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Happy Holidays from the Marin Home & Garden Expo!

December 2010

1/11/11 3:18 PM

Volume 1-Issue 2

In This Issue Your Home Team Ask Ted!

Season's Greetings Marin Home & Garden Expo, ! Happy Holidays to you and yours! Hope all your Home and Garden wishes come true! Plan now to be with us in 2011 at the Marin Home & Garden Expo- a wonderful way to promote your product or service and make 2011 the best it can be. Early Bird Special expires December 31st! We realize you are very busy this time of year, so just want to add one more thing to your "to do" list: register to exhibit with us by December 31st and give yourself a gift of $100 savings. The earlier you register the better your choice of exhibitor space will be. Also, since we will be drawing some of our lectures and demos from our exhibitor base, you will increase your chance of being chosen. In addition, the sooner you register, the longer your business name will be up on our website giving your company even more valuable exposure. We are here to assist you in any way we can to meet your requests for information on this year's Marin Home & Garden Expo.

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Your Home Team Steve Bajor

Exhibitors Thousands of homeowners


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Happy Holidays from the Marin Home & Garden Expo!

1/11/11 3:18 PM

Production Manager CEO - Pacific Expositions Senior Partner - Team Pro Event, Inc.

Steve Bajor, a Marin Native, jumpstarted his Event Management career in 1970 creating and producing the first Whole Earth Festival at Davis, CA. He has designed and produced more significant Marin County based events than any other individual or company between 1975 and 2011 including the Sausalito Art Festival (1978-82). Produced and directed top Marin musical acts, including Huey Lewis and the News (1978-83). Steve Bajor was presented the "Milley Award," for "contributions to the creative life of Mill Valley," by the City of Mill Valley in 2009. His priority schedule for upcoming 2011 will be spent managing or producing over eight events for non-profit clients including: The Marin Sonoma Concours d'Elegance, The Marin Home & Garden Expo, and The Mill Valley Fall Arts Festival, as well as three independently owned events. Bajor considers the ownership of the Expo by the Marin Builders Association the perfect combination for success. "I am please to create exciting new opportunities for the Marin industry and the Marin consumer. Even in these economically down times the Marin home and building industry is still unparalleled.

Thousands of homeowners looking to improve their property are expected to be at the 2011 Marin Home and Garden Expo June 4th and 5th. Where will you be? Save $100 when you purchase your space by December 31st, 2010! Click Here for more information about becoming an Exhibitor

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Marin Builders Association

Erma Murphy Publicist and Program Director Owner, Murphy Productions and Publicity

Erma has been in the event business since 2004 producing and publicizing highly attended outstanding community events in Marin. She has the pulse on the local media demographic and is passionate about helping create a Home and Garden focused show that Bay Area families and home owners will thoroughly enjoy. She also has many great plans. To help create a compelling buzz about the Expo, Erma will need interesting stories and publicity hooks about your product or service. She also has great plans for fun and engaging demos and lectures - many of which will be drawn from you, our wonderful exhibitor base. Start putting together your promotional materials to send her remember, good stories and high quality photos are a big help. Together we will make our 2011 an exceptional Expo for Presenters and Attendees.

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"Ask Ted!" Let our expert, Ted Van Midde III, owner of Van Midde and Son Concrete take on your toughest Home and Garden questions!

Hey Ted! How can I get my exposed aggregate concrete patio to file:///Users/stevenbajor/Desktop/Happy%20Holidays%20from%20the%20Marin%20Home%20&%20Garden%20Expo!.webarchive

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Happy Holidays from the Marin Home & Garden Expo!

1/11/11 3:18 PM

look new and fresh again, after 20 years of use. I'm handy but don't have a lot of experience. Thanks, Moldy-oldie

Moldy-oldie, The best way to get an old exposed aggregate patio looking new again is to go rent or buy a power washer. Use a fan tip, not a tip which will shoot a jet at the concrete. You want to spread out the high pressure water and not make lines on your patio. Along with the power washer, buy some light duty or heavy duty concrete cleaner. The new concrete cleaners are non-acidic, much less toxic than the old muriatic acid that was used for years. Along with being safer for the environment, it is less harmful to your patio's surface. Dilute the concrete cleaner as per directions and brush on the surface of your patio. Rinse off with the power washer. This might take two applications and rinsings to get the desired look. After brushing the cleaner on, give your patio a final, final rinse with the power washer. Always remember to not hold the tip too close to the surface of your patio. Depending on the strength of the machine, it could blast holes in the surface. Hold the tip at least two feet away and keep it constantly moving side to side. When you are done, mold will be gone and your patio will look like new. Remember to wear safety goggles and gloves when working around the concrete cleaner. And that is your tip for the month! Best, Ted

Dear Ted, Is it important that I hire a licensed contractor? Thanks, Licensing Limbo Dear Licensing Limbo, If you are a homeowner and you are doing a job that costs more than $500, you should hire a licensed contractor. California law states that any project valued at more than $500 needs to be performed by a licensed contractor. If you hire an unlicensed contractor and the worker is injured at your home, you could be held liable for his medical expenses. There is no recourse if the work is found to be sub-standard if an unlicesned contractor is hired. Protect yourself and your home, hire only licensed contractors. Best, Ted

Email us at with "Ask Ted" in the subject line. Look for your answer in next months newsletter.


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Happy Holidays from the Marin Home & Garden Expo!

1/11/11 3:18 PM

Link to Us Tell your customers where they can find you on June 4th and 5th! Put a logo and link to the Marin Home & Garden Expo on your website and we will be happy to put your company logo and website link on our website! Our website will get thousands of visitors between now and the weekend of the show, allowing your company to receive optimum exposure-for free! Start promoting your business today by simply copying the code below and pasting it on the appropriate area of your web page. To get your logo and link on our site, simply email it as an attachment by clicking here. Copy and Paste the following link: <a href="" title="Marin Home & Garden Expo" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0"></a>

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