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DĂ­a de los Muertos

on a warm, bright sunny day Lalo and her parents were blowing in the wind having a good time until...

Oh no! Its the picker!

Lalo askes her mother where they are going. Her mother says that its Dia de los Muertos, Day of the dead.

" Where are we going?" asked Lalo. "We are going to some ones house for the celebration." said her mother.

At the house Lalo and her mother are put into a vase and are set on a table.

"Mother, what is the smell?" " Why it's Pan de muerto." "What is that, it smells like sugar." " Well that is what it smells like because it has a lot of sugar on it."

"What is that mother, that thing that is on the table, it looks like a skull?" " Thats right it is, its a sugar skull, the people make them as decorations and to eat."

The next day Lalo and her mother were taken from the vase from on the table and went on another journey.

" Where are we going mother?" ask Lalo. "We are going to the cemetery." "Why are we going there? and why are there people walking in the road?"

"the people are going to the cemetery to celebrate the dead and to welcome them home." said Mother. " Why are they leaving other flowers like us in the road?"

"They do that so there dead family members can find there way home." said Mother.

Once at the cemetery the people go to the gravestones and put the flowers and candles on them.

"Why are they putting us on these rocks?" asked Lalo. "They are gravestones and they are putting us here as kind of a offering to the dead."

After the people put the Lalo and her mother on the gravestone they all go and set up a large table and put all of the food that they have made the day before.

After the food is on the table they all gather around and eat and celebrate the return of their lost family members for the night.

The End

By: Sam and Kaitlynn

Dia de los muertos  
Dia de los muertos  

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