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The highlight of the week is without a doubt the Spanish dubbed video ( Watch video ) that makes fun of the Egyptian political landscape building on the infamous Twitter hashtag that went viral: #Vote_ the_Pimp. ( Watch video )

The same video was used 10 days ago to make fun of the Chelsea Arsenal 6-0 match.

For those who have a sensitive back, we recommend this video. ( Watch video )

April’s fool in Germany ( Watch video )

April’s fool in Egypt ( Read article )

A Danish travel agency wants the country’s people to do the patriotic thing by traveling out of town and .. getting busy! Danes should “Do it for Denmark” The couples that conceived during the trip are provided with a three-year supply of diapers, which is a part of their special “Ovulation Discount. ( Watch video ) Although Denmark wants to increase its human population, it is fundamentally decreasing its animal population. ( Watch video )

Kiss, Hands, now Noses! You likely saw the “First Kiss” video somewhere last week.. After it went viral and gotten over 71 million views, it has sparked a sequence of incredible parodies. Starting with the Egyptian version that was very indicative to our culture and millions shared it feeling sorry for the lame attitude of the actors.. Now a Saudi spin-off is creating an

Hong Kong saves its famous street neon signs by creating an online exhibition, encouraging people to upload their favorite images. ( Check the website)

“Can I take your order sir?” “Yes, one medium Margarita with extra Marijuana please.” Well, YES! Vancouver introduces its new weed-infused slices with the special ingredient in a pizzeria called the Happy Herb Pizza. ( Read article )

online mixed reaction. They asked straight men to greet each other by rubbing noses and they called it first “khashm”. Original video ( Watch video ) Egyptian parody ( Watch video ) Saudi parody ( Watch video )

Egyptian Artist ( See photos ) American Art Director ( See photos )

( Watch video )

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