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LetÂ’s play coastguard!

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The year 2004 has been an active and successful Targa year for Botnia Marin. There has been an almost 15% increase in the number of employees; the updating of Targa 25 to Targa 25.1 can be considered completed; the investment in the bigger models Targa 39 and 42 has reached its final stages, and two ‘strategic’ factory extensions have already been started in Malax. An emotionally big disinvestment has also been carried out at the end of December 2004. The forms of H-boats have been sold to a Finnish company. It feels sad to abandon the H-boats after having worked for 32 years with them (3.5 years at Artekno in Tampere and 28.5 years under the control of Botnia Marin). For a long period of time, the H-boat was one of the foundation pillars within the operation of Botnia Marin. During the last decade, there however, has been continuous decrease in its relative significance because of the expansion of the Targa boats. The last H-boat manufactured by Botnia was delivered with the serial no. 1005 in November 2004 to Sweden. Therefore, from the year 2005 onwards the story will be 100% that of Targa. Thanks to the H-boat, that for its part is an excellent racing cruiser – we here at Botnia Marin have learnt a lot about quality and customisation to client’s wishes. As far as a racing cruiser meant to be used in extreme circumstances is concerned, there are no compromises – regarding neither functionality nor quality. We have been able to adopt this innovative idea of quality successfully also into the production of Targa. Many Targa clients often wonder ’who

is responsible for the product development at Botnia Marin’. The answer has been the same for 15 years: the Targa boats are being continuously developed thanks to our creative contacts with clients and dealers. We here at Botnia Marin chiefly coordinate the wishes and realise them as far as possible or in connection with ’updates’. Principally, the technical solutions are carried out ’in house’, whereas outside boat designers are responsible for the more advanced calculations as well as a great deal of the design.


The actual product development means mostly “modification of the existing models” – in other words to make a model that has previously been found good even better, by improving its weaknesses identified during the course of a year. This way for example the former Targa 29 was developed into Targa 30, Targa 27 into Targa 27.1 and most recently Targa 25 into Targa 25.1. Usually, all the forms are renewed – which is a time-consuming process. During the last three years, an outside boatyard has worked exclusively building new Targa forms. Because of the increased demand for our boats we have now decided to extend the Malax factory considerably. During 2005 the total factory area will expand from about 5000 m2 to approx. 8000 m2. The work has already been commenced. The expansion will render the continuous production of the big models Targa 39 and Targa 42 possible. 2005 will be another exciting Targa year with full of events. Johan and Britt-Marie Carpelan

Model News 2005

The new model T25.1 L.o.a. Length (hull) Beam Draught Weight Fuel tank Engine Speed Cruising speed (230 HP) Fuel consumption (230 HP)

8,25 m 27,1 ft 7,68 m 25,3 ft 2,88 m 9,5 ft 0,90 m 3 ft approx. 3100 kg 380 L 147-239 kW (200-320 HP) 30 - 37 K.T. approx. 28 K.T. approx. 1,6 L/N.M.

TARGA 25.1 is a completely renewed model of TARGA 25 MK II. TARGA 25.1 will be launched in May 2005. Technical data concern the new model Targa 25.1. More information, contact nearest dealer or yard.

New, bigger Targas, T39 and T42!

Completely new models, based on Targa knowledge and craftmanship. Targa 39 and Targa 42 production will start in the autumn 2005. More information, contact nearest dealer or yard.

Read more of other Targas:

WHERE ONLY THE TOUG With icebergs, sub zero temperatures and blinding blizzards, not to mention humpback whales, navigating the waters around Greenland requires a boat with very special abilities. Targa took up the challenge and came through with flying colours.

Greenland When the 55,000 inhabitants of Greenland want to get to the next town they can’t just jump in a car and drive there as most of us take for granted. The reason; there are no roads. So if you live in one of the outlying settlements and want to go shopping in the world’s smallest capital Nuuk you either have to fly, or then you take your boat.

The city of Nuuk.

coast of Greenland a memorable experience to be treasured. For getting around in some of the world’s most demanding waters fishermen, the emergency and postal services as well as water taxi operators and hotels have chosen a Targa as their preferred mode of transport. To find out why we interviewed our Greenland Agent and some of their customers.

If you choose to travel by boat the journey is not without hazard. The crystal clear arctic waters are littered with icebergs and storms are not uncommon in winter. It is also an area of outstanding natural beauty with enormous fjord systems and skerries. On most boat trips throughout the year you are likely to see members of the local seal and humpback whale population, making any journey off the Targa 37 and icebergs.


Jan Tengstedt and Claus Christoferssen.

Snowy day for Michael Thistedt.

Kimmernaq II waiting her captain.


Michael Thistedt

Carl Anker Simonsen

Founded in 1993 by Jan Tengstedt Yama-Tek began by selling outboard motors and snow scooters. Claus Christoffersen joined the company as a partner in 1996 and in the same year the company discovered Targa. When your livelihood and maybe your life depend on the quality of your equipment you canÂ’t afford to cut corners or take unnecessary risks. Reliability, robust construction and an excellent level of seaworthiness are all benefits both company and private Targa owners in Greenland have come to appreciate and respect. These are the reasons sales of Targa boats have continued to grow each year with owners buying bigger and bigger boats each year.

I use my Targa 27 to provide safe and reliable transport for my family. I chose a Targa because it meets all the demands required of a boat in Greenland waters. The interior has been fitted out without any compromise to quality and anyone who knows the waters around Greenland can see the hull is well suited for all year round sailing. After three years of continuous use the boat looks as good as new. Not only is it an exceptionally tough boat but it is also a boat that I can take my family out in with confidence in the knowledge they are travelling in both comfort and safety even in blizzard conditions and 20 metre per second winds. On top of everything else the boat has held its value extremely well. Have I been satisfied you ask? Oh yes, 110%!

I carry freight and passengers. The Targa 33 is a welcome addition to my fleet. Vessels in Greenland must be capable of operating in some of the most demanding conditions to be found anywhere in the world and that includes the Targa. I am pleased to say our Targa 33 has met all my expectations with flying colours. The boat is especially well behaved at sea and inspires confidence in all those on board. Whether above or below deck and whatever the weather conditions the Targa 33 is a safe and comfortable place to be. The quality of the fixtures and fittings are up to the everyday demands placed on the boat. Even in the coldest conditions the cabin remains warm and the windows free of condensation ensuring both passengers and crew of a comfortable voyage. The Targa 33 has proved to be a reliable and welcome workhorse.



One of the keys to the success of Targa boats is their design. So what is their brilliant concept and who designs Targa boats? The key to Targa’s success is a combination of teamwork, strict coordination of ideas and new designs. This original concept has formed the basis of Targa design since 1984 and it still works. Over the years the concept has created many good ”backroom designers” who are part of the Targa Team, co-ordinated by Johan and BrittMarie Carpelan.

Let’s play

coastguard! It’s a fine line between inspiration, when you have a vision what you want and envy, when you see that someone else got there first. Envy is an ugly thing when it stops you dead in your tracks and suddenly forces you to perform unattractive, uncontrollable gestures. Last weekend, I suffered such an attack for the first time since high school and I’m still reeling from the effects. Initially, I didn’t pay much attention to the low rumble in the distance and went about my business of marking trees for pruning at my summer house. A few seconds later, the rumble turned into smooth hum and quickly shifted into a ground-jittering vibration. At first I turned skywards, thinking it was the Swedish navy trying out one of their new anti-submarine helicopters. Scanning the patches of blue between the clouds for something black and menacing, I was able to focus only on a couple of swallows out for an early evening snack. Turning back to an unhappy-looking birch tree, I spotted a fast-moving object that was the source of the thick, rich hum underfoot. Cutting through the Baltic at an aggressive clip, I had it pegged as a Swedish coastguard patrol boat. As it loomed larger on the still surface, its midnight hull and dark grey superstructure suggested something far more sinister. Russian spy boat? Latvian drug runner? Or my neighbour’s new summer plaything?

Racing down to my jetty, arms waving overhead, I wanted to know more about the mystery vessel. Too slow to attract the skipper’s attention, it sped past leaving a deep, rolling wake and made for a neighbouring island. Adding some half-hearted jumping movements to my arm-flailing I succeeded in bringing the boat about. Approaching cautiously, the skipper leaned out of his wheelhouse, straining to hear my question-cumcompliment:”What kind of boat is that?” I shouted. “It’s stunning.” “Thanks,” he said. “It’s a Targa 27. I just got it.” “Finnish?” I asked. He nodded.”It’s all custom.” Not exactly a traditional beauty, with its tall, bulky superstructure and wide features, the Targa bills itself as the 4x4 of the sea. This is a somewhat unfortunate marketing tag, as the Targa is more of an ocean-going light armoured vehicle than sea-going SUV. It is a favourite with law enforcement agencies and navies around the world. In bed that night I dreamed of the paint scheme I would choose for my own Targa and realised I was in the deep fit of envy. I’m hoping that sometime in July my neighbour will invite me out to play coastguard.

Tyler Brûlé, Financial Times Weekend, June 2004

Targa team Targa team comprises five different parts; customers, dealers, the mould maker, Botnia Personnel and the designer. Together the five parts comprise the Targa design. Customers Our clients often provide spontaneous ideas to create their own individual Targa. Quite a few of these have proved to be gems, others impossible to make. We are happy to listen to our clients in order to build them a boat that meets their needs and expectations.

Dealers Dealers often get good ideas from the field and potential clients. Our Swedish dealer has been especially active in coming up with ideas. Mould maker Mould maker Nils ”Nisse” Luoma at Scandi Yachts makes the models and moulds and is fully involved in creating details, production techniques and choosing materials. This co-operation has lasted over ten years. Nisse’s hands turn Johan’s thoughts into reality. Botnia Personnel Many Botnia Marin staff have over 20 years experience developing Targa together with Johan and Britt-Marie Carpelan. Designer Karl-Johan ”Kamu” Stråhlmann (shipbuilding engineer) is in charge of Targa technical design and drawing. In the ten years he has been working with Targa his experience of sailing boats has brought several good ideas to the Targa concept. Co-ordination of the Targa design concept An important part of Targa design is to fit all the bits together and get people to work towards the same goal. That’s why it is important to make everything according to same criteria – the Targa concept. Team Carpelan puts the bits into the right places 50% during working hours where the ideas are heard, 50 % around the dinner table where the ideas fly = 100% Targa concept.

Long-Distance Cruising Special by Motorboat & Yachting:


Targa 31 was elected by Motorboat & Yachting to “TOP 5 Long-distance Boats”. The final comment was “In truly scary conditions, there is no other small high speed planing boat I would rather be out in”. The other boats were Hardy 42, Nordhavn 57, Linssen Grand Sturdy 500 Variotop and Grand Banks Aleutian 64.

A warm welcome The picturesque Nauvo guest harbour in the Finnish archipelago provided an ideal venue for the 24 boat builders attending this year’s Finnboat Floating Show. Held for the 18th time, this biannual event has gained an international reputation within the industry. As proof of its success the 2004 show welcomed over 50 journalists representing 44 different publications from 19 countries including the USA and Japan.

navigation, allowing the journalists to focus their attention on the boats. Two days are allocated for testing and the variable weather, typical for early June, was just what was needed to allow the journalists to try the 44 motor and 9 sailing boats.

At 9 o’clock on Sunday morning the first leg of testing took the journalists to the Airisto Strand Hotel. After an enjoyable lunch they continued on to Parainen where the first crew change took place. The third leg of the day took the journalists on to Gullkrona and the second crew change. A slightly

longer repeat of the first day, Monday finished with boats and journalists returning safely to Nauvo in the late afternoon. The boats and scenery had done their job of impressing the visitors and everyone is looking forward to the resulting articles. A porthole to the world Two years ago journalists wrote a total of 280 pages of articles in international boat magazines after visiting the show. In money terms this is equal to a return on investment of 10 times for the boat show. Over the years the Finnboat Floating Show has earned an international reputation providing a porthole through which the world can view the quality and craftsmanship of Finnish built boats.

Testing time Promoting Finnish boat builders and their boats is the purpose of the Floating Show and testing is an important part of this. The test area, between Nauvo, the Southern part of Airisto and the back of Gullkrona was purposely designed for easy

Motorboat Monthly Awards 11.1.2005

Targa 27.1 has won the “specially commended” award presented by the Motorboat Monthly magazine. “The Finnish-built Targa range encompasses all that is good about Scandinavian boats: top-notch build quality, superb handling and excellent protection from the elements. If you need any convincing about their billing as “ the 4x4s of the sea”, do not

just take our word for it. Have a look around the harbours, ports and rivers of Europe, and you will see them performing admirably in numerous working roles as well as serving as cruisers.”


“BOTNIA NORTH” Nykarleby

Botnia Marin was founded in Malax south of Vasa in 1976. Expansion led to the company buying the boatyard at Nykarleby north of Vasa in 1997.

technologies in the construction of all Targas before they are hand finished by skilled craftsmen to ensure the high quality end result Targa owners expect.

The quality of workmanship is one of the things that set Targa boats apart and is why they will always be mostly hand built according to client wishes.

Workers are used to clients visiting the boatyard to get to know their boat. This allows clients to experience at first hand how the work proceeds and gives them the opportunity to feel the warm athmosphere and friendship of these proud and talented boatbuilders.

The two boatyards employ a total of approximately 130 people. The Malax boatyard, “Botnia South”, has some 90 employees while the boatyard at Nykarleby, “Botnia North”, employs 40 people.

The larger Targa 30, 31, 33, 35 and 37 are manufactured in “Botnia South” as well as Targa 39 and 42 in the future. “Botnia North” produces the Targa 23, 25.1, 27.1 as well as the Tarfish 700 and 820. The high degree of motivation and pride the boatbuilders take in their work is reflected in the quality of all Targa boats. Every Targa is hand built but we also use the latest boat building


Company: Reese Marin Phone: +45 74 62 62 56 Fax: +45 74 62 97 25 email: Website: Address: Søndre Havnevej 4 DK-6200 Aabenraa


Company: Targa Center Phone: +358 (0)9 682 2077 Fax: +358 (0)9 682 2074 email: Website: Address: Hallonnäs parkväg 2 FIN-00210 Helsinki


Company: SNIP Phone: +33 (0)231 97 34 47 Fax: +33 (0)231 97 70 50 email: Website: Address: B.P. 65 FR-14150 Ouistreham


Company: Targa Yachten Phone: +49 (0)40 346 818 Fax: +49 (0)40 357 16389 email: Website: Address: Frauenthal 7 DE-20149 Hamburg


Company: Atalanta Marine Phone: +30 210 99 10 722 Fax: +30 210 99 58 663 email: Address: 3 Iosifidou Street GR-167 77 Elliniko


Company: Yama-Tek Phone: +299 322 277 Fax: +299 328 801 email: Address: Box 1355 GL-3900 Nuuk


Company: Passepartout Yachting Phone: +39 0564 860235 Fax: +39 0564 860870 email: Website: Address: 13 Corso Italia I-58015 Orbetello


Company: Hi-Tec Systems Inc Phone: +81 726 49 5260 Fax: +81 726 49 5270 email: Website: Address: Yamatedai 7-16-16 Ibarakishi Osaka




United Kingdom

Company: Thor R Nilsen AS Phone: +47 35 96 87 50 Fax: +47 35 96 87 51 email: Website: Address: Skjerkøyveien 54 NO-3960 Stathelle

Company: Yachtwerft Faul AG Phone: +41 (0)1 725 4228 Fax: +41 (0)1 725 9373 email: Website: Address: Seestrasse 5 / Postfach CH-8810 Horgen Company: Wessex Marine Phone: +44 (0)1202 700 702 Fax: +44 (0)1202 706 677 email: Website: Address: Salterns Marina Salterns Way Lilliput, Poole, Dorset BH14 8JR

Company: Nautilus Mar Phone: +351 265 524 683 Fax: +351 265 524 683 email: Address: R. Trabalhadores do Mar, 18 PT-2900 Setubal


Company: Ariboats AB Phone: +46 (0)8 717 3983 Fax: +46 (0)8 717 8822 email: Website: Address: Neglinge Center SE-133 33 Saltsjöbaden

Sweden West Coast

Company: Nordic Marine Marstrand AB Phone: +46 (0)303 613 00 Fax: +46 (0)303 613 06 email: Website: Address: Lilla Varvsgatan 12 SE-440 30 Marstrand

If you don't have a TARGA dealer in your own country, please do not hesitate to contact our yard in Malax, Finland. Oy Botnia Marin Ab P.O.Box 9 FIN-66101 Malax Finland Tel +358 6 211 2200 Fax +358 6 365 1551 email: Website:

EXHIBITIONS / EVENTS 2005 Febr 04-13 Febr 11-20 Febr 12-20 Febr 17-20 Febr 25-27 March 03-06 March 04-13 March 04-13 April 21-24 June 14-16

Gothenburg boat show, SE Helsinki boat show, FI Lisbon boat show, PT Bergen boat show, NO Fredericia boat show, DK Fredericia boat show, DK Stockholm boat show, SE Oslo boat show, NO Athens boat show, GR Seawork 2005, UK

Aug 18-21 Aug 26-28 Sept 01-04 Sept Sept 07-12 Sept 16-25 Oct 08-16 Oct 29 - Nov 06 Nov 09-13 Dec 02-12

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