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Have some texts in HTML format and now need to convert to EPUB for reading on Nook, iPhone, iPod touch, etc? Take the convenience of reading into consideration, converting HTML to EPUB is very necessary. After all, EPUB is now the most widely used eBook format. It is readable on all kinds of smartphones, e-Readers and tablets. This article is a step-by-step guide for how to convert HTML to EPUB in Mac OS X and Windows. To convert HTML to EPUB, there are many ways and choices. You’re able to find many HTML to EPUB tools in the market. However, some of them are not workable at all. The other day, I have tried more than three so-called HTML to EPUB converters. But every time what I got are messy EPUB files. All the layout of the text, images, graphics, etc are not like the original one in the HTML file. Fortunately, later I fixed all these problems by using Wondershare MePub. Wondershare MePub empowers you the ability to convert HTML to EPUB quickly and easily. Within 3-4 minutes, you can save almost 100 HTML files to an EPUB eBook. And additionally, you’re capable of customizing the book info, layout, tables of content, as well as adding a beautiful eBook cover. Here are the simple steps to save HTML to EPUB eBook.

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Download and install Wondershare MePub. Launch MePub. Fill in the Book info, set the Layout, Output setting and click Next. Click the Add contents button to import HTM files and then customize the tables of the contents. Click the Build button to convert HTML to EPUB.


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How to Convert HTML to EPUB  

How to convert HTML to EPUB? This article is an answer to the question. Read on to learn how to convert html to epub in Mac OS X and Windows...

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