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the small, the BIG, the boring, and the EXTRAORDINARY

Kaitlyn J. Guile

1. Prologue 2. What’s in a Name? 3. Personal Alphabet 4. Likes/Dislikes List 5. Sensory Experiences 6. Metaphorical Definitions 7. A Quality Personality 8. Color Your World 9. Room Sweet Room 10. Personal Metaphors 11. Extended Metaphors 12. Symbolic Recipe 13. Ultimate All-Purpose Excuse 14. Telling Tales 15. Unfinished Sentences 16. Personal Symbol 17. Map Of life 18. A Mysterious Place 19. Synectics 20. A Day in the Life 21. These Words Belong To Me 22. In Other Words 23. Flashback 24. Rememberence of Things Present 25. As Time goes Bye-Bye 26. My Own Lists of Lists 27. Cheer Yourself Up! 28. Metamorphosis 29. Picture This 30. Look Who I Look Up Yo 31. Remembering the Child 32. One Medium Suitcase 33. The Perfect Present 34. Memorable Event 35. How To… 36. Always Say Never 37. Are You Hungry? 38. Where I’M From 39. Deck of 52 40. The Examined Life 41. Annual Report 42. Ekphrasis 43. Visually Speaking 44. Lessons Learned Too Late 45. The Door 46. Advice to the Young 47. Who Am I? 48. Rewarding Experiences 49. Caluable Lessons 50. Futures – Fantasy and fact 51. Epilogue

My title, the small, the BIG, the boring, and the EXTRAORDINARY, is a brief statement on my life through written form. This book will tell about all the small things, the big things, and everything in between. I hope that at the end of the book you will get a clearer image of the kind of person I am. I feel like I explained to the best of my abilities. The book was not easy to construct because it is hard sometimes for individuals to look at themselves and realistically extract information. I laid it all out on the line, I hope you enjoy what you are about to rea1.

Prologue “The small, the BIG, the boring, and the EXTRAORDINARY�, this title is fitting in that it explains precisely what my life consists of. While reading this book, I hope you get a better idea of the type of person I am. I hope that this gives you an insight into the life that I live, the people I surround myself with, and properly represents my personality. I hope that this book keeps you intrigued and entertains you with all that it entails. I have dug into the deep and dark corners of my soul to provide a clear image of me, myself, and I. My name is Kaitlyn, most would say I have a lot of friends. I like to call it a fan base, I am someone who you will get along with in a second. I appreciate adventure and know the difference between right and wrong. I love people that believe that honesty is the best policy and being nice can get you far in life. I love my life, and I live it like I do. This assignment has allowed me to dig deep, and I feel like I know myself a lot better after doing this. I feel that a lot of people do not know WHO they are. Most people can not even look in a mirror and appreciate their inner beauty, I feel like this project can help people to do that. You learn more about yourself and you get a clearer understanding of what lies inside your heart.

2. “What’s in a name?”

I feel that my name actually fits me. I look like a Kaitlyn, and have not been told otherwise. I was named Kaitlyn after my grandmother Kathleen, and Josefine after my GreatGrandmother Josefine. My surname is Guile, of French decent and means “cunning intelligence”. I feel that names are an important concept, it gives us all some sense of identity. I appreciate having a name that is uniquely spelled and flows properly and expresses me perfectly. Names give us a sense of understanding; it's a little background, to a time before our time.

3. “Personal Alphabet”

K.A.I.T.L.Y.N Kind: I have been told many times that I am a kind and loving person. Adventurous: I am the type of person to never say no to adventure. I will do almost anything! I have fun in everything I do, and I will try anything once. Intuitive: I almost always act on my feelings. I try to believe in myself, so I tend to trust in what I feel. Temperamental: I tend to cry a lot my emotions are always amplified. I can cry even at just a memory. Laughable: there isn’t much that will keep me from laughing. I’m not usually a serious person, and it takes something important to keep my giggles away. I am just a genuinely happy person, so my laugh is a huge part of who I am. Youthful: I feel like I have “Peter-Pan syndrome” because I’m so happy and feel like I’ll be young forever. Nosy: I LOVE knowing everything. I love being the person everyone tells things to because it just means that they trust me.

4. “Likes/Dislikes”

Likes 1. I Absolutely LOVE my family (: 2. Doing ANYTHING Outside 3. Playing sports (Soccer, Football, Rugby) 4. Listening to music 5. Going to the beach 6. Watching movies 7. Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Italian, Mexican, island food 8. I love helping others in ANY way possible 9. I love love love making money, however I can 10. I love writing papers 11. Procrastinating 12. Rainy days 13. Hot chocolate

Dislikes 1. People that talk highly about themselves, or act like they know everything, 2. I hate when people put others down. 3. Judgmental people 4. Restaurants that close before 10 5. Not having enough water 6. People who don't like watching movies 7. Any product not Apple related 8. When people want help, but don’t take you're your advice 9. When people get mad at me 10. Steak

5. “Sensory experiences�

The Concert: The echoing of the melodic beats that stream out of the giant speakers had all the hair on my body at attention. The atmosphere was perfection as the music blazed and the singers gleamed effortlessly as they sang from their hearts. The night was one of enchantment; it was one of the best nights and was ended with decadent chocolate cake that melted at the tip of your tongue.

6. “Metaphorical Definitions” 1. “Strength comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn't” = Strength is getting back up after constantly being knocked down 2. “Have the courage of a lion” = Courage is being able to face your fears. 3. “Love is in the air” = Love is in the company of family. 4. “

7. A Quality Personality Imagination was full of surprises stood 5’2” had wacky electric blue and blood orange hair. She was one of the brightest kids you’d ever meet, and she was definitely one of the most adventurous. She could never suppress her million-track mind that was always moving 20394857 miles faster than her body could keep up. She has severe ADHD, but was one of the most interesting and fun kids around.

Imagination was the best of friends with Boredom and Excitement. She was the mastermind behind all the adventures that would get them in trouble with Criticism and Blame. A beautiful Sunday afternoon Imagination called her two best friends to concoct an adventure they could enjoy together. They sat around and thought and thought but there was nothing that intrigued their appétit for fun.

The afternoon was slowly dwindling into evening when Imagination finally decided maybe they should construct a rocket ship to take them to the moon where they would enjoy a nice dinner. Boredom was appalled and was unable to wrap his head around it. Excitement almost collapsed from her racing heartbeat, she was always willing to go along with Imagination’s spontaneity. It didn't take them too long to get Boredom on board with their plans, and in three and a half hours they had a spaceship that would take them to the moon and back. That night they slept with their heads in the cloud, literally.

8. “Color Your World” The Trees Out The Window Seemed to Dance with the wind. As, I stepped off the porch onto the grass the dew tickled my feet. I lay my head upon the pillow & I sinned The night away. Just then the nature of it all riffled. The expeditious safari started off in the mild rainforests, then Made its way through the treacherous depths of the gloppy swamp, The explorer required many tools that would help him bend All odds in accomplishing this tedious insider report in a stomp. The animals of the jungle wisped from the vast pin of The valley to the tip of the mountaintops. Fickle, The animals were nomadic in their sleeping dens. The Herbal tea spilled on the camp, in an instant I wished for a mop. The animals we’re getting ready to rest, They needed to be their best. The Birds Went To Their Plant Made NEST. They Shut their eyes & waited for the animal festival.

9. “Room Sweet Room”

Four walls, draped in white, with a bed in the corner is simply a beautiful sight. There is nothing that calms me more than lying down in my private corridor. My room is an arctic wonderland, which is mainly caused by a powerful air-con and a coinciding fan. A nice hot summer day cannot compete to the comfort of my special freezing fort. Slumber parties and sleepovers aren’t complete until were under the sheets. My room is where I concentrate most, where my ideas flow like rivers with no ends, where I can simply lay my head. It’s bigger than most and where I tend to host. There is a brown love seat that stands in the corner; it’s used as a closet because I’m a hoarder. I enjoy my room; it’s one of the best in the house. It smells of vanilla and berry puree, there are so many pillows its quite amazing. My room is a huge mess from the miscellaneous items that have piled over, to the clothes that need to be folded since October. My room is my fortress of solitude; I don’t let most in unless they have paid their dues. I have so many things that I probably haven’t even used, maybe I should go home and clean up my room.

10. Personal Metaphors 1. Animal 11. Musical Instrument 2. Car 12. Geometric Shape 3. Article of Clothing 13. Piece of Furniture 4. Day of the Week 14. Song 5. Food 15. Season of the Year 6. Color 16. Television Character 7. Movie 17. Cartoon or Comic Character 8. Fragrance 18. Appliance or Machinery 9. Type of Building 19. Natural Phenomenon 10. Plant 20. Word 1. Animal: I would be a Barracuda because they are a majestic fish being that they are of the genus Sphyraena, the only genus in the family Sphyraenidae. I am the only odd ball in my family. They are known to be opportunistic predators, relying on surprising their prey and short bursts of speed. That is exactly me, I like to surprise anyone who does not believe in what I can achieve. While playing a soccer goalie, I rely on short bursts of speed to get the ball. It doesn’t help that I basically live in the ocean. 2. Car: I would be a jeep because they are accessible and great for getting through the rough terrain. I am known as an easy person to talk to, and when I’m attached to something I am willing to stick it out for the long run. 3. Article of Clothing: It may seem funny, but I would be a pair of socks because I’m a necessity with most outfits. I myself have a struggle most mornings trying to find the other pair to a sock I am trying to find, evidentially it’s hard to find a person like me. I provide comfort without being asked, and stick around through all the rainy days and the hottest of days. 4. Day of the Week: I would be Friday because a lot of people look forward to seeing me, and everyone loves to party on Fridays. 5. Food: I would be fried rice, because you can put anything into it and it will still taste good. 6. Color: If I were a color I would probably be royal blue, because it is an obvious dark color but it still shines bright. 7. Movie: If I were to be a movie, I would probably be frozen. I feel like that is my life, my character would most likely be Anna because she does anything to help protect her sister that she loves so dearly. I am the exact same way in life; I would do almost anything for my family. 8. Fragrance: I would probably be the square blue Versace men’s spray because It is such a different and ‘head turning’ scent that radiates the air. 9. Type of Building: I would be a skyscraper, because I am tall first of all, my head is in the clouds, and all I want to do is reach for the stars. 10. Plant: If I were a plant I would be an aloe Vera plant, because I am soft and hold a healing ability.

11. Musical Instrument: if I were an instrument I would probably be a clarinet, because I am complicated if you don’t know me but when you take the time to learn more about me I make a beautiful sound. 12. Geometric shape: Hexagon. I would be a hexagon because I have about 6 different sides to me. 13. Piece of Furniture: I believe that I would be a couch. I provide support and comfort to those that choose to spend time around me. 14. Song: I think a song that represents me would be “Roll Up by Wiz Khalifa” 15. Season of the Year: I would most likely be spring because I’m bubbly and fresh. 16. Television Character: Raven from That’s So Raven, she is constantly having everyone’s’ back especially the people she LOVES and that is exactly me, she is also getting into trouble along the way. 17. Cartoon Character: Henry Hugglemonster, I am a monster who has a lot of love for everyone around me, and I’m constantly getting into trouble. 18. Appliance or Machinery: I would most likely be a T.V.,, because I am constantly quoting movies and I LOVE visuals. 19. Natural Phenomenon: if I were a natural phenomenon I would be the northern lights. I feel that they hold something special, and I feel that people find my demeanor and personality to be special upon first encounter. 20. Word: Helpful. I am on of the most helpful people around or so I’ve been told.

11. Extended Metaphors #5. Food. Fried Rice The type of personality I have I tend to get along with everyone so if you were to mix different people with me I would still find some way to make it good. #6. Color. Royal Blue Royal blue is such a fascinating color. It is dark but it is beautifully shiny. It explains me perfectly, I have such a bright personality even if I have my deeper darkness. #12. Shape. Hexagon I would be a hexagon because there are many sides to me. I am the helpful angel. I am the perfect and IMPERFECT daughter. I am the BEST and the WORST auntie. I am the miracle worker. I am the best and worst friend. I make a mess of things and then I struggle to get it back to how it needs to be. I have many sides and I am complex in my own way. #14. Song. Roll Up by Wiz Khalifa I believe that this song explains me perfectly, I “roll up” for my family and friends all the time, no matter what the case. #20. Word. Helpful I have been told that I am truly one of the most helpful people. I feel that by helping people I am fulfilling something deep inside me and that gives me the up most joy. I am so happy when I get the chance to help people do what they can’t do by themselves.

12. Symbolic Recipe: Ingredients: ½ a cup of Chamorro ½ a cup of African American 10 tablespoons of sugary sweetness 5 teaspoons of frustration and anger that only comes in the rarest of times 6 dashes of sarcasm 8 splashes of encouragement 18 different types of family loving members 50 pounds of hilariousness Directions: 1. You take a giant glass bowl and mix all ingredients, add in the 5 teaspoons of anger after incorporating all other ingredients. 2. Get out one non-stick lightly greased pan and add the mixture together in the pan. 3. Bake for 1 hour or until golden brown. 4. Serve over penne pasta and enjoy

13. The Ultimate All-Purpose Excuse Dear Mrs. Griffin, First and foremost I would like to offer my deepest regard for being unacceptably late for class. I was walking to school from GCC and as I was crossing the road I had seen this little glimmer of shine in the middle of the road and I went to go and see if it was a coin. I walked over and when I was about to reach down the earth started to crack open and I was the only one that noticed what was happening. I stepped back and a giant 10 foot unicorn was rising from the core of the earth and it was beautiful. It was a light purple with a hot pink mane and its eyes were golden and it had razor sharp teeth. It opened its mouth to speak to me and it sounded like Seth Rogan. The unicorn was explaining to me that I have this special mission in life and if anyone found out about it he would come back and eat me alive and spit me out as colorful glitter. I was so astounded, but I was so sad that I am unable to tell you anything further that we had discussed, so that is why I am 3 minutes late to class today. Your FAVORITE Student, Kaitlyn

14. Telling Tales The one that I absolutely love hearing the most would be when my mom or dad would talk to everyone about my championship soccer game. They have the happiest look in their eyes like it was THEM that was out there playing on that field. It was the end of the game, the score was 0-0 and everyone was playing at their best. All eyes are on us and it was decided that we would go to a shoot out to end the game. I was so excited because I had been practicing all on goal up close shots and I was never scared of the ball. We chose our best 5 players and they chose theirs. The first shot came at me with fierce speeds and I was ready to go to the right because that's where I thought they’d kick it. BAM! Sure enough it was perfectly timed and I had hit it out of the way. Each ball after that was just as beautiful and saved almost as beautifully. The game ended with a 4-0 shoot out and we had WON! All the hard work and trialing practices had finally paid off. We were winners that night and it was absolutely beautiful.

15. Unfinished Sentences 1. I usually worry about graduating. I worry about graduating all the time because if I graduate, I will be the first grandchild to do so. All the things that my mom does for me, and all she asks is that I get this diploma and further my education. I constantly worry about being the best child and making sure that she always has something to be proud of. 2. I feel angry when things don't go my way, or when someone cancels on me. I have been let down more times than people should be. When people let me down like that I just feel like I’m not worth their time even though they are well worth mine. 3. I’m moody when I have to wake up earlier than I need to. I love my sleep and when I am deprived of that it makes me extremely moody. 4. I’m happiest when my family surrounds me. I am the biggest family person, and I would do anything for them. 5. I feel confident when I’m on the soccer field or the football. There is nothing that makes me feel more myself. There is nothing that makes me feel more alive or confident than stepping on that soccer/football field playing the sports that I love dearly. 6. I feel frustrated when something stops me from making things happen. I am a control freak and when someone stops me from helping someone it really just frustrates me. 7. I feel depressed when I think of how things are not the same anymore. I have separation issues and those deeply depress me. 8. I am comfortable when I am in my element. That mostly means when I am home or writing papers or playing sports. 9. I feel nervous when I don't turn in an assignment on time. I also feel nervous when I see a cop car while I’m driving. 10. I feel sentimental all the time. I am the biggest sap in the world it doesn't take much for me to bring out the water works.

16. Personal Symbol I think that my award that I’m proud of would probably be my silver medal or my MVP soccer trophy. All my ninja turtle gifts would be a special symbol for me. Those are things that I hold and keep deep to my heart. I am nothing special, but I am a very appreciative person in all that I receive and work for. I am happy with even the smallest tokens. Verbal appreciation gets close to my heart as well. I am happy about everything that happens to me, even if it isn’t the most amazing thing.

17. Map of Life

Born 1996

Broken arm 2000

Broken pinky 2003

Washington/Cali trip 2006

First soccer game 2004

Philippines trip 2008

8th Grade Promo 2010 Start High School 2010 fall

Philippines trip 2012 NEXT STEP Graduating High School 2014

18. A Mysterious Place

The last turn at the end of the winding road had us curious to know what was at the end. We were scared yet craving for the reveal of what was awaiting us at the end of the road. As we came to a complete stop it was 5 shades of a darker night than it was when we started this journey. We had one flashlight for the 6 of us, we huddled closely and shined the light down the road. It was so quite that we could hear the rustling air beneath our breathing. Each step presented the daunting crunch of the leaves under our feet. This point in the journey we had deeply regretted letting our minds run wild and wish that we did not convince ourselves that this was something we wanted to pursue. The jungle had seemed so quite, and it appeared to go on for miles. We were all thinking the same thing, “this is too quite SOMETHING has to happen soon�. We were about to turn back and head for the car when we heard a faint whisper. The whisper had come from the depths of the jungle and when we realized that the sound wasn't from any of us we started to get petrified. We all decided that there were 6 of us and only one of it, HOPEFULLY. We were planning our actions from that point on, and we were going to scatter in different directions, but we concluded that if we stick together we can fight this thing on our own. We had finally worked up the courage to go and see what it was making the sounds. We had walked closer to where the sound was coming from when Jimmy felt a brush on his arm. We shined the light in the direction and saw nothing. We finally turned to walk back to the car and when we had we saw this big black shadow cascading over us. The light couldn't even make out what the figure was, we jetted to the car and never turned back.

19. Synectics 1. A Pencil, because it has the ability to erase what it has written. It can write the unwritten and rewrite mistakes. 2. A sidewalk, I believe a sidewalk is easier to forgive because if you bump into someone on the sidewalk you can easily say sorry. If you were to hit a car on the street that would be a bigger problem. 3. A clock, a clock is smarter because it is constantly moving and changes day to night with the simplest movement. 4. A question, I believe a question is easier to teach because people will have different answers but if the question is the same its easier to teach. 5. A sunset is more like a contest because it's a race to set and it is constantly racing around the earth. 6. There is something scary about both of them but I believe that I would fear the new more because atleast the old is done and over with. 7. Frhj 8. I think that a dream is more difficult because 9 out of 10 times a nightmare is something you already fear. When you DREAM it makes reality harder to deal with. 9. I believe that an hour is braver because its more compact. If you were to try to finish a book in an hour as opposed to a year, you would be considered a brave author. 10. I believe that an exit has more pride, being able to know when to walk away and doing it in a decent fashion is more prideful. 11. I believe that a map is easier to close because its so much easier to throw your hands in the air and say lets just get lost in the beauty. 12. I think that maybe the mirror would be more like a legend because it shows the traditions of your past. 13. I think that rain could be more suspensful in the fact that you can never really say when its going to rain. While snow is mostly associated with climate region and season of the year. 14. I think maybe an autograph has less charm because after a while it loses its meaning and its just a fancily written name. 15. I don't think either is really trustworthy because both have been altered in some sort of way but I believe that maybe literature is the most trustoworthy out of the two. 16. I believe that an enemy is more useful because you use all that negativity and let it help you grow. 17. I think that seeking is more sad because if you keep searching than you are only filling your heart with heart ache instead of you just finding out whats going on and continuing the process of moving on. 18. I believe that a house costs more, absolutely. Home is where the heart is, meaning that you could live in a card board box as long as you have what you love. 19. In my opinion music is much more happier. Music is beautiful and travels everywhere and once you hear a certain song that has special meaning to you, it can automatically change your mood. 20. I think a lie would most likely be like a valentine because its ONE day out of the year where you get to treat your spouse with such happiness and show that you truly care when in fact that should be an everyday process.


A Day in the Life Her mother tries to walk her a total of 3 times every morning, and wheen she is finally awake she spends 6 minutes on instagram, twitter, and yahoo finance. She gets up stretches and graces the morning with her presence. She is greeted by a ‘good morning’ every morning and hops into the bathroom to accommodate her morning ritual of face washing and teeth brushing. She gets ready for her day in a rather sluggish fashion. On the way out the door it's the same ritual everyday, lotion, deodorant, a spritz of ‘curve’, socks and shoes and she is out the door hopefully by 7:35. Her mother makes a breakfast stop at the place of her choosing. She makes her way to school and goes through that trialing journey. She jets out as soon as 2:45 hits and she is soon on her way home. She does whatever needs to be done there and gets in a relaxing shower and heads to bed by 10 ready to do it all over again.

21. These Words Belong to Me 1. Spotanienty: the act of being spontaneous. - I LOVE this word and the meaning that it holds. It is an absolutely powerful word and it holds a lot of happiness. 2. Love: a passionate affection for another person - This word means the world to me. this world is my life and It is the only way I know how to live. 3. Music: An art of sound that expresses ideas feeling or emotions expressed through the elements of rhythm and melody. - Music is a big part of my life and it is definitely how I concentrate or how I express myself and my feelings. 4. Family: A group of people affiliated by consanguinity. - The definition above is found in the dictionary. My definition is the people that you can surround yourself with constantly and be genuinely HAPPY, irritated, frustrated, and at the end of the day there is no other group of people you'd rather do so with. Family is more than just a word it is the day to day struggle to keep up with the drama and activities. 5. Education: is generally a form of learning in which the knowledge, skills, and habits of a group of people are transferred from one generation to the next through teaching. - This word holds so much hope and promise for a great future. I have a great desire for education that can not be easily supressed. 6. Beach: a landform along the shoreline of the sea. - I absolutely love anything that deals with the outdoors but the beach is just a whole other store. I could live at the beach if I was offered the choice. 7. Photography: the art of taking photos - I believe that with perfect lighting and timing you can catch a glimpse of perfection and what better to do than to capture that so everyone may enjoy the beauty. 8. Happiness: the simple act of being genuinely happy - Happiness all though not always genuine I believe can change the people around you. If you present with a joyful HAPPY mood than it can rub off on the surrounding. 9. Adventure: an exciting of unusual experience - I pride my life (or atleast my weekends) on doing adventorous things, especially if I am able to include my nieces. 10. Wanderlust: A strong desire or an impulse to wander or travel and explore the world. - I hope to one day be stuck in a wild wanderlust adventure. I would love to travel the world and see exotic locations and enjoy the culture and the peaople. I am deeply inlove with Africa and I would love to just get lost in travel sometime in my future.

22. In Other Words 1. “I keep my distance from a lot of people; not that I think I’m better, it’s just we’re going in two different directions” - UNKNOWN - I think that is absolutely correct especially at this point in my life. I am slowly understanding that the people I surround myself with have a huge effect on my life. 2. “You deserve the kind of love you would give someone else.” - that quote is so deep, and so simple all at the same time. You get what you give is not alwayss true, but sometimes you need to not settle for what youre getting. 3. “Speak the truth, even if your voice shakes” - you need to always say whats on your mind and do what you feel. You should never let someone over power your voice and what you have to say. 4. “Sometimes I shut down and don't talk to anyone for days. It’s nothing personal” –Raine Cooper - This explains me on those rare occasions where I would rather hear beautiful music, or silence. Its my moment for myself and it helps me to be a better person when I am finished with my ‘sick days’ 5. “Innovation dist- inguishes between a leader and a follower.” – Steve Jobs - I absolutely love ALL steve Jobs quotes, he was the most beautiful visonary. The quote is something that I pride my creativity on. I would rather do something completely on my own then to simply have someone else do it for me, and I think that Is a good stepping stone. 6. “Silence is the BEST reply to a fool.” -UNKNOWN - I think this quote has lead people to think that I don’t have a backbone or I never get mad. I simply find that people who want to sit there and act foolish and childish do not deserve an ounce of my time or a slip of my breathe so I do not allow them to have either. 7. “Just remember that sometimes, the way you think about a person isnt the way they actually are.” – John Green -This quote is one of my favorites mainly because It has changed my perception about a great deal of people. 8. “Worry is a misuse of your imagination” – UNKNOWN - I tend to not worry about things especially if it is so petty it can almost resolve itself and it was gotten me a long way. I definitely do not suffer from high blood pressure so I think that is a bonus just on its own. 9. “Spend a little more time trying to make something of yoursself and a little less time trying to impress people..” – The Breakfast Club - this is something that everyone should wake up doing every morning. I believe that people would live a more successful and happy life if they were able to just accomplish this simple task. 10.“The only disability in life is a bad attitude.” –UNKNOWN - I love this quote because it does not victimize people with disabilities. This quote is so strong! It gives everyone an equal oppurtunity at having a beautiful day, and an amazing life. Your happiness is dependant on your attitude. Do not let your current situation stop you from smiling, because it will only be your own fault.


Flashback I would probably go back to the day in 8th grade when I had a soccer game and I let my procrastination get the best of me. I was unable to get to the gae on time because I had not had my fieldtrip form signed so I had to wait for my mom to pick me up in mangilao and take me all the way to windward hills I got there 10 minutes before the game started which was not enough time to warm up. If you were to ask me what I think happened during that game I would still blame it on my insufficient warm up and I will always blame it on that. If I could go back I would have gotten my fieldtrip form signed. I think if I had changed my procrastination issues at that time It might have gotten better along the way.


Remembrance of Things Present In 20 years, I will still want to remember.. 1. 2. 3. 4.

That I will still be a happy go lucky person. That I will still love education and sports. That I was an extremely helpful person. That I was such an outgoing person and I had a positive attitude. 5. That I was friends with the coolest kids in school. 6. That I tried my best in everything that I did. 7. That I was an extremely goal-oriented person. 8. That I was the biggest loser in school. 9. That I traded in my Friday night parties for a kick back at home with my family and dearest friends. 10. That I love the beach more than anyone.


As Time Goes Bye-Bye By the time I am 35, I would like to have my Masters degree possibly working towards my doctorates. I want to be someone by that time in my life. My major goal is to be someone that loves what they do, and does it exceptionally well. I want to have just started a family by that time and let my kids have what they need without any hesitation. I want to live on a nice large lot with a beautiful simple house that I can make into a home for my family. I want to be the rock and support for my family, and I want every square inch to feel uncontrolable love. I hope that I will be able to accomplish all that I aspire to become. I will stop at nothing to turn into what I want to become. I know that I have the resources and power to become what I strive for, and that is just concrete strength for me to feed off of. I will be who I want to be and I hope that others can also have that same feeling.

26. My Own List of Lists 1. People who have influenced me.. - Steve Jobs - My Mom - Ronnie Berking - Corine Berking - Martin Scorcese -Walt Disney - Mr. Losinio 2. Places that make me happy.. - The Beach - The Movie Theaters - My House - Airplanes - Chuck E. Cheese -The Soccer/Football/Rugby Field 3. Places I would like to go.. - Disney World - Six Flags - Africa - The Northern Lights - Alcatraz Island 4. Things in people which I like.. - Honesty -Non Judgemental - Positivity - Down to Earth -Adventorous 5. Things in people which I dislike.. - Liars - Bullies - Being Rude for NO Reason - Boring People - People who act like they know everything - impatient people 6. Things that worry me.. - When people are mad at me - Due dates - School - Not being able to do what I want - My family - My mom not letting me play sports 7.Things I would like to know how to do.. - Sew - Play Rugby - Construct a Phone - Electrical work - Parasail 8. Things that have moved me.. - Multiple movies

- Injured Babies - Divorced Kids - Kids that do not have a healthy home - People that get what they do not deserve - Car accidents 9.Ideas that intrigue me.. - The idea of a better world - The idea of an unlimited battery life - The idea of me owning my own business - The idea that there is someone out there for everyone - The idea that people can change the world - The idea that there are so many people out there that are finding the cure for cancer 10. My Personal Favorites.. - Laying at the beach under the sun - Playing with my nieces - Having family time - Roy’s Chocolate Souffle - Del Monico’s Filet-O-Fish - Guam’s Natural Beauty - New England Patriots - Watching Rugby Games


Cheer Yourself Up!


Watching My FAVORITE Movies Rocky Road ice cream Chocolate Cake Going for a run A nice swim at the beach with my phone off Driving with the music blasting Bubbly Shakes Happy people MUSIC Dressing up and just getting out of the house Sleeping Playing football

28. Metamorphosis Pig tails Bikes Polly Pockets The beach Slip n’ slide Light up shoes Kid computer games

IPhone The beach Curled hair Driving “Thinking I’m old enough” nike’s and chucks

I used to be a little girl, but this girl grew I thought It would never happen, but all that old stuff is through Pig tails and polly pockets remind me of the old days But I have grown up in a lot of different ways. Those who know me Know that im still a little kid at heart But Ive learned how to be an adult No matter how old I get my child like ways will never hault Ive traded in my light up sketchers For some Force’s and chuck’s I used to slip and slide And now all I do is glide. My childhood was one of greatness and adventure I hope to keep my adult life portraying the same picture

29. Picture This

(Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly, “STEP BROTHERS�, Adam McKay)

This movie is basically an interpretation of my own life. It's a GREAT comedic movie, and the main reason I had chosen this picture is because of its hilarious and witty lines. The connection between these two great actors is one that I share with most people close to me. the quotes from the movie, above, are actually how I feel almost on a daily basis. I get that feeling regardless of what events are taking place.

30. Look Who I Look Up To Nelson Mandela: I do not fully believe in the way he went about his fight for civil rights, but he is a person who knew what could happen and fought for it with all his might. I admire him for his patience and demeanor. He was sent to spend 27 years on Robben island, and it was all because he wanted a better government for his people. A right that was technically theirs. I find that to be truly amazing, that a man would do that just so his people could live in a better community that had structure and discipline.

Oprah Winfrey: Oprah is someone that everyone should ‘look up to’, she is absuletly amazing. The power that she has and she was someone who came from absolutely nothing. That's an inspiration to everyone, that is true power. She has a following greater than anyone else and she uses it for good and to help people, she is the most powerful and inspiring woman today.

Steve Jobs: he may be deceased, but he will always live on in my eyes. He is my TRUE inspiration, he started his multi-BILLION dollar company from the cramped comforts of his garage. That is something that we should all appreciate. Today, almost 80% of households have some type of apple product in their home. Steve jobs started his business literally from nothing, and grew it into this beautiful thing. He was kicked out of his own company, but that had not even CLOSELY stopped him build the vision that he had always had in his mind. He was a man who knew what he wanted and was willing to do anything for it. That is what I believe to be TRUE inspiration.


Remembering the Child My mother had stated that there were two things that stand out most to her in my childhood years. She was amazed that I started talking clearly at the age of 2 and that I had no problem properly anunciating words. She thought that it was also astounding that I was able to sing chamorro songs with ease. She also stated that most people would take notice and comment on my intelligence at such a young age. She said I had been more advanced than most kids my age, and since then she knew I would be a bright kid. I have not proved her wrong since.


One Medium Suitcase 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Charger Towel Bar of soap 3 Pairs of clothes Deordarant Spray Knife Training day, inside man, step brothers, due date, talladega nights, 2 guns dvds 9. Bob Marley Headphones 10. Purple airforces 11. Red chucks I will take those things because they are what I will need and I can use them wherever I am headed. I need my charger for my phone obviously, a towel so I can shower or if I get cold. Clothes, so I can be able to change. Deordarant, spray, and bar of soap for cleanliness. Knife in case someone tries to harm me. my headphones and dvds for entertainment, and if I need extra cash ill be able to sell thos off for good money. My shoes so I will always look cute and I could also sell those for money, hopefully it wont need to come to that.


The Perfect Present If I had to pick the perfect intangible present for myself it would probably be the ability to be more stern. I wish that I could say ‘no’ more easily. I have no self control when it comes to the people I love. I can never say ‘no’ and the worst part is.. I never feel the need to say it. I could be doing something important for myself and still say yes if someone asked me to do something for them. It’s a great thing, but it’s also my greatest weakness. If I really had to think about it, that would be my greatest wish. I mean I wouldn't want to be stiff, just a little less leniant.

34. Memorable Event

I’ve had my fair share of concerts, but this was the BEST hands down! It was a great experience and I loved the people I went with. I was so happy that my mom was able to get me and my friends this tickets as one of our Christmas presents. The atmosphere once we got there was just so lively and you were soon intoxicated with the feel of the base on the top of your skin and the sweet melody that was flowing through your ears. If I was able to do it all over again, I wouldn't have changed ANYTHING. The night was perfect, and I will experience this again, no doubt.


How to. . . Today, I wil instruct you all on how to get through a football practice with the “Sindalu” women’s football team. 1. 2. 3. 4.

Show up to practice EARLY GO TO EVERY PRACTICE Drink a LOT of water throughout the day If you have questions ask them AT practice, do not wait for the game 5. Don’t be embarassed to do something wrong at practice 6. If you are hurt SPEAK up about it 7. If it isnt that bad ‘tough it out’, just remember everyone is suffering with you 8. Give 310% because 100% doesn't cut it 9. Don't complain, shut up and do what is asked of you 10. Bleed your heart out at every practice, whoever shows the best effort earns a spot on the field on game day 11. Never talk bad about other teams 12. Act like a champion, but be humble like a loser 13. MOST IMPORTANTLY! Have FUN!

36. Always Say Never I never want to.. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Get strep throat again (inevitable) Brake a bone Drink red liquid cleaner Fight with my sister Argue with my bestfriend Eat short ribs

It’s a short list, but those are some of the ONLY things I never want to do again, or hope never happen to me again. The first three on the list are some of the worst pain in the world. I actually wouldn't mind breaking a bone again that was kinda cool, but I don't like how long the healing process is. I am a constant victim of strep throat which is why I don't ever want it to happen again, but it is highly unlikely that it’ll stop until I get my tonsils removed. I drank the red liquid when I was about 12 and I would never want to relive that. My cousin had told me it was kool-aid and I was extrememly parched. I took a gulp and the next thing I know I was dry heaving after I threw up my lunch breakfast and last night’s dinner. I did not forgive her or drink kool-aid for a long time. I love my sister to death, but that doesn't mean I always agree with what she has to say or what she does. We’ve only had one BIG fight and I would never ever want to relive that moment or feeling. My bestfriend has a bit of a temper, but only when you make him mad. I witnessed it MULTIPLE times, but when it finally happened to me.. I was basically scarred for life. Short ribs bring a repulsive feeling to my stomach. I will only eat it if it's the only thing cooked, and I havent eaten breakfast OR lunch and im starving.

37. Are You Hungry? I think my favorite meal would DEFINITELY have to be DESSERT. I could eat it at all times of the day and enjoy it in ANY mood. I have a DEEP love of sweets especially in the chocolate category. If I had to pick just ONE dessert in particular, it would probably be The Chocolate Souffle from Roy’s Restaurant. As soon as you see the server making their way to you, you can smell the sweet chocolate aroma fill the room. It makes you feel warm inside and you are soon yearning for that plate to touch the table. The flavor is absolutely devine, its cooked to PERFECTION every single time. At the first spooful, the chocolate just oozes out of the center and cascades down the side of the moist delectable chocolate cake. It is one of my FAVORITE reasons for going to Roy’s. It is chocolate cake with a chocolate fudge center that is nice and warm and served with some of the best quality ice cream around.

38. Where I’m From Well I am part African American and part Chamorro and surprisingly they have very similar customs.

I am very..

1. Hospitable 2. Family-oriented 3. Respectful 4. Good with what I have 5. “Respect your elders”

I believe that those simple things have certainly groomed me into the person that I am today. I am proud to be both of these ethnicities because I am able to be a genuinely good person, I know right from wrong and I do most things with the up most respect.

39. Deck of 52 Movies: 1. Friday 2. Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo bay 3. Training Day 4. Inside Man 5. The Wolf of Wall Street 6. P.S. I Love You 7. Friday The 13 8. Prom Night 9. Perfect Score 10. The Sitter 11. Step Brothers 12. Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy 13. Superbad 14. Shaun of the Dead 15. The Hangover 16. Wedding Crashers 17. Old School 18. Clerks II 19. Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle 20. Bad Santa 21. Grandma's Boy 22. Pineapple Express 23. Hot Tub Time Machine 24. Zoolander 25. The Emperor's New Groove 26. The 40-Year-Old Virgin 27. Fired up 28. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 29. Up 30. Wedding singer 31. Wedding date 32. Guess who 33. Love happens 34. Shrek 35. Rio 36. Rio 2 37. Avatar 38. Fast and the furious 39. 2 fast 2 furious 40. Fast 5 41. Fast 6 42. Neighbors 43. The other women 44. Date night 45. Dinner for schmucks 46. Crazy, stupid, love 47. What’s eating gilbert grape 48. Charlie st. cloud 49. Bridesmaid

50. 12 years a slave 51. The book of Eli 52. Man on Fire


The Examined Life

The Bad

The Good

I can be very emotional

I am extremely respectful

I tend to talk more than I should

I am super helpful I am a great counselor

I complain more than I need to I will lift you up even if my feet are on the ground I want a lot of things I shouldn't I try my best in everything I do I do not like to be wrong I am the best friend I am the biggest bad sport I have great work ethics I have really bad anger issues sometimes I will do everything to make sure everyone is okay even I don't like people helping before myself me Im very competitive I can sometimes be selfish


Annual Report There has been a LOT of things that have happened this past year that was made me wonder about a lot of things. I have thought about what kind of person I am, am I ready for what the future holds?, will I ever understand life, when will all the hardships end? Over the course of the year I have been able to try to answer those questions for my self and so far it’s been molding me into a new and different person. I am beginning to not be as emotional as I once was, I have also learned how to live moment to moment instead of DAY TO DAY. I am now EXCITED for the future and all it holds. I am ready to see wat is waiting ahead. The future is not a promise and I am fully aware of that now, I just hope that the future holds a great deal of fortune for me. I don't necessarily mean in money, but in education and achievment. I am no longer afraid of what is forthcoming.

42. Ekphrasis

This quote inspires me because I want to be care free and live like this. I want to be able to just BE happy and live a life that follows these ideas. I think it would make me a much more relaxed and calm person. I hope to fulfill this list during this summer.

43. Visually speaking Perfect SHOTS

44. Lessons I Learned After It Was TOO Late I think one of the biggest lessons I learned was to “stop procrastinating” I know that is something that I will continuely need to work on. I find it absolutely strange that everyone does it, and knows that they shouldn't. I always say that my BEST work comes from procrastination, and that is true but I wish that it wasn't. I wish that I was able to produce outstanding work ON TIME, without having to stay up all night to get it done. “Do not answer my mom back”, that lesson was DEFINITELY HARD. I was young when I learned this one, and trust me im glad I was because now I live the easy life just letting her THINK she’s right or just doing as im told. This is a lesson I hope my children learn as easily as I did. “Do not use the elevator when the stairs work perfectly fine”, I was 7 and lazy and thought that using the elevator was a better solution than having to take the stairs. I was wrong to say the least, I got stuck in the elevator alone for a couple hours. Since then I ALWAYS take the stairs when its more practical.

45. The Door 1. When I walk out that door, I want.. to seize the day. I want to do great things, and inspire people. I want to be someones idol, and do something to give back to my mom who spent her life trying to give me evrything. I want to go out there and live a life of EXCITEMENT and adventure. I want to walk out those doors and do things that people can’t even DREAM of. I want to be the person the hero that parents tell their kids about. I want to be something greater than myself.

2. When I walk out that door, I don’t want.. to be someone I said I’d never be. I don't want to get caught up in the terror of the world. I don’t want to have someone take my dreams from me. I don’t want to be a disappointment. I don't want to NOT do the things I know I can, and said I would. I don't want to be so caught up in things that don't matter, that I miss out on the things that DO.

46. Advice to the young Yumiko Mele, When you grow up I don't want you to stress about things that you can’t change. I want you to live up to your OWN expectations not the ones that your parents and myself will place on you. I want you to LOVE the life you live, and if you don’t then I want you to change it to fit what you depict as perfect. I want you to own the world, and keep it in the palm of your hands. You deserve the world my love, and you will receive nothing less. I will stress this so much that you get sick of it, but do not take school lightly. I want you to always do your best because in the future you will realize that the big things werent that big and you can achieve anything that you set your mind own. Remember all the little things because you will realize that those were actually the most important things. You are the captain of your own life, don’t let anyone take over your ship because it may not be so easy for you to get it back.

47. 1.





Who Am I? I am a ‘Bubba’ first and foremost, that is my main job. I am the guardian and protector of two beautiful little girls. I make the impossible possible, and dreams come true. I beat up monsters on a regular basis, and I catch fairies on the rain. Its one of my favorite jobs and one I will never give up. I am a ‘daughter’ secondly, and that is ALSO one of my favorite jobs. I do it daily and MOST of the time with no complaints. I am my mothers laughter, her joy, and most especially her headache. She is probably better at her job than I am, but the love is equal. I am a ‘Little/Big Sister’ thirdly, this job is a little more tedious than the rest and also one of the most rewarding. I pride myself on the work that I produce in this specific job because it isnt one that should be taken lightly. I think I do a pretty good job, but some people would beg to differ. I am a ‘Bestfriend’ this job is probably one of the hardest. I am constantly between battles, but over the years I have learned how to fix them. It has been a little easier with the new technique I have been using and I am glad for this, because I do not take well to stress. Lastly I am a ‘Counselor’ this job entails much more than COUNSELING, but it is one that I completely enjoy. I have a unique way with words, and my heart plays a big part in that I think. I listen to it a lot and it rarely ever steers me wrong. I think of all the jobs this one has the most perks, but all of my jobs are as equally enjoyable and I do them all with ease or atleast I make it look that way.

48. Rewarding Experiences 1. Great America - This experience was so rich and sensory and it is something I will cherish for a lifetime 2. The Cliff in Inarajan - No one thought that I would actually jump, but I was one of the first and after the initial jump no one could stop me from continuosly jumping. 3. The Slingshot - The slingshot was rewarding because it got me over my fears and tauht me that sometimes we just have to let go. 4. Joining jiu-jitsu - This experience taught me that sometimes I need to go out of my comfort zone and do things that I didn’t think I could. 5. Singing Karaoke in Front Of A Crowd - This taught me that sometimes I have to NOT care what people will think about me 6. Flying by myself - This taught me that there are going to be times that I need to do things without my mom. 7. Failing math class - This taught me that sometimes I am going to do things that not only let others down, but also let me down. Those are both feelings I never want to endure again. 8. Helping a person when they have nothing - This taught me that doing good to others can change your outlook on things, and you don’t always need recognition for doing something for others. 9. My mom telling me no - Tht teaches me that there are sometimes when I cant always get my way 10. Surfing - This has showed me that there are so many things out there that you can do besides the typical adventures

49. Valuable Lessons 1. Learning how to change a tire 2. Treat others with respect 3. Don’t Procrastinate 4. Be Humble 5. Always Speak your mind 6. Never bottle emotions up 7. Be kind to eachother 8. Karma is REAL 9. Be active 10. Don’t take people for granted Those are all equally important lessons to me. I couldn't put it in order. They also coincide with eachother, you cant have one without the other. I learned how to change a tire a year ago and just a few months ago my mother and I were out and the tire was flat so I had changed it for us.

50. Futures – Fantasy and Fact Romantic In ten years, I will have my masters degree and be a CEO of a multi-million dollar company. I will soon be starting my own family with my handsome air force chief husband. I will be in the best shape of my life, and have a few charities that do very different things. I will promote Guam and heighten its awareness. I will give back to MY community. Realistic In ten years, I will have my masters degree and be a GM of a middle size company. I will soon be starting my own family with my handsome air force chief husband. I will be in the best shape of my life, and have a few charities that do very different things. I will promote Guam and heighten its awareness. I will give back to MY community. There isnt much of a difference because my dreams are big, and no dream is out of reach. Many people call it wishful thinking, but I call it visualizing the future. You can get somewhere if you make the efforts to properly do so. I believe in myself and all the things I aspire to accomplish.


The person who has written this is someone that has a high self esteem. This person believes in dreams and is truly convincing. They are extremely family oriented and have a nice sense of humor. Most of their writing is about family, sports, and schooling. They seem like the type of person who knows what they want and has no problem in going to extreme measures to make that possible. They seem like they know what they want in life, but they also seem a little over stimulated. This person is someone that I would want to know and meet. If someone were to read this book, these are the thoughts that run through their mind.

The small, The BIG, The boring, and The EXTRAordinary  

This assignment was one that truly got me thinking, it exposed me to my true self. I feel like most people don't KNOW themselves, and this a...

The small, The BIG, The boring, and The EXTRAordinary  

This assignment was one that truly got me thinking, it exposed me to my true self. I feel like most people don't KNOW themselves, and this a...