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to yyLs grα ndc"丨 d

in2° 63

DearJoJo` HOw are you?Here is your dear grandmothen l am sixteen no吗 but l be"eve you won′ t be ab丨 e to meet me anymore when you open this enve|ope. lt fee|s a bit weird to write a le仗

communicate、 ″ith

er fifty years in the future. But it is great to

you again.

Just a guess`your earth now is a mess`am I right?My sOciety now is a|ready po"uted enough. The environmenta|qua"ty keeps|owering and the anirna|s are being k"|ed for humans′


The earth is getting warmer and warme1which causes the ice in NOrth and south poles start me|ting.InCreased car usage and industry creation for economic deve丨 oxygen that we need for our"ves。 po丨 丨 uted

Be刂 ing

opment are po"uting the y

in China is an amazing examp|e ofa cky wkh ter"b丨

ain The dustin the air made the weatherin Be刂

ing foggy a丨

most a||the time.The forest

Amazon and Rainforest in Indonesia`astwo of〃 Earth Lungs勹 are disappearing quick丨 y nollv due to industria丨

reasons too.HoW are those trees now?Don′

t teⅡ

rne there is no more tree beside

the streets.

The anirna丨 s in danger in Asia area are usuaⅡ y

hunted by humans for earning more money. In

China`there are even some peop丨 e who created tiger farm to make tiger bone wine,And a丨


there are p丨 aces in China where people farm bears and take b"e from their bodies to make Chinese traditiona丨

medicine.Imagine hoⅥ


itis forthe bears and tigers and how crue|the

humans can be.The tigers、 ″ be sent to death because of the lack of food supply and exercise` "丨 and peop丨 e there do not actua"v care about tigers′ lives`because they just、 ″ant their skin and


oh wait`do you know what tigers and bears Iook丨

ike?Please goog丨 e them if you are unC丨 ea∴

After a"`there is no tiger or bear anymore when your parents are stⅡ

| 20years o丨 d. I can stⅡ


rememberl have touched the ta"of a tiger when l was three.

The most possib|e so|ution w"|be through eduCation.We tend to buy more expensive c|othes and food when we get riche1and we decorate our houses with rare items like ivory carvings or tiger skins.The chⅡ dren should be educated to not to sh0W off when they are rich、

especia"y for

Chinese chⅡ dren.DO not think you can do anything you want even when you have power and

money. DO not show how specia丨 you are by hurting your home-the Earth.Think carefu"y before you do something.These are the things we a"need to know and get used to.TO wide|V spread this kind of eduCation cou|d rea"y he丨 p after a certain tirne period.

l hope you Can also learn something from my leⅠ e1and a丨 so keep educating your ch"dren and your grandch"dren aboutthese pointsl have to丨

d you.

give rny best`″ ishes to you. Please treasure your who丨 e fami丨 y′ s|ife.IwⅡ 丨

LOve froΠ



A letter to my grandchildren  

After 50 yrs..what do we want to say about our earth?