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official publication of NJ FBLA § volume I § fall, 2011 CHAPTER SPOTLIGHT: JP Stevens FBLA……………..…...2 CHAPTER SPOTLIGHT: Old Bridge FBLA…..................….3 Member Editorial by Ruchi Patel…..……………................4


North Central


an update on the new year and the North Cenral Regional Vice President’s Breakfast from your Northern Central Region VP

by Daniel Abraham

Hello North Central Region! Welcome back to another exciting year! I am Dan Abraham and will be serving as your 2011-2012 North Central Vice President. This past summer I was fortunate enough to attend the National Leadership Conference in Orlando, Florida. It was a week full of competitions, networking, workshops, and of course, fun in the sun! NJ FBLA did very well in competitions, with several of our members placing in events at nationals. The 2012 National

Leadership Conference will be held in San Antonio and I truly can’t wait to attend! As we continue to strive for excellence this year, be prepared to find your Keys to Success as we journey through the Gateway to Greatness. There have been many exciting events planned for the upcoming year, such as the State Fall Leadership Conference on October 18th, as well as the National Fall Leadership Conference in Philadelphia! Also, be sure to mark your calendars for the North Central Region Vice President’s Breakfast to be held at South Brunswick High School on December 1st! This year’s community state service theme is Unlock Your Heart. We have made it a goal for our State Chapter to raise $50,000 for the March of Dimes Organization. Many local chapters are participating in the “Pumpkin Patch” fundraiser to help raise

money, as well as participating in the “Baskets for Babies” event at the SFLC. We are hopeful that we will successfully reach our goal this year. A lot of exciting things are in store for NJ FBLA. Let's be sure to once again do our best and show the rest of our organization that the North Central Region is a force to be reckoned with!

Chapter Spotlight:

JP Stevens FBLA


Nestled in central Jersey, the John P. Stevens chapter of FBLA has a number of dedicated, committed, and active members. Our chapter has held and plans to hold a myriad of events to continue to improve FBLA’s standing and image both in school and throughout the community. Our chapter has done its utmost to promote the values of respect, loyalty, and success. This has helped to guide JPS FBLA to continue to bring in a new generation of leaders. Our club is very fortunate to have the members know each other on a personal level. This has helped to enhance the activities of the club. At meetings, there is mutual respect between the speakers and the listeners, as well as, between all members. Last

year, JPS FBLA had over 100 members, which was a significant increase from the previous years. The Board is constantly looking for new ways to make the meetings interesting through various techniques including games, quizzes, and guest speakers. Our guest speakers have included professors from Rutgers, as well as, marketing directors discussing topics such as business principles, their experiences, and all the hard work needed to succeed. JPS FBLA knows that success in business is a combination of learning about business and gaining valuable skills about life, as well as giving back to the community. Throughout its years, JPS FBLA has come up with fun ways to instruct our members about business and incorporate ways to expand our exposure to the students in our school community. Our club has hosted a stock market

ABOVE: More than forty members of JP Stevens FBLA attended 2011 the State Leadership Conference, and two local chapter members campaigned for state officer positions.

challenge for the past two years on sites such as, awarding a prize to the member with the best investments. This has promoted both competition and developing strategy techniques. Last year FBLA partnered with JPawS (John P. Stevens Animal Welfare). Thousands of dollars were raised through JPawS events such as Santa Paws and Paws in the Park. All the money was donated to the Neuter Scooter, which is a program to spay and neuter homeless animals at the Edison Animal Shelter to assist in getting the cats and dogs adopted into a forever home. This year, the officers are creating many new ways to engage the members in the club to continue to improve FBLA’s image in the community. Among some of our activities planned we will be involved in supporting community walks, numerous community outreach programs through the JPawS activities, including Santa Paws and Paws in the Park, guest speakers, and continually promoting FBLA every opportunity. Success is determined by our efforts; which have increased in the past years as members have risen to the leadership challenge FBLA offers. We are always looking for ways to continuously improve both our image and our chapter. This truly is an implementation of the FBLA legacy of Success through Leadership.

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Chapter Spotlight:

Old Bridge FBLA


As the new year in FBLA begins, a chapter located in the North Central region simply cannot wait to embark on a journey of business success! Old Bridge FBLA, one of the largest chapters in New Jersey, has many activities and tactics planned for the upcoming year. The executive board members commenced their planning at the 2011 Local Officer Training Session in August, where all Old Bridge officers worked in conjunction with their chapter advisers to plan out the year. A Program of Work was created, RIGHT: All executive board members of the Old Bridge FBLA chapter attended the 2011 State Fall Leadership Conference in Edison, NJ.

EXECUTIVE BOARD CONTACT INFORMATION President: Grace Chen ( Vice President: Naomey Sarkis ( Membership VP Kaleigh Flynn-Rozanski (

and it is filled with many exciting events, such as the annual Induction Ceremony and Career Night. Additionally, all of the officers have been working hard to plan meetings for their committees.

Co-Treasurer: John Capangpangan ( Co-Treasurer: Raaghav Pandya ( Webmaster: Ajit Singh (

And as the leaves begin to turn color and the temperatures drop, it is almost that time of year when competitions are just around the corner! The Old Bridge chapter was proud to bring 11 members to the National Conference in Orlando, Florida, and OB FBLA was even prouder to have two of its members place on the national level. Preparations for the regional competitive sessions have begun, and all OB FBLA members are extremely excited for upcoming conferences, like the State Fall Leadership Conference in March. Every member is excited for the upcoming year and cannot wait to gain the Keys to Success!


Member Corner an editorial by

Ruchi Patel

The FBLA Experience FBLA is an organization that I hold very close to my heart. Not trying to be too sappy here, but it really is the truth. I became a member freshmen year of high school only because my sister was in it. Over the course of that year I grew to love FBLA and all it had to offer. I am now very grateful in saying that I have been a part of this wonderful organization for the past three years, going on the fourth. Every year I learn more and more, not only about business but about communication, leadership, and service. Participating in various fundraisers that support the March of Dimes causes me to comprehend how valuable a life is and the littlest things I do can help so many. If it weren’t for FBLA I would not have learned trivial things like that. This organization has greatly impacted my life throughout the years. For one, I have devoted all that I can to it not really expecting much in return, not wanting anything in return

either. I am a proud member because I want to be, not because of how good it may look for college, that might have been why I first joined, but over the years I’ve fallen in love with FBLA and all that it stands for. The most memorable competition for me would be the National Fall Leadership Conference that took place in Washington D.C. last November. It was important to me because it was the first FBLA conference I had attended. Arriving in Washington gave me a whole different outlook on what FBLA really meant. I was always under the notion that FBLA was more of a New Jersey organization. I knew it existed outside the state, that it was a national program; however, I never had a second thought about the matter. At NFLC I noticed all the students across the country coming to one place for one association that tied us all together. Seeing people from California, Virginia,

Get to know the author… Ruchi Patel is a senior at South Brunswick High School, and she currently serves as local chapter president. As a four-year member of FBLA, Ruchi is both extremely dedicated and excited for the upcoming year. Her favorite hobbies include watching sports and listening to music, and outside of FBLA, she is very involved with the Red Cross and Big Brother Big Sister. Iowa, and even Puerto Rico astounded me. FBLA really was national and these kids loved it just as much as I did. After attending SLC and NLC this quickly became evident, I knew FBLA held a special place in their hearts too; it was the one entity that we all had in common, a type of bond that could never be broken.

Save the Date! What? When? Where? Who?

Regional Vice President’s Breakfast December 1, 2011 South Brunswick High School Contact Dan Abraham at!

North Central Region Bulletin, Fall 2011  

NJ FBLA North Central Regional Newsletter, Fall Edition

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