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Samsung H MX-U10 H D camcorder hands-on By Ben Sillis August 21, 2009

Sammmy first let us know about the Samsung HMX-U10 back last month, but we’ve just got to grips with one of the Flip UltraHD battling camcorders ahead of its September launch. Want to see it up close? Read on for the full gallery. Pocket camcorders easier to use than a rolling pin are all the rage these days, and the South Korean giant is jumping in the deep end with the Samsung HMX-U10, packing the same “Push the red button” interface as some of its rivals, but some serious kit inside too. For one thing, the Samsung HMX-U10 shoots 1080p video (in your face, Flip) in H.264 and allows for quick YouTube uploads. But our fave thing is that Samsung’s still touting it as a stills camera too, taking tidy 10 megapixel pics, so if you find yourself recording as many videos on your compact as you do stills, it’s right up your street. The Samsung HMX-U10 will hit said street from next month for mid-level £149 price tag, in a kaleidoscopic range of colours, but get a peek in our gallery first.

HMX-U10 HD camcorder hands-on