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OXO TOT PROJECTOR NIGHT LIGHT Bedtime lights for kids

ABOUT THE BRAND OXO was created to supply innovative consumer products to make everyday living easier. OXO tot’s mission is to simplify life’s challanges for babies and toddlers.

FOR THE KIDS Specifically designed for children, the OXO tot Projector Night Light was playfully designed to aesthetically fit into any child’s room.

HOW IT HELPS Makes night time fun while helping your child overcome their fears of the dark. This light creates a soothing environment by its soft colored and rotating lights to help your kid fall right to sleep.



Flat circular top

Rotating top

Showing emphasis on the spherical models to show the direction that I went towards for my final model. A rounded top is needed for a 360 degree projected light display, which are the ones highlighted below.

SIMPLE INSTRUCTIONS: Press each button for a different color of projected light. Press more than once to change the level of brightness. Press three times for brightest light, or once for the dimmest light. Plugs into the wall, requires no batteries.

OXO NIGHT LIGHT PROJECTOR Created for kids and tots to make fun night time lights and a soothing enviornment. Helps to associate positive emotions to your child before bedtime.

WEARABLE PHONE CHARGER For wearing, and on the go charging

THE PROBLEM One of the issues that many users face with typical portable chargers are the inconvenience of carrying them. Many of the factors that contribute to this probelm include the bulkiness of the port, the weight, and the added chord that is required to be seperatley carried around.

A portable phone charger that also acts as a wearable to reduce the amount of items carried. Great for on the go adventures and activities that require light packing.


HOW IT CHARGES This device functions with the use of inductive charging. It works through the backside of the charger and onto the back surface of the phone by an electromagnetic field which transfers energy from one object to another. Created for the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and X, wireless charging is used, so there is no need for a chord or adapter.

WHY WIRELESS? This special trait makes it easier to slide on and off the phone. This newly added feature of iPhones will possibly be the future of charging for all cellular devices.

CONCEPT SKETCHING Bracelet/strap concepts

Attatchable watch stand

Changing light color illuminator

Heart beat tracker

Bendy wrist charger

Portable wrist phone charger

I explored through a variety of concepts and different ideas, and highlighted ones with features I wanted to add to my final model.

MOCK-UPS Bracelet with attatchable microphone/speaker

Light illuminator

Portable phone charger

Open ended straps

Flexable screen


I created physical prototypes to test out the sizing, shapes and feel to each unique concept. The ones highlighted below guided me to my final direction.

FINAL MODEL AND SCREEN FUNCTION When worn on the wrist, time, heart rate, calories burned, and step count are displayed on the screen. When converted to charging use, the display screen will automatically show as a battery icon which will track the amount of battery left in the charger.

COLOR VARIETY Comes in four shades.

CHARGER TO BRACELET Sides snap and curve into place in three steps.

Snap ends down Snap center surface area up

Pull out inner ends

Curve sides in

BRACELET BATTERY The charger is battery operated, so in order to charge, open up the bracelet and lay it flat on its bottom. Charges through another wireless charging device.

PEDIATRIC ANKLE BRACE An alternative design of the standard stirrup ankle brace

THE PROBLEM The stirrup ankle brace is used to help recover the ankle after an injury, commonly consisting of mild strains to first degree sprains. Many people who suffer from ankle sprains, use a recovery mechanism such as the stirrup ankle brace, yet there are many issues that users face with this certain apparatus. My goal with this project was to recreate this particular ankle brace because of the variety of issues that many users face from this product.

My proposed refinments for my product was to thin out the supporting shells by making it more forming to the ankle, change the thickness of the straps, and create a more comfortable fit.


WHO IS IT FOR? This ankle brace was designed specifically for children suffering from acute ankle injuries, chronic instability, post-operations, and up to grade III ankle sprains.

IDEATION SKETCHES Full size ankle braces

Cloth ankle wraps Stirrup ankle brace

Hinged ankle wrap


Durable wall support, elastic ankle straps, elastic bottom support.

Thick ridged walls for ultimate support, adujstable ankle straps, elastic bottom support.

Flexable double wall support, adjustable support, elastic straps and bottom support.


1. Open two top straps and place heel onto bottom strap.

2. Wrap top strap around and through strap holder. Adjust until comfortable.

3. Wrap bottom strap around until desired fit.


SOLIDWORKS BIKE Unique pastel colored polished steel bike

EXPLODED VIEW The special characteristics of this bike contains a unique polished steel frame, a light lavander seat, grips, crank, and pedals. The soft pastel colors give the bike a subtle yet delicate emotional sense of energy to the user. Each piece of the bike was individually created as a part piece and put together in an assembly in SolidWorks then renderd in KeyShot.


EAR THERMOMETER Bold and distincitve thermometer for families and kids of all ages

ABOUT THE PRODUCT The ear thermometer is created for families and can be used by people of all ages. Has two main features of being able to take a temperature from the forehead or the ear.

THE PROBLEM Some issues that typical ear thermometers face are the sizing of the ear piece. Another complication are the ear covers, as they interfere with the accuracy of the temperature.

THE SOLUTION A thermometer that has multiple ways to take one’s temperature. The ear probe requires no cover, and slides in and out to change from one feature to the other.

IDEATION The exploration of different forms, shapes, and sizes by sketching.

Long body, with a slimmer grip, these thermometers presents a more traditional simple form.

Short body with a thicker grip, this concept shows my exploration with different shapes.

Hour glass shape and bubbly forms are the main focus with these concepts. With extending ear probes and removable nozzles as special features.


The three thermometers highlighted were chosen to be emphasized because I took out a small part out of each form and used them to create my final.

Twist in probe piece

Ergonomic grip

Slim neck


Component view

EAR TEMPERATURE To take ones temperature through the ear, simply place the probe into the ear and hold down the button for 3 seconds. The temperature will then be shown onto the screen.

Temperature sensors

On/off button

Display screen

Hold for 3 seconds

FOREHEAD TEMPERATURE To take a temperature through the forehead, twist the holding base of the ear probe in a clockwise direction until it sinks into it's base. Place the mouth onto the forehead and hold the button down for three seconds, until the temperature is displayed on the screen.

SPEED FORM Dynamic, sleek, speed model


Incorporating fin like features on top of the form.

Deep creveses and dips around the sides and through the top.

Final decision is made after taking certain features from other concepts and combining it into one.

PRACTICE MODELS AND PROCESS Through the use of clay and foam, I created physical 3D models of my main concepts and was able to narrow it down to my final design from there. I used a mold-casting process to create my final model.

Clay models showing exploration in different types of top fins.

Foam models representing experimentation of various dips and crevices.

FINAL My final speedform represents the shape of a dynamic, fast appearing model. With a pointed nose, creveses along the sides, and a fin-like top feature, this form particularly has distinctive attributies pertaining to a swoardfish.

CARDBOARD HANGER Hanger created with cardboard to organize kitchen utilities


Mounted hanger

Triangular mounted hanger

Exploring the differnt types of hanging possibilities through sketching. From wall mount hangers, to a traditional hanger, I finalized my design direction after exploring corner hanging.

Traditional hanger

Corner hanger

Practice models created for testing out the size and function of the hanger.

KITCHEN CORNER HANGING Created to hang off the corners of kitchen counters. An easy way to utilize the area and keep your kitchen tools organized.

CURVILINEAR Curvy form created to represent the creatures and features of the ocean


The initial practice shapes that was explored through each form. Each distinctive shape was created with the intention of having a dual external boundry on each side.

Fish like forms to follow the direction of a sea creature like theme. Final sketches leading up to the preview of my physical model.

FINAL MODEL Cut from one block of wood through the surface of both sides, a curvilinear is created. Mine represents a simple wave on the horizontal side, and a seahorse when placed on the upright position.


Industrial Design Portfolio 2018  

2nd year industrial design student portfolio

Industrial Design Portfolio 2018  

2nd year industrial design student portfolio