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In elementary school, my mother would pry me away from the morning news segment to get me to school on time. A career in media has been my ideal career path since I was six-years-old, and I plan to make my dream a full-time career as soon as possible. As an ambitious recent college graduate from Pace University (BBA in English and minors in communication studies and women & gender studies), I’ve realized my potential and talent working in the media through extensive internship and job experiences. I am currently looking for full-time work opportunities. From my 6+ years of experience working with editorial, social media, marketing, public relations, and more, I bet I can be the perfect fit at your company. I hope this portfolio provides you with enough reasons to hire me while I’m still young. Enjoy! -Kaitlynn Blyth

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“One may walk over the highest mountain, one step at a time�

- Barbara Walters -

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Career Services, NYC Campus Real students, Real world experience

the following writing samples are from the pace press

, pace university’s student

newspaper of its downtown manhattan campus. i am currently serving as associate editor for the 2011 - 2012 school year and was promoted from managing editor.

Madame Tussaud’s After Dark Halloween Tour

Once you enter and the lights go out, there’s no turning back Originally published on Oct. 28, 2009 Be warned — once you enter, there’s no turning back from the supernatural that exists when the lights go out at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. This Halloween season, the popular Times Square attraction is allowing the public to explore its new tour “After Dark,” a bone chilling interactive exhibit leaving guests to experience the curse that exists within the corridors of the museum. “Guests have always asked me what happens here at night when the lights go out,” Rosemarie DelPrado, Manager of Marketing for Madame Tussaud’s in New York and Washington D.C said. “They feel that the chamber upstairs is haunted.” Strange noises and voices coming from an eerie display tree are frequently reported by guests and even workers at the museum. The “After Dark” event was created for those brave enough to discover the real mystery behind these wax figures after normal operating hours. The journey begins in a dimly-lit display room featuring authentic 18 century historical artifacts from Madame Tussaud’s traveling Chamber of Horrors exhibit. “The scariest part is actually the authentic relics shipped in from London,” DelPrado said. “Madame Tussaud had a very dark side to her.” Torture devices, death masks and some of the original police posters to catch famous serial killer, Jack the Ripper, are among the many ghastly items featured. Guests are shuffled into the museum’s 4-D cinema, featuring special effects such as wind

and other sensory stimulations to further enhance the “After Dark” attraction. An introductory movie is shown to brave guests who decide that they are ready to divulge themselves into the darkness of what happens at night. “Ever since I started working here, I heard the stories of the London museum: the noises, figures disappearing. But it didn’t start happening here until a few years ago until after we brought Madame Tussaud,” one worker in the movie said about the eerie occurrences at the museum after acquiring the wax figure of Madame Tussaud. Equipped with a single neon-green glow stick in hand, guests are escorted out of the theater and are accompanied by a tour guide who assists them through the pitch black hallways and rooms of the museum as quickly as possible to see if the disappearance of these wax figures is causing other people to disappear. As with the normal tour during the day, guests are guided up the staircase and are brought into the VIP lounge, dance club area, etc. However this time, the stairs are lined with lit candles and the prominent wax figures that once were glamorized take on a new persona behind closed doors. There may be a few wax figures missing, soon followed by some members of your party. The spooky ambiance of random piano playing, live actors making guests screech in fear and hearing the shackles of the restless souls who embody the wax forms are enough to make all who view the exhibit sleepless for nights. The only way out is to follow the screams of the people around you — that is, if they don’t disappear before you do.

Originally published on May 4, 2011 When you start your college career, you need to start thinking about your future career as well. This arduous and seemingly difficult process can be turned into a more simplistic and enjoyable ride with the help of the University’s Career Services department. Located on both the NYC and PLV Campuses, Career Services helps students as early as their second semester of their freshmen year in the search of finding an internship and work towards their ideal job. Many University students have obtained noteworthy internships through the department. There was recent buzz around PLV communications major Melissa Recine, who received an internship at “The Rachael Ray Show” after submitting her resume while being on an episode featuring her receiving a Taylor Swift makeover. Many students on the NYC campus have also had a worthwhile experience getting an internship and possibly, a job offer afterwards. The NYC Campus offers a prime location for obtaining internships, which is something recognized by both students and staff. “There are so many opportunities in New York City that choosing one may seem daunt- ing,” women & gender studies and English major Christina Lalama said. After visiting Career Services and intern- ing at two non-profit organizations — CLUSTER Community Services and the office of U.S. Senator Charles Schumer — Lalama says that Career Services has definitely helped her grow professionally. “The career counselors at Pace are educated and trained to work with students to weed through thousands of opportunities and find which might fit them best and then take advantage,” Lalama said. “I enthusiastically

encourage students to obtain an internship at least one semester or summer throughout their time at Pace for two reasons: to gain experience that the classroom or any extracurricular activity cannot offer and to develop a professional identity,” she continued. Career Services at the NYC Campus certainly takes advantage of its location while outreaching and posting for many companies, all to enhance a student’s professional career. All of the counselors are educated about the potential job opportunities and internships available to students. They also conduct site visits throughout the year at various companies. Counselors visit new employers to learn more about the company and employers who already have an established relationship to ensure University students are getting the best internship possible. Assistant Director of Internships & Cooperative Education at the NYC Campus, Jenna Campolieta, believes it is important that the department connects with the students. “It’s not just career development, it’s per- sonal development. It’s a very special, unique thing to be able to do. Not a lot of people have that interaction with students,” Campolieta said. Students agree that the interaction amongst counselors and students is one of the best aspects of Career Services. “I always felt welcomed whenever I entered the building, and I was 100 percent certain that I would walk out of Career Services with more insights on how to be successful,” marketing major Antoinette Mangibas, who interned at CBS Outdoor, said. Many companies have relationships with Career Services in various fields ranging from media industries in publishing, television and radio to business-related fields like finance and marketing; non-profit organizaContinued on next page...

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Continued... tions and other fields. Some companies include MTV, Morgan Stanley, Hearst Magazines, New York City Council, NBC Universal, American Museum of Natural History, SONY Music Entertainment, JP Morgan, Ernst & Young, The York Theater Company, National Organization of Women, WABC TV, Hilton, National Hockey League, etc. Counselors can reach out to companies students are interested in working at. Additionally, a student can obtain an internship on their own and work with Career Services. Career Services caters to all undergraduate and graduate students and they keep coming back. Unique appointments for the 2010-2011 school year at the NYC Campus were approximately 2,600, whereas overall appointments in total were over 5,000. Counselors visit freshmen University 101 classes, a course which acclimates students to college life both at the University and within the city, and introduces them to the services the department provides and the process to use to the department. By introducing the Career Services early, students are more likely to utilize the department and reap the benefits. Manager of Graduate Programs and Services Genevieve Chorhummel, said, “We get to know our students over a few years and get to see their growth. We recognize that each student has their own individual goals.” The process to use Career Services is very simple: come into the office, meet with a counselor and attend an orientation and interview workshop. Then, it’s onto revamping resumes, practicing for interviews, receiving guidance on selecting a major and possible occupation, assessments of your strengths and weaknesses and more processes to sharpen your professional career like videotaping mock interview sessions. Students can also visit the Career Resource Center at Career Services equipped with computers, directories, references and other materials. Counselor Lisa Scott states that spending a lot of time preparing a student before they apply to an internship is how Career Services at the University is set apart from other schools. “Resume review, proof reading and overall orientation on how to apply the knowledge they learn from Career Services creates the foundation on how to be successful on [a student’s] search

for an internship,” Scott said. Hospitality & tourism management major and one of Scott’s students, Adrian Simpson said, “Career Services on the NYC Campus does a phenomenal job. They provide all the resources students need. It’s up to the students to go there and seek out those resources. The results will definitely be positive.” “My career counselor was absolutely amazing! She helped with everything from my resume to the interview process and interview skills and everything in between. She was always available through email or in person whenever I had a question or was unsure of something and has been a tremendous support and guide,” Simpson continued. Simpson started out as a Catering & Events intern at the Hilton New York and soon after, was hired as a full-time Guest Service Agent at the hotel. He will be graduating in May 2012. Many students are utilizing their internship experiences to gain jobs before they even graduate. Approximately 42 percent of graduating students who responded to the Career Services’ survey reported that they received a job offer from their Career Services employer. Finance major Christopher Bruno, who interned at premier global financial service firm UBS, recently obtained a job because of the skills he learned while at his internship obtained through Career Services. “The Financial Advisors were very supportive of me during my time working for them. They have helped me develop my skills in the field of finance, as well as helped me network in the industry, which has lead me to a job for when I graduate,” Bruno said. Bruno is now a Graduate Broker Trainee at ICAP, the world’s premier voice and electronic interbroker and will graduate in May 2011. If you’re not one of these students, do not fret — Career Services also advises in the job search. With services such as the Campus Recruiting Program, giving students the chance to interview for jobs beginning after graduation and other events such as Career Fairs held annually on campus, allows for an entryway to a possible job opportunity and growth in professionalism. Career Services and students at the NYC Campus really prove that if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere in the employment world.

P. A. C. E Board hosts Homecoming Concert Originally published on Oct. 28, 2009 The University’s annual Homecoming Concert was held on Oct. 22. A $5 admission ($10 for non-University students) granted access to see the all-girl R&B group Electrik Red, rapper Yung Joc and headliner R&B singer Keri Hilson. Mike Barber, winner of the MTV reality show “I Want to Work For Diddy,” hosted the event. The audience waited along the Spruce Street side of One Pace Plaza before being allowed entry to the concert. The gymnasium was transformed into a dance club atmosphere with DJ Spynfo dropping beats and getting the crowd riled up before the main acts took stage. Sororities such as the Sigma Iota Alpha sisters, danced and got the rest of the audience get pumped for the night ahead of them. Electrik Red promenaded onto the stage wearing skin-tight black attire and astronaut helmets and sang a quick melody to start the show. The helmets were removed before transitioning into their upbeat party song “Drink In My Cup,” making the audience charged for the rest of the concert. “Electrik Red was definitely my favorite,” said junior Chelsey Barnaby. A group of students surrounding her agreed that the group had the best performance and that their energy was phenomenal. After the end of the group’s act, DJ Spynfo played off the lingering energy of Electrik Red and had the entire audience doing the popular Stanky Leg dance before Yung Joc rapped his way onto the stage with his song, “Dope Boy Magic.” The audience, including the University’s mascot T-Bone, enjoyed Yung Joc’s performance of “Buy You A Drank,” which he originally sang with famous rapper T-Pain and won an Vibe Award for Best Rap/R&B Collaboration. The most heartwarming part of the entire concert was when Yung Joc turned his swag

on and brought up a devoted fan and sat her in a chair in the middle of the stage and serenaded her to the song “If I Ever Fall In Love Again.” The audience joined in singing the romantic lyrics. To finish his performance, Yung Joc had T-Bone on stage dancing while he sang “It’s Going Down.” Five students found their way to the stage and showed off their dance moves before the Dean for Students Marijo O’Grady, excitedly announced and crowned the University’s new Homecoming King and Queen, Anthony Ciak and Sahara Ebrahimi. The gymnasium was illuminated by cell phone light while DJ Spynfo blared the Black Eyed Peas’ song, “I Got A Feelin” while waiting for the anticipated headliner Keri Hilson to perform. “I came all the way in from Long Island to see Keri Hilson. She’s beautiful and talented,” alumnus Derrick Butler said. Hilson arrived with two back- up dancers and hit the stage with “The Way I Are,” which she and artist Timbaland won a Teen Choice Award for “Best Rap Single.” She also recently won the BET Award for “Best New Artist.” The audience’s cheering was at its highest level for her opening performance and continued for her entire act. Just when the audience thought the concert was over, Hilson came back on stage for an encore and sang current hit “Knock You Down” to conclude the show. All of the artists went out of their way to interact with devoted fans. Electrik Red set up a station in the back of the gymnasium after their performance and did a meet-andgreet, took photos with fans, signed posters and CDs. Host Mike Barber teamed up with Young Joc to choose 15 of the liveliest fans in the crowd to hang out with after the show. Five eager fans even had the delight of meeting Keri Hilson at the end of the concert. “Best show ever,” Butler added.

writing samples

Published Feb. 9, 2010

the following writing samples are from tyra banks’ website,, where i served as a web intern at bankable enterprises from jan - may 2010. in addition to writing articles, i was also responsible for copyediting all articles, posting articles onto cms, and finding and resizing graphics for each article, parent page, and icon.

writing samples

Published Feb. 23, 2010

writing samples

writing samples

Published Mar. 24, 2010

Published Apr. 16, 2010

writing samples

the following writing sample is from’s “live out loud” blog. i served as a digital editorial intern at nbc universal

- oxygen from jan - may 2011. other responsibilties included developing blog and article ideas, copyediting for grammar

and content on all digital media, posting onto drupal cms platform, and adding links to all posts.


writing samples

OTHER SAMPLES In addition to The Pace Press,,, and, I have also have written blog posts through Hearst Corporation - Times Union newspaper, personal blog posts, and have written and sent out many press releases for various companies including Pace University and Regent Communications. In addition, I have also served as the primary Editorial Assistant to Michael Szenberg, the [former] Editor-in-Chief of The American Economist Journal in 2009. While there, I edited articles about finance and economics up to 80 pages in length. For more personal writing samples, feel free to visit my Wordpress blog Rumor Has It at http://kaitlynnbly Contact: (646) 500 - 2305

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TECHNICAL SKILLS: Drupal CMS Platform, Mac OS X, PromoSuite, Adobe InDesign CS5, Photoshop CS5, Quark Xpress, EliteVision, iMovie, ReadMedia, Wordpress, Microsoft Office Suite, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, basic HTML, Gloto Media Platform, Lightbox WEB: • Managed CMS platform for and frequently updated entire website and MagaLine with weekly content • Updated social networking sites Facebook and Twitter for 4 major radio stations within a National company • Set up and maintained online auctioning system through Promosuite for St.Jude’s and WGNA’s Annual Radiothon • Utilized Drupal CMS platform for handling blogs, articles, and photo galleries pertaining to shows • Maintained photo caption contests and chose potential weekly winners and runner–ups using Gloto Media WRITING AND EDITING: • Wrote and copy-edited articles for Tyra Banks’ website about beauty, modeling, health, relationships, family, etc. • Edited major pieces in The American Economist journal and provided editorial expertise on various articles • Published in hardcopy and online versions of the Times Union newspaper and had one of the top 10 blogs on the site • Created press releases for on-site station remotes and major concert events for 4 major radio stations in Albany • Enforced weekly publication dates and oversaw the section editors and writers for The Pace Press newspaper • Created, edited, and posted weekly blog questions and answers for talent on Oxygen shows • Captured episodic stills and draft captions for each photo on Photoshop CS5 for photo galleries on MARKETING: • Publicized and planned for radio station WGNA’s Countryfest 2009, the biggest one day outdoor musical festival in the Northeast that attracted approximately 30,000 people • Planned and marketed CNBC On-Air Editor Charles Gasparino book signing event at Pace University • Marketed children’s book company online via Facebook, Twitter, IdeaBlob and Wordpress and increased percent age of votes received for the company in online contests • Utilized various techniques for advertising events throughout two residence halls with appx 1,350 students WORK HISTORY: Online Marketing Intern Planned Parenthood Associate Editor promoted from Managing Editor The Pace Press Newspaper Digital Editorial Intern NBC Universal – Oxygen Resident Advisor Educational Housing Services Web Intern Bankable Enterprises Public Relations Intern Pace University Public Info Dept Marketing Intern Regent Communications Online Marketing Kiba Kiba Books, LLC Editorial Assistant American Economist Journal Editorial Intern Hearst Corporation – Times Union Intern PBS – WMHT

Sept 2011 – Present Oct 2009 – May 2012 Jan – May 2011 May 2010 – Mar 2011 Jan – May 2010 Sept – Dec 2009 June – Aug 2009 Aug – Nov 2009 Jan – May 2009 Sept 2007 – June 2008 Nov 2007 – June 2008

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