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Written by Hillary Fisher and Kiley Koeppe Illustrated by Bayly Shelley and Kajsa Swanson


Special thanks to Shelby Lawhorn

This book is dedicated to Suzy-Q, a true friend of Nano.

Nano didn’t like to go to school.“Wake up, Nano!” his mom would say. “You’re going to miss the bus!” He didn’t want to wake up.

At school, Nano studied robot subjects like space ship repair, factory tasks and electronics.

His favorite day was when his class got to practice making ice cream cones on the assembly line. His teacher made him the official taste tester!

Unlike other robots, Nano could swim. He loved to be in the pool. When he was swimming, he imagined he was a deep sea explorer. Because the other robots couldn’t swim, it was hard for him to make friends at school.

Nano felt alone.

“Why don’t you want to go to school, Nano?” his mom asked when she dropped him off at the bus stop. “I don’t have any friends,” Nano whispered.

“Have you tried talking to other robots?” his mom asked. “Yes.” “Have you asked them if they like to swim?”

That day, Nano decided that he would try to talk to the other robots. He gathered his courage and said, “Hello!� at the lunch table. None of the other robots put their lunches down to talk. Nano felt discouraged.

Even though he was discouraged, Nano didn’t give up. Every day he smiled and said, “Hello!” to the other robots who sat near him at the lunch table. After a few days, another robot named Astro said, “Hello!” back to Nano. Nano was so excited to talk to Astro that he didn’t have time to finish his lunch!

After school Astro and Nano sat next to each other on the bus to talk some more. “What do you do when you’re underwater?” Astro asked. “I don’t know how to swim.” Nano smiled, “I can teach you!”

The next day at recess Nano taught Astro how to swim and dive in the pool. “That was so much fun!� Astro said. They never wanted recess to be over.

Little by little, all of the other robots joined in. Each day became more exciting than the last.

Nano never wanted to miss school again.

The End


A story about a little robot and his struggle to make friends.


A story about a little robot and his struggle to make friends.