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Kaitlin Comunale The peacock symbolizes beauty, resurrection, vision, awakening and renewal. Thus the image of the feathers Awake Products that it annually sheds is used to package foods specifically consumed to awaken the mind and body; green tea, Independent project dark chocolate and walnuts. The dimensions of each package are proportional to the suggested serving size. Digital graphics on paper 6.5 in x 2.5 in x .5 in; 5 in x 3in; 2.75 in x 2.75 in; 2.5in x 2.5in

Kaitlin Comunale Gravity Spring 2011 ART2702C Pine wood and glass pane Letters are 5 in x 4 in

The power, or the weight, of language is often overlooked. This piece emphasizes the gravity of language and its lasting impact, represented by the irreparable shattering of a fragile material. To relate to a universal audience there are no discernable words, but rather letters that relate to many cultures.

Kaitlin Comunale Mike Perry Workshop Fall 2010 GRA 2111C Digital print and drawing on paper 11 in x 17 in & 22 in x 50 in

As Mike Perry is interested in education, he will be holding a workshop to teach artists of all ages fundamentals of illustration. The posters are given away and are blank to allow for embellishment while the drawing lies upon a table to be expanded and drawn upon during the workshop.

Kaitlin Comunale Escape Spring 2010 ART1803C Woven hemp and wire 11 ft x 3 ft

Beyond providing nourishment, a fishnet symbolizes entrapment. Just as fish are rendered helpless by these binding ropes, humans become emotionally or physically trapped by their problems. The net is the figure while simultaneously trapping the figure, conveying an inward struggle to escape what has trapped the mind and body.

Kaitlin Comunale Chair Drawing Fall 2009 ART2305C Charcoal on paper 22 in x 30 in

The chair drawing is an exercise that explores perception by capturing the three-dimensional space created by the chair and the lighting upon the chair in a two-dimensional plane.

Kaitlin Comunale Recollection Fall 2010 PGY2101 Objects on photography paper 11 in x 8.5 in each

This project was an exercise in composition as well as technical practices of exposure to find absolute black. The sequence explores memory by capturing the history of displacement of various objects as they move across the paper, leaving a ghostly trail of their past behind.

Kaitlin Comunale Leap Fall 2010 DIG2131C White contact paper Varied; 6ft x 4ft for most figures

The sensation of fatigue normally associated with stairs is juxtaposed with one of high energy. A nonlinear narrative of parkour movements challenges ones preconception of the site by playfully placing an invigorating sequence of actions within a rather mundane, exhausting environment.

Kaitlin Comunale Rhythm Fall 2010 GRA2111C Pen and collage on paper, laminate 3 in x 300 in

The word Rhythm is illustrated in 100 different solutions to highlight its presence in all aspects of life. The squares individually contain rhythm and are organized as a continuous rhythm. It is laminated so viewers can interact with the book, creating their own visual and auditory rhythm through its movement.

Kaitlin Comunale Vis-Ă -Vis (Face to Face) Spring 2010 ART1803C Paint and collage on canvas 5.5 in x 11.5 in

Communication is so integral to our lives, but often taken for granted. For the persona project I was a young French immigrant isolated by the language barrier. The purse’s exterior represents the American stereotypes surrounding her and the isolated state in which she exists while the interior exposes her personality.

Kaitlin Comunale You Make Me Independent project Drawing and digital print on paper 25 in x 17 in

What makes you? This poster is publicizing a motivational seminar specifically for women that addresses issues of self-esteem, peer pressure, substance abuse, racism and self-image. Marilyn Monroe is used as she is not only an iconic image of beauty but also one of suffering and tragic self-destruction.

Kaitlin Comunale Homeless Spring 2010 ART1803C Plastic wrap, plastic bottles and wrappers Varied; lifesize figures, cart is 4.5ft x 3ft

While researching Maurizio Cattelan, I was inspired by the shockingly lifelike nature of his figures in All. To collaborate with him, I made transparent homeless figures of trash and disposable objects that reflect societal perceptions imposed upon them. They are human beings, but are treated as disposable or invisible existences.

Kaitlin Comunale A Book of Type Fall 2009 2208C Bristol and black construction paper 8 in x 8 in each

This book studies the relationship of typefaces and fundamentals of form, dimension and pattern; each letter of the alphabet is represented in the category for which it is best suited aesthetically. The squares can exist separately or be arranged at the whim of the viewer as a word or image.


Fine Arts/Graphic Design Portfolio


Fine Arts/Graphic Design Portfolio