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Letter to the Membership an update from your Eastern Region VP, Hasher Nisar Welcome back! My name is Hasher Nisar and I am your 20112012 National Eastern Region Vice President. The reason I ran for National Office was to give back to this organization. FBLA has helped me grow as a person and has

and Local levels have no problems communicating with each other. I want to keep you updated on all the exciting things that are happening. Most importantly, I want to make sure that you are aware of the resources that FBLA has to offer. For example, scholarships. When I was campaigning for National Office, many members did not know about the scholarships that FBLA or sponsoring organizations had to offer. I want you to make use of these scholarships.

opened up many doors of opportunity for me. Most importantly, it has thought me that nothing is impossible. As a National Officer, I want to make sure that the National, State,

If you are on Facebook, please like the “Eastern Region FBLA” page. This will keep you up-to-date on everything that the Eastern Region FBLA is doing. If you are a State Officer, please message me so I can add you to the “Eastern

Region State Officer Room” group. This will give you the opportunity to hear what other States are doing and network with others. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to contact me at It was a pleasure meeting all of you at the Philadelphia National Fall Leadership Conference. I hope you were able to learn new things, expand your knowledge, and network with other FBLA members. FBLA has provided us with the tools that we need to succeed, but we need to realize that now is the time to take advantage. Only we have the power to open our “gateway to greatness.” Challenge yourself. Stay eager. Get involved.

…get to know Hasher Nisar Hasher Nisar is a senior at Cheshire High School in Connecticut. He moved back to the United States from Pakistan in 2008. FBLA was one of the first organizations he got involved with which helped him grow as a person, make new friends, and acclimate into the culture. He served as the CHS FBLA Fundraising Committee Chairman and State Secretary. He was elected as State President for the 20112012 term. In addition, Hasher serves as the Vice Executive Director of the Enough Foundation and is Class President. He looks forward to improving communication, increasing membership, and strengthening the FBLA programs!

Where are they now? FBLA Edition

one FBLA alum was chosen and interviewed, in order to afford members insight into how FBLA can benefit its members beyond high school interview conducted by Danielle DuBee (Pennsylvania) What college are you currently attending? I attend Penn State University – main campus in State College, PA. I will graduate May, 2012.

Luke Skerpon Tell me a little bit about yourself. I am currently a member of the PA FBLA State Management Team, and am in my fourth year in this position. I am a past PA FBLA state officer, as well as a past PA FBLA State President. I am also a member of the Penn State Blue Band, where I serve as both a section leader and band officer. I am also a member of the Penn State Blue Band, where I serve as both a section leader and band officer. I also am the director of the PSU A Cappella Group, Blue in the FACE, as well as serve at the chairman of the Penn State A Cappella Director’s Association. What is your major? I have a dual major in Secondary Education – English/Communications focus, and Broadcast Journalism with a minor in English. What position/positions did you serve in FBLA? I was a member of FBLA from my 7th grade year through my senior year of high school. I was the Sayre High School FBLA Middle Level President in 8th grade, and then was a four-year officer at the local level. I was also a four-year PA FBLA Region 27 Officer (Region Secretary – 2 years / Region President – 2 years). I served as a PA FBLA state officer for two years as well. I was PA FBLA Vice President at Large (2006-2007) and senior year served as the Pennsylvania FBLA State President (2007-2008). I was also a member of the Eastern Region Board for two years as well. (2006/07 and 2007/08). Now, I serve on the PA FBLA State Management Team as the Middle Level Coordinator and Staff Assistant – a position that I have held since October 2008. As part of my duties, I oversee all aspects of the PA FBLA Middle Level program, the PA FBLA Scholarship Program, Professional Partnerships, as well as assist in the state officer candidacy process, state officer training and leadership process, and assist all other members of the PA FBLA State Management Team. Tell me some leadership and business skills you learned in FBLA that has helped you in the college world. FBLA is full of opportunities to learn and gain skills in leadership and business skills. From organization, to time management, to interviewing skills, all the way to specific skills like marketing, finance, public speaking, etc. FBLA has truly made me who I am today. I strive on being as organized, punctual, reliable, and committed as I can. These are all qualities that FBLA instilled and polished within me – especially as a local, regional, and state officer. FBLA has a great opportunity to give you the ‘full package’ for success in the future. Was the interviewing process for colleges easier since you were involved in the organization? I think FBLA has a whole prepares you for the interviewing process, the application process, and having FBLA on your resume gives you a step up on other students who do not have this outstanding experience.


The New York State FBLA Officers voted on the Ronald McDonald House Charities at our State Officer Training last July. We decided on this charity, mainly because it helps underprivileged children by feeding them and providing them with shelter. As Chair of the Community Service Committee for NYS, I believe we will achieve a lot for this worthy cause and help make lives better. Our major goals for this year are to raise at least $4,000 for the Ronald McDonald House and to promote community service activities throughout NYS FBLA. I believe that we can accomplish these goals and even exceed the quotas that we set for ourselves. We have a list of our competitions in the community service section on our state website,

NEW JERSEY FBLA New Jersey FBLA decided that it would be a good idea to adopt the March of Dimes for their state charity. I discussed the community service goals with Evan Murphy, the Community Service Vice President for New Jersey. He said that New Jersey’s goal for this year is to raise $50,000 compared to last year when Jersey raised $45,00. Some of the steps that they are taking to gain the extra push to reach their goal includes hosting a Baskets for Babies fundraiser at their State Fall Leadership Conference, organizing a Blue Jeans for Babies dance at their State Leadership Conference, and running a Fight for Preemies Dodge Ball Tournament in the spring. I am sure that New Jersey will succeed like they did last year and certainly make all of FBLA proud. LEFT: NJ won top honors for its community service projects at the 2011 NFLC. RIGHT: Wallkill FBLA members attend Super Night, a local chapter event that raises more than $20,000 for the March of Dimes each year.

for FBLA members by Timothy Mansure (New Jersey) Are you a Future Business Leader of America? Do you plan to pursue a college education? Does the idea of lowering your tuition fees and receiving thousands of dollars in scholarships money interest you? If you answered “Yes” to any of the previous questions, then don’t stop reading now… because each year FBLA-PBL’s partners offer thousands of dollars in scholarships to its graduating senior members. Everyone wants to earn a scholarship and as a member of FBLA, you are already a step ahead of everybody else. If you plan to pursue a business career, FBLA is the premier student business organization that will facilitate your transition to a rigorous postsecondary business education. Institutions including Johnson & Wales University, MSOE Rader School of Business, Pennsylvania College of Technology, Pittsburgh Technical Institute, and numerous more propose scholarships to members that plan to attend their schools in the upcoming school year. On the national website, you will find contact information for representatives to help clarify any question or concern you may have. Furthermore, a number of organizations and foundations offer hundreds of scholarships to exceptional FBLA members to! Such scholarships are offered from the National Technical Honor Society, American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the NFIB Young Entrepreneur Foundation, and countless others. Deadlines vary for most scholarships and some deadlines are approaching quickly. The criterion for each scholarship is very different; it is strongly encouraged that you visit the national website for more information. Without a doubt, the FBLA Distinguished Business Leader Scholarship is intended to notable and outstanding FBLA members for their activity and involvement in the association. The deadline is April 1st and the number of scholarships awarded depends on the yearly contributions received. Requirements for this $500 minimum scholarship is available on the FBLA-PBL website and you must have completed the Leader level of the Business Achievement Awards. For more information on earning scholarships from FBLA and FBLA-PBL’s partners please visit and look for scholarship information under the “membership benefits” tab. With a quarter of a million members preparing for “real world” professional experiences, you can gain the competitive edge for your college and career success through scholarships. Don’t miss out!

Want to learn more? Visit or email for more info!

tips and tricks to ensure a successful year with your FBLA middle level chapter by Bethany Barefoot (Pennsylvania) Most students have the opportunity to appreciate all that the Future Business Leaders of America organization has to offer them at the start of their freshman year in high school. But with the Middle Level FBLA chapter increasing each year, students now have to the opportunity to appreciate FBLA in their junior highs and middle schools. With over 20,000 members, FBLA Middle Level is the fastest growing division of FBLA. Influenced greatly by high school FBLA chapters, middle school students model their Middle Level chapter after that of the high schools. How do you start a Middle Level? The most important step is establishing a membership. Airing announcements during the school day, posting flyers, and holding monthly meetings for members and potential members is a great way to spread the word about Future Business Leaders of America. The more FBLA is promoted throughout the school, the more students are intrigued about this beneficial organization. After a membership is established, it is vital to have members become involved. Community service is a great way for members to give back to their community while having fun. These community service projects could range from volunteering at a local food bank to raising money for the March of Dimes. The list of projects is endless. What is the secret behind a successful Middle Level chapter? Enthusiasm! If other students see members and advisors enjoying themselves in this great organization, then they too will want to join in on all the fun and exciting opportunities that FBLA has to offer. By joining Middle Level FBLA, students are taking the first step to becoming successful and responsible business leaders. Thinking about starting a Middle Level chapter at your school? Check out for more information and your school could join the thousands of Middle Level members who are enjoying the benefits of FBLA!

2011 NFLC Review “I loved the convenient location of the hotel! We were able to visit so many parts of the city and learn about our nation’s history.” --Daniel Abraham, NJ

The 2011

National Fall Leadership Conference in Philadelphia, PA was an exciting, two-day conference that allowed members endless networking opportunities. Located right in the middle of Center City, the Downtown Marriot housed more than 2,000 FBLA members from across the nation! Members participated in various workshops, and they were able to explore the rich and historical city of Philadelphia in their spare time. Popular attractions included the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, and the ever-bustling South Street. The conference concluded with a Blue Jeans for Babies Dance, in which members were able to “bid” on national officers. All proceeds from the dance went to the March of Dimes, as FBLA continued to show its support for premature birth prevention.

“Meeting new people was one of my favorite parts of the conference! There were members from Texas, Ohio, and more!” --Aatish Bathija, NY

“Winning Battle of the States for NJFBLA was definitely a highlight. It was great to have such a fun competition with other members!” --Evan Murphy, NJ


FBLA on the Web by Marc Cohen (NY)

Eastern Region FBLA has a region-wide Facebook page as well as a Twitter account open to officers, members, advisers, and just those people who wish to become more informed. These social media devices are being used to spread the FBLA name and keep current and prospective members informed about the things going on in FBLA. Due to the huge number of people who engage in Facebook and Twitter, this is a fantastic channel through which we can get information. Eastern Region FBLA has a page which you can “like” to receive updated information. Hasher Nisar, ERVP, and Kaitlin Chaung, the Eastern Region Communication Director, are the administrators of the account. Aside from an easy way to view upcoming FBLA events, the page will help to inform members about the Regional Officer Team, conferences, National Staff, and will be updated during the Conference to show finalists and winners of events. The Eastern Region State Officer Board Room Facebook page also keeps members updated on what’s going on with other states and the national level! How do I become connected with Eastern Region FBLA? Simply type the name in your search bar, and “like” us! For any questions or comments about the page, contact Kaitlin Chaung at

FBLAERVP@FBLA.ORG Search for “Eastern Region FBLA” Follow @NatFBLAERVP

a note from the editor…. The Eastern Express is the official newsletter of the National FBLA Eastern Region that is published by members. The Eastern Express is created and maintained by the Eastern Region Communication Director, Kaitlin Chaung. Additionally, all articles are written by the National Eastern Region Vice President, Hasher Nisar, and the Eastern Region Executive Board. The Board members are as follows:          

Marc Cohen (Secretary) Kaitlin Chaung (Communications Director) Sohum Pawar (Webmaster) Aatish Bathija (First Vice-President’s Assistant) Tim Mansure (Vice President’s Assistant) Danielle DuBee (Vice President’s Assistant) Bethany Barefoot (Vice President’s Assistant) Daniel Abraham (Vice President’s Assistant) Jash Patel (Treasurer) Laura Sorice (National President’s Assistant)

If there are any questions, suggestions, or new ideas, feel free to contact Hasher at or Kaitlin at

FBLA Eastern Express, Fall 2011  

FBLA National Eastern Region Newsletter, the Eastern Express. This Fall Edition was published by Communication Director, Kaitlin Chaung, and...

FBLA Eastern Express, Fall 2011  

FBLA National Eastern Region Newsletter, the Eastern Express. This Fall Edition was published by Communication Director, Kaitlin Chaung, and...