in 1853. The first permanent line in the south was from Royapuram to Arcot which was inaugurated in 1856. Several regional companies were merged in 1908 to form the Madras and Southern Mahratta Railway Co (M&SM), which covered the northern part of the Madras Presidency. The southern half was with the South Indian Railway (SIR), set up in 1876. Both the railway companies put up magnificent station buildings and in addition, built some of the most imposing residences for their officials all over the Presidency. Post independence the railway companies were nationalised and merged to form the Southern Railway which now owns all these bungalows.

,Ug;Gg; ghijfSk; Giftz;bfSk; ,e;jpahtpw;F 1853y; te;jd. 1856y; jpwe;Jitf;fg;gl;l uhaGuj;jpypUe;J Mw;fhL tiu nry;Yk; ghijjhd; njd; ,e;jpahtpd; Kjy; ,Ug;Gg;ghij. gy tl;lhu ,Ug;Gg; ghij epWtdq;fSk; xUq;fpize;J kjuh]; khfhzj;jpd; tlgFjpfspy; gpuahzpff ; > kjuh]; mz;l; ]jh;d; kuhl;lh nuapyN ; t (M&SM) vd; D k; ngahpy; 1908y; Jtq; f g; g l; l J. kjuh]; khfhzj;jpd; njd;gFjp> 1876y; xUq;fpizf;fg;gl;l njd; ,e;jpa uapy;Ntapd; (v];.I.Mh;) Mjpf;fj;jpy; nfhz;L tug;gl;lJ. ,e;j ,U epWtdq;fSk; njd; ,e;jpahtpd; gy efuq;fspy; nghpa uapy; epiyaq;fs; mikj;jJld; me;j epWtdj;jpy; Ntiy nra;J te;j cah; mjpfhhpfSf; f hd gpuk; k hz; l khd gq; f shf; f isAk; khfhzj;jpd; gy ,lq;fspy; vOg;gpd. ,e;jpah Rje;jpuk; mile;j gpd; njd;dhl;bd; uapy;Ntf;fs; midj;Jk; ,izf;fgl;L ]jh;d; uapy;Nt vd;Dk; ngahpy; ,d;W nray;gLfpwJ. ,e;j vy;yh gq;fshf;fSf;Fk; chpikahsh; ,d;W ]jh;d; uapy;Nt jhd;.

In Madras, railway housing for senior officers came up in Mount Road (Rostrevor Gardens), Nungambakkam (Pycrofts Gardens), Sterling Road (Sterling Gardens) and the Integral Coach Factory Estate in Perambur. The largest bungalows, now called Kaveri and Bhavani, are on Haddows Road.

nrd;id efuj;jpy; uapy;Nt cah; mjpfhhpfSf;fhd gq;fshf;fs; kTz;l; rhiy (Nuh];bnuth; fhh;ld;];)> Eq;fk;ghf;fk; (igf;uh/ g;l;]; fhh;ld;];)> ];nlh;ypq;f; rhiy (];nlh;ypq;f; fhh;ld;];) kw;Wk; nguk; ) h; ( ,z; n lf; u y; Nfhr; njhopw; r hiy) tshfj; j pYk; vOg;gg;gl;ld. ,tw;Ws; kpfg;nghpa gq;fshf;fs; fhNthp kw;Wk; gthdp vdg;ngah; nfhz;lit. ,it `hNlh]; rhiyapy; cs;sd.

The bungalows were all designed with an entrance portico topped by a verandah on the first floor, a formal drawing room with a wooden floor, and bedrooms located on the periphery of the building with plenty of windows to let in fresh air. After independence, most of the houses were named after Indian rivers.

mf;fl;blq;fspnyy;yhk; thapypy; jskplg;gl;l xU Kfg;G kz;lgKk; mjd; Nky; jsj;jpy; xU jho;thuKk; ,Ue;jd. xU tprhykhd eld miwAk; mjd; ntspg;Gwq;fspy; fhw;Nwhl;lj;jpwf ; hf itf;fg;gl;l epiwa rhsuq;fs; nfhz;l gLf;if miwfSk; mike; j pUe; j d. ,e; j pah Rje; j puk; ngw; w gpd; ngUk; g hd; i kahd tP L fSf; F ,e; j pa ejpfspd; ngah; f s; mspf;fg;gl;ld.

The future of these bungalows is in doubt. Many in Perambur are in a state of disrepair though the ones in the city are still maintained well. The Railways plan to develop the land in their possession and it is not clear what this implies for the bungalows.

,ijf; Fwpg;gpl;L vOJk; ,Nj Neuj;jpy; ,t;tPLfspd; vjph;fhyk; Nfs;tpf;Fwpahf cs;sJ. nguk;) hpy; ,Uf;Fk; mNef gq;fshf;fSk; rpije;j epiyapy; ,Ue;jhYk;> efuj;J tPLfs; ,d;Wk; rpwg;ghfNt guhkhpf; f g; gLfpd; w d. uapy; N t epWtdk; jd; d plKs; s epyq;fisnay;yhk; tsg;gLj;j jpl;lkpl;bUf;fpwJ. mj;jpl;lj;jpdhy; ,e;j gq;fshf;fspd; jiytpjp vg;gb khWnkd;gJ ,d;Dk; njspthfg; Gydhftpy;iy.





1, Muthulakshmi Reddy (Lattice Bridge) Road, Adyar

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The Maharajahs whose kingdoms bordered the Madras Presidency built enormous palaces for themselves in Madras city as it was the seat of power. Thus Chamundi Gardens, the palace of the Mysore Maharajah came up in San Thomé. The Russian Embassy presently functions from there. The Cochin Maharajah built his house on Anderson Road in the Nungambakkam area and the Asan Memorial School stands there now. The Travancore palace was built in the leafy Adyar area.

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Once upon a time the house was in the middle of a large garden and could not even be seen from the main road. Built in the late 19th century, probably during the reign of Maharajah Moolam Tirunal, it is fronted by a long verandah interspersed with pillars. The most colourful occupant of the house was probably the Junior Maharani Setu Parvati Bayi, who, with Sir CP Ramaswami Iyer (see page on The Grove) as Dewan, was the real power behind the throne of the last Maharajah, Chitra Tirunal Balarama Varma. Setu Parvati Bayi is today best remembered for her efforts to get the songs of Swati Tirunal set to music and publicised.

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The gardens of Ramalayam have gradually shrunk. The residential area of Padmanabha Nagar, named after the family’s tutelary deity, was carved out in the late 1960s. In 1975, five acres were given, along with a heritage bungalow, to house the Sishya School. Subsequently, other developers have built bungalows and high-rises in what was originally the royal enclave. The members of the royal family still reside in the house.

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171/241, Periyar E V R (Poonamallee High) Road, Kilpauk

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There was a time when the land abutting Poonamallee High Road was almost evenly divided amongst a few prominent Chetty families. The law forbade the construction of houses in this area, in lots that were smaller than three acres and so there came up a series of stately mansions, all set back a considerable distance from the road. Almost all had very English or Scottish names, such as Llanstephan, Gometra, Chipstead, Kingston, Kensington, Binfield and so on. Very few survive today.

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Runnymede is on Pappu Chetty Street but it is best seen while standing on the bridge that spans the Spur Tank grounds. This was the residence of the Pappu Chetty family. The Pappu Chetty Raghaviah Chetty Trust set up by members of the family is known for its several charitable works. The house has a verandah running all around the first floor, punctuated by slim wrought iron columns supporting arches which are surmounted by a tapering roof. The house is today a run-down bungalow and its roof has caved in. But it is possible to imagine its grandeur in its heyday. Llanstephan, which stood next to Runnymede, was the residence of the Chinni Yelamanda Chettys and the brothers Anjaneyulu and Sanjeeva, were well-known patrons of music. The latter was also known for numerous acts of charity. It was at Llanstephan that MS Subbulakshmi gave her first performance in Madras, in 1932. That landmark house has been pulled down and replaced by a commercial high-rise.

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S Rajam’s House

v];. uh[k; ,y;yk;

41, Nadu Street, Mylapore

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This is a fine example of a town house, the type of residence that was built along the narrow streets of the older parts of the city. The house was purchased in the 1920s by Mylapore Sundaram Iyer, a lawyer whose primary interest was music. Sundaram Iyer’s children were exposed to some of the best talents in Carnatic music, as he would play host to a number of eminent musicians. In 1931, Sundaram Iyer took under his wing, an impoverished but greatly talented composer and musician – Papanasam Sivan (1890-1973). Sivan taught music to Sundaram Iyer’s children.

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In 1933, responding to an invitation from Kolhapur, Sundaram Iyer and his family along with Sivan went there and acted in a Tamil film, Seetha Kalyanam. The music was composed by Sivan, who remained a music director in films for another twenty years. Sundaram Iyer’s elder son S Rajam (b 1919) played Rama and daughter Jayalakshmi played Sita, a casting that created controversy in orthodox Mylapore. The younger son S Balachander (1927-1990), later to become a brilliant veena artiste, played the role of a musician in Ravana’s court. 41, Nadu Street acquired its tile-roofed first floor later, at the behest of senior musicians who predicted it would remain filled with music, a prophecy that came to be true. S Rajam blossomed into a fine painter and musician. His portraits of the Carnatic Trinity are still the most popular ones. He served the All India Radio for many years and is today a respected musicologist. The house is his residence now, with the first floor serving as his studio.

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Sasi Vilas

rrp tpyh];

94/229, RK Mutt (Brodie’s) Road, Mylapore

94/229, Mh;.Nf. klk; (gpuhb];) rhiy> kapyhg;) h;

To the less-affluent citizens of Madras in the early years of the 20th century, Dr. MC Nanjunda Row (1862-1921) was a veritable angel. Coming from Mysore, he had qualified at the Madras Medical College and was appointed Assistant Professor. An insulting remark about Ayurveda by a European, made him resign his job and take to private practice.

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Sasi Vilas was his home. Almost completely hidden by trees, it is a two-storey structure, with a large central hall. Arches dominate the façade of this house. Swami Vivekananda, before his tour of America in 1893, visited it and met Dr. Row there. Another important event that took place in this house was the marriage of Sarojini Chattopadhyaya to Dr. Muthyala Govindarajulu Naidu. The couple’s first child, Padmaja Naidu, who became Governor of West Bengal, was born here. Subramania Bharati was a close friend of Dr. Row’s and it was owing to the latter’s help that the former managed to evade arrest by the British and escape to Pondicherry. Dr. Row was an ardent follower of Theosophy and counted Madame Blavatsky, Col. Olcott and Annie Besant among his friends. Dr. Row opened a clinic for the poor in Triplicane and named it M.C.N. Eclectic Dispensary. Here, medicines were sold at very reasonable prices. He was also very supportive of the Ramakrishna Mission in its early years. It was in one of his properties in Mylapore that the Mission’s Students Home was first set up. A deeply religious man, he had the ancient temple to Tiruvalluvar, in Mylapore, renovated at his own expense and also built a sub-shrine there, dedicated to the poet’s wife, Vasuki.

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Sri Bagh

( ghf;

103, Luz Church Road, Mylapore

103> y]; rh;r; rhiy> kapyhg;) h;

Sri Bagh was the residence of PR Sundara Iyer (1863-1913), one of the earliest Indians to make a name for himself as a lawyer and become a judge of the Madras High Court. He was the founder of several institutions that still survive in Madras, such as the Ranade Library and the Mylapore Club. Sundara Iyer’s house was built in the garden house style with a large portecochere, ornamental balustrades, high ceilings and marble floors. A number of windows let in plenty of air into this twostoreyed bungalow whose ceiling has the typical Madras terrace supported by rafters, a forgotten technology today. There are ten entrances to the house, each of which once had a painting of one of Vishnu’s ten avatars. After Sundara Iyer’s death, his sons had to sell the property owing to business losses.

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The property was purchased by ‘Desoddharaka’ Kasinathuni Nageswara Rao (1867-1938), freedom fighter, writer and creator of the Amrutanjan balm which is popular even today. He was also the first to start a Telugu newspaper, the Andhra Patrika which is still being published. Nageswara Rao built the Amrutanjan offices on the Sri Bagh grounds. In his time, the house was a venue for nationalist meetings and it was here that the famous Sri Bagh Agreement was signed, which eventually saw the formation of a separate Andhra state. Sri Bagh is today an empty shell and its eventual fate is unknown. Aratha Kuttai, the lake that adjoined Sri Bagh is now Nageswara Rao Park.

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Srinath Baug

( ehj; ghf;

1, Nowroji Road, Kilpauk

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The family of Gocoola Doss Jumna Doss was one of the earliest Gujarati families to settle in Madras city. The business house of the same name was founded by patriarch Gocoola Doss (d 1897) and carried on by the brothers Dwarka Doss Govardan Doss and Purushothama Doss Gocoola Doss (1882-1965). The firm dealt with silk cloth, embroidery, yarn and was also into money lending. They were also agents for Binny’s and both brothers were directors on its board. The family used its wealth to support several charities most of which were handled by Purushothama Doss Gocoola Doss and these have been expanded and continued by his descendants.

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Srinath Baug was constructed and named after Srinathji, the deity at Srinathdwara, Rajasthan, for a Chettiar who had travelled to that shrine. He dealt with mirrors and mosaics and the house has plenty of these. The house however had to be sold around 80 years ago and it was a coincidence that the Gocoola Doss family, Gujaratis themselves, should have bought it. Today it is the residence of Purushothama Doss Gocoola Doss’s sons. The sons have built individual residences around this vast compound but Srinath Baug is central to their lives for it houses their family deity, Lord Krishna, who is worshipped here every day.

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The gardens have several statues in Indian and European styles and also a cowshed. The house, of the flat Madras roof variety, is of two floors, entered through a massive portico which features circular pillars. The house has numerous courtyards and chambers inside and central to it, is the shrine of Krishna.

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Sullivan Gardens

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St. Ebba’s School, 60, Dr. S Radhakrishnan (Edward Elliots) Road, Mylapore

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Incredible though it may seem today, this vast building with its turrets and battlements, was a residence too. It was home to Benjamin Sullivan, Attorney General in the 1780s and later Judge. The entire property was called Sullivan Gardens as a consequence.

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In the 1840s, the Madras Diocesan Committee of the Society for Propagating the Gospel in Foreign Parts purchased the property for Rs 20,000 and converted it into a seminary and college. St. Ebba’s School, which was founded in 1886, in northwestern Luz, moved into the property later and has functioned from here ever since.

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Much of what was Sullivan Gardens land was sold off for city development and the area came to be named Sullivan Garden Road. It was on one side of this road that the legal luminary Sir PS Sivaswami Iyer (1864-1946) built his mansion Sudharma on a five acre plot, which was later acquired by business magnate S Anantharamakrishnan (1905-1964). Sudharma survives, with attention and care being lavished on it. It is one of the last surviving stately mansions on Dr. S Radhakrishnan Road, a thoroughfare that once had bungalows on both sides, all the way to the beach. Sullivan Gardens Road is now renamed as PS Sivaswami Iyer Road.

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St. Ebba’s has found the maintenance of the historic building tough and now and then there is talk of the structure being pulled down to make way for a modern school premises. But as these lines are being written, the building has been given a fresh coat of paint and so all may yet be well.

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38/23, Thanikachalam Street, T. Nagar

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S Satyamurti (1887-1943) is best remembered as a gifted orator and an ardent nationalist who sacrificed everything for the cause of Indian independence which he himself, sadly, did not live to witness.

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By profession he was a lawyer in the Madras High Court but it was the fight for freedom that attracted him. He is in fact credited with being the prime architect of the Congress party in what was then the Madras Presidency. Satyamurti had wide-ranging interests. He was active in the field of theatre, and he loved classical music. He was one of the founders of the Music Academy, Madras. Satyamurti was the first to get theatre and film artistes involved in politics as crowdpullers. He roped in stars such as KB Sundarambal and SG Kittappa to participate in his meetings which witnessed record crowds. Satyamurti was a member of the Madras Legislative Council between 1923 and 1929. He was Mayor of Madras between 1939 and 1940 and between 1935 and 1943 he served as a member of the Central Legislative Assembly. A hectic life coupled with chronic diabetes soon saw his health breaking down and his arrest following the Quit India Movement in 1942 effectively finished off a promising life. Concerned at his neglecting family matters and worried that he did not even have a house to call his own, KB Sundarambal gifted her ‘Anna’ this property. The house was named Sundara. Was it out of gratitude for Sundarambal or in honour of Satyamurti’s father, Sundara Sastrigal? The debate continues. Satyamurti’s daughter Lakshmi Krishnamurthy, a social worker and one-time Congress party member lives here with her family today.

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The Grove

jp f;Nuht;

1, Eldams Road, Alwarpet

1, vy;lhk;]; rhiy> Mo;thh;Ngl;il

This is one of the better-known historic residences of the city. Once part of a much larger property called The Baobab it was purchased by Conjeevaram Venkatasubbiah and his son-in-law CR Pattabhirama Iyer. The house was built in 1885-86 and named The Grove in view of the large number of trees in the grounds. CR Pattabhirama Iyer’s only son Sir CP Ramaswami Iyer (1879-1966) was the best-known occupant of the house.

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A brilliant lawyer, Sir CP, as he was known, became Advocate General of the Madras Presidency and later Law Member of the Governor’s Executive Council, Madras. A close associate of Annie Besant, Sir CP however broke off with the Congress, of which he was a member for sometime. In 1936, he became the Dewan of the princely state of Travancore and there he made a mark as a powerful administrator. After independence he was actively involved in education, being Vice Chancellor of Annamalai and Benares Hindu Universities. During his time, The Grove saw much expansion, involving an addition of a suite of rooms on the first floor, reinforcing of the ground floor and the use of expensive material such as Burma teak and Venetian marble. The ceiling of the library was imported from Belgium. The garden boasts of statues and some ancient trees. From under one of them, Annie Besant edited her New India, when the British Government forbade any building from housing its offices! Today, The Grove is part of the CP Ramaswami Iyer Foundation and is well tended.



Tiruvottiyur Tyagier’s House

jpUnthl;bA+h; jpahfa;ah; ,y;yk;

69, Ramaswami Street, George Town

69> uhk];thkp njU> [hh;[; lTd;

Among the many disciples of Tyagaraja was ‘Veena’ Kuppayyar (1788-1850), who settled in Madras. Kuppayyar was a talented composer and created several immortal songs which bear his mudra, ‘Venugopala’. His house soon became the musical centre of the city, which was well established by then. Kuppayyar’s youngest son Tyagier (1845-1917) was also a talented musician. He too composed songs. Chitra Pournami and Vinayaka Chaturthi were celebrated in a grand fashion by Tyagier in this house and many concerts were held during such festivals. Despite being afflicted with illness for most of his life, Tyagier taught many disciples. He also published two books, Pallavi Swarakalpavalli in 1900 and Sangita Ratnavali in 1907. In 1904, the famed Hindustani maestro, Vishnu Narain Bhatkhande came to Madras and met Tyagier in this house. He was very impressed with Tyagier’s simplicity and erudition.

rj;FU jpahfuh[hpd; Kf;fpa rp\;ah;fspy; ‘tPiz’ Fg;iga;aUk; xUth; (1788-1850). ‘NtZNfhghyh’ vd; D k; Kj; j piuAld; fhyj;jhy; mopahj gy fpUjpfis ,aw;wpa ,th; kjuh]; gl; b dj; i jj; jd; epue; j u trpg; g plkhf Mf; f pf; nfhz; l th; . mr;rkaj;jpy; kjuh]{k; xU efukhf kyuj; njhlq;fpapUe;jJ. Fg;iga;ahpd; ,y;yk; rq;fPj tpj;thd;fs; xd;W$Lk; ,lkhfj; jpfo;e;jJ. Fg;iga;ahpd; ,isa kfd; jpahfa;aUk; (1845-1917) xU Njh;e;j rq;fPj tpj;thdhf ,Ue;jhh;. mtUk; ghly;fs; ,aw;wpdhh;. rpj;uh ngsh;zkpAk;> tpehaf rJh;j;jpAk; jpahfa;ahpd; ,y;yj;jpy; tpkhpirahff; nfhz;lhlg;gLtJ tof;fkhf ,Ue;jJ. ,t;tpohf;fspy; mNef fr;Nrhpfs; eilngWtJk; xU tpNr\k;. MAl;fhyj;jpy; ngUk;gFjp Neha;fshy; mtjpAw;w NghjpYk;> jpahfa;ah; gy khzhf;fh;fSf;F rq;fj P k; gapyt ; pjj ; hh;. 1900y; gy;ytp ];tufy;gty;yp vd;w Gj;jfj;ijAk;> 1907y; rq;fj P uj;dhtsp vd;Dk; Gj;jfj;ijAk; ,th; vOjpg; gpuRhpj;jhh;. `pe;J];jhdp rq;fPjj;jpy; gpurpj;jp ngw;w tp\;Z ehuhaz; ghl;fz;Nl 1904y; kjuh]{f;F te;jnghOJ jpahfa;aiu mth; ,y;yj;jpy; re;jpj;jhh;; jpahfa;ahpd; vspikiaAk; ghz;bj;jpaj;ijAk; fz;L csk; nefpo;e;J tpae;jhh;.

Tyagier’s house is the archetypal town house that Madras was famous for till the 1970s. Those who have been inside the house remember it as having all the standard elements, such as rezhi (hallway), mittam (courtyard) and the straight passage leading from the front door to the rear exit. The house remained in the possession of Tyagier’s family till the 1950s and then became the office for the TUCS branch with the first floor serving as the residence of the manager till the 1970s. It later became a wine shop for a short while. Subsequently it appears to have been abandoned. Each year a window or two and parts of the roof vanish. Somewhat like our heritage.

1970fs; tiuapYk; kjuh]py; gpugykhf ,Ue;j njU tPLfspd; Kd;khjphpahf jpahfa;ahpd; ,y;yk; mike;jpUe;jnjdyhk;. me;j ,y;yj;jpw;F Ngha;te;jth;fs; mJ mt;tif tPLfspd; vy;yh Fzhjpraq; f isAk; nfhz; b Ue; j njd; g hh; f s; ; Nuop> Kw; w k; > thapypypUe;J gpdf ; l;Ltiu ePzL ; nry;Yk; eiltop> vy;yhk; ,e;j ,y;yj;jpYk; ,Ue;jd. 1950 tiuapy; ,e;j ,y;yk; jpahfa;ahpd; FLk;gj;jpd; trj;jpy; ,Ue;jJ. mjw;Fg; gpd;> b.A.rp.v];]pd; mYtyfkhf fPoj ; j ; sKk;> khbapy; me;j mYtyfj;jpd; Nkyhsh; trpfF ; k; ,lkhfTk; 1970 tiu ,Ue;jJ. gpwF rpy fhyk; kJghdf; filahfTk; cUg; ngw;wpUe;jJ. gpwF trpg;ghh; vtUkpd;wp mJ ghoile;j tPlhf khwpaJ. xt;nthU tUlKk;> xU [d;dNyh> fjNth> $iuapd; xU gFjpNah fhzhky; Nghf Muk;gpjj ; J. ek; ghuk;ghpaj;ijg; NghyNt mjd; Nja;khdKk; vd;W $wj; Njhd;WfpwNj! 99


Underwood Gardens

mz;lh;Tl; fhh;ld;];

3, P S Kumaraswami Raja (Greenways) Road

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This handsome 19th century residence is named after John Underwood who was a merchant during the East India Company days. It is at present the residence of the Chief General Manager of the Southern Zone of the State Bank of India. Set in vast gardens in which official quarters for State Bank executives have come up, the house has the river flowing behind it and the garden has a set of steps leading down to the water, reminiscent of a time when the river was not so polluted and was meant for boating.

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The Madras Bank was established in 1682/83 in Fort St. George, but the first formal bank to be set up in Madras was the Carnatic Bank which was formed in 1788. The Bank of Madras opened in 1795 and the Asiatic Bank in 1804. In 1843, all these banks were amalgamated to form the Bank of Madras. In 1921, this merged with the Bombay and Bengal Banks and became the Imperial Bank. Till 1935, this was the bank that issued currency and monitored the country’s economy. That year, the Reserve Bank of India took over the role. In 1955, the Imperial Bank was nationalised and became the State Bank of India, which is today, the world’s largest bank in terms of the number of branches. Underwood Gardens, which was the Imperial Bank property, was taken over by the SBI and continues to serve the same purpose as it did in the pre-nationalisation days.

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‘Veena’ Dhanam’s House

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6, Ramakrishna Chetty Street, George Town

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The Madras Presidency had a unique custom of dedicating women to temples. Such women were called Devadasis and they were the custodians of the fine arts. One of the most ancient clans among these was that of Tanjavur Kamakshi, who in the 1850s moved to Madras. Her granddaughter was Dhanammal (1868-1938). Dhanam, chose the veena as her instrument and perfected an extremely graceful method of playing on it. Her talents had Maharajahs, business barons and composers at her feet.

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This house was Dhanam’s residence from 1910 till her death. The rented accommodation was arranged courtesy of her admirer ‘Jalatarangam’ Ramaniah Chetty. Reclusive and moody to the extreme, Dhanam restricted her performances to once a week, at her own home. Her Friday evening concerts became famous and soon the cognoscenti flocked to this small dwelling and abided by her strict rules of silence and soaked in her music. Dhanam was poor all her life, but she left behind a rich music tradition, passed down to her grandchildren, all of whom became famous. T Brinda and T Muktha were singers, T Abhiramasundari was a violinist, T Balasaraswathi, a dancer, T Vishwanathan, a flautist and T Sankaran, a music historian. Dhanam’s funeral was a grand affair with many of the city’s leading lights in attendance. A condolence meeting was held at Senate House, no less, with C Rajagopalachari and S Satyamurti in attendance. Dhanam remains one of the most written about artistes and her name will live as long as Carnatic music does.

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25, Westcott Road, Royapettah

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One of the large landowners of Madras was Shanmukha Rajeswara Naganatha Setupathi, Rajah of Ramnad and among his many possessions was Woodlands, set in the midst of 16 ½ acres. The property was purchased by Muni Venkatappa, a building contractor, in 1937, for turning it into a hotel. Not finding the going easy, he offered it on rent in 1938 to K Krishna Rao (1898-1990).

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Krishna Rao, worked as a cleaner, waiter and flour-grinder and had his big break, when following the successful management of a restaurant on Acharappan Street in George Town, he set up Madras’ first Udipi hotel, “The Udipi Sri Krishna Vilas” on Mount Road in 1926/27. He leased the Royapettah property and the Woodlands Hotel came up here, the first of what is now an immensely popular worldwide chain. The hotel had 45 rooms for occupation at a rent of Rs 5/- a day. Krishna Rao would himself solicit guests by waiting at the Central Station! The Music Academy’s annual conference in 1938 was held here under the leadership of Ariyakkudi Ramanuja Iyengar, which proved a strong advertisement for the hotel. The War years brought difficulties, including the crashing of a light plane in the garden! In 1947, Rajaji hosted a tea party on the lawns here to celebrate Indian independence. In 1952, Krishna Rao moved Woodlands Hotel to Edward Elliots (Radhakrishnan) Road. Woodlands now houses a hotel and a theatre and both share its name. The house, with a portico that was probably added later, is of the typical Madras roof type. It has some fascinating and beautifully maintained period furniture and fittings in it. A few plaster statues adorn the vast gardens.

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Credits - mwpKfq;fs; V Vijayakumar - Pencil sketches

G Vijayan â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Photography

Having completed his Bachelors in Fine Arts

A photographer and a videographer for over

in 2007 with a specialisation in Visual

25 years now, G Vijayan is a renowned name

Communication, V Vijayakumar is highly

in professional circles, be it industrial or

creative and passionate about arts. Ever since

architectural photography. He serves many

he joined college, he has been regularly participating in several

corporate clients and has done several assignments for leading

art shows displaying his works. In 2007, he bagged the first

newspapers and advertising agencies. He has three published

prize in an inter-collegiate drawing competition held in

works to his credit and this is his fourth book.

Madurai to create awareness about AIDS. He has also won the Best Outstanding VTI Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Award in the acrylic painting category last year.

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[p. tp[ad; - Gifg;glq;fs;

Padma Narayanan – Tamil Translation

Rukmini Amirapu – Copy Editing

Padma Narayanan is a Chennai based writer

Rukmini Amirapu completed her Ph.D. in

and translator. Her short stories have been

English from the University of Madras in 2007.

published in Tamil magazines. During the last

Along with her academic pursuits, she has

15 years she has concentrated on translations

varied interests. She does freelance copy editing

– Tamil to English and vice versa for authors and publishers.

work and is involved in community service projects in the Little

She has also contributed articles to The Hindu and Eves Touch.

Flower School for the Blind and the Chetpet Corporation Middle School. She is also an enthusiastic trekker and a keen motor rally participant.

gj;kh ehuhazd; - nkhopngah;g;G gj;kh ehuhazd; nrd;idapy; thOk; vOj;jhsUk; nkhopngah; g ; g hsUk; Mthh; . ,tUila rpWfijfs; jkpo;

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Uf;kpdp mkpuhG 2007y; nrd;id gy;fiyf;fofj;jpy; Mq;fpyj;jpy;

nkhopngah;g;gpy;-jkpopypUe;J Mq;fpyj;jpw;Fk;> Mq;fpyj;jpypUe;J

Kidth; gl; l j; j pw; f hd Muha; r ; r pia Kbj; j pUf; f pwhh; .



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cs;sth;; . jdpg;gl;l Kiwapy; vOj;Jg; gpujpfis rhpghh;f;Fk;


NtiyiaAk; ,th; nra;J tUfpwhh;. NkYk;> ypl;by; /g;sth;



fhd;ntz;l; kw;Wk; Nrj;Jg;gl;L efuhz;ik kj;jpag; gs;spapy; elf;Fk; r%f Nritf;fhd jpll ; q;fspy; gq;Nfw;fpwhh;. ,th; eilg;gazq;fs; nry; t J> Nkhl; l hh; tz; b ge; j aq; f spy; (Rally) gq; N fw; g J Nghd;wtw;wpy; tpUg;gk; cs;sth;. Typeset, layout and co-ordination by Kalamkriya Limited V Jayalakshmi and M Milton – Typesetting N Sripriya and B Mathialagan – Co-ordination

ilg;nrl;> tbtikg;G kw;Wk; xUq;fpizj;jy; - fyk;f;hpah ypkpnll; tp. n[ayl;Rkp kw;Wk; vk;. kpy;ld; - ilg;nrl; vd;. ( g;hpah kw;Wk; gp. kjpaofd; - xUq;fpizg;ghsh;fs; 107

Acknowledgements - ed;wp The author wishes to thank the following for the information

,g;Gj;jfj;jpd; Mrphpah; fPo;fz;lth;fSf;F> gy ,y;yq;fspd; chpa

they gave on the various residences:

jfty;fisj; je;J cjtpajw;fhf jk; ed;wpiaj; njhptpj;Jf;

TK Singaram (Ajmer), CS Ananth & Shankar Vaidialingam


(Anantha Sadan), G Ramkumar (Annai Illam), Timeri N Murari

; k; b.Nf. rpqf ; huk; (m[;Nkh;)> rp.v];. mde;j; kw;Wk; rq;fh; itj;jpaypqf

(Deva Solai), Dr. Prof. AR Balakrishnan (Dhanvantri Villa),

(mde;j rjd;)> [p.uhk;Fkhh; (md;id ,y;yk;) jpnkhp vd; Kuhhp

Dr. Uma Ram & Dr. Bhama Rajagopal (Gokulam), TR Nagoji

(Njt Nrhiy)> lhf;lh; g;nuh/ng]h; V. Mh;. ghyfpU\;zd;

Rao & Sujatha Shankar (Mithila), S Thyagarajan (Musiri

; h)> lhf;lh; ckh uhk; kw;Wk; lhf;lh; ghkh uh[Nfhghy; (jd;te;jphp tpyy

Subramania Iyer’s residence), Sarada Sandilya (Nileswar),

(NfhFyk;)> b.Mh;. ehNfh[p uht; kw;Wk; R[hjh \q;fh; (kpjpyh)>

P Haridas (Srinath Baug), Lakshmi Krishnamurthy (Sundara),

v];. jpahfuh[d; (Krphp Rg;ukz;a ma;ahpd; ,y;yk;)> rhujh

RS Rajasekaran (Woodlands).

rhz; b y; a h (eP N y]; t h; )> gp. `hpjh]; (( ehj; ghf; )> y~; k p

SB Prabhakar Rao for the houses he added to the list and also

fpU\;z%h;j;jp (Re;juh) Mh;.v]; uh[Nrfud; (cl;yz;l;];) .

the information he collected on Nileswar, Srinath Baug and Sir

tPLfspd; thpirapy; NkYk; rpy Nrh;jJ ; f; nfhs;sr; nrhd;djw;fhfTk;

CV Raman’s residence.

ePNy];th;> ( ehj; ghf; kw;Wk; ]h; rp.tp. uhkdpd; ,y;yq;fisg;

Thanks are also due to S Muthiah and KV Ramanathan for reading through the manuscript to weed out errors.

gw;wpa jfty;fis mspj;J cjtpajw;fhfTk; v];.gp. gpughfh; uht; mth;fSf;F ed;wp. ,jd; ifg;gpujpiag; gbj;J jtWfis ePf;fpajw;F v];. Kj;ija;ah mth;fSf;Fk; kw;Wk; Nf.tp. uhkehjd; mth;fSf;Fk; ed;wp.


Suggested Reading The following books and sources have further information on

Publishing Company, London, 1914/15. Republished by

the houses covered here. Two sources that have been referred

the Asian Educational Services, New Delhi, 2004

to repeatedly for several personalities and residences are – a.


“Madras Rediscovered” by S Muthiah, published by

Ambujammal’s House – a. “kwf;f Kbahj kq;iffs; – gj;k (

Westland Limited, Chennai. This book had its 6th edition

mk;G[k;khs;”, by

Tiruvengimalai Saravanan, Kumudam magazine issue

released in 2008 and can be termed as an encyclopaedia of

dated 15 June, 2007

the city.

b. Special Supplement published for the Avadi Congress

b. “Anraya Chennai Pramukargal, Vols. 1 and 2” by Randor

Session, Swadesamitran dated 23 January, 1955

Guy, published by Manivasagar Padippagam, Chennai. Printed in 2002, these are compilations of a series of articles


Anantha Sadan – “The Madras High Court 1862-1962,

written by Randor Guy, the social historian of Madras/

Centenary Volume”, published by the Editorial Committee,

Chennai, which were first published in Dinamani Kadir.

Madras High Court, Madras, 1962

They cover a wide range of famous personalities of Madras.


Annai Illam – “vdJ Rarhpij”, Autobiography of Sivaji

This book deals more with the historical personalities who lived


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Historic Residences of Chennai  

Historic Residences of Chennai  


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