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It gives me immense pleasure to know that Kairali of Baltimore, Malayalee Association, Maryland, USA celebrating Onam and bringing out a souvenir to commemorate this event. Onam is celebrated all over the world where Keralites are present. It is an ideal occasion to ponder over our rich tradition and sweet memories. Happy onam wishes to all the Association members and best wishes for your efforts.

Oommen Chandy

Smt. Sheeba Jose Paranilam Chief Editor Kairali Of Baltimore

ssIcfn 5 kph-\oÀ 2015


MESSAGE I am happy to learn that the ‘Kairali of Baltimore’ is bringing out a Souvenir 2015 during the Onam Celebration of this year. I compliment Maryland Malayalee community for their efforts and convey my best wishes for the endeavor.

V.S. Achuthanandan

Smt. Sheeba Jose Paranilam Chief Editor Kairali Of Baltimore

ssIcfn 7 kph-\oÀ 2015

kvt\l-Øn-t‚bpw kmtlm-Zc- y-Øn-s‚bpw ktμ-ih- p-ambn ho≠p-samcp Xncp-thmWw IqSn hs∂-Øn. ]q°-f-ßfpw ]qhn-fn-Ifpw D≈ Krlm-Xp-cXzw \nd™ ]≠sØ HmW-°mew {]hmkn ae-bm-fn-I-fmb \ΩpsS a\- n¬ \ndw aßmsX C∂pw \nd™p \n¬°p-∂p. AØw apX¬ Xncp-thmWw hsc hoSp-I-fn¬ Hcp°p∂ ]q°-f-ßfpw PmXn- a - X - t `- Z t\y F√mhcpw HØptN¿∂p≈ HmW- ∏ m´pw HmW°- f nbpw A∂sØ ÿncw ImgvN-bm-bn-cp-∂p. Xqi-\n-e-bn¬ hnf-ºp∂ HmW-k-Zy-bpsS cpNn Ct∏mgpw \ΩpsS \mhn-ep-≠v. ssZh-Øns‚ kz¥w \mSns‚ kwkvIm-chpw \∑bpw ]pXnb Xe-ap-dbn-te°v ]I¿∂p sImSp-°p∂Xns‚ `mK-ambn _mƒ´n-tam¿ ssIcfn {]kn-≤oI-cn-°p∂ 2015 se Cu kvac-WnI \n߃°mbn ka¿∏n-°p-∂p. ]g-b- X-e-ap-dbn-sebpw ]pXn-b-X-e-ap-d-bn-sebpw {]Xn-`-I-fpsS Iem-kr-jvSn-Ifpw _mƒ´n-tam¿ ssIc-fn-bpsS hnhn[ Imcy-]n-c-]m-Sn-I-fpsS Omb-Nn-{X-ßfpw kap-\z-bn-∏n®v Aflt\m-l-c-am-bn-´mWv ssIcfn kvac-WnI \n߃°mbn Hcp°n-bn-´p-≈-Xv. Cu kvac-WnI C{Xbpw `wKn-bm-°p-∂X - n-\p-th≠n Iem-hn-cp∂v Hcp°nb F√m {]Xn-`-I-tfmSpw ]ckyw X∂v klm-bn® F√m am\y-hy-‡n-I-tfmSpw hyhkmb ÿm]-\-ß-tfmSpw _mƒ´ntam¿ ssIcfnbpsS AIa-gn™ \μn tcJ-s∏SpØp-∂p. Ign™ Ipsd amk-ß-fmbn kvac-WnI `wKn-bm-°p∂-Xn-\p-th≠n ITn\m-≤zm\w sNbvX FUnt‰m-dn-b¬ t_m¿Uv AwK-ß-fmb tPmbv IqtS-en, kXyZmkv tXm∏n¬, tXmakv tPmkv, cmP≥ aØm-bn, A\n¬ Atemjy-kv, k_o\ \mk¿ F∂nh¿°pw {]kn-U‚ v dlvam≥ ISm-_, sk{I-´dn ‰nk≥ tXmakv F∂nh¿°p-ap≈ lrZ-b-bw-K-amb \μn Adnbn-°p-∂p. kº¬kar- ≤ n- b p- t Sbpw k¿ssΔ- i z- c y- Ø n- t ‚bpw HmWm- i w- k - I ƒ F√mh¿°pw t\¿∂p-sIm≠v tUm. jo_ ]d-\new (No^v FUn‰¿)

ssIcfn 9 kph-\oÀ 2015

As we celebrate Onam, the festival of trust, truthfulness, submission, sacrifice, love, respect, peace, unity, equality and prosperity, on behalf of Kairali of Baltimore, I extend my warmest greetings and best wishes to each one of you. When good is depicted in the face of evil, when love of humanity prevails there is an ecstatic sense of serenity prevails. If we embody the above true message of Onam into our lives our homes and this world will be a heaven on earth. As we celebrate Onam it reminds us to embrace above profound messages into our lives. Story of Onam is not found in our text books. Our children have to be told these stories when a king decides to give away his entire nation and his life for the sake of his promise. Our children have to make a love and respect their parents, teachers and elders regardless of the situation. They have to promise to take care of their parents at their old age. They have to make a promise to study hard to make their parents proud. They have to promise to make the right choices between good and bad, love and hate and as they both co-exist. Onam is celebrated all over the world regardless of cast, creed or religion. Kairali has done a magnificent job in bringing to us Onam festivities in Baltimore for the past thirty one years. I am humbled and honored to serve as the President of Kairali this year backed by an excellent committee. I am fortunate with the tremendous support from our executive committee and the entire Kairali family. First time ever you will experience chendamelam by our women this Onam. The Mother’s Day bus trip we went together was a memorable experience. Our children benefited from the SAT and Malayalam classes. We enjoyed sports and picnic recently. A soup kitchen, CPR training and blood drive are in the works along with a speech competition for our youth. Kairali has embraced to award two scholarships to eligible seniors this year. We are blessed. We show kindness to the less fortunate ones. Kairali has taken over an ambitious plan to give books, school bags and umbrella to children, give food and medicine to the sick and a home to a homeless. I request your participation and support in this noble cause. My thanks to each one of you for your continued support and participation. You are the strength and inspiration behind Kairali. I also express my thanks to all our committee members, volunteers, sponsors, advisors and well-wishers. A special thanks to the souvenir committee for bringing this souvenir to our hands. May God’s mercy and blessings be with you. Happy and joyous Onam!

Rahman Kadaba President Kairali of Baltimore

ssIcfn 11 kph-\oÀ 2015

Dear Friends, When the month Chingam arrives, when the trees and shrubs are full of leaves, when flowers of various colors bloom, we know Onam has arrived and we start celebrating this great festival of ours without the bounds of religion, caste or creed. The epic of Onam stands out with equality, love and happiness. This is when without question we say nature and humanity having a perfect harmony. This is the time of every year, for us the Malayalee expatriates; the nostalgia of Onam and its festivities comes into our midst with affection, love and friendship. Kairali of Baltimore and its Executive Committee wants you to experience Onam with its splendor, gaiety and enthusiasm. Kairali of Baltimore brings to you this love, joy and happiness during our Onam celebrations.Under the leadership of Mr. Rahman Kadaba and the executive committee I extend each and everyone of you a memorable Onam this year! Malayalees all over the world celebrate Onam regardless of their religious spectrum. Kairali of Baltimore provides all the Malayalees in and around Baltimore an opportunity to come together as a big family to celebrate Onam with its entire splendor. With a delicious and authentic Onasadya and diverse cultural programs, Kairali of Baltimore promises each and every one of you the fondest of memories for years to come. Every Onam reminds us of an egalitarian social order where everyone is treated equal.Onam reminds that the unity, love, kinship and joy should not be limited to the holiday but become part and parcel of our everyday lives. With that kind of spirit, Kairali of Baltimore this year under the leadership of Mr. Rahman Kadaba, the executive committee focusses more on bringing everyone together where we renew friendships and sharing of our love and fellowship with many activities. This includes the Women’s forum led baking & cooking classes, Malayalam language classes for our young, participation in health education events, a successful bus trip and two day picnic in May, SAT prep classes with great participation in June, Eid celebrations, the annual one-day picnic, blood drive, visiting the soup kitchen, and sports events. The participation in these events shows how we all work together the betterment of our community and our belief in the common good of all. These events were come in fruition due to the hard work and dedication of Kairali of Baltimore Members. I thank each and every one of you for your continued participation and able to make Kairali of Baltimore an organization that thread the community together for generations to come. I thank the Souvenir Committee for their hard work to bring this Souvenir to each one of us. Onam is a festival which brings every one of us closer -be it your dear one or be it the people from different culture, language, race or ethnicity. May the spirit of Onam remains everywhere - whatever you do, whatever you think, and whatever you hope in your life “Wishing you and your loved ones a Happy Onam”

Tison Thomas Secretary, Kairali of Baltimore

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ssIcfn 21 kph-\oÀ 2015

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ssIcfn 23 kph-\oÀ 2015

This is a brief history of Kairali of Baltimore. Almost all Kerala families in Baltimore have contributed in one way or other to the growth of Kairali to the present stage.The outstanding events and personalities that have captured attention are introduced in this article. It is humbly requested that you accept my apology in advance if any deserving event or personality has been missed, understanding that it was not intentional. In the early 70s there were a few Keralites in the Baltimore area and an Indian store named Jai Hind on York road was an initial meeting place for them.By the middle of 1980s, the Keralites were in sufficient numbers and in relatively sound financial position to come out and have social gatherings. Like many others, Christopher Fernandez being a musician and artist had enjoyed such social gatherings and entertained friends regularly at his house establishing personal contacts that later became the first committee of Kairali. It was during an India Day festival held at Hopkins Plaza in 1984 and organized by India Forum that a group of Keralites discussed seriously about formation of a Kerala organization in Baltimore and soon started meetings to make it a reality. The first gathering took place at Essex Community College in 1984 and Kairali was formed under the leadership of its founding president Dr. Karmachandran Nair. During the first year, Onam and Christmas celebrations and summer picnic were conducted. Christopher Fernandez took charge of the entertainment programs and most of the communications. All Malayalam articles and letters published at that time were handwritten. During the second year,

ssIcfn 25 kph-\oÀ 2015

under the leadership of President George Elengical, door to door Christmas caroling was started and continued for many years until the number of families became so large that it became difficult to reach everyone and the program was dropped. MathenChacko had played a key role in initiating the caroling, offering his house for many rehearsals in the early years. He was also the designated driver who knew how to reach each home without getting lost most of the time at a time when no one had heard of GPS or cell phones. I took initiative to contact all known Malayalee families and publish a directory. This helped to solidify the community with the contact information, which was not there until that time. Also during that year six newsletters were published keeping all Keralites informed and excited about the community and its activities. For many years, the three programs with several newsletters and caroling continued uninterrupted bringing every Kerala family together. In the early years all the three programs were free of charge and funded by membership dues, donations from caroling and revenue from advertisements. Of course, the food was cooked and brought by members or cooked on site with a lot of member participations. It was very exciting to have members join together and prepare dishes. AKathaaprasangam by a famous Kerala artist Samabasivan was a highlight of Kairali in the early years. The third president was late K.M. Mathew. He was a visionary and had energized the community by having many rehearsals for every program that were held. Most old timers remember another person during this time that was in the forefront – late E.V. John – who was the oldest member but was known as ‘Payyan’ due to his ‘youthfulness’, enthusiasm and passion for the sports activities benefiting the youth. During the time of the fourth president, Abraham Joshua, I had the privilege of serving as the secretary and have played a key role in revising the bylaw and changing the name of the association to Kairali of Baltimore, Inc. As for Abraham Joshua, he was already a well-known leadership figure in the community at that time and has continued that role all through the years in various capacities. The next president, Josekutty Thomas was a very fluent Malayalam speaking president. His enthusiasm for acting and drama was visible by the stage performances of that year when he introduced the first ‘Nadakam’ to the community. He spent many hours meticulously preparing the paintings and other things needed to show case the Nadakam. His enthusiasm for Malayalam language was displayed by his creation of a Malayalam font – one of its first – significantly helping with the typing and publishing of Malayalam articles here, which were handwritten until that time. Josekutty has demonstrated true leadership over the next many years by his ability to speak and write clearly in both English and Malayalam and by taking Kairali to the national Malayalee Federations like FOKANA and FOMAA recently. The next president was John Perumattam, who has since relocated to California. He played an exciting role in entertaining the community by using his immensely talented brothers and friends who were the first to showcase in Baltimore some traditional forms of cultural shows and entertainments like chendamelam, mimicry, vallamkaly etc. I was drafted to serve in 1992 and after my term, the leadership was turned over to C. P. Mathew, another known leader in the community. The leadership then went to another soft-spoken community leader by name SunnichenKaruvelithara who continued with all the traditional programs. MathenChacko is another leader who was also called to serve as president twice in 1992 and 1996 followed by the leadership of late NedumpallilKuriakose. In 2000, Mathews Abraham served as president for two consecutive years for the first time.He had organized a soccer team called Maveli Soccer Club in Baltimore long before he became the president. His passion for soccer games involving the

ssIcfn 27 kph-\oÀ 2015

youth has earned him high regard especially among the growing soccer enthusiasts and fans. Soccer matches have been held annually with out-of-state teams creating many friendships and connections and earning Maveli and Kairali outside attention and recognition. Kairali has over the years developed great speakers, writers, organizers, and above all great leaders. John Mathew who served as president in 2002 has been a balanced voice of Kairali and has captured the attention of many intellectuals with his thoughtful insights and visions. Mohan Mavunkal, who has served as president for two terms – 1997 and 2003 - has enriched the organization with his speaking and writing skills. George Cheruppil, who assumed Kairali’s leadership position for two years in 2005 took great pride in making Kairali a part of Greater Washington Kerala Community. A Kerala Mela was organized in 2006 in Montgomery County by the joint efforts of all area Kerala organizations. Under the leadershipof Jose Paranilam, KairaliExecutive Committee had 38 members and hence called ‘jumbo committee’. In addition to Onam and Christmas, the committee had staged the performance of the famous singer and actor Kalabhavan Mani and group in May of 2008, arranged a bus trip to Niagara Falls, coordinated a fishing trip in the Chesapeake bay, organized joint picnic with Washington area Kerala Associations, organized a dance with DJ after the 2008 Christmas program and broadcast all the stage shows on Asianet TV. Under this presidency, Kairali and wider community have experienced the beautiful but loud sound of the authentic Kerala art called chendamelam thanks to the efforts of the president and especially Saju Jose and many committee members who are also proud members of the group called Maryland ChendaMelam formed in 2008. During the last few years, Kairali, has participated in several events in the embassy or organized by the embassy honoring dignitaries like India’s defense minister, A.K. Antony, Pravasee Minister, Vayalar Ravi, and Kerala’s former Chief Minister UmmanChandy etc. Following the jumbo committee of 2009, all administrations came with 30-35 committee members. The more exiting and promising trend observed is that the relatively junior members of the community is taking lead of the organization with novel ideas and variety activities. ShajiPadiyanikal organized an entertainment program in 2010, lead by Malayalam actor Dileep. Nazar Shamstook charge in 2011 and heencouraged more women leadership and participation. He was an enthusiastic leader and he introduced the community vegetable garden. Along with traditional programs Nazar along with KCS organized Show 2011 showcasing Pazhassi Raja Team Manoj K Jayan, Padmapriya, Suresh Krishna and songs by RimiTomy. He also created a more appealing website for Kairali. Mini Sathyadas became the first Woman President of Kairali. Mini deserves special congratulations for organizing a polio eradication campaign. She also organized Monsoon Dreams a show jointly with KCS. Anil Alousyes was a very energetic young leader in 2013. He first time started a broadcast of Kairali news and Face book page for Kairali. Anil also introduced Eid Celebration first time to Kairali events. MOTA health awareness programs were introduced to the community first time by Anil.He also started the women’s forum to increase representation and participation of women in Kairali events. Thanks to Thomas Jose who introduced a grant for this project. RajanMathai in 2014 was successful in maintaining the full cooperation of the community. All the major events under the leadership of RajanMathai were very successful. The entertainment programs reached to the peak and were enjoyed by everyone.Rajan also started broadcasting Kairali events in Youtube video. Thus Kairali is growing well, functioning healthy, now in 2015 under the leadership of Rahman Kadaba - a leader with tremendous ideas and strong eager to work.He has formed a strong dynamic executive committee to support the events in 2015. A Mother’s Day bus trip to Deep Creek was a memorable journey enjoyed by the children and parents alike. Rahman first time introduced SAT preparation class. He also introduced Kairali Schol-

ssIcfn 29 kph-\oÀ 2015

arship programs to deserving graduating senior students. A blood drive and CPR training are in the working along with a speech competition for the young children of the community covering an admirable topic “Respect, Manners and Moral Values”. He has taken a much appreciative initiative of “Feed the Hungry, Medicine for the Sick, and Home for Homeless”. During the past years, there are many others who have served the community in various other capacities. In the spiritual area, Rev. Abraham Kadavil has been with Kairali serving consistently the needs of the faithful. In the political world, Kairali has not developed that many contacts or leaders. However, we did see one rising star - DilipPaliath. Can Kairali take any claim to promoting Malayalam writers? John Attumalil, BijoChemantara, George Cheruppil, Mohan Mavunkal, Josekutty Thomas, P.V.R Prasad, Elias Abraham, and late NedumpallilKuriakose all are notable writers that Kairali has given opportunities to demonstrate their writing skills and can be proud of. Dr. Paul Thomas has published his autobiography in Malayalam called ‘Ormathirakal’ depicting his own life story in vivid detail. This is a book that has captured the attention of the world Kerala Community. When Kairali was founded, no one could have foreseen the huge technological revolution that became a reality over the past years. With Internet, TV channels, Facebook, YouTube, cell phones, etc, communications have become instant.Kairali should be able to inspire members to rise up to form business partnerships, charitable foundations, political networks, and take increasing roles in the mainstream of American life while holding onto certain time tested Indian values.

ssIcfn 33 kph-\oÀ 2015

Atacn-°≥ Kh. sl¬Øv FIvknIyq-´o-hmbn 30 ¬]cw h¿jw tkh\w sNbvX-tijw hnc-an®v hn{i-a-Po-hnXw \bn-°p∂ tUm. AeIvkv AeIvkm-≠-dpsS al-\ob t\´-߃ GsXmcp ae-bm-fn°pw A`nam-\n-°hp∂XmWv. a{Zmkv saUn-°¬ tImtf-Pn¬ \n∂pw sshZy-im-kv{X-Øn¬ _ncpZw t\Snb tijw Atacn- ° - b n- t e°p IpSn- t b- d p- I bpw tPm≥kv tlm]vIn≥kv tlmkv]n-‰-en¬ \n∂pw D]cn-]-T\w ]q¿Øn-bm°n Atacn°≥ B¿anbn¬ saUn-°¬ Hm^o-k-dmbn tkh\w Bcw`n-°p-Ibpw sNbvX At±lw B¿anbn¬ tIW¬ ]Z-hn-bn¬ hsc FØnbn-cp-∂p. hnc-an-°ptºmƒU sh{S≥kv A^tb-kn¬ No^v saUn-°¬ Hm^o-k¿ Bbncp-∂p tUm.AeIvkm-≠¿. ho¿Po-\n-b, t\m¿Øv Itcmfn-\, shÃv hn¿Po-\nb F∂o aq∂p taJ-e-I-fnse sh{S≥kv saUn-°¬ sk‚p-Iƒ Htck-abw Ub-dIvSv sNbvX GI C¥ym°m-c\pw Ct±l-am-Wv. hnZym-`ymk ˛K-th-jW ]≤-XnIƒ sh{S≥kv saUn-°¬ sk‚-dp-I-fn¬ hnP-b-I-c-ambn \S-∏m-°p-\-\-Xn\v tUm. AeIvkm-≠d - psS {]h-¿Ø\-߃ hfsc D]Im-cs - ∏-´p. Atacn-°b - nse hnhn[ saUn-°¬ bqWn-th-gvkn-‰n-I-fn¬ A≤ym]-I-\mbn {]h¿Øn® Ct±lsØ BtcmKy ˛ [\-im-kv{X-Ønepw sl¬Øv sIb¿ AUvan\nkvt{S-j\ - nepw hnZ-KvZ\ - mbn KWn-°s - ∏-Sp-∂p. World Health Organisatio, U.S agency for International Development, Social Security administration, US Public Health Service

F∂nhn-S-ß-fn¬ Consultant Bbn {]h¿Øn-®n-cp∂p tUm. AeIvkm-≠¿.

ssIcfn 37 kph-\oÀ 2015

tUm: Ae-Ivkm-≠¿, tUm: F.-]n.-sP. A_vZpƒ bp. Fkv. B¿anbn¬ \n∂pw Legion of Merit Dƒs∏sS [mcmfw Kh. _lp-a-Xn-Ifpw, Kh. CXc _lp-a-Xn-Ifpw Ct±lw Ic-ÿ-am-°n-bn-´p-≠v. 26 imkv{Xob {]_-‘ß - ƒ Xøm-dm-°n-bn-´p≈ tUm. AeIvkm-≠¿ ]Tn-∏n-°p-∂-Xn\v D]tbm-Kn® Ipdn∏p-Iƒ tlm]vIn≥kv bqWn-th-gvkn‰n {KŸ-ßfm°n D]tbm-Kn-°p-∂p. Kh¨sa‚n-s‚bpw k¿ΔI-em-im-e-I-fpsSbpw ]e imkv{X-am-kn-II-fp-sS FUn‰-dmbn {]h¿Øn-°p-hm\pw Ct±lw kabw I≠n-cp-∂p. tUm. AeIvkm-≠dpambn {io tXmakv tPmkv \SØnb A`nap-J-Øn¬ \n∂pw tUm. F.]n.-sP. A_vZpƒ Iem-ap-ambn´p≈ ]cnN-bsØ∏‰n tI´n-´p-≠v. hnh-cn-°mtam? a{Zm-kn¬ ]Tn-°p-tºmƒ tUm. Iem-an-t\m∏w Htc apdn-bn¬ 4 h¿jw Rm≥ Xma-kn-®n-cp-∂p. Rßtfm-sSm∏w aq∂m-a-sXm-cmƒ IqSnbp≠m-bn-cp-∂p; tUm. kº-ØvIp-am¿. tUm. Iem-ans‚ BflI-Ybn¬ Cu {Xnaq¿Øn-I-sf-°p-dn®v ]cm-a¿i-ap≠v (“Wings of Fire”-page 14 ) tUm. Iemw C≥Uy≥ {]knU-≠m-bn-cp-∂-t∏mƒ R߃ aqhcpw Hcn°¬ cmjv{S]Xn`h-\n¬ IqSn I≠n-cp-∂p. Atacn- ° - b n- t e°v IpSn- t b- d p- h m- \ p- ≠ mb ImcWw F¥mbn-cp∂p? {][m\ ImcWw tPm≥kv tlm]vIn≥kv Xs∂. as‰mcp ImcWw kz¥w \m´n¬ A\p`-hn-t°≠n

h∂ hwiob hnth-N-\w. a{Zmkv k¿Δ- I - e - i m- e bn¬ \n∂pw saUnkn\n¬ _ncpZw t\Snb tijw D]cn-]-T-\-Øn\v AhnsS-Xs∂ At]£ns®-¶nepw Rms\mcp aebmfn BsW∂p- ≈ - X n\m¬ Xnc-kv°-cn-°-s∏´p. a{Zmkv {]kn-U≥kn Ahkm-\n-°p-Ibpw kwÿm-\-߃ `mjm-Snÿm-\-Øn¬ \ne-hn¬ hcp-Ibpw sNbvX ImeIemw, kºØv Ipam¿ am-b-cp∂p AXv. 67 ko‰pI-fn-te°v 35 At]£I¿ am{Xw D≠mbn-cp-∂n´pw Rm≥ X≈-s∏-´-Xns‚ hmin°v tPm¨kv tlm]vIn≥ bqWn-th-gvkn-‰nbn¬ At]£n-°p-Ibpw {]th-i\w e`n-°p-Ibpw sNbvXp. BZyIme ae-bmfn IpSn-tb-‰-°m-cn¬ Hcmƒ F∂ \ne-bn¬ Atacn-°-bn¬ D≠mb A\p`h-߃ Fßs\ Bbncp-∂p.? 1962 F∂Xv hfsc hnZq-c-amb Hcp `qX-Ime- a √ F¶nepw A∂v ae- b m- f n- I ƒ F∂√ C¥y°m¿ Xs∂ Atacn-°-bn¬ hfsc Ipd-hmbn-cp-∂p. Fs‚ Adnhn¬ A∂v aq∂v C¥y°m¿ am{Xta _ƒ´n-aq-dn¬ D≠mbn-cp-∂p-≈q. tlm]vI - n≥ kn¬ A∂v Idp-Ø-h¿§-Øn¬s∏´ hnZym¿∞nIƒ°v {]th-i\w e`n-°pambn-cp-∂n-√. tcmKnIƒ°pw, sh≈-°m¿°pw IdpØ h¿§-°m¿°pw {]tXyIw {]tXyIw hm¿Up-Iƒ Bbncp-∂p. _ƒ´n-aq-dn¬ FØnb-Xns‚ c≠mw \mƒ D®`-£-W-Øn-\mbn FØnb- I-S-bn¬ \n∂pw _¿K¿ hmßp-hm≥ km[n-s®-¶nepw AhnsS-bncp∂p `£n-°p-hm≥ Fs∂ A\ph-Zn-®n-cp-∂n-√. sh≈-°m¿ am{Xw Blmcw Ign-°p∂ ÿm]\ambn-cp∂p AXv. ae-bm-fn-bmbXns‚ t]cn¬ a{Zmkv saUn-°¬ tImtf-Pn¬ {]th-i\w \ntj-[n-°s - ∏´ A\p`-h-ap≈ X\n°v Atacn-°-bn¬ t\cn´ hnthN\w hnj-a-ambn tXm∂n-bn-√. 1968 Hcp hoSp hmßm≥ {ian-®-t∏mƒ B hoSv am¿°-‰n¬ \n∂pw

ssIcfn 39 kph-\oÀ 2015

]n≥h-en® kw`hhpw Rm≥ Hm¿Ωn-°p-∂p. 1964 ¬ knhn¬ ssd‰v BIvSv \ne-hn¬ h∂n-cp-∂p. F¶nepw h¿§-hn-th-N\w i‡-ambn Xs∂ \ne \n∂n-cp∂p B Ime-L-´-Øn¬. Atacn- ° ≥ B¿anbn¬ tNcp- h m- \ p- ≠ mb Xm¬]-cyhpw B¿an Pohn-X-Øns‚ A\p`-h-ßfpw Hm¿Ωn-°m≥ km[n-°p-tam? Rm≥ Atacn-°b - n¬ h∂Xv FIvkvtN©v hnk-bn-em-bn-cp-∂p. B hnk-bpsS Nne \n_-‘\-Iƒ ]men-°p-∂-Xn-\p-th≠n B¿anbn¬ tN¿∂Xv . F∂pXs∂bpa- √ , ss{]h‰v {]mIv S - k n¬ F\n°v bmsXmcp Xm¬]-cy-hp-ap-≠m-bn-cp-∂n-√. B¿anbn¬ tkh\w sNøpI hgn e`n® t\´-߃ \nkm-c-ßm-fmbncp∂n-√. ÿm\hpw A[nIm-chpw Hcn°epw Fs∂ BI¿j-n-®n-cp-∂ns√-¶nepw {]h¿Øn® ÿm]-\-ß-fpsS \b-cq-]oI-c-WsØ kzm[o-\n-°p-hm≥ km[n-®Xp hgn Fs‚Xmb Bib-߃ \S-∏m-°p-hm≥ Ffp∏-abn-cp-∂p. Agency for International Development ¬ {]h¿Øn-®-t∏mƒ HutZym-KnI Imcy-߃°mbn temI-Øns‚ hnhn[ `mKßfn¬ Xma-kn-t°≠n h∂n-cp-∂p. CXpaqew BgØn-ep≈ temI-]-cnNbw e`n-°p-hm≥ km[n-®p. ssN\-bnse Hcp anen-‰dn tlmkv]n-‰¬ kμ¿in-°p-hm≥ F\n°v Ahkcw e`n-®n-cp-∂p. ssN\°mc≥ A√mØ Hcmƒ°v CØc-Øn¬ Hcp A\phmZw e`n-°p-∂Xv hfsc A]q¿Δ-am-Wv. bp≤- c w- K Øv ]cn- ° p- ] - ‰ p∂ `S- ∑ m¿°v as‰mcm-fn¬\n∂pw t\cn´v c‡w \¬Ip∂ coXn Atacn-°-°m-cmWv Bcw`n-®-sX∂v AhIm-is∏-Sp-∂p-s≠-¶n-epw, kvs]bn≥Imc-\mb tUm. t\m¿a≥ _Ømßv BWv BZyambn Aßs\ sNbv X - s X∂v Rm≥ a\- n-em-°p-∂p.

ioen® A®S-°hpw, ASp-°pw, hymbm-ahpw F√m Znh-khpw ]men-°p∂p. Rmb-dmgvN HgnsI F√m Znh- k hpw hymbmaw sNøp. Bgv N bn¬ Hcp Znhkw ico-c-Øn\v hn{iaw Bhiy-am-Wv. Xs∂bp-a-√, Rmb-dmgvNsØ Zn\-]-{X-߃ hmbn®p Xo¿°p-hm≥ IqSp-X¬ kabw thWw. F√m Znhkhpw 4-˛5 Zn\-]-{X-߃ ]q¿Æ-ambpw hmbn-°pw. an°-t∏mgpw FUn‰¿°v IØ-bv°p-hm≥ Imc-Wßfpw ImWpw. Ct∏mƒ ]m¿°n≥k≥kv tcmK-Øns‚ ]nSn-bn-em-sW-¶nepw \ntXy-\-bp≈ hymbm-ahpw Bbp¿th-Z-Nn-In¬kbpw aqew tcmKw hfsc \nb{¥W hnt[-b-am-Wv. ]m¿°n≥k≥kns‚ {][m\ e£-W-amb hnd-b¬ (Tremors) F\n°v Xosc A\p`-h-s∏-Sm-Ø-Xns‚ ImcWw \ntXy-\-bp≈ hymbmaw aqe-amWv Bbq¿thZ NnIn¬k-bpsS km≤y-X-Iƒ ae-bm-fn-Iƒt]mepw ]q¿Æ-ambpw a\- n-em-°p-Itbm {]tbm-P-\-s∏-Sp-Øp-Itbm sNøp-∂n-√. \ΩpsS Cfw Xe-ap-dt- bmSv tUmIvS¿°v F¥mWv ]d-bp-hm-\p-≈Xv ? {]mb-am-b-hsc _lp-am-\n-°-Ww. {]mbw IqSptºmƒ a\p-jy-cn¬ Adnhpw hnth-Ihpw h¿≤n°pw. {]mbamb-hsc _lp-am-\n-°pI hgn Adnhnt\bpw hnth-I-sØbpamWv _lp-am-\n-°p-∂-Xv. apgp- h ≥ ka- b hpw kwKoXw {ihn- ° p- ∂ Xpw C‚¿s\‰v D]tbm-Kn-°p-∂Xpw Dƒs∏sS-bp≈ Imcy-߃ \nb-{¥n-°-Ww. apgp-h≥ ka-bhpw Htc Imcy-Øn¬ apgp-Ip-∂Xv \√-X-√.

Cut∏mƒ hn{ia Pohn-Xam- W t√m Zn\- N - c y- I ƒ Fßs\-bmWv ? B¿anbn¬ \n∂pw

tUm. Ae-Ivkm-≠-tdm-sSm∏w tXmakv tPmkv.

ssIcfn 41 kph-\oÀ 2015

The tour guide points up at an edifice that towers over the square. “You see that building?” she says. “Notice the ropes? And if you peer even closer, you can see the scariest part of it all: the ledge!” I squint and trace her arm up to the very top of the building. And there it is, dangling in limbo, jutting over the edge, fearless: the beam that divides sky from earth, the point of no return. I am in Berlin, a beautiful city that embodies the elegance of Europe. From the East Side Gallery to the Berlin Cathedral, bravery and resilience in the face of adversity is pervasive. I draw on this spirit now as I gaze upwards, preparing myself for the imminent act of insanity. I am alone. No one is there to rescue me in case of emergency. There are no fallbacks, no fail safes. Only a deep sense of commitment holds me upright. From a height of 125 meters, or 410 feet—a distance larger than the length of an American football field—I am going to fall, with only a harness to prevent me from splatting on the pavement below. Base flying at the Park Inn Hotel is generally considered safe, but the possibility of in-

jury remains. And the idea alone is not for the fainthearted. Tumbling off a lofty structure is a terrifying ordeal, harness or no harness. Yet in many ways, this action exemplif ies the struggles encountered in daily life. Humans are beings built on a foundation of diverse experiences. The future prospects of an individual are often decided bycertain vital moments. Based on the decisions made in this crucial interval, existence itself pivots on an axis, altered irrevocably.The person walks away transformed forever. The only direction is forward, to a brand new world. I know that if I do not seize this opportunity, I will forever question myself. Yes, I am alone, on the other side of the world, attempting something completely insane. But the brutal reality is, I cannot always rely on the aid of others. This decision does not involve the opinions of others, but only myself. How can I expect myself to set an example for others if I cannot conquer my fears? So I trudge to the elevator. As I walk, I feel my posture slouch, burdened by insecurity and doubt. I emerge on the roof. Immediately I am

ssIcfn 43 kph-\oÀ 2015

buffeted by the wind. A storm gathers in the distance, creeping ominously closer. I feel my armor of confidence take a stern blow as I begin to realize the enormity of the task ahead of me. From below, the height is intimidating. From above, the height is stunning, breathtaking, overwhelming. I walk tentatively towards the support team member. “Welcome! You are our first customer today. Are you ready?” I swallow and reply, “Yes. How is this going to work?” She flashes me a smile, “First things first, can you hand your book bag off to someone? Then we can go ahead and get you all strapped in.” With a shrug, I answer, “I’m actually by myself.” An awkward pause. She takes a moment to recover from her shock. Then, “Oh...well then you can go ahead and set your things by the side over here. You can come back up here and grab your bag after the drop.” Within moments, I have discarded my baggage and moved to the area designated by the service personnel. I am engulfed by straps from all angles, coating my arms, chest, and legs with a second layer of skin. Safe on firm ground, I am raised up to test the tightness of the harness. Floating only a few feet above the rooftop, I am perfectly calm. At least, that is what I tell myself. Convinced that my fastenings are in their proper places, the service personnel walk me onto the gangplank. “Alright, here we go! Everything checks out great. Just hold on to the railing and keep following me.” I follow the instructions to the letter and begin slowly inching myself forward, the tension mounting steadily. My vision shrinks to the railings on either side, my sole tethers to the solid realm. Gusts billow aggressively.Soon I am teetering on the edge. I keep my eyes locked forward and focus on the directives of the service personnel. “Okay, we are going to hoist you up now. Your feet are going to leave the ground, don’t panic!” And there go my feet. My entire

weight now lies precariously on my arms, as my hands tighten into a death grip on the railings. I dangle. “Now let go of the railings! You’re going to drop in 3...2...1...” Wait what? Let go of the railings? You mean the only things preventing me from falling off the rooftop? Those railings? And now comes the moment of truth. Time slows down. My eyes finally flit down and capture the picturesque scene below me. Alexanderplatz, one of the primary squares in Berlin, extends from horizon to horizon. Gorgeous structures from the World clock to Bahnhof Alexanderplatz to Neptunbrunnen are visible, enveloping my gaze wherever it turns. People scurry about, shrunken to the size of ants. Directly under me, the landing pad beckons. This is my last chance to back down, to walk away from danger and continue on. But it is also an opportunity to strengthen my selfesteem, to solidify my self-assurance and forge ahead. Fear combats confidence. The tug of war seemingly lasts for an eternity. I make my decision. Really, it is the only decision that I can make. I let go. And I fall forward. Gravity takes hold. My senses expand. Pupils dilate completely. Wind whistles past my ears. The pressure reaches the level of a roller coaster, and then far exceeds that threshold.I can almost taste the humidity of the air as it surges by. Time accelerates at a breakneck pace. The landing pad looms into view. Closer, closer, closer!... And then the harness is digging into me. Deceleration spikes into whiplash. Then I am through the worst of it. Slowly and steadily, I lower myself onto the landing pad. A few moments pass as the personnel remove the straps. And I stand, free. I take a deep breath. Roll my shoulders. My face brightens with a luminescent smile. I feel lighter, far beyond just the removed burden of the harness. And as I walk away, I feel my posture straighten, buoyed by pride and self-esteem.

ssIcfn 45 kph-\oÀ 2015

That Rose Tall She stood Amongst the field Color so bright You had to stare That rose was like no other Friends she had Both good and bad Bees, tulips, lavenders, ants Which was which? She did not know That rose was like no other The storms come and go Tearing her to pieces Her friends made a choice Changing her life forever That rose was like no other Some left like the breeze Some stayed like the sky Hunt and broken, scars still remain But her beauty and love Only grew and sustained That rose was like no other

ssIcfn 47 kph-\oÀ 2015

According to a recent survey taken by the NIH, over two thirds of adults in America were classified as either overweight or obese. Now many of us may think that this statistic may only apply to primarily people born and raised in America, but what if I were to tell you that close to 45% of Asians (us) also fall into that category. This weight problem is affecting a large percentage of the Indian adult population living in the U.S. for many reasons. There are many factors that contribute to this growing trend among Indians. If you were to look closely at an average Indian's day to day diet, this trend would not seem too surprising. Starting with breakfast, you can see that already many people are starting their day with unhealthy choices. Take medu vada, a common South Indian breakfast, for example. Many people may believe that this food may be healthy, but in reality it's not. First of all no one should start their day eating anything that is fried and second of all breakfast should be a food that is easy to digest; the black lentils within the vada may be difficult to digest after your body has went 8-10 hours without eating. The same goes for parathas, puri Bhaji, and any other fried or butter filled food. Idli or chappathi with sambhar seems to the healthiest choice for breakfast. The same logic goes for lunch and dinner. Any food you eat shouldn’t be fried or layered with fat. Another detrimental eating habit is that we proportion our meals improperly. Typically we eat a small breakfast then a larger lunch and then a big dinner. This is exactly opposite of what we are supposed to do. Breakfast should be the biggest meal of the day since you are both trying to jump start your metabolism after an 8-10 hour period of inactivity and get ready for a day of activity. Dinner however should be the smallest as its purpose should be to get you through a period of inactivity and it also should not be eaten at 8 o' clock or later. Ideally dinner should be eaten around 6pm so that your body can properly digest everything. Snacking is also a big problem that we as a community have. It is not that snacking is bad, in fact it boosts your metabolism, but it’s the food that we snack on that makes it a problem. Two common but unhealthy Indian snacks would be samosas and banana roast. We may believe that since both of these foods may involve some kind of fruit or vegetable that they are automatically healthy, but they are in fact not. The amount of oil and butter used to make these two foods completely negate any healthy aspects the samosa or banana roast may have. Many of the foods we eat on a daily basis although may seem healthy are detrimental to our health. Diet however is not the only reason why a large percentage of Indians are overweight or even obese. Maintaining a good activity level is just as important as maintaining a good diet. We tend to neglect doing the appropriate amount of exercise maybe because work may seem too time consum-

ssIcfn 49 kph-\oÀ 2015

ing or we feel that twenty or thirty minutes of very light exercise is enough. If you want to maintain your weight, a decent walk three days a week for thirty minutes will be enough, but if you are looking to lose weight, this will not cut it. In order to lose weight, you must create a calorie deficiency. In order to do that you must eat less, not to the point of starvation, but also not to the point where you feel stuffed. When you exercise, you must continually push your body to where you feel exhausted after the workout. Short little fast walks won't produce the results you probably want; only hard exercise where your body truly feels tired will produce results. To lose weight, I would suggest three days of good cardio work outs (primarily running) along with three days of strength training. We as a community tend to neglect these exercises or make them extremely easy and celebrate with a full plate of biryani. This is not the way to go. We all need to maintain a good amount of exercise as well as a good diet. I of course did not mention every single factor concerning weight loss. I could have talked about the importance of hydration, the dangers of all kinds of juice, why you shouldn't even drink a drop of alcohol, the way fat is burned from the body, etc., but it is up to you to educate yourself on the vast amount of factors that have to do with weight. We can break this growing trend of weight gain and obesity. All it takes is a little knowledge of what to do, a plan, and the commitment to follow through with your plan. Weight loss is not impossible, it just involves making the right choices in your normal day to day life. References

`¿Øm-hns\ t]cp hnfn-°p-∂-Xn¬ sX‰n-√. CXnt\mSv FXn¿∏p-≈-h¿ ]¥hpw Ip¥hpw hSnhmfpw sImSp-hmfpw Hs°bmbn Fs‚ ]n∂mse IqS-cptX! CXv Fs‚ hy‡n-]-c-amb A`n{]m-b-a√. km£m¬ apwss_ ssltIm-SXn ]pd-s∏-Sp-hn® DØchv h≈n-]p≈n hnSmsX Hcp {]apJ h¿Øam\ ]{X-Øn¬ CubnsS {]kn-≤o-I-cn-®-Xm-Wv. “\mco \mco `mc-Xob \mco [oc-X-tbmsS hnfn-t®mfq R߃ PUvPn-Iƒ XpW-bmtW”

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]≠v hmgp-t∂m¿°p-th≠n dnk¿Δv sNbvXncp∂p ‘Bcy]p{X’ XpS-ßnb {]tbm-K-߃. C∂v AXv Ncn{X \mSI-ß-fnepw a‰pw tIƒ°m-sa-∂√msX Hcp \ntXym-]-tbmK {]tbm-K-a-√. Xs∂bp-a√ ‘]p{X’ F∂v Awiw AXn¬ D≈Xn-\m¬ X߃ Xf-f-am-cmbn ap{Z-Ip-Ø-s∏-Sptam F∂ Bi¶-bm¬ kv{Xo P\-߃ kz]v\Ø - n¬ t]mepw B hm°v kvacn-°m-dn-√. I¿tΩjp Zmkn-bmbpw £abm [cn-{Xnbmbpw a‰pw Xß-fpsS ]Xn-tkh sNbvXn-cp-∂Xn\p ]I-ca - mbn Nne lkv_‚ v ]pwK-h∑ - m¿ imcocn-I-ambpw am\-kn-I-ambpw ]oU-\-߃, Nn∂-hoSv h®p≈ No‰nßv XpS-ßn-b-h-bmWv {]Xn-^-e-ambn `mcy- a m¿°v \¬In- b n- c p- ∂ - X v . AßmSn- b n¬ tXm‰m¬ AΩtbmSv sNøm≥ ]cn-an-Xn-Iƒ D≈Xn\m¬ B \yq\X ]cn-l-cn-°m≥ sI´n-b-s]-Æns\ btYjvSw D]tbm-Kn®n-cp∂p IW-hs\ I¨I≠ ssZhsØt∏mse Icp-Xp∂ H´pan-°-t]cpw AXp kln-®n-cp-s∂-¶nepw IcpØpw Xt‚-Shpw D≈h¿ GWn\p-t\m°n Hcp tIm¿W¿In°v sImSp-Øm¬ GdpsIm≠ ]´n-sb-t]mse apdp-ap-dpØv Hcp aqebn-te°v HXpßp∂ Npcp°w Nne `¿Øm-°∑ - mcpw D≠mbn-cp-∂p. kv{Xo ]pcpj ka-Xz-Øn-\p≈ hnπhw Hcp ]t£ BZyw ]d™ Im‰-Kd - n-bn-ep≈ `¿Øm-°-∑m-cpsS ssIbn-en-cp-∏p-sIm≠v cq]w sIm≠-Xmhmw. Hcp ImeØv `mcy-am¿ `¿Ø-∑mtcm-sSm∏w \S-°p∂ k{º-Zmbw D≠mbn-cp-∂n-√. a{¥n-am-cpsS Imdn-\p-ap-ºn¬ t]mIp∂ ss]e‰v Im¿ t]mse sNdp-_o-Unbpw hen-®p-sIm≠v `mcysb-°mƒ ]Øp ]Xn-\©p NphSv ap∂n-em-bn-cp∂p `¿Øm-°-∑m¿ \S-∂n-cp-∂-Xv. X߃ `mcy-∑m-cpsS ]ndsI \S-°p∂ s]t¶m-¥-∑m-c√ F∂v kzbw t_m[y-s∏-Sp-Øp-Ibpw temI¿°v Im´n-sIm-Sp-°pIbpw Bbncp-∂n-cn°mw Dt±iw. F¥mbmepw lm‚ v C≥ lm‚ v Hm¨ tImhfw km‚ v F∂ coXn `mcy-am¿ B{Kln-®m¬ t]mepw `¿Øm-°∑m-cpsS kl-I-c-Wtam kaq-l-Øn≥sc A\paXntbm e`y-am-bn-cp-∂n√ A°me-Øv. ]nt∂! DΩdØn- c n- ° p∂ BWpß- f psS sh´- s Ø- ß m\pw I≠p-t]m-bm¬ IpSpw-_Ø - ns‚ A¥ v IS-]p-gIn hogp-sa∂v Imc-W-h-∑m¿ ]Tn-∏n-®p-h-®n-cp∂ ImeØt√ Cßs\ Hcp ]qXn ! Imew amdn-b-tXmsS `¿Øm-hns‚ t]cn-t\msSm∏w G´≥ F∂v {]tbmKw \ne-hn¬ h∂p. apIptμ´m, cmtP´m XpS-ßnb hnfn-Iƒ Cßs\ D≠mbXm-Wv. Cu G´≥ {]tbmKw Hcp adp-\m-S≥ ae-bm-

fnsb [¿Ω-k-¶-S-Øn-em-°nb kw`-h-ap-≠v. `mcy, cmtP-´≥ F∂v hnfn-°p∂Xp tI´-t∏mƒ Hcp lnμn°m-c≥ kplr-Øn\v AXns‚ A¿∞w Adnb-Ww. “cmtP-´≥ Im aXve_v Iymsl (cm-tP-´≥ F∂Xns‚ A¿∞w F¥mWv)” “cmP≥ B≥Uv G´≥ ˛ cmtP-´≥” “\nß- f psS ktlm- Z - c nbpw Aßs\- b mWt√m hnfn-°p-∂Xv” “AsX” “cmP≥ F∂v \nß-fpsS t]cv , Cu \m´n¬ G´≥ F¥mWv ?” “G´≥ F∂v ]d-™m¬ tN´≥ As√¶n¬ ktlmZ-c≥. \nß-fpsS `mj-bn¬ ]d-™m¬ `mbv” “At∏mƒ \nß-fpsS `mcy \nßsf ktlmZ-sc-s\∂m hnfn-°p-∂Xv?” `¿Ømhv H∂v sR´n-sb-¶n-epw, apXn¿∂-hsc kwt_m-[\ sNøm≥ D]tbm-Kn-°p∂ ]Z-amWv G´≥ F∂v I¨^ypkvUv lnμn-°m-c\v a\- nem°n sImSp-°m≥ CØncn _p≤n-ap-t´≠n h∂p. lnμn-°m-cpsS CSbn¬ `¿Øm-°-∑m-cpsS t]cv D®cn-°p-∂-Xp-Xs∂ ]m]-am-sW∂v Icp-Xnbn-cp∂ Hcp Ime-ap-≠m-bn-cp-∂p. ‘Kco_v `mbn’ bpsS `mcy-tbmSv `¿Øm-hns‚ t]cp tNmZn-®m¬ ‘Aao¿’ F∂Xns‚ hn]-co-X-]-Z-am-sW∂pw ‘cmw’ BsW¶n¬ cmh-Ws\ sIm∂ BfmsW∂pw ]dbpw. ]cn-jvIm-c-߃ Gdnh-∂-tXmsS `¿Ømhns‚ t]cn-t\m-sSm-∏-ap-≠m-bn-cp∂ ‘G´s\’ apdn®p-am‰n. AXpt]m-Is´ kln°mw. F∂m¬ amXm]n-Xm-°ƒ kvt\l-tØmsS aSn-bn-ep-cpØn hnfn® t]cns\ Cu `mcym-k-aqlw \n¿Zm-£nWyw hnIrX-am-°n-bXv Fßns\ kln-°pw. PK-Zo-jns\ ‘P§p’hpw kRvP-bs\ ‘km\pw’ B°nbnt√? Npcp°w Nne `mcy-am¿ ‘tams\’ F∂pw ‘Ip´m’ F∂pw a‰pw kvt\lw Gdptºmƒ hnfn-°p-∂X - mbn ]d-b-s∏-Sp-∂p. AXn\p-]-I-c-ambn `¿Øm-°-∑m¿ ‘IÆv ’, ‘Icƒ’ XpS-ßnb ico-c-`-K-ß-fpsS t]cpItfm ‘N°-c’, ‘tX≥’ XpS-ßnb a[pc {Zhy-ßf - psS t]tcm ‘s]m∂v’ , ‘X¶w’ XpS-ßnb hne-]n-Sn-∏p≈Xpw kv{XoIƒ°v {]nb-ta-dn-b-Xp-amb hkvXp°-fpsS t]cp-Itfm hnfn-®p-t]m-cp-∂p. F∂mepw ]tcm-£-am-bn, `mcy-am¿ BZysØ Hcp h¿jw

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‘N{μ- a p- J n-’bmbpw ASpØ- h ¿jw ‘kqcy- a p- J n’bmbpw _m°n-bp≈ Imew ‘Pzmem-ap-Jn’-bmbpw ImW-s∏-Sp-sa∂v ]Xn-K-W-߃ Ipip-Ip-ip-°p-∂p≠v. At∏mƒ ]d-™p-Xp-S-ßn-bXv tImSXn hn[nsb-∏-‰n-bm-Wv. `¿Ømhns\ t]cpw AXne-∏p-dhpw hnfn-°p-∂Xv \ne-hn-en-cns° Cßs\ Hcp hn[n°v F¥v {]k‡n F∂Xmhpw tNmZyw. F∂m¬ tIt´m-fq. B t]c√ Cu t]cv . kw`hw CXmWv. Xs∂-°mƒ hnZym-`ym-kt- bm-Ky-Xb - p≈ bphXnsb hnhmlw Ign® Hcp ]q\m-°m-c≥ H∂ch¿j-Øn-\p-tijw hnhml tamN-\-Øn-\p-th≠n \¬Inb l¿Pn- b n- t ∑- e mWv _lp- a m- \ - s ∏´ tImSXn hn[n {]Jym- ] n- ® - X v . `mcy, Xs∂ ‘t_m¥p(sam-Æ)’, ‘]mK¬ (h-´≥)’, ‘s_h-Iq^v (hn-UvVn)’Fs∂m° hnfn-°p∂p F∂mbn-cp∂p ]cm-Xn.

IpSpw-_P - o-hn-XØ - n¬ CsXms° km[m-cW - am-sW∂pw `¿Øm-°-∑m¿ CsXms° eLp-hm-bns´-Sp-°-W-sa∂pw (Nne `¿Øm-°-∑m¿ ]dbpw AXn\p Rm≥ NØn´p P\n-°-W-sa-∂v) a‰p-am-bncp∂p hn[n. AXmbXv ]pcp-j-∑m¿ Xß-fpsS ‘CutKm’ {KŸn-bpsS h‘yw-I-cWw sNø-W-sa∂v kmcw. ‘At±l’Øn¬\n∂pw, ‘cmtP-´’-\n¬\n-∂pw, ‘P§p’hn¬ \n∂pw Ct∏mƒ ‘tIm¥ \nte°v ’. inh inh! Imew t]mb t]ms°! Imcy-sa-¥m-bmepw Cu hm¿Ø ]pdØv h∂tXmsS Ccn∏n-S-Øn\p Xo ]nSn® t]mse ]Xn-KW-߃ Akzÿ-cmWv . t_kvsa‚ v ao‰n-ßp-Iƒ ]eXpw Ign-™p. ‘tPmWn’, ‘johmkv’Aßs\ ]eXpw Hgn™p. Nne-cpsS _n.-]n. (`m-cysb ]nUn∏n-°¬) Ipd™p F∂pw a‰p Nne-cpsS _n.-]n. (`m-cysb t]Sn) IqSn F∂pamWv HSphn¬ In´nb h¿Ø-am-\w.

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conditions are so bad that a Orca committed suicide by banging his head into the cement tank over and over again. I have watched Blackfish a CNN documentary about orcas. It talks about what orcas face and the stress and frustration they go through in captivity. It refers how the Orcas get so frustrated that they attack their trainers. In the wild there has been no reports of an orca attacking a human. Living in a small tank can drive an Orca crazy. The movie is available on Netflix and I will recommend you to watch it to understand more on what the orcas go through. Orcas are majestic, beautiful, and intelligent creatures. They don’t deserve to be slaved for entertainment. They should have the freedom to be in the ocean and live their life. All the animals in captivity deserve freedom! People are continuing to fight for their freedom. Maybe one day a mother can see her child again. Maybe one day Orcas can swim 100 miles in the ocean. Maybe one day they can eat genuine fish. Along with Orcas other animals like elephants are kept in captivity and are still slaved. Horses and donkeys are forced to pull carriages. . You can help in creating awareness of captivity and animal freedom! By Nadia Nazar

When we look at the tank in an aquarium we see a huge tank, but to orcas who are incredibly large creatures it is an incredibly small tank. Orcas are used to swimming 100 miles every day. They can’t do that in a tiny tank like this. The tank is like a bathtub for them. Don’t you think you’d go crazy if you lived in a bathtub your whole life? The tank isn’t a natural habitat. It’s a cement tank. They belong in the ocean with endless amounts of water and their family. The

Here are the references

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ssIcfn 60 kph-\oÀ 2015


ZpxJ-am-Wv. Hcp sNdnb hncl-Øn-\p-t]mepw a\pjy a\- ns\ thZ-\n-∏nbv°m\m-hpw. acWw \nXy hncl-amWv. AXp-sIm-≠p-Xs∂ \ΩpsS a\- n¬ Xo{h ZpxJØns‚ I\¬ ag s]mgn-°p-hm≥ AXv i‡-amWv Xm\pw. F¥p-sIm≠v ]d-\new A∏≥ C{X kvt\lm-[n-Xy-Øn\pw BZ-ch - n\pw A¿l-\mbn? \ΩpsS kaq-lØ - n¬ k¿Δ kΩ-X\pw At\Iw IpSpw_߃°v am¿§Z¿in-bp-ambn? {i≤m-]q¿Δw hnebn-cp-Ø-s∏Sphm≥ A¿l-X-bp≈ Hcp hnj-b-am-Wn-Xv. kpZo¿Lamb h¿j-ßfpsS PohnX ]cnNbhpw kz¥w I¿Ω Ipi-e-Xbn-eqsS Nnt¥cn-´p-an-\p-°n-b-Xp-amb Hcp Adnhns‚ Bflm-Nmcy-\m-bn-cp∂p At±-lw. Xs‚ Pohn-X-Ønse Pb ]cm-P-b-ßsf hfsc hy‡-ambn hne-bn-cp-Øp-Ibpw Ah {i≤nbv°pIbpw sNbvX a\- ns‚ DSa-bmbncp∂p At±lw F∂-XmWp kXyw. A∏≥ Atacn-bv°-bn-se-Ønb BZy Ime-ß-fn¬Xs∂ At±-lsØ ]cnNb-s∏-Sp-hm\pw Hcp \√ Bflob _‘-Øn\v _oPm-hm]w \¬Ip-hm\pw Ign™Xv Fs‚ P∑-]p-Wyw. h¿j߃°p-apºv amXm-]n-Xm-°ƒ \jvS-s∏´ A\m-[-\mb F\nbv°v At±lw ]nXr-Xp-ey\pw Bth-ihpw AØm-Wn-bpw B{ib-hpam-bn-cp-∂p. kz¥w a°ƒ°v \¬Inb ktμ-i-ßfpw {]t_m-[\-]-c-amb Bi-b-ßfpw F\nbv°v PohnX k]-cy-bn¬ Bibpw Bth-ihptaIn. Hcp ]nXm-hns‚ kvt\lw Rm≥ sXm´-dn-™p. {]Xn-k‘n L´ßƒ XcWw sNøp-hm≥ Rm≥ {]m]vX-\mbn. PohnX aqeyß-fpsS _me-]mTw At±lw F\nbv°v ]I¿∂p-X∂p. A∏- \ p- a mbn kl- h - k n- t °≠ \nan- j - ß sfm- s °bpw F\nbv°v C∂pw a[p-cX - c - a - mb Hm¿Ω-IfmWv. BZy Z¿i-\Ø - n¬ Fs‚ Ipi- e mt\zjWw Bcw- ` n- ® p. Ata- c nbv ° Fß- s \bp≠v ? kpJw Xs∂-b-t√. km[m-cW Hcp a\p-jy-\n¬\n∂v

ssIcfn 61 kph-\oÀ 2015

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ssIcfn 63 kph-\oÀ 2015

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ssIcfn 65 kph-\oÀ 2015

The very word chai brings a glimpse of relaxation and freshness to every Indian. It is the most widely consumed drink after water. In India it is kind of tradition to have tea in the morning that promises a pleasant start of the day and a cup in the evening to kill the day long stress and tiredness of the entire day. One of the lasting memories of a rail travel in India is the cry that echoed over a century over the platforms and in trains.” Chai- Chai” Chai is an aromatic beverage commonly prepared by boiling water with cured leaves of the Camellia sinensis, an evergreen shrub native to Asia. Tea plants are native to East and South Asia, and probably originated around the meeting points of the lands of eastern India, north Burma and southwest China. [Tea was introduced into India by the British, in an attempt to break the Chinese monopoly on it. The British brought Chinese seeds into Northeast India, but the plants failed; they later discovered that a different variety of tea was endemic to Assam and the northeast region of India and that it was used by a local tribe Siphung. Using the Chinese planting and cultivation techniques, the British launched a tea industry by offering land in Assam to an European who agreed to cultivate it for export.] Tea was originally consumed only by anglicized Indians; it became widely popular in India in the 1950s because of a successful advertising campaign by the India Tea Board. Caffeine constitutes about 3% of tea's dry weight, translating to between 30 mg and 90 mg per 8-oz (250-ml) cup depending on type, brand, and brewing method.

Back in the days there was only loose tea now it has changed to tea bags giving an option to the consumer to choose the strength of his cup of tea. Moreover it is also available in herbal, mint, lemon, honey, ginger and many more flavors. Although preparing tea in India is more or less same along with the same ingredients (water, milk, sugar and tea leaves) but the added flavor and the side dish with which it is consumed and the name differs from region to region. In Kashmir saffron is added and is called Kahwa, Pahari chai in Jammu with ginger,cardmon, tulsi and lemon, Malidar(cream) chai is popular in Rajasthan, Sulemani chai in MP with a pinch of salt, people prefer little extra of everything in U.P. and Bihar( so much sugar that spoon can stand in the cup( Khade chamach ki chai)), cutting chai in Mumbai, Ginger and cardamom in common in Tamil Naidu, Tea with Madur vada in Karnataka and people in Kerala prefer a big glass of tea. India is second largest producer of tea in the world after china. India holds the distinction of the largest consumer in the world; It consumes 30% of the world tea put together. Planning is place to declare it as a National drink and why not as 70% of tea produced by India is consumed locally. References - "Tea." Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, n.d. Web. 21 July 2015. Atkin, Bill. "Time Travel In A Cup." Rail Bandhu July 2011: 42-45.

ssIcfn 67 kph-\oÀ 2015

Ad_n-°S- e- ns‚ dmWn F∂dn-bs- ∏-Sp∂ sIm®nbnse AeI-fp-ambn HXpßn-t®¿∂v AkvXab kqcys‚ {]Im- i - I n- c - W - ß sf Bt«jn®p\n¬°p∂ sFU (aida) F∂ ]Sp-Iq-‰≥ P¿Ω≥ \n¿ΩnX I∏-en¬ Xnc-°p-]n-Sn®v Xs‚ tPmen-bn¬ apgp-In-bn-cp∂ t_m_n°v s]s´-∂mWv ÿme-Ime-t_m[w h∂-Xv. GXm\pw aWn-°q-dn-\p-≈n¬ Xm≥ tIc-f-°-c-bn¬\n-∂pw bm{X Xncn-°p-sa∂v Hm¿Ø-t∏mƒ s]´∂v Xm≥ P\n-®p-h-f¿∂ \mSpw hoSpw ho´p-Imcpw Ahs‚ a\- n¬ th¿]m-Sns‚ thZ\ Dfhm°n. PohnXw sh´n ]nSn-°m-\p≈ X{X-∏m-Sn¬ X¬°mew F√mw ad-°m≥ Ah≥ {ian-®p. bm{X-°m¿ Iq´-ambpw X\n®pw Xß-fpsS Iym_n-\p-Iƒ t\m°n \S-°p-∂p-≠m-bn-cp-∂p. I∏ense Hotel Manager Bbn´mWv t_m_n tPmen-sNøp-∂-Xv. \t∂ sNdp-∏-Ønte \√ tPmenbpw \√ iº-fhpw. BZy Ah[n°v \m´n¬ t]mbn P¿Ω\n-bn¬ Xncn-s®-Øn-bt- ∏m-gmWv Xß-fpsS ASpØ {Sn∏v C≥Uybn-te-°m-sW-∂p≈ hnhcw Ah\v Adnbm≥ Ign-™-Xv. \√ iº-f-ap-s≠-¶nepw ISense PohnXw Ahs\ h√msX ho¿∏p-ap-´n-®n-cp-

∂p. sNdp- ∏ w- a p- X ¬ Xs∂ hntZ- i - c m- P yØv tPmen°v t]mI-W-sa-∂p-≈Xv Ahs‚ B{Klam-bn-cp-∂p. Hcp h¿j-Øn-\p-≈n¬ Ah≥ I≠ cmPy-߃ Ipd-s®m-∂p-a-√. Bkv{Snb, kzoS≥, s\X¿em‚ v, Xmbvem‚ v, kzo‰vk¿em‚ v Aßns\ t]mIp∂p cmPy-ß-fpsS ]´n-I. Xnc-t°-dnb ka-b-ØmWv A{]Xo-£n-Xambn Hcp s]¨Ip´n X\n-®n-cp∂v amK-ko≥ hmbn°p-∂Xv t_m_n-bpsS {i≤-bn¬ s]´-Xv. BZyw Ah≥ A{X {i≤n- ® n- s √- ¶ nepw s]mXpsh kwkmc {]nb- \ mb Ah≥ F¥mbepw B s]¨Ip-´n-tbmSv Hcp lmbv ]d-bm≥ Xocp-am-\n-®p. s]¨Ip´n GXv \m´p-Im-cn-bm-sW∂v hne-bn-cpØm≥ Ah\v Ign- ™ n- √ . ImcWw AhfpsS hkv{X-[m-cW - hpw ]ns∂ cq]-`w-Knbpw sX√v kwi-

ssIcfn 69 kph-\oÀ 2015

ssIcfn 70 kph-\oÀ 2015

b-Øn\v CSbm-°n. kmhm-[m\w Ah≥ AhfpsS ASptØ°v \S∂v ]Xn- h p- t ]mse \s√mcp kmbm”w Ahƒ°v t\cp-Ibpw Xs‚ tlm´-ente°v Hcp Warm Welcome \¬Ip-Ibpw sNbvXp. F√m‰n\pw hfsc kuay-ambn Ahƒ \μnbpw ]d™p. ]n∂oSv F¥v tNmZn-°-W-sa∂v Ah≥ t\csØ Xocp-am-\n-®n-cp-∂p. Are you from ? GtXm hntZ- i - c m- P y- Ø ns‚ t]cv . {]Xo- £ n- ® n- c p∂ Ahs‚ a\- n¬ B›cy-Øns‚ bmtWm AtXm NΩ-en-s‚-bmtWm Hcp hnImcw D≠mbn. Xm≥ Hcp ae-bm-fn-bm-sW∂pw P¿Ω-\n-bn-emWv hf¿∂sX∂pw Xc-t°-Sn-√mØ coXn-bn¬ ae-bm-f-Øn¬ Ahƒ ]d- ™ p. Rm≥ ae- b m- f n- b m- s W∂v Fßns\ a\- n-em-sb∂v tNmZn-®-t∏mƒ shdpw Hcp ]p©n-cn-bn¬ Ahƒ adp-]Sn HXp°n. Ipd-®pt\cw Ahfp-ambn skmd ]d-™n-cn-°m-sa∂v Xocpam-\n-s®-¶nepw Xm≥ X\n-s®-√∂pw Xs‚ ]mc‚ vkv IqsS-bp-s≠∂pw ]d-™-t∏mƒ ]n∂oSv ImWmw F∂p ]d™ t_m_n AhnsS-\n∂pw c£-s∏´p. kabw cm{Xn ]Øp-a-Wn-bmbn sIm®n-bn¬ \n∂pw Xß-fpsS bm{X-I-∏¬ sshIp-t∂cw Ggv aWn- ° mWv bm{X XpS- ß n- b - X v . Dinner Serve sNøp∂ Xnc-°n-em-bn-cp-∂p. t_m_nbpw Sow AwKßfpw Xnc- ° n- \ n- S - b n¬ F√mh- t cmSpw lmbv ]d™pw Bhiy- s ∏- S p∂ `£- k m- [ - \ - ß ƒ FØn®p-sIm-SpØpw h√mØ £oW-Øn-em-bn-cp∂p. At∏mgpw Ahs\ ]n≥Xp-S¿∂v c≠v IÆpIƒ ]mbp-≠m-bn-cp-∂p. Ahs‚ Npdp-Np-dp°pw tPmen-bn-ep≈ Bflm¿∞-Xb - pw ]ns∂ Bscbpw hio- I - c n- ° p∂ kwkm- c - c o- X nbpw Ahs\ AhfpsS BImwj -h-e-b-Øn-em°nbXv s]s´∂mWv ltem F∂ hnfn tI´v ]pd-tIm´v Xncn™p- t \m- ° n- b - t ∏mƒ Xm≥ t\c- s Ø- ° ≠ s]¨Ip-´n-bpw t]c‚ vkpw sXm´-Sp-Øp≈ tS_nfn¬ Ccn°p-∂Xv Ah≥ I≠p. aμ-lm-k-tØmsS AhcpsS tS_n-fn-\-Sp-tØ°v sN∂-t∏mƒ Ahƒ Xs‚ amXm-]n-Xm-°sf Ah\p ]cn-N-b-s∏-SpØn sImSp-Øp. t]cv F¥msW∂pw \m´n¬ FhnsSbm-sW∂pw a‰p-ap≈ hnh-c-߃ Ah¿ Aht\mSv tNmZn-®p. IqSp-X¬ tNmZy-߃°v Ahkcw sImSp°msX ]ns∂ ImWm- s a∂v ]d™v Xs‚ tPmenbn¬ Ah≥ hym]r-X-\m-bn. tPmen-sb√mw Xo¿Øv dqan-te°v t]mIm≥ Xnc-°p-]n-Sn-°p-∂-Xn\n-S-bn¬ Hcp amem-J-sb-t∏mse Xs‚ ap∂n¬ h∂v Ahƒ KpUvs\‰v ]d-™-t∏mƒ as‰m∂pw Ah\v tXm∂n-bn√ ImcWw Ah≥ hfsc £oWn-

X-\m-bn-cp-∂p. \n{Zmhn-lo-\-am-bn-cp∂p Ah\v B cm{Xn. Dd°- Ø n¬ AhfpsS cq]w Ahs\ h√msX iey-s∏-Sp-Øn-s°m-≠n-cp-∂p. F{Xbpw s]´∂v t\cw shfp-°m≥ Ah≥ {]m¿∞n-®p-s°m≠n-cp-∂p. \msf Ahsf- Im-Wp-tºmƒ t]cv tNmZn°-W-sa∂v a\- n¬ Dd∏n®p shfp-∏m≥°m-eØv Ft∏mtgm Ipd®p t\cw Ah≥ ab-ßn. cmhnse Fgpt∂‰v Ipfn-sb√mw Ign™v tPmen°v t]mIm-\p≈ hkv{X-߃ [cn-°p-tºmƒ a\- n¬ h√mØ BImw£ Ah\n-ep-≠m-bn. kmam\yw \√-co-Xn-bn¬ hkv{X-[m-cWw \SØn Ipd-®p-t\cw apdn-bpsS IÆm-Sn-bpsS ap∂n¬ Xm≥ Hcp kpμ-c-\msW∂v kzbw t_m[n®v Ah≥ tPmen-ÿ-e-tØbv°v \S-∂p. A¤pX-sa∂v ]dbs´. B s]≥Ip´n Xs‚ hchv {]Xo-£n®v ImØncn-°p-∂-Xp-t∏mse AhnsS Ccn∏p-≠m-bn-cp-∂p. Xm≥ KpUv tamWnwKv ]d-bp-∂-Xn\p apºp-Xs∂

Ahƒ t_m_n-tbmSv KpUvtam-WnwKv ]d-™p. GItZiw Hcp aWn-Iq-dmbn Rm\n-hnsS Ccn°p∂p F∂hƒ ]d-™-t∏mƒ Resturant F∂pw Cu kabsØ Xpd-°p-I-bp-≈q-sh∂pw F¥mWv Ip´n°v AXymh-iy-ambn th≠Xv F∂pw tNmZn-®-t∏mƒ X\n°v H∂pw th≠∂pw Xm≥ t_m_nsb ImØncn-°p-I-bm-sW∂pw Ahƒ adp-]Sn ]d-™p. Xs‚ a\- n¬ kt¥m-j-Øns‚ s]cp-ºd apgp-ßp-∂Xv Ah≥ tI´p. Ip´n- b psS t]cv F¥msW∂v t_m_n tNmZn-®-t∏mƒ Ct∏mgmtWm t]cv tNmZn°m≥ tXm∂n-bXv F∂v Nncn-®p-sIm≠v Ahƒ ]d™p. Xs‚ t]cv sUbvkn F∂hƒ ]d-™p. X\n°v tPmen°v Ib- d m≥ ka- b - a m- s b∂pw

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sUbvkn sNøm-sa∂pw ]d-™-t∏mƒ BZyw H∂v Aºc-s∂-¶nepw Bflm¿∞-am-bp≈ £Ww \nckn-°m≥ Ah\v km[n-®n-√. F¶nepw P¿Ω-\n-bn¬ Cdßn-b-Xn\v tijw Xocp-am-\n°mw F∂h≥ ]d™p. Ahs‚ Xma-k-ÿhpw A{U pw CXnt\mSIw Ahƒ hssI-hi - a - m-°n-Ig - n-™p. k¶Sw XfwsI´n \n¬°p∂ \nd-I-Æp-I-tfmsS Xs∂ BenwK\w sNbvXv bm{X-]-d-™-t∏mƒ Xs‚ lrZ-bØn¬ \n∂pw Ft¥m AIØv t]mIp-∂-Xmbn Ah\pw A\p`-h-s∏-´p. ImcWw A{XtØmfw Ah¿ X-Ωn¬ ASpØp-I-gn-™n-cp-∂p. C\n ]ckv]cw ImWm≥ Ign-bp-sa∂v Ah\pw hnNm-cn-®n√. km[m-c-W-bm-{X-I-fn¬ I≠p-ap-´p∂ bm{X-°mcn¬\n∂pw hyXy- ÿ - a mbn Ahs‚ a\-   n¬ h√mØ `mcw A\p`-h-s∏-´p. I∏-en¬\n∂pw Cdßnb c≠mw Znhkw ]Xn-hp-t]mse Iq´p-Im-cpsamØv Hcp kmbm-”-khm-cn°v t]mIm-\mbn Xøm-sd-Sp-°p-tºm-gmWv Xs∂ ImWm≥ Hcp ^manen ]pdØv shbv‰v sNøp∂ hnhcw Adn™Xv. ]pd-tØbv°v sN∂t∏mƒ a\- n¬ Hcmbncw Ipfn¿ ag s]øn-°p-amdv hnS¿ aμ-lm-k-tØmsS X\n°v lmbv ]d™ sUbvknsb t\m°n A¤pX-kvXw-`-\mbn \n∂pt]m-bn. HmSn-s®∂v Ahsf sI´n-∏n-Sn®v Npw_n-°W-sa∂v tXm∂n-sb-¶nepw ]cn-k-c-t_m[w Ah≥ hosW-Sp-Øp. kvt\l-tØmsS Ah≥ Ahsc Xs‚ apdn-bn-te°v £Wn-®p. Aet¶m-e-ambn InS∂n-cp∂ apdn. sUbvknbpw IqSn hrØn-bm-°n. AhfpsS kzmX{¥yw I≠v Ah\pw henb kt¥m-j-am-bn. `£Ww Ign- ° m≥ Ah¿ F√mhcpw Hcpan®v ]pd-tØbv°v t]mbn AhnsS-h®v t_m_n B kXyw AhtfmSv ]d-™p. Xs‚ kvt\lØns‚ apºn¬ Xm≥ Iog- S - ß p- I - b m- s W∂pw \ap°v Hcpan®v PohnXw XpS-ßm-sa∂pw Ah≥ Ahƒ°v hm°p-sIm-Sp-Øp. tI´-bp-Ss\ Ahƒ HmSn h∂v Ahs\- s I- ´ n- ∏ n- S n®v Ihn- f n¬ Hcp Npw_\w sImSp-Øp. Ah≥sc a\- nepw ico-cØnepw AXv Hcp Ipfn¿a-gbmbn s]bvXn-d-ßn. Imcy- ß ƒ hfsc `wKn- b mbn apt∂m´v \oßn. I∏-ense tPmen \ndpØn \m´n-te°v t]mIp∂ Znhkw P¿Ω-\n-bn¬ ÿncXm-a-k-amb sUbvkn-bpsS tN´\pw `mcybpw IqSn Fb¿t]m´n¬ Ahs\ bm{X-bv°m≥ h∂n-cp-∂p. Xm≥ I∏ense tPmen cmPn-sh-®p-sh∂pw \m´n-te°v Xncn-®p-h-cp-I-bm-sW∂pw Ah¿ ho´p-Im-tcmSv ]d™-t∏mƒ Ah¿°v h√mØ hnjaw tXm∂n-sb-

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¶nepw Ah≥ as‰-¥-¶nepw tPmen IavSp ImWpsa∂pw Ah¿ hniz-kn-®p. ho´n¬ hnjbw AhXcn-∏n-°m-\p≈ kμ¿`-Øn-\mbn Ah≥ ImØn-cn°p-tºm-gmWv hfsc A{]Xo-£n-X-ambn sUbvknbpsS P¿Ω-\n-bn¬ \n∂p≈ t^m¨ hcp-∂-Xv. X߃ c≠m-gvN° - p-≈n¬ \m´n¬ hcp-∂p-s≠∂pw t_m_n-bpsS hoSv ImWm≥ hcp-∂p-s≠∂pw ]d™p. s]Æv Hcp P¿Ω≥Im-cn-bm-sW∂v ]d-™t∏mƒ ho´p-Im¿°v `b-¶c hnj-a-am-bn. ]t£ aebm-fn-bm-sW∂pw Hm¿Ω-Iƒ Ddßn-°n-S-°p∂ Bephm-bn-emWv hosS∂pw tI´-t∏mƒ Ah¿°v kt¥m-j-am-bn. ]d-™-Xp-t]mse Ah¿ t_m_nsb-Im-Wm\pw a‰p-ambn h∂p. hoSpw ]cn-k-chpw Ah¿°v DjvSs∏-Sp-Ibpw X߃ h∂-Imcyw kt¥m-j-tØmsS t_m_n-bpsS amXm-]n-Xm-°sf Adnbn-°p-Ibpw sNbvXp. Hcp Znhkw F√mhcpw IqSn Bephm-bnse ho´n-te°v hcm\pw ]d-™p. HcmgvN-°-gn™v sUbvkn-bpsS ]mc‚ vkv Xncn®p P¿Ω-\n°v t]mIp-sa∂pw ]d-™p. sUbvkn-bpsS sIm©ns°m©n-bp≈ h¿Ø-am-\hpw kuay-amb kwkm-chpw Ft∏mgpw ]p©n-cn-°p∂ apJhpw t_m_n-bpsS ]mc‚ vkns\ h√msX BI¿jn-®p.

P¿Ω-\n-bn¬ hf¿∂-Xns‚ Hcp Alw`m-hhpw Ahfn¬ I≠n-√. F√mhcpw IqSn sUbvkn-bpsS ho´n¬ t]mIp- I bpw sNbv X p. sUbv k n- b psS t]c‚ vkv Xncn®p t]msb-¶nepw sUbvkn t]mbn√. ImcWw t_m_n-bpsS t]∏¿ h¿°v sNøm\mbn Ahƒ \m´n¬\n-∂p. HcmgvN Ign-™-t∏mƒ t_m_nbpw sUbvknbpw Hcpan®v P¿Ω-\n°v bm{X-bm-°p-Ibpw sNbvXp. ssZh- s Øbpw Ipd®v _‘p- ° - s fbpw km£n-\n-dp-Øn P¿Ω≥ \nb-a-{]-Imcw Ah¿ hnhm-ln-X-cm-bn. c≠p-t]cpw kpJ-ambn P¿Ω-\nbn¬ Pohn-°p-∂p-s≠-¶nepw F√m Znh-khpw \mSpam- b n- ´ p- ≈ _‘w Ah¿ \ne- \ n¿Øp- ∂ p- ≠ v . AhcpsS IpSpw-_-Po-hn-X-Øn\v \ap°pw \√ Biwk-Iƒ t\cmw. hmb-\-°m-cmb \n߃°v CsXmcp sI´pI- Y - b m- s W∂v tXm∂p- a m- b n- c n- ° mw. ]s£ CsXm√mw Cu temIØv \S∂ kw`-h-am-Wv. k¿Δ-i-‡-\mb ssZhw \Ωƒ°pth≠n Hmtcm πm≥ Xøm-dm-°n-bn-´p-ff - X - ns‚ sXfn-hmWv t_m_nbp-sSbpw sUbvkn-bp-tSbpw I≠p-ap-´¬. \ap°pw ssZh-Øn¬ B{ibn®v PohnXw \bn-°mw.

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We live in a world full of many new technologies and creations. Inventions and breakthroughs. Vaccines and cures. Though we have discovered all these things, we must never forget the Greek philosophers, mathematicians, and writers who set the cornerstone for Western civilization philosophy, arithmetic, and literature. Today I am going to talk about one of the biggest and most famous philosopher, mathematician, and scientist. One of the smartest people of the Greek civilization. I will be talking about Aristotle. Aristotle was born in Stagira in 384 B.C. His parents died when he was young. His father, Nichomachus, was the court physician of the Macedonian king, Amyntas, and not much is known about Aristotle’s mother, Phaestis. Because Aristotle’s parents died when he was young, Proxenus of Atarneus, the husband of Aristotle’s older sister, Arimneste, became Aristotle’s legal guardian until he come of age. Since Aristotle’s father was a court physician, Aristotle was a guild member of Asclepiads out of heredity. Aristotle studied at the Academy of Plato in Athens for 20 years. Because Aristotle’s ideas didn’t co-exist with Plato’s way of thinking, Plato didn’t give him the leadership of the Academy of Plato like Aristotle thought he would. It was given to Plato’s nephew, Seusippus, who was also Aristotle’s classmate. Therefore, Aristotle left the academy when Plato died. When Aristotle studied in the academy, he mainly focused on the art of rhetoric. The academy played a good part in Aristotle’s life. He met some of his friends there, including

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his classmate, Xenocrates. It even inspired Aristotle to build his own school later on in his life called the Lyceum. After Aristotle left the academy, Aristotle’s friend, King Hermias of Atarneus and Assos, invited Aristotle to come to Mysia and be a member in the king’s court. While he was there, he met his first wife, Pythias, who was Hermias’s niece. Together, they had a daughter named after her daughter, Pythias. Aristotle’s first wife died the year Aristotle opened the Lyceum (335 BC). Later on in his life, Aristotle met a woman from his hometown, Herpyllis, and together they started a romance and got married. It is believed that Herpyllis was Aristotle’s slave in his early life. Herpyllis bore many children to Aristotle including his son, Nichomachus. Later on, King Phillip of Macedonia asked Aristotle to tutor his young 13 year old son, Alexander. The 2 had a very scholarly relationship. Aristotle had many debates and discussions with Alexander. He was also like an advisor to Alexander. Aristotle wanted him to focus his empire on Greece, while Alexander wanted to stretch out the empire. Aristotle kept calling any non-Greeks barbarians so Alexander didn’t like this. When King Phillip died, Alexander came to throne and started to launch his first campaigns to stretch his empire to India and Egypt. At that time Aristotle left Macedonia and went to Athens for the first time since Plato’s death. The Macedonians had a huge impact on Aristotle’s life. He worked for the Macedonians for a while. His dad also worked for the Macedonians. When Aristotle reached Athens, he bought some property and built the Lyceum after seeing that the Academy of Plato was under the good leadership of Xenocrates. When Aristotle built the Lyceum, many students came to learn from him. His students were called “Peripatetics” which means ones who walk about. They were nicknamed this because Aristotle had a habit of walking around his school while he taught lessons. In his school, he met a student named Theophrastus. Aristotle liked Theophrastus very much because they shared many ideas. Therefore, later on when Aristotle was about to die, he appointed Theophrastus as the head of the Lyceum. Theophrastus preserved Aristotle’s studies and passed it on to his successor and so on. Theophrastus was also the teacher of Aristotle’s son, Nichomachus. Some of Aristotle’s studies included a system of classification. He invented a system of classification that was based on their backbone and their type of blood. This classification system was later revised and edited by Carolus Linnaeus to create the binomial nomenclature. Aristotle also thought that you could learn from interacting with physical objects. Some of his works were found in the Roman Empire times while others were found during the Middle Ages. His teachings attracted many students from all eras of the world. After Alexander died and the Macedonian government was overthrown, the new anti-Macedonian government charged Aristotle with impiety since he tutored Alexander and worked for Hermias. To avoid persecution, he fled to Chalcis on the island of Euboca where he later died of natural causes in 322 BC. Aristotle influenced many people during and after his lifetime. He, along with Socrates and Plato, set the cornerstone for Western philosophy. Aristotle made many discoveries, in which later other people made a breakthrough in. Aristotle had a very complex way of thinking and liked to debate about those things. Aristotle had more than 200 works, including Nichomachean Ethics and Art of Rhetoric, but only about 50 survive today. One can visit the Lyceum in Greece and see the courtyard and some of Aristotle’s studies. Aristotle has done many good things for mankind and has made very advanced breakthroughs and studies for his time. He will never be forgotten. Works Cited “Aristotle”. Bio. A&E Television Networks, 2015. Web. 23 Apr. 2015. “Aristotle of Stagirus- Biography.” Aristotle. European Graduate School, 23 Apr. 2015. Web. 23 Apr. 2015. Aristotle. The Art of Rhetoric. Trans. Hugh Lawson- Tancred. London: Penguin, 1991.Print. Aristotle. The Basic Works of Aristotle. Ed. Richard McKeon. New York: Random House, 1941. Print

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We Marylanders tend to equate the color purple with the Baltimore Ravens. However, throughout history, the color purple has been a symbol of royalty. In ancient times, purple dye was hard to make so only the wealthy could afford it. When it comes to food, you might say that purple has become the queen of all colors. Overall, color is a good indicator for foods with good nutritional values. The darker the fruit or vegetable, the better. Dark-colored fruits and vegetables typically have more healthpromoting nutrients than their paler counterparts. The dark pigments responsible for the purplish tones in fruits and vegetables are called anthocyanins, a type of nutrient that has gained attention from scientists worldwide. Studies have shown that anthocyanin-rich purple foods may have the potential to lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease. One United States Department of Agriculture-funded study found that a couple of servings of purple potatoes a day helped lower blood pressure in obese and hypertensive adults. Other studies suggest anthocyanins may play a role in reducing the risk of certain cancers, diabetes, and dementia. Most people are familiar with some purple fruits and vegetables, such as grapes, plums, red onions, eggplants, and purple cabbage. But expect to see a lot more purple coming to a produce aisle near you. Here are some ways you can “get your purple on:” • • • • • • •

Sprinkle some blueberries or blackberries on your morning cereal or oatmeal. Make coleslaw with shredded purple cabbage. Make a snack of purple grapes and dark purple plums. Slice purple grapes and add to chicken salad or a tossed purple kale salad. Add purple kale, red onions, and purple cabbage to tossed salads. Drink a glass of 100% grape juice at breakfast or for an afternoon snack. Roast an eggplant and cover with salt-free tomato sauce or salt-free spaghetti sauce. Source: WebMD (June 2013)

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I rush into the busy streets. I have to make a quick getaway. I couldn’t let him get to me. And as for why hewas chasing me, I have no idea. I keep replaying what happened on the night that started it all, trying to look for clues to why here. I remember it so vividly, that every time I look back to it, it’s like living it all over again. Just thinking about it gives me shivers, as if ice water is being poured down my back. It was raining that night. I was pacing back and forth in the kitchen. It was the only room completely vacant of buckets capturing water from multiple leaks in the roof. After listening to the droning sound of the heavy rain pattering in the buckets for two hours, I just couldn’t handle it. I had to get out. I ran out the door. No coat or umbrella, just me. Into the traffic congested streets. I was soaking wet, but I didn’t care. Anything was better than being trapped in that room. That was when I noticed a man sitting on the bench reading a newspaper as if it were a bright and sunny day. He was wearing a custom tailored black suit and a hat that partially covered his face. He looked up from the newspaper. And for a moment, just one moment our eyes met. He immediately looked back down. But I didn’t miss what I saw in his eyes. I saw pure anger. My instincts told me to run, but I did not want to appear scared or cowed by the man. So I stepped away from the bench ever so slowly, never looking away from the newspaper he was holding. I don’t know if it was because I was being so cautious and vigi-

lant, but I seemed to consume in every detail. The clouds up above were slowly parting, where rays of the moonlight seemed to trace the ground. I could even see the tiny print on the newspaper the man was holding. I saw a tiny article with a mug shot of a man who had just recently escaped from prison. As I squinted to get a better look of the photo, the man put the newspaper down on his lap. But I was able to catch a glimpse of it. There was something vaguely familiar about him. His hair color, nose, and the most terrifying part of the picture, his eyes, all belonged to the very man holding the newspaper. I ran. I ran as fast as I could. And from the distance I could hear footsteps getting closer. I kept running. I only had a vague idea as to where I was, but it didn’t seem as important as to getting away. The footsteps seemed to get fainter now, but I kept going. The wind picked up again. Sign that another storm was approaching, but I trudged through it. After about ten more minutes of vigorously running, I could no longer hear the steady rhythm of footsteps falling behind me. They had stopped. I cautiously walked around the corner of the building, careful not to step on any puddles. There wasn’t anyone following me. Maybe I imagined the whole thing and let my imagination get the best of me. Maybe I wasn’t being followed at all. But from the distance I heard it, faint, but there was no mistaking it. It was the sound of sirens echoing through the night.

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I am only human. When one gets down to brass tacks, or the atomic level, or the gist of it all, this phrase is the ultimate justifier. Forgot your keys? You're only human, it happens to the best of us. Ironically leave a sterile dressing inside the peritoneum of your patient? You're guilty of malpractice and just lost a sizeable chunk of your financial prospects, but human error is as inevitable as the DNA you spawned from and really the most surprising aspects are not the screw ups, but the successes. That's what it really means to be human, after all: to be fundamentally flawed and perennially on the edge of the next mistake. How utterly loathsome a concept. An objective analysis of the world unequivocally proclaims that it should be better. It is not that we lack the resources or the technology or the collective intellect. We simply lack, as a whole, the willpower necessary to make and sustain fundamental change. It is a fact that fewer people should be starving and in poverty and uneducated and riddled with disease. After countless years of local and worldwide conflict, lessons should be learned. Our shared history should be incorporated into our policies and consequently, our sociopolitical environment should be far less hostile. Fewer people should be angry. So angry. Angry enough to commit horrifying acts of brutality upon themselves and their brethren. And yet. We continue to live not just in an imperfect world, but a flawed one. Why aren't we more? Because we as a species accept that we are only human. We are not the species that holds dominion over land, air and the water's surface, the apex predator of an entire planet that has ensnared lightning itself to power our machines, that has gone to the moon for no reasons except to satisfy our curiosity and, perhaps even more importantly, to see if we could. Instead we are, in our own eyes, the species that destroys all that it touches, that ignites the concentrated remains of its predecessors to fuelnaught but ubiquitous destruction that cannot establish even temporary peace despite millennia of so-called advancement. The truth, of course, is that we are both. Both hero and villain, angel and demon, saint and sinner. But no matter what else we are, we are emphatically not only. Greatness courses through our veins just as blood and salt and life do.The question should not be what our capabilities are, but whether we can be morally good in addition to fundamentally great. Yet the very opposite is the case: we believe we are intrinsically good and must strive for greatness,when instead our inheritance is greatness and a far loftier goal is to be good.This perspective breeds the parasite complacency, insidiously crawling into our bone marrow and crushing our innovative spirit. I reject this false philosophy.I refuse to believe that our birthright and legacy is fallibility, that we are inevitably defined by mediocrity. Robert Oppenheimer said "The optimist thinks this is the best of all possible worlds. The pessimist fears it is true". The realist knows it is not. The idealist believes it can be.

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Laughter is the physiological reaction to humor. Laughter is more contagious that sneezing, coughing, or yawning. It brings people closer and it obviously increases happiness. But it also has many health benefits such as strengthening the immune system, decreases pain, and increases energy. Laughter is a powerful medicine against conflict and stress. And the best thing about it is that it’s free. Laughing helps protect the heart. In a study by the cardiologist is at the University of Maryland Medical Center, suggests that people with heart disease is 40 percent less likely to laugh in a variety of situations than people of the same age without heart disease. In the US heart disease is the number one killer. We all know that eating healthy, daily exercise and not smoking decreases the chance for heart disease. Maybe a regular laugh should be added to the list. But laughing is not only good for the heart; it’s also good for the brain. Specifically your memory. In a study by Loma Linda University in Southern California, individuals that laughed while watching a funny video for twenty minutes scored better on short-term memory tests, in comparison to people that didn’t watch the video and didn’t laugh. Researchers believe that these results are due to that the individuals that laughed were less stressed and which increased endorphins. Which in turn boosts the immune system that changes brain wave activity and increases short-term memory and recall. Laughter also has many social benefits. It’s a great countermeasure against social anxiety and creates a closer connection with others. Laughing diffuses tension and creates a sense of belonging in a group. In studies, laughter has shown to be attractive. Laughter has so many health benefits that Dr. Madan Kataria from Mumbai, created “laughter yoga.” Which is literally standing around in a circle and laughing. He says that the body can’t differentiate between real laughter and pretend laughter so either type works. Dr. Kataria and his wife Madhuri have increased laughter yoga to deep breathing exercises to deepen the impact. In conclusion, laughing has many benefits, that include preventing heart dis-

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ease, amping up memory, and aids social situations. With so many advantages, the real question is why not give it a try? Fun Facts - Children laugh up to 200 times a day while adults only laugh up to 30 times - We laugh 30 time more when we are around others - Laughing strengthens the muscles in the face, stomach and diaphragm - Laughing for a solid fifteen minutes can burn up to 40 calories - Some studies suggest that laughing for at least 15 minutes can add 2 days to your lifespan - Laughing right after you wake up has the same effect as coffee - Studies show that females tend to laugh 126 percent more than males Works Cited "Laughter Is the Best Medicine." : The Health Benefits of Humor and Laughter. N.p., n.d. Web. 11 Aug. 2015. "Humor Helps Your Heart? How?" Humor Helps Your Heart? How? N.p., n.d. Web. 11 Aug. 2015. "Laughter Is the Best Medicine for Your Heart." University of Maryland Medical Center. N.p., n.d. Web. 11 Aug. 2015. “Figalora, Sarah. "Laughing Makes Your Brain Work Better, New Study Finds." ABC News. ABC News Network, 20 Apr. 2014. Web. 11 Aug. 2015. "Brief History Of Laughter Yoga & How It Originated." Brief History Of Laughter Yoga & How It Originated. N.p., n.d. Web. 11 Aug. 2015. "Laughter Improves Cooperation, Communication, Romance." Laughter Online University. N.p., 17 Aug. 2014. Web. 11 Aug. 2015. "15 Interesting Facts About Laughing -" TipsyWritercom. N.p., 13 May 2014. Web. 11 Aug. 2015. "Look Who’s Laughing: Similarities and Differences in Men and Women."Healing Together for Couples. N.p., n.d. Web. 11 Aug. 2015.

As the last butterfly flies, The dark skies began to rise. The rain clouds roll in and begin the rain, But later on you can feel the pain. All the leaves fall down, Which may pull down a frown. As the birds all flew, The wind had just blown. Some people think it’s sad, Some may even be mad. But the reason I went outside today, Was because it was my birthday!

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G‰hpw {]Nm-c-Ønep≈ {InkvXy≥ `‡n-Km\w GsX∂p tNmZn®m¬ “ka-bamw cY-Øn¬” F∂v XpS-ßp∂ Km\w F∂p \nkw-ibw ]d-bmw. Ht∂Im¬ \q‰m-≠n-tesd ]g-°-ap≈ Cu Km\w 20tesd `mj-I-fn-te°v samgn-am‰w sNø-s∏-Sp-Ibpw C∂pw ]pXp- a - t bmsS ]mSn- t Iƒ°p- I bpw sNøp-∂p. 1970 ¬ ]pd-Øn-d-ßnb “Ac\m-gnI t\cw” F∂ ae- b mf kn\n- a - b n¬ GXm\pw hcn-Iƒ D]tbm-Kn-®-tXmSp-IqSn Cu ]m´v IpSp-X¬ {]kn≤-am-bn. kn\n-a-°-th≠n ]Xn\m-bn-c-°-W-°n\p Km\-߃ cNn-®n-´p≈ hb-em¿ ]pXnb Hcp Km\w FgpXp-∂-Xn-\p-]Icw {]Nm-c-Øn-en-cp∂ Cu ]m´v D]tbm-Kn-®Xv CXns‚ ta∑- ° p≈ henb AwKoImcw X∂-bm-bn-cp-∂p. Ac\mgnI t\c-Ønse a‰p-Km-\-߃ cNn-®Xv hb-em¿ BbXn-\m¬ Cu Km\-Øns‚bpw I¿Ømhv At±l-amsW∂v ]ecpw hniz- k n- ° p- ∂ p. Cu ]m´ns‚ aqe-cq-]hpw kn\n-ab - n¬ D]tbm-Kn-°p∂-Xn-\p-th≠n hcp-Ønb sNdnb am‰-ß-fpw NphsS tN¿°p∂p. F∂m¬ AXn\p apºpXs∂ CXns‚ cNn-bn-Xm-hns\ ]cn-N-b-s∏tSs≠? hntZ-i-an-j-\-dn-am¿ ae-bm-f-`m-j°p \¬Inb kw`m-h-\-Iƒ Aaqey-ß-fm-W-t√m. `mj°p hymI-c-Whpw \nL-≠phpw \¬Inb sl¿Ω≥ Kp≠¿´pw ‘]pØ≥]m\’ Dƒs∏sS ]e {KŸ-ßfpw cNn® A¿tWmkv ]mXn-cnbpw \ap°v kp]- c n- N n- X cm- W v. CtX KW-

Øn¬s∏Sp-Øm-hp∂ as‰mcp P¿Ω≥ anj-\dn-bm-bn-cp∂ thmƒ{_oØv \mK¬ (Volbreeht Negal) BWv. ta¬ ]d™ Km\-Øns‚ aqecq]w cNn-®-Xv. 1867 ¬ P¿Ω-\n-bn-emWv thmƒ{_nØv P\n-®-Xv. epX-d≥ k`m-hn-izm-kn-I-fm-bn-cp∂p amXm-]n-Xm-°ƒ thmƒ{_n-Øns‚ _mey-Øn¬ Xs∂ amXm-]n-Xm-°ƒ acn®p. sNdp-{]m-bØ - n¬ tKmkv]¬ {]kw- K - ß - f n¬ BIrjvS- \ mb At±lw kzn‰vk¿e-≠nse ss__nƒ tImf-Pn¬ ]T\w XpS¿∂p. anj- \ dn {]h¿Ø- \ ߃°mbn At±lØns‚ k` thmƒ{_nØns\ C¥ybn-te-°-b-®p. 1892 ¬ tIc-f-Øn-se-Ønb At±lw IÆq¿ tI{μoI-cn®v Xs‚ {]h¿Ø-\߃ Bcw`n- ® p XpSßn. Akmam\y thK-Øn¬ ae-bmf-`mj kzmb-Ø-am-°m≥ At±-lØn\v Ign™p. t{]£nX kwL-hp-ambp- ≠ mb A`n{]m- b - h y- X ym- k - s Ø- X p- S ¿∂v AhnsS \n∂p ]ncn-bp-Ibpw Ip∂-aw-Ke - t- Ø°v Xs‚ kzX-{¥ -kp-hn-tij {]h¿Ø-\߃ am‰p-Ibpw sNbvXp. AhnsS At±lw ]md-ta¬ C´q∏ns\ ]cn- N - b - s ∏- ´ p. ]md- t a¬ C´q∏ns\m∏w Zo¿L-\mƒ Xma-kn-°p-Ibpw tIc- f - Ø ns‚ hnhn[ `mK- ß - f n¬ Xs‚ t{]£nX {]h¿Ø- \ ߃ XpS- c p- I bpw sNbvXp. ae-bm-f-Øn¬ ]mSp-Ibpw {]kw-Kn°p-Ibpw sNbvXn-cp∂ Ct±lw \m´p-Im¿°p

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{]nbw-I-c-\m-bn. “\mK¬ kmbn∏v ”F∂v Ah¿ At±lsØ hnfn-®p. Ip‰-hm-fn-Isf ]m¿∏n-®n-cp∂ Pbn-en¬ \mK¬ \S-Ønb tkh-\-߃ hfsc «ml-\ob-ß-fm-bn-cp-∂p. 1896 ¬ At±lw lmcn-b‰v an®¬ F∂ Bt•m C¥y≥ A≤ym]n-Ibpambn hnhmlnX\mbn. Ch¿°v Ggp Ip´n-Iƒ ]nd-∂p; c≠p Ip´nIƒ _mey- Ø n¬ Xs∂ ac-W-s∏-´p. 1914 ¬ 47˛masØ hb- n¬ Xs‚ P∑\mSp kμ¿in-°p-∂X - n-\p-th≠n aqØ c≠p a°sfbpw Iq´n P¿Ω-\n-bn-te°v t]mbn. D]cn]-T\-Øn-\mbn a°sf Cw•-≠n¬ B°nb-tijw aS-ßp-I-bm-bn-cp∂p Dt±iw. Cu kabw H∂mw temI alm-bp≤w s]m´n-∏p-d-s∏-Sp-Ibpw \mKen\v aS- ° - b m{X Akm[y- a mbn Xocp- I bpw sNbvXp. bp≤-Øn¬ \njv]£ cmPy-am-bn-cp∂ kzn‰vk¿e-≠n-te°v At±lw Xmakw am‰n. c≠p-a-°ƒ Cw•-≠nepw `mcybpw aq∂p-a-°fpw tIc-f-Ønepw Xm≥ kzn‰vk¿e-≠n-ep-ap≈ PohnX-Øn¬ At±lw AXohZp:JnX-\m-bn-cp-∂p. Aßs\bncns° At±l-Øn\v ]£m-LmXw ]nSn-s∏-Sp-Ibpw 1921 ¬ P∑-\m-Smb P¿Ω-\nbn¬h®v acn-°p-Ibpw sNbvXp. 1906 ¬ Xr»q-cn-\-SpØv s\√n-°p-∂Øv At±lw ÿm]n® A\mYm-e-bhpw hn[hm aμnchpw C∂pw {]h¿Øn®p hcp-∂p. t I c - f Øn¬ h∂v ae-bmfw ]Tn®p F∂pam-{X-a√ aebm-f-Øn¬ At±lw {]mhoWyw t\Sp-Ibpw sNbvXp. \qdn-tesd ae-bm-f-`-‡n-Km-\-߃ At±lw cNn-®p. Ahsbms° Ct∏mgpw k`m hyXymkw IqSmsX F√m ss{Ih-kvX-hcpw D]tbm-Kn-®p-h-cp-∂p.

\mK¬ kmbn∏v cNn® Km\w ka-bamw cY-Øn¬ Rm≥ kz¿§-bm{X sNøp∂p. F≥ kztZiw Im◊-Xn\p _≤-s∏-t´m-Sn-Sp-∂p. BsI Aev]w t\cw am{Xw Fs‚ bm{X Xocp-hm≥ tbipth! \n\°p kvtXm{Xw thKw \ns∂ ImWpw Rm≥

1 cmhnse Rm≥ DWcp- t ºmƒ `mKy- a p- t ≈m¿ \n›bw Fs‚ bm{X-bpsS A¥yw C∂se-°mƒ ASp]w (BsI Aev]...) 2 cm{Xn-bn¬ Rm≥ ssZh-Øns‚ ssII-fn¬ Ddßp∂p. At∏mgpw F≥ cY-Øns‚ N{Iw apt∂m-t´mm-Sp∂p (BsI Aev]...) 3. tXSp-hm≥ PU-Øn≥ kpJw Ct∏mƒ A√ kabw kz¥- \ m- ´ n¬ ssZh- a pJw Im¨I- b ms{X hmRvOnXw (BsI Aev]....) 4. `mc-߃ IqSp-∂-Xn\p H∂pw th≠ bm{X-bn¬ Aev]w A∏w hni-∏n∂p kzev] sh≈w Zmln°n¬ (BsI Aev]...) 5. ÿew lm alm-hn-tijw ^ew F{X a[pcw th≠ th≠ `q{]-tZiw A√ Fs‚ ]m¿∏nSw (BsI Aev]...) 6. \nXy-am-tbm¿ hmk ÿew F\n°p≠p kz¿§Øn¬ Poh-hr-£-Øns‚ ^ew ssZh-]-dp-Zo-km-bn¬ (BsI Aev]...) 7. Fs∂ FXntc-ev]m-\mbn ssZh-Zq-X¿ hcp∂p th≠p-tºmse bm{X-°mbn ]pXp-i‡n Xcp∂p . (BsI Aev] ...) kn\n-a-bv°p-th≠n ]cn-jvI-cn® hcn-Iƒ ka-bamw cY-Øn¬ Rm≥ kz¿§-bm{X sNøp-∂p. F≥ kztZiw Im¨a-Xn-\mbv Rm≥ X\nsb t]mIp-∂p. BsI Aev]w t\cw am{Xw Fs‚ bm{X Xncphm≥ BsI Ac\m-gnI am{Xw Cu DSp∏p am‰p-hm≥ cm{Xn-bn¬ Rm≥ ssZh-Øns‚ ssII-fn-ep-dßp∂p At∏mgp-sa≥ cY-Øns‚ N{Iw aptºm-t´m-Sp-∂p. cmhnse Rm≥ ssZh-Øns‚ ssII-fn¬ DWcp∂p At∏mgp-sa≥ a\- ns‚ kz]v\w aptºm-t´m-Sp-∂p. Cu {]]© kpJw tXSm≥ Ct∏mg√ kabw F≥ kztZ-iØp sNt√Ww Giphns\ ImW-Ww.

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I wonder: what happened to my friend?My childhood friend Anita was a happy, bubbly, social person who always enjoyed people and was there to help everyone. I was ecstatic to see my good old friend after far too many years apartduring this trip to Kerala. I bought a beautiful yellow saree for her from Dubai, her absolute favorite color, along with matching accessories and a few other gifts from US.More than anything, I had so many of our childhood memories that I wanted to reminisce about and giggle over like little kids. The day I landed in Trivandrum, I called her and was surprised not to hear the same excitement in her voice I used to hear before. That is not her. That is not Anita, I said to myself. Then I thoughtit is the years of work, the stress of life and family that is keeping her busy. She is just tired. I thought she would perk up when we met, go back to the way I remembered her being. I was mistaken. She was aloof and tired, talking as little as

possible. Although she cooked a great meal, dressed gorgeously, and waited for me in her beautiful porch, I saw that something was deeply, fundamentally not right. What is wrong with her? What happened to my dear friend? She was living in a beautiful house, had a great job, a wonderful husband, and two cute boys. Despite all of that, was she really so unhappy? What is wrong? Anitahas depression, yet shesuffers in silence. She is not alone. According to the Indian Psychiatric Society, 35% of Keralites suffer from depression.Kerala, called God's own country,has achieved much success that no other states could even think of. Kerala has successfully engineered a reduction in fertility, a rise in life expectancy at birth, and a decline in birth, death, and infant mortality rates. They have one of the highest literacy rates in the nation. In terms of development, Kerala is something of a role model and is at the same level that can be found in many first world countries. In spite of this, Kerala has been reporting one of the highest suicide rates in the country. Depressive disorder is one of the most common mental disorders in the United Statesas well. More than 20 million Americans suffer from some type of depressive illness. Depression can lead to othermental diseases such as anxiety, social phobia, and substance abuse. Depression results from a combination of genetic, biological, environmental, and psychological factors. Some types of depression tend to run in families. However, depression can occur in people without any family history of depression as well. Scientists are studying certain genes that may make some people more prone to depression. Some genetics research indicates that risk for depression results from

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the influence of several genes acting together with environmental or other factors. In addition, trauma, loss of a loved one, a difficult relationship, or any stressful situation may trigger a depressive episode. Other depressive episodes may occur with or without an obvious trigger. The American National Institute of Mental Health liststhe following as symptoms of depression: • Persistent sad, anxious, or "empty" feelings • Feelings of hopelessness or pessimism • Feelings of guilt, worthlessness, or helplessness • Irritability, restlessness • Loss of interest in activities or hobbies once pleasurable, including sex • Fatigue and decreased energy • Difficulty concentrating, remembering details, and making decisions • Insomnia, early-morning wakefulness, or excessive sleeping • Overeating, or appetite loss • Thoughts of suicide, suicide attempts Depression is a serious but treatable disorder. Depression is a sickness, just like any other disease. More than 80% of all cases of clinical depression can

be effectively treated with medication, psychotherapy, or a combination of both. If you or someone you love is depressed, take that step and reach out for help. Early diagnosis and treatment is the most important factorin curing the disease. The first step to getting appropriate treatment is to visit a doctor or a mental health specialist. Please help yourself or your loved ones. When I was leaving back to the United States, Anita hugged me at the airport and said “Thank you for being my friend”. She had had no idea what she was suffering from. She was just sad.Anita’s husband Santhosh said in tears “You are God sent, thank you for saving our lives. I was wondering what was wrong all this time”. Please help yourself, your family, and your friends in getting treatment. Let us eradicate the disease of depression from the world, together. References: The National Institute of Mental Health . Depression. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Retrieved from https:// Claudia Lang & Eva Jansen (2013). Appropriating Depression: Bio medicalizing Ayurvedic Psychiatry in Kerala, India. Medical Anthropology: Cross-Cultural Studies in Health and Illness, 32:1, 25-45, DOI: 10.1080/ 01459740.2012.674584.

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“Let me define a leader. He must have vision and passion and not be afraid of any problem. Instead, he should know how to defeat it. Most importantly, he must work with integrity.”

To succeed in your mission, you must have single-minded devotion to your goal.

I'm not a handsome guy, but I can give my hand to someone who needs help. Beauty is in the heart, not in the face.

“My message, especially to young people is to have courage to think differently, courage to invent, to travel the unexplored path, courage to discover the impossible and to conquer the problems and succeed. These are great qualities that they must work towards. This is my message to the young people.”

“The sides of the mountain sustain life, not the peak. This is where things grow, experience is gained, and technologies are mastered. The importance of the peak lies only in the fact that it defines the sides.”

Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.

Great dreams of great dreamers are always transcended.

“All Birds find shelter during a rain.But Eagle avoids rain by flying above the Clouds Problems are common, but attitude makes the difference!!!”

Man needs his difficulties because they are necessary to enjoy success.

By: AkshitaAlousyes, Quotes From:,,

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Most people tend to believe that alcohol is a harmless drink that can’t hurt you, they believe that it’s okay to drink and you would be fine the next day; they are wrong. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, nearly 88,000 people in the United States die from alcohol related accidents a year. Alcohol causes a huge burden on yourself and is quite hard to get over. It risks yours and others lives, your body gets weakened, and you become at risk to get multiple types of cancer and other diseases. Alcohol clouds the drinker’s judgment. It makes it harder for them to think as freely as they usually do. They make stupid decisions like drinking and driving which is estimated to kill about 28 people a day. This then results in a court ruling of involuntary manslaughter which, depending on the state you live in, results in jail time,a serious fine, the suspension of your driver’s license, and on top of that, it will stay on your permanent record forever. Innocent people are being killed every day because of a simple yet deadly drink. Also, because they can’t think as clearly as they usu-

ally do, the tiniest problem can make them snap, this makes them do things they don’t want to do, like hurt their family or friends. There are many bad physical as well as psychological things that can happen when you are drunk, one of them is a coma. A coma is a state of unconsciousness where your brain thinks at a much slower pace (it’s like your sleeping but can’t wake up). There have been instances where people go into comas for weeks some even years.Alcohol risks your life and it endangers others, however alcohol may cause many negative permanent effects on your life. Alcohol is known as a home away from home, a way to relax from a stressful life, however in the end it makes you even more stressful. Alcohol causes addictions, and addictions of alcohol ruins your body and your life. Some temporary effects of alcohol are known to cause slurred speech, drowsiness, migraines, etc. it makes it harder to do the things you do on a normal every day basis, and many people just can’t stop drinking. It makes work more difficult than it already is. Many college students take one drink

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of alcohol and eventually it becomes a habit and then an addiction, making it harder for them to concentrate on the important aspects of their lives like school. Alcohol also causes permanent problems to your body too, alcohol can cause brain damage, poisoning, liver damage, etc. Drinking alcohol while pregnant can make the baby have a low birth weight, also it can risk the chance of having problems with speech, language, and ADHD. Also, many babies die from SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) from birth to the age of one from mothers who drank while intoxicated. However, alcohol’s side effects don’t end there, they also cause diseases like throat and heart cancer. Alcohol can cause a variety of diseases from mouth cancer to cardiovascular disease. Mouth disease is common in the U.S due to excessive use of alcohol. As alcohol enters the body, alcohol is converted in to a dangerous chemical called acetaldehyde, although there is already acetaldehyde in your body, extravagant amounts of it is dangerous.Immoderate Acetaldehyde is known to damage our DNA and stopping our cells from repairing the damage. Also, when used extravagantly it enters the bloodstream and scars tissue, also damaging membranes. Then, the body gets weaker and the cancer gets through. Mouth cancer is very expensive to cure, an average for checkups and surgeries can range up to around two hundred thou-

sand dollars. As bad as mouth disease is, cardiovascular disease is equally as bad, cardiovascular disease is the number one killer in all of America. About seven hundred thirty five thousand people die from cardiovascular disease in America alone, that’s one in four people. Alcohol raises the blood pressure of the user, which can lead to heart attack or stroke. Alcohol is used by people who want to relax, and have some fun, however there is a dark truth to it. Alcohol claims lives in many different ways from drunk driving to cardiovascular disease. It ruins family and friendships, killing innocent people, and infants just for the pleasure that it gives you for a very small amount of time. Reference: 1. 2. 3.

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Dance is much more than a sport to me it’s my passion. I love to dance! When I dance I let go of all the other distractions and focus on dance. Dancing is a great way for people of all ages to get and stay in shape. Besides being fun, dancing has much positive health benefits. I have been dancing for about 10 years now and I enjoyed every single second of it. There are many different types of dance such as Ballet, Hip hop, Bharatnatym, Jazz, and many more. Dancing will always remain a part of my life. It is a kind of sport that every generation enjoys. On every special occasion I feel like dancing. Dancing involves technique, timing, eye and hand coordination, rhythm, emotion and personality. I hope someday I will become a successful professional dancer. I love my dance group that I am in! To me dance is the best when we dance with friends. One thing which is important is you have to enjoy your dance. I dance because it makes me confident and I enjoy dancing. Dancing comes from my heart. Dance is not just a sport it’s an attitude. Martha Graham once said “Dance is the hidden language of the soul of the body.” Keep on dancing!

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Acns∏mSn ˛ 1 •m v ssaZ ˛ 1 •m v t_°nwKv ]uU¿ ˛ 1/4 Sokv]p¨ ]gw ˛ sNdnb Ij-W-ß-fm-°n-bXv 2 FÆw i¿°c ˛ 250{Kmw D∏v ˛ ]mI-Øn\v PocIw ˛ 1/4 Sokv]p¨ tXßm-sImØv Bhiy-Øn\v sNdp-Xmbn \pdp-°n-bXv FÆ ˛ Bhiy-Øn\v

]mIw sNøp∂ hn[w i¿°c ]m\o-ba - m°n Acns∏m-Sn, ssaZ, D∏v t_°nwKv ]uU¿ Ge°m-b-s∏m-Sn, PocIw, ]gw, anIvkn-bn¬ Ac®p tN¿°Ww. tXßm-sImØv s\øn¬ hdpØv tN¿Øv F√mw IqSn tbmPn-∏n®p DÆnb∏ ]m{X-Øn¬ FÆ Hgn®p \√ NqSm-°ptºmƒ amhv tImcn Hgn®p DÆnb∏w D≠m°n FSp°-Ww.

Xmdmhv ap´ ˛ 6 FÆw sh-fn-®Æ ˛ 3 tS_nƒ kv]p¨ apf-Ivs∏mSn ˛ 1 1/2 Snkv]p¨ a√n-s∏mSn ˛ 2 Snkv]q¨ a™ƒs∏mSn ˛ 1/2 Snkv]p¨ amß ˛ henb IjvW-ß-fm°n apdn-®Xv 8 IjWw Dcp-f≥In-gßv ˛ 2 FÆw khmf ˛ 1 sNdpXv

]®-ap-fIv ˛ 3 FÆw C©n ˛ 1 sNdnb IjWw Idn-th-∏ne ˛ ]mI-Øn\v D∏v ˛ ]mI-Øn\v s]cpw-Po-cIw ˛ 1 \p≈v tXßm-∏m¬ ˛ 2 I∏v ISpIv 1/4 Snkv]p¨ sNdnb D≈n Ipd®v Xmfn-°m≥

]mIw sNøp∂ hn[w: Xmdmhv ap´ ]pgpßn shbv°p-I. ]m\n¬ FÆ Hgn°p-I. C©n, khm-f, ]®-ap-fIv hg-‰p-I. khmf \t√mWw hg‰n Ign-™m¬ AXnte°v a√n-s∏m-Sn, apf-Ivs∏m-Sn, a™ƒs∏m-Sn, bYm-{Iaw hg-‰p-I. ]®-aWw am‰n-I-gn-™m¬ Dcpf≥In-gßv, amß F∂nh hg-‰n-bXn-\p-tijw tXßm-∏m¬ Hgn°p-I. AXn\p-tijw Dcpf≥°n-g-ßv, amß \t√mWw sh¥v Nmdv Ipdp-In-b-Xn-\p-tijw ap´ apdn-®n-Sp-I. Ahkm\w I´n-bp≈ tXßm-∏m¬ tN¿Øv Idn hmßn shbv°pI. ISpIv, Idn-th∏ne, DW°-ap-fIv, sNdnb D≈n Ch Xmfn®v Idn-bn¬ Hgn°p-I. Xmdmhp-ap´ amß-°dn sdUn.

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ssIcfn 109 kph-\oÀ 2015

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Today ○

Henry Plathottam

Today I was told that I should leave this place Today I was denied to be here to see another sunrise in peace. Today I was forced to make you all cry and weep Because today I was taken out of my life for eternal sleep. Today I started my journey to reach my final destination It all happened fast and created lots of frustration. My thinking at first was that it was just another dream But pretty soon, I realized that it was all done by God supreme. I just wasn't allowed to look back to see who came for the viewing I just wasn't allowed to see how you all doing or how you all feeling. I couldn't even hear the 'great" things you talked about me I couldn't even know who would pray for me staying on their knees I wished I could hear the sound of your weeping. I wished I could feel the sadness while sleeping. But I didn't want to believe that I will be missed for ever And I didn't care whether the tears are true or just you are so clever. If I was allowed for once to hear all true prayers If I was allowed to comfort and wipe all your tears, I would have made up mind to come back to life on earth I would have run back here, to start over through re-birth. Walking back to another life, would have been a second chance Given to me to do better things and not just sit and glance. But as restarting life is always a dream not comes true, All I can do now is to leave you for the heavenly crew. Today I was told that I can not stay here any more Today I was taken and would never return to this floor. Today was the last day for me to be among good and bad Whether it was to make you happy, or just to make you sad.

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Kairali Souvenir 2015  

Kairali Souvenir 2015

Kairali Souvenir 2015  

Kairali Souvenir 2015