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'Leap' of faith By KAITLIN LOUNSBERRY/VOICE CORRESPONDENT THE STATE JOURNAL-REGISTER Posted Feb 01, 2010 @ 11:00 PM Talented actors, a cheesy — yet romantic — storyline and a location people would love to visit. These things are only part of what makes Universal Pictures’ latest flick a must-see for people all around. In “Leap Year,” Amy Adams stars as Anna Brady, a woman who is always in control and who always has a plan. Matthew Goode plays Declan, the handsome Irishman who attempts to help Anna get to Dublin to find her boyfriend, Jeremy. This movie shows Anna’s journey throughout Ireland with Declan to meet up with Jeremy (Adam Scott) and propose to him after she learns of an Irish legend that allows women to propose on Feb. 29 every leap year. “Leap Year” isn’t your normal chick flick. This movie has a remarkable script, witty humor and character development that make you feel like you understand and know these characters. Amy Adams’ obviously serious attitude toward her job makes you believe she is Anna Brady and that she really would travel thousands of miles to marry the man of her dreams. Anna isn’t the only character you’ll grow attached to. Declan’s opinionated, “I-don’t-care” outlook on life is the opposite of Anna’s. It shows just how talented Goode is to be able to convey that on a movie screen. However, the actors shouldn’t be the only people credited for this fabulous movie. The film’s writers deserve pats on their backs for coming up with a movie that many people wish was the story of their lives: Finding the love of your life … in Ireland. Although many will claim this is just another romantic comedy, it’s not. This movie gives you an insight into people who feel they must be in total control of their lives, but realize they aren’t perfect … and that they have issues with one of the most common thing in the world: love. Kaitlin Lounsberry is a sophomore at Williamsville High School.

'Leap' of Faith  

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