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T PROJ-LITE Bedtime lights for kids


of this project was to

create a lighting product that pertains to the aesthetics and guidelines of the brand OXO.

My goal was to successfully design a children’s night light that will tend to their troubled sleeping by diminishing their fears of the dark.


The inspiration that I had in mind coming into this project was the shapes and style of the OXO tot feeding and kitchenwear products. The overall shapes that they use are soft rounded edges, and strips of color to singe around the curves of the form. I also wanted to combine the colors and style in admiration of my favorite animated character as a kid, which was Buzz Lightyear from the Pixar film “Toy Story�. This character associated himself to fighting crime and saving others from danger and fear, which was what I wanted my night light to be related as to the children.


With the next step of the process, I go into sketching different concepts of lights. Starting out with multiple cylindrial forms of all shapes and sizes. The reasoning of specifically sticking with circular and rounded shapes was to cater to the soft kid-friendly OXO tot design language. I show emphasis on the forms with spherical tops to show the direction that I went towards. I realized a fully rounded top is needed for a 360 degree projected light display, which was something that I wanted to have featured in my design.

PROCESS AND MAKING I first started out with a block of modulan and started cutting it into a cylinder. I cut it into three different pieces then used bondo to hold it all together to be shaped on the lathe.

I then placed my piece on the lathe and shaped the top to become a perfect wide spherical top. I then sanded it down smooth to prepare for painting.

I used white spray paint to get a white Wmatte finish and created indents on the bottom base for the buttons. Once it was all finished, I used bondo again to put all the pieces back together.

SIMPLE INSTRUCTIONS: Press each button for a different color of projected light.

Press more than once to change the level of brightness.

Press three times for brightest light, or once for the dimmest light.

Plugs into the wall, requires no batteries.

FINAL The Proj-Lite was created to aid children with troubled sleeping. This product makes night time fun while helping your child overcome their fears of the dark. The light creates a soothing environment by its soft colors and rotating lights to help them fall right to sleep.

ENERGIA For wearing and on the go charging

WHAT’S THE PROBLEM? The issue that many users face with typical portable chargers are the inconvenience of carrying them. The factors that contribute to this probelm include the bulkiness of the port, the weight, and the added chord that is required to be seperatley carried around.

The solution is a portable phone charger that also acts as a wearable to reduce the amount of items carried. Great for on the go adventures and activities that require light packing.

WEARABLE CONCEPTS Here I explore multiple wearable devices that is also created as a phone attatchment. From stress relieving essential oils, to sleep monitors, I finally decided on a final concept of creating a wearable phone charging device based on my personal experiences.

EXPLORING THROUGH MOCK-UPS Testing out the size, form, and shape, here I create a variety of mock-ups to test out exactly how I want my final product to feel.WW

PROCESS & MAKING I first started out with a block of modulan and learned how to use the mill for the first time. I cut 3mm deep into the surface to create a small opening for the screen.

I then rounded the edges of my pieces with the drum sander and created the side parts that will be later attatched after painting.

I then used dolphin glaze to attatch all the pieces together, and used a pink and white gloss spray paint for the finish. I cut out a piece of 3mm thick acrylic on the laser cutter and placed that in the center for my screen.





T YOUTH BRACE A brace made just for kids

IDEATION Here I began to sketch out the different forms of ankle and leg braces. I then narrow it down to an ankle brace with the specific feature of creating two splints on the sides to to support the foot.

MOCK-UPS AND TESTING Here I create and have users test out three different variations of my ankle brace. After physically making and trying on the brace, I discovered many different problems and solutions. I was able to differentiate the levels of support and comfort through my testing which then lead me to my direction of final design.


PASTELLE A customized bike created in SolidWorks

EXPLODED VIEW Each piece of the bike was individually created as a part piece and put together in an assembly in SolidWorks, then renderd in KeyShot. The purpose of this project was to demonstrate my skills in CAD programs and 3D modeling. The bicycle was specifically tailored to me and made with dimensions of my own body.

FINAL The special characteristics I incorporated in this bike feature a unique polished steel frame, a light lavander seat, grips, crank, and pedals. The soft pastel colors give the bike a subtle yet delicate emotional sense of energy.

T THERMAFAM A bold ear thermometer for kids and families

PROJECT OVERVIEW The problem with typical ear thermometers vary from size, accuracy, and ability to be used from individuals of all ages.

The solution for this product is a thermometer with multiple ways of taking one’s temperature. I wanted to change the sizing of the ear piece so that it can accommodate to people of all ages, add another temperature function, and resolve the problems with ear covers, as they interfere with the accuracy of the temperature.

IDEATION I start out by exploring the different forms, shapes, sizes, and aesthetics by sketching. Its always fun to sketch out all the different possibilies at this stage. The choices and ideas I have at this stage are limitless.

MOCKING UP From paper to real life, I turn my sketches into reality by creating prototypes for testing. My decisions and directions changed once I had it created physicallly, but with hardwork and patience, I was finally able to find the perfect design.


T SPEEDFORM Dynamic, sleek, speed model

IDEATING Here I sketch out different forms that represent objects of speed. With unique variations, each pair shows as its own.

MAKING Creating my model by using a plaster molding method.



2nd Year Industrial Design Portfolio  
2nd Year Industrial Design Portfolio