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Sarasvatii Mahaaa-Bhaagge Vidye Kaamala-L Locane |  Vidyaa-Ruupe e Vishaaal-Aaksssi Vidyaam m Dehi Namostute ||



Puja Arrangement Sri & Smt Dinkar Joshi

The statue of Maa Saraswati Sri Satish Dattani Sri Yogesh Sagar (MCA)

Sri Vinod Vora Students of Primary section

Sri Satish Dattani, Sri Ramanlal Shah, Sri Navin Sampat

Sri Navin Sampat, Sri Rajnikant Ghelani, Sri Mahesh Chandarana, Sri Ramanlal Shah, Sri Yogesh Sagar

VIISION N To create a healthy and progressive learning environment where conventional teaching methods blend with modern technology, providing a broad spectrum for value based education and international best practices.

MIS SSION N  To provide the best infrastructure at minimum cost to all our students a like.  To provide financial support to students to pursue their education and not drop out due to financial constraints.  To create one of the best learning atmospheres for all the students, to make them self-sufficient.  To encourage students to study in their mother tongue and improve their English language skill by providing educational support for the same.

VA ALUES S Integrity, transparency, excellence, constructive criticism, continual self-improvement, and mutual respect"

The Kandivli Education Society’s







Shri Tikamdas Purshotam Bhatia College of Science


Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Vividhlaxi Vidyalaya





KES’ Cambridge International Junior College

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Since 1936

Prooudly Pressentt 14th h Editioon of Gulm moharr 20112 - 13


The Kandivli Education Society Members of Managing Committee Sushri Hansaben Shroff

Sri Vinod K. Shah

Sri Hasmukh V. Sanghavi

Sri Dilip D. Ganatra

Sri Haresh J. Matani

Sri Navin V. Sampat

Sri Ramprasad K. Sheth

Sri Bijal A. Dattani

Sri Dinkar M. Joshi

Sri Mahesh K. Shah

Sri Dilipkumar M. Laijawala

Sri Ramanlal M. Shah

Sri Bhagwatibhai N. Shroff

Sri Bharat J. Dattani

Sri Karan L. Patel (Aspee)

Dr. Lalchand M. Pancholia

Sri Tikamdas P. Bhatia

Sri Mahesh K. Shroff

Sri Tejas D. Shroff

Smt Gita R. Bhatia

Sri Mohan C. Gajria

Sri Bhanuprasad L. Suthar

Smt Dipti B. Padia

Sri Kausik M. Laijawala


Office - Bearers Sri Satish J. Dattani President Sri Mahesh D. Chandarana Secretary

Sri Vinod N. Vora Vice-President

Sri Rajnikant D. Ghelani Hon. Jt. Secretary

Sri Rajendra M. Danthi Hon. Treasurer/Trustee

Editorial Team EDITOR -IN CHIEF


Smt Sangeeta N. Srivastava

Smt Deepti Rathod


Smt Shalini Mundra

Smt Rashmi Pandya

Smt Manju Thakur

Sri John M. D.

Smt Madhvi Joshi

Sri Shailendra Gupta

Sri A. N. Patel


Smt Anuradha Singh

Sri Sameer Khasnis

Smt Lata Merchant


Smt Ratna Dhavan

Ms. Kajal Ashar.

Sri Kanhayalal Mishra


Smt Kalpa Matani

Smt Sumati Murgesh


Theme of the year 2012 - 13

Eye and Skin Donation Awareness among Students, Staff and Parents

One Vision, One Mission... Principal Smt Srivastava, ‘Where the vision is one year, cultivate flowers; Where the vision is ten years, cultivate trees; Where the vision is eternity, cultivate people’. We all know that school is a place where young minds President Kandivli Education Society are cultivated and I feel proud to say that all our staff, teaching and non teaching are continuously striving hard to fulfill this vision of eternity. Our institute has completed 75 years of existence and today I find that a very large number of people of Kandivli and its vicinity have studied in our institutes over this period. It humbles me to think the enormity of it all. Bearing the above vision in mind the management of KES has objectives to attain excellence in all the areas and are committed to do the needful to achieve these objectives. Sri Satish J. Dattani

real job is to be done by the teachers and other staff to make our school and college a temple of learning. It is our moral responsibility to ensure an all round development of all the students who are a part of our institution. We have to instill values and ethics into their character and this is not an easy task. But I feel extremely proud to say, that our teachers are doing a wonderful job and putting great efforts to fulfill this objective of KES. I keep getting information about the extraordinary achievements of our students and staff through our Principal and I feel that the contribution of teachers, students and their parents is valuable in achieving all this. Lastly, I congratulate all of you who have come together to bring out this beautiful annual magazine ‘Gulmohar’, which is a testimony of the year round activities of your sections. I also take this opportunity to say that the management of KES is dedicated to the cause of education and will always support the good intentions of all.

I always say that the responsibility of the management is to provide the infrastructure and facilities, but the

Sri Satish J. Dattani

 ek AaOr saur... efoveebkeÀ - 9 cee®e&, 2013 Òeefle, Òee®ee³ee&, ìer. Heer. Yeeìer³ee keÀe@}spe Dee@HeÀ mee³ebme SJeceb mejoej Je}ÁYeYeeF& Heìs} efJeefJeOe}#eer efJeÐee}³e, keÀebefoJe}er (He.), cegbyeF& 400 067. Þeerceleer mebieerlee ÞeerJeemleJe peer, meeoj vecemles ~

Deeefo nceejs keÀebefoJe}er Sp³egkesÀµeve meesmee³eìer (KES) kesÀ keÀBcHeme keÀer TlkeÀ<þ PeebkeÀer keÀjelee nw ~ Jeeef<e&keÀ DebkeÀ kesÀ ÒeefmeOo keÀjves ces men³eesieer nesvesJee}s meye efµe#ekeÀ, ÒeeO³eeHekeÀ, efJeÐeeLeea, efJeÐeeLeeaveer meyekeÀes neefo&keÀ DeefYevebove ~ mebieerleepeer, DeeHekeÀes efJeµes<e yeOeeF& ~ DeeHekesÀ vesle=lJe ces ³en Jeeef<e&keÀ DebkeÀ Üeje µee}e, keÀe@}spe kesÀ efJeµes<e Hen}gDees keÀer peevekeÀejer Hee}keÀ SJebced meceepe keÀes efce}leer nw ~ DeefYevebove ~ DeefYevebove ~ DeefYevebove ~

nceejer µee}e, SJeceb mee³ebme keÀe@}spe keÀe Jeeef<e&keÀ DebkeÀ (ceBiePeerve) 14 Jes Je<e& ces ÒeJesµe keÀj jne nw, ³en peevekeÀj Kegµeer ngF& ~ mvesneOeerve DeeHe meyekeÀes DeefYevebove ~ Òeefle Je<e& ³en Jeeef<e&keÀ DebkeÀ yengle meg®ee© ©Hemes ÒeefmeOo efkeÀ³ee peelee nw ~

efJeveeso Jeesje kesÀ. F&. Sme. GHeeO³e#e

efJeefJeOe keÀe³e&¬eÀceeskesÀ HeÀesìesûeeHeÌme,efJeÐeeLeeaveerDeeWkesÀ }sKe, keÀefJelee


Straight from the Heart... It gives me extreme pleasure to have the 14th edition of Gulmohar in my hands. The annual magazine is the result of creative efforts of school and Junior College students and staff and it speaks volumes about the quality of Sri Mahesh D. Chandarana activities going on. Many of Hon. Secretary our students made us proud Kandivli Education Society by achievements in various examinations and by winning many prestigious awards and prizes at Interschool/Intercollegiate cultural and sports activities. In the last few years we have seen tremendous growth in these sections in terms of academics and numbers. I compliment the principal Sangeeta Srivastava and her team for their vision and hard work in their mission of educational endeavour . I also compliment the editorial team of Gulmohar. We believe that all our students are equal, irrespective of their financial

or social status of their parents. They are taught in such a way that they can make their own mark in society and become responsible citizents in future. The students in our technical section are already privileged as they get the experience of working in the technical subjects that give them an edge over other students in higher education. Our Junior college has been continuously upgrading in terms of academics specially the vocational subjects. Today the college has a very strong base of vocational subjects and good teaching which has been helping students for better scores in Board exams and for higher education. The management of KES has always been committed to provide the best of infrastructure and educational facilities for its students. I wish you all the best and hope that your commitment and dedication will go a long way in making our institution a leading one in all spheres of education.

Sri Mahesh D. Chandarana

Right time to Write... Another year has gone by and we have come to the 14th edition of our yearly magazine ‘Gulmohar’. I congratulate and appreciate all the staff, students and parents who have put in their efforts to bring out this magazine. The sustained efforts of all involved in the day to day activities of school and college has resulted in making it stand out in crowd. Efforts put on the critical issues of students’ academic improvement by providing hands on experience of technology in education programme that is relevant to the realities of today has borne outstanding results. But looking at the current status of both the sections of school and college I strongly feel that best is yet to come. I think we must look up to achieving the global standards in all sections of English and Gujarati medium and Science Junior college. We should also strive hard to achieve a value based education system, conducive to all round development of all students with high ethical standards and integrity.


Bearing the above objectives that I also see in your vision and mission, the management of KES has already committed that we shall implement whatever is desired without much delay. Finally, I feel very proud of the extraordinary achievements of our students in academics, sports, dramatics, dance and music, at the city, state and national levels. I also congratulate the principal and staff for motivating students for better performances and bringing better results in all the fields year after year…

Sri Rajnikant D. Ghelani Hon. Jt. Secretary Kandivli Education Society


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Principal’s Message

paralyzed below waist. She came to me in std 5 and with her dream for education and her parents support she completed her SSC with first class, did Science in our college and today is student of BSC IT in our college. All these success stories teach us, how to beat the odds and pursue our dream. But before that it is pertinent to dream. As one enters our campus at school section or Junior College one is surely enamoured by the range of activities going on everywhere. As one move from one section to the other, the fragrance and essence of the vision of the institution captivates one and all. The sound of students practicing Band or Lezim or mass drill, to the noise made by keyboards of computers, to sound systems booming with demonstrations of Smart Class audio-visual facilities, or the buzz in the vast and numerous laboratories of science section make one feel that learning is taking place in its true sense. We derive value from this Sanskrit Shloka Om Saha Nau-Avatu | Saha Nau Bhunaktu | Saha Viiryam Karava-Avahai | Tejasvi Nau-Adhii-Tam-Astu Maa Vidviss-Aavahai | Om Shaantih Shaantih Shaantih || Which means Om, May God Protect Us Both (The Teacher and The Student), May God Nourish Us Both, May We Work Together With Energy and Vigour, May Our Study Be Enlightening, Not Giving Rise To Hostility, Om, Peace, Peace, Peace. I would like to take this message forward into our next academic year in more meaningful manner to be instilled into young minds and the teachers… Gulmohar , our annual magazine is a testimony to all the activities and I hope you will enjoy going through them and articles that have found their way into it….

Sangeeta N. Srivastava Principal


With Rhyme and Reason

‘Study as if you were to live forever, live as if you were to die tomorrow… Character cannot be built with mortar and stone. It cannot be built by hands other than your own…’ These words of Mahatma Gandhi has always inspired me since the time I was a student. I have been intrigued by the quest for education these great people have always had. I used to have a question in my mind about how much education is enough for a person to achieve true success. Through many years of experience, now I can understand that Learning can never be enough and it is lifelong. Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere. No matter what his present state, a man can always change for the better through Education and discipline. Every day I come across living examples of young boys and girls, surmounting all odds to achieve what seem impossible. Prema Jayakumar, daughter of a Mumbaibased auto rickshaw driver, topped the All India Chartered Accountancy (CA) examination. Residing in a crammed one-room chawl in suburban Malad (Mumbai) with her parents and brother, the 24-yearold achieved this success. Similarly Gnana Sampath, son of a farm labourer in Pogalur village, Tamil Nadu, secured the 3rd position in CA final exam. He struggled to complete his graduation and later CA exam. I have many students in my own institute who give me a lot of inspiration to fight with adversities and achieve success.14 year old Mst Purshottam Pawar, our student of S.V.P. section, comes from a poor family where in his home; he hardly has a place of his own to study. Despite the adverse conditions, this boy has nurtured his talent of Art and painting and is winning prizes up to state level wherever he goes for competitions. 16 year old Chandansahu fought the odds and won a place in National Volley Ball team for interschool competitions; Ms Shahnaaz Khan inspite of coming from a very deprived family has been winning prizes for Carrom and reached up to Zonal level competitions. 12 year old Nutan Suthar had lost her entire family in the earthquake of Bhuj except her mother when she was just 2 months; in such dire states too she is the topper of her class. Mst Gautam Gauba, our student of Sri T. P. Bhatia College fought with a rare form of bone cancer in his elbow. He was operated on the right arm from shoulder to elbow, replaced by an implant just before his SSC exams. He could not attend school at all due to chemotherapy and weakness, but determined to lead a normal life; he worked hard and appeared for Board Exams without help of a writer. Today he is preparing for his JEE exams along with HSC Science and is a cheerful boy who is pursuing his dream facing all odds. And my most heart rending example is of my student Aruna Dube, who is handicapped, totally depended on her parents for any movement as she is

Our Distinguished Guests...

Sri Yogesh Sagar MLA

Sri Navin Dave Business man and philanthropist

Dr. Harish Shetty Psychologist

Dr. Girish Trivedi Eye Donation and AIDS awareness

Sri Abhinay Deo Film Director

Dr. Rashmi Karandikar Deputy Commissioner of Police

Smt Shalini P. Joshi Jt. Director of Maharashtra Judicial Academy

Sri Manoj Mourya Director, Muse Advertising

Ms. Ragini Khanna TV Actor

Sri Arvind Joshi G. M. (Marketing) Aastha Channel

Sri Mahendra Devlekar Mind Trainer

Dr. B. Satyanarayana Scientist of TIFR

Dr. Vivek Vijay Vargiya Co-Ordinator Faculty Affair - IIT Jodhpur

Sri P. B. D'cruz Ex. Atheletic Coach Maharashtra State

Sri Rohan V. Bhosale Maharashtra Ranji Trophy opening Batsman


»´É +{Éà ¸ÉuÉ »ÉWÇ{ɾÉùà V«ÉÉùà »ÉÞʺ÷{ÉÒ ùSÉ{ÉÉ HùÒ l«ÉÉùà +{ÉàH Y´ÉÉà{Éà Al~É}É H«ÉÉÇ, ~ÉiÉ lÉà{ÉÉ lÉà{Éà »ÉÅlÉÉàºÉ oÉ«ÉÉà {ɾÓ. >¹Éù{Éà Ê´ÉSÉÉù +É´«ÉÉà Hà ©Éá +É »ÉÞʺ÷{ÉÒ ùSÉ{ÉÉ lÉÉà HùÒ, ~ÉùÅlÉÖ +É ùSÉ{ÉÉ{Éà »É©ÉW´ÉÉ´ÉɳÖÅ +É HÉ«ÉÇ{Éà Ê¥ÉùqÉ´É´ÉɳÖÅ, »É©ÉOÉ »ÉÞʺ÷{ÉÉ +iÉÖ+à +iÉÖ{Éàà +Éà³LÉ´É´ÉɳÖÅ lÉoÉÉ lÉà{Éà AnÉ©ÉùÒlÉà §ÉÉàNÉ´É{ÉÉù lÉÉà HÉà> W {ÉoÉÒ, lÉàoÉÒ W lÉàiÉà ©É{ÉÖº«É{ÉÒ ùSÉ{ÉÉ HùÒ. »ÉWÇ{ɾÉù{ÉÖÅ AlHÞº÷ »ÉWÇ{É lÉà ©ÉÉ{É´ÉÒ. ©É{ÉÖº«É{Éà PÉeÒ{Éà »ÉWÇ{ɾÉùà ~ÉÉàlÉÉ{ÉÒ H±ÉÉ lÉÉà qÉLÉ´ÉÒ, Hà©ÉHà Y´ÉÉà lÉÉà +{ÉàH oÉ«ÉÉ ~ÉùÅlÉÖ ©É{ÉÖº«É +à >¹Éù{ÉÒ +à´ÉÒ HÞÊlÉ Uà Wà©ÉÉÅ Y´É +{Éà +Él©ÉÉ ¥ÉÅ{Éà Uà. Y´É »ÉÉ©ÉÉ{«É Uà, ~ɶÉÖ ~ÉÅLÉÒ qùàH©ÉÉÅ W Uà, »É©ÉOÉ SÉàlÉ{É »ÉÞʺ÷©ÉÉÅ Y´É Uà, ~ÉùÅlÉÖ +Él©ÉÉ £GlÉ ©É{ÉÖº«É©ÉÉÅ W Uà. +Él©ÉÉ wÉùÉ ©É{ÉÖº«É »É©ÉOÉ »ÉÞʺ÷ A~Éù Ê´ÉW«É ©Éà³´ÉÒ ¶ÉHà Uà. ©É{É +{Éà +Él©ÉÉ ©ÉÉ{É´ÉY´É{É{ÉÉ ¥Éà ~ÉÉ»ÉÉ Uà. ©É{É SÉÅSɳ Uà Wà PÉeÒ PÉeÒ Ê´ÉSÉÉù ¥Éq±Éà Uà ~ÉùÅlÉÖ +Él©ÉÉ{Éà lÉÉà ©ÉÅoÉ{É +{Éà ÊSÉÅlÉ{É wÉùÉ +Éà³LÉÒ ¶ÉHÉ«É Uà.

lÉ©ÉÉùÒ XlÉ (»´É) {Éà +Éà³LÉ´ÉÉ ©ÉÉ÷à +É W +Él©ÉÉ{ÉÉ +´ÉÉW{Éà +Éà³LÉ´ÉÉà ~Ée¶Éà. V«ÉÉùà Êq±É©ÉÉÅ ¸ÉuÉ{ÉÒ V«ÉÉàlÉ ¾¶Éà lÉÉà `»´É'{ÉÉà qÒ´ÉÉà +É~ÉÉà +É~É ¡ÉNÉ÷ oɶÉàà. Y´É{É©ÉÉÅ `»´É©ÉÉÅ' ¸ÉuÉ ¾Éà´ÉÒ LÉÚ¥É W W°ùÒ Uà. lÉà ©ÉÉ÷à +É~ÉiÉà +É~ÉiÉÉ +Él©ÉÉ{Éàà WNÉÉe´ÉÉ{ÉÉà Uà. »ÉÉùÖ´ÉÉÅSÉ{É, »ÉÉùÉ Ê´ÉSÉÉùÉàà »ÉÉùÉ »ÉÅ»HÉùÉà wÉùÉ Y´É{É ¡Él«Éà{ÉÉà ¾HÉùÉl©ÉH +ʧÉNÉ©É +~É{ÉÉ´É´ÉÉ{ÉÉà Uà. LÉà±ÉÊq±ÉÒ lÉoÉÉ Ê´É¹ÉÉ»ÉoÉÒ +É~ÉiÉà ¸ÉuÉ wÉùÉ +É~ÉiÉà Y´É{É©ÉÉÅ +É´ÉlÉÒ qùàH ©ÉÖ»ÉÒ¥ÉlÉÉà{ÉÉà »ÉÉ©É{ÉÉà LÉÚ¥É W +É»ÉÉ{ÉÒoÉÒ HùÒ ¶ÉHÒ+à UÒ+à +{Éà Y´É{É©ÉÉÅ H«ÉÉùà ~ÉiÉ ¾Éù{ÉÉà »ÉÉ©É{ÉÉà Hù´ÉÉà ~ÉelÉÉà {ÉoÉÒ +{Éà UlÉÉÅ ~ÉiÉ Xà ¾Éù{ÉÉà »ÉÉ©É{ÉÉà Hù´ÉÉ{ÉÉà +É´Éà lÉÉà ʾũÉlÉoÉÒ HùÒ ¶ÉHÒ+à UÒ+à. ù¶©ÉÒ ©ÉÖHà¶É ~ÉÅe«ÉÉ A~ÉÉSÉÉ«ÉÉÇ - +à»É.´ÉÒ.~ÉÒ.

 meesvee íesæ[es, meesvee HeeDees! Success is no far, if focus is always on the goal… Goal is no near, if focus is always on the success!

Dear Students… Had Sachin Tendulkar, Dhirubhai Ambani or Abraham Lincoln not sacrificed their sleep, they wouldn’t have reached this height. When they were giving up their childhood, their joy, they were actually not playing on the ground, but they were slogging hard to shape their career! Doing this is very scientific and conceptual! Follow it and here is how you can benefit… “If one exercises every day right from child hood, she is fitter than any one not doing so or starting this very late in life! Similarly, earlier you start to take your task seriously, sweeter are the fruits and deeper would be the roots of the fruits!” It’s not so easy like a child’s play and not so difficult as to burn the mid-night oil every day! No matter you take a small bit of effort but you have to be consistent in doing so. Like plants are to be watered regularly, else we can’t justify pouring in all the excess water on one particular day! Even you need to start taking small bits but on regular basis. At this age, your job is only to study and one must take up one’s job very sincerely. Children, it’s agreed that you have a lot to cover in studies, a lot to manage with friends and overall, lead a stress-free life but remember, there is no substitute

for hard work. Frankly, tell me, what is hard work? You grow up since your 0 year age, by doing so much of hard work. You feed yourself regularly; you play (i.e. physical activity) regularly, you sleep regularly (i.e. taking rest), you might be going to school/college regularly, but do you give time to your studies regularly? You are fortunate to live in city like Mumbai which portrays a never-say-die-spirit. Despite severe odds Mumbai has always been back to work with normal life, faster than any city in India. It is said, Mumbai never sleeps… I want to ask you all, if you have been sleeping regularly, then who are they, who do not let the city sleep? Working hard must come to us as a habit, not as an incidence or event happening once a while! Even if we fail, get up and get ready to fight again! May be, we fail again, but we must be happy for not failing for the same reason again! Had Edison given up his efforts, after failing for 10,000 times, we wouldn’t have been enjoying the benefits of electric bulb today? So, whether you toil hard at mid-night, or you fail for tenth time, keep working and keep trying… Once you are caught into the habit of working, my dear students, success will be yours! Sri Shailendra Gupta Vice Principal - Jr. College


Success, Virtue, Perseverance, Valiant, Venture

¶ÉɳÉ{ÉÖÅ NÉÉäù´É ´ÉyÉÉùlÉÉ Ê´ÉvÉoÉÔ 2012 - 13 NÉÖWùÉlÉÒ ©ÉÉy«É©É

~ÉÅSÉÉ±É ¡ÉÊlÉH 5.LÉ 80%

]±ÉÉ »ÉàW±É¥ÉÉ +à»É. 5. ¥É. 88%

WNÉeÉ Ê©É±É{É Hà. 5.e 18%

+ÉùàÊoÉ«ÉÉ Ê¡É«ÉÉ +à»É. 5. > 92%

´ÉÉPÉà±ÉÉ Ê{É±É©É +à©É. 5.e 88%

ÊmÉ´ÉàqÒ ¡ÉÉSÉÒ Wà. 5.£ 85%

»ÉÉàeÓNÉɱÉÉ q«ÉÉ ¡É£Ø±É 5.+. 88%

»ÉÉ~ÉÊù«ÉÉ q¶ÉÇ{É Wà. 5.LÉ.88%

÷ÉÅe ©ÉÉ{É»ÉÒ +à©É. 5.£ 90%

»ÉÖoÉÉù {ÉÖlÉ{É «ÉÉà. 5.e 90%

HÉÊù«ÉÉ HùiÉ eÒ. 5. >. 85%

SÉÉä¾É{É ùÉà{ÉH +à. 1- +. 119, 81%

»Éù´Éä«ÉÉ ©ÉÉ{É»ÉÒ ~ÉÒ. 1- ¥É. 801, 90%

~ÉÊ´ÉSÉÉù +ÊKÉlÉÉ +à. 1- £. 823, 81%

¡ÉX~ÉÊlÉ lÉÞººÉÉ +àSÉ. 1- e. 199, 89%

NÉÉàʾ±É X[ÉÉ ¥ÉÒ. 1- >.151, 85%

´ÉeNÉ©ÉÉ X{¾´ÉÒ 1- £. 149, 43%

»ÉlÉùÉ Ê{ÉÊyÉ ¡Éà©ÉX 8- +. 151, 83%

©ÉùÉà±ÉÒHù Êq´«ÉÉ Hà. 8- ¥É. 114, 85%

ùÉ©É~ÉÊù«ÉÉ ÊHÅW±É +Éù. 8- H. 148, 43.22%

eÉHÉàù §ÉÚ©ÉÒ +. 8- e.591, 11.44%

NÉÉà»Éù HÞÊlÉ X. 8 ->. 151, 85%

»ÉÉàeÒNÉÉlÉÉ V«ÉÉàlÉÒ ¡É. 8- £. 151, 84%

SÉÉà÷ɱɫÉÉ ´ÉºÉÉÇ ù. 8- £. 159, 84%

SÉÉ´ÉeÉ CÊ©ÉDZÉÉ W. 12-5. 85.28%

~É÷à±É A©ÉNÉ NÉ. 9-¥É. 98.91%

qà»ÉÉ> §ÉÚ©ÉÒ W. »ÉÅPÉ´ÉÒ Ê¡É«É±É e. ~Éù©ÉÉù lÉ{É´ÉÒ ~É. ~Éù©ÉÉù ©ÉÒ{ÉÉKÉÒ ù. 8- »ÉÒ.151, 88.34% 9 - e. 133, 85.24% 9 - £. 599, 82.24% 8- £. 524, 12.24%

~ÉÅSÉÉ±É ©É¾Ò©ÉÉ ¥É. 9-©É. 841, 89.25% 10

lɳ´ÉàHù +ÉÊ¶ÉºÉ HÉä. 10-©É.90.55%

»ÉÉàeÒNÉɱÉÉ W«É. 10 -©É, 90.55%

Meritorious Students : 2012 English Medium

Vadhvana Kartik K. IV-B, 88%

Janvi Solanki IV-C, 84%

Gupta Nikit B. V-J, 88%

Bhagat Sandhya S. V-K, 85%

Vaghela Mitali R. V-L, 85%

Rushi S. V-M, 91%

Shetty Kashish P. VI-J, 88%

Maurya Shivam G. VI-K, 85%

Darji Kapali R. VI-L, 88%

Shah Khushi P. VI-M, 86%

Shah Tirth V. VII-J, 86.70%

Dharod Rajvi A. VII-K, 87%

Mandale Manisha S. VII-L, 85%

Sharma Vishal A. VII-M, 83%

Shah Bhoomi J. VIII-J, 85%

Pathak Nitesh P. VIII-K, 87%

Vishwakarma Ajit V. VIII-L, 89%

Gupta Priya A. VIII-T, 85%

Mehta Twinkle B. IX-J, 76%

Doshi Ronak P. IX-K, 82.71%

Gedia Sneha C. IX-T, 79.05%

Rodat Prashant X-J, 87%

Shah Riddhi K. X-K, 89.64%

Padhiar Roshani X-T, 88%


The Ignited Minds

Chauhan Aashtha P. IV-A, 89%

Education goes the global way... Shri T. P. Bhatia College of Science H.S.C. Toppers 2012

Tellis Melroy XII - A - 96%

Hardik Parekh XII - C - 94.83%

Patel Sagar XII - E - 94.33%

International Information Olympiad 2012 Sushi S. Maniar XI 12th Sof National Cyber Olympiad School Rank 2nd Silver Medal Rushabh J. Shah XI 12th Sof National Cyber Olympiad School Rank 1st Gold Medal

Maulik J. Shah 12th SOF National Cyber Olympiad School Rank 3rd Bronze Medal

Mruthunjay S. Mehendale - XII 12th SOF National Cyber Olympiad School Rank 3rd Bronze Medal

Jinesh G. Rathod XI 12th SOF National Cyber Olympiad School Rank 3rd Bronze Medal

Ronak H. Thakkar

Deep V. Parikh XI

Aarushi I. Sanghani XI

15th SOF National Sci.olympiad School Rank 1st Gold Medal

National Sci. Olympiad School Rank 2 Silver Medal

Aditya R. Munot



12th SOF National Cyber Olympiad School Rank 1st Gold Medal

12th SOF National Cyber Olympiad School Rank 2nd Silver Medal

Yug Desai XI School Toppers Medal winner -15th SOF National Science Olympiad School Rank 3rd, Bronze Medal

Aakash Dhongade XII 15th SOF National Science Olympiad School Rank 1st, Gold Medal

Prayag Soni School Rank 2nd, City Rank 6th, State Rank 28th & International Rank 249th Silver Medal

Pranav K. Udupa

Priyanka Sangani

Dolly Patel

Monish Purshotam

Utsav Rajesh

Deveshree Pankaj

11th A English Olympiad

XII Aided

11th English Olympiad

75th in Olympiad 9th in State

74th in Olympiad 2nd in State

50th in Olympiad 5th in State

S. V. P. V. Vidyalaya International Information Olympiad 2012

Neel Kapadia 12th English Olympiad Rushi Stuti (VI-M)Gold Medal


Lad Darsh Nilesh (VI-L)Silver Medal

Singh Saurabh Arun (VII-K)Gold Medal

Tell us Melroy Tellis “Education is the chief defense of country”. To achieve the apex of success one has to toil day & night. One among many such ‘Never dying spirit’ personality, we have our very brilliant student Mst. Melroy Tellis, a student who gave every one of us a message, Don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limitation, ‘Don’t believe in your doubts and don’t doubt your beliefs’. Mst. Melroy hails from very simple family but groomed with high thinking and so he could touch the peak of excellence in his academic career. Few of his achievements are enlisted below. Stood 5th in Mumbai Securing & 96% Aggregate in H.S.C. (Science) 100 out of 100: Physics, 98 out of 100: Maths & 96 out of 100: Chemistry

Hon'ble Treasurer, KES Sri Rajendra Danthi felicitating Mst. Melroy Tellis

Scholarship: Maharashtra Education Board Award and Certificate: The Bombay Catholic Sabha, Mahim, Bnni Dias, Ferdi Blanche Doutton & Prof. Ramesh J Nadkarni Organization: Dr. Antonio Dasilva, Dhirubhai Ambani Foundation, Govt. of Maharashtra, St. Joseph’s Educational & Technical Training Trust, Dadar (W), Kandivli Education Society, Bless Minorities Development Foundation, Medal Co-op Bank Ltd. Citizen Credit Bank, Rotary Club of Mumbai (Kandivli) & Co-operation Bank, Nariman Point. Mst. Melroy Tellis believes ‘Action speaks louder than words’, as inspired by Gandhiji’s message ‘Let’s determine & venture today to emulate’ very promising student of Shri T. P. Bhatia College of Science.

A Few Words of Gratitude I wish to thank all the teachers and management for their zeal and relentless efforts to impart quality education. They served as flaming torches of inspiration. The great playwright G. B. Shaw once said,” Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.” The teachers of Shri T. P. Bhatia College of Science have proved him wrong with their high level of competence. I would also like to thank the management for creating an atmosphere which is conducive to learning & holistic development of students. Swati Ma’am would give me many useful tips about the manner in which the Physics paper should be written which helped me to bag a perfect score in Physics. I would also like to thank Seema Ma’am of the Electronics Department, Archana Ma’am, Nutan Ma’am, Madhavi Ma’am, Mishra Sir and Dubey Sir for their guidance and words of encouragement. The practical schedule set by the college was extremely convenient and student-friendly. The science festival organized by the college was informative and entertaining at the same time eminent personalities such as the renowned psychiatrist Dr. Harish Shetty graced the dais with their presence and spoke on a wide range of topics spanning cyber-security, career options, effective study techniques etc. In particular, Dr. Harish Shetty’s tips for effective study were of great assistance to me. After the prelims, my teachers pointed out the shortcomings in my papers and gave me advice on how to improve them. I am indeed indebted to them. I would advise all students who aspire to ace their H.S.C. Board Exams to focus on qualitative study rather than quantitative study. They should also refrain from neglecting their Board Exams in order to concentrate on entrance tests since a solid foundation in H.S.C. is the key to success in entrance tests. The atmosphere at my present college V. J. T. I. is very much similar to the atmosphere at Shri T. P. Bhatia College of Science. There are ample venues for extra-curricular activities such as debates, robotics workshops, quiz contests, annual fests, inter-college competitions etc. It would give me great pleasure to see more T.P.B. students there. I would request the management and staff to keep up the good works. Thank you Melroy Tellis


Young Achievers Mo. Salman A. Tavvab Ansari

Won Gold Medal in Mayor’s Sikai Competition held on 10th March 2013

Nafisa Abdul Tavvab Ansari

Won Silver Medal in Mayor’s Sikai Competition held on 8th March 2013

NÉÖWùÉlÉÒ ©ÉÉy«É©É©ÉÉÅ §ÉiÉ´ÉÖÅ +{Éà +à ~ÉiÉ S. V. P Wà´ÉÒ ¶ÉɳɩÉÉÅ §ÉiÉ´ÉÖÅ +à ©ÉÉùÉ ©ÉÉ÷à PÉiÉÒ NÉ´ÉÇ{ÉÒ ´ÉÉlÉ Uà. V«ÉÉùà +l«ÉÉùà NÉÖWùÉlÉÒ ©ÉÉy«É©É{ÉÖÅ {ÉÉ©É ¥ÉyÉàoÉÒ +ÉàUÖÅ oÉ> ù¾«ÉÖÅ Uà l«ÉÉùà ¾á NÉ´ÉÇoÉÒ H¾à´ÉÉ ©ÉÉÅNÉÖ Uà Hà ¾ÖÅ NÉÖWùÉlÉÒ©ÉÉÅ §ÉiÉÒ{Éà DOCTOR ¥É{ÉÒ NÉ«ÉÉà UÖÅ. +à ~ÉùoÉÒ +à W H¾à´ÉÉ ©ÉÉÅNÉÖ UÖÅ. Hà Wà ~ÉÉàlÉÉ{ÉÒ qNÉ»É +{Éà ©É¾à{ÉlÉ ¾Éà«É lÉÉà HÉà> ~ÉiÉ §ÉɺÉÉ©ÉÉŠʶÉKÉiÉ ©Éà³´Éà +{Éà ©ÉÉ-¥ÉÉ~É{ÉÉ +ɶÉÒ´ÉÉÇqoÉÒ NÉ©Éà lÉà ¾ÉÅ»É±É HùÒ ¶ÉHà Uà. ¶É¶ÉÉÅH +ÉʶÉlÉ qà»ÉÉ> (89.60%) 2006 Poster Competition on Population Day and Literacy Day First Prize and Sahyadri Drawing Competition 2nd Prize. Manish M. Kamble 10th/T


Purshottam Pawar 10th T, has won all the Art and Drawing competitions up to state level.

Purshottam J. Pawar 10th/T

Young Achievers 194/200

Engineering CET 2nd Rank in Mumbai 3rd Rank In Maharashtra

Medical CET 11th Rank in Mumbai 20th Rank in Maharashtra

Sagar Patel

e et P lay C o m p

Dweep Barbhaya


io n




o ll

Str ege


Nisheet Dodia Yash Dodia

Mono Acting State level 1st prize and National Level 2nd prize Aahir Kumar Haresh

Tejas Narvekar Kashish Parmar Parth Shah

Sta te a nd ize Nati onal Level 1st pr

AahirKumar Haresh

Gold Medal At District Level Weight Lifting Championship In 94kg. Gold Medal At Divisional Level Weight Lifting Championship In 94Kg. Gold Medal At State Level Weight Lifting Championship In 94Kg. Solomon Padayattil Gold Medal At State Level Kick Boxing Championship In 86kg . Gold Medal At District Level In taekwondo Competition In 86kg. Chintan Shah (XII / I)

Ist Place At International Level Competition In Kata Ist Place At International Level Competition In Kumite. Kevin Chettiar (XI / I)

Gold Medal At State Level Kick Boxing Championship In 86kg. Gold Medal At District Level In taekwondo Competition In 86kg. Darshan Raval (XII / G)


Drama 'efpemekeÀer ueeþer GmekeÀer YeQme' ³es vegkeÌkeÀæ[ veeìkeÀ ceer[er³ee Hej SkeÀ keÀceWì Deewj keÀìe#e keÀjlee ngDee J³ebie nw, efpemes efveefleve ieesmJeeceer peer ves efueKee nw, Fme vegkeÌkeÀæ[ veeìkeÀ ceW ³es efoKee³ee ie³ee nQ efkeÀ efkeÀme lejn Deepe kesÀ DeKeyeej, Deepe kesÀ v³etpe [e@. Debpevee ieesmJeeceerr ®e@veume v³etpe keÀes SbìjìseEveie yeveeves ceW ueies ngS nw, Jees Fme ®ekeÌkeÀj ceW DeHeves meejs Gmetue, meceepe kesÀ Òeefle DeHeveer efpeccesoejer Deewj DeHeveer YetefcekeÀe keÀes Yetue ®egkesÀ nw. Jees ³es Yetue ®egkesÀ nw keÀer Jees peveleb$e kesÀ ®eewLes mlecYe nQ Deewj Gvnsb DeHevee keÀece Hetjer Fceeveoejer mes keÀjvee ®eeefnS. Fmeer mebJesoveMeerue efJe<e³e Hej efkeÀ³ee ie³ee J³ebie nw ’efpemekeÀer ueeþer GmekeÀer YeQme“

³es Henuee Ssmee veeìkeÀ Lee efpemeves T.P.B. College keÀes vesMeveue uesJeue kesÀ [^ecee keÀecHeerìerMeve ceW vee efmeHe&À peerle efoueJeeF& yeefukeÀ Deeue Fbef[³ee ceW Henues vebyej Hes uee efo³ee.

Fme veeìkeÀ keÀer ³ee$ee efpeleveer uebyeer Leer Gleveer ner jes®ekeÀ Yeer Leer, Fmemes Henues efpeleves Yeer vegkeÌkeÀæ[ veeìkeÀ ceQves lew³eej keÀjJeeS, GvneWves nj yeej kebÀner ve kebÀner HegjmkeÀej peerles, mejenvee ÒeeHle keÀer Deewj GvnW keÀjves ceW Gleveer HejsMeeefve³eeB keÀYeer veneR ngF& efpeleveer keÀer Fme veeìkeÀ keÀes keÀjves ces ngF&~

Fmeer veeìkeÀ keÀer Jepen mes kegÀí ye®®es Henueer yeej nJeeF& ³ee$ee keÀjkesÀ keÀesuekeÀÊee ieS. Fme veeìkeÀ keÀer Jepen mes cegPes Yeer SkeÀ Glmeen Deewj DeelceefJeéeeme efceuee Deewj Fmeer veeìkeÀ keÀer Jepen mes nceejs keÀeuespe keÀes SkeÀ GHeueeqyOe efceueer Deewj SkeÀ ve³ee Fefleneme yevee~

Fme veeìkeÀ keÀe Henuee ceb®eve neslee Lee ’Gcebie HesÀefmìJnue“ ceW, peneB osj mes HentB®eves keÀer Jepen mes Dee³eespekeÀeW ves FmekeÀe ceb®eve vener nesves efo³ee. otmejer yeej peye Fmes cebef®ele efkeÀ³ee lees JeneB Yeer Fmes keÀesF& HegjmkeÀej veneR efceuee, Ssmeer neueele ceW ueieves ueiee efkeÀ ³es veeìkeÀ ner ’Heveesleer“ nQ Deewj FmekeÀe kegÀí vener nes mekeÀlee. uesefkeÀve DeHeves leermejs Mees mes ner Fme veeìkeÀ ves DeHevee jbie efoKeevee Megª efkeÀ³ee Deewj SkeÀ kesÀ yeeo SkeÀ Òeefle³eesefieleeDeeW ceW peerlelee ®euee ie³ee. cegbyeF& mes ueskeÀj cenejeä^ lekeÀ Deewj efHeÀj ceneje<ì^ mes Hetjs Yeejle ceW ³es veeìkeÀ Henues vebyej Hej Dee³ee.

keÀes}keÀÊee keÀe DevegYeJe cesje Fme ceneefJeÐee}³e ceW Hen}e mee} nw, Deewj Hen}s mee} ceW ner cegPes Flevee yeæ[e DeJemej ÒeeHle ngDee nw ³es cesjs ef}³es meewYeei³e keÀer yeele nw~ cew Deewj nceejer Hetjer ìerce nceejs [^eceeìer®ej ``[e@. Debpevee ieesmJeeceer'' kesÀ yesno µeg¬eÀiegpeej nw, efpevekesÀ ceeie&oµe&ve ceW nce cegkeÀece lekeÀ HengB®es nQ~ jep³emlej Hej nceejer ìerce Deewj meeLe ceW Deewjbieeyeeo ceW cesjer ceesveesSkeÌìeRie (µekeÌ})DeefYeve³e ÒeLece Deeves kesÀ yeeo nces vesµeve} }sJe} kesÀ ef}³es keÀes}keÀÊee peevee Lee~ nceW ceneefJeÐee}³e keÀer lejHeÀ mes meejer megefJeOee GHe}yOe ngF& Leer~ efpemekesÀ ef}³es nce nceejs ÒeOeevee®ee³ee& Deewj GHeÒeOeevee®ee³ee& kesÀ yesno µeg¬eÀiegpeej nw~ keÀes}keÀÊee peeves kesÀ ef}³es nceW ìggjbvlees ì^sve keÀer efìkeÀì GHe}yOe keÀjeF&


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Principal’s Annual Report 2012-2013

The college began computerized admission facility for all students not only in Online admission of Education Department but also for minority and In-house. The highlights of computerized admission process were the feedbacks and online chat to solve doubts and difficulties of students and parents continuously through our website.

In the words of Noam Chomsky “Education must provide the opportunities for self-fulfillment; it can at best provide a rich and challenging environment for the individual to explore, in his own way”. While giving an account of annual report, I say that we, at S.V.P.V. Vidyalaya and Sri T.P.Bhatia Science College strive hard to provide the right environment that motivates our students to be creative, innovative and hardworking, to be able to meet the challenges ahead in life. The school is functioning in the new environments and we saw that Technical Section Labs started functioning in full capacity from 15th August 2012. Today S.V.P. is one of the very few aided schools with such good educational facilities for students in the entire state. The science college has also attained distinction of being a college with a variety of vocational and optional subjects, with very good and effective laboratories, library and faculty and an excellent result year after year. The school and college before closing down for summer vacation released the annual magazine Gulmohar first time online and celebrated the Maharashtra Diwas on 1st May. Both the campus of School and Junior College got CCTV coverage for maximum safety and security and became fully functional from this year. As the sections reopened after a long summer vacation, the academic year 2012-2013 started with very encouraging CET, SSC and HSC results. Many of our students brought laurels to our institute by their extraordinary achievemnets in various subjects. In HSC Mst Tellis Melroy scored 100/100 in Physics, Ms Hinal Desai scored 100/100 Mathematics. The highest marks stood at 96% scored by Mst Tellis Melroy. While aided section with 120 students got 100% result, unaided section with 962 students got 99.16% result. SSC result Gujrati medium saw 95.34% result out of 279 students and English medium saw 98.04% out of 256 students, with highest score of 90.55% by Mst Jay Sondigada and Mst Ashish Talvekar. Mst Sagar Patel of Std 12 bagged 2nd position in Mumbai and 3rd in

The theme for the year revolved around 'Eye and Skin Donation Awareness', Dr. Girish Trivedi, engaged in this mission, conducted several awareness programmes for students, teachers, and parents throughout the year, covering 5000 students and parents in our school and college on the importance and need of eye and skin donation. He also conducted HIV AIDS awareness lectures for parents and college students. The highlight of the year was the 'Healthcare Center' started for the school children in January 2013, with a full time trained and experienced nurse and honorary service by Doctor Girish Trivedi. The health care center is responsible for regular medical examinations of students for Preprimary to Std 10, conducting health check up camps on regular basis and identifying health related problems of students and counseling of parents apart from attending to day to day medical situations in school. A seminar for parents and teachers on Nutrition and Diet by Dr Kinjal Shah was held that benefitted them. Through the year we will identify students with health problems and recommend them for further treatment. At present 40 students are identified with squint eye problem and their treatment will be carried out during this year. Counseling has always occupied a very important place in the activities in our school and college. Not only psychological counseling but also, academic counseling that includes preparation for exams for students as well as for parents, career counseling for students and parents and counseling to detect any learning disability among students. To assist us in this area, we invited Ms Shailaja Mule renowned educationist and counselor to conduct seminars and lectures for 10th std and 12th std students and their parents on examination preparations and on the career options. Sri Subhash Cheda was invited to conduct motivational lectures with help of cinema, for 10th std students before their exams during the lecture series. Sri Mahendra Devlekar, a renowned Mind Trainer delivered a lecture on Mind Power for our teachers. Our Trustee Sri Mahesh K. Shah addressed students, parents and teachers on several occasions, on various topics like 'lessons from 'Govinda'- Pyramid


when it is absolutely,it is positively

Maharashtra in CET exams scoring 194/200 and Mst Dweep Bharbhaya stood 11th in Mumbai and 20th in Maharashtra in Medical CET scoring 193/200.

formations for students, 'Stress Management' on how to overcome stress, for parents of 12th std students and 'Reach before you Teach' for teachers. These lectures were very thought provoking and motivational for all. Remedial classes have been started from last year in school. Renowned teacher Sri Jagdish Dani has started free remedial teaching classes in SVP section for 9th and 10th std students in the school after school hours. These classes with their high quality teaching are a big success among students who cannot afford high fees for tuitions. Dr. B. Satyanarayana, a scientist of T.I.F.R. conducted a very informative session for college students on 'Higgs Boson-the God Particle' and explained it in a very simple and lucid manner to Junior college students. Students excelled in sports activities in a variety of sports besides athletics, cricket and volleyball; they bagged medals and trophies in Water-polo, and weight lifting, at state level and national level in karate. Excellent performance in Kick boxing was given by Mst Darshan Raval winning Gold medal and Mst Urmish Parekh of Std 12 winning Bronze medal at State level. In weight lifting Mst Solomon Padayattil of std 12 won Gold medal at state level. The high light of the year was Mst Kevin Chettiar of std 11, who won silver medal at State level and Silver medal at International level out of 16 participating nations. Schools students participated and excelled in various events like Carom, Chess, Volleyball, Cricket, Lezim and athletics. Our school Band gave excellent performances at Interschool competitions. They were also invited to exhibit their demonstrations in various colleges and schools and institutions like Rotary club events and Goregaon Sports Club.

our students in such a manner that they become more responsible citizens of the future. Teachers Day was celebrated by students this year for all the staff of all the sections of KES. The students from each section presented a beautiful and entertaining programme for all the staff. The programme was very cheerfully hosted by Mrs Parul Sampat of KES. All the Office Bearers of KES were present and they welcomed each teacher with a flower personally, which was a very heartwarming gesture. All the staff more than 450 in numbers thoroughly enjoyed the address made by the Office Bearers of KES and lavish lunch provided later. Navratri being one of the most loved festivals at our campus was celebrated with great fervor this year by both the sections. In school the staff and students celebrated the festival by organizing Garba everyday for an hour while in College it was organized in a grand manner on 12th October with orchestra by Sri Nilesh Thakkar and troupe and Ms Ragini Khanna, famous T V Actor was the guest. The gathering included students of std 10, 11 and 12 and all the staff of school and college. Several members of KES also attended the programme with their families. The crowd was very energetic and danced to the melodious performance till the last.

'Vigyasa'- Science festival was celebrated by Junior college students from 15th to 19th December. Mr. Dyu D'Cunha, the renowned quiz master, held the audience spellbound by his clever and interesting hosting of the show, 'Intercollegiate Science Quiz' in which 25 colleges across Mumbai participated. A new intercollegiate contest 'Self-Shot Video making competition' was conducted this year; in which 10 colleges participated and was judged by renowned Ad film Director Sri Manoj Maurya. Handsome cash Prizes, Trophies and The year saw the beginning of The Road Safety patrol Certificates were awarded to the winners and runners(R.S.P.) with 8th std students. The traffic Police R.S.P. up. The highlight of the festival was the Open Forum,' personnel visit the school and train our students and negotiating Careers: 21st Century Mantras' coordinated teachers for the same during school hours to a troupe by Renowned Psychiatrist Dr Harish Shetty with very of 90 students. We have a plan to train and prepare distinguished speakers; Mrs Shalini P. Joshi, joint Director, Maharashtra Judicial Academy, Sri Mahesh Shah, Dr. Rashmi Dr Rashmi Karandikar, Dy. Commisioner Karandikar D.C.P., Mrs. Shalini of Police and Film Director Mr Abhinay P. Joshi justice, Mr. Abhinay Deo of Delhi Belly fame, who has just Deo Film Director & Renowned received an award at Cannes for his ad Psychiatrist Dr. Harish Shetty, film 'I am Mumbai' the first Indian to Smt Sangeeta Srivastava receive this award. The forum discussed the modern times, the students of today, the challenges faced by them and how can they rise above that and be successful in these times. The students were spellbound as they heard these speakers and learned THE MAGIK OF MIâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;KESâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; IN A MAGNUM OPUS


from their experiences. Our trustee Sri Mahesh Shah also shared the dais with them. S.V.P. Technical Section exhibited the projects, 'Technofair 2013' on 31st January, made by students during the year. The students of 7th std and their parents were specially invited for the same in order to spread awareness about the benefits of studying in the Technical section. The students who pass out from this section have an edge over other students in Diploma Engineering and also Degree Engineering programmes as they have already studied Engineering Drawing, Fitting, Turning, Welding, Carpentry, Plumbing, Electronics, Electrical and I.T. in their 3 years with technical section. We have a plan to start an early intervention programme with these students from 8th std with Science and Math subject so that they start their entrance exam preparations from this stage itself to be better prepared to face the challenges of tough competition and also to be able to bridge the huge gap prevailing between 10th and 11th std science syllabi. To provide our teachers an opportunity to come together and ponder on the issues that challenge the teaching community I have been conducting seminars and workshops for them on topics like Stress Management, Orientation for the new year, Shiksha evam Vidya, Leadership and Professionalism, Innovation in teaching etc. Few workshops brought together teachers of Pre Primary, Primary and Secondary section together. I myself attended some training programmes like NABET conducted 3 day training for Total Quality Management; Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyaan (RMSA) conducted Master Trainers Training for 5 days at State Training Center, Pune. I was also a trainer for Principals of R West Ward and KP West Ward and conducted training on 'Leadership' and 'Right To Education' (RTE). D.Ed. teachers attended 'Kendra Gat Sammelan' of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan where teachers from nearby schools get together for training sessions and exchange of ideas. Our school was centre for the same. Science National Level Drama winner

teachers of Junior college attended subject based training programmes organized by Education Department at various locations in the city. It is with pride and satisfaction I observe that our school is among one of the very few schools to opt for Iskon mid day meals which is absolutely healthy, nutritious and safe and all students take advantage of it whole heartedly. We have compulsory English Newspaper for all students of English as well as Gujrati medium alike. We also have facility of Audiovisual teaching in each classroom and our computer labs provide one to one facility to all students along with Language lab for English. The curricular and cocurricular activities are conducted and implemented as per Education Department guidelines. The Students are excelling in Dramatics, Dance and Cultural activities. The participation in interschool science exhibition organized by Education Department is absolute and students win many prizes in all catagories. This year too our Science Club won 2nd prize and Nature club 3rd prize apart from projects awards. We have installed a statue of Goddess Saraswati in new building and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel in College building which will become a landmark in future. All this is not possible without active and able support of our Vice Principals Sri John M.D. Smt Rashmi Pandya and Sri Shailendra Gupta who put in their best foot forward and are always available for the cause of development of our sections.The role of teachers and non teaching staff is very vital in bringing out the best in the students and in smooth running of the institution. The management of Kandivli Education Society has always been benevolently working towards the benefit of students. It is with their support that we are able to get a very conducive environment for teaching-learning and we got 'A' grade in the education Departments SSC and HSC Board gradation. I take this opportunity to thank them for this. I would like to thank the students and their parents of school and College who have posed their faith in us entrusted us the job of mentoring their wards. I can say with confidence that our team of teaching, nonteaching staff, our management is all engaged in the task of fulfilling the vision of the institution. In the end I would like to say that, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Each one of us has a fire in our heart for something. It is our goal in life to find it and to keep it burningâ&#x20AC;?. Sangeeta N. Srivastava Principal



Those who donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have time for health will sooner or later have to find time for illness

A big step towards care...S.V.P. Health care centre r. Kinjal Shah

Nutritionist D

to parents ering a lecture


Vaccinations, Diet and Nutrition and routine Physical Examination etc. The nurse will also train all the teachers of Pre Primary, Primary and Secondary section in due course for First Aid and general health upkeeps; Dr. Trivedi will visit daily for an hour on honorary basis and conduct medical general and nutritional check up of all students class wise and arrange various Medical Camps for students, teachers and parents. This healthcare center is one of its kind to be operational in any school, free of cost, with free medicines also.

Kandivli Education Societyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel Vividhlaxi Vidyalaya, Kandivli west has started a Healthcare center in its premises for its students from KG to std 10. This medical center is going to cater to the healthcare needs of all the students from PrePrimary to Secondary sections free of cost. Besides a Doctor, Nurse and psychological counselor, awareness programmes like Eye and Skin Donations and HIV AIDS for students and parents are regular features of this programme. Dr. Girish Trivedi, a well known General Practitioner in Malad since 1983 is rendering honorary services. The Kandivli Education Society has appointed a full time trained Nurse who will be present on the premises from 9 am to 5 pm. She will visit each class for any medical/First Aid cases and also create record of all students class wise besides assisting the Doctor during his visiting hour and during the various medical camps like Dental, Ophthalmic/ Eye Checkup, Cardiac Health camp, Skin health, Blood tests,

stava speaking Smt Sangeeta Sriva

ess to the audience

on health awaren

Awareness of Eye & Skin donation by Dr. Girish Trivedi to Parents


Principal’s Workshops/Seminars

1st December - Dr. Girish Trivedi World AIDS Day

14th July – Science College staff Seminar

14th June – Secondary Staff Meeting

17th January – ‘R’ Ward Principal's Training

31st January - Primary & Secondary Teachers Seminar

29th June - P.T. A. meeting

April – Secondary Teacher Meeting

27th September – Seminar on 'What Happens in staff room happens in class room' attended by all heads of the Pre Primary to College Section.

7th September - Shiksha Evam Vidya by Diya Foundation and K.E.S. for teachers and parents


We are the world we are the teachers ,who make this world a better place to learn

Teachers' Workshops/Seminars 28th Feb. 2013


KES’ Cambridge International Junior College

Ms. Vidhi Misty (2011 Batch):

through all the appropriate steps. Right from the grade requirements to the accommodation that I will require, I found everything at my disposal.

‘A’ Level: How it helped me

Middlesex University: A deep insight into real life

It’s our system,the system of educating young minds. Though it is implemented by the British it is somewhat taken from our Gurukul system. For example, Krishna and Sudama, Very good friends, both studied in the same Gurukul. Both learnt the basics together but Krishna being the Kshatriya went to learn warfare and Sudama being a Brahmin went for religious studies. That’s what ‘A’ Level is all about. When you go for further studies abroad, Cambridge education is one of the most recognized and respected board of education.

“:) - at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport.”

After Finishing ‘A’ level: A Step Ahead

“Search for a path or make one.”

My Facebook status on 28/9/2012. I was waiting in the lounge on the airport waiting for my flight to Mauritius. 7 Hours later the Middlesex University Cab picked me up from the Mauritius Airport. Living here at Mauritius and studying in the one of the top ten universities from U.K. is not only a dream come true but also the product of hard work and self – belief. Look for options there are many available.

Studying abroad was my dream and hence I joined ‘A’ Result for November 2012 - 'A' Level Level. Newspapers, Magazines and the Internet were Subject Percentage my allies. All the advertisements for U.K Fair, U.S Fair and all sorts of education fairs begin to attract English 100% me. But much more was needed rather than knowing the system itself. I needed confidence and belief that Art and Design (graphics) 100% I could do it. There are regional offices all around Computing 100% Mumbai of different foreign universities. I began to contact them and to my surprise these university Mathematics 90% offices were the place I actually to got correct and unadulterated guidance from counsellors. I went to Middlesex University head office and they guided me

Ms Vidhi Mistry at Middlesex University Mauritius Campus attending workshop on Global village

K. E. S. Cambridge International Jr. College celebrating school Uniform day


A bridge from can to cam

A Revelation of our students

‘A’ Level: How it helped me, after finishing ‘A’ Level: A step a head and my experience at College I still remember the day I landed in Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai on 10th June 2010. I was all nervous as it was still undecided about where would I continue my education after I had my ten years of basic education in Bangkok and Thailand. My parents were searching for a college but it only gave disappointment until my mother, on one random day, travelling in a car on the streets of Kandivli, saw a big board, which said “K.E.S. Cambridge International Junior College.” She was anxious after she saw what was mentioned in the banner – 'A Level Cambridge Education.' This was it. With no further delay, I gave the entrance test and enrolled myself into K.E.S.Cambridge International Junior College. From the first day of college till the very last day, I remember almost each and every day of my college life. It changed my life really. From the comfortable and a very student friendly environment and a solid foundation of discipline is what I feel is core of this college nurtured me well and taught me lots of aspects in life apart from Education too. With the complete support of the principal, coordinators, teachers and all other support staff, the perspective that they had towards us ‘little minds’ is what I loved the most. They cared for us, emotionally, academically, and in almost all ways. Looking at the education in the college, I was a science student and had Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and English as my prime subjects. The faculty were always supportive and always very concerned about our academic statuses, hence they always had a constant check on us, which we thought

Mst Varun Idnani at Manipal University - discussing project


was irritating at that moment of time, but looking at it now, I feel what they did was always right. All the professors were highly sound with their subject matter and the love towards education and teaching was always seen by me. I was in awe of some of the teachers. The laboratory facilities were also good and the knowledge learnt in lab is stil paying me of in my under graduate course. Focusing on A levels, I feel A levels is an ideal course for someone who is highly determined about whats the detailed knowledge about a particular subject of interest, I feel A levels is the course one musttake to do study abroad for your future study. From my batch I know two people who are currently studying abroad, one of them is in United States. A levels helped me to know myself better, and what I like, and what I want to do in the future line of course. Currently I am studying In Manipal Institute of Technology, which is a very good college under Manipal University, which ranks 23rd in the country currently, and 2nd in the private engineering. I feel A levels played an important role of me being where I am today. In terms of knowledge, and mind set, A levels helped me all. I really feel its 'A Step Ahead'. In the end, I consider myself lucky to be from K.E.S. Cambridge International Junior college. The professors were the strongest pillars of the institution with the guidance and control of our coordinator, Mrs. Kalpa Matani. The college is an ideal platform ready for you, one just has to experience it, like I did. Varun Idnani

At Junior College

Sri T. P. Bhatia College of Science Report (English section) ‘True teachers are those who use themselves as bridges over which they invite their students to cross; then, having facilitated their crossing, joyfully collapse, encouraging them to create their own’.

He also won a district level award for his excellent performance in the field of education. His performance in mono- acting proved to be award winning performance in ‘R’ward.

ACTIVITIES: • International English Olympiad exam organized by I.O.E.L, were conducted on Dec. 18th 2012 co-ordinated by Mrs. Madhavi V. Joshi supported and guided by Mrs. Shalini Mundra and cooperation from Heema Negandhi and Mrs. Lata Merchant. The event received overwhelming response from the students whereby 40 students from morning and 15 from the afternoon session appeared for the exam, out of which 28 were qualified for the second level exam, which was held on 18th of February 2013. and these are our achievers in first level English Olympiad Exams.

A one year certificate course was completed by Mrs. Heema Negandhi at Kalina University in linguistics, phonetic and phonology. The course gave a deep insight in sounds and pronunciation not only of English language but also other regional languages.

Mr. Sameer Khasnis for the first time tried his hand on making of the short films proving them to be the most level technological teaching aid, as also to be the very first attempt of its kind in the field of education in order to search out to the students not only for simplifying learning but also making it interacting. The three short films (1) Mr. white (lesson: Empowering the farmers) (2) Mangoman under the jhamleche paid (lesson: Jamun tree) (3) Suryoday (poem by Narayan Surve ‘ my mother’) were scripted, produced and directed by Mr. Sameer Khasnis . He was assisted by one of his colleagues, Mrs. Madhavi V. Joshi. who played as a protagonist in his ‘Suryoday’, which is based on a set of 5 poems by welknown poet in Marathi, Narayan Surve. (Mr. White is based on a lesson by Dr.Varghese Kurien and ‘Mangoman’ is based on ‘Jamun Tree, by Kishan Chander from the Syllabus of Std. XI. Mr. Sameer Khasnis received the appreciation by Umesh Shukla , Director of “Oh My God”, Sanjay Chhel, Writer and director of ‘Khubsoorat’ and script writer for various T.V. Serials and Mr. Kapil Patil, the M.L.A. for teachers.

Sameer Khasnis was co-editor of the in-house magazine.

Since the syllabus in English for F.Y.J.C was upgraded, all the teachers from the Department did their best to make their teaching more easy and interesting by using the technology aids through the educomp.

Our faculty Mrs. Shalini Mundhra was invited to judge an Inter-departmental debate competition at Vidya Vardhini’s Vartak college of Engineering, Vasai (w). It was a two day event held on 19th & 20th March.

TRAININGS: • Maharashtra state board of secondary and higher secondary education organised a one – day seminar under the aegis of Sathaye college, Vile Parle (E) on 22nd August -2012. It was attended by Mrs. Shalini Mundhra from English department. The seminar was conducted by eminent and senior teachers of the subject like Shri H.R. Kadepurkar sir & Shri V.K. Patil sir . •

Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics had taken an initiative organic a workshop for teachers on 9th October 2012 to semi force the aims and objectives of F.Y.J.C textbook. The session was conducted by well known career guidance controller, Mrs. Shailaja Muley and Mrs. Sree devi. Sameer.Khasnis attended a panel discussion on ‘Cinema and education” between prominent film makers like Rakesh Omprakash Mehra and Nandita Das and teaching fraternity followed by the screening of the movie”GATTU” at PVR Juhu

ACHIEVEMENTS: • Mr. Sameer Khasnis , the H.O.D. of Dept. of English set on example for all his colleagues due to his various achievements. •

He was appointed as a moderator for 12th std. board examination 2013 by the Dept. of Education of Maharashtra state, perhaps the youngest moderator ever.


Physics section Bronze medals. Mst. Ronak H. Thakkar, Std. XII, Mst. Rushabh J. Shah, Std. XI Above students are selected for 2nd level of Cyber Olympiad. Ronak Thakkar stood 5th in Maharashtra State in 2nd level of Cyber Olympiad. •

Indian Association of Physics Teachers conducted Physics Chemistry Astronomy olympiad on 24th November 2012. Following students got Certificate. In Physics Olympiad

Mst. Darshan P. Shah

Chemistry Olympiad

Mst. Prayag V. Soni

Astronomy Olympiad

Mst. Prayag V. Soni

The task of the excellent teacher is to stimulate "apparently ordinary" people to unusual effort. The tough problem is not in identifying winners : It is in making winners out of ordinary people.

ACTIVITIES : Students are regularly motivated to participate in National Cyber Olympiad, Physics Chemistry Astronomy Olympiad, National Science Olympiad Exams. Mrs. Swati Randive worked for National Olympiads for students, to make them participate and prepare.

The list of achievers is as follows :Std. XI 1) Mst. Deep V. Parikh 2) Ms. Arushi Sanghani 3) Mst. Yug P. Desai

TRAININGS : • Mr. Arun Das attended Seminar on ‘Transit of Venue’ space Science & earth science astronomy conducted by Director Shrinivas S. Aundhkar on 29th December, 2012 at Nagpur Science Institute. •

The H.S.C. Syllabus for Physics was up graded in 2012 a two day teacher training session was attended by Smt. Swati Randive at Bhavan’s College on 22nd and 23rd June, 2012.

National Science Olympiad exam was conducted on 29th November 2012.


Std. XII 1) Mst. Aakash Dhongade I 2) Mst. Ronita D. Phumal II 3) Mst. Prayag Soni III Staff : • Milind D. Kharat (Physics lab Assist.) got 1st prize in the Chess tournament for non teaching staff held on 22/12/2012 at Ghanshyamdas Saraf College of Arts and Commerce Malad (W).


Mr. Sanjay Maharana won first Prize in 100mtr running Competition.

Manoj Jaiswar accompanied a group of students for final level of National skit Competition at Calcutta. Our College won the first prize for the same.

Ms. Dhanya Rajan participated in 100m running race for teachers and stood second in College sports day.

National Cyber Olympiad conducted on 20th Sept. 2012. Three student s of Std.11th and four Students of Std. 12th achieved Gold, Silver and

Chemistry section ACTIVITIES : Apart from preparing students to participate in intercollegiate competitions, students are sent for Olympiad Exams. TRAININGS : • Mrs. Sakshi Nanwani attended teachers training programme for upgraded syllabus for S.Y.J.C. (Chemistry) organized at Patkar College, Goregaon (W), Mumbai •

Mr. Andeep Singh attended workshop & seminar in BARC for Material Science and Science Quiz contest.

ACHIEVEMENTS : • Ms. Pradnya Acharekar participated in 100m running race for teachers and stood first in College Sports day.


Mathematics section Purpose : Learning By Doing

Mathematics Olympiad conducted by IIT Pawai (Mumbai).

ACTIVITIES : • Different methodology of teaching to cater the heterogeneous group of students were implemented - The very important part being conduction of practical in which all teachers engage in conducting test on daily basis for a period of almost 5 months. All teachers personally see that each & every student of the college excel in each of the practical test made compulsory for them to attendant.

Numero Uno Mathematics festival by HR College.

Teachers encourage the students to take part in different Mathematical Olympiads like IMO, RMO, IIT, NITSE DEEPER

Repetitive practical tests enhance the confidence performance of students in theory to a very large extent.

Teaching is not only completion of syllabus but also encourage the students to participate various Mathematical programmes.

International Maths Olympiad (IMO) conducted by Delhi.

Regional Maths Olympiad (RMO) conducted by BARC.

TRAININGS : • The HSC syllabus of maths was upgraded in 2012, regarding the same “Maharashtra State Board” has organized a training program for teachers. The “workshop on upgradation of syllabus was attend by two our teachers at Bhavans College for two days. Mrs. Aparna K. Vikas and Mrs. Madhavi Doshi ACHIEVEMENTS : • Our students have strived for excellent in all above mentioned Olympiad exam & have achieved success. •

Mr. Deepak Dave won 3rd prize in singing competition at Dhanukar college.

Mrs. Aparna K. Vikas participated in singing competition at Dhanukar college

Electrical Maintenance section (EM) Purpose: A teacher's purpose is not to create students in his own image, but to develop students who can create their own image. ACTIVITIES AND ACHIEVEMENTS:

Mst Monish Godhia, Mst Vishwa Patel and Mst Umang Vora. •

Best Engineering drawing done by Mst Pratik Tiwari from Std. XI H division and Mst Dharmil Sanghavi of Std. XII G division.

Students of E. M. Dept. are always encouraged by their teachers to develop their skills along with academics. •

Std. XII Students Mst Smith Mistry, Mit Shah, Kevin Sheth were made a Neon Tester to test the presence of electrical supply.

Students of Std. XII of 2012-2013 batch were performed excellently in their Semester Exams. They are Miss Shardha Borke, Mst Jay Bhatt,


Biology Section ACTIVITIES : • Keeping in view the upgraded Practicals and latest environment for practical, the teachers of Biology section took up the activity of planting Tradescantia, Vinica rosea and Sunflower plants in the College Campus. •

Our lab attendant Mr. Santosh Bhandari participated in R-Ward Science exhibition. The project was made on NEPHRON - the filtering unit of kidney.

The entire staff encouraged and guided the students of Std. XI for Science Exhibition Project. The project won Prize in St. Andrews College and Thakur College Science Exhibition.

Mrs Sunita Rana handled all Board Exams related activities and Mrs Anuradha Singh all co-curricular activities.

TRAININGS : The HSC Syllabus for Biology was upgraded in 2012. In view of the up gradation, a 2 days teacher training session was attended at Mithibai College by Mrs. Sandhya Puntambekar, Mr. Krishna Yadav and Mrs. Anuradha Singh. ACHIEVEMENTS: Mrs. Priti Kaushik won the ‘Best dress’ prize in College Navaratri Celebration. Miss Gargee Rane Participated in Mehandi Competition. Adding a technical edge to her qualification Mrs. Trupti Bhatt completed MS-CIT Course. Mr. Rakesh Parab won 2nd Prize in 100 Meters College Sports Day.

Environmental Studies (E.V.S.) ACTIVITIES : •

For Std. XI, new syllabus was introduced. We conducted seminars which helped the students to search for information on environment related topics and present in front of the class. This helped them to sharpen their presentation skill and build their confidence.

Group seminar was also conducted, where group of 10 students were made. This helped them to improve group co-ordination and do group presentation. Many groups made dramatic presentation and models on the topics.

Students learnt to do research for making an environment Science Project .They followed all the steps of making a project by making synopsis and then working on the topic individually.

Some of the students of ‘B’ & ‘F’ division did an excellent job by converting the group seminar topic into skit and models, which developed the sense of awareness.


Botanical Garden

Group Seminar Presented in the form of Drama Sr. No. Topic 1

Increase in the level of Sound Pollution


Damage to Public Place


Decrease in forest covers


Rural and Urban lifestyle

IT Section ACTIVITIES : Mr. Satyawan Guram, the H.O.D. of I.T. is working with the Maharashtra State Board Pune for the following: •

Contributed towards final proof reading of ICT teaching material.

Written a chapter ‘JavaScript’ for 12th Std. Textbook to be published by state Board for XIIth std. students.

He will be doing Teachers training on new syllabus at Sinhagad College, Pune as main resource for syllabus change. He also participated in teachers training programme at R. D. National college Mumbai for ICT subject ACHIEVEMENTS : • Mrs. Jyoti Marwah completed MCA •

Mr. Manish Chavan (Technical Lab Assistant) completed B.Sc. (I.T.) from University of Mumbai, he is pursuing Oracle Java Application Developer Course at SQL Star International Institute Andheri East.

Mr. Parag Patil (Technical Lab Assistant) completed M.Sc. (I.T.) from Sikkim Manipal University

Mr. Sujeetkumar Thakur (Technical Lab Assistant) is pursuing B.C.A. from Sikkim Manipal University.

Worked as Divisional coordinator for IT online examination with OLEMUM09 id for index number 32 and 33 colleges

TRAININGS: Sri Satyawan Guram worked as a resource person for ICT subject and supervised teachers training for Prakash College, KES Shroff Commerce College & Sri T. P. Bhatia Jr. College of Science.

Electronics Section ACTIVITIES : • Our efforts aimed at providing additional aids to the students towards ensuring the awareness of the new techniques used in electronics. •

The entire staff encouraged and guided the students of XI standard for science projects for participation in intercollegiate competitions. Innovative projects like ‘audio communication using LASER beam’, ‘infrared security system’.

TRAININGS : MR. Chandrashekhar M. Bhambere attended “National Conference on LASERs and new materials “ held at S. T. Gadgebaba Amaravati university in May 2012 at Amaravati. He is also appearing APGD in ‘Renewable Energy ‘under distant learning program of TERI-University.

ACHIEVEMENTS : Students : • Mst Abbas Patrawala, Mst. Jigar Parekh and Mst. Pinkesh Panchal participated and won prizes in ROBO WARS competition in following colleges 1st prize in D. J. Sanghavi College of Engineering (Mumbai) 1st prize in Thakur College (Mumbai) 2nd prize in IIT (Mumbai) 2nd prize in SVIT (Baroda)

Teachers: • Mr. Vikrant Sawant won 1st prize in rangoli competition at Bhavans nature and adventure centre, Andheri. He also won 3rd prize in singing competition at Dahanukar College (Vile Parle) •

Mr. Vikrant Sawant has done project on “Assessment of student’s expectations from teachers”.

Electronics department designed “Quiz jam buzzer” for Vigyasa, for Intercollegiate Quiz Contest.


Mechanical Maintenance section (M.M.) Our Lab is equipped with basic machines viz. Lathe, Drilling, Hacksaw, Grinding, Shaping, Milling machine and its accessories. Teachers have taken pains to see that relevant videos covering most of the topics as per syllabus are shown through projector system during each lecture. Mechanical maintenance subject is thus made easy and simple for the students. Of course MM practicals create more self confidence in the students and make them self sufficient. ACTIVITIES : MM Engineering drawing is considered as engineer’s language. We teach various types of drawings viz. Orthographic, Sectional, Isometric, Assembly drawings. Students draw these on the drawing sheet with the help of engineering apparatus used

Maintenance Activity being carried out at MM Lab - 2

by draftman during drawing practical sessions. Simultaneously students get good practical knowledge of “How to read blue prints of engineering drawing” being used in the industries recently. During regular MM practical, apart from Fitting jobs, students prepare jobs on Lathe machine as per the given drawing from Mild steel raw material. Following photograph shows design of one of such jobs prepared by our MM student. ACHIEVEMENTS : Mr. Girish Sheth participated in inter college teachers’ competition for Carrom and Singing held at Dahanukar college, Vileparle (E) and won the second prize for both of them.

Machining operation on lath machine being carried out at MM Lab - 1

Sports section Purpose : Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement; nothing can be done without hope and confidence. ACTIVITIES : In the year 2012-2013 new sports was introduced in

Mr. Nilesh Poshempellu


the book of T.P.B named SOFTBALL and our Boys stood a step short to taste the flavor of winning the first match for which they prepared themselves in 2 weeks of time. ACHIEVEMENTS : Sri Nilesh Poshempellu, Teacher •

Second II place at Inter colligate Carrom Singles Tournament 2012-2013 which was organized by ROYAL COLLEGE, Mira Road for Teaching Staff.

Got I place at Inter Colligate Table Tennis Competition 2012-2013 Which was held at DHANUKAR COLLEGE, Vileparle.(E)

Secured I place at Inter Collegiate Carrom Single Tournament 2 012-2013 which was organized by Dhanukar College, Vileparle (E).

Annual sports Report Of 2012-2013 Sports provides opportunities to develop individual physical fitness and social interaction. Sports is a form of competitive physical activity which use to maintain or improve physical ability and provide entertainment to participant. Sportsmanship is an attitude that strives for fair play,Sportsmanship express an aspiration that the activity or sport will enjoyed for its own sake. The

well known sentiment by Sports Journalist Grantland Rice that its not that you won or lost but how you played the game. This Sportsmanship was seen in our students who took part in various sports Organized at different colleges and at different level's with true sportsman spirit our students achieved their Goals. If you analyse Past 3 year Annual Reports there is a constant growth in each year. Being Completely Science College Graph of Sports has come up.

Achievements Of Students At Intercollegiate Level Gold Medal At District Level Squay Championship In Less 66 kg Category In U/19 Boys. Gold Medal At Divisional Level Squay Championship In Less 66 kg Category In U/19 Boys. Participated At State Level Squay Competition In Less 66 Category In U/19 Boys. Nadar Mountdenyraj Chelladurai (XI / D)

Gold Medal At Taluka Level In U/19 Girls. Ist Place At District Level In U/19 Girls. Vth Place At Divisional Level In U/19 Girls. Gold Medal At Ambedkar College In U/19 Girls.

Gold Medal At District Level Comp In 71kg Cat.

Adarsh Patel (XII / F)

Akshay Kadam Gold medal at District Level squay championship in Less 66kg Category in U/19 Boys. Participated at division level

Kavya Shah (XII / C)

Maithili Rane (XI / H (Rao-IIT)) Silver Medal In 100 Mtr Run At N. L. College.

Urja Patel ( XI/ H (Rao-IIT)) Silver Medal At Saraf College Of Commerce & Arts.

Silver Medal In 200 Mtr Run At N. L. College.

Participated At Different Carrom Tournament At Inter-Collegiate Level.

Participated At District Level In Carrom competition U/19 Girls. Participated At Divisional Level In Carrom Competition U/19 Girls. Khyati Patel (XI / I(Int))

At Taluka Level In U/19 Boys. At District Level In U/19 Boys.

Chintan Shah (XII / I)


Winners takes it all


Where every individual is committed

Achievements Of Students At Inter-Class Level Annual Sports Day Winners Running Event A) 100 mtrs ( Boy’s )


B) 100 mtrs ( Girl’s)

(Rao-XI) (Rao-XI) (XI-J) (XI-B) (XII-G) (XI-C) ( Rao-XI) (Rao-XI) (XI) (XI-E) (Rao-XII) (Rao-XII) (Rao-XII) (XI-D) (XI-A)

C) 200 mtrs ( Boy’s)

D) 200 mtrs (Girl’s)

E) 800 mtrs (Boy’s)

F) 1500 mtrs (Boy’s)

Rakshit Shetty Yash Dalvi Karan Kotian Afrose Zeba Sayyed Maithili Rane Nisha Desai Rakshit Shetty Ujwal Patel Karthik Bhakta Maithili Rane Afrose Zeha Sayyed Shraddha Kolambka Ashish Pillai Pradeepta Sahoo Kruti Mehta Pradeepta Sahoo Dhruvil Shah Prasad.R.Mahangde

Throwing Events G) Shotput (Boy’s)

(XII-C) (XI-D)

H) Shotput (Girl’s)

(XII-Int) (XI-D) (XII-B)

Tushar Shah Pratik Joshi Pinkesh Panchal Tejal Tanna Payal Sonagna Disha Mehta

I) Discus Throw (Boy’s)

(XI-B) (XII-C) (XI-D) (XI-K) (XI-D) (XII-Int) (XI-B) (XI-D) (XII-J) (XII-B) (XI-D) (Rao-XI)

Samar Singh Tushar Shah Dhruvil Shah Vidhika Jain Paya Sonagra Tejal Tanna Samar Singh Dhruvil Shah Hardik Miyani Disha Mehta Payal Sonagra Maithili Rane

(Rao-XI) (XII-B)

Afrose Zeba Sayyed Disha Mehta Priyanka Kothari Dhruvil Shah Ashish Pillai Ujwal Patel

J) Discus Throw (Girl’s)

K) Javelin Throw (Boy’s)

L) Javelin Throw (Girl’s)

Jumping Events M) Long Jump (Boy’s)

N) Long Jump (Girl’s)


(XI-D) (XI-E) (XII-G)

S.V.P.V. Vidyalaya Sports Report 2011-12 During the academic year 2012-13 our students participated in different sports competition in Inter School Sports, School Sports and activities arranged by other organizations. Different competitions were held in football, Volley-ball, Kho-kho, Chess, Carrom and Athletics. Our students have taken part in D.S.O Sports, MSSA sports, Prabodhan sports, Goregaon Sports club, Childrens Academy Sports and Phonix cup tournaments. In school sports competition were held according to Age group for Annual Sports day. march past, Lezim and band were performed on 15th August, 26th January and on Sports day. This year we have R.S.P. Group for road safety patrol.

It is really a moment of pride for the school and KES as many students have not only participated but also won awards and prizes for the school. The school have immense pride for securing IInd place in 'R' ward band competition. Our school band have performed at many places and won the cash prize at P. D. Lions College of Com. & Res. at SAI Kandivali (E) and also won a trophy at Jingle Mingle School, Charkop. It is also a moment of glory for our dance group which secured 1st prize in 'R' ward in both the groups and won 2nd prize at Prabodhan, Goregaon. Here are some of our bright stars who have done extremely well in Inter School Competitions.

Inter School Sports And Special Prize Winners List : 2012-2013 Khan Shehnaz L. (X - J) Inter school MSSA’S sports : 2nd in carrom, girls under 16 years

Rathod Bijal D. (X - J) Inter school D.S.O.S. sports : 5th in chess at Taluka level & Played District level,

Parmar Palak J. (VI - J) Inter school MSSA’S sports : 3rd in carrom, girls under 12 years.

Phoenix cup volley - Ball Tournament Runner-up-Team (Played 5 Round) Boys 4/17 years

Yadav AjayPrakash B. (IX - H) Captain

Lulla Varun N. (VII - K) Interschool Carrom Player

Satra Deep B. (X - H) Interschool Carrom Player

Barot Viren K. (IX - H) Interschool Carrom Player

Yadav Ajay S. (VII - K)

Ghaskatta Pranay L. (IX - T)

MSSA’S Shield Cricket Tournament : Boys 4/16 years Team

Varma Akashkumar R. (IX - T) Selected in MCA from the payyade sports club, Poisur.

Thakur Yagmic P. (IX - M) Made 46 Runs in 2nd match.

Chekhliya Mahesh D. (VII - C) Taken 6 wickets in 2nd match.

Dhruvit Bhatti (VII - K) U/14 yrs selected for MCA team as wicket keeper

More Abhishek A. (VII - I) U/14 yrs selected for MCA team as leg spinner

Pandey Shubham K. (IX - J) Selected in MCA from the payyade sports club, 1st match : Taken 7 Wickets & made not out 30 runs 2nd Match : Taken 4 wickets & made 61 runs. 3rd match : Taken 4 wickets & made 30 runs. U/16 yrs selected for MCA team as left arm leg spinner

Makwana Pratik H. (VII - K) Taken 5 wickets in Giles shield. U/14 yrs selected for MCA team as fast bowler


Between Passion and Madness Lies Obsession

Athletic Championship Holders : 2012-13 Gujarati Medium This year in school annual sports nearly 2300 students took part in various outdoor and indoor sports like chess, discus, carrom, athletics, langadi, volleyball, etc. Many students have performed brilliantly and

Manani Hasmukh R. X - C, Group - C Boys under 15 years

Rathod Prathmesh R. VII - B, Group - B Boys under 13 years

Waghela Sheetal A. IX- C, Group - C Girls under 15 years

won many prizes individually and in groups (team event). In all four houses Varun house stood first in Gujarati medium and Prithvi House stood first in English Medium.

Parmar Jinal P. VII - A, Group - B Girls under 13 years

Gohik Kalpesh A. X - B, Group - D Boys under 17 years

Thakkar Brijesh P. VIII - M, Group - C Boys under 15 years

Taluti urvi A. IX - M, Group - D Girls under 17 years

English Medium

Gupta Nikit B. VI - H, Group - A Boys under 11 years

Makadia Bhakti C. VI - J Group - A Girls under 11 years

Kingslim Raj S. VII - I Group - B Boys under 13 years

Movaliya Abhishek N. X - L, Group - C Boys under 15 years

Raj Anilkumar D. X - J, Group - D Boys under 17 years

Due to the hardwork and sincere efforts of Shri. S.V.Pisal - Sports co-ordinator, all physical Education teachers Arvind Patel, Shashi Surve, Kamlesh Singh, Snehprabha Narvekar, Snehanshu Desai, coaches Hemant Joshi (cricket), Ram Varaskar (Volley ball), Yogesh Shelar (football), Vinod Pradhan (band), Arvind Jadhav (Dance), Uma Joshi (music-singing)


D'souza Esther F. VII -I, Group B Girls under 13 years.

all the activities were successfully organized. Our dedicated principal Smt. Sangeeta Srivastava, both the Vice-Principals, teaching and non-teaching staff and all the participants gave their valuable co-operation to make all sports events a grand success. S. V. Pisal Sport Incharge

Report By Class Representatives The college began in the month of August, 2011 after a long vacation of S.S.C. Me, excitedly waiting to experience the college life . Initially the college was just an educational environment with the daily schedule lectures and a suitable canteen for students . As time passed by , I started knowing the teachers and other staff , made friends . It was the end of std. 11th and my view of becoming part of the cultural team of the college was the time where my way started.

The years of experience as a C.L. improved my socialsensibility of organizational skills. The cuttingedge technology implicit by the college helped me to improve my overall personality.According to my opinion. I would also suggest my juniors too be a part of various programs held in the college. Give this opportunity . I look forward to use this experience to the further university where I go by actively participating in various social program and setting an example of excellence for my juniors.

The event where I began, was vigyasa, the science festival main program of the year. I worked faultlessly and ideally for the event which fascinated me to stand for the post of C.L. for my spirit and eagerness I was the one cted, gave me a qualities of who was selected. Being selected, leadership, responsibilities, self confident determination and importance of being polite.

Radhika Padsala Xll-D

My enthusiasm for the college work made me a hard worker who strives for the best. Times were enjoyable & hard too while dealing with thee aspects after becoming thee CL I have always believed d that the knowledge about ut any subject can be acquired ed through perseverance, e, research & learning from m other experience. Mst Hardik Miyani ani Mst Milan Tank Ms Radhika Padsala Ms Siddhi Bhatt Mst Arjun Kadakia Mst Dipesh Mistry Ms Amishi Oza Mst Chintan Raval Ms Janvi Kamani Ms Shikha Raval


The beauty and the best

Master and Miss S.V.P. 2013 X-A ©ÉÉLÉàSÉÉ Ê´É´ÉàH yÉÉà - 8 oÉÒ ¶ÉɳɩÉÉÅ ¡É´Éà¶É ©Éà³´«ÉÉà. ¶ÉÉÅlÉ, +§«ÉɻɩÉÉÅ LÉÚ¥É W »ÉÉùÉà »´É«ÉÅʶɻlÉ »ÉÉùÖÅ +{«É{Éà ©Éqq°~É oÉ´ÉÉ{ÉÒ §ÉÉ´É{ÉÉ


SÉÉ´ÉeÉ AÊ©ÉDZÉÉ »ÉÖÅqù +KÉù, qùàH HÉ«ÉÇ ´«É´ÉÊ»oÉlÉ ùÒlÉà ~ÉÚiÉÇ Hù´ÉÉ{ÉÒ ´ÉÞÊnÉ, +{«É{Éà ©Éqq°~É oÉ´ÉÉ lÉä«ÉÉù, Ê©ÉlɧÉɺÉÒ, »ÉÅ»HÉùÒ, +§«ÉɻɩÉÉÅ LÉÚ¥É ´«É´ÉÊ»oÉlÉ

SÉÉä¾ÉiÉ Êù«ÉÉ SÉ~ɳ, {Éà´ÉÞl´ÉNÉÖiÉ »ÉÉùÉà, ´«É´É»oÉÉ~É{É HÉ«ÉÇ©ÉÉÅ yÉiÉÒ W »ÉÉùÒ, qùàH HÉ«ÉÇ Hù´ÉÉ lÉl~Éù

X-B lÉ{{ÉÉ +©Éù +à©É qàLÉÉ´Éà »ÉÉä©«É, »´É§ÉÉ´Éà ¶ÉÉÅlÉ, »Éù³, +É[ÉÉyÉÉùÒ lÉà©É W +ÉÅlÉù»ÉÚ] oÉHÒ AlHÞº÷ ´«É´É»oÉÉ~É{É Hù{ÉÉù +É Ê´ÉvÉoÉÔ ¾©Éà¶ÉÉ ¥ÉÉà±É´ÉÉ©ÉÉÅ {ÉªÉ ¶ÉɳɩÉÉÅ ¾Å©Éà¶ÉÉ ~ÉÚiÉÇ - ´«É´ÉÊ»oÉlÉ NÉiÉ´Éà¶É©ÉÉÅ W +É´ÉlÉÉà ~ÉÊh«ÉÉù yÉùlÉÒ +à. qàLÉÉ´Éà »ÉÖÅqù, ¶ÉÉÅlÉ +{Éà »Éù³ »´É§ÉÉ´É »ÉÖÅqù +KÉùÉà, ʩɱÉ{É»ÉÉù, +É[ÉÉyÉÉùÒ, ¡Éà©Éɳ ´«É´ÉÊ»oÉlÉ NÉiÉ´Éà¶É©ÉÉÅ +É´É´ÉÖÅ, +§«ÉɻɩÉÉÅ ùÖÊSÉ PÉùÉ´É{ÉÉùÒ Ê´ÉvÉoÉÔ{ÉÒ

~É÷à±É A©ÉÅNÉ X. +§«ÉɻɩÉÉÅ ¾ÉàʶɫÉÉù, ʩɱÉ{É»ÉÉù »´É§ÉÉ´É +{«É{Éà ©Éqq°~É oÉ´ÉÉ lÉl~Éù ù¾àlÉÉà. §ÉɺÉÉ{ÉÖÅ ¶É¥q §ÉÅeÉà³ ´ÉyÉÖ qÒKÉÒlÉ ©ÉàPÉÉ +Éù ´ÉºÉÇ qù©«ÉÉ{É ´ÉNÉÇ ©ÉÉàÊ{É÷ù{ÉÒ V´ÉÉ¥ÉqÉùÒ ~ÉÚiÉÇ~ÉiÉà Ê{ɧÉÉ´ÉÒ. ´«É´É»oÉÉ~É{É HÉ«ÉÇ©ÉÉÅ Hֶɳ. »ÉÖÅqù +KÉù, ©Éqq°~É oÉ´ÉÉ{ÉÒ ´ÉÞÊnÉ´ÉÉ³Ò Ê´ÉvÉoÉÔ{ÉÒ

X-C SÉÉ´ÉeÉ +W«É ©ÉɱÉqà »´É§ÉÉ´Éà Ê´É{ɪÉ, »É©É«É~ÉɱÉ{É©ÉÉÅ SÉÖ»lÉ, §ÉiÉlÉù©ÉÉÅ +OÉà»Éù, ʩɱÉ{É»ÉÉù, Ê´ÉSÉÉùÉà©ÉÉÅ »~ɺ÷´ÉGlÉÉ +à´ÉÉà Ê´ÉvÉoÉÔ



©ÉɱÉÖHÉ >¶ÉÉ W«Éà¶ÉHÖ©ÉÉù Hֶɳ {ÉàlÉÞl´É PÉùÉ´É{ÉÉù, qùàH Ê´ÉvÉoÉÔ{Éà ©Éqq Hù´ÉÉ lÉl~Éù, ¾©Éà¶ÉÉ »ÉÊ»©ÉlÉ SɾàùÉà ùÉLÉ{ÉÉù Ê´ÉvÉoÉÔ{ÉÒ



Ê~ÉceÒ«ÉÉ «ÉÉÊ[ÉH ~ÉÒ. SÉ¥ÉùÉH, SÉ~ɳ, SÉÅSÉ±É ´ÉÞÊnÉ´ÉɳÉà +§«ÉɻɩÉÉÅ Al»ÉÉʾlÉ +ÅÅlÉ©ÉÖÇLÉÒ Ê¶É»lÉ´ÉɳÉà Ê´ÉvÉoÉÔ©ÉÉÅ ¾Éà´ÉÉ Xà>+à +à´ÉÉ +§«ÉÉ»ÉÒ Ê¶É»lÉ´ÉɳÉà Ê´ÉvÉoÉÔ. ¡Éà©Éɳ +{«É{Éà ©Éqq°~É lÉl~Éù

¶Éɾ ~ÉÉoÉÇ »ÉÒ. +ÅlÉ©ÉÇÖLÉÒ, ¶ÉÉÅlÉ. »Éù³ »´É§ÉÉ´É´ÉɳÉà +É Ê´ÉvÉoÉÔ ´ÉNÉÇ©ÉÉÅ H«ÉÉùà«É AÅSÉÉ +´ÉÉWà ´ÉÉlÉ {É eùà. yÉÒùNÉŧÉÒù ¡ÉHÞÊlÉ.

XeàX §ÉÉùlÉÒ¥ÉÉ +à{É. qùàH ¡É´ÉÞÊlÉ©ÉÉÅ +OÉà»Éù, »ÉlÉlÉ ¡É´ÉÞÊnɶÉÒ±É, +àH~ÉÉmÉÒ +ʧÉ{É«É, ù©ÉlÉNÉ©ÉlÉ, ´ÉG´ÉÞn´É »~ÉyÉÉÇ©ÉÉÅ §ÉÉNÉ ±Éà´ÉÉ lÉn~Éù, {ÉàlÉÞl´É{ÉÉà NÉÖiÉ §ÉÉùÉà§ÉÉù §É«ÉÉâ Uà, +Él©ÉδɹÉÉ»ÉoÉÒ §Éù~ÉÚù

Ê©É»mÉÒ Y{É±É ¶Éù©Éɳ, ¶ÉÉÅlÉ, +§«ÉɻɩÉÉÅ ùÖÊSÉ yÉùÉ´É{ÉÉù, »ÉÖÅqù +KÉùÉà, yÉÉà. ~ÉUÒ AnÉùÉànÉù qùàH KÉàmÉà ¡ÉNÉÊlɶÉÒ±É ¥É{ÉÒ.

X-H Gupta Santoshkumar Hiralal Santosh is very shy by ntaure but never hesitant to clarity any matter which lerings in his academics or general topic. He is also very inquisitive and comes out with very intelligent

Khan Yusuf Sajid Yusuf is very confident boy with a possitive frame of mind he is always ready to accept his faults and doesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;nt bling from being corrected. He is an all rounder and ready to participate in all activities . He is lively and extrovert by nature.

Agnihotri Swati Nagedra Swati is very enthusiastic, full of confidence and bubbling with wnergy she is very passionate about dance. She is always willing to extend her support and cooperate with others in different activities like sports, inter-school dance.

Pandit S. Sena Sundar She is very humble, Polite hardworking also very eager and willing to learn and grasp something more. A perfectly balanced personality.

X-I Doshi Ronak Paresh Honest, Hardworking, good speaker participates in co-curricular activities creative thinker. Good in studies has innovative Ideas

Parekh Kaushik Ashok Good speaker, Cheerful, great sence of humour. very scocial, very co-operative has quality of leadership.

Dedhia Hasti Ketan Well disciplined, Regular, obedient, has quality of leadership.

Kesalikar Yatisha Kumari Subhash Chandra Honest can handle crowd, care for neatness, has leadership quality.

X-T Suthar Narendra Ashok He is intelligent obedient. full of energy with a bit of carefree attitude. Ready to take part in any activity

Thakkar Pujan Bhupendra He is very polite intelligent obedient. Always takes part in curicular activites.

Joshi Aditi Sunit He is sweet, sensitive, polite, kind, very helpful will do anything to help her friends.

Waghela Gayatri Bhupendra She is vibrant energetic, intelligent always, takes part in curricular activities.


who shine on silver screen and sparkle in education

Little champs of SVPVV

Shailesh Pravin Solankhi (V-D) Mahadev, Shapat, Bhoot Raja and Rani, Chillerparty, Chabbis Bara, Jawani ki Diwani Advt.- Nokia Mobile

Chota Packet, Bada Dhamaka

Stuti sunil Rushi (VI-K) Jeet Jayenge Hum, Ek safar aisa kabi socha nahi tha, Crime Patrol, Ram Milaye Jodi, Phulwa, Balikavadhu, Mile Jab Hum Tum, Matakichauki, Agle Janam Mohey Bitiya hi Kijo. Advt. - Idea Mobile, Cococola, air india(civilization ad), kings oil, telebrandsans surf excel.

Parth Hemant Limbacia (VII – C) Crime Patrol, shapat, Jawani ki Diwani, Dabbang 2, Balveer Advt.-Hajmmola.

Esha Jitendra Chawda (V - D) Crime Patrol, Jawani ki Diwani, Special 26, Advt. - Hajmola, Horlics,

Aayushi Vijaybhai Bosamya (V - A) Balveer, Savdhan India, India Idol. Advt. - Samsung

Palak Mukesh Darji (V - D) Indian Idol, Balveer

Neesha Rajendra Beda (V - A) Balveer, Indian Idol, Hum Aapke in laws Advt. – Samsung

Trupti kishor Jethwa (V - D) Jawani ki Dewani, Balveer, Uttran, Kaali.


We not only appreciate studies but also talent. Karishma Bhuta student of X - H is one of the example. Acting and Dancing is her passion. She has participated in almost all interschool dance competitions and won prizes in Times NiE Mumbai Dance Competition. She performs multiple dances in annual function of school every year. Not only this from last 6 years. She acts in Raymonds with lead role of Urmila. Other shows were Nagin, Mata ki choki, Behene, Jai Maa Durga, Mahima shani Dev ki, Dharam veer, Hawan, Kaali Raat. Recently she was shooting for an International show 'The kids Hub' which will release in India on Pogo channel in December 2013.

Tushar Ramel Gohil (V - D) Indian Idol, Big Bazar ad, 26 Bara, CID, Jawani ki Diwani.

Ankit Umesh Dattani (VII - A) Crime patrol, Jawani ki Diwani, Special 26, Balveer Advt. - Hajmola,

Dhara Naresh Nai (VII - A) Crime patrol, Balveer, Jawani ki Diwani, Shapat Advt. - Hajmola, Horlics,

Hiral Ramesh Mota (V - B) 26 Bara, Uttran, Tarak Mehta ka Ulta Chasma Advt. - Complan,

Neha Rajendra Weda (V – A) Balveer, Indian Idol, Ad – Samsung

Jatin Vallabhbhai Sindhav (V - C) 26 Bara, Khubsurat

Saurabh Rameshbhai Solankhi (V - C) 26 Bara, Domines, Jawani ki Diwani.

Jay Hasmukh Hingo (VI - A) Bhoot Raja our Rani, Bhai Bhaiya aur Brother

Meet Hemantbhai Limbchiya (V - A) CID, Sobhagyawati Bhav, Shapat, Crime Patrol, Balveer, Indian Idol. Film : Dought day, (D’day), Special 26, Ye Jawani ki Diwani. Advt. - Hajmola


1 mao maharaYT/ idna samaarMBa sardar vallaBaBaa[- pTola kaMidvalaI (p.) yaoqao 1 mao 2012 raojaI sakaLI maharaYT/ idna (kamagaar idna) saajara krNyaat Aalaa. samaarMBaalaa sakaLI 11 vaajata sau$vaat JaalaI.SaaLocyaa Bavya [martIt sava- iSaxak eki~t jamalao haoto.p`mauK pahuNao mhNaUna sardar vallaBaBaa[- pTola maaQyaimak ivaValayaacyaa mau#yaaQyaaipka maa.EaImatI saMigata EaIvaastva yaaMnaa AamaMi~t krNyaat Aalao haoto. p`%yaok kaya-Ëmaasa maaga-dSa-na krNaaáyaa va %yaat sahBaagaI haoNaaáyaa SaaLocyaa mau#yaaQyaipka yaaMnaI psaayadana mhNaUna kaya-ËmaacaI sau$vaat kolaI. kuSala va p`Kr naotR%va AsaNaaro SaaLocao ]pmau#yaaQyaapk EaI. jaa^na ema.DI.sar ho hI samaarMBaasa ]pisqat haoto.kaya-ËmaamaQyao mau#yaaQyaaipka yaaMnaI iSaxakaMsamavaot maharaYT/ gaIto gaayalaI tsaoca iSaxakaMnaa baixasao do}na gaaOrvaNyaat Aalao.kaya-Ëmaacyaa AMtga-t sau+ItIla inayaaojanaacaIhI jaaNaIva %yaaMnaI k$na idlaI. ivaYayaaSaI saMbaMQaIt navanaivana maaihtI va &ana jamavaNyaacao %yaaMnaI iSaxakaMnaa Aavaahna kolao. sava- iSaxak va mau#yaaQyaapk yaaMnaI savaa-MnaI imaLUna maharaYT/ idna maaozyaa ]%saahanao va AanaMdanao saajara kolaa. sava- iSaxakaMnaa mau#yaaQyaaipka yaaMnaI SauBaocCa do}na raYT/gaItanao kayaËmaacaI saaMgata JaalaI. p`sanna vaatavarNaat maharaYT/ idna saajara Jaalaa. jaya ihMdÑ jaya maharaYT/ÑÑ


14 isatMbar – ihMdI idvasa rajaBaaYaa ihMdI kao raYT/BaaYaa ka djaa- p`dana krnao ko ilae Aaja pUro doSa maoM ihMdI p`caar saMsqaaeM p`ya%naSaIla hOM È ihMdI yah iksaI Kasa p`doSa yaa rajya kI baaoQak nahIM hOM È Aaja ijasao ihMdIBaaYaI xao~ kha jaata hO drAsala ]nakI ApnaI Alaga–Alaga baaoilayaa^M hOM , jaOsao – AvaQaxao~ maoM AvaQaI , ba`ja maoM ba`jaBaaYaa , Baaojapur maoM BaaojapurI , imaiqalaa kI maOiqalaI , C<tIsagaZ kI C<tIsagaZI Aaid hOM È ]pyau-@t baataoM kao Qyaana maoM rKkr kaMidvalaI iSaxaNa saMsqaa Wara saMcaailat sardar vallaBa Baa[- pTola ivaivaQalaxaI ivad\yaalaya maoM BaI 14 isatMbar kao ihMdI idvasa ka kaya-`k`ma manaayaa jaata hO È ijasamaoM ivad\yaalaya ko ivad\yaaqaI- baZ–caZkr ihssaa laoto hOM È kavya – pzna , ekpa~I AiBanaya , va@tR<va jaOsaI spQaa-AaoM maoM sahBaagaI haoto hOM È ivad\yaalaya kI mau#yaaQyaaipka EaImatI saMgaIta EaIvaastva ko saainaQya eMva maaga-dSana maoM 14 isatMbar kao ihMdI idvasa ka kaya-k`ma hr vaYa- saucaa$ $p sao saMpnna haota hO È p`stuit – p`maaod paNDoya ³iSaxak´ ijasa p`kar 15Agast kao svatM~ta idvasa tqaa 26 janavarI kao gaNatM~ idvasa manaayaa jaata hO È ]saI p`kar 14isatMbar kao ihMdI idvasa ko $p maoM manaayaa jaata hO È 14 isatMbar kao hI ihMdI idvasa ko $p maoM @yaaoM manaayaa jaata hO , @yaaoMoik Da^.baabaasaahoba AaMbaoDkr Wara ijasa samaya saMivaQaana ilaKa jaa rha qaa ]sa samaya 14 isatMbar , 1949 kao svatM~ raYT/ kI BaaYaa ko baaro maMo saMivaQaana maoM ilaKa gayaa ik “dovanaagarI ilaip maoM ilaKI jaanao vaalaI ihMdI svatM~ Baart gaNarajya kI rajaBaaYaa haogaI È” [saI smaRit maoM 14 isatMbar kao ihMdI idvasa ko $p maoM manaayaa jaata hO È ihMdI saMvaOQaainak $p sao svatM~ Baart kI rajaBaaYaa hO AaOr koMd`Iya Saasana kI p`Saasainak BaaYaa hO È AajaadI ko samaya maoM ihMdI kao raYT/BaaYaa kha gayaa qaa @yaaoMik raYT/ipta maha%maa gaaMQaI nao svatM~ raYT/ ko ilae raYT/BaaYaa ka mah%va batato hue kha qaa ik “raYT/BaaYaa ko ibanaa raYT/ gaU^Mgaa hO È” ]naka khnao ka ta%pya- yah qaa ik Aajaad Baart doSa kI raYT/BaaYaa ihMdI hI hao saktI hO @yaaoMik Baart doSa maoM AiQakaMSat: laaoga ihMdI baaolato AaOr samaJato hMO È ]na idnaaoM saBaI raYT/ inamaa-taAaoM nao maha%maa gaa^MQaI ko [sa ivacaar kao sava-sammait sao samaqa-na idyaa tqaa AajaadI kI laDa[- BaI raYT/BaaYaa ihMdI maoM laDI ga[- È maha%maa gaa^MQaI ko ivacaar kao saaqa-k $p p`dana krnao ko ilae tqaa

1st Place in Hindi Rashtra Bhasha Exam All over Mumbai

efnboer efoJeme Hej DeeOeeefjle keÀe³e&¬eÀce keÀe efJeJejCe efnboer efoJeme ``14 efmelecyej'' mes ``30 efmelecyej'' lekeÀ (SkeÀ HeKeJeeæ[e) cevee³ee peelee nw~ nceejs ceneefJeÐee}³e ceW Yeer ³es efoJeme yengle De®íer lejn mes cevee³ee ie³ee~ nceejs ³eneB efJeÐeeefLe&³ees ves Fme keÀe³e&¬eÀce keÀes yengle De®íer lejn mes mebHeeefole efkeÀ³ee, Dee³eespeve mes }skeÀj meceeHeve lekeÀ ye®®eeW ves Fme keÀe³e&¬eÀce keÀes meb®eeef}le keÀj DeHeveer Òeeflecee keÀe Heefj®e³e efo³ee~ efYeVe - efYeVe lejn kesÀ keÀe³e&¬eÀce Òemlegle efkeÀ³espewmes - keÀefJelee Heeþ, Yee<eCe, ve=l³e, veeìkeÀ Deeefo~ nceves ye®®eeW kesÀ ef}³es efnvoer }sKeve Òeefle³eesefielee keÀe Dee³eespeve Yeer efkeÀ³ee Lee, efpemeceW ye®®eeW ves keÀeHeÀer De®íer efnboer keÀe Òe³eesie efkeÀ³ee, Deewj yeæ{®eæ{ keÀj efnmmee ef}³ee~ pees efJeÐeeLeea Fme Òeefle³eesefielee ceW efJepe³eer Ieesef<ele ngg³es GvekesÀ veece efvecveeq}efKele nw:1) efveyebOe Òeefle³eesefielee:11 - S 1) keÀefJelee ogiee&Òemeeo - (ÒeLece mLeeve) 11 - [er 2) mJemeefcelee HeeefCeûener - (efÜleer³e mLeeve) 11 - [er 3) jepeve iegHlee - (le=leer³e mLeeve)

2) keÀefJelee }sKeve Òeefle³eesefielee:11 - S 1) vesne iegHlee - (ÒeLece mLeeve) 11 - kesÀ 2) ÞeOoe J³eeme - (efÜleer³e mLeeve) 11 - kesÀ 3) ÒesjCee Heesìs - (le=leer³e mLeeve) FmekesÀ De}eJee nceejs men³eesieer efµe#ekeÀes keÀe Yeer Hetje ³eesieoeve jne, nceejer ``Òee®ee³ee&peer'' ves J³emle jnles ng³es Yeer DeHevee Hetje mece³e nceejs efJeÐeeefLe&³ees keÀes efo³ee, Fmemes nceejs ye®®eeW ceW Glmeen yevee jne Je keÀece keÀjves keÀe pepyee Deewj Yeer yeæ{e~ SkeÀ yeele efJeµes<e ©He mes keÀnvee ®eentBieer Jees ³es efkeÀ nceejs efµe#ekeÀ ceneso³e pees Gce´ ceW nce meyemes ye[s nw, GvneWves DeHeveer ceOegj DeeJeepe ceW SkeÀ H³eeje mes ieevee megveekeÀj meyekeÀes ceb$ecegiOe keÀj efo³ee, GvekeÀe µegYe-veece nw Þeerceeved ``efiejer<e mesþ'' yeme Fme lejn mes efnvoer efoJeme meceejesn keÀe ³en keÀe³e&¬eÀce mecHeVe ngDee~ cebpet ®eewneve efnboer efJeYeeie - efµeef#ekeÀe


S.V.P. Science Quiz The work of imparting education is done by formal institution like school, but if they take the support of interesting , entertaining, innovative and curious medium for education then that will be really effective in teaching learning process. Knowledge and pleasure this dual aim is satisfied by conducting various activities.So by keeping in mind the above objective and the eve of National Science Day, an innovative science Quiz was conducted by science teachers of S.V.P.V. Vidyalaya, Kandivali (W) for Std V to VIII on 26th February 2013 Tuesday. The main objective of the Quiz was to enhance the love and curiosity for science and develop scientific attitude, to stimulate thinking reasoning power and to develop good study habits. And also to provide opportunities for participation in inter school competition. The selection of the students was done through a qualifying round held earlier in the school 16 toppers were selected for final round from about 100 enthusiastic students. Later the selected students were divided into 4 groups named after the Indian Scientists like Dr. A.P.J. Kalam, Dr. J. C. Bose, Dr. C.V. Raman and Dr. Homi J. Bhabha.


The school Principal Smt. Sangeeta N. Srivastava and Vice-Principal Mr. M.D. John were the special invitees who inaugurated the Quiz competition by lighting the lamp and launching the rocket in a PowerPoint video. The questions were classified in various categories such as Invention, Medicine, Mathematics, Spelling, Abbreviation, Molecular formula and symbols etc. The Quiz Master Lalit Patil, shot the questions in the form of visuals round, Buzzer round, Identify the process, Observation etc. Voices of famous personalities were also put forward to the students in identifying the voice round.Excitement and expectation among the audience comprising of students and teachers grew as Dr. A. P. J. Kalam & Dr. J. C. Bose teams were in for tie scoring equal points. To break the monotony, challenging spot questions were asked to the audience too, and spot prizes were given to the correct answers.Finally it was the Dr. A.P.J. Kalam team which emerged as winner of the Quiz. All the participants were given participation certificates and books as token of appreciation. It was a perfect combination of education plus entertainment.


Mrs. Shashi Surve Receiving District Sports Awards

Mrs. Archana Shah Awarded by Finance Minister Sri Chidambaram

â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Râ&#x20AC;&#x2122; West ward Inter school Folk Dance

Jr. Group 1st prize

Sr. Group 1st prize


Laurel of Life, Labour of Love

Best Class of the Year- 9th Div.B Class Teacher Mrs. Lata Merchant

Best House of the Year Varun House

Master & Miss SVP Trivedi Kaushik & Chanda Urmila

Personality Contest - 2013 Pithadia Yagnik P., Jadeja Bhartiba N. Shah Parth C.

‘R’ ward Science Drama- Karja Akshay, Chauhan Madhavi, Thakar Yagnik, Raja Saavan


Mrs. Archana Shah ‘R’ ward Prize winner of Nature Club

Techno Fair 31st January 2013 Projects made by students

Clap Switch & Touch Sensor

Electric Eye & Metal Detecting car

LED â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Welcomeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Display

The empires of the future are the empires of the mind

Disco running light

Reptilian - van(1st prize)

Infrared Security Alarm

Tiger Sports Car

Remote Controlled Helicopter

Electronic Harmonium & street light

Opening door bell alarms & both full Indicator

Fire Alarm

Metal Detector with fire alarm

Water supply without Electricity


15th August 2012 Technical Section Opening Real museums are places where Time is transformed into Space

Honourable members of K. E. S. inaugurating the section


Teacher's Day 5th September, 2012

President Sri Satish Dattani welcoming all the teachers

K. E. S. Honours Teachers

Students performing for Teachers


Its easy to point a finger, but much harder to point the way - teachers point the right way

Sri Vinod Vora, Smt Sangeeta Srivastava, Sri Mahesh D. Chandarana, Sri Satish Dattani, Sri Rajendra Danthi, Sri Rajnikant Ghelani & Smt Rashmi Pandya

The dance is over, the applause subsided, but the joy and feeling will stay with you forever

Navratri Celebration 30th October 2012

Guest Ms. Ragini Khanna, T.V. actor & Ex student of Smt Sangeeta N. Srivastava

Sri Mahesh D. Chandarana & Smt Sheela Chandarana

Sri Nilesh Thakkar & beats

Best Garba dancer

Studentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s success ....Teachers Pride

Entire Staff 48

A million dollar smile

I'd trade all my tomorrows for one single yesterday.â&#x20AC;?

Our Garba Sponsors

State Bank of India Rao IIT Academy Swayam Publications CNG Conversion Dealer



Uttam Prakashan Nobel Publication House


Music masti and Magic

School Annual Day 6th November, 2012

Sri Mahesh Shah Dr. Girish Trivedi

Theme Of The Year 2012 - 13 Eye And Skin Donation Awareness, Among Students Staff And Parents Chief Guest Dr. Girish Trivedi Inspired by Theme Song written by Sri V. P. Srivastava 'Bekhud'

Sri Rajnikant Ghelani


Sri Rajendra Danthi

eÉè. ÊNÉùÒ¶É ÊmÉÉ´ÉÉàqÒ »ÉÉooÉà{ÉÒ ©ÉÖ±ÉÉH HÉlÉ Ê´ÉvÉoÉÔ: {É©É»HÉù, »Éù lÉ©É{Éà eÉèG÷ù ¥É{É´ÉÉ{ÉÒ ¡ÉàùiÉÉ H«ÉÉÅoÉÒ ©É³Ò? eÉè. ÊNÉùÒ¶É: ¶ÉɳÉY´É{É qù©«ÉÉ{É ¡ÉàùiÉÉ ©É³Ò. ©Éy«É©É´ÉNÉÇ +{Éà {ÉÒSɱÉÉ ´ÉNÉÇ{ÉÒ ¾àùÉ{ÉNÉlÉÒ Xà>{Éà ©ÉÉiÉ»ÉÉ<{ÉÉ »ÉÅ¥ÉÅyÉà lÉ¥ÉÒ¥ÉÒ KÉàmÉ ~É»ÉÅq Hù´ÉÉ{ÉÖÅ {ÉIÒ H«ÉÇÖÅ. Ê´ÉvÉoÉÔ: W{Éù±É ¡ÉàÊG÷¶É{Éù{ÉÒ ¡É´ÉÞÊnÉ©ÉÉÅ HÉ«ÉÇùlÉ ¾lÉÉ ~ÉUÒ +É +ʧɫÉÉ{É lÉù£ Hà´ÉÒ ùÒlÉà ´É²«ÉÉ? eÉè. ÊNÉùÒ¶É: >.»É. 1999 »ÉÖyÉÒ ¾ÖÅ ©ÉÉùÅÖ ~ÉÉàlÉÉ{ÉÖÅ q´ÉÉLÉÉ{ÉÖÅ SɱÉÉ´ÉlÉÉà ¾lÉÉà. HIV +{Éà Aids {ÉÖÅ KÉàmÉ ~É»ÉÅq H«ÉÖÇ. Uà±±ÉÉ qÉàh ´ÉºÉÇoÉÒ ¾ÖÅ {ÉàmÉqÉ{É +{Éà l´ÉSÉÉqÉ{É ©ÉÉ÷à ùÉà÷ùÒ H±É¥É »ÉÉoÉà XàeÉ«Éà±ÉÉà UÖÅ. Ê´ÉvÉoÉÔ: {ÉàmÉqÉ{É +{Éà l´ÉSÉÉqÉ{É ©ÉÉ÷à ±ÉÉàHÉà©ÉÉÅ XNÉÞÊlÉ ±ÉÉ´É´ÉÉ{ÉÒ ¡ÉàùiÉÉ H«ÉÉÅoÉÒ ©É³Ò? eÉè. ÊNÉùÒ¶É: {ÉàmÉqÉ{É +{Éà l´ÉSÉÉqÉ{É ©ÉÉ÷à{ÉÒ XNÉÞÊlÉ ©É{Éà ±ÉÉàHÉà ~ÉÉ»ÉàoÉÒ W ©É³Ò. +ÅyÉ ´«ÉÎGlÉ+Éà ~ÉÉ»ÉàoÉÒ ©É³Ò Ê´ÉvÉoÉÔ: {ÉàmÉqÉ{É ©ÉÉ{É´ÉÒ{ÉÉ ©ÉÞl«ÉÖ ~ÉUÒ{ÉÉ Hà÷±ÉÉ »É©É«É©ÉÉÅ oÉ´ÉÖÅ W°ùÒ Uà? eÉè. ÊNÉùÒ¶É: {ÉàmÉqÉ{É ©ÉÉ{É´ÉÒ{ÉÉ ©ÉÞl«ÉÖ ~ÉUÒ{ÉÉ 5 H±ÉÉH©ÉÉÅ oÉ´ÉÖÅ W°ùÒ Uà. {ÉàmÉqÉ{É Xà 5 H±ÉÉH©ÉÉÅ {É oÉÉ«É lÉÉà HÉàÊ{ÉÇ«ÉÉ ({ÉàmÉÊ¥ÉÅqÖ) HciÉ oÉ< X«É Uà. Wà A~É«ÉÉàNÉ©ÉÉÅ ±É> {É ¶ÉHÉ«É. Ê´ÉvÉoÉÔ: +É W ùÒlÉà l´ÉSÉÉqÉ{É ~ÉiÉ Hà÷±ÉÉ »É©É«É©ÉÉÅ oÉ´ÉÖÅ W°ùÒ Uà? eÉè. ÊNÉùÒ¶É: {ÉàmÉqÉ{É{ÉÒ Wà©É W l´ÉSÉÉqÉ{É ~ÉiÉ 5 H±ÉÉH©ÉÉÅ oÉ´ÉÖÅ W°ùÒ Uà. Ê´ÉvÉoÉÔ: ¶ÉÖÅ l´ÉSÉÉ ~ÉiÉ {ÉàmÉ{ÉÒ Wà©É HeH oÉ> X«É? eÉè. ÊNÉùÒ¶É: ¾É, {ÉàmÉ{ÉÒ Wà W l´ÉSÉÉ ~ÉiÉ HeH oÉ> X«É lÉÉà +à{Éà ÷ÄÉ{»É~±ÉÉ{÷ {É HùÒ ¶ÉHÉ«É. δÉvÉoÉÔ: {ÉàmÉqÉ{É +{Éà l´ÉSÉÉqÉ{É{ÉÒ ¡ÉÊJ«ÉÉ H> ùÒlÉà oÉÉ«É lÉà »É©ÉX´É¶ÉÉà? eÉè. ÊNÉùÒ¶É: Wà ´«ÉÎGlÉ {ÉàmÉqÉ{É +{Éà l´ÉSÉÉqÉ{É Hù´ÉÉ >ùUlÉÒ ¾Éà«É lÉà{ÉÉ PÉùàoÉÒ £Éà{É +É´«ÉÉ ~ÉUÒ ¾ÖÅ ~ÉÉàlÉà +{Éà ©ÉÉùÉ »É¾HÉ«ÉÇHùÉà +©ÉÉùÒ kit (W°ùÒ »ÉÉyÉ{É»ÉÉ©ÉOÉÒ) ±É>{Éà W>+à UÒ+à. {ÉàmÉqÉ{É +{Éà l´ÉSÉÉqÉ{É Hù{ÉÉù ´«ÉÎHlÉ{ÉÉ PÉù´ÉɳÉ{Éà ©ÉÉùÒ »É±Éɾ Uà Hà +©ÉÉùÉ +É´«ÉÉ ~ɾà±ÉÉ Wà ´«ÉÊGlÉ qÉ{É Hù{ÉÉù Uà, lÉà{ÉÉ °©É©ÉÉÅ ~ÉÅLÉÉà SÉɱÉÖ ¾Éà«É

lÉÉà ¥ÉÅyÉ HùÒ qà´ÉÉà, +à. »ÉÒ. ¾Éà«É lÉÉà SÉɱÉÖ Hù´ÉÖÅ, ©ÉÉoÉÉ {ÉÒSÉà ¥Éà lÉÊH«ÉÉ ùÉLÉ´ÉÉ WàoÉÒ {ÉàmÉ HÉh´ÉÉ{ÉÒ ¡ÉÊJ«ÉÉ ´ÉLÉlÉà ùGlÉ»mÉÉ´É (¥±ÉÒeÓNÉ) +ÉààUÉà oÉÉ«É. »ÉÉäoÉÒ ©É¾l´É{ÉÒ ´ÉÉlÉ +à Uà Hà {ÉàmÉqÉ{É Hà l´ÉSÉÉqÉ{É Hù{ÉÉù ´«ÉÎGlÉ{ÉÖÅ ©ÉùiÉ~ÉmÉ lÉä«ÉÉù ¾Éà´ÉÖÅ W°ùÒ Uà. lÉÉà W +ÉNɳ{ÉÒ ¡ÉÊH«ÉÉ oÉ> ¶ÉHà Uà. Wà ´«ÉÊGlÉ{Éà eÉ«ÉÉÊ¥É÷Ò»É, ©ÉÉàÊlÉ«ÉÉ +{Éà Sɶ©ÉÉ ¾Éà«É lÉà ±ÉÉàHÉà ~ÉiÉ {ÉàmÉqÉ{É Hà l´ÉSÉÉqÉ{É HùÒ ¶ÉHà Uà. Wà ´«ÉÊGlÉ{Éà Hà{»Éù +{Éà HIV {ÉÒ Ê¥É©ÉÉùÒ ¾Éà«É lÉà ±ÉÉàHÉà {ÉàmÉqÉ{É, l´ÉSÉÉqÉ{É HùÒ ¶ÉGlÉÉ {ÉoÉÒ. Eye ball (HÒHÒ) HÉhÒ ±ÉÒyÉÉ ~ÉUÒ lÉà{Éà eye bank ©ÉÉÅ ©ÉÉàH±ÉÉ´É´ÉÉ©ÉÉÅ +É´Éà Uà. +ÉÅLÉ HÉh«ÉÉ ~ÉUÒ 12 H±ÉÉH©ÉÉÅ HÉèÊ{ÉÇ«ÉÉ{ÉÖÅ ÷ÄÉ{»É~±ÉÉ{÷ oÉ´ÉÖÅ W°ùÒ Uà. l´ÉSÉÉqÉ{É ¡ÉÊJ«ÉÉ©ÉÉÅ ~ɾà±ÉÉ l´ÉSÉÉ »ÉÉ£ Hù´ÉÉ©ÉÉÅ +É´Éà Uà. lÉ¥ÉÒ¥ÉÒ yÉÉàùiÉà ±Éà´ÉÉlÉÒ ¥ÉyÉÒ ¥ÉÉ¥ÉlÉÉà{ÉÖÅ y«ÉÉ{É ùÉLÉ´ÉÉ©ÉÉÅ +É´Éà Uà. l´ÉSÉÉ ¶ÉùÒù{ÉÉ ¥Éà §ÉÉNÉ©ÉÉÅoÉÒ ±Éà´ÉÉ©ÉÉÅ +É´Éà Uà ~ÉÒc©ÉÉÅoÉÒ +{Éà »ÉÉoɳ©ÉÉÅoÉÒ l´ÉSÉÉ{ÉÉà ~ÉÉlɳÉà oÉù HÉh´ÉÉ©ÉÉÅ +É´Éà Uà. l´ÉSÉÉ{Éà 5 ´ÉºÉÇ »ÉÖyÉÒ »ÉÉSÉ´ÉÒ ¶ÉHÉ«É Uà. Ê´ÉvÉoÉÔ: {ÉàmÉqÉ{É +{Éà l´ÉSÉÉqÉ{É ©ÉÉ÷à{ÉÒ »ÉÅ»oÉÉ+Éà ©ÉÅÖ¥É>©ÉÉÅ +{Éà ©ÉÖÅ¥É> ʻɴÉÉ«É ¥ÉÒWà G«ÉÉÅ +É´Éà±É Uà? lÉà{ÉÉ {ÉÉ©É +É~ɶÉÉà? eÉè. ÊNÉùÒ¶É: Rotary Eye Bank of Borivali +{Éà KEM Hospital ©ÉÉÅ Eye ball preserve HùÒ ¶ÉHÉ«É Uà. National Burns hospital, Aairoli, Sion Hospital ©ÉÉÅ l´ÉSÉÉ{Éà Preserve Hù´ÉÉ©ÉÉÅ +É´Éà Uà. ©ÉÒùÉùÉàe{ÉÒ §ÉÊGlÉ ´ÉàqÉÅlÉ ¾ÉàÊ»~É÷±É©ÉÉÅ skin collection centre start oÉ> NÉ«ÉÖ Uà. Ê´ÉvÉoÉÔ: ¶ÉÅÖ ¥ÉɳH{ÉÉ ©ÉÞl«ÉÖ ~ÉUÒ ~ÉiÉ {ÉàmÉqÉ{É +àà l´ÉSÉÉqÉ{É ¶ÉG«É Uà? eÉè. ÊNÉùÒ¶É: ¥ÉɳH{ÉÒ l´ÉSÉÉ{ÉÖÅ qÉ{É ¶ÉG«É {ÉoÉÒ. ~ÉùÅlÉÖ mÉiÉ ©Éʾ{ÉÉoÉÒ ±É> 80 ´ÉºÉÇ{ÉÒ ´É«É »ÉÖyÉÒ{ÉÒ ´«ÉÊGlÉ {ÉàmÉqÉ{É HùÒ ¶ÉHà Uà. Ê´ÉvÉoÉÔ: {ÉÉ{ÉÉ-{ÉÉ{ÉÉ NÉÉ©ÉeÉ+Éà©ÉÉÅ {ÉàmÉqÉ{É +{Éà l´ÉSÉÉqÉ{É{ÉÖÅ ©É¾l´É ±ÉÉàHÉà{Éà »É©ÉX´É´ÉÉ ©ÉÉ÷à H> ùÒlÉà XNÉÞÊlÉ ±ÉÉ´ÉÒ ¶ÉHÉ«É? eÉè. ÊNÉùÒ¶É: NÉÉ©ÉeÉ{ÉÉ ±ÉÉàHÉà{ÉÉ ©É{É©ÉÉÅ WÚ{ÉÒ ©ÉÉ{«ÉlÉÉ+Éà ù¾à±ÉÒ ¾Éà«É Uà. ©ÉÉ÷à lÉà+Éà +É qÉ{É{ÉÒ ´ÉÉlÉ ]e~ÉoÉÒ »´ÉÒHÉùlÉÉ {ÉoÉÒ. lÉà©É{ÉÉ ©ÉÖW¥É W{©«ÉÉ lÉà´ÉÉ W ¶ÉùÒù »ÉÉoÉà ©ÉÞl«ÉÖ - +ÊN{Éqɾ +É~É´ÉÉà Xà>+à. ~ÉùÅlÉÖ {ÉàmÉqÉ{É Hà l´ÉSÉÉqÉ{É{ÉÖÅ ©É¾l´É Xà HÉà> yÉ©ÉÇNÉÖùÖ Hà NÉÉ©É{ÉÉ ©ÉÖLÉÒ »É©ÉX´Éà lÉÉà lÉà+Éà »Éù³lÉÉoÉÒ »É©ÉWà ~ÉiÉ +{Éà qÉ{É{Éà »´ÉÒHÉùà ~ÉiÉ LÉùÉ. +à÷±Éà yÉ©ÉÇNÉÖùÖ+Éà »´ÉàSUÉ+à ¡ÉSÉÉù Hùà lÉÉà NÉÉ©ÉeÉ{ÉÉ ±ÉÉàHÉà©ÉÉÅ XNÉÞÊlÉ ±ÉÉ´ÉÒ ¶ÉHÉ«É. Ê´ÉvÉoÉÔ: ´«ÉÎGlÉ+à {ÉàmÉqÉ{É +{Éà l´ÉSÉÉqÉ{É HùlÉÒ ´ÉLÉlÉà H> HɳYùÉLÉ´ÉÒ Xà>+à? eÉè. ÊNÉùÒ¶É: ´«ÉÎGlÉ{ÉÉ ©ÉÞl«ÉÖ ~ÉUÒ {ÉàmÉqÉ{É +{Éà l´ÉSÉÉqÉ{É Hù´ÉÖÅ ¾Éà«É lÉÉà PÉù{ÉÉ »É§«ÉÉà+à lÉùlÉ X eÉèG÷ù{Éà £Éà{É HùÒ qà´ÉÉà. eÉè. ~ɾÉáSÉà l«ÉÉ »ÉÖyÉÒ©ÉÉÅ ©ÉùiÉ~ÉmÉ (Death Certificate) lÉä«ÉÉù ùÉLÉ´ÉÖÅ. ~ÉÅLÉÉà SÉɱÉÖ ¾Éà«É lÉÉà ¥ÉÅyÉ HùÒ qà´ÉÉà. WàoÉÒ +ÉÅLÉÉà +{Éà l´ÉSÉÉ »ÉÖHÒ {É oÉÉ«É. Xà +à 51

¾Éà«É lÉÉà SÉɱÉÖ Hù´ÉÖÅ. ©ÉÉoÉÉ {ÉÒSÉà ¥Éà lÉÊH«ÉÉ ùÉLÉ´ÉÉ WàoÉÒ ùGlÉ»mÉÉ´É +ÉàUÉà oÉÉ«É. Ê´ÉvÉoÉÔ: {ÉàmÉqÉ{É +{Éà l´ÉSÉÉqÉ{É Hù´ÉÉ >SUÖH ´«ÉÎGlÉ G«ÉÉÅ +{Éà H> ùÒlÉà ~ÉÉàlÉÉ{ÉÅÖ {ÉÉ©É {ÉÉáyÉÉ´ÉÒ ¶ÉHà? eÉè. ÊNÉùÒ¶É: {ÉàmÉqÉ{É l´ÉSÉÉqÉ{É Hù´ÉÉ >SUÖH ´«ÉÎGlÉ +à ~ɾà±ÉàoÉÒ HÉeÇ §ÉùÒ ùÉLÉ´ÉÖÅ +{Éà PÉù{ÉÉ +{«É ´«ÉÊGlÉ{Éà WiÉÉ´ÉÒ ùÉLÉ´ÉÖÅ. WàiÉà HÉeÇ {É §É«ÉÇÖ ¾Éà«É lÉà UlÉÉÅ ~ÉiÉ {ÉàmÉqÉ{É +{Éà l´ÉSÉÉqÉ{É HùÒ ¶ÉHà Uà. Ê´ÉvÉoÉÔ: {ÉàmÉqÉ{É +{Éà l´ÉSÉÉqÉ{É{ÉÉà ¡É»ÉÉù G«ÉÉ ©ÉÉy«É©ÉÉà wÉùÉ oÉ> Uà? eÉè. ÊNÉùÒ¶É: lÉ©ÉÉùÉ Wà´ÉÉà «ÉÖ´ÉÉ´ÉNÉÇ LÉÚ¥É W ©É¾l´É{ÉÉà §ÉÉNÉ §ÉW´ÉÒ ¶ÉHà Uà. Lions Club, Wà´ÉÒ +{ÉàH »ÉÅ»oÉÉ+Éà »ÉÉoÉà ©É³Ò X¾ùà HÉ«ÉÇJ©ÉÉà ¶ÉàùÒ {ÉÉ÷HÉà ¥Éè{ÉùÉà ±É> C§ÉÉ ù¾Ò »É©ÉX´ÉÒ{Éà XNÉÞÊlÉ ±ÉÉ´ÉÒ ¶ÉHÉ«É. Ê´ÉvÉoÉÔ: {ÉàmÉqÉ{É +{Éà l´ÉSÉÉqÉ{É ©ÉÉ÷à{ÉÉ lÉ©ÉÉùÉ ¡É«Él{ÉÉà{Éà HÉùiÉà qÉ{É{ÉÖÅ ¡É©ÉÉiÉ ´Éy«ÉÅÖ Uà? eÉè. ÊNÉùÒ¶É: {ÉàmÉqÉ{É +{Éà l´ÉSÉÉqÉ{É Uà±±ÉÉ qÉàh ´ÉºÉÇoÉÒ ´ÉyÉÒ ù¾«ÉÅÖ Uà. Xà Hà l´ÉSÉÉqÉ{É ©ÉÉ÷à oÉÉàeÒ lÉH±ÉÒ£ ~ÉeÒ ù¾Ò Uà. ~ÉùÅlÉÖ {ÉàmÉqÉ{É{ÉÖÅ ¡É©ÉÉiÉ W°ùoÉÒ ´Éy«ÉÖÅ Uà. ©É¾Éùɺ÷Ä©ÉÉÅ »ÉÉäoÉÒ ´ÉyÉÖ ¥ÉÉàùҴɱÉÒ +{Éà HÉÅÊq´É±ÉÒ©ÉÉÅoÉÒ {ÉàmÉqÉ{É{ÉÖÅ ¡É©ÉÉiÉ ù¾«ÉÅÖ Uà. Ê´ÉvÉoÉÔ: {ÉàmÉqÉ{É Hà l´ÉSÉÉqÉ{É NÉÖ~lÉ ùÉLÉ´ÉÉ©ÉÉÅ +É´Éà Uà? eÉè. ÊNÉùÒ¶É: Wà. ´«ÉÎGlÉ+à {ÉàmÉqÉ{É H«ÉÖÇ ¾Éà«É lÉà HÉèÊ{ÉÇ«ÉÉ HÉà{Éà ±ÉNÉÉe´ÉÉ©ÉÉÅ +É´Éà Uà lÉà H¾à´ÉÉ©ÉÉÅ +É´ÉlÉÖÅ {ÉoÉÒ. Ê´ÉvÉoÉÔ: Hà©É H¾à´ÉÉ©ÉÉÅ +É´ÉlÉÖÅ {ÉoÉÒ? eÉè. ÊNÉùÒ¶É: »ÉùHÉùÒ HÉ«ÉqÉ{ÉÉà +©É±É Hù´ÉÉ ©ÉÉ÷à NÉÖ~lÉ ùÉLÉ´ÉÉ©ÉÉÅ +É´Éà Uà. ±ÉÉNÉiÉÒ{ÉÉ ´É¾àiÉ©ÉÉÅ lÉiÉÉ<{Éà +eSÉiÉ C§ÉÒ oÉ> ¶ÉHà. lÉà ©ÉÉ÷à NÉÖ~lÉ ùÉLÉ´ÉÉ©ÉÉÅ +É´Éà Uà. Ê´ÉvÉoÉÔ: +É XNÉÞÊlÉ +ʧɫÉÉ{É wÉùÉ oÉ«Éà±ÉÉà HÉà> «ÉÉqNÉÉù +{ÉÖ§É´É WiÉɴɶÉÉà?


eÉè. ÊNÉùÒ¶É: +É +ʧɫÉÉ{É©ÉÉÅ oÉ«Éà±ÉÉà +{ÉÖ§É´É - +àH 31 ´ÉºÉÇ{ÉÉ ¥É¾à{É{Éà. {ÉàmÉqÉ{É©ÉÉÅ ©É³à±É HÉàÊ{ÉÇ«ÉÉ ±ÉNÉÉe´ÉÉ©ÉÉÅ +É´«ÉÉà. Xà Hà +ÉW »ÉÖyÉÒ ¾ÖÅ +à©É{Éà ©É²«ÉÉà {ÉoÉÒ. £GlÉ £Éà{É ~Éù W ´ÉÉlÉÉDZÉÉ~É oÉ«ÉÉà ¾lÉÉà. ~ÉiÉ +à©É{ÉÉà +´ÉÉW ´ÉÉiÉÒ{ÉÉà Al»Éɾ ©ÉÉùÉ ©É{É{Éà »~ɶÉÔ NÉ«Éà±ÉÉà. ©É{Éà +à ¥É¾à{É{Éà ©É³´ÉÉ{ÉÒ PÉiÉÒ >SUÉ Uà. lÉà©ÉiÉà >SUÉ q¶ÉÉÇ´ÉÒ ¾lÉÒ Hà »ÉàÊ©É{ÉÉù©ÉÉÅ ¡Él«ÉKÉ AqɾùiÉ ±ÉÉàHÉà »É©ÉKÉ ùWÚ Hù´ÉÖÅ. lÉà A~ÉùÉÅlÉ Ê´É¶Éɳ ~ÉÉ«ÉÉ ~Éù XNÉÞÊlÉ ±ÉÉ´É´ÉÉ{ÉÉà ¡É«Él{É lÉ©ÉÉùÒ ¶ÉÉ³É »É. ´É. ~É .Ê´É. Ê´É. {ÉÉ ´ÉÉʺÉÇH Êq{É{ÉÒ AW´ÉiÉÒ©ÉÉÅ ¶ÉɳÉ{ÉÉ ¡ÉÉSÉÉ«ÉÉÇ ¸ÉÒ©ÉlÉÒ »ÉÅNÉÒlÉÉ {É. ¸ÉÒ´ÉÉ»lÉ´É{ÉÉ ©ÉÉNÉÇq¶ÉÇ{É ¾àc³ {ÉàmÉqÉ{É{ÉÉ Ê´ÉºÉ«É{Éà +É´ÉùÒ ±Éà´ÉÉ©ÉÉÅ +É´«ÉÉà. Wà ¾ÅÖ G«ÉÉùà«É {É §ÉÚ±ÉÒ ¶ÉHÅÖ. Ê´ÉvÉoÉÔ: lÉ©Éà ¶É° Hùà±ÉÉ {ÉàmÉqÉ{É +{Éà l´ÉSÉÉqÉ{É{ÉÉ «É[É©ÉÉÅ +©Éà Ê´ÉvÉoÉÔ H«ÉÉ »´É°~Éà ©Éqq HùÒ ¶ÉHÒ+à? eÉè. ÊNÉùÒ¶É: Ê´ÉvÉoÉÔ lÉùÒHà lÉ©ÉÉùÉ PÉù©ÉÉÅ oÉlÉÉ ~ÉÉÊù´ÉÉÊùH HÉ«ÉÇJ©ÉÉà©ÉÉÅ {ÉàmÉqÉ{É +{Éà l´ÉSÉÉqÉ{É{ÉÖÅ ©É¾l´É »É©ÉX´ÉÒ XNÉÞÊlÉ ±ÉÉ´ÉÒ ¶ÉHà. ¶ÉɳɩÉÉÅ ¡ÉÉàWàH÷ ¥É{ÉÉ´ÉÒ, lÉà{ÉÖÅ ¡Éq¶ÉÇ{É «ÉÉàY »ÉÉ©ÉÉ{«É ±ÉÉàHÉà©ÉÉÅ ~ÉiÉ lÉ©Éà lÉ©ÉÉùÒ ¶ÉɳɩÉÉÅ HÉ«ÉÇH©ÉÉàoÉÒ ©ÉÉʾlÉNÉÉù HùÒ{Éà XNÉÞÊlÉ ±ÉÉ´ÉÒ ¶ÉHà. HÉùiÉ Hà, +É~ÉiÉ{Éà +àH ´ÉºÉÇ©ÉÉÅ +àH ±ÉÉLÉ HÉàÊ{ÉÇ«ÉÉ{ÉÒ W°ù Uà. ~ÉùÅlÉÖ qÉ{É©ÉÉÅ 15,000 oÉÒ 20,000 {ÉàmÉÉà ©É³à Uà. ¸ÉÒ±ÉÅHÉ Wà´ÉÉ {ÉÉ{ÉHeÉ qà¶É©ÉÉÅ {ÉàmÉqÉ{É £ùÊW«ÉÉlÉ Hù´ÉÉ©ÉÉÅ +É´«ÉÅÖ Uà. lÉàoÉÉ lÉà+Éà HÉàÊ{ÉÇ«ÉÉ{ÉÒ Ê{ÉHÉ»É Hùà Uà. Xà +É~ÉiÉÉà l«ÉÉÅ XNÉÞÊlÉ +É´Éà lÉÉà HÉèÊ{ÉÇ«ÉÉ{ÉÖÅ ÷ÄÉ{»É~±ÉÉ{÷ ´ÉyÉÖ oÉ> ¶ÉHà. ´ÉºÉÇ qù©«ÉÉ{É 1000 l´ÉSÉÉqÉ{ÉÒ W°ù Uà Wà{ÉÒ +UlÉ ´ÉlÉÉÇ«É Uà. Ê´ÉvÉoÉÔ: +É~É{ÉÉà ÊHÅ©ÉlÉÒ »É©É«É +É ©ÉÖ±ÉÉHÉlÉ ©ÉÉ÷à £É³´«ÉÉà lÉà ¥Éq±É +É~É{ÉÉà LÉÚ¥É LÉÚ¥É +ɧÉÉù. ©ÉÖ±ÉÉHÉlÉ ±Éà{ÉÉù Ê´ÉvÉoÉÔ+Éà: »Éù´Éä«ÉÉ ©ÉÉ{É»ÉÒ, SÉÉä¾ÉiÉ ùÉà{ÉH, ¾ºÉÇ, ~ÉÉcH ùÉW, lÉÞÊ~lÉ.

Innovation, Motivation....Delivered

14th December 2012 Inauguration Self Shot Video Making' by Guest : Sri Manoj Morya, Director, Muse Advertising and

Science Festival

Sri Arvind Joshi, G. M. (Marketing) Astha Channel Kes' Sri T. P. Bhatia Science college inaugurated 'Vigyasa' Gyan ki Jigyasa, Annual Science festival began an auspicious note with lighting of lamp on 14th Dec 2012 at 10.30 am. The Hon. Secretary- KES Shri Rajnikant Ghelani clicked the visual opening of Vigyasa and a rhythmic atmosphere of college song 'Shikhar'- composed & written by our own students performed by the college Band 'The Dark Essence'. Principal Smt. Sangeeta Srivastava took the opportunity to go down the memory lane of Vigyasa 2011 which was a grand success with good participation by 25 colleges of Mumbai and reiterated her conviction to make it bigger & better with every passing year. The Chief guest for the day Sri Manoj Maurya, Director, Muse Advertising. a multifaceted and talented personality who has dabbled his hands in painting, Ad making & even short film making. He has recently received young achievers award by the HRD ministry. At present he is working on a project on 100 years of Indian Cinema. Sri Arvind Joshi, G. M. (marketing) Aastha Channel was another dignitary who graced the occasion. He has a penchant for Art and literature and is involved in lot of social work. See what we Dream


See what we mean, hear what we feel...

There were 10 entries for Intercollegiate video making and 13 entries of cultural performances by students of Sri T. P. Bhatia college. The inter class competition began with a Bharat Natyam dance, followed by a short skit on the theme of eye and skin donation. Next was the IIIrd prize winner short movie saluting the spirit of independence of Indian women.There were various other performances but the best was a skit depicting pollution as 'Mahakal'. A student Mst. Asad Shaikh very vehemently expressed his views on ill effect of Alcoholism. IIIrd prize winner was a dance on Michael Jackson with the theme of peace.

song 'Shikhar

The Ist ,IInd & IIIrd prize winners for 'Self Shot Short Movie Competition' were KES Shroff College,S.M. Shetty College & B.R. Amlani College respectively. The winners were awarded a prize money of Rs.10,000/- , Rs.7,000/- and Rs.5,000/- respectively along with a certificate and a momento. Mr. Manoj Maurya was overwhelmed with students participation and presentation. Last but not the least Shri Arvind Joshi expressed his joy on getting an opportunity to be a part of this one of its kind Science festival 'Vigyasa'. In his words 'It gave me a glimpse of the energy of the youth'.

Make Dreams a Reality

The winners


15Th Dec, â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Vigyasaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Intercollegiate Quiz Contest Out wit, Out Play, Out Last, Outstanding

15th December 2012 Quiz Master: Mr. Dyu D'Cunha Guest : Sri Vinod Vora The second day witnessed the most awaited event of 'Vigyasa' - The Intercollegiate Science Quiz' which was a big hit with participants as well as the audience. The event began with video snippets of the opening ceremony and the programme started with the welcome note by Principal Smt Sangeeta Srivastava for participants and dignitaries. She reinforced the aim and objective of Science Quiz that aids and arouses the curiosity of young learners. Madam then called upon our Vice President, Kandivli Education Society Sri Vinod Vora, who is an avid social worker and finds time for mentoring our students inspite of his busy schedule as a businessman shouldering various corporate responsibilities. In his speech, he emphasized that in today's cut throat competition, Knowledge is power and this power helps in making right decision at right time. He insisted that failure is not an end but participation is the beginning of success. In his words, tolerance and patience make a man successful.

Science Festival

The Quiz started with some questions put forth by Sri Vinod Vora. The quiz was conducted by Mr. Dyu D'Cunha, the famous T.V. Quiz Master who kept the audience thinking with his easy wit and repertoire. The quiz was a very different one, a class apart as it didn't follow the good old traditional questions. The questions were varied full of applications engulfing almost all the fields of sciences. There were 25 teams participating from various colleges across Mumbai like St. Xaviers, St. Andrews, Nirmala, St. Thomas, St. Francis, Sathaye, S. M. Shetty, Patkar, Royal, N.L., Vyas, etc. The quiz was modeled on the theme of things that happened in the year 2012. There were 7 rounds including a preliminary round which was a written test of 25 questions. At this stage, 6 top scorers qualified for the finals.

Sri Vinod Vora

Meanwhile QuizMaster Dyuu D'Cunha threw questions to the audience, giving away prizes for correct answers.


Mind is a terrible thing to waste

The six shortlisted teams on the dias were 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Thakur Vidya Mandir Sathye College A.V. Patel College Royal College S. M. Shetty and Sanskar Dham

1st Round was named as 'Year of God Particle' which was a multiple choice question round. Round two was 'Year of Aam Aadmi' which was possible questions. Round three was a visual round appropriately named the 'year of curiosity' . Next Round the 'Year of 100s' was a salute to Sachin Tendulkar's remarkable feat as every question in this round had some relation with number 100. Fifth Round was a Buzzer Round by the name 'Encyclopedia'. The participants had to identify the personalities from the field of Science with the help of clues given. S. M. Shetty College 1st Prize

The final Round 'Year of Doomsday' was open for all the teams at the press of the buzzers. Twelve questions were asked, S.M. Shetty emerged 1st at the score of 115 points. They were also last year's winners. There was an exciting tussle for the first Runners up between Thakur Vidya Mandir' and 'Sathaye'. Thakur Vidya Mandir easily cruised through and Sathaye became the Second Runners up .

Thakur Vidya Mandir 1st Runner up

Sathye College 2nd Runner up


The programme ended with 'Prize Distribution' at the hands of Principal Srivastava where the Winners, first and second Runners up got a prize money of Rs. 10,000, Rs. 7000 and Rs. 5000 with a trophy and a certificate respectively. The event ended with a promise to meet in 2013 at the same event - Science Quiz Contest.

Live in your world, win in ours

3rd Day - Open Forum: Negotiating Careers: 21st Century Mantras Solutions for a ........Small but beautiful planet

17th December 2012 Guest Speakers : Sri Abhinay Deo, Director (Delhi Belly), Smt Shalini P. Joshi, Joint Director, Maharashtra Judicial Academy, Dr. Rashmi Karandikar, Deputy Commisioner of Police, Co-ordinator Dr. Harish Shetty & Sri Mahesh Shah The concluding day of 'Vigyasa' 2012 saw a galaxy of stars from three different fields Sri Abhinay Deo, Director (Delhi Belly) and 1st Indian to receive the Golden Lion Award at Cannes Film Festival 2012 for Ad film 'I am Mumbai', Smt. Shalini P. Joshi, Joint Director, Maharashtra Judicial Academy, Dr. Rashmi Karandikar, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Highway Petrol) and the Coordinator, a dignitary himself Dr. Harish Shetty, the famous Psychiatrist.

Science Festival

Sri Mahesh Shah

The programme began with a welcome note by Principal Smt Sangeeta Srivastava. She invited Sri Mahesh K. Shah, Trustee Kandivali Education Society on the Dais to share and guide the students with his valuable insights and advice. Sri Mahesh K. Shah Saluted this endeavour in pursuit of knowledge. He said that to learn, 3 things are required - fuel, wick and a medium to light the lamp. i.e the environment, these are the teacher. He reinforced that KES is committed to provide the fuel to the young lamps of the society. Echoing the words of Steve Jobs he said, 'follow your heart and intellect' He concluded by exhorting the students to take a pledge for next 20 years, not to be in one's comfort zone.

Smt Shalini Joshi

The programme continued with Dr. Harish Shetty, the renowned psychiatrist, playing a perfect host. He put forth prodding questions to the guests regarding their struggles of life and career, their inspirations and role

Dr. Harish Shetty

Sri Abhinay Deo


Your vision, our Mission

models and the Eureka moment that made them decide to come out of their comfort zone and try a new career, about which they are passionate. Sri Abhinay Deo, Director (Delhi Belly), the first Indian to receive Golden lion award at Cannes film festival in Ad film Category, stressed upon being a learner. In his words, â&#x20AC;&#x153;One should be open to learn, means are their own ends' as he is a believer of 'Do your Karma, do not worry about results'. For him his first teacher is his mother and last his son. He believes in continuous learning and consistent efforts and perseverance in order to achieve success. When he decided to leave a successful job as an architect and pursue his passion for cinema, he did not know or was never trained for this profession. But by consistent effort he achieved success. Smt Shalini Phansalkar Joshi, Joint Director, Maharashtra Judicial Academy came out as a very composed and focused person true to her profession. She spoke about how she chose Arts over Science and went on to become a judge when it was a norm for women to get married before 30 or become a teacher or at the most doctor. She chose this profession because she just not want to fight for cause but to get justice as per the law. In spite of being in a male dominated profession she was not deterred from her goal and she gives credit to the entire family for the same. Another dashing and inspiring guest of the day was the woman in Khaki, the face of Mumbai police Dr. Rashmi Karandikar, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Highway Petrol), who is a lady of commitment and few words. As told by her she comes from a simple middle class background who burnt the mid night oil to achieve success and followed her heart, when she left the comfortable job of Mantralaya to join the Police force. Her achievement established the age old adage of 'Hard work is the key to Success'. According to her 'Be it Rain or shine one should always smile.' As she learnt from her mother who is her role model, who for 12 years suffered from cancer but was always smiling. The forum ended with a vote of thanks by a student, Mst. Smit. Overall it was an enriching experience for everybody present. The day also marked the end of Annual Science fest 'Vigyasa' which was true to its name a phenomenal journey in pursuit of knowledge, curiosity and new Horizons. Thus ended our 'Vigyasa' promising more vibrancy, vigour & vitality for the coming year 2013.


Interview Section

Fil lm Dir rec cto or

The name needs no introduction as he is the first Indian to receive Golden Lion Award for an ad film at CANNES. He is the Director of the movie “DELHI BELLY” Which was a great hit with teenagers across the country and son of iconic Marathi film couple Sri. Ramesh and Seema Deo. He spread his precious time for an introductive session with the students following are the excerpt from the session:Students: - How did your journey begin?

Students: - Weren’t you nervous when you chose advertising over architecture? How did you convince yourself and others around you? AD: - It was a petrifying condition. This was a ten times reduction in my salary from 18,000 to 1800 my parents were doubtful of my decision even I was in self doubt but at such times one’s passion comes to one’s rescue my passion to tell stories gave me courage to chose the untraded path and overcome obstacles.

Abhinay Deo (AD): - I was like any other child whose ambitions keep changing in my case it was from Navy, Air force, Scientist, and Finally an Architect from J. J. School of Arts. Throughout this indecisive phase one thing I was sure about was that I wanted to tell stories, as an architect through my building designs I kept experimenting till finally. I decided to tell stories the way I can and joined an advertising agency. I had not received any formal training or qualification for it but was open to learning it began the hard way.

Students: - How did you achieve success?

Students: - You used to carry film cans………

Students: - Can you please guide our students about scope and career option in advertising?

AD: - Yes, yes I began at the lowest level i.e. carrying boxes of advertising films and copy them. In this process I got to see films made by various people. Which would make me think had I made this film how it would be? I think because I had no formal training I learnt more I believe one should have that zest for learning. Students:- Tell us something about your Eureka Moment? AD: - In my 1st year of advertising career i.e. 1993 I didn’t take any leave and I was working from 7:00am to 11:00pm and was travelling from Santacruz to Churchgate daily 2nd year was also the same except

AD:-Success didn’t come easily, it never comes easily even for me before winning the Golden Lion Award at Cannes for Mumbai Mirror ad film I had sent my entry 8 times it’s a fact that dediction, Sincerity and Perseverance are the key ingredients to achieve success. One should continue giving his /her best and should believe in oneself which is very important and one day money, name, & success everything comes to you. Don’t work for reward and you get the reward.

AD:- There are different categories in advertisement. It can be broadly divided into –creative i.e. copywriting or Art Direction, Service i.e. client servicing, media i.e. people who buy and sell spot on television and finally making films i.e. a production house this can be taken up at any point of time in life for other categories it is good to have a formal degree like for copy writing graduation with language, art directors should be a commercial art graduate and so on. Students: - What are the qualities you look for in an actor being a director?


Pain is temporary, film is forever

Sri Abhinay Deo

for 2 days leave and it became too mechanical. I still remember the date because that was the first time that I weaved a story to get a leave on my birthday to celebrate it with my family and it worked so I realized that if my story can convince my khadoos boss I can definitely tell stories for everybody else.

AD: - Most important thing is dedication. If you have 100% dedication with Sincerity and potential, performance keeps getting better. Very few are good actors from the beginning. When people come for fame, they may get it, they may not get it. If you are here for the right reason i.e. I am here to be a good director things automatically fall in place soon or later. Students: - Share with us the milestones where you stopped to learn from life and people? AD: - I believe that learning is more important than teaching without learning there can’t be teachers. As you grow need for learning is more. There is always scope for improvement and to keep improving one should keep learning, the moment you think you know enough you stop learning two things are required to keep learning one is – not to hesitate in asking questions when you don’t know and second is – one should be a sponge i.e. keep absorbing as learning is internal. You can learn from everything everyone and everywhere. In my case also it is difficult to tell


you here about everyone from whom I learnt as it’s a long list but for your benefit I would talk about 3 individuals from the list first being my mother – She taught me to work without any expectation of reward to succeed as I said her philosophy was, when you work irrespective of reward is when it starts coming second person in list would be may bosses – Sri Vicky Bangera and Sri Piyush Pandey. (both are legends in the field of advertising) They taught me the art of de-learning i.e. treating your brain as a blackboard once you have learnt something it has to be erased to write new. Make it a part of your habit it should not block space in your brain, you should make space for more knowledge. This quality helped me in looking at every script as a child in amazement and finally my son – He taught me to look at things in different perspective in different light. Don’t just accept what comes your way try to look at it from different angles and that’s when you discover new things and ideas. These are steps of learning. Your motto should be “My work should make a difference.”

Dr. Rash hmi Karan ndik kar Deput ty Commis ssio oner r Of Polic ce

Dr. Rashmi Karandikar is a Ph.d and Deputy Commissioner of Police (traffic). She was an S.P of Highway patrol Police. She is one of the most young and dashing cops in the Mumbai police force. following are the excerpts from an interview . Student: Becoming a cop, was it a dream come true for you? Rashmi Karandikar (RK): To be very frank I never thought that I will be a cop. It all happened just by accident. Actually I wanted to be a collector as that was my mothers wish. Student: How did it feel when you wore the uniform for the first time? What was the reaction of your parents and relatives? RK: I am from a middle class family, my parents were totally against my choice of profession. When I was selected for Maharashtra police, I was working as a section officer in Mantralaya. It was a very safe non- transferable job with lots of perks and very less work. So everybody was questioning my decision. As to why I want to change such a good job but my husband was very supportive. He told me that you have stood first in Maharashtra and if you refuse to join it will send a wrong message to the society. I was very tensed and in self doubt that whether I will be able to fulfill the expectations of the people around me or not as, I was directly appointed on the post of Deputy superintendent of police which is rare, I am the 3rd person to be appointed directly on this post in Maharashtra police. But thanks to my supportive family that I could sail through that period of self doubt successfully. Student: How did you break the barrier of traditional career like engineering, doctors, teachers etc? RK: As such there was not much resistance that I had to face as I am born and brought up in Mumbai, being a cosmopolitan city. People believe in equality of gender and so I never had to face any kind of discrimination on being a female in the police force or otherwise.

Student: Madam can you please guide the students who are aspiring to be part of Indian police force? RK: To join police force at the officer level one has to appear for an exam which is conducted at two levels one is at the national level and other at state level. if you pass the national level exam you are appointed as an officer in central police force and through state exam you are posted in state police force. Syllabi is same for both the exams. There are three stages of exam. 1. Prelim: Which is objective type. You have to appear for four papers ie. 2 social science paper, 1 English and 1 Regional language. 2. Main exam: Here you have to appear for 2 social science, 2 optional subjects out of the list of 48 subjects; 1 English and 1 Regional language paper And finally you have to appear for an interview which for 300 marks. The merit list is prepared on the basis of interview and main marks. On the basis of your rank you are given a posting in one of the departments in the government but before you appear for prelims you should be graduate in any stream. Student: Is it really that till one month back Mumbai was safe but now? RK: These are developing times, people are getting educated. Media is playing an important role in creating awareness among the people. Now even women donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t hesitated to register a case. People are aware of their rights and they approach the police without any fear or hesistation. And if people think police is different from society they are wrong. As police is also a part and parcel of the society, they canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t be different. Student: Please share your learning experience with us. RK: I believe that learning is a continuous process you learn throughout your life. My first teacher was my mother. She taught me how to bear pain smilingly. She was suffering from liver cancer but till last few days of her life. She continued with her job as a principal in school. This taught me courage and how to keep your commitments. Then I learnt from my bosses that is how to be cool headed. When you are young you may panic in some situations but as you grow you learn to handle things peacefully. I also learn from my staff. They teach me new concepts, computers, languages, enthusiasm, to use electronic gadgets. Thanks to them I have become techno savvy.


Sm mt Shaliini P. Jo oshi

jo oin nt Dir rec ctor of Mah har rasht tra Judic ciall Aca adeemy

The name do not need an introduction, She is the joint Director of Maharashtra Judicial Academy. She has been a very important part of many high profile cases following is an excerpts from an interview with her:Students:- Thank you madam for sparing your precious time to share a piece of your life with the coming generation. We are honored by your presence. Shalini P. Joshi (SPJ):- Pleasure is of all mine as it is a great opportunity to get in touch with the energy and enthusiasm of the youth of today. It would be a learning experience for me as well. Students:- Madam please tell us something about you childhood dream was becoming a judge a childhood dream? SPJ:- I come from a simple middle class family and hence had a very normal childhood. We are two sisters and like any children we also wanted to be a Doctor or an Engineer. My sister become a pediatrician as I said it is difficult for a middle class family to cater to the needs of two Doctors in the family hence I decided to take up a careers in law I wanted to do something different. I began in a small Town of Karad over a period of time. I realized that as a lawyer. I am fighting for a cause which I may or many not believe so, I decided to appear for UPSC exam and become a Judge. Students:- What are the exams and qualifications one needs to clear or have to be a Judge? SPJ:- One has to have an L.L.B degree. If you have passed L.L.B with 1st class in final year you can directly apply for the post of Judge otherwise you need to pass UPSC examination which are held across the country. Students:- When you chose to be Judge some eyebrows must have been raised. How did you convert those stones into milestones?


SPJ:- When I decided to be a judge women & girls were supported to be married after H.S.C. or if at all they chose to a career it would be of a Teacher or a Doctor. I was academically bright so when I did B.A. and starting pursuing L.L.B. my friends and teachers were surprised by my choice. There was no one from legal background in our family. I had to travel all alone to the court and in the bar room with other advocates who were all males which at times would be very discomforting my job as a judge is transferable I get transferred every three years. But all these stones turned into milestones because of my family which is very supportive. It is said behind every successful man there is a women I would say behind every successful women there are two families. Students: what was your parents’ reaction on the news of your becoming judge? How was it celebrated? SPJ:- It was an emotionally touching moment my parents as they always wanted their daughters to be educated my sister is a pediatrician and I become a judge. They were elated and their eyes were filled with tears of joy and happiness. Parent’s happiness lies in children’s happiness. My mother cooked “Shira”(a sweet savory maharashtrian dish) and I still remember the taste of that sweet. Students: - So what one should choose passion or money? SPJ:-I believe passion is of almost importance if you chose passion work becomes pleasure you don’t mind putting in extra efforts. And you definitely achieve great heights so over so later and hence money comes automatically. Students:- share some of the gems that you collected along the way. SPJ:- I am happy that I got this opportunity as Judge rarely get to say something in a public forum. In our journey of life we should be open to learning. We can learn from everybody around us. A judge should have values of life values of understanding peoples feeling which I learnt from my parents. They did not teach us like a teacher but by setting an example themselves by observing them we learnt our values. I learn even from the trainee judges and litigants. I believe that learning is believing throughout their life.

Road Safety Projects


When one teaches, two learn

Felicitation of Retired Teachers by K.E.S.


School Annual Sports Day Your Potential, our Mission

Chief Guest Sri P. B. D'cruz Ex. Athletic Coach - Maharashtra State

College Annual Sports Day

Chief Guest Sri Rohan V. Bhosale, Maharashtra Rajiv Trophy opening Bastman


The Face Of Fourth Estate



4th Nov. The unveiling of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Statue

There is something unique in this soil, which despite many obstacles... has always remained the abode of great souls. TPB salutes the spirit and strength of â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Sardar Vallabhbhai Patelâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;


Library Feedbacks..... Gratitude is the best attitude

place ut libraries? Library is the tho wi do we uld wo rld What in the wo ool library, I can and refreshing. In my sch ite qu ry ve is l fee I iz books, which s, books, newspaper, qu ple tem rs, de lea t ou ab get information I always come and many many more. es tap eo vid s, tte sse ca y I can films, y. Whenever I go in librar rar lib the in be to l oo early in the sch rary, there is no essay writing, etc. In lib s, itie tiv ac ts, jec pro dents. do my and the morning-shift stu ift -sh on no the g on am discrimination books in library g them. I have read many on am tes pu dis no are es, The There ack Beauty, Sherlok Holm Bl , idi He ’, oe us Cr on such as ‘Robins Tat stories, grandma and, Quiz books, Tit for Isl re su ea Tr se, ca my e books Mum but, the two most favourit s ok bo e rit ou fav my are tales, etc. All son Crusoe is an ‘Treasure Island’. Robin d an , oe us Cr on ins ob s but his are ‘R n wants to sail in the sea so bin Ro ich wh in ok adventures bo journey. Treasure s out with his friends in the set he so him e us ref ts ting a tale paren rt Louis Stevenson, narra be Ro by l ve no re ntu ve Island is an ad ld’. of ‘Pirates and buried go Parth M. Sarvaiya VIII/I

ere ool. Library is a place wh Library is a heart of sch ers ow fl of . I got knowledge we get lots of knowledge ”. “Flowering House Plants from the book named by Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam I came to know about . I named “Wings of Fire” reading his autography m out Savitribai Phule fro also got information ab rary for competition. Our lib “Shikshak Sankraman” nt t information what we wa miss helps us to find ou our e helps us to improve for our project work. Sh y. ry much to go in the librar personality also. I love ve Sailee D. Sahane VIII/J

I love m y schoo l and s my sch chool l ool libr ibrary. ary. The story bo I alway r e are man ok, dict s visit ionaries y cupbo magazi , referen ards ful nes, ess l of ce book ay book books. s, news , techni I alway p a c per, al and s s come free per o many before s iod to r o c t h h o er e ol, rece ad name w ss time hich I r in the library. I and ead 1) know s he is a Biograp ome bo world f o h a ks y m of Don ous Aus many re Bradma tralian c cords in n, rickter, th like to r he hold ead stor e cricket. 2) Pa t o y o n chtantra of “Ant much b and Ele - in that ecause phant”. library of readi has hel So I lov I ng. ped me e so to creat e habit Ganesh

G. Voo

thur VIII/K


favourite place IIth std in this school my I studied from Sr. Kg to VI ding is my library teacher. Books rea my e lik I so Al m. roo y is librar s are available ool library room all book favorite hobby. In our sch etc. and gazine, school textbook, ma s, rie sto y, ph gra bio l, like nove other language. ndi language and many they all are in english, Hi d they all s, books from library an rie sto y, ph gra bio l, ve no I read a knowledge and In that books I get more are so effective books. in all the library is very important y wh s at’ Th ht. ug tho p ing inspir schoool. l silence is that place where we fee y rar lib the ule ed sch sy In our bu e mind. ief of life and tension fre of rel d s an lot t ge we ere Any Library is a place wh g and helpful. I like that. y. I feel rin rar ca lib are the ff in sta y, go rar to lib e l o r schoo In ou knowledge. I lov very small or big o a part of life whether got good library in other als I is ere m wh roo y ky rar luc lib ry e ve I am ny books which have but that help to live free. my school. There are ma Manoj H. Rajpurohit attitude, my language, developed my morals, my VIII/H I read so many story to see science approach. rry Ha Kalpana Chawla, books like biography of and god. Potter, Hanuman, monkey Neha K. Parmar VIII/I

ÒeJeen Meeues³e efJeÐeeLeea SJeb efMe#ekeÀeW lekeÀ HengB®elee nw, ³ee Meeues³e ûebLeeue³e ³en SkeÀ Meeues³e efMe#ee keÀe Ëo³eðeesle nw~ efpemekesÀ mHeboveeW mes %eeve keÀe yengle Gef®ele nesiee~ ûebLeeue³e ³en peerJeve kesÀ yegef× efJekeÀeme keÀe mHetÀefle&mLeeve ³ee keWÀêmLeeve nw ³en keÀnvee Òel³e#e ªHe ceW ueeves keÀe ÒeYeeJeer meeOeve nw~ ceeO³eefcekeÀ efMe#ee ceb[ue Devegmeej Meeues³e ûebLeeue³e ’DeeOegefvekeÀ efJe®eejOeeje'' keÀes ueieves mes GvekeÀe ceeveefmekeÀ efJekeÀeme leLee J³eeqkeÌlecelJe efJekeÀefmele Meeues³e ûebLeeue³emes efJeÐeeefLe&³eeW keÀes DeHeves ye®eHeve mes ner %eeve ÒeeHle keÀjves keÀer Deeole neslee nw~ e SJeb meKeesue keÀjves keÀe keÀece Meeues³e ûebLeeue³eeW ceW ner neslee nQ, Deewj efJeÐeeefLe&³eeW kesÀ Jee®eve DeefYe©®eer keÀes ³eesi³e ªHe oskeÀj GmekeÀe ÒeJeen meb®e, efvece&unw~ Fmeefue³es Meeues³e ûebLeeue³e ³en Meeues³e GHe¬eÀceeW ceW cenlJeHetCe& YetefcekeÀe efveYeelee DeeoMe& leLee Glke=Àä veeieefjkeÀ yeveeves kesÀ efueS pees De®ís mebmkeÀej, Deepe keÀe efJeÐeeLeea ³en DeevesJeeues keÀue keÀe peeieªkeÀ veeieefjkeÀ nw~ Deewj Gmes DeveskeÀ mebmLeeSB, J³eeqkeÌle, mebmkeÀej Jeie& Fme meceepe ceW keÀe³e&ªHe nw, veweflekeÀlee, meb³ecelee, efveCee&³ekeÀ ¢efäkeÀesve ³ener meYeer iegCe Gveces GYej ves keÀe keÀece GmeerceW ûebLeeue³e Yeer SkeÀ ÒeYeeJeMeeueer ceeO³ece nw~ cenlJe peeveles nQ, JeneB keÀYeer Yeer efJeÐeeLeea keÀes efJeÐeeoeve keÀer keÀceer efpeme mebmLee ceW De®ís J³eJemLeeHekeÀ leLee Òee®ee³e& Dee®ee³e& neW pees ûebLeeue³e keÀe ue efJeefJeOeue#eer efJeÐeeue³e, peneB nceejs mebmLeeHekeÀ Deewj Òee®ee³e& keÀer cenmetme vener nesieer~ Deewj Ssmes mebmLeeces SkeÀ mebmLee nw ’mejoej JeuueYeYeeF& Heìs nQ efpememes nceejs ûebLeeue³e ceW ceeveefmekeÀ ªHe mes meg¢{ yevevesJeeueer osve nw efkeÀ Jen ûebLeeue³e keÀes efJeMeeue ªHe osves kesÀ efue³es meowJe DeeefLe&keÀ ceole keÀjles ue keÀueecepeer keÀer - Wings of Fire osMe keÀes mJeleb$elee efoueeves efkeÀleeyesb pewmes You can win Jew%eeefvekeÀ ªHe mes HeefjHetCe& nesves kesÀ efue³es Deyog DeveskeÀ Yee<eeDeeWkesÀ nw~ Dee@ef[Dees - efJepegDeue meer[er³ee@ nw~ veeìkeÀ, kesÀ efue³es DeveskeÀ efJejeW ves yeueeroeve efo³ee Ssmeer efkeÀleeye nw~ pewmes efJeéekeÀes<e nw~ JenJebMeje³e ye®®eve keÀer keÀefJeleeSb pewmes ceOegyeeuee, ceOegyeeuee keÀne@efve³eeB keÀefJeleeSb, keÀneBefve³eeB, ÒeeLe&vee keÀer efkeÀleeyes nw pewmes Dee®ee³e& De$es kesÀ veeìkeÀ, nefjmes HeefjHetCe&lee mes Yeje nceeje ûebLeeue³e nceejs ye®®eeW keÀes yesno Hemebo nw pewmes Heb®eleb$ee, efnleesHeosMe, Mesjuee@keÀ nescme, n@efjHee@ìj, Swmes DeveskeÀ keÀneefve³eeB Sw Deewj DeeojCeer³e Yeer nw~ GvekesÀ efJe®eej DeJeM³e He{s~ Jayshri Bhatt Librarian



Dear Ms. Srivastava, Thank you very much indeed for inviting me to talk on the recent discovery of Higgs boson to your students today. It was very impressed with the questions that some of your smart kids have asked me during the interactive session after my lecture. I realised that they are highly motivated to do science and are also keeping themselves up-to-date on the latest developments in the area of experimental high energy physics. I congratulate you and your college for nurturing good talent and guiding them correctly. I was also thoroughly impressed with the infrastructural facilities, ambiance and high standard of teaching that your college is providing to the children. This will go long way in setting a bright future for them by going hands-on early in their curriculum. I will be very glad to be associated with your college in bringing the excitements of our scientific endeavours to the budding scientists. I am enclosing with this mail a document that contains title and abstract of my talk today, besides a brief write-up about myself. I am also enclosing a set of photographs, which might help you bringing out a page in your college magazine. Please feel free to write to me for any further information. Thanks once again to you, Mr. Gupta and my colleague Mr. Ghadiali.

B. Satyanarayana Ph.D., Scientific Officer (G)


Dear Sangeeta Mam, Thank you so much for the warm invitation and all the excellent arrangements made for the programme and also for the prompt report, covering all the aspects correctly. It was a pleasure to participate in the programme. The entire programme went on so well. The credit goes to you, your team and Dr. Shetty.

Dear Sangeeta, Excellent Work. You can make a school feel great .

Thanks and warm regards, Yours Faithfully,


Dr. Shalini. Phansalkar Joshi, Joint Director, Maharashtra Judicial Academy

Dr. Rajiv Mishra Principal J.J. School of Architecture

Dear Ms. Srivastava,

Hello Ma'm, Many congratulations to you and entire team on release of electronic version of Gulmohar really happy to see the progress. And must say the magazine is quite infromative as usual. Thanks & Regards, Dhaval Joshi (Engineer) Past Student


Congratulations on the project of collaborating with Cambridge University. E-Gulmohar looks fantastic and specially on the internet so easy to access. Take care Regards, Pooja Toshnival (Past Teacher) Alwin U.K.

Vidyotejak A Scholarship Initiative of K.E.S Take up an idea, think of it; dream of it; live on it.

The Triumph

Chief Guest Sri. Navin Dave - KES Members, President Sri. Satish Dattani, Sri. Dinkar Joshi, Sri Rajandra Danthi, Sri. K. K. Sheth

The Jubilation

Your future, your aim


Expression, Execution, Exibition

‘R’ Ward Science Exhibition 20, 21, 22nd Dec 2013 The students and non-teaching staff of shri T. P. Bhatia jr. college of science participated in the ‘R’ ward science exhibition. The students made a project on Hydroelectricity ‘old is gold’ The non-teaching staff made a model of Nephron - The functional unit of kidney Both projects were highly appreciated by the students and Judges. The participant

Non – teaching

1 Rachita Shah

1 Santosh Bhandari

2 Harsh Vira

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3 Nikita Wadhani 4 Kinjal Sangrajka

Smt Jayashree Bhatt adult education

Science project ‘Reptilian’ van

Smt Pinky Jani Science Club Teachers project Smt Rekha Doshi Population Education

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26th January 2012 Republic Day Billion Hearts, Million Minds, Tri Colour Flag, One Nation-one institute-one Mission Education for all Chief Guest: Sri Yogesh Sagar


College Activities Std XIth Parents Orientation

A seminar was conducted on 'Higgs Boson' by a team of scientists from TIFR led by Dr. B. Satyanarayana

Orientation for parents of XIIth std students by Ms. Shailaja Muley. She guided the parents on various career options available

Seminar by our trustee Sri Mahesh Shah for the parents of XIIth students

Seminar Eye & Skin Donation HIV Awareness

Farewell party for XIIth Std


School Activities

Poster Competition Kranti Din

Rangoli Competition

Talent Hunt Dance Competition

Teachers picnic to Nandanvan


Band ho to aisa

S.V.P. Band Performances And Achievements 2012 - 13 Competitions 14th September : ‘R’ Ward Competition 2nd Prize 16th December

: Poinsar Gymkhana Band Competition 2nd Prize

Displays 5th December

: District Level Competition Children’s Academy Thakur Complex, Kandivli (E)

7th December

: Dalmia Lions College of Commerce. Held at Sports Authority of India, Kandivli (E)

11th December

: K.E.S. Shroff College - Sports Day

12th December

: K.E.S. Jr. Shroff College - Sports Day

20th December

: Rotary Club (Malad) Festival - Certificate of Participation

21st December

: School Sports Day

21st December

: ‘R’ Ward Science Exhibition

23rd December

: Jingle Mingle School, Charkop

11th January

: S.V. P. V. V. Gujarati & English Primary Section - Sports day

1st February

: Goregoan Sports Club Inter School Sports Meet Opening Ceremony

3rd February

: Goregoan Sports Club Inter School Sports Meet Closing Ceremony - Recieved Gift Voucher & Certificate

Band leader Mst. Harsh Bhuta


Life At A Glance

This Is Mumbai

Life is full of vibrant colours, some colours were dull and mild some o f them are dark and beautiful And some are bright and sparking In spite of these, we would add these colours in life. It doesn’t matter where you rest, since you have neither roof nor bed Even if you have nothing as your own, Hang on to your dream, or your dream will disappear There will be a day when everything will go wrong you will be left with nothing but a strong will powers, Don’t lose your heart or submit before late Just keep longing ahead! As beauty of life beckons you ahead!

A city where everything is possible especially the impossible. Where there is place for every Tom, Dick and Harry where telephone bills make a person ill. where a person cannot sleep without a guilt pill. where carbon dioxide is more tharmocygen. Where the roads are full of men Where skyscrapers overlook the slums. Where house collapse as the monsoon comes. Where Doordarshan tries to compete with CNN

Vyas Shraddha Ajay XI - K

Avinash L. Gupta XI - C


Just For Fun Students – Teachers When we are in the class; we are students, When they are in the class; they are teachers. When we gather to discuss; its gossip, When they gather its meeting When we are found in library; its bunking, When they are found in library; its research When we stand outside; we are punished When they stand outside; they are waiting When we do something wrong; we are idiots. When they do something wrong; they are humans.

When we copy from others; its cheating, When they copy from others; its quoting. When we think in class, we are day dreaming, When they think in class; they are philosophers When we are roaming in the corridor we are loitering, When they are roaming in the corridor, they are inspecting When we joke in class, we are jokers, When they joke in the class; they have a good sense of humor. Hitali Vernekar XI – G


Exam is a Cricket Match The candidate is a batsman The paper setter is a bowler The examiner is an umpire The examination is a stadium The desk is a pitch The marksheet is a scoreboard The pen is a bat The question paper is an over. Writing continuously without stoping is a sixer To think and then write is a four TO think after solving half a question is a run out To be caught while trying to cheat is a caught out To be caught trying to take a paper out is an L.B.W. Attempt no question is stumped out A good position in class is ‘Man of the Match’ A good position in college is ‘Man of the series’ A distinction is a century To fail is to lose to pass is victory Re-examination is a follow-on To fail in re-examination is an innings defeat

The wonderful days of our lives

I had a wonderful dream last night, that I was fixing my tie tight, Putting on my shoes and socks; And dumping by big Tiffin box! Rushing to the schools, to complete the HW left over, But after seeing friends, laughing and yelling with them without fear. Soon the first lecture of value education began. some needs listening carefully; others murmuring again and again. I was looking outside the windows and day dreaming, when suddenly I heard a sound of someone screaming! I looked straight in the eyes of the teacher which were filled with anger! to pounce wild panther! “Out you go!” She said, Instead of being sad, I was glad! Soon after the boring lecture a bell rang The bell for recess everybody together sang

Vidhi Bauva XI – B


Friends….. In this unseen, unknown future when the lamps are burning low Remember a friend you had A long time ago A smile costs you nothing But it seems much A word expressed sometimes Becomes the hearts deepest touch Search for a friend of fair heart Not a friend for face One who takes you as you are And forgives your mistakes Jinal Sapariya XI – C


The room was soon filled with aromas of idli, samosa, and dhoklas, so everywhere began to share or should I say steal from each other’s plates After sometime we realized it was someone’s birthday in class, Everyone became happy and thought to have some fun at last! We have began to take the name of that girl which used to tease the b’day boy with, It was followed by claps and giggles, but with a huge roar we were ordered to sit! Suddenly the alarm rang which made me awake, Making me realize that this dream was not fake, These were the things which I experienced and were so nice, yes these are the wonderful days of my life. Shweta Shah XII - I

Dedicated To Steve Jobs People say you are dead, But I feel you are not Because you are in my heart. I do not like you for being the inventor of fastest computer. I do not like you being the inventor of iphone. Nor do I like you for the inventor of the attitudes You have developed towards life. I have never followed you Nor have I followed your attitude towards life But I developed My own attitude towards people Like you did. I never thought you are a great man I never believe you as a great star And neither I respected you as much as my parents but I believe that you are the shadow indeed of an angel of God, Who has changed My life. People who follow him, please do not treat him as the CEO OF APPLE. And please do not treat him as the investor of gadgets. But treat him as a renaissance man. Who changed my life. Pratik B. Mahajan XI - G


The Great and the Greatest The great sin......Gossip

The greatest victory ......Victory over self

The great cripple......Fear

The best play.....Successful work

The greatest mistake.......Giving up

The greatest handicap.....Ego

The best action.......Keep the mind Clear

The most expensive indulgence.......Hate

and the Judgement Good

The greatest loss......Loss of Self Confidence

The greatest blessing.....Good health

The greatest need.....Love

The most certain thing in life.....Change The most potent force.......Positive Thinking The greatest opportunity .......The next one

Lata Bhandare Account


Who I Am, What I Am! “What I am?” I ask myself and the people I know, They say you are just a mask because about you not even you know. But even a mask has a name and identity of its own. I searched for it in my mind’s store leaving not even a single unturned stone. But in vain I searched bickering and getting frustrated Like a find in a storm barely perched Visualizing its existence getting faded when the quality becomes too tough to comprehend I finally have come to this conclusion I am what I am, I shouldn’t have any confusion may be it has been just my laziness That this ocean of life, I have never swam I hope someday I would find myself And realize who I am! Avinadh l. Gupta XI – C

My First Love…. (Dedicated on fathers Day) The first precious arms that held me with love, when I came into this world from the lap up above; I felt the soft love & tenderness of his strong arms, Ready to fight the world , to keep his dear baby from harm.. You were the man who loved me first, carried me on your back sat me on your knee; you kissed my cuts and gave me hug; You were the daddy specially chosen for me.. You held me tight, you taught me to write, You made me strong and groomed me to fight, Even when you shouted, you expressed your love for you daughter You were my morale booster, my super teacher…. I want to be your shadow, your pride, Darling Daddy I want to tell you why when I look into the deep horizons of your love bright I want to be the rainbow of your sky.. I haven’t finished studying, neither have I got a job, Nor have I walked down the risk , or had my first tiny tot But I know you’ll always be there be the day good so I get just wanted to say, I love you Dad’.. Deslin George XI - B 82


True Friend

I saw a reverie tonight

All is mortal yet dear to all

when I was in deep nap

It is an exemption, from bliss fall

I saw everyone was pleased

That becomes altruistic

Sharing their bliss with joy

That becomes zeal

No one gloomy no one sob

Even gives you pleasure

No one was there afraid of

Gives genial deep feel

What is rich & what’s poor?

Always amid you when be in grief

What is our what’s your

Not depart you alone it is a reef

No one aware by all these

Several time amity suits utmost

Living life with calm & Ease

Various era acquaintance ensue cute

Greening laid over the sight

It show us trail for precise aim

Nature’s look seemed newly bride

It never means money or fame

Sudden my dream got break

Real friend are little in the world

I found myself alone when I awoke

Intricate to hit upon seeking so hard

I turn around & saw the world

Pal can die, buddy may well ruin

common approach of all chaps

This is the band which never drain

Neither any change nor new shapes

Oh! My God snoop to my plead

Fighting horde filthy mind

Also provide me one true friend Vikas Shukle

Money is only aim behind Hiya Kukadia XI - K


Not As Happy As U Sometimes in life we feel so blue, But someone, somewhere is not as happy as u Somewhere far at the border when a soldier sleeps,Missing his loved one he silently weeps.

Somewhere in an orphanage a little girl's sad, When she misses her mom and dad.

Somewhere a mother painfully sighs, Coz her new born baby didn't open her eyes.

Coz life is beautiful and it's not always blue, And someone, somewhere is not happy as u...

Somewhere a poor dad silently cries, When he sees his son begging for a bowl of rice.

So at times a reason to smile u may not have any, Say to urself that u are happier than many.

Ayushi Modh XII - F


Life Of Pie

Life Is A Dream

Life is puzzle

Life is a dream Materialize it Like the sun Who is coming out From the clouds With brilliance With warmth to provide relief to others from cold from ignorance Life is a day with colorful light Life is a moonlight Night that is With you always life is a touch That is in you To make you pure and perfect Life is truth Life is merrymaking Life is pleasure Life is present And luminous And transcendental Life is First and final.

with many complications But there are always some beautiful creations It’s filled with many joys One should know how to enjoy There shall be hurdles On our ways Jump over it and be brave always It will have money troubles Overcome it and never have fear In any situation be always positive B’ coz it’s the way to remain energetic Life is full of many happenings Some are good, some are puzzling Be always happy, be always cheerful Spread this message to be successful. Jinal Sapariya XI – C


Once On The Beach I Met Ego His nose upward & lips twisted I said "Hi. I'm love" Instantly he also replied "Hi so"

Smit B. Koli XI – K


And just turned his back & walked away I tried to converse as I was curious Wanted to know why he was so stern

Life Of Pie 2

After a while I noticed him surfing A monster wave ran after & splash!

Life is a stream of sorrow and joy; A river flowing from birth to death;

On him but was saved by me He didn't thank as expected But my heart spoke to him

Life passes like an airborne bird part often it walks like a pedestrian;

He replied, I couldn't understand But i begged, Pleaded him to reveal So he said it was circumstances One more question I asked Iam waiting for your answer, O, Ego! And answered he never thought so.... Bhavika Gandhi XI - K


‘Unpredictable’ is it’s motto. one moment laughing or crying. Another moment it is on your way to the unknown. Life is a growth from baby to child, And then to a hard boiled, slowly ageing in time Life must be lived to the fullest. Enjoy and savour every moment. Forum K. Dudhora Asst. Teachers

The Student's Dilemma

The Canteen

If he studies too much, he is 'scholarly';

Bustling with laughters and giggles of young energetic teens

If he doesn't, he is carefree. If he is regular, he is trying to curry favour;

A unique place in the college CANTEEN

If he isn't, he is a downright rebel with no memories to savour.

Tragedy comedy all is there quizzest puzzles are solved here

If he speaks too much, he is a chatterbox;

Want to eat heavy or light a hub to settle tiffs and fights

If he doesn't, he is reserved, conservative & orthodox. If he takes down notes, he is too diligent;

A short discussion or to tell- a -lot express yourself with coffee hot. Sharing notes, books and pen Hoggers heaven, bunkers den.

If he isn't, he is over-intelligent. If he is a free-mixer, he is sociable;

Toppers floppers all in one even journal completion becomes a fun

If he isn't, he makes himself miserable.

Busiest during exam season for important questions and last minute revisions

If he spends less, he is a miser, If he is lavish, he is none-too-wiser.

From latest news or selection of a dress you can pour out all the stress

If he is a C.R., he is political minded;

Hours spent, like minutes they seem To be there everyone is keen,

If he isn't, he is in different and narrow minded. If you enjoy reading this, you are facetious;

Better than forest evergreen or cosy castle of a queen

If you don't, your more than welcome to call it ludicrous.

By true heart I say and I mean Where students at their best are seen

Nehali Shirodkar XI - K

Is the college CANTEEN


Anuradha Singh Biology Teacher

Dedicated to All My Bhatians I never believe in luck, But my team members taught me too.

I never believe that teachers could be so amazing, But my principal mam taught me too.

I never believe in shocking miracles, But my talent taught me too.

And last but not the least, I never believed that science can be so hard while writing journals.

I never believe that results can be so freaky But my college taught me too. I never believe that I could study about 1000 pages in night, But my fear taught me too. I never believe that leadership is not my thing, But my life taught me too.

But my teachers taught me too, Enjoy the most interesting courses offered in the world. Enjoy the thrill, enjoy the impossibilities, join Bhatia College of Science and feel proud.


In Pursuit of Happiness We are living in a technological world where everything is at the press of a button. A new gadget keeps mushrooming in our lives on a daily basis with a motive to ease our lives but whether they really achieve or fail the motive is debatable in itself. In every age and every generation people are nostalgic about their earlier times, critical of present times and paint a scary picture of future, and this whole sigma role in by the present generation as ‘Generation Gap’. This attitude stems from the fact that everything new takes time to be accepted. Since times immemorial to be in a society or group has been one of the basic needs of we humans. How lonely and depressed we are if we have nobody talk to? This scenario is directly in contrast with the lives we are leading today. We hardly have time to stand and stare or bother to care for our near and dear ones. We all are in a rat race to earn more money and achieve more success which we equate to happiness and this belief is foisted upon the coming generation as well, by us only. Then, what right do we have to criticize them and in different attitude towards anything and every thing around them except themselves it’s we who are molding them into a person who only bothers about everything materialistic and not what would

bring them every lasting happiness. We are raising a breed of unhappy and discontented people. The result - a physical and emotionally vulnerable generation which give or take away life at the drop of a hat. So, what in the solution? Should we make them into ‘MAHATMAS’? or tell them not to have aims, ambitions and dreams? None of these, I believe need of the hour is to create a balance and harmony around us. We can’t ignore materialism if we have to survive in this world but at the same time do try not to be greedy and self centered and thereby losing our peace of mind in the long run these values can be inculcated in the children of today by being an example ourselves for them. Easier said then done . But then what is easy in life? so if we can do so many other difficult things to ruin our peace of mind . why not give this a try? For the saks of a generation; Lets begin today; and give them the gift of happiness – A Contented Heart!! With Invention comes a lot of responsibility Shalini Mundhra English Teacher


Responsible Handling When I turnaround, I see people trying to acquire the latest version of I-pad mobiles, music system, cars and the list is endless. Little do they realize that possession of these inventions and so called tech savvy gadgets come with lot of bag and baggage of responsible handling! Don’t get me wrong!! of course they are fragile and dear items. You take care of them more than yourself but you need to be extra responsible to use them so while using them ethics are to be followed. For example mobiles should not be used while walking, studying or eating. Not to play music loudly on your I-pad while in public.

Parents gift their children whateverthey like but forget to tell them how to use it safely and at what speed should it be rused. India has now a to z products in market for consumption. But nothing we know how to dispose them be it plastic, paper, organic - everything is dumped on roads but not in dustbin. So next time before you buy anything, make sure you know the social, moral, and environmental ethical code associated with it only then you have the right to possess.

Heena Negandhi English Teacher 86

Mother's Beautiful....!!! "We bring to our mother, the earth, the gift of a new beginning..." "We bring to our mother, the earth, the birth of a new consciousness..." "We bring to our mother, the earth, the gift of immortality that you may live forever cherished by your beloved children." Happiness Good humor, laughter, rest happiness. These replenish health and bring long life. The happy person has the gift to improve the environment wherever they live. "Good humor saves us from the hands of the doctor". Happiness is health and therapy.

Go not to temple to light candles before the altar of God. First remove the darkness of sin from your heart... Go not to the temple to bow down your head in prayer. First learn to bow in humility before your fellowmen... Go not to the temple to pray on bended knees. First bend down to lift someone who is down-trodden... Go not to the temple to ask for forgiveness for your sins. First forgive from your heart those who have sinned against you.

(based on the philosophy of Khalil Gibran)

Bow in humanity

Gunjan Soni XI - D

Go not to the temple to put flowers upon the feet of god. First fill your own house with the fragrance of love...


Why Parents Should Not Text One day I received an SMS from a dear friend of mine. The SMS said Why Parents Should Not Text. Taken as a surprise with the first line I started to scroll down my phone and as I started to do, I came across few jokes and after reading them I had a hearty laugh, as to what our children or shall I say The Generation thinks about to we won't understand the text that they write for sending SMS to their friends....

Mom: It's ok, don't worry about it...I'll ask you later, Love you too...

Kids of this Generation forget that Parents have also become Smart along with them....they do find their ways of getting the answers of the shortcut text from somewhere or the other....

Mom: What do you mean, Peter....surely it is not funny!

I would like to share the jokes along with all my fellow friends....Hope to see a smile run across your face.... Mom: Hi! Son, what does IDK, LY & TTYL mean?

************ Mom: Son, your grandmother passed away an hour ago. LOL Son: How is that funny Mom?

Son: Mom, LOL means: Laugh it Loud... Mom: Oh no! I thought it meant: Lots of Love... I'll have to call everyone and explain! Jyoti Marwah IT Teacher

Son: I don't know, Love you, & Talk to you later.


What do we kids really want from our parents? 1)




A couple of months ago, I had written an essay for poverty & environment. This time I thought of wearing a different cap. What do we kids really want from our parents? Are our parents able to understand our needs even after we are able to articulate it clearly in front of them? Or they are so caught up in their daily lives that they are not able to fix up the generation gap that is bound to divide us in not-so-subtle ways. And here, I am referring to the basic needs of food, clothing or even monetary demands that increases as we grow. Rather, I am referring to the feelings, states of emotions and the like. And these are a few things that I would like to share with you. Trust: Exactly a year ago, I was appearing for my SSC exams. As I am penning this, I am in the 11th std. My paranoid mom, who knows that I can deal with my studies. One night, while my dad was out of town my mom sent my dad a SOS, I sat my mum down and explained her POA. Although, she couldn't 'just chill', but she trusted me that I knew myself better. And perhaps my dad, knew me better than my mum did. For both, they helped me in their way - the former by teaching me late at night and later by talking to me. She showed trust in me. And so she let me study in my own way and my nights out or trips with friends have become a seamless part of her psyche. Confidence: The confidence our parents show in us, in turn gives us the confidence that we are doing the right thing. Often as we grow older, we tend to ask our parents, probably mothers, "Mom, is this what I should do?" even as we tell them, "Mom, this is what I am doing." In the latter they would surely questioned us and checked if whatever we are doing is in their comfort zone or not. In the former, they have the best intelligence and ability to guide us.


Unconditional love: We kids are a mere mortal and if we were to count the mistakes of our life, they would be many more than Chetan Bhagat's three looking back, I have realized that I have berated my parents - whether fairly or not - for what I have conceived as a misdemeanor. But through it all, I have tried in all my ways to give my parents the assurance that no matter what they love me the most by not measuring the external factors like results, friends or mistakes. Through it all I have tried to preach and practice the lesson - learned from what has happened and put it behind.


Acceptance: Living in a competitive world, its natural for our parents to expect the best from us even as they try to give us the best in life. But our parents need to accept us as we are all of us are not a point something achievers. Each has his own talent pool into which he dips, each matures and peaks at different moments in life. It is tough not to compare a sibling to another, or with the world and its kids. But this comparison is unfair and can only cause more stress than joy.


Freedom: Everyone - even a small infant likes to have the freedom to express themselves. We need that and its something our parents need to learn as years go by. Even as they let us do what we can and want, they still need to provide us with a safety net - one might continue to need till we are much, much older. But to give a simple example, if our forefathers let our parents wanted to do in their personal and professional lives, what right do they have to curtail us? So, they need to let us be, and on occasion when our parents will do that believe me, we can make you proud. And don't forget, a bird learns how to fly in his own nest! Thank You! Shweta Mistry XI - K

The Magic Of Nanotechnology Nanotechnology is the manipulation or matter on an atomic and molecule scale. The easiest, widespread description of nanotechnology referred to the particular technological goal of precisely manipulating atoms and molecules for fabrication of macroscale products, also now referred to as molecular nanotechnology. A more generalized description of nanotechnology was subsequently established by the National Nanotechnology Initiative, which defines nanotechnology as the manipulation of matter with at least one dimension sized from 1 to 100 nanometers. This definition reflects the fact that quantum mechanical effects are important at this quantumrealm scale, and so the definition shifted from particular technological goal to a research category inclusive of all types of research and technologies that deal with the special properties of matter that occur below the given size threshold. It is therefore common to see the plural form "nanotechnologies" as well as "nanoscale technologies" to refer to the broad range of research and application whose common trait is size because of the variety of potential industrial

and military applications, governments have invested billions of dollars in nanotechnology research through its National Nanotechnology Initiative, the USA has invested 3.7 billion dollars. The European union has invested 1.2 billion and japan 750 million dollars. Nanotechnology as defined by size is naturally very broad, including fields of science as diverse as surface science, organic chemistry, molecular biology, semiconductor physics, microfabrication, etc. The associated research and application are equally diverse, ranging from extensions of conventional device physics to completely new approaches based upon molecular self-assembly from developing new material with dimensions on the nanoscale to direct control of matter on the atomic scale. Scientists currently debate the future implications of nanotechnology. Nanotechnology may be able to create many new materials and devices with a vast range of applications such as in medicine, electronics, biomaterials and energy production.

Beauty Of Maths when complications becomes compliments 1)


1x8+1=9 12 x 8 +2 = 97 123 x 8 + 3 = 987 1234 x 8 + 4 = 9876 12345 x 8 + 5 = 98765 123456 x 8 + 6 = 987654 1234567 x 8 + 7 = 9876543 12345678 x 8 + 8 = 98765432 123456789 x 8 + 9 = 987654321 Isn't it Brilliant?


1 x 9 + 2 = 11 12 x 9 + 3 = 111 123 x 9 + 4 = 1111 1234 x 9 + 5 = 11111 12345 x 9 + 6 = 111111 123456 x 9 + 7 = 1111111 1234567 x 9 + 8 = 11111111 12345678 x 9 + 9 = 111111111 123456789 x 9 + 0 = 1111111111


Here's a little mathematical formula that might help answer these questions:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 20 24 25 26 If : H-A-R-D-W-O-R-K 8 + 1 + 18 + 4 + 23 + 15 + 18 + 11 = 98%

K-N-O-W-L-E-D-G-E 11 + 14 + 15 + 23 + 12 + 5 + 4 + 7 + 5 = 96% But: A-T-T-I-T-U-D-E 1 + 20 + 20 + 9 + 20 + 4 + 5 = 100% Makwana Shraddha M. XI - C


Amazing Facts of Science 1)



4) 5)

Proof for 0=1:

classed as super-acid. It has a pH value of 25.

Step 1 : -20 = -20 Step 2 : 16 - 36 = 25 - 45 Step 3 : 42 - 4*9 = 52 - 5*9 Step 4 : 42 - 4*9 + 81/4 = 52 - 5*9 + 81/4 Step 5 : 42 - 2*4*9/2 + 81/4 = 52 - 2*5*9/2 + 81/4 Step 6 : 42 - 2*4*9/2 + (9/2)2 = 52 - 2*5*9/2 + (9/2)2 Step 7 : [4-(9/2)]2 = [5-(9/2)]2 Step 8 : Taking square root


If you yelled for 8 years, 7 months and 6 days you would have produced just enough sound energy to heat one cup of coffee.


It might seem hard to believe, but we have about the same number of hairs on our bodies as a chimpanzee, it's just that our hairs are useless, so fine they are almost invisible.

4-9/2 = 5-9/2 Step 9 : 4=5 Step10: 4 - 4 = 5 - 4


A black hole has a gravitational pull that is so strong that it can even pull in light.


If you pour a handful of salt into a full glass of water, the water level will actually go down rather than overflowing the glass.

Right handed people live on average nine years longer than left-handed people.


Inspite of being closest to the sun, Mercury is not the hottest planet. The hottest planet is Venus (at 462 Celsius).

If you rub an onion on your foot.... within 30-60 minutes you will be able to taste it.... this is because it travels through the blood stream.


The moon moves away from the earth at about 1/2 inches every 20 years.

The synthetic biological cell "Synthia" is the first living organism whose parent is not a living thing but a computer.


If you could release the 7 x 1018 joules of energy stored as matter in your body you could explode with the force of 30 Hydrogen bombs.

Mosquitoes like the scent of estrogen, hence, women get bitten by mosquitoes more often than men do.


The weight of the sun's light on the earth's surface has been determined to be two pounds per square mile.


A ball of glass will bounce higher than a ball made of rubber provided that it does not break.


Fluoroantimonic acid has the lowest pH. It is

Samina IX - C


Delhi Brave Heart There is some strange chill in Delhi’s cold wind Never safe for a pretty girl walking down street an intelligent medical student, she’s extremely sweet. Didn’t knew six beasts waited for darkness… A night, when innocence was killed. She protested but before she knew , she was blacked out. In a night when demons descend tormenting and torturing, left her with broken wings and a shattered life. Her mind is still conscious, trying to shout. Done with her those

six beasts threw her out. She is lying bleeding on a silent ground Afraid to move; Afraid to make sound. With pain consuming her body; they took her soul. A soul, which she can never get back. With stupid law there is fragile bell of hope. As victim cries and nation bleeds. Sin, destruction and all the tears pain without regret and blood all over our new year. Sweta Sheena Poojary XI - B


The Storm Sunlight shone pretty well, with nothing to block its yellow-orange rays, flooding everything they could reach with brightness. People were squinting, their eyes narrowed, craving for any visible bit of shade. A number wore suncaps, their shadows concealing their faces; there were a few visible with hats as well. Fortunately, traces of clouds now rolled in their motion slow and steady: purposeful. Few scattered strays looked up, being the first of a few to dare a glance; yes, even if they were small, tiny actually both in size and number - some clouds were gathering. It seemed that after all, the relief the citizens were seeking had arrived, even though it had demanded considerable patience. A few smiles, sighs and deep breaths were taken. All the accumulated sweat on their foreheads, arms, backs with shirts sticking to them; the sweat which had bathed them in an ironic manner now slowly evaporated. It was getting a bit cool. A soft wind blew, whistling through the streets, soothing to the body. The brush of its softness against the sun-baked skin turned red against heat as if iron in furnaces, as if in frustration, as if in rebellion, was truly blissful. Breezes increased in number now, carrying with them a sweet taste-peculiar, yet sweetthat taste buds felt blessed to have sensed. Many ran hands through their hair to let it dance with the rhythm of the wind. Greater numbers of those accumulated water droplets, looking soft & fluffy like cotton, now appeared on the skyline. The sky-hadn't it acquired a darker shade? A dull grey... the clouds had the same tinge; why were those floating bunches of cotton grey? Weren't they supposed to be white against a beautiful blue sky, giving oceans their basic azure, sparkling shade? Winds blew faster now; coats and gowns have started fluttering, owners grabbing and straightening them. The number of gazes upwards had increased though, eyes were no more squinting. Smiles had vanished, breaths shortened by some, held by most. Faces read no more relief; there was only confusion. Everything had paused: people, breaths, thoughts, footsteps, the very air had gone still. And then the clouds rumbled. It began with sparks, those short bursts of lightening; flickers of light switching on and off. And then an car-splitting crack of thunder tore the atmosphere, the lightening itself drawing cobwebs of pure, burning light across the now-nearly-black sky. The clouds, now literally blanketing the whole of the sky, seemed to be the only barrier to the thunder striking its wrath. Chaos scrambled pieces of puzzles; the people were quite comparable to that pure mayhem. They ran hap hazardly now, crashing into each other, stumbling upon obvious obstacles. Droplets of water now came

down like a single outburst; a layer of colourless matter moving down with steady velocity and then beginning their pit-pat on the streets and roads. They were tasteless and pure; divine in contrast to their source. No one had been prepared; or even expected anything remotely like this. Thoughts paced at speeds much greater than their feet, bodies unable to process actions in time, reactions imprecise. Puddles had already formed in the streets getting stepped in with rampaging people. Crowds gathered beneath stalls and in stores to prevent themselves from getting wet even though most of them already had got soaked. Ironically, now instead of sweat, water stuck their clothes to them. Fierce blows of winds now caused the curtain of rain to now ripple as waves, the lines of drops diverting at stray angles. The whistling of the air had increased considerably, creating horrifying sounds, comparable to the howling of troubled wolves. That, together combined with the raging thunder and the hard crashing of raindrops which were now much larger than normal on the pavements was enough to instill fears into the hearts of the unaware groups of people with troubled thoughts; thoughts which were apparently unpleasant, since faces were contorted in fear and confusion. A whole tall building suddenly blasted to smithereens, blowing outwards from inside out. The strike had been strong, precise & powerful, the lightening flashing down at speeds unknown, right into the center of that structure. Its huge parts flew all around, crashing into other buildings and houses. A couple of those rocks zeroed in on crowds, hunting numerous men & women, who fell backwards with shouts of surprise and agony. Shrikes of despair filled the air. Cries of woman and children; calls of men to their families. The phone network was down. Nothing seemed to work and then suddenly, surprisingly, the electricity of the whole town went out. The city entered the portal of darkness. Nothing was in order now; everything hither and tither. There were stampedes. The voices of frightened humans were louder than ever. As if in reply, the clouds got thicker, the sky went darker and the ferocity of wind fierces. Blows of air which were no more breezes-cool and sweet rather dense strikes filled with merciless coldness which shook each individual with fear. Mortals fell; the air shook; people went on their knees; tears flowed and cries faded as the force took control... Asad Jamil Shaikh Cambridge A-levels 91

Avishkar Club The S.V.P.V. Science club was established in the year 2001, since then the students and teachers have been conducting activities that have been helping in enlighting the young and curious minds and developing a scientific temperament in the day to day life of these students. The highlight of science club is the butterfly garden which.was inaugurated in Dec. 2010 and since then it has enchanted our students with visitor butterflies. The club members and teachers Mrs. Pinky Jani, Mr. Ketan patel are carrying out activities like visit kto Nehru Planetarium, visit to pathology laboratory, visit to keshav shrusti, Gorai greek to study plant and insect, conducting intra class science quizzes, Techno fare science exhibition, visit to Bio-gas plant and study of Botanical plant of vanaspati vatika of our own campus, Residential composting, compaign

for proper use of plastic, workshop on know your application, awareness this year we have carried out recording of plant and insect movements. This year the theme of school is about Awareness. Eye and skin Donation which has been carried out through various activites like seminars, drama, songs and lighting candles. We are glad to inform that this year science club has got 2nd prize at the R-word science exhibition and was selected at the district level competition. We are very sure and hopeful that such wide range of activities will make the young students more and more curious to ask more and more questions in the class room. We will encourage them to undertake such activities in future as science club members of S.V.P.V.

Mrs. Pinky Jani Teacher


On Being A Proud Indian ! In a land where diversity originated, where success can be found in loss and where the heart is bigger than the house, one needs no more explanation to hesitate in saying the name. INDIA!! Just articulating the significance of the people and of the culture it holds is even more valuable of this beautiful country vary from state to state. A poor man can be found on the roads in India smiling because of the love and affection that develops within a society to put living on the cake, we Indians obey our elders and have the decency to value our elders principles. I am indeed proud to be an Indian because it s my motherland. It reminds of lord Ram who said“Oh Laxman! Even though Lanka is made up of gold I do not like it . Mu motherland has greater significance for me than heaven. I am proud to be an Indian because of its diversity – it is indeed great fortune to be part of the Indian population. It is time when the youth to look at all that India as a nation has achieved and be proud and 92

determined to take her to new heights.” And last but not the least, I am proud of Punjab for lighting, Bengal for writing, Kashmir for beauty, Maharashtra for victory, Karnataka for silk, Haryana for milk, Kerala for brains, UP for grains, Himalaya for apples, MP for Miracles, Orissa for temples, Bihar for minerals, States for unity; India for integrity. So be proud to be an Indian! || JAI HIND || Sariyana J. Desai XII – I

‘Think Big To Grow Big’ This topic focuses on the important of positive thoughts and positive attitude. Whenever we say something or perform any action, it gives a reflection of our thoughts. Mahatma Gandhi said, ‘A man is but the product of his thoughts whatever he thinks,he becomes. So before performing any task we should ask ourselves and then do what we have to do. This will help us develop a positive attitude, which is a small thing but makes a big difference in our life. Our attitude in life should not be only seeing things as they are and asking why it is so. Instead we should dream o f things that never were and ask ‘ why not?’ quote by Walt Disney says, ‘If you can dream it, you can do it.’ So if we want to achieve big success

we must start thinking big. But positively thinking big. followed by positive actions a wellknown poet has said, ‘Life is battle not won by the stronger or faster man But sooner or later the man who wins is the man who THINKS HE CAN….’ So think like a winner if you want to win in any field of life. When you believe in yourself you will be halfway thought.

Nivedita R. Parab XII – I


Pocket Money It is one of the biggest issue among parents and children. Those parents who can afford they give pocket money to their children. But poor parents may not give pocket money to this children regularly. They give money as much as they can afford. Those who are rich they do not understand the value of pocket money & the kids just spend it here and there and those rich parents don’t ask them about it. The poor children those who get less money do not spend thus money anywhere but prudently.

I also get pocket money but I do not spend all. I save a part of the money and use it at the correct time. Recently I gave a pleasant surprise by presenting my mom and dad on their marriage anniversary. Once I helped my friend by paying part of money to him and he payed his fees because he was falling short of money and it was the last day of paying fees, and his dad was out of station. My pocket money has helped me to learn how to spend wisely and save it simultaneously. I know that my fellow friends will also save it after reading this. Ramil Shah XI - B


Once A Boss Is Always A Boss A junior manager, a Senior Manager and their Boss are on their way to a meeting. On their way, they passed by a park where they come across a wonder lamp. They took and rub the lamp and a big genie appears. The genie says “Normally one is granted three wishes but as you are three, I will allow one wish each.” To this Junior Manager shouted eagerly, “I want the first wish and that is ; I want to be in the Bahamas on a fast boat and no worries…..Puff and he was gone.”

Now the senior manager could not keep quiet and shouted “I want to be in Florida with beautiful ladies, plenty of food and cocktails…….Puff and he was also gone.” Now it was Boss who calmly said “I want those two back in the office within 5 minutes.” (WISE MAN SPEAKS WHEN OTHERS HAVE EXHAUSTED THEIR WORDS.) Sheilaja Shah Jr. Accountant Science College


cejjeþerr efJeYYeeiee F®íe

Menj S efJekeÀefmele

yees}t Fef®ílee lej iees[ yees}e. ®ee}t Fef®ílee lej mevceeiee&ves ®ee}e. Oeª Fef®ílee lej melmebie Oeje. ieeT Fef®íelee lej Leesjeb®es iegCe iee. Heesnt Fef®ílee lej %eevemeeiejele Heesne. efceUJet Fef®ílee lej ³eµe efceUJee. efieUt Fef®ílee lej jeie efieUe. peiet Fef®ílee lej ogmeN³eebmeeþer peiee. ceª Fef®ílee lej osµeemeeþer ceje.

Fceejleer íeve Menje®eer Meeve Deleer®eer nesles ceeleer, DemeeJeer ceveer peeCe Menjele efJekeÀemee®ee ceesþe HejerIe iee[îeeb®eer jerIe, keÀ®eN³eeb®es {erie ~~1~~ Menj veJes- mebmke=Àleer veJeer ceeCemeeb®eer ieoer&, GIe[er yees[keÀer ~~2~~

jece®ebê ceeì} (efveJe=Êe mesJekeÀ)


ieerle legPes ieeT Deecner ieerle legPes ieeT Yeejleceeles! legP³ee OJepe}e veceve keÀefjle jent! legPee efncee}³e, legPeer®e iebiee me¿eeefꮳee legP³ee®e jebiee Deecner ³eeb®³ee DeefYeceeveeves efvel³e HegÀ}le jent

FbefpeefveDej, efyeu[j yeebOeleele Hegue ieìejs veeues Jeenleele HeÀgue ~~3~~ [e@keÌìj meejs mHesefMeefuemì DeeJeepe GþJeleele meesMeeefuemì ~~4~~ nJesle Oegj Oegjele nJee kegÀþgve I³eeJee éeeme veJee ~~5~~ cee@ue, Dee@efHeÀme ®ekeÀe®ekeÀ jsJnHeeì&³ee yekeÀeyekeÀ ~~6~~ m$eer Ye´gCe nl³ee DeeefCe Ye´ä^e®eej yebo nesleerue yeeuee DeeefCe yeej ~~7~~ DeHeIeele DeeefCe kegÀþs yee@cye meieUerkeÀ[s ì^@efHeÀkeÀ peece jespe neslees ceeCemeeb®ee Nneme cnCeleele Deecner keÀjlees efJekeÀeme ~~8~~

Deecner ieerle legPes ieeT! DeveskeÀ©Heer pevelee, yeebOeJe leefj meceles®ee keÀefjleer DeeþJe nele iegbHegÀveer neleeceO³es legPes ©He Heent Deecner ieerle legPes ieeT! efkeÀleer cenelces, efkeÀleer OegjbOej }{}s-}{leer Depegvener efvejblej megKeµeebleer®³ee veJemebosµee one efoµee vesT Deecner ieerle legPes ieeT!

³eesiesMe legkeÀejece ieesleejCes (jmee³eveµeem$e Òe³eesieµeeUe mene³³ekeÀ)



oef}leeb®³ee oejeceOe}e efoJee veJ³eeves GpeUe³e}e veJ³ee µeefkeÌleves, veJ³ee efÒeleerves Heg{s Heg{s peeT Deecner ieerle legPes ieeT!

peerJevee®³ee JeeìsJej DeveskeÀ ³esleele JeUCes, keÀþerCe Demeles ®eeueleevee l³eebvee ìeUCes. Demeleele keÀener megKee®eer, pemes ieeueeJeªveer ceesjefHeme efHeÀjeJes. Demeleele keÀener og:Kee®eer, pemes keÀeìs yevegveer keÀeUpeele ©leeJes.

let ceelee Jejoeve osµeer}r lej legPeer }skeÀjs meejer keÀCeKej PeW[e HeÀ[keÀle þsJeleer} leJe, ner Deeµee þsJet Deecner ieerle legPes ieeT!

megKeer peerJevee®ee jLe megmeeì Jesieeves OeeJelees, og:Keer peerJevee®ee keÀeU þeCe ceeb[tve yemelees. ³esF&ue JesU pesJne mevceevee®eer, þsJe ceveeJej leeyee les ngjUtve peeles.

meblees<e ³e. Yeb[ejer (peerJeµeem$e Òe³eesieµeeUe mene³³ekeÀ)

³esF&ue JesU DeHeceevee®eer, meeJej ceveeuee les Heej ®egjieUtve peeles. DeHeceevee®eer keÀOeer ceveeuee ®eer[ ve ³eeJeer pJeeuesceOegveer DeHeceevee®³ee veJeer ÒesjCee I³eeJeer. ÒesjCee ®ebêkeÀeble Heesìs 11 - keÀs.




yeesueleevee peje meebYeeUtve.... Meyoeuee leueJeejerHes#ee Oeej Demeles,

nmeC³eeceO³es cegKe& þjN³ee®ee OeeskeÀe Demelees. j[C³eeceO³es nUJeb þjC³ee®ee OeeskeÀe Demelees. YesìC³eele SkeÀceskeÀeble iegbleC³ee®ee OeeskeÀe Demelees. YeeJevee J³ekeÌle keÀjC³eele mJele:®e Kej ©He ÒekeÀì nesC³ee®ee OeeskeÀe Demelees. ueeskeÀebmeceesj legce®es efJe®eej, legce®eer mJeHve peenerj keÀjC³eele les ieceeJeC³ee®ee OeeskeÀe Demelees. Òesce keÀjC³eele Òeeflemeeo ve efceUC³ee®ee OeeskeÀe Demelees. peieC³eele cejCee®ee OeeskeÀe Demelees. DeeMesle efvejeMes®ee OeeskeÀe Demelees. HeCe OeeskesÀ ns HelkeÀjues®e Heeefnpesle keÀejCe kegÀþueener OeeskeÀe ve HelkeÀjCes ns®e Dee³eg<³eele meJee¥le OeeskeÀeoe³ekeÀ Demeleb pees ceeCetme keÀesCeleener OeeskeÀe HelkeÀjle veener, keÀenerner ke=Àleer keÀjle veener, l³ee®³eepeJeU keÀenerner vemele DeeefCe l³ee®³ee DeefmlelJeeuee keÀenerner DeLe& vemelees. les ³eelevee DeeefCe og:Ke ìeUt MekeÀleerue HeCe les Flejeb®³ee YeeJevee peeCetve I³ee³euee, yeouee³euee, ceesþ Jne³euee, Òesce keÀje³euee efkebÀJee Dee³eg<³e peiee³euee efMekeÀCeej veenerle. DeeHeu³ee®e ceveesJe=Êeer®³ee Me=bKeueeveer peKe[uesues les iegueece Demeleele, l³eebveer DeeHeue mJeeleb$e ieceeJeuesue Demele. OeeskesÀ efmJekeÀejCeeje ceeCetme®e KeN³ee DeLee&ves mJeleb$e Demelees.

HeÀjkeÀ HeÀkeÌle SJe{e®e keÀer, leueJeejerves ceeve lej Meyoebveer ceve keÀeHeues peeles. cnCetve cnCelees, yeesueleevee peje meebYeeUtve... Meyoeuee leueJeejerHes#ee Oeej Demeles. pejer leueJeejer®³ee peKecesletve jkeÌle Je Meyoeb®³ee peKecesletve DeÞeg ³esle Demeles. lejer oesIeebHeemetve nesCeejer Jesovee cee$e meejKeer®e Demeles cnCetve cnCelees yeesueleevee peje meebYeeUtve.... keÀejCe Meyoeuee leueJeejerHes#ee Oeej Demeles. ns Meyo®e ceeCemeeuee pees[leele DeeefCe Meyo®e ceeCemeeuee lees[leele. ns Meyo®e keÀOeer jecee³eCe lej keÀOeer ceneYeejle Ie[Jeleele, cnCetve cnCelees yeesueleevee peje meebYeeUtve.... keÀejCe Meyoeuee leueJeejerHes#ee Oeej Demeles.

veboe keÀeefµeo ns[ keÌ}eke&À

Heer. [er. Deejesìs mene³³ekeÀ efµe#ekeÀ


cejeþer Yee<ee efove efJeµes<e 27 HesÀye´gJeejer, efJe. Jee. efµejJee[keÀj GHe&À `kegÀmegceeûepe' ³eeb®ee pevceeqove ne efoJeme peieYej `cejeþer Yee<ee efove' cnCetve meepeje kesÀ}e peelees.

kegÀmegceeûepeeb®ee pevce 27 HesÀye´gJeejer 1912 mee}er Pee}e. l³eeb®es HetCe& veeJe efJe<Cet Jeeceve efµejJee[keÀj. l³eebvee mejmJeleer®³ee cebefojeleer} owefoH³eceeve jlve cnì}s Deens. l³eeb®ee pevce HegCes ³esLes Pee}e. l³eebveer cejeþer meeefnl³e#es$eele Þesÿ keÀJeer, veeìkeÀkeÀej, keÀLee-keÀeobyejerkeÀej n³ee YetefcekeÀe meceLe&HeCes Hes} u³ee. ceeveJeleeJeeoer, mJeeleb$³eHetCe& efJe®eej Je v³ee³eHetCe& ¢äerkeÀesCe ns l³eeb®es }sKeveefJeµes<e Deensle.

Deµee Dece=leentvener DeJeerì iees[er DemeCeeN³ee cejeþer Yee<es®es meeceL³e& mebleeveer DeesUKe}s Je Jee{Je}s. meble %eeveséejebyejesyej®e, meble legkeÀejece, veeceosJe, SkeÀveeLe, jeceoeme ³ee meJee¥veer®e cejeþerle efJeHeg} DeYebiej®evee kesÀ}er. µeeefnjebveer JeerjÞeerves Yeej}s}s HeesJee[s j®e}s. Heg.}. osµeHeeb[s, Je. Heg keÀeUs, Yee. je. leebyes. iees. veer. oeb[skeÀj, ieewjer osµeHeeb[s Fl³eeefo }sKekeÀ-}sefKekeÀebveer cejeþer®es oe}ve memepeJe}s. cejeþer}e `cee³ecejeþer' cnì}s peeles, ³eeJe©ve®e efle®es cenelc³e efveefµ®ele nesles. osµeerefJeosµeer nesCeejer meeefnl³emebces}ves efle®ee peieYej DemeCeeje efJemleej efmeOo keÀjleele.

16 keÀefJeleemebûen, 3 keÀeobyeN³ee. 8 keÀLeemebûen, 7 efveyebOemebûen, 18 veeìkesÀ Je 6 SkeÀebkeÀerkeÀe ner l³eeb®eer meeefnl³e#es$eeleer} YejerJe keÀeceefiejer Deens. l³eeb®ee `efJeµeeKee' ne keÀefJeleemebûen veJeerve efHe{erle mJeeleb$³ee®eer efþCeieer HesìefJeCeeje þj}e. l³eeb®³ee `veìmece´eì' ³ee veeìkeÀeves cejeþer veeì³eme=äerle JeeoU GþJe}s.

cejeþer J³eekeÀjCee}e Òee®eerve Je µeem$eµegodOe yewþkeÀ Deens. mebmke=Àle ner cejeþer Yee<es®eer peveveer Deens, Hejbleg DeeHe}er JesieUer DeesUKe efvecee&Ce keÀjC³eele cejeþer meeefnl³ekeÀej, efìkeÀekeÀej, Yee<eeblekeÀej Je Jee®ekeÀ ³ee meJee¥veer®e DeeHe}e Jeeìe meceLe&HeCes G®e}}e Deens.

`veìmece´eì' ³ee veeìkeÀemeeþer l³eebvee 1974 ceO³es `meeefnl³e DekeÀeoceer HegjmkeÀej' efceU}e. 1988 ceO³es `%eeveHeerþ HegjmkeÀej' megodOee efceUe}e. 1989 mee}er les cejeþer meeefnl³e mebces}vee®es DeO³e#e nesles. l³eeb®ee pevceeqove `cejeþer Yee<ee efove' cnCeCes ne KejesKej®e l³eebvee efo}s}e Decetu³e HegjmkeÀej®e Deens.

cejeþerleer} íbo, JeekeÌÒe®eej, cnCeer, De}bkeÀej ³ee meJee¥veer pe[peJeenjeÒeceeCes cejeþer Yee<es}e meepe ®e{Je}e. Deµee ÒekeÀejs peieYejeleu³ee cenÊJee®³ee Yee<eebceO³es cejeþer}e mevceeveerve mLeeve Deens.

mebmke=ÀleceOeer} YeeieJeleieerles®ee cejeþerle `%eeveséejer®³ee' ©Heeves YeeJeeLe& ef}ntve meble %eeveséej ³eebveer cejeþer®³ee Yeei³eeso³ee®ee Hee³ee j®e}e. `ceeefPe³ee cejeþer®eer yees}g keÀewlegkesÀ, Heefj Dece=leelesner Hewpee efpebkesÀ~’

cenejeä^e®eer cee³e cejeþer HeeT} He[les Heg{s cejeþer HeeT} He[les Heg{s~ Deejleer meg. Heeìer} (menefµeef#ekeÀe)


MeeUe l³ee efoJeMeer ceuee keÀUues keÀer, MeeUs®eer cepee keÀMeele Deens les, FLeb Jeie& Deensle, yeekebÀ Deensle, HeesjHeesjer Deensle, mej Deensle, ieefCele Deens Yegieesue Deens, Deieoer veeiejerkeÀMeem$emegodOee, HeCe... DeeHeCe l³eele keÀMeele®e veener...

1. lees keÀOeer pesJele veener HeeCeerner efHele veener l³ee®³ee yegodOeerHeg{s nej ceeveleele %eeveer.

DeeHeCe l³ee ieeF&®³ee HeeþerJej yemeCeeN³ee Heeb{N³ee He#eemeejKes Deieoer cegkeÌle Deenesle... ¿eeb®³ee MeeUsle yemeuesuees Demeues lejer DeeHeu³ee ceveele SkeÀ JesieUer®e MeeUe Yejles, Keeme SkeÀìîee®eer®e... l³ee MeeUsuee Jeie& veenerle, efYebleer veenerle, HeÀUe veener, efMe#ekeÀ veenerle, HeCe l³eeleueb efMekeÀCeb HeÀej mebgoj Deens... cegU keÀefJe - Òee. efceef}bo yeesefkeÀ} peeie=leer pes. ìkeÌkesÀkeÀj 11 - kesÀ


efµe#ekeÀ ceelee³eW osleer veJe peerJeve, efHelee megj#ee keÀjleW nQ }sefkeÀve me®®eer ceeveJelee, efµe#ekeÀ peerJeve ceW Yejles nQ

2. oesve JesUe veesyesue efceUeues `jsef[³ece ceefnuee' DeesUKe efle®eer veeJe meebefieleueb ³ee ceefnues®es lej Demeeue yegefodOeerceeve Kejs. 3. GvneceO³es ³eslees lees meeJeueerceO³es Leebyelees lees meieȳeebvee®e ³eslees lees nJee ueeielee®e HeUtve peelees. 4. SkeÀ Oeve Demeb HeCe Hewmee veener keÀþesj Þeceeves efceUleb keÀe³ece DeeHeu³eemeesyele jenleb. GÊej 1. mebieCekeÀ (Computer) 2. ceeoece ke̳ejer (Madam Curie) 3. Ieece (Sweat) 4. %eeve (Knowledge)


mel³e, v³ee³e kesÀ HeLe Hej ®e}vee, efµe#ekeÀ nces yeleeles nQ peerJeve mebIe<eeX mes }[vee, efµe#ekeÀ ncesb efmeKeeles nQ

efnvoer ieewjJeieeve YeejleJe<e& keÀer megvees HegkeÀej, efnvo kesÀ nes mebleeve, efnvoer nceejer peeve~~ Oe=~~

%eeve oerHe keÀer p³eesefle pe}ekeÀj, ceve Dee}esefkeÀle keÀjles nQ efJeÐee keÀe Oeve oskeÀj efµe#ekeÀ, peerJeve megKe mes Yejles nQ

efnvoer jeä^ keÀe ³es mecceeve~ efnvoer keÀer ³es Hen®eeve mebmke=Àefle FmekeÀer efJeµee}~~1~~

efµe#ekeÀ F&éej mes ye{keÀj nQ, ³en keÀyeerj yele}eles nw ke̳eesefkeÀ efµe#ekeÀ ner YekeÌlees keÀes, F&éej lekeÀ HengB®eeles nQ

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Deejleer meg. Heeìer} (menefµeef#ekeÀe)


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Hà´ÉÉ ©ÉX{ÉÉ ´ÉÞKÉÉà ùà §ÉÉ<, ´ÉÞKÉÉà ¶ÉÉà§Éà Uà yÉùlÉÒ {Éà, SÉ©ÉHÉ´Éà Uà ~ÉÞo´ÉÒ{Éà, ¥ÉNÉÒSÉÉ ¶ÉÉà§Éà Uà ´ÉÞKÉÉàoÉÒ.

+É~«ÉÉà +©ÉÞlÉ ©É¾Éàl»É´É +ÉÅNÉiÉà HÉÅÊq´É±ÉÒ©ÉÉÅ Hà. >. +à»É. {ÉÉ ¡ÉÉÅNÉiÉà


£Ý±«ÉÉà £É±«ÉÉà ´«ÉÉ~É qÉlÉÉ+Éà{ÉÉ »É¾HÉùoÉÒ AWW´É³ oÉ«ÉÖÅ ¶ÉɳÉ{ÉÖÅ {ÉÉ©É `»ÉùqÉù' ~É÷à±É{ÉÉ {ÉÉ©ÉoÉÒ qÉlÉÉ ©É²«ÉÉ +{ÉàH ´ÉyÉlÉÉ ´Éy«ÉÉà ´«ÉÉ~É Ê´ÉÊ´ÉyɱÉKÉÒ Ê´ÉvɱɫÉà »ÉÉHÉù H«ÉÉÇ »´É~{É +©ÉÉ~É.

+É ´ÉÞKÉÉà Uà §ÉÉ< Hà´ÉÉ, Wà©ÉÉÅ ~ÉKÉÒ Hùà ¥É»ÉàùÉ, Hà´ÉÉ »ÉÖÅqù Uà +É ´ÉÞKÉÉà Hà´ÉÉ ©ÉX{ÉÉ Uà +É ´ÉÞKÉÉà


+É ´ÉÞKÉÉà A~É«ÉÉàNÉÒ +à´ÉÉ, £³, £Ù±É +{Éà +É~Éà »ÉÚHÉ ©Éà´ÉÉ, ´ÉÞKÉÉà +É~Éà Uà +ÉäºÉyÉÒ, Hà´ÉÉ A~É«ÉÉàNÉÒ Uà +É ´ÉÞKÉÉà.

¥ÉɱɩÉÅÊqùoÉÒ +{ÉÖ»{ÉÉ{ÉH »ÉÖyÉÒ{ÉÒ +¾Ó oÉ> ù¾Ò Uà ~ÉhÉ> Ê´ÉÊ´ÉyɱÉKÉÒ ¶ÉÉ³É `´É±±É§É§ÉÉ>' Wà{ÉÒ Ê´ÉvÉ »ÉÉoÉà Uà »ÉÉSÉÒ »ÉNÉÉ>


»ÉÅ»oÉÉ{ÉÉ ÷Ä»÷Ò ¸ÉàºcÒ +ÉSÉÉ«ÉÉâ ʶÉKÉH +{Éà Ê´ÉvÉoÉÔ+Éà{Éà ©ÉÉùÉ Àq«É~ÉÚ´ÉÇH{ÉÉ Uà ¡ÉiÉÉ©É

«É¶É »ÉàqÉiÉÒ 9 - ¥É



qÖº«ÉÅlÉ ÷Ò. »ÉÉà{ÉÒ +à»÷à÷ ©Éà{ÉàWù Hà. >. +à»É.

~ÉÖi«É +àH Ê´É´ÉàH {ÉÉ©É{ÉÉà UÉàHùÉà ¾lÉÉà. lÉà ~ÉÉàlÉÉ{ÉÉ qÉqÒ »ÉÉoÉà »ÉÖlÉÉà ¾lÉÉà. lÉà{ÉÉ qÉqÒ lÉà{Éà ´ÉÉlÉÉÇ »ÉŧɳɴÉlÉÉ ¾lÉÉ. +àH qÒ´É»É Ê´É´ÉàH {Éà »´É~{É +É´«ÉÖÅÖ. lÉà©ÉÉÅ +àH W±É~ÉùÒ +à Ê´É´ÉàH{Éà +àH eɥɱÉÒ +É~ÉÒ. +{Éà H¾«ÉÖÅ Hà lÉÖÅ ùÉàW »ÉÉùÉ HÉ©É HùWà. lÉÉà °Ê~É«ÉÉà W©ÉÉ oɶÉà. lÉà +SÉÉ{ÉH +q¶«É oÉ> NÉ>. Ê´É´ÉàH +SÉÉ{ÉH AcÒ NÉ«ÉÉà. Ê´É´ÉàH {Éà lÉà{ÉÉ lÉÊH«ÉÉ {ÉÒSÉà +àH eɥɱÉÒ ©É³Ò lÉà ¶ÉɳɩÉÉÅ NÉ«ÉÉà +{Éà »ÉÉùÖÅ HÉ«ÉÇ HùÖ. lÉÉà lÉà{ÉÒ +àH °Ê~É«ÉÉ W©ÉÉ oÉ«ÉÉà. lÉà{ÉÒ ©ÉÉlÉÉ lÉà{Éà Wà HÉ©É H¾àlÉÒ lÉà HÉ©É lÉà HùlÉÉà. ùÉàW +É©É »ÉÉùÉ HÉ©É HùlÉÉà NÉ«ÉÉà +{Éà °Ê~É«ÉÉ W©ÉÉ oÉlÉÉà NÉ«ÉÉà. +àHÊq´É»É lÉà ¶ÉɳɩÉÉÅ NÉ«ÉÉà lÉà{ÉÉà Ê©ÉmÉ +oÉ´ÉÇ{ÉÉà Ê©ÉmÉ ~ÉeÒ NÉ«ÉÉà ¾lÉÉà. Ê´É´ÉàHà lÉà{ÉÒ ©Éqq {É HùÒ. l«ÉÉŠʶÉKÉH +É´«ÉÉ. Ê´É´ÉàH {Éà ¶ÉÉ¥ÉɶÉÒ ©É³à lÉà ©ÉÉ÷à lÉàiÉà +oÉ´ÉÇ{Éà C§ÉÉà H«ÉÉâ. lÉà PÉàù NÉ«ÉÉà +{Éà WààÉ«ÉÅÖ lÉÉà lÉà{ÉÒ +àH °Ê~É«ÉÉà +ÉàUÉà

oÉ> ~ÉeÒ NÉ«ÉÉà. l«ÉÉù ~ÉUÒ Ê´É´ÉàHà »ÉÉùÉ HÉ©É H«ÉÉÇ +{Éà ~ÉÖi«É W©ÉÉ H«ÉÖÅ. lÉà §ÉNÉ´ÉÉ{É{ÉÉ SÉùiÉ©ÉÉÅ ©ÉÚH´ÉÉ WlÉÉà ¾lÉÉà. l«ÉÉùà lÉà{Éà +àH ´ÉÞu »mÉÒ ©É³Ò lÉà ùelÉÒ ¾lÉÒ. Ê´É´ÉàHà lÉà©É{Éà ~ÉÚU«ÉÖÅ Hà lÉ©Éà Hà©É ùeÉà UÉà? ``+à©ÉiÉà H¾«ÉÖÅ, ©ÉÉùÒ ~ÉÖi«É{ÉÒ eɥɱÉÒ ~ÉÉiÉÒ©ÉÉÅ ~ÉeÒ NÉ>''. Ê´É´ÉàHà ~ÉÉàlÉÉ{ÉÒ eɥɱÉÒ lÉà ´ÉÞu »mÉÒ{Éà +É~ÉÒ qÒyÉÒ. lÉà ´ÉÞu »mÉÒ+à Ê´É´ÉàH{ÉÒ +ÉÅLÉ ~Éù ¾ÉoÉ ùÉL«ÉÉà +{Éà lÉà{Éà +ÉLÉÖÅ »´ÉNÉÇ ¥É{ÉÉ´«ÉÖÅ. lÉÉà ¥ÉɳHÉà +É~ÉiÉ{Éà ~ÉiÉ »´ÉNÉÇ Xà´ÉÖÅ ¾Éà«É lÉÉà ~ÉÖi«É Hù´ÉÉ ~Éeà. »ÉÅH±É{É- ¥ÉÉùÉà÷ Ê´ÉÊ{ÉlÉÉ {ÉÉùÉ«ÉiɧÉÉ> 8-+


+É]ÉqÒ ©É²«ÉÉ ~ÉUÒ ~ÉiÉ

©ÉÉ +Å¶É ©ÉÉmÉ ¾lÉÒ, ¾ÅÖ lÉÉùÉ NɧÉÇ©ÉÉÅ qÖÊ{É«ÉÉ{ÉÉà eù {É ¾lÉÉà ©ÉÉ. NɧÉÇ ~ÉÊùKÉiÉ{ÉÉà LÉ«ÉÉ±É +É´«ÉÉà {É lÉÖ W{Éà, ¥ÉÒXoÉÒ +±ÉNÉ Uà lÉÖÅ ©ÉÉ, W{É©É ©É{Éà +É~ÉÒ ±ÉÉ´ÉÒ WNÉlÉ©ÉÉÅ yÉ{«É´ÉÉq lÉ{Éà ©ÉÉùÒ ©ÉÉ; qÒHùÉ qÒHùÒ©ÉÉÅ {É ùÉL«ÉÉ +ÅlÉù HÉàÊ÷ HÉàÊ÷ ´ÉÅq{É lÉ{Éà ©ÉÉ. »ÉÉäoÉÒ §ÉÉN«É¶ÉɱÉÒ ©ÉÉ{ÉÖ ©ÉÖW{Éà Hà´ÉÒ »ÉÖÅqù °~ÉÉ³Ò ©ÉÉ, ´¾É±É{ÉÉà qÊù«ÉÉà ùà ±ÉÉ´«ÉÉà »ÉÉoÉà »ÉÉoÉà §ÉiÉÉ´ÉÒ ©ÉÖW{Éà ©ÉÉ B©Éù oÉlÉÉ ~ÉNɧÉù HùÒ ´É³É´ÉÒ, »ÉÅÖqù »ÉÅ»ÉÉù +É~«ÉÉà ©ÉÉ lÉÉùÒ ©É©ÉlÉÉ ¾´Éà ¾ÖÅ »É©ÉY V«ÉÉùà ¥É{ÉÒ UÅÖ ¾ÖÅ ©ÉÉ. §É±Éà {É W{©ÉÒ ©ÉÉùÒ HÚLÉà qÒHùÒ ´É¾Ö ¥É{ÉÒ +ɴɶÉà +©É HÖ³à ©ÉÉ qÒHùÒ{ÉÒ LÉÉà÷ ~ÉÚù¶Éà lÉà ~ÉÉùHÒ, ¥É{ÉÒ +©ÉÉùÒ ~ÉÉàlÉÒHÒ +à ©ÉÉ. ~É÷à±É HàlÉ{É »ÉÒ. »É¾É««ÉH ʶÉKÉH

+É]ÉqÒ ©É²«ÉÉ ~ÉUÒ ~ÉiÉ +É~ÉiÉà {ÉoÉÒ ©ÉÉÅNÉÒ ¶ÉHlÉÉ +É~ÉiÉÒ ¾I, W>+à Uà V«ÉÉùà ¾I ©ÉÉÅNÉ´ÉÉ, l«ÉÉùà {ÉàlÉÉ ¥ÉÉà±Éà Uà SÉ±É §ÉI.... +É]ÉqÒ ©É²«ÉÉ ~ÉUÒ...... Hàe±ÉÉH lÉÉàe«ÉÉ »É~É{ÉÉ ´ÉyÉÉùÒ ~Éà÷ÄÉà±É{ÉÉ qÉ©É, +É©É +Éq©ÉÒ {É¾Ó LÉùÒqÒ ¶ÉHà, ©ÉÉà÷ù HÉù, »ÉÉÅ§É³Ò ~Éà÷ÄÉà±É{ÉÉ qÉ©É, +É]ÉqÒ ©É²«ÉÉ ~ÉUÒ.... +É §ÉÉùlÉ Uà Hà ¨Éº÷ÉSÉÉù{ÉÉà §ÉÅeÉù +¾Ó {É SÉɱÉà ¨Éº÷ÉSÉÉù{ÉÒ NÉÉÅyÉÒNÉÒùÒ, {É SÉɱ«ÉÅÖ ÊHùiÉ ¥ÉàqÒ{ÉÖÅ Xàù, +É ¥Éà +É´«ÉÉ Ê©É÷É´É´ÉÉ ¨Éº÷ÉSÉÉù, lÉÉà »ÉùHÉùà +©ÉÉùÉ ~Éù H«ÉÉâ +l«ÉÉSÉÉù +É©É +Éq©ÉÒ.... 26 -11- {ÉÉ V«ÉÉùà »ÉùHÉùà H»ÉÉ¥É{Éà ~ÉHe¬Éà, l«ÉÉùà +à©É oÉ«ÉÖÅ Hà »ÉùHÉù XNÉÒ CcÒ, ~ÉùÅlÉÖ lÉà{ÉÉ LÉSÉÉÇ{ÉÅÖ Ê¥É±É »ÉÉŧɲ«ÉÖÅ l«ÉÉùà, +à©É oÉ«ÉÖÅ Hà Xà, »ÉùHÉùà +É©É +Éq©ÉÒ{ÉÒ A~Éù LÉS«ÉÉÇ ¾ÉàlÉ lÉÉà »ÉùHÉù{ÉÒ W«É W«É HÉù oÉÉ«É. +É]ÉqÒ ©É²«ÉÉ ~ÉUÒ....


©Éʾ±ÉÉÊq{É{ÉÒ AW´ÉiÉÒ ~ÉÖ°ºÉ¡ÉyÉÉ{É »ÉÅ»HÞÊlÉ©ÉÉÅ »mÉÒ+Éà{ÉÖÅ »oÉÉ{É qÖ««É©É ¾lÉÖÅ. ~ÉùÅlÉÖ »É©ÉÉW ~ÉÊù´ÉlÉÇ{ɶÉÒ±É oÉ´ÉÉ ±ÉÉN«ÉÉà Uà. +ÉWà ´ÉlÉÇ©ÉÉ{É ~ÉÊùÊ»oÉÎlÉ©ÉÉÅ »É{©ÉÉ{É{ÉÒ«É »mÉÒ+Éà{Éà »É{©ÉÉ{ÉÒlÉ Hù{ÉÉùÉ Ê¶ÉKÉH §ÉÉ>+Éà+à ©Éʾ±ÉÉÊq{É Ê{ÉÊ©ÉnÉà +©ÉÉùÒ ¶ÉɳÉ{ÉÉ ©Éy«ÉÉÅlÉù©ÉÉÅ +±~ÉɾÉù{ÉÖÅ +É«ÉÉàW{É HùÒ, +©ÉÉùÉ +ÉSÉÉ«ÉÉÇ ¸ÉÒ©ÉlÉÒ »ÉÅNÉÒlÉÉ¥Éà{É ¸ÉÒ´ÉÉ»lÉ´É, »É¾É«ÉH +ÉSÉÉ«ÉÉÇ ¸ÉÒ©ÉlÉÒ ùʶ©É¥Éà{É ~ÉÅe«ÉÉ lÉà©ÉW +©ÉÉùÉ V«Éàºc ʶÉÊKÉHÉ ¸ÉÒ©ÉlÉÒ ¡ÉÊlɧÉÉ¥Éà{É XàºÉÒ ~ÉÉ»Éà HàH H~ÉÉ´ÉÒ ©ÉÉ{É´ÉÅlÉÉ ©Éʾ±ÉÉ ¥É{ÉÉ´«ÉÉ. ʶÉKÉH§ÉÉ<+Éà+à +±~ÉɾÉù ~ÉÒù»ÉÒ ¥É¾à{ÉÉà{ÉÒ ©ÉÉ{É §ÉùÒ ´ÉÅq{ÉÉ HùÒ. ¸ÉÒ qÖ¥Éà»Éùà Ê´ÉvÉoÉÔ »É©ÉKÉ ©Éʾ±ÉÉÊq{É{ÉÖÅ ©É¾n´É WiÉÉ´«ÉÅÖ. Ê´ÉvÉoÉÔ§ÉÉ<+Éà{ÉÉ ©ÉÉ{É»É~É÷ ~Éù ©Éʾ±ÉÉ{ÉÖÅ »É©ÉÉW©ÉÉÅ »oÉÉ{É Hà÷±ÉÖÅ ©É¾l´É{ÉÖÅ Uà +à WiÉÉ´«ÉÅÖ. +É©É LÉÚ¥É W +É{ÉÅq§Éùà ©Éʾ±ÉÉÊq{É{ÉÒ AW´ÉiÉÒ Hù´ÉÉ©ÉÉÅ +É´ÉÒ. +ÉWà »mÉÒ XNÉÞÊlÉ ´ÉyÉÒ Uà, +{Éà AlÉùÉànÉù ´ÉyÉlÉÉ, »ÉÅ»HÞÊlÉ©ÉÉÅ ~ÉiÉ £àù£Éù oÉ> +àH Êq´É»É £ùÒoÉÒ ´ÉàqHɳ{ÉÒ Wà©É »mÉÒ »ÉÅSÉÉʱÉHÉ ¥É{ÉÒ »ÉÖ´ÉiÉÇ »É©ÉÉW ¥É{ɶÉà +à´ÉÉ ©Éʾ±ÉÉ+Éà{ÉÒ LÉÉlÉùÒ Uà. +ɧÉÉù »ÉʾlÉ »{Éà¡É§ÉÉ {ÉÉ´ÉâHù »É¾É««É ζÉÊKÉHÉ 98

cÉHù «ÉÉÊ[ÉH 9 - ©É


+{É֧ɴÉ{ÉÉà ~ÉÊù~ÉÉH ¶ÉäKÉÊiÉH ´ÉºÉÇ qù©«ÉÉ{É Ê´ÉvÉoÉÔ{ÉÒ ¥ÉÉäÊuH KÉ©ÉlÉÉ{ÉÅÖ ©ÉÚ±«É©ÉÉ~É{É ~ÉùÒKÉÉ ~ÉuÎlÉoÉÒ Hù´ÉÉ{ÉÒ ´ÉºÉÉâ WÖ{ÉÒ ~ÉuÊlÉ Uà. Wà©ÉÉÅ HÉ«ÉÇHֶɳlÉÉ ´ÉÉ~ÉùÒ Ê´ÉvÉoÉÔ{Éà +y«É«É{É »É¾à±ÉÖÅ ~Éeà Uà. Ê¡ÉʱɩÉ{ÉùÒ ~ÉùÒKÉÉ{ÉÖÅ ~Éà~Éù lÉä«ÉÉù HùÒ ¥ÉÉàeÇ{ÉÒ ~ÉùÒKÉÉ »É¾à±ÉÒ ~Éeà lÉà ©ÉÉ÷à +{É֧ɴÉ{ÉÉà Ê{ÉSÉÉàe HùÒ. ¶ÉÊHlÉ{ÉÉà A~É«ÉÉàNÉ HùÒ ©Éá ©ÉÉlÉÞ§ÉɺÉÉ{ÉÅÖ ~Éà~Éù »Éà÷ H«ÉÖÈ ¾lÉÅÖ. +ÉWà 31 ´ÉºÉÇ{ÉÒ ±ÉÉÅ¥ÉÒ +y«ÉÉ~É{É »É£ù{ÉÉ £³ °~Éàà Ê¡ÉʱɩÉ{ÉùÒ ~ÉùÒKÉÉ©ÉÉÅ ~ÉÚUÉ«Éà±ÉÉ ¡É¶{ÉÉà{ÉÉ ~ÉÊù~ÉÉH °~Éà ´ÉÉʺÉÇH ~ÉùÒKÉÉ S.S.C. ¥ÉÉàeÇ lÉù£oÉÒ ±Éà´ÉÉ«É lÉà©ÉÉÅ Ê´ÉvÉoÉÔ{Éà LÉÚ¥É W £É«ÉqÉ°~É Ê{É´Ée«ÉÖÅ. +É´ÉÉ +{É֧ɴÉ{ÉÉ Ê{ÉSÉÉàe{ÉÉà ¶ÉɳÉ{ÉÉ qùàH Ê´ÉvÉoÉÔ{Éà, Wà©ÉÉÅ LÉÉ»É HùÒ{Éà +§«ÉÉ»ÉÖ ¡ÉNÉÊlÉ{ÉÖÅ +ÅH ©Éy«É©É ¾Éà«É +à´ÉÉ Ê´ÉvÉoÉÔ{Éà £É«ÉqÉà oÉ«ÉÉà Uà. +É©É ©ÉÉùÉ +É HÉ«ÉÇ{ÉÉà qùàH Ê´ÉvÉoÉÔ{Éà £É«ÉqÉà ¾Å©Éà¶ÉÉ oÉlÉÉà W ù¾à¶Éà lÉà ©ÉÉ÷à »ÉlÉlÉ ¡É«Él{ɶÉÒ±É ù¾Ò¶É. ùÅW{É¥Éà{É »ÉÒ. qà»ÉÉ>

´Éɾ! ´Éɾ! ¶ÉÖÅ ´ÉÉlÉ Uà. »ÉùqÉù ´É±±É§ÉÉ> ~É÷à±É ¶ÉɳɩÉÉÅ §ÉiÉlÉÉ Ê´ÉvÉoÉÔ+Éà{ÉÒ +É ´ÉÉlÉ Uà. Ê{ÉùÅlÉù +É~ÉiÉÒ ¶ÉÉ³É ¡ÉNÉÊlɶÉÒ±É ù¾Ò Uà lÉà©ÉÉ §ÉiÉlÉÉ ¥ÉɳHÉà ¡É¶ÉÅ»É{ÉÒ«É ¥É{«ÉÉ Uà. qùàH ¥ÉɳHÉà©ÉÉÅ +àH H±ÉÉ UÖ~ÉÉ«Éà±ÉÒ ¾Éà«É Uà. +É H±ÉÉ V«ÉÉùà ©ÉÉà÷É ~ÉeqÉ ~Éù qàLÉÉ«É Uà. l«ÉÉùà lÉà H±ÉÉHÉù ¥É{ÉÒ X«É Uà. ¾É±É{ÉÉ ÷àʱÉÊ´É]{É©ÉÉÅ +ÉHºÉÇH HÉ«ÉÇH©ÉÉà ùWÚ oÉÉ«É Uà; lÉà©ÉÉÅ +É~ÉiÉÒ ¶ÉɳÉ{ÉÉ Ê´ÉvÉoÉÔ H±ÉÉHÉùÉà+à LÉÚ¥É W »ÉÖÅqù §ÉÚÊ©ÉHÉ §ÉW´ÉÒ Uà. +É H±ÉÉHÉùÉà{ÉÒ +É~ÉiÉÉà ~ÉÊùSÉ«É ©Éà³´ÉÒ+à.


©ÉÉà¥ÉÉ>±É©É«É ©ÉÉiÉ»É +É ©ÉÉiÉ»É Hà÷±ÉÉà ©ÉÉà¥ÉÉ>©É«É oÉ> NÉ«ÉÉà? ¥ÉàcÉà ¾Éà«É ¶ÉÉÅÊlÉoÉÒ »É§ÉÉ{ÉÒ ´ÉSÉ©ÉÉÅ ÊùÅNÉ ´ÉÉNÉÒ {Éà AcÒ{Éàà SÉɱÉlÉÉà oÉ> NÉ«ÉÉà.... »ÉÚlÉÉà ¾Éà«É PÉùà +ÉùÉ©ÉoÉÒ ~ɱÉÅNÉ ~Éù {Éà +ÉWà ¾ÖÅ PÉùà {ÉoÉÒ H¾àlÉÉà oÉ> NÉ«ÉÉà.... Y´ÉlÉÉà ¾lÉÉà ©ÉÉiÉ»É +ÉùÉ©ÉoÉÒ +à{ÉÉ ´ÉNÉù ~ÉiÉ, +ÉWà +à{ÉÉ HÉùiÉà ùPÉ´ÉÉ«ÉÉà oÉ> NÉ«ÉÉà

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¥ÉɳʩÉmÉÉà! lÉ©É{Éà lÉÒ LÉ¥Éù ¾¶Éà Hà qùàH ¶ÉɳɩÉÉÅ ~ÉÖ»lÉHÉ±É«É +à÷±Éà Hà Library lÉÉà ¾Éà«É W Uà. ~ÉÖ»lÉHɱɫɩÉÉÅ +É~ÉiÉÒ ¥ÉÖÊw +{ÉÖ»ÉÉù ~ÉÖ»lÉHÉà ©É³à Uà. ~ÉÖ»lÉHɱɫÉ{ÉÖÅ ´ÉÉlÉÉ´ÉùiÉ LÉÚ¥É W ¶ÉÉÅlÉ ¾Éà«É Uà. l«ÉÉÅ ´ÉÉÅSÉ´ÉÉ{ÉÒ »ÉÖÊ´ÉyÉÉ ¾Éà«É Uà. l«ÉÉÅ +É~ÉiÉÒ §ÉɺÉÉ +{ÉÖ»ÉÉù ~ÉÖ»lÉH ©É³à Uà. l«ÉÉÅ H¥ÉÉ÷©ÉÉÅ +±ÉNÉ +±ÉNÉ ©ÉÖHÒ ¾Éà«É Uà. Wà©ÉÉ Hà §ÉɺÉÉ, NÉÊiÉlÉ. Ê´É[ÉÉ{É, >. §ÉÚ. {ÉÉ, +ÅOÉàY, ʾ{qÒ, ©ÉùÉcÒ +É´ÉÉ ~ÉÖ»lÉHÉà ¾Éà«É Uà. +{Éà lÉ©É{Éà Wà ~ÉÖ»lÉH ´ÉÉÅSÉ´ÉÒ ¾Éà«É lÉÉà lÉ©É{Éà ¶ÉÉàyÉ´ÉÒ »É¾à±ÉÒ ~Éeà Uà. ~ÉÖ»lÉHɱɫɩÉÉÅ ÷à¥É±É +{Éà LÉÖù¶ÉÒ ¾Éà«É Uà. l«ÉÉÅ ¥Éà»ÉÒ{Éà +É~ÉiÉÉà ~ÉÖ»lÉHÉà ´ÉÉSÉÒ+à UÒ+à. l«ÉÉÅ ¥Éà»ÉÒ{Éà ~ÉÖ»lÉH ´ÉÉSÉ´ÉÉ{ÉÒ Hà÷±ÉÒ ©ÉX +É´Éà {Éà! ¾ÖÅ +{Éà ©ÉÉùÒ »É¾à±ÉÒ Ê¶ÉlÉ±É +©Éà ¥ÉÅ{Éà ~ÉÖ»lÉHɱɫɩÉÉÅ W>+à UÒ+à. +©É{Éà LÉÚ¥É W ©ÉX ~Éeà Uà. l«ÉÉÅ ©É{Éà LÉÚ¥É W ʶÉKÉiÉ ©É³à Uà. ¾ÖÅ l«ÉÉÅ +{ÉàH XlÉXlÉ{ÉÉ ~ÉÖ»lÉHÉà ´ÉÉSÉÖÅ UÖÅ AqÉ. qÉqÉY ©ÉÉÅeÒ´ÉÉlÉ XlÉHoÉÉ+Éà, ¶ÉùÒù{ÉÉ ¡ÉHÉùÉà +{Éà ¥ÉyÉÉ {ÉH¶ÉÉ+Éà +É ¥ÉyÉÖÅ ©É{Éà XiÉ´ÉÉ ©É³à Uà. l«ÉÉÅ eÒG¶É{ÉùÒ+Éà ~ÉiÉ ¾Éà«É Uà. Wà©ÉÉoÉÒ ©É{Éà W {É¾Ò ~ÉùÅlÉÖ qùàH WiÉ{Éà {É´ÉÉ {É´ÉÉ ¶É¥q XiÉ´ÉÉ ©É³à Uà. +{Éà qùàH WiÉ{Éà LÉÚ¥É W ʶÉKÉiÉ ©É³à Uà. lÉàoÉÒ ©É{Éà ~ÉÖ»lÉHɱɫɩÉÉÅ LÉÚ¥É W NÉ©Éà Uà. ¾´Éà ~ÉÖ»lÉHɱɫɩÉÉÅ W>{Éà ¾ÖÅ ¥É¾Ö [ÉÉ{É ©Éà³´ÉÖÅ UÖÅ +à÷±Éà W ©É{Éà ~ÉÖ»lÉHɱɫɩÉÉÅ W´ÉÖÅ LÉÚ¥É W NÉ©Éà Uà. lÉÉà ¾´Éà lÉ©Éà ~ÉiÉ W¶ÉÉà {Éà ~ÉÖ»lÉHɱɫɩÉÉÅ? §ÉGlÉÒ §ÉÉ´Éà¶É§ÉÉ> H±É»ÉÉùÒ«ÉÉ 6 ´ÉÒ

Xà ~ÉùÒKÉÉ+Éà {É ¾Éà«É lÉÉà.... ´«ÉÉ~ÉH ¨Éº÷ÉSÉÉùoÉÒ LÉq¥ÉqÒ ù¾à±ÉÉ +É «ÉÖNÉ©ÉÉÅ Ê´ÉvÉoÉÔ+Éà, ´ÉɱÉÒ+Éà, ʶÉKÉHÉà, +ÉSÉÉ«ÉÉâ +{Éà Hà³´ÉiÉÒHÉùÉà{Éà ©ÉÖÅ]´ÉÒ ù¾à±ÉÉà +àH Ê´ÉG÷ ¡É¶{É +à÷±Éà +ÉW{ÉÒ ~ÉÊùKÉÉ+Éà. ~ÉùÒKÉÉ+Éà {É ¾Éà«É lÉÉà Ê´ÉvÉoÉÔ+Éà{Éà lÉÉà yÉùlÉÒ ~Éù XiÉà »´ÉNÉÇ ClÉùÒ +É´«ÉÖÅ ¾Éà«É lÉà´ÉÅÖ ±ÉÉNÉà. ~ÉÊùKÉÉ{ÉÉà §É«É ¾ÉàʶɫÉÉù lÉà©ÉW {É¥É³É ¥ÉÅ{Éà ¡ÉHÉù{ÉÉ Ê´ÉvÉoÉÔ{Éà »ÉlÉÉ´Éà Uà +àoÉÒ Ê´ÉvÉoÉÔ+Éà »ÉlÉlÉ ©ÉÉ{ÉÊ»ÉH lÉÉiÉ +{É֧ɴÉà Uà lÉà©É{ÉÉ ¶ÉùÒù ~Éù ~ÉiÉ lÉà{ÉÒ Ê´É~ÉùÒlÉ +»Éù oÉÉ«É Uà. ~ÉùÒKÉÉ{ÉÒ ÊSÉÅlÉÉ©ÉÉÅ lÉà+Éà ¶ÉÉÅÊlÉoÉÒ DPÉÒ ¶ÉHlÉÉ {ÉoÉÒ. lÉà+Éà Al»Éɾ~ÉÚ´ÉÇH ù©ÉÒ ~ÉiÉ ¶ÉHlÉÉ {ÉoÉÒ. lÉà+Éà LÉÉ> ¶ÉHlÉÉ {ÉoÉÒ. lÉà+Éà Êq´É»É-ùÉlÉ NÉÉàLÉiÉ~ÉaÒ©ÉÉÅoÉÒ W DÅSÉÉ {ÉoÉÒ +É´ÉlÉÉ. ´É³Ò lÉà+Éà ~ÉùÒKÉÉ©ÉÉÅ ~ÉÚUÉ«É lÉà´ÉÉ ¡É¶{ÉÉà (IMP) ©ÉÉ÷à £ÉÅ£ÉÅ ©ÉÉùà Uà. lÉà{ÉÉ ©Éà³ {É ~Éeà lÉÉà ~ÉÊùKÉÉ©ÉÉÅ {ÉH±É Hù´ÉÉ ¡ÉàùÉ«É Uà. Hà÷±ÉÉH ~ÉùÒKÉiÉÉà +PÉùÉÅ +{Éà WÊ÷±É ¡É¶{É~ÉmÉÉà HÉhà Uà l«ÉÉùà Ê´ÉvÉoÉÔ{ÉÒ ¾É±ÉlÉ ´ÉyÉÉùà LÉùÉ¥É oÉ> X«É Uà. ´É³Ò ©ÉÉ-¥ÉÉ~É ~ÉiÉ Ê´ÉvÉoÉÔ+Éà{Éà »ÉlÉlÉ ÷ÉàH÷ÉàH Hùà Uà. ©ÉÉ-¥ÉÉ~É lÉà©É{ÉÒ ~ÉÉ»ÉàoÉÒ

PÉiÉÒ DSÉÒ +~ÉàKÉÉ ùÉLÉà Uà. lÉàoÉÒ Ê´ÉvÉoÉÔ+Éà +~ÉÉù ©ÉÖÅ]´ÉiÉ +{É֧ɴÉà Uà. ~ÉÊùiÉÉ©Éà G«ÉÉùàH HÉà>H Ê´ÉvÉoÉÔ PÉù UÉàeÒ{Éà {ÉÉ»ÉÒ X«É Uà, {ÉÉ~ÉÉ»É oÉ«Éà±ÉÉà HÉà>H Ê´ÉvÉoÉÔ G«ÉÉùàH +É~ÉPÉÉlÉ ~ÉiÉ HùÒ ¥Éà»Éà Uà! ~ÉùÒKÉÉ+Éà W {É ¾Éà«É lÉÉà +É´ÉÒ HùÖiÉ PÉ÷{ÉÉ+Éà {É ¥É{Éà! Hà÷±ÉÉH ´ÉɱÉÒ+Éà ~ÉÉàlÉÉ{ÉÖÅ ¥ÉɳH »ÉÉùÖÅ ~ÉÊùiÉÉ©É ±ÉÉ´Éà lÉà ©ÉÉ÷à ´ÉyÉÉùà ~ÉelÉÒ ÊSÉÅlÉÉ HùlÉÉ ¾Éà«É Uà. +É´ÉÉ ´ÉɱÉÒ ¥ÉɳH ©ÉÉ÷à ÷«ÉÖ¶É{É{ÉÒ Hà HÉàÊSÉÅNÉ H±ÉÉ»É{ÉÒ ´«É´É»oÉÉ Hùà Uà. +É´ÉÒ ¡É´ÉÞÊlÉ©ÉÉÅ ´ÉɱÉÒ+Éà +É´ÉÉ LÉSÉÇ©ÉÉÅoÉÒ ¥ÉSÉÒ X«É! ~ÉùÒKÉÉ+Éà »É©É«É»Éù ±Éà´ÉÒ, lÉà{ÉÉÅ ~ÉÊùiÉÉ©ÉÉà »É©É«É»Éù lÉä«ÉÉù Hù´ÉÉ ´ÉNÉàùà HÉ©ÉNÉÒùÒ Ê¶ÉKÉHÉà +{Éà +ÉSÉÉ«ÉÉâ ©ÉÉ÷à ~ÉiÉ ©ÉÉoÉÉ{ÉÉ qÖLÉÉ´ÉÉ Wà´ÉÒ ¥É{ÉÒ ù¾à Uà. Xà ~ÉùÒKÉÉ+Éà W {É ¾Éà«É lÉÉà +É ¥ÉyÉÒ ]Å]÷ W {É ù¾à. ±ÉlÉÉ ©ÉSÉÇ{÷ »É¾É««ÉH ʶÉÊKÉHÉ


``§ÉÉùlÉ{ÉÉà »ÉÉSÉÉà yÉ©ÉÇ'' qùàH ©É{ÉÖº«É {Éà ~ÉÉàlÉÉ{ÉÉà yÉ©ÉÇ »É{ÉÉlÉ{É Uà. yÉ©ÉÇ +ÉWà Uà, +{Éà HɱÉà {ÉoÉÒ. +à´ÉÖÅ {ÉoÉÒ. yÉ©ÉÇ «ÉÖNÉà «ÉÖNÉà Uà W. yÉ©ÉÇ »ÉÉoÉà »ÉÉH³Ò+àlÉÒ §ÉÉùlÉ qà¶É qÖÊ{É«ÉÉ ©ÉÉ÷à ʩɶÉÉ±É Uà. +ÉW{ÉÉ +É Hʳ«ÉÖNÉ©ÉÉÅ ~ÉiÉ §ÉÉùlÉ yÉ©ÉÇ{ÉÉ +Éy«ÉÉÎl©ÉHlÉÉ{ÉÉ ASSÉ Ê¶ÉLÉù ~Éù Ê¥ÉùÉW©ÉÉ{É Uà. H©ÉÇ{ÉÉà Ê»ÉuÉÅlÉ, §ÉNÉ´ÉÉ{É ùÉ©É{ÉÒ Y´É{ɶÉä±ÉÒ, §ÉNÉ´ÉÉ{É ©É¾É´ÉÒù +{Éà NÉÉälÉ©É¥ÉÖu{ÉÒ +ʾŻÉÉ{ÉÒ ´ÉÉlÉ, >»ÉÖ ÊMÉ»lÉ{ÉÒ q«ÉÉ-HùÖiÉÉ +{Éà l«ÉÉNÉ, ©É¾Å©Éq ~É«ÉNÉÅ¥Éù{ÉÒ +±±Éɾ ¡Él«Éà{ÉÒ +É»oÉÉ lÉÉà NÉÖùÖ{ÉÉ{ÉH{ÉÒ ¶ÉÒLÉ {Éà +É~Éà±ÉÒ A~Éqà¶É{ÉÒ »ÉÉyÉ{ÉÉ W Uà. §ÉÉùlÉ{ÉÉ yÉ©ÉÇ{ÉÒ Ê´ÉÊ´ÉyÉlÉÉ©ÉÉÅ ~ÉiÉ »ÉÅ»HÞlÉ{ÉÒ +àHlÉÉ{ÉÒ UÉ~É A~É»ÉÒ +É´Éà Uà. §ÉÉùlÉ qà¶É©ÉÉÅ yÉ©ÉÇ ¡Él«Éà{ÉÒ +É»oÉÉ{ÉÖÅ ´ÉiÉÇ{É ¶ÉÖÅ Hù´ÉÖÅ? +¾Ó{ÉÉ ±ÉÉàHÉà{Éà ~ÉooÉù©ÉÉÅ ~ÉiÉ >¹Éù qàLÉÉ«É Uà. {ÉqÒ+Éà{Éàà ©ÉÉlÉÉ{ÉÖÅ »oÉÉ{É +É~«ÉÖÅ Uà. ~É´ÉÇlÉ - ´ÉÞKÉÉà {Éà ~ÉiÉ ¶ÉÒ¶É {É©ÉÉ´ÉÒ ~ÉÚX HùàUà. »Él«É, +ʾŻÉÉ +{Éà l«ÉÉNÉ{ÉÒ ©ÉÚÊlÉÇ »É©ÉÉ{ɧÉÉùlÉ lÉùÖ +ÉWà qÖÊ{É«ÉÉ{ÉÉ qà¶ÉÉà +ÉHºÉÉÇ«ÉÉ Uà. »Él«É +{Éà +ʾŻÉÉ{Éà ©É¾Él©ÉÉ NÉÉÅyÉÒ +Wù +©Éù Uà. HÉà<~ÉiÉ +»mÉ-¶É»mÉ ´ÉNÉù £GlÉ yÉ©ÉÇ{ÉÉ ©ÉÉNÉâ SÉɱÉÒ{Éà +É÷±ÉÒ ©ÉÉà÷Ò ÊúÉÊ÷¶É¶ÉÉ»É{É {Éà ¾Å£É´ÉÒ{Éà +É]ÉqÒ +~ÉÉ´É{ÉÉù NÉÉÅyÉÒY.

§ÉÉùlÉ ~ÉÊ´ÉmÉ §ÉÖÊ©É Uà. V«ÉÉÅ lÉ~É»«ÉÉ l«ÉÉNÉ +{Éà ´ÉäùÉN«É{ÉÉ ¡ÉÊlÉH »É©ÉÉ »ÉÅlÉÉà Uà. §ÉÉùlÉ{ÉÒ »ÉÉSÉÉà yÉ©ÉÇ{ÉÖÅ ´ÉiÉÇ{É Hù´ÉÉ H±É©ÉlÉÉHÉlÉ +ÉàUÒ ~Éeà Uà. <ÊlɾɻÉ{ÉÉ ~ÉÉ{ÉÉ £àù´ÉlÉÉ L«ÉÉ±É +ɴɶÉà Hà V«ÉÉùà V«ÉÉùà +yÉ©ÉÇ £à±ÉÉ«ÉÉà Uà l«ÉÉùà yÉ©ÉÇ{ÉÒ ùKÉÉ Hù´ÉÉ §ÉNÉ´ÉÉ{É ~ÉÞo´ÉÒ ~Éù +´ÉlÉÉù yÉÉùiÉ Hùà W Uà +{Éà «ÉÖNÉà «ÉÖNÉà yÉ©ÉÇ{ÉÉ ùKÉH »ÉÉSÉÉ yÉ©ÉÇ {ÉÒ Ê´ÉV«É ~ÉlÉÉ£É £à±ÉÉ´Éà W Uà. +àH »ÉÉ©ÉÉ{«É ©ÉÉ{É´ÉÒ lÉùÒHà lÉÉà +É~ɱÉÉà +àW ¡ÉÉoÉÇ{ÉÉ HùÒ +à Hà ``¾à ¡É§ÉÖ +É §ÉäÊlÉH´ÉÉq «ÉÉ «ÉÖNÉ ©ÉÉÅ +É Ê´É[ÉÉ{É «ÉÖNÉ ©ÉÉÅ lÉ©Éù ¾©Éà¶ÉÉ +©ÉÉùÒ »ÉÉoÉàW ù¾Ò.'' §ÉÉùlÉ qà¶É{ÉÉ »ÉÉSÉÉà yÉ©ÉÇ »Él«É, +ʾŻÉÉ »ÉqÉSÉÉù Uà. lÉà{ÉÖÅ ~ÉɱÉ{É Hù´ÉÉ{ÉÒ £ùW +É~ÉiÉÉ qà¶É{ÉÉ »ÉÉä §ÉÉùlÉ´ÉÉ»ÉÒ HÉà{ÉÒ Uà. Wà +É~ÉiÉÒ £ùW Uà. lÉà{Éà »É£³lÉÉoÉÒ ~ÉÉù HùÒ¶ÉÖÅ. +{Éà »ÉÉSÉÉà yÉ©ÉÇ Ê{ɧÉɴɶÉÖÅ. {É«É{ÉÉ Xà¶ÉÒ »É¾É««ÉH ʶÉÊKÉHÉ


´ÉyÉÖ ÷Ò. ´ÉÒ. Xà´ÉÉoÉÒ ´ÉyÉà±ÉÉ ©ÉÞl«ÉÖ{ÉÖÅ XàLÉ©É »ÉlÉlÉ ÷Ò. ´ÉÒ »ÉÉ©Éà SÉÒ~ÉHÒ ù¾à´ÉÉoÉÒ eÉ«ÉÉÊ¥É÷Ò»É. Àq«ÉùÉàNÉ Wà´ÉÉ ùÉàNÉÉà PÉù HùÒ X«É Uà. +àH »É©É«Éà PÉù©ÉÉÅ ÷Ò. ´ÉÒ ¾Éà´ÉÖÅ +à ¡ÉÊlɺcÉ NÉiÉÉlÉÒ ¾lÉÒ ~ÉùÅlÉÖ ¾´Éà ÷Ò. ´ÉÒ +à ©ÉÉ{É´ÉÒ{ÉÒ W°Êù«ÉÉlÉ ¥É{ÉÒ NÉ> Uà. ©ÉÉà÷É §ÉÉNÉ{ÉÉà »É©É«É ÷Ò. ´ÉÒ. »ÉÉ©Éà SÉÒ~ÉHÒ ù¾àlÉÉ ¥ÉɳHÉà{ÉÖÅ Y´É{É »ÉÉ´É ¥ÉàcÉeÅÖ oÉ> NÉ«ÉÖÅ Uà. l«ÉÉùà ¾É´ÉeÇ «ÉÖÊ{É´ÉÊ»É÷Ò{ÉÉ ´Éä[ÉÉÊ{ÉHÉà +à +É +ÅNÉà +àH SÉÉáHÉ´É{ÉÉùÉà +§«ÉÉ»É ùWÖ H«ÉÉâ ¾lÉÉà. {É´ÉlÉù +§«ÉÉ»É WiÉÉ´«ÉÉ ©ÉÖW¥É ´ÉyÉÉùà ~ÉelÉÖÅ ÷Ò. ´ÉÒ. Xà´ÉÉoÉÒ eÉ«ÉÉÊ¥É÷Ò»É, Àq«ÉùÉàNÉ +{Éà ´ÉyÉà±ÉÉ ©ÉÞl«ÉÖ{ÉÖÅ XàLÉ©É ù¾à Uà. +É +§«ÉÉ»É HÉ«É©É ÷Ò. ´ÉÒ. »ÉÉ©Éà oÉÒY WlÉÉÅ ±ÉÉàHÉà »ÉÉoÉà ±ÉɱɥÉnÉÒ PÉùà Uà. ¾É´ÉeÇ «ÉÖÊ{É´ÉÊ»ÉÇ÷Ò »HÖ±É +Éè£

~ÉÎ¥±ÉH ¾à±oÉ{ÉÉ »ÉŶÉÉàyÉ{ÉHÉà{ÉÉ ©ÉlÉ +{ÉÖ»ÉÉù qùùÉàW ¥Éà H±ÉÉH HùlÉÉÅ ´ÉyÉÉùà »É©É«É ÷Ò. ´ÉÒ. »ÉÉ©Éà ¥ÉÅqù{ÉÒ Wà©É SÉÉá÷Ò W´ÉÉoÉÒ ÷É>~É ÷Ö eÉ«ÉÉÊ¥É÷Ò»É +{Éà Àq«ÉùÉàNÉ{ÉÖÅ XàLÉ©É ´ÉyÉà Uà. ÷Ò. ´ÉÒ. ¾´Éà <eÒ+à÷ HùlÉÉÅ ~ÉiÉ LÉlÉù{ÉÉH ¥É{ÉlÉÖÅ É«É Uà. ùÉàW ±ÉÉÅ¥ÉÉ »É©É«É »ÉÖyÉÒ ÷Ò. ´ÉÒ. »ÉÉ©Éà SÉÉá÷Ò ù¾à´ÉÉoÉÒ SÉù¥ÉÒ{ÉÉ oÉù W©ÉÉ oÉlÉÉ X«É Uà. +{Éà ©ÉàqÊ»´ÉlÉÉ ´ÉyÉà Uà.

¾ùLÉÉ{ÉÒ ©É«ÉÚù 11 -eÒ 101

Surrender the ME for the WE The only kind of work which permits an able woman to realize her abilities fully, to achieve identity in society ety in a life plan that can encompass the circle of life, is the kind that was forbidden by the feminine mystique, the lifelong commitment to an art or science, to politicss orr profession and to life. So amazing how this world was made I wonder if GOD is a woman The gift of life astounds us to this day we acknowledge it up for the woman, the solitary one She's is the constant wind that fills all our sail it is the spirit of this woman With her smile and her style

The above ordinary lines of rhyme are with the reason to demonstrate the sentiment of one and all connected with SVPVV and Sri T. P. Bhatia about our extraordinary principal Smt. Sangeeta N . Srivastava.

In a country where being equal to their male counterparts is still a far cry for Indian women. Not only are they This is the strength of this woman marginal as public figures, an average Indian woman this is the spirit of this woman can hardly call the shots at home or outside. There are She'll put a smile upon your face when youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re under some amazing women around us who stood against stress the time and tide to be counted for emancipation of And take you to that higher consign women. In the elongated line of luminaries such as, So don't ever under estimate Betty Friedan, author of The Feminine Mystique, French existentialist Simone de Beauvoir, Kate The strength of this woman Millett, U.S. feminist author our honourable Sangeeta The spirit of this gem of a woman N. Srivastava stands tall amongst the every single She'll put a bright smile all over face personage associated with the institute of KES and Sri T. P. Bhatia giving her 100% with commitment to Tender prose that's so sweet make this work place a wonderful place of worship. Gentle words she softly speaks She'll protects all of us like a child

Such an angel when we need

â&#x20AC;&#x153;"we pledge allegiance and honesty to the institute

GOD bless her with prosperity and peace

and to the fraternity of teachers and students

She can soothe you ,when you are down

for which it stands,

Be your comfort when you cry

under one indivisible,

if you look into her eyes ou'll see the force of a woman

with liberty, justice and education for all beneath the leadership of Smt. Sangeeta N. Srivastavaâ&#x20AC;?.

the Strength of a woman

With gratitude from the Editorial Team...

The spirit of a strong woman

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Milind Kharat (Phy)

Sunil Yadav (Chem)

Shivbahdur Yadav (Chem)

Sujeet Kumar Thakur (C.S)

Manish Chavan (C.S)

Akhilesh Thakur (EM)

Sujeet Yadav (Bio)

Sunil Bhardwaj (Phy)

Kundan Yadav (Phy)

Ashok Paste (Chem)

Ramashankar Yadav (Phy)

Rakesh Padyar (Comp)

Prakash Kokre (Bio)

Yogesh Gotarne (Chem)

Llyod Dias (MM)

Jitendra Rai

Haribansh Yadav

Urmila Gaund

Support Staff Suresh Shettigar (Library Attendant)

Avinash Sonawane (MM)

Kanta Mude

Vijay Gosavi

Ramchandra Matal Suresh Mandavkar

Rupali Sakpal





Sarasvatii Mahaaa-Bhaagge Vidye Kaamala-L Locane |  Vidyaa-Ruupe e Vishaaal-Aaksssi Vidyaam m Dehi Namostute ||



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The statue of Maa Saraswati Sri Satish Dattani Sri Yogesh Sagar (MCA)

Sri Vinod Vora Students of Primary section

Sri Satish Dattani, Sri Ramanlal Shah, Sri Navin Sampat

Sri Navin Sampat, Sri Rajnikant Ghelani, Sri Mahesh Chandarana, Sri Ramanlal Shah, Sri Yogesh Sagar

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Gulmohar 2012 13  

College magazine

Gulmohar 2012 13  

College magazine