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We believe everyone has a dream and within the person the capacity to achieve it



Reapfield group of companies is the leader in Malaysia specializing in providing real estate services. Since its formation in 1984, Reapfield has created a unique culture focusing on servicing with integrity not only our clients but the business partners and employees who choose to work with Reapfield. With the ever changing conditions in the real estate market, continuous development in skills and leadership is critical. Reapfield Academy is the training arm of Reapfield group of companies. Reapfield Academy is responsible to identify and develop training and equipping program for our negotiators. We help our negotiators to sharpen their skills in developing business and marketing plans, enhance their skills in negotiation and better their customer service skills in ensuring the highest quality of service rendered. Reapfield group of companies has now grown and expanded to a network of 13 offices with more than 700 negotiators. By staying abreast with the constant evolving needs of our clients and negotiators, we have also developed a continuous leadership development program for our middle management to lead their teams effectively.

“To Honor GOD by providing real estate services of the highest standard through developing and equipping our people�


In Reapfield we believe that people are our greatest asset. We consider everyone who chooses to work with Reapfield our partner. Therefore, we believe in the continuous development and equipping for our partners to help them to be successful both as individuals and as teams and in their businesses.





Learning is not complete when there is no application. The gap between knowing and doing is the constant challenge for a successful training program. In Reapfield, we provide not only the classroom teaching and equipping program but also provide life coaching sessions to narrow the gap between knowing and doing.

Leadership Development

Leadership is not just about charting the direction and giving instructions. Leadership at different levels requires different skill sets to build the team to work, to stay and to move together in the same direction to achieve the common goals. This training emphasizes on the “soft skills� a leader needs in order to enhance his/her leadership capabilities to achieve this. This program equips anyone who needs to provide leadership for a team of people working under him/ her. (The number of days required for the training & coaching program can be customized to suit the needs of the company)


Leadership is required at different levels of an organization.



DISC, TEAMS & Values Style Profiling and Behavioral Training & Coaching. DISC profiling helps you to understand human behavior and the different temperaments of people. This helps you to understand yourself and others. The TEAMS profile helps the team leader strategically place the TEAM Members in their best position to maximize their effectiveness. The Values Style Profile helps you to discover the invisible motivators – your Personal Value system which determines how you live your life and how you work. This training helps leaders to gain insight about self and the team members. It helps the team to relate and communicate effectively and thus increases personal and team effectiveness. (The number of days required for the training & coaching program can be customized to suit the needs of the company)

Training & Equipping Skills

This training equips trainers with practical tips on how to plan a dynamic training program and effective presentation skills

Communication Skills Various skills of communication will be taught in this session. Ability to communicate well helps build the confidence level of the individual in dealing with customers, colleagues or in delivering presentations. (The number of days required for the training & coaching program can be customized to suit the needs of the company)


Conducting an exciting and interactive training & equipping session helps the participants enjoy and remember the lessons.



What is Life Coaching? Life coaching is a future-focused practice and a discipline where a professional relationship is established between a client and a coach to embark on a journey of self-discovery, personal development and achievement. Coaching helps you: to gain clarity to take small achievable steps to move forward to increase your effectiveness to enrich the skills and talents you already have to discover your values and beliefs to discover what is best for you to discover your own answer

The coach provides support, guidance and inspiration to motivate the client to remain focused. Coaching is for EVERYONE; whether you are an executive, a business owner, a salesman, et cetera. As long as you have a desire for personal growth and development, COACHING is for you!


Using the G.R.O.W.T.H. Š For Success model, our coaching program helps the individual or group to embark on an exciting journey of growth and development.


Soo Seng Fei is a graduate from Monash University, Melbourne, Australia with a Bachelor of Engineering degree. He started his career as a civil engineer and has worked in various engineering environment as a Consultant, a Property Management Executive, a Project and Sales Manager. Some of his achievements include ISO 9000 System certification for the organizations he worked with and developing, training, equipping and coaching more than 100 leaders in an organization with more than 2000 members.

The specialty of his training and coaching is his ability and creativity to simplify workable principles into phrases that are Easy to Remember and Ready to Apply. He believes that everyone has a dream and within the person the capacity to achieve it.

Bachelor of Engineering (BE) Monash University, Melbourne, Australia

Certified by Thomas International Management Systems to apply the Personal Profile Analysis with respect to recruitment, training, team building, promotion and redeployment of personnel in any working environment Associate Trainer for Development Program


Certified Residential Specialist by Council of Residential Specialist International


Professional Achievement for successfully completing “Tools For Trainer Excellence� by Achieve Global

If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I'd spend six hours sharpening my ax. Abraham Lincoln



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