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The techno|ogyis an e丨 ement we rη ustinc|ude in our"fe now.Butitis not a丨 ways good or bad to our"fe。

As a one member of teenager group、 l would say that the teChnologies provided us a lot Of options of entertainment.FOr examp|e`techno|ogies ofrnedia such as te|evisions and Computers` vvhich provide di仟 erent kinds of progran△ music and games for peop丨 e to have fun with them during our free tirne.It a丨 so makes our"fe easier and safen The telephones and ce"phones rη


the communication between friends easier-the buttons on the phone instead of hand-written |etters. The technologies on camera help us to record our important memories and provide crimina|eVidence for po"ce.The soCiety is developed and strong`and peop|e are having more fun during their free tirne because of those inventions.

on the other hand`the techno|ogies a|so bring us negative effeCts.some of teenagers become |azier and lazier because they are too dependent on techno|ogies.They prefer trave"ing by cars rather than on foot、 paCking the restaurant food or ca"ing the pizza by phones rather than cooking by themse丨 ves.A丨 though the cameras which are p|aCed everywhere in the pub"c`for examp丨


CCN keep safety around us、 our persona| information such as our

|ocations we have been is recorded by them. LOts of teenagers

丨 ooks and the

丨 ove to put their private

information such as persona丨 photos and diaries on their b|ogs.The internet rnight st"|keep this data even、 ″e delete them.VVe have|ess privacy because oftechno丨


tirne to grow.If we keep being too dependent on the techno|ogies`they、 bodies`because ofthe x-rays and|ights of the screens most丨

Our age is an innportant

″Ⅱ丨bring i"nesses to our

y,which probab丨 y causes bad hea丨 th

in our future life, A|丨

in a"` if we can contro丨

ourse丨 ves on ba丨

ancing the tirne spend on the technologies` and

consider more about how shou丨 d we protect ourselves in front of the internet、 would be a positive e丨 ementin the teenage group。

the technologies

Discurssive Essay on Technologies  

Is the technologies good or bad?

Discurssive Essay on Technologies  

Is the technologies good or bad?