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Vesna Pejović MA furniture design | University of Art and Design, Helsinki BA interior architecture | Academy of Applied Arts, Belgrade published by:

kako.ko design studio place & date:

Belgrade 2009


introduction This booklet consists of independent yet highly interlaced parts: part one: design space introducing concept of a design centre, by proposing specific place in the old town and possible implementation of its functions in the cultural network of Belgrade. part two: design event provoked to be parallel and alternative happening to Belgrade furniture fair, exhibiting works of designers, design studios and companies based in Serbia, that have innovation and design as main statement in their work. part three: design forum where creative minds present their work, meet and discuss, enabling the design network rapidly to grow. part four: design production to produce well designed customized items in limited series offered directly to consumers under a label that will be synonymous with innovation in the design industry.





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introduction contents


part one: design space


part two: design event


part three: design forum


part four: design production




part one: design + space







S.A.D.A is Serbian Art and Design Association, initiated by kako.ko design studio, with the goal to enhance international growth of Serbian designers and to support their efforts towards exportation. This book is created having in mind the future project of designing a space for designers to work, present, promote and discuss their creative work. With its annual Belgrade Design Week and from this year also the Mixer Design Expo, Belgrade is emerging to be an important design centre. S.A.D.A will also be connected with some of the major design events across Europe and world, as well as design schools and institutes, to promote Serbian designers as well as the label S.A.D.A worldwide.


All of this leads to established design scene, better communication and networking among designers



S.A.D.A is representing several connected and synchronised concepts: The space: where established and youngsters could meet, interact and share their work and ideas. The space that will work as open studio with “rent-a-desk� working system, exhibition space and various workshops. The satellite exhibitions, events and symposiums will be possible to plan and prepare here. The events: KRUG DVOJKE annual design exhibition. PECHA KUCHA NIGHT - international design forum that will be held two times a year - spring/autumn. The events will promote design as main characteristic of good product, as well as creation of a eco-friendly objects and solutions as a way of thinking and improvement of lifestyle. The brand: S.A.D.A will showcase contemporary product design that genuinely makes a difference.


One of the main objectives of this project is to involve art and design community in reinventing pre-existing buildings – warehouses, abandoned factories, forgotten demolished spaces in Belgrade, especially area of Sava Mala – turning them into spaces devoted to art and culture.


By recycling old and abandoned commercial spaces and converting them into exhibition space, design centre, studios and workshops, we show a great respect for the history and architecture of Belgrade city.



part two: design + event



what is “krug dvojke�?

for the first time held: 11-15 November 2008, during the Belgrade furniture fair, KRUG DVOJKE is an event which gives opportunity for the presentation of contemporary ideas and design work



KRUG DVOJKE [definition] the circle of tram #2, referring to downtown of Belgrade; [synonym] in jargon: the very centre of the city; [synonym] elitism; [synonym] snobbism; [synonym] urban living‌ The intention of kako.ko design studio is to provoke parallel + alternative happening during the furniture fair, exhibiting works of young designers living and working in Serbia. The exhibition concept is to stimulate cooperation between designers and industry and improve local opportunities for creative work. We invite you to support and participate in this ambitious project which will energize cultural and economical prosperity of Serbia. Project have been supported by the companies with whom we closely cooperate, city authorities, cultural unions and NGOs.



Basic idea of “krug dvojke� is to become traditional event, we hope that in years to come this exhibition will evolve through the circle of tram #2: downtown of Belgrade and inspire local manufacturers to produce and exhibit newly and originally designed objects. The concept is promotion of industrial design as basic element of good product. The exhibited objects are part of mini series or prototypes, all having innovative form, function and quality. The visitors will be able to either buy the objects or buy the idea for the serial production of specified object or make direct cooperation with designers for future projects.



Support this exhibition! Find your own way and interest in it! Become a part of this positive event! 023


step forward



This year Belgrade furniture fair will be held form 12.11 until 18.11.2009 Here is our tentative plan:

The KRUG DVOJKE festival opening will take a place at the new central exhibition space at Brankov most, featuring works of experimental and innovative designers plus special performance for that night. During the following days, more than 50 satellite exhibitions with open studios and temporary showrooms will take the festival to numerous places over the circle of tram #2. Alongside, further festival highlights like Design Symposium, the Pecha Kucha Night, at nightfall, Cultural Centre GRAD invites you to a neat dose of DJ-sets, Live Performances and Visual appreciating club culture. The plan is to place festival opening on the third day of the Belgrade furniture fair, and to end it Saturday night with a closing up ceremony, having event lasting for 4 days.



The KRUG DVOJKE will consist of several synchronised events: 1.

main curated exhibition that will present work of established designers in a new central exhibition venue. This exhibition will be held indoor and outdoors, with a garden and cafĂŠ bar, thus offering a perfect meeting point during the whole event. 2.

curetted exhibitions of international design fair sand partner; in collaboration with embassies and cultural centres / MOOI, Holland, Netherlands embassy; Helsinki design week, University of Art and Design, Helsinki, Finnish embassy; DMY Berlin, Goethe institute; Japanese embassy; Association of applied artist of Bosnia and Herzegovina;


extended events and open studios across the circle #2 in collaboration with relevant art and design organisations of Belgrade and Serbia: Cultural Centre GRAD; O3ON; BELGRADE DESIGN WEEK; MIXER DESIGN EXPO; REMONT; RE-DESIGN YOUR MIND (OD-DO)...


the trams on line #2 will be used as platform to present and introduce the works and festival through the whole city. The tram will also be the main visual identity of the whole festival.



part three: design + forum




What is Pecha Kucha Night?



Pecha Kucha Night, devised by Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham (Klein Dytham architecture), was conceived in Tokyo 2003 as a place for young designers to meet, network, and show their work in public. The key to Pecha Kucha Night is its patented system: each presenter is allowed 20 images, shown for 20 seconds each – giving 6 minutes 40 seconds of fame before the next presenter. This keeps presentations concise, the interest level up, and gives more people the chance to show. Pecha Kucha (which is Japanese for the chit-chat) has tapped into a demand for a forum in which creative work can be easily and informally shown, without having to rent a gallery or chat up a magazine editor. This is as demand that seems to be global – as Pecha Kucha Night, without any pushing, has spread virally to over 200 cities across the world.





Belgrade Pecha Kucha represents informal forum of creative work showcasing diverse disciplines: architecture, design, advertising, fashion, food, graphics, multimedia, products‌




as participants in PKN Trieste, and by visiting Milan and Berlin PKN we got inspired to join Belgrade to this fantastic network. our goals for Pecha Kucha Night Belgrade: - to introduce the creative community in-between each other - to introduce artists and their work to the wide audience, mostly unaware of fantastic people and their amazing work. - and as often artists are unaccustomed to presenting their work in public, make us all learn to be both: modest and proud of our work, and learn to present it in the right way.




PKN BGD #1,2,3

we have organized PKN BGD 3 times. first and second in cooperation with SUPERSPACE. The third was organized in cooperation with Belgrade Design Week. as organizers we have learned that 10 presenters is the good number, we learned that it is not good to do it in a cafÊs, we learned that we all are still learning‌ to moderate, to present, to organize...




PKN BGD to continue our plan is simple: to persist in PKN BGD we plan to organize PKN BGD 2 times a year, during KRUG DVOJKE exhibition in autumn, and during Belgrade Design Week /Mixer Design Expo in spring . to improve organization, we learn by doing it. …all because we need such an event to connect and learn to speak in our own name, which will enable creation of the strong design scene which, will in turn lead to improved living and working.



part two: design + production


2006: HANGover furniture exhibition | the concept was to make sell out exhibition of coat racks that will pay our participation at Salone Satelite. Eventually, we went in total bankrupt, but we made good connection with local distributor NITEA that helped us.


how. who design studio



studio statement kako.ko design studio is a young design agency based in Belgrade. We create exclusive products under our own name and at the same time we design products and spaces for public and private sector clients. Innovative, functional and aesthetic design is a vital element in every new product development. kako.ko develops the commercial and creative capacity of artists and designers, fosters and showcases innovation and excellence, and builds relationships with diverse private and public sector partners. kako.ko creative team consists of independent individual creatives who choose to work together on building an exceptional brand.


NRG (d3) design talents – imm Cologne Furniture Fair, 2006 Zona Tortona, Milano design week, 2006


2004 - kako.ko design studio was set up by Vesna Pejović with the same guidelines as written in the statement. 2004 - first public appearance at international scene – Talent Zone in time of Scandinavian Furniture Fair 2004, under the name of kako? 2005 – 2007- studio is working on interior projects, and cooperates with furniture producers in Serbia. Parallely we continue developing our own designs, participating at various exhibitions and fairs, which led to cooperation with few international producers, publishing articles regarding our work in design magazines and news papers. Talent Zone - Scandinavian Furniture Fair| Copenhagen; poOKRET| furniture exhibition| Belgrade; NRG (d3) design talents – imm Cologne Furniture Fair; Zona Torotona, Milan design week; DMY Berlin, Germany; Belgrade furniture fair; HANGover | furniture exhibition, Belgrade; Salone Satellite | COSMIT – Salone Internacionale del Mobile/ Milano; GHOST PROJECT| Belgrade Design Week...


Salone Satellite, Milano furniture fair 2007 DMY Berlin 2007


2007 - the studio becomes official business enterprise, as a in time partnership between Vesna Pejovic and Jelena Milojevic both furniture and interior designers, joined by Milena Jovanovic, industrial designer; the team continued successful work on interior architecture and furniture design. with team consisting of: Vesna Pejović, Ljiljana Stoilković, Jelena Milojević and Milena Jovanović the studio exhibited at Salone Satellite| Salone Internacionale del Mobile, Milano; GHOST PROJECT| Belgrade Design Week; DMY Berlin. 2007 - 2008 - numerous interior design projects; selected spaces: office spaces - TMB Diamond, Pancevo; British Council, Belgrade, IMMO Point, Belgrade. exhibition spaces: NITEA, Belgrade; BUCK light design: multybrand Tommy Hilifiger, Belgrade...


kako.ko design studio 2006-2009


2008 - inspired by Zona Tortona, Milano we thought on of creating in time a design event under the name of “KRUG DVOJKE” [definition] the circle of tram #2, referring to downtown of Belgrade. The goal of the exhibition-event is to stimulate cooperation between designers and local producers improving visibility of rising cutting-edge designers and design brands. An extra value is brought by: Pecha Kucha Night – we are official on-site organizers of this international event - PKN BGD represents informal forum of creative work showcasing diverse disciplines: architecture, design, advertising, fashion, food, graphics, multimedia, products…. we continue to exhibite at Zona Torotona, Milan design week; Design Park, Belgrade Design Week; Mixer Design expo, Belgrade; DMY Berlin as well as working on interior design projects and cooperation with local producers...


kako.ko design studio 2006-2009


business development

exhibitions, fairs and various cultural events on national and international levels are used for marketing our projects and ideas; continuously building our identity. exhibited our designs enjoyed great attention mainly from retailers and customers, but also from producers and manufacturers. this was a market research that encouraged us to start our own production, and have the answer to question :

where can we buy this? 057

vesna pejovic ljiljana stoilkovic jelena milojevic milena jovanovic

kako.ko design studio:


business development

the idea was to start one-of and mini series production of our selected prototypes and ideas. Our main objective is to continue as a design studio, providing design consultancy services to clients but also offer KAKO.KO labelled designs as fully functional products. this type of business has been used by many well-known design groups and studios such as: MOOI, DROOG - Netherlands; HIDDEN ART - UK; BLUE DOT – US... ...where the designers signature guarantees quality and originality of the products.


light bag - product for BUCK, catalog bag = business present lamp, 2008


business development during the period of 5 years we have cooperated with furniture producers in Serbia developing products and making interior designs, which was on occasions highly time-consuming and inefficient. Having our own production means cost-reduction, originality/ quality guarantee and independence to market our designs based on our own knowledge and aesthetic principles. The production of high-end contemporary design objects basically do not exist in Serbia, reaching out to international producers is complicated and no-guarantee process. encouraged by attention received by our designs we see the big opportunity in developing the first Serbian cutting-edge design production.


Zona Totona, Milano design week, Porta Genova, 2009


business strategy

1+2+3= 063


office space fully equipped for providing design consultancy service. Continue providing design consultancy services to diverse clients in public and private sectors. Spreading existing network of clients in construction business, manufacturers, cultural institutions and public audience to establish our brand. 1. office - design studio ________________________________________________________+ workshop equipped with all necessary tools and machines to en- 2. workshop able production of prototypes and one-off pieces + (details indicated in the business plan). mini series: making only prototypes, full scale production executed 3. show-room by sub-contractors one-off pieces: produced mostly in our space by designers themselves. ________________________________________________________ exhibition area as an integral part of the design studio. a minimal space to exhibit pieces of one-off objects as well as mini-series products to our customers. organize regular exhibition to present new products.



1. office - design studio + 2. workshop + 3. show-room

our vision is to create a vibrant range of products that are functional and designed, for the discerning urban consumer at attractive prices.




1 + 2 + 3 = innovate don’t imitate simple and functional yet new and attractive affordable prices innovative contemporary



goals products fresh + imaginative + insightful + natural + simple + innovative + contemporary + fun + practical + comfortable + affordable consumers that use products which are smart and efficient, yet fun and beautiful, all to enhance, simplify and match their lifestyles. They seek unique, harmonious and meaningful solutions‌ scene strengthening design scene and operative network will help building an environment with improved living and working conditions for all community in Serbia.





to all our friends, especially mathematicians, who survived our talks and plans over the years.



This booklet consists of independent yet highly interlaced parts: part one: design space, introducing concept of a design centre, by proposi...


This booklet consists of independent yet highly interlaced parts: part one: design space, introducing concept of a design centre, by proposi...