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Samsung SMX-K40 FlashCam by TechTastic

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It wasn't long ago when the most popular format for camcorders was mini DV tape. Simple to use but hard to transfer over to a computer. Recently manufacturers are opting for hard drive and SD card solutions for video storage. This allows for easy transfer to a computer for editing and burning to a DVD. Today we take a look at Samsung's latest ultra light camcorder the SMX-K40.

The SMX-K40 features near HD quality video at a lower than HD price. The unit can record standard definition video at a resolution of 720?80, and then can be played back on an HDTV in near full-HD quality. Thanks to advanced upscaling technology and built in HDMI connectivity. The unit comes in three different colors, black, Blue, and silver.

Again Samsung has fitted this unit as with previous units with a World class Schneider-KREUZNACH lens. This lens is known for its clear and vivid images by correcting chromatic aberration and distortion. It also features an Optical Image Stabilizer and Samsung's Intelli-zoom. The Optical Image Stabilizer prevents shake by means of center plate positioning that moves in the opposite direction of the shaking. While on top of the 52X optical zoom, the 65X Intelli-zoom lets you get up close and personal even from far away. Recharging the unit can be accomplished by two ways. The standard DC adapter and also via a USB cable. Battery life for the unit is 120 minutes.

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Allows you to easily Share video files with one touch of a button. Files can be placed on the web in seconds for friends and family to enjoy. Simply connect the camcorder to the PC and press the upload button. Face





With the face detection technology it uses a sophisticated image processing algorithm that automatically detects up to 5 faces within the frame, adjusting focus and exposure to make sure that your video shows your subjects in the best possible light.



Samsung째 innovative iScene mode automatically adjusts the camcorders exposure, shutter speed and focus depending on the scene selected. Options are: Sports, Portrait, Spotlight, Beach, Snow, High Speed, Food and Waterfall. T ime



The Time Lapse Recording feature is designed to capture the passing of time. Shooting still frames at present intervals and then putting them in sequential order. An HD or SD video file is then created which allows the user to record hours of footage that can be viewed in seconds. Conclusion: The SMX-K40 has a lot to offer for the price. With its image stabilizing capabilities, even a novice can shoot proffesional looking video. While its Schneider-KREUZNACH lens will produce clear and vivid images. P ros: -Light -Image -Large Cons: HDMI cable not included


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Samsung's latest ultra light camcorder the SMX-K40  

The SMX-K40 features near HD quality video at a lower than HD price.

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