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Inside Brooklyn! Best Summer Attractions!!

Architecture on Lafayette!

August Must-do activities before summer ends - Metropolitan Opera - Flea Market

Restaurants to die for! Must-see apartments on Lafayette Avenue

Metropolitan Opera This summer, you don’t have to go to the opera house. The opera is coming to you! Normally a devoted operagoer would have to pay a pretty penny to attend the opera. Thanks to the City Parks Foundation, opera lovers and newbies alike are oered the chance to attend free performances in parks throughout the five boroughs.

Featured Met Stars:

Angela Meade, soprano Dimitri Pittas, tenor Jennifer Johnson Cano, mezzo-soprano Layla Claire, soprano Renee Tatum, mezzo-soprano Ryan Speedo Green, bass-baritone Bradley Moore, pianist

Brooklyn Date: Wednesday July 13, 7:00 PM at Brooklyn Bridge Park

Metropolitan Opera The performance at Brooklyn Bridge Park was a brilliant showcase of power and talent.

Top Le': Ryan Speedo Green  Top Right: Renee Tatum  Bo8om: Layla Claire 

Metropolitan Opera

Flea Market With everything from keys, pillows, and grilled cheese, Brooklyn’s Flea Market is a hidden treasure on Lafayette Avenue where every Saturday vendors gather to sell antique and new items. It’s like walking through a museum, except you can actually touch and buy the artifacts!

We explored every  inch and found the  most interesAng  items up for grabs!   Check out our finds  on the following  pages. 

Lafayette Avenue A hidden gem of architectural apartment living. Who knew Brooklyn was so quaint? We scoped around the streets to bring you our top picks of where to live on Lafayette Avenue. Check out this beauty! A vibrant baby blue exterior and white molding reminded us of a southern belle in the city. This apartment certainly knows how to stand out in a crowd in a classy way. Cast iron railings add to the city meeting the south feel. For all you Southerners moving to the city, feels just like home doesn’t it?

Check out this cast iron railing! Sophisticated and refined, yet sturdy and bold. Definitely making a statement, and a good one too. With a neutral exterior and intricate detail work along the doorway, who wouldn’t want to call this home?

There’s plenty more where this came from! This particular apartment style can be found covering an entire block on Lafayette Avenue. Good style is popular style.

Manhattan’s got nothing on this place. Check out those vines and trees! This place is definitely for the nature lover. We spotted more than just pigeons on this block!

Red and green forever. Check out the brick handiwork on this place. The doorway exhibits some lovely carved details and the door itself is just as ornate! Everyone likes a good vegetation buer.

Those vines sure love this place!

White Imperial. Never did stairs look so elegant! The molding all across this building reminds us of royalty. You can’t tell us you haven’t dreamed of being a princess!

Brooklyn Tour Guide  

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Brooklyn Tour Guide  

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