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You’ll never make me stay So take your weight off of me know your every move all won’t you please let me be I’ve been here times before But I was to blind to see That you seduce every man This time you won’t seduce mE he’s saying Don’t be scared I’M right here Even though you don’t roll trust me girl you wanna be High for this From the morning to the evening compaints from the tenants got the walls kickin’ like they are six months pregnant drinking alize with our cereal for breakfast So tell me you love me, if only for ALL of it me IF I tonight Onlyfor one night Even though you don't love think you lost your morals girl But that’s okay cause you’Re don’t need them where we’re going In that two floor Loft in the middle of the city after rolling through the city with me i promise you gonna see that i’m only fucking twenty, girlyou can have it all if, all i could say is if promise me you won’t regret me like the tattoos on my skin I’ve been here for too long Baby Don’t cry Why are you calling? But it’s

e s u of o h

not thursday, baby why are you calling? Not on Monday, tuesday, wednesday, friday, saturday but on thursday, only thursday Why you rushing me, baby it’s only us alone i don’t wanna die tonight baby so let me sip this slow i’ll give you what you called for just let me get in my zone i’ll be making love to her through you so let me keep my eyes closed and i won’t see a damn thing i can’t feel a damn thiing Don’t make me make you fall in love with a nigga like me nobody needs to fall in love i swear i’m just a bird girl, i’m just another bird Cause got me faded too long got me on this rolling stone so i take another hit kill another seratonin with a hand

thu ons rsd a y e c en l i s f o es o h c e



Of all And I hope you are love how you come and live for the all of it

oh baby you

just want me cause i’m next forget what you know cause when i’m finished with you baby you won’t even want to go outside let’s make it seem like we’re all what we need in the end

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