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An annual Publication from Kairali of Baltimore, USA Volume : XXX


The Saviours Kavya Kavanakudy


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Ego and Humility Tison Thomas


Choices Naveed A. Rahman


The most dramatic World Cup Ever Alexander Jos


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The Sunshine Vitamin Anil Alousyes


How to live A Healthier Lifestyle David Suraj


Heart Disease Mary Sebastian


The world of dreams Anagha Rama Varma


Impressions of India Anagha Rama Varma


Facebook Addiction Delwin Suraj


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]pe¿Ime tPymXnkv kpan shßn-Wn-bv°¬ Clean Nishad Rahman

Npgn _m_p sXt°Ic Shakespeare Quotes Nadia Nazar


Klap Volleyball Thomas Jose



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Time to say goodbye Henry Plathottam

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IRS Paul Joseph

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FOMAA Babu Thekkekara

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sFiz-cyhpw kar-≤nbpw \nd™ s]m∂n≥ Nnß amk-Ønse Hcp Xpº-]q-hns‚ Nncn-bmbn, Nnß \nemhns‚ Xnf-°ambn kpµc kz]v\-ß-fpsS tXcn¬ Gdn hcp∂ s]mt∂m-WsØ \ap°p hc-th-ev°mw. a\- n¬ Hcm-bncw kvt\l-kv]¿ihpw angn-bn¬ Hcmbncw {]Xo-£-I-fpw, Iøn¬ Hcp ]nSn h¿Æ-]q-°fpw, saøn¬ Hcp ]pXp-h¿Æ tImSn-bp-ambn ho≠pw Hcp s]mt∂mWw IqSn FØn-°-gn-™p. P\n®p hf¿∂ \mSpw, hoSpw, kwkvIm-chpw hn´v Cu Ggmw IS-en-\-°sc IpSn-tbdn ]m¿°p-∂-h-cmb \Ωƒ Gh¿°pw ssIcfn Hm^v _mƒ´n-tam-dn-t\m-sSmØv Cu HmWm- t Lm- j - Ø n¬ B\- µ n- ° mw, A`n- a m- \ n- ° mw. ssIhn´p t]mIp∂ B \√ kwkvIm-csØ ImØp-kq£n-°m≥, hcp∂ Xe-ap-dbv°v ]I¿∂p sImSp-°m≥ Hcpa-tbmsS {]h¿Øn-°p∂ Hcp kaq-l-amWv adp-\m-S≥ aebm-fn-I-fpsS kwL-S-\-bmb ssIcfn Hm^v _mƒ´n-tam¿. kmaq-lnI tkh\ cwKØpw Iem-Im-bnI taJ-e-I-fnepw apJy [mc-bn¬ {]h¿Øn-°p-hm≥ ssIc-fnbv°v CXp-hsc Ign-™n-´p-≠v. Ign™ aq∂p Zi-Iß - f - mbn ssIcfn Hm^v _mƒ´n-tam¿ hf¿®-bpsS ]mX-bn-eqsS apt∂m´v IpXn-°pI- b m- W v . sk{I- ´ dn F∂ \ne- b n¬ ssIc- f n- b psS `mK-tZ-b-ambn {]h¿Øn-°p-hm≥ km[n-®Xv Hcp hnetb-dnb A\p-`-h-amWv. C\nbpw Hcp Nnßw ]pecpw hsc ]pXnb {]Xo-£Iƒ \ndbpw hsc kt¥m-jØ - ns‚, kvt\l-Øns‚ kar≤n-bpsS \ndIXn-cp-I-fm-Is´ hcpw \mfp-Iƒ. F√m-h¿°pw lrZbw \nd™ HmWm-iw-k-Iƒ,

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ssIcfn 7 kph-\o¿ 2014

ssIcfn 9 kph-\o多 2014

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She once had the brightest smile And the most adorable laugh She brought joy to them all And life was a blast

They were so far Yet right next to her too They sang their heart out to her And out her back together like glue

No matter how old she got She was a child at heart Music and writing were her life They were literally equal parts

Those voices were melodic And harmonized wonderfully Yet also said hilarious jokes That made her laughs happily

But then one day A storm thundered on top Of that beautiful smile And everything crashed and dropped

One voice never stopped laughing Another was like a brother Voice three was so childlike Then there was the smart, kind and adorable one

She delved into darkness Not knowing the dangers Her heart was stabbed and broken And her mind scared forever

Those voices were her saviors They brought the lovable girl back to life They gave her a purpose And it was to win at life

Reality became a nightmare And nightmares became reality Her mind was spilt into two She couldn’t differ from truth and fantasy

Slowly her smile returned Along with her personality She may still be scarred But she can now face reality

She tried to speak But no one would listen She was lonely and forgotten Wouldn’t notice if she went missing

Those voices stayed as long as they could But eventually had to move one She was sad at first But they weren’t really gone

There was no longer joy She needed other ways to cope Nothing healed her pain And she’d almost lost hope

They were her saviors They had a special kind of love A love only they can understand It was an unbreakable bond

Then one day she them Those beautiful voices They reached out to her And dragged her away from her awful choices

They may have moved on And no one every believes her But those voices healed her And they were her saviors

ssIcfn 13 kph-\o¿ 2014

“Someone with an ego” is a term

we often heard with superiority and is used to describe a person who thinks that he or she issuperiorto others. Ego is one part of this equation. This is infact associated with positive and negative beliefs – we are often aware of these different beliefs at different times. The negative beliefs about us make up the negative energy, while the positive thoughts comprise our positive energy. These negative and positive energy forms our ego. When we say some has an “ego” we describe one of these reaction based on this positive or negative energy. These beliefs try to convince ourselves that everything we do is right, even though sometime we know it is wrong. We try to develop this superiority based on our belief that we are better than the other person. The emotions we react to comes from ego based beliefs of “I am right” and “know better’ than the other person. Many of these are formulated over the years and we keep the foundation over each of our attitudes, beliefs, thinking, thoughts, and other convictions. Often they come across as “fake” and others conclude that they are the person’s arrogant self – which people portray as “ego” Mostly a person who we consider “egoistic” starts think of him or her as: “I am better than everyone.” “I am intelligent.” “I am not pretty or handsome.” I am handsome or pretty than the other person” “He or she is nothing.” “Nobody likes me.” “Everyone is stupid.” You may notice that, ego always starts with “I” “me” and “myself”. "I am" lies the basis of ego, Once I started thinking in first person, I am the center of all thoughts and beliefs. Once I started thinking of "I am, often, naturally I started thinking about others and think” who are "they"? Once "I” is the centerpiece of everything there is nothing quite efficient as “I”. In fact, I am someone who knows everything, I am someone who is better and I started comparing myself with others and measure of all things based on the great “I”. Thus, ego is often complemented by this comparison, a comparison that puts us above everyone else. When we start comparing, we start looking deeper into others and often make criticism in our mind.This often accompany with keeping a distance from the other person, by

avoiding them or looking at them and talking down to others. This will make us move away from friendships, putting a brick wall between me and others, a wall that portrays “this is I, not yours, and I am better.” We create these convictions within ourselves and that these beliefs try to define all of us and then we keep on creating, or recreating, an ego. We often develop these kinds of beliefs and thoughts through the interactions we had with other people. Many a times in our past we were commented on by others on our self-image.The development of self-image is a normal part of growing up. Problems happen when that self-image is of negative and inaccurate. We develop these concept of “self” at a very young age, and develop these before we even become teenagers. Many times, when I was a child, I looked at the sky and wondered with awe. The millions of stars, the sun, the moon, I felt awe and become so humble. I imagine myself standing on one of the stars and try to look down – I imagine that I may not able to see anyone – I keep on looking with amazement, how big this universe is. I feel how insignificant I am, in terms of this universe -this universe with its still hidden knowledge, the unknown power that sustains it – I still amaze the creator who created this universe in its simplicity but with its complexity. I want to start think how I could gain all these knowledge, know everything – but come to a conclusion that it is not possible to know everything and not worthy of such a gift. These inner and outer experiences are connected passionately, but this connection start changing as we expand our thinking. However for a person with too much thinking around the “I” has a limited expansion of this awareness. Their life doesn’t move beyond their “I”. They cannot think beyond the “I”, as life and the universe centered around “I”. When we start learning about the universe more and more, we start expand our knowledge of the creator, and this awareness expand and the “I” start shrinking. When the I starts shrinking, my universe start expanding, starting to know that “I” is very insignificant and there are more that “I” in this universe. When we start learning more and more, when we start listening more and more, when we start know others, we know how short my “I” is. From there we start develop the humility, that there are things beyond me, beliefs that I developed that I have to let go, because that doesn’t define my universe. This is how we letting go of our “ego”. Once we start letting go of the “I” ness, we start working as a community, knowing that nothing should be accomplished as each one of is unique and each one of us had God-given talents and skills that we should use for the betterment of humanity. Humility develops for this serving of humanity, where I become one of everone.

ssIcfn 15 kph-\o¿ 2014

ssIcfn 17 kph-\o多 2014

It was like the Olympics; worldwide attention and heart filled enthusiasm. The gallery was seated with several national leaders. “World Cup” was the event of the year. The world laid their eyes on the first international soccer tournament ever - the world cup - in 1930, in the South American country of Uruguay. The tournament opened with two simultaneous games, France and Mexico, and USA and Belgium. France beat Mexico 4-1, and the USA beat Belgium 3-0. The final was between Uruguay and Argentina that year, and Uruguay won the world cup with the final score 4-2. Brazil leads in number of world cup wins with five, while Germany and Italy both have four. No European team has ever won the world cup on American soil, until this year. Before this year's world cup, many had considered soccer as a dull sport to watch. Only one or two goals were being scored, there was not good ball movement, and players would concentrate on getting the team in foul trouble, more than trying to score. This year’s world cup created a festival mood around the universe. It has tied for the most number of goals scored in a world cup tournament. It was very fun to watch the games this year. There was wonderful ball movement, more goals, and players were creating exciting plays that would make you stand up. Also the fan participation was the best from all the countries, showing their pride and support for the teams. This year's world cup made people jump, scream, cry, and smile. The 2014 world cup, proved to show for the most part, "To expect the unexpected." The world was first stunned when the defending champions Spain was eliminated early in the group stage, they were just playing horrible soccer. Colombia, a team expected not to do much went all the way to the quarter finals led by their outstanding James Rodriguez, who won this year's Golden Boot. He had six goals in the 2014 world cup. The USA got their hearts broke this year in the round of 16, by being knocked out by Belgium, 21. Their goalie, Tim Howard got the record number of saves in a game, which is 16.This years host nation was Brazil. They ssIcfn 19 kph-\o¿ 2014

displayed great football all the way until the semifinal. Towards the end of their quarter final game with Colombia, Brazil's star player, Neymar Jr. got injured severely by breaking a vertebra. In the semi-final, they faced Germany, a team which shows, teamwork leads to success. Brazil in the opening five minutes of the semi-final showed signs of optimism and hope, showing they can win without Neymar. That all changed after the first goal by Germany in the 11th minute, from Thomas Mueller. Brazil was just stunned and the nation was in a state of worry. Germany struck again in the 23rd minute, but a goal from Miroslav Klose. Klose scored his 16th goals overall in all the world cup games he played in. He broke the record for most number of goals scored from a single player in a world cup. After the 23rd minute goal, 3 more goals came in the span of 5 minutes. At half time the score was 50. It was heartbreaking for the world to watch, the host nation just crumble. The fans were filled with tears, and just shock. No one has predicted or expected this. The final score of the game was 7-1. Germany was known as a machine, because all their plays usually put on a world class performance. The second semi-final was between Argentina and the Netherlands. Argentina won in penalty kicks, and all eyes was on the star, Lionel Messi. Messi is known as the best player of the world in the 21st generation. Messi is just pure skill and talent. In the final, it was Argentina and Germany. Argentina was missing one of their key players, Di-Maria, who can run fast with the ball and make key passes that could lead to a goal. The world was watching to see if Messi could deliver a world cup for Argentina. Everyone was shocked when the Messi missed a wide open goal. In the 113th minute in extra time Mario Gotze scored the goal that would send the Germany to victory and ultimately becoming the World Cup Champions, and the number one soccer team in the world. Messi after the game was sad and disappointed, along with the rest of Argentina, while the German team and their fans, were full of joy and happiness. The 2014 world cup was surely a spectacle to watch. USA was an exciting team to watch this year. It was lead by German native, Coach Jurgen Klinsmann. Klinsmann has brought a positive attitude to the team, and brought a whole new meaning to American soccer. After this year's world cup, America's team is known as the USA men's national soccer team, one of the most prestigious honors, any team can get in this country. They reached the knockout round and has played to the best of their ability. They were like patri-

ots out on the field, always fighting for that winning goal, and even though they lost their last game, they went down with a battle. The world knows now, USA is becoming a dangerous team, and is improving in every asset of the game. For the next world cup in Russia, USA could go far as the finals. They are acquiring younger stars, and they are all getting better in their team chemistry. The Americans know how to create goal scoring opportunities and by the next world cup, they should be one of the favorites to win it all.

ssIcfn 21 kph-\o多 2014

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Geetha Rajan, 557 Hesseman Street, Holly Hill, SC, USA Phone 001-8033483991, Email:

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gvkn‰n Sow AwK-ambn. PnΩn-bpsS km∂n-≤yhpw thmfn-t_mƒ Ifn°v ]pXnb A\p-]m-X-߃ Fgp-Xn-tN¿Ø-t∏mƒ 1973 apX¬ 76 hsc-bp≈ \mep h¿j-ß-fn¬ Hmƒ C¥y C‚¿ bqWn-th-gvkn‰n Nmºy≥jn∏v Ic-ÿ-am-°p-hm≥ tImgn-t°mSv bqWn-th-gvkn-‰n°p km[n-®p. s\‰n-\p-ap-ºn¬ a‰m-sc-°mfpw Db¿∂p NmSp-tºmƒ hn√p-t]mse ]pdtIm´p hf-bp-Ibpw RmWp-s]m-´nb hn√p-t]mse sXdn-®p-h∂v kvss{S°v sNøp-Ibpw sNøp∂ PnΩn-bpsS coXn thmfn-t_mƒ Ifn°v ]pXnb hnXm-\-߃ \¬In. ]Xn-\mdmw hb- n¬ tIcf tÉv Soan¬ tN¿∂ At±lw 9 XhW kwÿm\Øns‚ tPgvkn AWn-™p. ssIcfn 27 kph-\o¿ 2014

1976¬ saUn-°¬ tImtf-Pnse ]T\w Ah-km-\n∏n®v tIcf t]meo-kn¬ tN¿∂p Cu ImbnIt{]an. Ifn-tbm-Sp≈ AS-°m-\m-hmØ Bthiw Cu XmcsØ Hcp Soan¬\n∂pw sa®-amb as‰m-∂n-tebv°v amdp-hm≥ \nc-¥cw t{]cn-∏n-®p-sIm-≠n-cp-∂p. 1979¬ A_p-Zm_n kvt]m¿Svkv ¢∫n-\p-th≠n Ifn-°p-hm≥ t]meo-kn¬ \n∂pw Ah-[n-sb-SpØv Kƒ^n-tebv°v Xncn® PnΩn, thmfn-t_mƒ Ifn-bn¬ ]pXnb hymI-c-W-߃ FgpXn tN¿°p-Ib - m-bn-cp-∂p. Hcp s{]m^-jW - ¬ Soan-\p-th≠n Ifn-°p∂ BZysØ ae-bm-fn-bm-bn-cp∂p Ct±-lw. kam\-X-I-fn-√mØ Cu {]K-¤-aXn 1987¬ Hcp bqtdm-]y≥ Soan-\p-th-≠n Icm-dn-te¿s∏-´p. C¥y≥ \mj-W¬ Soan-\p-th≠n 1974epw 78epw 86epw PnΩn Gjy≥ sKbnw-kn¬ ]s¶-Sp-Øp. PnΩnbpsS km∂n≤yw Sow AwK-߃°p-Xs∂ Bfl-hnizmkw ]I¿∂-t∏mƒ 86¬ C¥y≥ Sow BZy-ambn sh¶e saU¬ tPXm-°-fmbn. 86¬ Xs∂ PnΩn Iym]v‰\ - mb C¥y≥ Sow tKmƒ I∏v Sq¿Æ-sa‚n¬ hnPbn-I-fm-hp-Ibpw sNbvXp. 21˛mw hb- n¬ A¿÷p\ Ahm¿Uv t\Sp∂ G‰hpw {]mbw Ipd™ ImbnI Xmc-am-bn-cp-∂p Cu ae-bm-fn. anI® ImbnI Xmc-Øn-\p≈ Pn.-hn. cmP Ahm¿Uv 75epw at\m-c-a Ahm¿Uv 76epw PΩnsb tXSn-sb-Øn. A_p-Zm_n ¢∫n-\p-th-≠n Ifn-®n-cp∂

79˛82 h¿j-ß-fnse s_Ãv sπb¿ ssS‰n¬ PnΩn-°mbn-cp-∂p. C‰m-en-b≥ ¢∫n-\p-th≠n tIm¿´n-en-d-ßnb h¿j-ß-fn¬ temI-Ønse Xs∂ G‰hpw anI® A‰m°¿am-cn¬ Hcm-fmbn PnΩn FÆ-s∏-´n-cp-∂p. 1987 \hw-_¿ 30˛mw XobXn C‰-en-bnep-≠mb Hcp Im¿ A]-I-S-Øn¬ ae-bm-fn-I-fpsS Cu A`n-am-\-Xmcw 33˛m-asØ hb- n¬ temI-tØmSp hnS-]-d-™p. 20˛mw \q‰m-≠nse G‰hpw \√ ae-bmfn Imbn-IX - mc-ambn PnΩnsb ae-bmf at\m-ca 2000¬ sXc-s™-SpØv BZ-cn-®p. Ifn-°f - Ø - n¬ Aº-c∏pw BÀm-Zhpw ]I¿∂ Cu ae-bmfn Imbn-IX - m-cØ - ns‚ A\p-kvac - W - m¿∞w tIcf k¿°m¿ Xncp-h\ - ¥ - ] - p-csØ C≥tUm¿ tÃUnb-Øn\v At±-lØ - ns‚ t]cv \¬In. ]mem-bnse sk‚ v tXmakv tImtf-Pn¬ PnΩn-bpsS t]cn¬ tÃUnbw \n¿Ωn-®Xpw, P∑-\m-Smb t]cm-hq-cn¬ tdmUpw tÃUnbhpw At±-lØ - ns‚ t]cn¬ \ma-Ic - Ww sNø-s∏-´Xpw P\-lr-Zb - ß - f - n¬ PnΩn tPm¿÷n-\p-≈ ÿm\w hy‡am-°p-∂p. temIw apgp-h≥ Bcm-[I - c - p-≠m-bn-cp∂ PnΩnbpsS Hm¿Ω-°mbn C‰m-en-b≥ P\-Xbpw C≥tUm¿ tÃUnbw ]Wn-Xp-b¿Øn. Ata-cn-°≥ ae-bm-fn-Iƒ Dƒs∏sS temI-Øns‚ hnhn[ `mK-ß-fn¬ PnΩn tPm¿÷v thmfn-t_mƒ Sq¿Æ-sa‚ v h¿jw-tXmdpw \SØn, Cu ImbnI Xmc-Øns‚ Hm¿Ωbpw kvt\lhpw temIw \ne-\n¿Øp-∂p.

Wish you a happy Onam...

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\ni-bpsS \nan-j-߃ CXƒ sImgn™p hogp-tºmƒ AXyp÷-eamw tim`-tbmsS Hcp kqtcym-Zbw N{I-hm-f-Øn-\-∏pdw Hcp kqtcym-Zbw tImS-a-™n¬ ]pXp-a-bn¬ ho≠p-samcp {]`mXw kp{]-`mXw kqcy-{]-`-bm¬ tXP- m¿s∂mcn {]`m-Xw, {]`m-]p-c- -cao {]`mXw Fs¥¥p at\m-l-cn-Xbm {]Ir-Xn-X≥ emky `mh-ß-fn¬ Fs¥¥p at\m-l-cn-Xbm ]p¬s°m-Sn-Øp-ºnse a™p-I-W-ß-fn¬ {ih-W-kp-µcao {]`mXw Zriy-kp-µ-cao {]`mXw angn-hmbv hnS¿t∂m-cm-cmaw t]m¬ Hmtcm kp{]-`m-Xhpw kqcy-In-c-W-ß-fq-gnsb ]p¬Ip-∂Xpw krjvS-{]-]©w I¨NnΩn DWcp-∂-sXm-s°bpw {]]-©m-¤p-X-ß-fn¬ A¤pXw ab-ßo-S-cpXv a\sa CuZr-iy-hn-cp-∂n-s\-°m-◊msX Hmtcm Dj nepw \n≥ In\m-hp-Iƒ kl-{k-Z-f-ambv hncn-bs´ \n≥ lrZ-b-kv]-µ\w \n≥ \mY-\n-e-a-cs´ a\hpw angnbpw kt¥mj k¥m-]-[m-c-bmbv A{ipI-W-߃ s]mgn°s´. Hcp ]nSn Bcm[-\m-kp-a-߃ \n≥ \mY≥ X≥ ]mZm-¥n-I-Øn-e-W-bv°p-hn≥ B ]ca tPymXn- n¬ \n∂pw Hcp Xncn sh´w sXfn-bv°p-hn≥ ]I-cp-hn≥ AWbmsX Cu ]mcn-Xn-sem-s°bpw

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police cars show time as frozen moments, and his

Clean. Rare that a crime scene is described as such, but then this was not the typical crime scene. There had been an accident. Over 6,500 people get into a motor vehicle accident every day in this country, so this was no distinguishing characteristic. Neither was the presence of police cruisers, with their patriotic razzle dazzle of red-white-blue, red-whiteblue flashing starkly across the dark, cloudless sky. But there was something different, a lilting note turned sour. The meager light does not reflect off faces with the usual fervor. There are shadows across those faces, shadows that shun illumination. No, not even shun; to shun implies an action, a conscious effort of will. There was no such choice. Light is birthed by stars and street lights and forced to travel for eternity, whipped forth by immutable laws. When it finds something to cling to, it does for sweet desperate moments, before it is torn away once more. But not this night. This night, the light runs from faces. This night, the light shows no joy. Clean.

motion is not among those preserved. He stands. He kneels. He does not cry. He cannot. The victims had been hit in a perfect T-bone collision. It was textbook. Clean. The victims had been killed instantly. There was no pain or suffering. Not for them. Clean. And like that, a promising career, just a summer removed from medical school, was severed. Clean. But who was to blame? The mother had been arguing with her teenager. He had slipped the leash long ago, and they were yet again politely discussing his drug addiction. He insisted he had it all under control. He insisted that he was fine. She said he sounded like every other addict she'd ever heard. She said he sounded like his deadbeat, abandoning, life-ruining father. The son had been driving. The ambulance was driving with bells and whistles at full array through the intersection. The son had a yellow light. The paramedic was distracted by the heart attack he was responding to. The mother was furious at her son. The lights were programmed with enough

The emergency medical technicians step forward and go to work, knowing they labor in vain. One who was among them stands apart, one who used to be both among them and above them. He is the only paramedic in their small town. He stands alone. Then he is on his knees, a marionette with its strings cut. There is no in-between; the strobe lights from the ssIcfn 37 kph-\o多 2014

vagueness that the accident could become reality.

in jail. He was a veteran at saving lives. His academics

All of these may have contributed. Maybe none of

had been adequate, but in terms of real life experi-

them; perhaps the blame should be placed on the

ence there were few medical school applicants across

man who had the heart attack, or the person who

the country anywhere near his league. But that was

called it in, or the 911 operator who directed the

who he used to be. No one would touch him now. His

ambulance. In the end, the results were all that mat-

career was over. Left with no other options, he be-

tered. Two dead in the accident. The man who had

came a janitor. He did not know whether he wanted

the heart attack did not make it. The response teams

to torture himself or be closer to what he had lost,

were too busy at the accident to save him. The au-

but he chose to work at a hospital. He toiled there for

topsy revealed that if help had arrived in time, full

30 years. In that span, he got married to a woman far

recovery would have been probable.

beyond his social class. It was not love like in the story

The judicial courts ruled that "it is within the realm

books and fairy tales. She found the idea of healing

of scientific possibility for the accident to have been

his soul appealing. He was in need of money. That

entirely averted if the driver of the ambulance had

was how it began. But after 30 years, their son was

braked early enough. He failed to do so at a time co-

the youngest cardiothoracic surgeon ever. He worked

inciding with the normal human reaction time. This

at his father's hospital. He learned medicine from his

failure constituted negligence that directly lead to


the loss of two lives." He was consigned to five years

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K-c-Øn¬ \n∂p-ap≈ Ahkm\ h≠n-bn¬ {KmaØnse B¬ac-®p-h-´nse hmkp-hns‚ amS-°-Sbv°p ap∂n¬ sshIp-t∂cw kl-tZ-h≥ h≠n-bn-d-ßp-tºmƒ Zqsc ae-\n-c-Iƒ°p ]n∂n¬ kqcy≥ ad-bp-hm≥ XpSßn- b n- c p- ∂ p. {Kma- Ø n- t e- ° p≈ Ahkm\ bm{X°mcs\ Cd°n, \nc-Ønse s]mSnbpw ]dØn h≠n Zqsc hfhp Xncn™v A\¥-X-bn¬ C√mXm-Ip-∂Xpw t\m°n Abmƒ shdpsX \n∂p. amS-°S- b - n-te°v \S∂ Abmƒ°v s]s´∂v a\- n¬ hnjmZw \nd-bp-∂Xp t]mse tXm∂n. ]Xn-hn\p hn]-co-X-ambn {Kma-Øn\p aosX Hcp ivaim\ aqIX Xfw sI´n \n∂n-cp-∂p. Fßpw Bscbpw ImWp- h m- \ n- √ . Abmƒ Aºct∏msS, hnh-i-X-tbmsS Np‰p-]mSpw t\m°n. Bcpan-√. amS-°-S-bn¬ \ncØn h® anTmbn `c-Wn-I-fn-sem-∂ns‚ apI-fn¬ ]mXn IpSn® Hcp k¿∫Øv •mkn¬ GXm\pw Cu®-Iƒ NØp InS-∂n-cp-∂p. cmhnse ]´-W-Ønse, Xm≥ ]Wn-sb-Sp-°p∂ ]m≠n-I-im-e-bn-te°v h≠n Ib-dp-tºmƒ hmkp-hns‚ IS-bn¬ \n∂pw hmßnb _oUn- sI- ´ ns‚ Ahkm- \ sØ _oUn t]m°‰n¬\n∂pw X∏n-sb-SpØv Xo ]nSn-∏n®p Abmƒ \ngep-Iƒ I\-°m≥ XpS-ßnb \mev°h - e - b - nse sN√-∏≥ ]n≈-bpsS Nmb-°-S-bn-te°v \S-∂p. sN√-∏≥ ]n≈-bpsS Nmb-°-Sbv°p ap≥]n-seØnb Abmƒ Hcp \nanjw Aºc-∂p \n∂p. Xpd-∂pIn-S∂ IS-bv°p-≈n¬ aqS-en-cp´v ]c∂p InS-∂p. kmbm”-ßf - n¬ Nmb IpSn-°p-hm\pw skmd- ]-db - p-hm-\p-ambn [mcmfw BfpIƒ IqSn-bn-cp∂ {Kma-Ønse Htcsbmcp Nmb-°S Ct∏mƒ aqIhpw h‘y-hp-am-bn-cn-°p-∂p. XobW™ ktam-h-dnse sh≈w XWp-Øn-cp-∂p. s]m´nb Nn√-e-am-c-bnse ]e-lm-c-ßfn¬ ]Xn-hp-t]mse Cu®Iƒ B¿Øp \S-∂n-√. IS-bn¬ \n∂n-d-ßnb Abmƒ Xpd∂pInS∂ hmb-\-im-e-bn-te°v thh-em-Xn-tbmsS \S-∂p. sshIp-t∂-c-ß-fn¬ No´p-°-fn-°p-hm≥ HØp IqSn-bn-cp∂ Zmk-t\-bpw, thWp-hn-t\bpw, chn-tbbpw Abmƒ Xnc-™p. tai-ta¬ No´p-Iƒ NnX-dn-In-S∂n-cp∂p. ]t£ Bscbpw Fßpw I≠n-√. {Kmaw hnP-\-am-

bn- c n- ° p- ∂ p. \nc- Ø n¬ Ae™p \S- ∂ n- c p∂ \mbv°sf H∂nset∏mepw Im¨am-\n-√. kmbm-”ß- f n¬ Ic- ™ p- I q- S n- b n- c p∂ ]£n- I - s f- h nsS? Abmƒ°v B[nbm-bn. `bw Fdpºp-I-sf-t∏mse AbmfpsS knc-I-fn-eqsS Acn®p Ib-dm≥ XpS-ßn-bt∏mƒ F¥p sNtø≠p F∂dn-bmsX kl-tZ-h≥ \ncØnse Bhn ]mdp∂ s]mSn-bn¬ ]I®p \n∂p. s]m≈p∂ hnb¿∏p-Øp-≈n-Iƒ ico-c-Øn-eqsS Hen®nd-ßn. Zqsc BImi-Øn¬ tNmc-\ndw ]S¿∂p. shbn- e ns‚ I\w t\¿Øn- √ m- X m- h p- I bpw Ccp´p IS-∂p-h-cp-hm≥ XpS-ßp-Ibpw sNbvX-t∏mƒ Abmƒ hmb-\-im-e-bpsS AcnIn-ep≈ sh´p-h-gn-I-fneqsS {[pXn-bn¬ \S-°p-hm≥ XpS-ßn. hnP-\a - mb ]mXbn¬ aßnb shfn-®hpw \ng-ep-Ifpw sI´p-]n-W™p InS-∂p. hgn-bn¬ Bscsb-¶nepw I≠p-ap-´p-hm≥ Abmƒ B{Kln-®p.- h-gn-°n-cp-hi - Øpw Iq‰≥ ac-߃ Xnßn-\n-d™ sXmSn-I-fn¬ Ccp´v tNt°-dp-hm≥ XpSßn- b n- c p- ∂ p. `b- ∏ m- t SmsS CS°nsS ]n∂n- t e°v Xncn™p t\m°n Abmƒ \S-Ø-Øn\p thKX Iq´n. sh´p-hgn hnim-e-amb Aºe-∏-d-ºn¬ Ahkm-\n®p. hmXn-ep-Iƒ ae¿s° Xpd∂p InS∂ t£{XØn¬ Zo]-߃ sXfn-™n-cp-∂n-√. t£{X-Øn\p ap∂nse B¬Ød Hgn™p InS-∂p. t£{X-Øn-\-cnInse k¿∏-°m-hn¬ Ccp´p I´-]n-Sn-®p. Ccp´ns‚ Bgß-fn¬ \n∂pw At\Iw IÆp-Iƒ Xs∂ Xpdn®p t\m°p-∂Xv kl-tZ-h-\-dn-™p. Aºe-Øn\p ap∂nse, sXßp-I-fp-tSbpw, hnf™ IXn-cp-I-fp-tSbpw K‘w ]c∂p InS∂ hnim-e-amb ]mS-Øns‚ s\Sp-hc-º-ØqsS Abmƒ HmSp-hm≥ XpS-ßn. ]mS-Øn\-∏pdØv A\¥-X-bn-te°v Npgn-Iƒ Xo¿Øp-sIm≠v HgpIp∂ ]pg-bn¬ \n∂pw hoin-b-Sn® Cfw Im‰nepw Abmƒ hnb¿sØm- g p- I n. hc- º ns‚ Hmc- ß - f n¬ ]S¿∂p \n∂ ssIX-°m-Sp-I-fn¬ X´n ico-c-Øn¬ \n∂pw tNmc s]mSn- b p- h m≥ XpS- ß n. aßnb BImiØv \£-{X-߃ sXfn-bm≥ XpS-ßp-tºmƒ Abmƒ ]pg-°-c-bn-se-Øn. cmhnse \o¿®m-embn HgpIn-bn-cp∂ ]pg Ct∏mƒ \nd™p Ihn™v NpgnIƒ Xo¿Øp-sIm-s≠mgp-Ip∂Xp I≠v Abmƒ Aºc∂p. IpØn-sbm-gp-Ip∂ sh≈-Øn\p aosX \nemhpw sXfn-™p. ]pg-bpsS K‘w Abmsf ho¿∏p-ap-´n-®p. hcm-\n-cn-°p∂ GtXm I¿Ω-{I-a-Øns‚ ap∂dn-hn¬ kl-tZ-h≥ \nd™vIhn™ ]pg-bpsS NpgnI-fn-te-°n-dßn. sImSpwØWp-∏ns‚ KmV-amb Ccp´nte°v Bscms°tbm Abmsf ssI]n-Sn®p Iq´n-s°m≠p-t]m-bn. XWpØp ac-hn® sh≈-Øns‚ Bgßfn-te°v apßn-Øm-gp-tºmƒ Zqsc t£{X-Øn¬\n∂pw AØmg-io-th-en°v iwsJm-en-ap-g-ßp-∂Xv Abmƒ Ahy‡- a mbn tI´p. {Kma- Ø nse hoSp- I - f n¬ Hs∂m∂mbn hnf-°p-Iƒ sXfn-bm¬ XpS-ßn. At∏mƒ Zqc-ß-fn¬\n∂pw ]d-∂p-h∂ ]£n-Iƒ Ie-]ne Iq´n ac-s°m-ºp-I-fn¬ tNt°-dn.

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ssIcfn 45 kph-\o多 2014

Prepared by: Thomas Jose

KLAP, an acronym stands for Kerala (KL) and Andhra Pradesh (AP) unity. KLAP was formed in 2011 by a group of Volleyball enthusiasts from both these states who live in Maryland to promote harmony, fellowship, and sportsman spirit. It has been conducting a national level Volleyball Tournament every year since its inception and in just two years, it has grown to one of the biggest Volleyball Tournaments of Asian-Indians in North America. With the participation of the 16 best teams from across the United States and Canada in 2013, the tournament lived up to the expectation and excitement of all. This year the tournament is scheduled for November 8, Saturday at Baltimore, Maryland. This shall be a full day event filled with well organized games, colorful procession, exciting entertainments, honorable guests, talented performers, plenty of food and fun. The award ceremony will be at the Columbia interfaith center in the evening with formal banquet and cultural programs. The winners will be awarded with cash prizes as well as trophies. KLAP takes sponsorship very seriously and strives to provide the maximum exposure to all sponsors that surely exceed the expectation of sponsors themselves. The sponsors get a wide range of coverage and exposure through direct mailings, displays and announcements at KLAP functions, and publicity at other community functions and outdoor activities.

For more information: Thomas Jose - General Convener, 443-722-3845. Please feel free to visit for getting a firsthand knowledge of our organization, past events, sponsorship packages, and the activities.

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When it was your time to say good bye to us dear When you were aware that your run is to end here Did you see how different our lives will be, with you not near? Did you know how much we’re going to miss you for ever? You surely didn’t see the tears running down our eyes, You didn’t know that hearts were broken after prolonged cries. Just because you can’t see or hear, doesn’t mean that we don’t care. Just we realize that the loss is hard but Time will help us to bear. Before we all leave you today, before you go up to your Home Apologizing all of us, for hurting in any way or insulting in any foam... We weren’t always nice, we weren’t always the best But we loved you always and we wish you a Peaceful rest. Shadows of your thoughts for ever will help us thrive But Thoughts about your loss will, stay with us all alive. We know our time too is going fast running out We hope we could run good to the end of our destined route. We will always remember how many lives you changed. And we would never forget how many lives you completely rearranged We want you to know you’ll be greatly missed by us all And untill we meet again, its time to say “GOOD BYE”

*In memory of my brother Thomas Antony (Anthonichan) Mr. Antony was an active member and office bearer of Kairali of Baltimore. He passed away on Sept. 5th 2013.

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Foreign Financial Assets may include: 1.Financial accounts held at foreign financial institutions 2.Financial accounts held at a foreign branch of a U.S. financial institution 3.Foreign stock or securities not held in a financial account 4.Foreign mutual funds 5.Foreign hedge and private equity funds The reporting processes are: a) Schedule B

U.S. citizens, resident aliens and certain nonresident aliens are required to report worldwide income from all sources, including foreign accounts and pay taxes on income from those accounts at their individual rates.

In most cases, the taxpayer needs to fill out and attach Schedule B (interest and/or dividend) to their tax returns (1040) and answer Part III of Schedule B. The income generated from the foreign financial assets is subject to U.S. income tax. However, you can take credit on any taxes paid overseas on the same income. b) Form 8938

Certain taxpayers may also have to fill out Form 8938, Statement of Foreign Financial Assets, and attach to their return (1040), if the aggregate value of those assets exceeds By law, U.S. taxpayers are not per- certain thresholds that vary demitted to use offshore accounts, pending on filing status and such as foreign bank and securities whether the taxpayer lives abroad. accounts as well as trusts, to avoid There is no tax implication by filing this form. paying tax. If you have Foreign Financial Assets, c) Form 114 there is a three part process in- If you have a financial interest in or volved in reporting and paying signature authority over a foreign taxes. ssIcfn 55 kph-\o多 2014

financial account, including a bank account, brokerage account, mutual fund, trust, or other type of foreign financial account, whose aggregate value exceeds $10,000 any time during the year, the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) may require you to report the account yearly to the Internal Revenue Service by filing electronically a Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) Form 114. The FBAR is not filed with a federal tax return and must be filed by June 30 each year. There is no tax implication and the form can be filed by your tax preparer on yourbehalf. Failure to report the existence of offshore accounts or pay taxes on these accounts can lead to civil and criminal penalties. Penalties for Failure to file form 8938 For the Form 8938, the penalty may be up to $10,000 for failure to disclose and an additional $10,000 for each 30 days of non-filing after IRS notice of a failure to disclose, for a potential maximum penalty of $60,000; criminal penalties may also apply. Failure to file form 114 (FBAR) For the FBAR, the penalty may be up to $10,000, if the failure to file is non-willful; if willful, however, the penalty is up to the greater of $100,000 or 50 percent of account balances; criminal penalties may also apply. Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program (OVDP) On Jan 9, 2012, the IRS reopened the OVDP following continued interest from taxpayers and tax practitioners after the closure of the 2011 and 2009 programs. This pro-

gram offers people with unreported taxable income from offshore financial accounts or other foreign assets another opportunity to resolve their tax and information reporting obligations, including the FBAR. Although the program does not have a closing date, the IRS may end the program at a later time. On June 18, 2014, IRS announced a few changes including the expansion of the streamlined filing compliance procedures announced in 2012 and important modifications to the 2012 Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program. The expanded streamlined procedures are intended for U.S. taxpayers whose failure to disclose their offshore assets was non-willful. The modified streamlined filing compliance procedures are designed only for individual taxpayers,

This is an opportunity for taxpayers residing in the United States and overseas to come back into compliance with their tax obligations.And with expansion of the streamlined procedures for non-willful taxpayers, the IRS will also adjust the terms for taxpayers participating in the OVDP whose conduct may reflect willful noncompliance. The changes modify the OVDP program to make it suited for taxpayers seeking relief from potential criminal prosecution. If you try to voluntarily participate in the OVDP after learning that IRS including estates of individual taxand/or Department of Justice are payers. The streamlined procedures are available to both U.S. in- investigating the overseas financial dividual taxpayers residing in and institution(s), your penalties will be increased to 50 percent. outside the United States.

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\o-b ap-c® - n-Sp-∂h - Æw’. BZyw e`n® sXmgn-en-t\m-Sp≈ Iqdv Ccp]-Xph¿jw ]pe¿Ønb ]mt≠-Pn-bmWv Ct∏mƒ an nwKv!! shdpw Hcp ]yqWm- s W¶nepw ]mt≠Pn Bfv [oc-\m-Wv. ]yqW- ∑ m¿ [oc- ∑ m- c √ F∂v A¿∞am-°m≥ ]d-™-X-√. km[mcW ]yqW- ∑ m- c psS sNdnb hmbn¬\n∂pw hcp∂ henb samgnIƒ sNhn- s °m- ≈ m≥ henb hmbp≈ taep-tZym-K-ÿ-∑m¿ an\s°-Sm-dn-√. F∂m¬ Ah¿ tI´mepw Cs√¶nepw X\n°v tXm∂p-∂Xv apJ- Ø - S n®v ]dbpw ]mt≠- P n. AXn\v Imc-W-ap-≠v. Iº\n DSa F∂ sNb¿am≥km_ns‚ kz¥w ]yqWm-W-t±-lw. Iº-\n-bn¬ tPmen-sN-øp∂ F√mh- t cbpw Xs‚ hcp- X n- b n¬ \n¿Øm-\p-ff sNb¿ams‚ hncpXv A]mcw Xs∂. hcp- X n- b n¬ \n¬°m- Ø - h ¿°v “bp B¿ ^b¿Uv “ F∂ CSnap-g-°hpw ]pdtØ°p≈ hmXnepw ImWmw. Iogv Poh-\-°m-sc-°mƒ A[nIw amt\P¿am¿ At±lsØ `b-°p-∂p. `b°- W w. shdp- s X- b - √ - t √m, amkmamkw `oa-amb iºfw FÆn hmßp∂n- t √. B\sb t]Sn°p- ∂ - h ¿

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The bell rings, snapping Derek out of his stupor and drowning out Mr. Miller’s nasal voice. “Finally,” Derek muttered to himself.“Saved by the bell.” The ancient teacher had droned about algebra for the last hour, which was bad enough. But in the last few minutes, he had gotten sidetracked and had begun to tell the story of how he proposed to his wife with a clever mathematical pun. If the bell hadn’t cut Mr. Miller off, Derek might literally have fallen asleep on his desk. His parents would not be happy if they had to pick him up from yet another detention. It was completely unfair. Why was Derek at fault when it was really Mr. Miller who was boring him to death? This sequence of events, Derek admitted, happened far too often. How was it his fault that the glass on the kitchen counter shattered when he accidentally bumped into it? Someone else had perched it in a perilous position; they were responsible! Why did he have to apologize when he stumbled into that random stranger and knocked his papers fluttering to the ground? The stupid businessman should have looked where he was going! The examples were endless. Even worse, his parents never took his side. In fact, they went out of their way to place the blame entirely on him. “Be responsible, Derek,” they repeated incessantly. “Be mature, Derek, be the bigger man, Derek.” It never ended, and Derek was sick of it. Lost in his thoughts, Derek glanced around and realized that everyone was lining up in the front of the classroom. “Wait, what’s happening?” Derek asked his best friend Mark. “We have that assem-

CHOICES Naveed A. Rahman

bly, remember?” Oh no, now he remembered. Some speaker was coming to talk to the entire school. It was supposed to be a motivational talk or something stupid like that. “Man, why didn’t you remind me?” he complained to Mark. “You maybe could try remembering something for yourself every once in a while,” Mark replied dryly. “Whatever, Mark. You realize that means we have like another hour before we can go home, right?” “Yeah, but this talk might actually be pretty cool. The speaker is apparently a big shot or something. My mom works with him. She said that he was inspirational and always has profound things to say.” Derek shook his head and laughed. “You go right ahead and pay attention like a good little student. I don’t have time for this anyway. I feel it. Today is the day that I finally get Lauren’s number. Hey, Lauren! You are looking stunning as always. You want to hang out after school today? …No? You’re busy, I understand. Wait, what do you mean that you don’t like me? Everyone likes me! Wait, Lauren, come on…” *** Still smarting from yet another rejection from Lauren, Derek sullenly walked into the auditorium, ssIcfn 65 kph-\o¿ 2014

dragging his feet and whining to Mark about his unrequited love. “Lauren said that I complain too much and never hold myself accountable for my mistakes. Man, I swear, is it my fault that sometimes things mess up around me? I never do anything, stuff just happens. I just happen to be there at the time, that’s all. I’m completely innocent, right Mark?” As always, Mark just shook his head and sighed. Just like his parents. Derek could always sense the disapproval bubbling beneath the surface, and it always annoyed him. What had he done to earn this dissatisfaction, anyways? They just had their standards set way too high, that was all. Somewhat comforted by this train of thought, he filed to his seat with Mark by his side. Students all around him joked and laughed, pushing at each other. With a newfound freedom, a few individuals seized the opportunity to make mischief and created a storm of paper airplanes whizzing through the air. With a sigh, teachers headed over to disperse the unruly kids. The principal—“What an absolute dictator,” Derek mumbled— headed up to the podium. With a cough, he began. “Welcome everyone! I am glad you could make it!”

“As if we had a choice,” Derek thought to himself. “We have a unique opportunity for all of you today. Our guest speaker has asked me not to read his full bio, but let me assure you that he is a man of impeccable character and high renown. He is one of our most prized graduates, and we are glad to have him with us. Please give a warm welcome to…Mr. Sajin James!” Half-hearted applause echoed through the auditorium. Most of the teenagers continued to whisper and giggle, barely paying attention to their guest. Normally, Derek would have joined them in their indifference. Despite himself, Derek started to lean forward in his chair, eyes locked on the distinguished man standing on the stage. For some inexplicable reason, he felt drawn in, as if something of crucial import was about to be spoken. Sajin James, as far as Derek could identify, was an Indian man in his late thirties or early forties. He was dressed in an elegant suit that accentuated his slim figure and his dark eyes. Though only about 5’7” tall, Mr. James seemed to tower over his audience, innately demanding respect from his listeners. As he stepped forward to the podium, the whispers died. The teachers, surprise clearly reflected on their face, witnessed something they thought they would never see: even the usual troublemakers were settling down and turning towards Mr. James. He had yet to speak a word. Adjusting the microphone to an appropriate height, the man who commanded deference began. “Hello to all of you. As your principal said so kindly, my name is Sajin James, and I actually gradu-

ated from this high school,” he spoke softly. His voice was silky and smooth with a velvet undertone: a voice that drew listeners in and captivated their attention. “Before I start, I just want to see how much this school has changed since I left. Does the cafeteria food still defy human consumption?” The audience chuckled and nodded in confirmation. “The bells still loud? The chairs still uncomfortable? The bathrooms still disgusting? ” All of these questions were met with wholehearted agreement and even a few cheers from the more wild members of the crowd. “Not much has changed, then. But I haven’t asked the most important question yet. Tell me…does Franklin still suck?!” At this, the crowd roared its approval, stomping their feet, whistling, and cheering.Derek lived in Greenville, a strictly middle-class town that embraced the diverse cultures of its occupants. Franklin, on the other hand, was stationed across the river and housed the most snobbish people that Derek had ever had the misfortune to encounter. The rivalry between the two towns was fierce, intensifying cross-town sporting events and community gatherings to a fever pitch. Badmouthing Franklin was a sure method of ensuring universal approval from Greenville residents. Mr. James waited for his audience to settle down once more, and then said, “Glad to hear so much is still the same. The reason that I draw these comparisons between us is that I want to stress our similarities. We are all capable of the same triumphs. But we are all also capable of the same mistakes.” At these words, the party-like atssIcfn 67 kph-\o¿ 2014

mosphere began to dwindle, and a somber ambiance filtered through the room. Derek was amazed. This Sajin dude knew exactly how to play the audience; it was beyond impressive! “I need to learn how to do that with my parents and Mark,” he thought. “That way I won’t have to deal with them annoying me with their stupid maturity stuff all the time.” Mr. James continued, “I was invited today to share my story with you. Fair warning: it is graphic and depressing in many ways. But it will, I hope, leave you with a valuable message that may impact how you live the rest of your life. If anyone has any objections against listening, please take the opportunity to leave now.” Derek gasped, disbelief racing through his system. He had just received a free pass to go home! Normally, he would have already raced out of the door. But this situation wasn’t normal. His curiosity had been piqued, and he would not leave until he figured out the point of this man’s story. No one had taken Mr. James up on his offer. In fact, they were more enraptured than before, eagerness etched across their faces as they waited for him to continue. And so he did. “It was graduation day, nearly two decades ago. I had earned the valedictorian rank and had gotten accepted into Harvard University. My parents, my family, my friends, the entire community was happy for me and could not wait to see where I went next. After the graduation, there were tears of joy everywhere. Parents hugged their kids, friends hugged their friends, and teachers hugged their students, promising to stay in touch. It was truly a beautiful day.”

“My friend Ravi had invited me to a party that an acquaintance of his was hosting. He admitted that he didn’t know the guy well, but he had been assured that it would be the party of the year. I was a quiet guy who liked computer games and reading, so parties were definitely not my scene. On the other hand, Ravi had beenmy best friend for as far back as I could remember. We were inseparable, and it already hurt enough that we would not be going to college together. How could I refuse him in this? After a few days of nagging, I finally gave in and decided to tag along. My parents reluctantly agreed as long as I promised to be safe, and reminded me not to make any decisions that I would regret. Laughing, I told them that today, I had achieved everything that I had wanted. What could possibly ruin such a wonderful moment? Little did I know what the night would hold for me…” *** I nervously adjust my belt and check my hair in the mirror. My friend Ravi laughs and elbows me, saying “Relax, bro. This is gonna be fun!” A slight note of hysteria in his voice belies his words.The revelers at this partyare completely out of our league, and we both know it. Ravi, however, refuses to accept the reality of the situation. He prefers to remain in his deluded state, and I consider him too close a friend to destroy his illusions. “Fine,” I grunt. “God, I can’t believe you’re dragging me into this.” “It’s because you love me,” Ravi chuckles. “Yeah, yeah, whatever, let’s get this over with.” Together, we trek over to the house—really more of a cabin in my opinion, considering how isolated

it is. We had driven for nearly fifteen minutes deep into the woods to get here. If there was an extreme emergency, help would never arrive in time. “Way to keep it positive, Sajin,” I mutter to myself. As we walk up to the front door, I ask, “By the way, who’s hosting this thing anyway?” Ravi shuffles his feet and mumbles something that is instantly drowned out by the surrounding torrent of cricket chirps. I glare at him and adamantly repeat, “Ravi, whose house is this?” He groans and admits in a fearful tone, “David Westerby.” Pause. I turn around and start walking back to the car. Ravi rushes back to me, tugging at my shoulders and pleading, “I know you guys have a history, but come on, this is me asking. Sajin. Sajin! Look at me! I’m asking. Your best friend is asking you to come to this party with him. Please, don’t ruin this for me.” I stop and consider. David was the class bully, and we shared a common hate for each other. He was my polar opposite in every conceivable way. I excelled in school, he was suspended; I volunteered for activities, he vandalized buildings; I encouraged my friends, he terrorized his peers. All of this had come to a head during freshman year when I stopped him from bullying a handicapped individual. Eversince that heated confrontation, David had been my avowed enemy. But…this was Ravi asking me. Anyone else, I would have walked away. But I could not turn Ravi down. What were my other choices? Maybe I should just drag him away and leave, for both of our sakes. I open my mouth to broach the subject, but happen to glance ssIcfn 69 kph-\o¿ 2014

into Ravi’s hazel puppy dog eyes. Sighing, I reluctantly tell Ravi, “Okay. But only for a few minutes, then we are leaving, got it?” Joy lights up Ravi’s face as he grabs my arm and enthusiastically drags me into the house, pledging his undying gratitude for accompanying him. As soon as I enter, I know that I have made a critical mistake. The music thumps through the cabin, the curse words constantly interrupting the natural flow of the melody. Scantily clad girls lie entangled in the arms of boys, whispering softly into their ears and gyrating wildly on the dance floor. Alcohol is everywhere: held by the partiers, placed haphazardly on couches and tables, dripping onto the floor. The sultry atmosphere is heightened by the smog pervading the room, a result of the smokers scattered in every corner. This is so much worse than anything I could have imagined. Glancing at Ravi, I see that he isalso completely unprepared for this. If anything, Ravi is even more of a nerd than I am; he looked like he was going into shock. After a moment, he shakes himself, plasters a fake smile on his face, and claps me on the back, shouting, “This is awesome!” Shaking my head at the persistence of Ravi’s delusions, I turn towards the far counter, hoping to find some water. Instead, my vision is filled by a hulking figure sauntering up to me, his posse surrounding him. “Well, well, well, look who’s decided to join us. Sajin, I never thought I would see you here.” I grimace and retort, “Not my choice. I’m just here for my friend Ravi. We will be leaving soon,” staring significantly at Ravi. I had hoped to avoid David for the

whole party. Now that he was here, the situation could only escalate. We really needed to go, now. Ravi ignores my obvious displeasure and exclaims, “My man David! How’s it going bro? This is a great party, thanks for the invite!” David shoots him a sidelong glance. “Who? …oh, your name is like…Ravi or something right? Welcome, welcome. What do you want to drink? We got everything you could ever want. Or would you prefer to smoke? Whatever floats your boat, man.” To my utter surprise, Ravi replies, “Whatever you’re drinking is good enough for me!” I grab his arm and frantically whisper, “What are you doing?! You and I both know that you have never had a drink before in your life. You really think this is the best time to experiment? We need to go before this gets any worse!” David had edged himself closer during the brief interlude in the conversation, and from his smirk, it is clear that a sinister thought has popped into his head. “Hey Ravi, I’ll tell you what. We are actually about to have a drinking competition. The winner gets first dibs on the rifle range we got out back. Trust me, it’s going to be wild. You want to join? Yeah? …how about you Sajin?” I now realize what David is trying to accomplish. Through Ravi, he hopes to corrupt me, to bring me down to his level, to force me into the traps that I had avoided my whole life. He didn’t care about Ravi at all. But I did. “Ravi, come on, we are leaving. Thank you David, hopefully we will never see you again.” I tug Ravi’s sleeve, expecting him to join me. Instead, he shrugs me off and shoves me. “Come on Sajin!

Don’t embarrass me! Have a drink!” I stare at him, aghast. In his misguided quest to join the so-called cool crowd, Ravi was sacrificing everything that had brought him to where he was today: his beliefs, his ideals, his principles. David is essentially holding Ravi for ransom, and I am the prize. But even beyond that, the primary question remains: am I willing to sacrifice my friendship with Ravi? The only other choice that I can think of is to pull Ravi out of this house with me. But could I really do something so drastic? I didn’t have that level of confidence, did I? I stare once more into Ravi’s familiar face, and say, “Fine. You win. Where are the drinks?” *** I wake abruptly and uncomfortably. Agony fills me, emanating from my shoulder, my ribs, my arm, my head…what is happening? These ropes strapped all over my body—am I being held captive? As I succumb to the rising panic, I begin to yank at these wires, scrambling for my freedom. Alarms go off all around me and people rush in, holding me down. Someone screams, yelling for something or another. I am already beginning to fade back into the black. From the corner of my eye, I view a somewhat familiar face. Was that Dr. Singhal?... *** Lights fill my eyes, scorchingwith their intensity. I blink once, twice. The pain has receded somewhat, but throbs insidiously just out of reach, waiting patiently for its next opportunity to attack. The thrum of machines permeates the air. Tubes extend to and from me, pumping unknown chemicals into my body. ssIcfn 71 kph-\o¿ 2014

The beeping of a nearby monitor draws my attention. The display quantifies my heart rate and oxygen saturation levels, ensuring that they remain at a normal range. Turning my head, my gaze finally falls upon the slim man standing adjacent to my bed. Wearing gawky glasses and sporting a stethoscope around his shoulders, the doctor hardly needs his white coat to proclaim his occupation. His hazel eyes, ordinarily bright and vivid with laughter, reveal nothing but my own broken reflection. He was normally an open book, but now, a veil of professionalism obscures his emotions, trapping him in a mannequin-like state, unmoving and immovable. I am in bad shape, I can tell. There must have been some sort of accident. What had happened? My last memory was of the party… “Where’s Ravi?” I croak. The doctor ignores the question and instead asks one of his own. “Do you remember what happened to you, Sajin?” I know that I should hide the truth, but his steady regard brooks no patience for lies. “Ravi and I, we were at a party. We…we, we had a few drinks, I think. But I can’t recall what happened after that. Where am I? And where is Ravi?” A pause, and then the doctor speaks once more. “You had more than a few drinks, Sajin. We recorded you at a 0.2 blood alcohol content level, which is, as you probably know, well beyond the legal limit. But more to the point, you were in a severe accident last night.” My throat begins to close up, but it is not a symptom of any physical injury. A sense of forebod-

ing envelops me, screaming that something earthshattering is about to occur. My toes curl, my mind blanks, and a shriek builds in the back of my throat, fighting for release. Unable to withstand the scrutiny of the doctor, my eyes focus on the far wall. A crack in the plaster divides the otherwise perfect wall, extending from the ceiling to the floor. In much the same manner, the next words of the doctor break me. “From what I have learned from the other partiers, you and Ravi got into a drinking competition. You must have blacked out. Ravi may have too. The details are hazy, but what we have ascertained is that you and Ravi decided to drive back home. Inebriated as you were, your reflexes were not up to the task of driving. You ran into a tree. I was the trauma surgeon on staff when you came in. You werein bad shape: a dislocated shoulder, three cracked ribs, a broken arm, and a concussion, not to mention the innumerable scratches and scrapes all over your body. I had to operate on you for most of the night. It was touch and go for a little while, but you made it through. Though it might take a few months for you to recover completely, your prognosis is good. Your parents are sick with worry, but I managed to assure them as best I could. Would you like to see them?” The doctor’s expression remains serene throughout his explanation, but as I become more lucid, I notice his clenched fists and tensed frame. There is a storm raging just beneath the surface of his calm exterior, and I am almost too terrified to ask the cause. Almost. But I have to know. “Ravi?” That is all I can bring my-

self to say. The doctor stands absolutely motionless. A single tear trickles from his eyes, weaving a path down the face carved in stone. Only a keen observer would notice that his hands, the instruments of a surgeon, are trembling. When he speaks, his voice is steady. “Ravi was in the passenger seat. He didn’t make it.” Anguish. Rage. Hate. Pain. Sorrow. Emotion upon emotion cascades within me. My mouth opens in a wordless cry. After a few seconds, even the shriek has faded away, as if even my vocal cords could not bear this burden. Ravi. My childhood companion. My best friend. My brother in all but blood. No. This could not be true. One glance up at the doctor shatters my delusion. This was real. Ravi was dead, and it was all my fault. My anger spikes and focuses on the man beside me. How could he take this news so calmly? “Dr. Singhal!” I scream at him. “Dr. Singhal! How can you stand there and pretend like nothing has happened?! I KILLED YOUR SON!!! Rage at me, yell at me, tell me that you will never speak to me again!! I deserve it! I deserve it. And he didn’t. Oh god, he didn’t deserve this. What am I supposed to do now?” Dr. Singhal’s eyes, those hazel eyes that mirror—mirrored— Ravi’s, grasp my soul, ending my tirade as abruptly as it had begun. The words that follow reach deep into my heart, illuminating a path to salvation. “Sajin. Listen to me. I know that it will take you a long time to forgive yourself. And it should. But I need you to understand this. I forgive you. I forgive you, because you loved my son just as much as I did. ssIcfn 73 kph-\o¿ 2014

I forgive you, because I know that you will never allow something like this to happen again. I forgive you, because I know that this tragedy will mold you into a better man, one who will inspire others to something greater. Sajin, I forgive you.” His words sink in, suggesting that hope still exists, that I can once more regain tranquility, that perhaps I can become a better man than I am now. That maybe I can fix myself. But I cannot accept his forgiveness. Not yet. Not until I feel I have earned it. *** Derek leaned in even closer, ceding to the spell of Sajin’s words. Mr. James had captivated the entire audience with his story, but that was nothing to be amazed about. People were supposed to listen to guest speakers. No, the incredible thing was that even Derek, the embodiment of apathy, was enthralled. Never before had he paid so much attention to another person. For some reason, he felt that Mr. James was not addressing the audience around him, but was instead focused solely on Derek, and Derek alone. This speech was for him. And now it was reaching itsconclusion. “This event was a turning point in my life. It didn’t somehow morph me into a holy individual that all should follow. After all, I am only human. However, it did lead me to a realization that has transformed my attitude inevery aspect of my conduct. Before I reveal the message behind why I am here today, let me just ask you: why did Ravi die? Whose fault was it?” Murmurs echoed through the auditorium, until an anony-

mous individual shouted, “You shouldn’t have gotten drunk!” Someone else chimed in and yelled, “No, you should never have gone to the party in the first place!” Another person announced, “You should have left earlier!” Mr. James patiently waited for his audience to settle once more, and then replied: “You are right. You are all right. Any one of those options may have prevented Ravi’s death. My best friend could still be alive today. But he isn’t. All of you hinted at the underlying reason why, but allow me to state it outright. Ravi died because I was irresponsible.” “Don’t get me wrong, he made his share of mistakes as well. But I am only held accountable for my own crimes, and I certainly made more than a few of them. I could have refused Ravi’s invite. I could have refused to enter the house. I could have refused that drink. I could have refused to drive. Some of you might be thinking, ‘But he was your best friend. But it was just a party. But it was just one drink.’ But I no longer condone that mindset. Regardless of whether your best friend is begging you, or how safe a party is supposed to be, or how innocuous one drink is—ultimately, I made all of those decisions. I did, no one else.” “See, what I am trying to tell you is that each and every one of us is responsible for his or her own actions. Everyone has choices, and everyone is free to make them as they see fit. I would never deny anyone those choices. The freedom of choice is anunalienable right that no one should ever remove from another. But when we celebrate that liberty, we must also acknowledge the attending consequences. Each action you take has a reaction,

some good and some bad. It is our responsibility to face those consequences to the best of our ability, and hope that we learn from the experience so that we can improve ourselves in the future. Most importantly, remember that, even when you make a horrid mistake, your life isn’t over. You can still change.” “When Ravi died, my faith in myself was shattered. I could hardly face my own reflection. But slowly, I began to heal. I started to take responsibility, to accept the challenges in front of me and design methods to bypass those obstacles. In my pursuit of self-improvement, I found peace and acceptance. Finally, I forgave myself, with the clause that this forgiveness would last only as long as I prevented myself from another lapse of judgment. This mistake, like all mistakes, shaped me, but I dictated the shaping. I chose to let this tragedy alter the way I conducted myself not for the worse, but for the better. I chose my path, and I have not swayed from that path since.” “Today, I am the CEO of Choice Industries, the fastest growing company in the world. With branches in every corner of the globe, we lead the telecommunications field and intend to expand into other markets as well. In my personal time, I attend international events and support a number of philanthropies and charities. But primarily, I speak with youth such as yourselves. You see, I was once just like you. And perhaps, if you reach the same epiphany as I did, I will be aspiring to follow your model one day. Make your choices consciously, and face the consequences proudly. Thank you for your attention.” ssIcfn 75 kph-\o¿ 2014

The audience erupted into enthusiastic applause, Derek foremost among them. *** Derek and Mark walk towards the bus, prepared to head home after a long day. Derek was lost in his thoughts. Most of the speech had gone way over his head. Mr. James was too smart for him, and most of his principles didn’t make any sense, at least to Derek. But at least one concept had come through loud and clear: the idea of choice. It was clear that Mr. James fervently believed in the responsibility of each individual. Consequences, at least according to Mr. James, were the result of one’s own actions, and should be accepted as such. For Derek, this was hard to accept. Was Mr. James implying that Derek was at fault for shattering that glass in the kitchen, or knocking those papers out of the grasp of that businessman, or falling asleep during Mr. Miller’s boring lectures? Whatever, Derek decided. It had been a long day. He was too mentally exhausted right now for all these profound thoughts. He could reflect on this message when he felt more prepared for it. As he stepped onto the bus, he thought about his plans for the rest of the day. Normally he would just fall asleep…but he did have that homework Mr. Miller had assigned. Maybe, he wouldn’t copy Mark’s work this time. Perhaps this time, he would do the work himself. A satisfied smile illuminating his face, Derek headed to his seat with an unfamiliar feeling growing within him: a sense of peace. THE END

ssIcfn 77 kph-\o多 2014

hrØn-bm-°mØ ssIøn¬ \n∂v AWp°ƒ `£W-˛-]m-\o-b-ß-fn-te°v IS-°p-Ibpw Ah AXnthKw FÆØn¬ s]cp-Ip-Ibpw [mcmfw t]cn-te°v IS∂v tcmK-Im-c-W-am-hp-Ibpw sNøpw.


]e {]mhiyw ssI Igp-Ip∂Xv kzbw \¬Ip∂ {]Xn-tcm[ IpØn hbv]n\p Xpey-am-Wv. efnX-amb A©p L´-߃, \\-°p-I, tkm∏n-Sp-I, XncpΩp-I, HgpIp∂ Pe-Øn¬ Igp-Ip-I, XpS®pW°pI aqew tcmK \nhm-c-WsØ km[n-°p-Ibpw BtcmKyw \ne-\n¿Øp-Ibpw sNømw.

ssI Igp-Ip-∂Xv F¥n\v ]e tcmK-ßfpw ]S-cp-∂Xv ip≤ Pehpw tkm∏pw D]tbm-Kn®p ssII-gp-ImØXpaq-e-am-Wv. ssIIƒ hrØn-bmbn kq£n-°p-∂-Xp-aqew AWp {]k-cWw XS-bp-∂-Xn\pw tcmK-_m[ Hgnhm-°p-∂-Xn\pw km[n°pw. AWp°ƒ Fßs\ Iøn¬ {]th-in-°p-∂p. a\p- j y- s ‚bpw arK- ß - f psSbpw hnk¿÷yw AWp°-fpsS {][m\ Ddhn-S-am-Wv. Ah AtUt\m sshdkv (Adenovirus) XpS-ßnb izmk-tImi kw_‘- a mb tcmK- ß ƒ°v Imc- W - a m- I p- ∂ p. tSmbn- e ‰v D]tbm-Kn-°p-tºmtgm ssU∏¿ am‰p-tºmtgm CØcw AWp°ƒ ssIøn¬ ]pc-fp-hm≥ CSbp-≠v. ]® Cd®n ssIImcyw sNøp- t ºmƒ arK- ß - f n¬ \n∂p≈ AWp°ƒ ssIøn¬ {]th-in°mw. Hcp {Kmw a\pjy hnk¿÷y- Ø n¬ ]Xn- \ m- b ncw tImSn AWp°ƒ D≠mIp-sa∂v IW-°m-°-s∏-´n-cn-°p-∂p. AWp°ƒ _m[n® ÿe-tØm, hkvXp-°f - ntem kv]¿in-°p-∂Xp aqew ssII-fn¬ AWp_m[ D≠mIp-∂Xpw Ffp∏amWv. C{]Imcw ssIøn¬ IS∂p IqSnb AWp°sf IgpIn am‰n-bn-s√-¶n¬ Ah X\n°p Xs∂tbm a‰p≈-h¿t°m tcmK Imc-W-ambn Xocp-∂p.

AWp°ƒ ]pc≠ ssIøn¬ \n∂v Ah ]m{X-߃, ]pkvX-I-߃, Id≥kn a‰p hkvXp-°ƒ F∂nh-bnte°pw AhnsS-\n∂pw a‰p-≈-h-cn-te°pw ]S-cpI km[y-am-Wv. ssI Igp-Ip-∂-Xp-aqew ta¬ ]d™ Xcw AWp _m[ Hgnhm-°p-hm-\pw, Utb-dn-b, izmk-tIm-i-tcm-K߃, Xz°v tcmK-߃, t\{X-tcm-K-߃ apX-em-bh XS-bp-hm\pw km[n-°p-∂p. tkm∏pw ss]∏psh≈hpw D]tbm-Kn®v ssI ]e {]mhiyw Igp-IpI 60% B¬°tlmƒ ASßnb km\nssS-ssk¿ (Sanitizer)D]tbmKn-°p-∂Xpw klm-b-I-camWv . hfsc Ipd™ Afhn¬ Bƒ°tlmƒ ASßnb ip≤oI-cW emb\n (Sanitizer) F√m AWp°sfbpw \in-∏n-°p-Ib - n-√. Reference : Centers for disease control and prevention - 2014. Translation : Thomas Jose. Funded by: MOTA

tkm∏v D]tbm-Kn®v ssI I-gp-IpI. Adn™pw Adnbm- s X- b pw, a\p- j y¿ IÆnepw aq°nepw hmbnepw ssI sXmSp-∂Xv km[m-c-W-am-Wv. ssIøn¬ \n∂p≈ AWp°ƒ Cßs\ ico-c-Øn-\p≈n¬ IS-°p-∂p. ssIcfn 79 kph-\o¿ 2014

Vitamin ‘D’ is a fat-soluble vitamin. Fat-

soluble vitamins are stored in the body's fatty tissue.Vitamin D is one of the most important nutrients needed by the body to maintain strong bones. It works in collaboration with calcium and helps body to absorb calcium which in turn is an important ingredient of bones. Vitamin D is also needed by muscles and plays a vital part in our immune system. The main source of this vitamin is Sun. That’s why it’s also called the Sunshine Vitamin. Cloudy days, shade, and having dark-colored skin cut down on the amount of vitamin D the skin makes. 10 to 15 minutes of sunshine three times weekly is enough to produce the body's requirement of vitamin D. The sun needs to shine on the skin of your face, arms, back, or legs (without sunscreen).Even though Sun is an important source we need to be careful with the exposure as there is a risk of skin cancer. Since living in this part of world we do not get enough sun due to long winters and indoor acticvities, we need to make sure that we get enough from our food and supplements. Some sources of Vitamin D are • • •

Fatty fish such as salmon, tuna, and mackerel. Beef liver, cheese, and egg yolks provide small amounts. Mushrooms provide some vitamin D. In some mushrooms that are newly available

• •

in stores, the vitamin D content is being boosted by exposing these mushrooms to ultraviolet light. Almost all of the U.S. milk supply is fortified with 400 IU of vitamin D per quart Vitamin D is added to many breakfast cereals and to some brands of orange juice, yogurt, margarine, and soy beverages; check the labels.

Body requirement of Vitamin D will differ based on the age and body. Deficiency of vitamin D causes Rickets in kids and osteoporosis in adults. It also causes muscle weakness and individual becomes more prone to sicknessas it affects immune system. Too much vitamin D can make the intestines absorb too much calcium. This may cause high levels of calcium in the blood. High blood calcium can lead to damage to kidneys, kidney stones, poor appetite, constipation and disorientation. Dietary Supplements are available over the counter in all pharmacies. Please check with your physician before you start or do anything. References .

ssIcfn 81 kph-\o¿ 2014

Lately in our nation today overeat-

ing and lack of exercise has been a huge problem; people however have found a great way to stop this growing issue. Television host and author of “Optimum Wellness”, James Rousse suggests three simple steps to be healthier, recognize that you have a problem, eat healthier, and exercise daily. This solution may sound very difficult, but its actually quite easy. In order to live a healthier lifestyle you must first recognize that you have a problem, but the real question is, how? There are many ways to know if you need a change of lifestyle. One way is to see how much fast food are you eating a week; fast food is very harmful towards the body because of the high sodium content, but we don’t usually care because we are always in a rush and never seem to have any time or we just really want it. If you are eating fast food multiple times a week then you may need to change your diet extravagantly. The second way is to chart how many calories you are eating a day, the average person should be eating about 2,000 calories a day, but it varies from person to person; someone that is four feet tall shouldn‘t be eating the same amount of calories as someone six feet tall. The third way is to notice how many times you exercised a week, how long you’ve exercised, and the intensity of the exercise. This is important

because it will help you realize if you need to actually start exercising more. The next step is to actually start eating healthier, many people think that this is a hard step to do, but its actually quite easy if you have the determination. The first step is to start eating unhealthy food less frequently each week, until you reach no unhealthy food for two weeks. Many people tend to make the mistake and stop eating everything immediately and go to a diet that makes you starve, but that is not a good idea, when you stop eating for a period of time, your body may go into starving mode and retain all the calories it takes in. Your body will lower its metabolism and you will eventually stop losing weight and when you start eating again, you will gain a tremendous amount of weight. Never starve yourself, the key is to gradually take in less calories until it is more manageable. Another step is to replace your snacks, many people dislike vegetables because they don’t taste as good as our normal snacks but vegetables are more beneficial to our day to day life. Fruits are also good, but be careful of how much you eat. Not many people know about this, but fruits have a lot of sugar which makes them taste good. Fruits like bananas, mangoes, grapes, etc. are high in sugar and shouldn’t be eaten to an excess. The last way to make bessIcfn 83 kph-\o¿ 2014

come healthier is to exercise, exercise is a great way to keep in shape and lose weight. A normal exercise routine is to have one day just for exercising your upper body, and the other day is for you to exercise the lower body with some cardio every day. This is a good way to exercise because each day you are helping a different muscle while you are letting other muscles to heal. Exercising your whole body will not only burn calories, but it will help your metabolism too, so that you can burn more calories later. Being healthy is very important because it affects the way you live your life and it is too significant to be taken lightly, it is up to you to decide whether you need to take that first step and actually do something to help yourself live a better life.


was rushed into surgery, as three of her heart’s four major arteries were completely blocked. A male of the same age would likely have been tested and treated immediately.

mated 43 million women annually in the United States and kills more Ms. Smith, 36 years old with no women than all forms of cancer significant medical history, came to combined! It is no wonder heart the emergency room with upper disease is the leading cause of back pain. She was admitted to the death for women in US. In 2009, unit for pain management. She was 292,188 women were killed due to receiving high doses of pain medi- The Facts About heart disease, which is one in three cation because her pain was not re- Heart Disease in Women female deaths. 64% of women lieved. Ms. Smith had an electroEveryday, more than 500 who die suddenly due to heart discardiogram done to check her car- women in the United States die diac system. She was experiencing from Coronary Heart Disease ease have experienced no sympa massive heart attack involving all (CHD), and significant credit for this toms. For Asian-Indian women in the major arteries. She was taken can be given to ignorant behavior. United States, the heart disease to the cardiac catheterization as 46% of women still don’t know that rate is four times higher than white three stents were placed to restore heart disease is the nation’s #1 American women. Many people, especially women, still believe that blood circulation. killer for women. According to New heart disease is a male’s problem. Ms. Jones, 42 years old, came to England Journal of Medicine, Only 54% of women recognize that the emergency room with some women are seven times more likely heart disease is their #1 killer. Studdiscomfort on the neck. She went than men to be misdiagnosed. Ad- ies have shown that aspects of sofor a stress test in the morning and ditional studies have shown that cioeconomic status and gender afwas showing some changes in her death due to heart disease in fect the understanding of concepts cardiac system. She was taken for younger women under the age of concerning heart disease. Each a cardiac catheterization and three fifty-five is rising. year, the cost of CHD alone is of her four major arteries had over Heart disease affects an esti- $108.9 million in United States. 90% blockage. She also got three Heart disease can affect stents in place to restore women of any age. It tends her blood circulation. to affect South Asian Ms. Georgia, 55 years women at a younger age old, said to the doctors and and develops over many nurses in the emergency years. Genetics and lifestyle room that she feels she is factor into the risk of heart having a heart attack. Howdisease. Once developed, ever, nobody listened. Evheart disease can be maneryone thought she was just aged; however, it cannot be stressed out from working cured. Understanding the two jobs. When the cardiwarning signs, symptoms ologist finally saw her, she and risk factors can save ssIcfn 85 kph-\o¿ 2014

lives and prevent permanent damage to the heart muscle. Early detection of risk factors and its treatment are essential to improving mortality and disability rates. With proper evaluation, education and care, heart disease in women can be treated and prevented. What is Heart Disease ? Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) is the most common type of heart disease also called coronary artery disease is the narrowing of the blood vessels of the heart that supply oxygen and blood to the heart. It is caused by the build up of plaque in the walls of the arteries and can restrict blood flow to the heart. When the coronary arteries becomes narrowed or blocked, the heart muscle does not get enough blood. This can lead to angina or heart muscle damage (a myocardial infarction or “heart attack”). Women have smaller coronary arteries than men which may affect more seriously in women than men. Plaque erosion with subsequent thrombus formation is twice more likely to be the precipitating event in women than in men.

Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) is different in women than in men in its presentation, risk factors, symptoms and prognosis. In the community, educational efforts are critically important in prevention of heart disease in women because increased awareness of identifying personal risk factors, warning signs

and symptoms and preventive methods is necessary to promote lifestyle changes and improve the health of women and their family members. Coronary Artery Disease is difficult to diagnose in women because of the atypical and nonspecific presentation, which is more of a functional disability include fatigue, sleep disturbance, difficulty in breathing or a feeling of indigestion.

of indigestion. Warning Signs and Symptoms • Chest pain, discomfort, pressure or squeezing are the most common symptoms • Women are somewhat more likely than men to experience other heart symptoms including: unusual upper body pain or discomfort in one or both arms, the back, shoulder, neck, jaw, or upper part of the stomach • Shortness of breath • Nausea/vomiting • Unusual or unexplained fatigue • Breaking out in a cold sweat • Light headedness or sudden dizziness. Major Risk Factors Non-Modifiable: • Age • Gender • Heredity (family history) Modifiable:

• High Blood Pressure • High Cholesterol • Diabetes • Smoking • Obesity • Physical Inactivity Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) is • Poor Diet different in women than in men in • Metabolic Syndrome its presentation, risk factors, symp- The Major Contributing Factors toms and prognosis. In the community, educational efforts are • Stress critically important in prevention of • Excessive Alcohol Consumption heart disease in women because What is Metabolic Syndrome? increased awareness of identifying It is a group of risk factors that personal risk factors, warning signs raise your risk of heart disease. You and symptoms and preventive methods is necessary to promote are considered to have metabolic lifestyle changes and improve the syndrome if you have any three of health of women and their family the following: members. Coronary Artery Disease • Abdominal obesity (Waist circumference >35 inches) is difficult to diagnose in women because of the atypical and non- • High Triglycerides > 150 mg/dl specific presentation, which is • Low HDL Cholesterol <50 mg/dl more of a functional disability in- • Elevated Blood Pressure >130/ 85 mmhg clude fatigue, sleep disturbance, difficulty in breathing or a feeling • Fasting glucose >100 mg/dl ssIcfn 87 kph-\o¿ 2014

Prevention of Heart Disease

cal to be aware the importance of It has been shown that women screening to find out individual risk lack knowledge and understanding factors and the methods to lower about CHD and its treatment. The the risk of heart disease. Finally, it woman’s perception is that the risk is essential to keep the ideal heart of CHD is lower in women, so they health by maintaining appropriate don’t give any attention to early numbers with screening, as having signs and symptoms. It has been more than one risk factor is very demonstrated in studies that dangerous. women wait longer for getting help Appropriate Numbers for Screenand delay longer in treatment than ing men, resulting in higher rates of • Blood Pressure (<120 / <80 mmhg) morbidity and mortality among • Blood Sugar (<100 mg/dl) women. It is expected to increase • Cholesterol level (total <200 mg/dl) women’s knowledge of risk factors • Low density lipoprotein (LDL – bad and health promotion behavior, cholesterol, <100) and help practice appropriate risk • High density lipoprotein (HDL – good factor modifications to promote cholesterol, <60) better health through lifestyle • Body Mass Index (<25) changes. Each year more women die of heart disease than men and Lifestyle Interventions the symptoms of CHD are often dif- • Physical activity/ Regular exercise. ferent in women. To increase the awareness of coronary heart dis- • Weight reduction/maintenance ease in women, there is a lot of • Heart healthy diet media information available. But, • Limit alcohol the symptoms are often missed in • Quit smoking women and are delayed getting • Reduce stress. appropriate treatment. American Heart Association RecThe awareness of heart disease ommendations Physical Activity in women is heightened, but in minorities and younger women have • 150 minutes of moderate exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous inadequate knowledge and underexercise per week or an equivastanding about heart disease. Inlent combination of the two adequate knowledge and under• At least 10 minutes of aerobic standing of health beliefs, cultural exercise throughout the week values and choices, and patient’s • Muscle strengthening activities failure to relate symptoms in a lanthat involve all major muscle guage other than their own, are the groups should be performed 2 root causes of disparities. Follow days or more per week up and motivation for life style changes is very essential to pro- Women who need to Lose Weight or Sustain Weight Loss mote continuity of wellness. The ultimate goal is to prevent • Accumulate a minimum of 60heart disease before it develops or 90 minutes physical activity on to avoid a repeat episode for those all days of the week who had a heart attack earlier or • Appropriate balance of physical severe heart disease. It is imporactivity and calorie intake tant that women are aware of the • Maintain body mass index difference in symptoms and the risk (BMI) between 18.5 and 24.9 factors leading to heart disease as kg/m2 and waist circumference it can start at a young age and deof < 35 inches velop overtime. If any family memHow to Calculate BMI: bers have any history of heart disBMI = weight in kilograms diease, it is important to monitor the risk factors aggressively. It is criti- vided by the square of the height ssIcfn 89 kph-\o¿ 2014

in meters Ex.Weight: 60 kilograms Height: 1.7 meters (1 meter is approximately 3.28 feet) BMI = (Women can obtain a dietary plan customized to their weight and level of physical activity at Healthy Eating Patterns • o


o o o • •

Healthy Food Selections Fruit and vegetables (1 serving = 1 cup of raw leafy vegetable, ½ cup cut-up raw fruit or 1 cup medium fruit) Whole grains, high fiber (1 serving = 1 slice bread, 1 oz. dry cereal, or ½ cup cooked rice, pasta, or cereal (all whole grain) Fish, especially oily fish, at least twice per week (1 serving = 3.5 oz cooked) No more than one drink of alcohol per day Less than 1500 mg of salt per day Saturated fats < 7 % of calories, < 150 mg cholesterol Limit sugar and trans fatty acid intake (main dietary sources are baked goods and fried foods made with partially hydrogenated vegetable oil)

Epidemiologic data showed that even with vast campaigning battles by organizations like American Heart Association, American College of Cardiology, the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute and other medical groups for raising the awareness but heart disease in women continue to remain number one killer. The focus was helping women to understand the importance of lifestyle approaches to the prevention of heart disease and improve the quality of life. The major goal was to increase awareness of the warning signs and symptoms, risk factors and prevention in order to reduce life threatening risk factors and to achieve an optimal state of health and wellbeing. Sources: American Heart Association, Centers for disease control and prevention, National Heart, lung, blood institute, Million hearts, Go red for women, The heart truth, Women’s

The World of Dreams Poem by: Anagha Varma

Brook flows over pebbles Laughing quietly The willow arching over Weeping silently Sways in the wind Whistling through the trees Emerald green grass Rustles in the breeze And a little brown rabbit Hops out cautiously Making no noise But staring up fearfully Here adventures begin And end in endless procession Heroes home in victory While villains make confessions Evil doesn’t touch What lives here peacefully

But disturb the trust And justice will work swiftly Here lies the pathway To all dreams Where anything is possible Like catching moonbeams The good always wins And the bad always dies Nothing ever changes Except the people who cry Here, Courage finds a purpose Talent finds a passion Every person finds the strength To work in their own fashion Here is the key Take it if you dare Come, bravely, to dream We’ll see how you fare.

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Temple bell tolls Calling, waking Its gold clang ringing Reverberating through the ground Crowds press in closer, Pushing, parting Like the wind on the sea Locked in dance, neither winning I bow one more time Sighing, smiling Happy to have been But not quite happy to be gone Foot in front of the other Calmly, surely Following the lead Back all the way home Car bumps over roads Purring, snarling Pulling up roughly In front of home, family’s home Relations stand in front Smiling, welcoming Arms open wide For a hug a year late I stand there facing them Talking, laughing A little confused but still Warmed by their presence Older folks gather together Kicking up old conversations, hobbies, exchanges I am excluded from those dog-eared jokes and secrets But I am still included In what feels like family

Hot wind gusts over my shoulder Tickling, laughing Its humidity should be offending But it’s not—it’s charming Leaves rustle coarsely, Whispering, nudging Pointing out the stranger who’s not so strange Just coming back home Sunlight beams down Aiming, scything Here it’s like spring always Never a snowflake in sight This is also my home (Home away from home) Foreign yet familiar— I can’t live in two places But I can love them both well Each for different hopes Different people Different things I may live someplace else Belong someplace else Love it someplace else, too But no one can tell me I don’t love it here as much as you.

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ssIcfn 93 kph-\o多 2014

When you hear addiction what

is definitely a problem when

do you think about, shopping, al-

Facebook is the first and last thing


you check every day. The average




Facebook? According to best sell- user should not be spending over ing author of addict nation, Jane two hours maximum on Facebook.

Delwin Suraj

Velez-Mitchell, Facebook is ranked

If you are unable to check Facebook

as one of the top five addictions in

for a period of time (a day) with-

America. There are three main out feeling anger, anxiety, depressteps to fix this addiction. The first sion, etc., you may have a serious step is actually realizing you have a

problem. Another symptom may

Facebook addiction, the second

be being overly concerned with

step is taking the necessary actions

your Facebook image, if you take

to stop the addiction and the third

over fifteen or twenty minutes

step is to make sure you do not re-

thinking about what you are going

turn to the addiction.

to write in your status or editing your pictures eagerly anticipating

There is fine line between check- how people will comment to it, you ing your Facebook account every may be caught into the Facebook once in a while to checking it every

addiction. There are many other

minute of the day. Luckily there are symptoms, but those three are a number of symptoms that can tell major telltale signs that someone if you really have a problem with

is addicted to Facebook.

Facebook. One symptom may be that you are spending over one and

Once you realize that you have

a half hours on Facebook alone. It

an addiction and you are finally

ssIcfn 95 kph-\o多 2014

the addiction is coming back. If you the necessary steps before it gets sure to remember that whatever see yourself going longer hours on any worse. The first step is to see you post can be seen by anyone Facebook it may be a sign that you are regressing back to your former how far the addiction has went and and can be interpreted a number state. The rewards of ending a go from there. If you spend three of ways. Be wary of what you post Facebook addiction is really worth hours on Facebook a day, try going but don’t go crazy over it. The jour- the struggle. The chances are that only two and half hours for one ney you need to take to get out of you will feel much less restricted week and keep decreasing it every this addiction may be hard and it and confined by social media and week until it is up to forty five min- may be mentally taxing, but it will you will find that you will have much more time do activities that utes. The next step is trying to go lead to a better and happier life. certain days without Facebook, you This may seem like a miniscule really matter like spending more quality time with your family and must get to a point where step but once you finally get out of friends. Facebook is just a fun pastime that the Facebook addiction, you need A Facebook addiction is you do when everything is done. to stay off of it. Just like any other nothing to take light of, it is a seriTry setting certain days of the week addiction, it is easy to go right back ous addiction that affects millions as a no Facebook day maybe on to an addiction once you’ve ended a day, it is however very possible Tuesdays or Thursdays. Another it. A good way to prevent this from to overcome this issue. All it takes step to try is limiting the amount happening is to check periodically is a little determination and perseof time you take trying to think of (maybe an interval of a month) if verance to succeed. ready to fix it, you must go through

what you will post online, but be

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]p©n-cn-®p-sIm≠v ASpØv h∂p \n∂ bph-Xnsb kmIqXw t\m°n, Dj taml≥. Xs‚ ¢m n¬Xs∂ ]Tn-°p∂ sX∂n-¥y≥ s]¨Ip-´n. Ipeo-\X Ah-fpsS Ag-In\p N¥w Iq´n. Iri-Km-{Xnbpw kpµ-cn-bpamb Ahsf ]cn-Nb - s - ∏-Sp-hm≥ ]e-t∏mgpw B{K-ln-®n-cp-∂psh-¶nepw AsXm∂pw icn-bm-hn√ F∂ tXm∂eXn\p hneßpXSn-bm-bn. Ahsf I≠n´pw ImWm-sX, Adn™n´pw Adn-bmsX Hgn™p amdn \S-∂p. “Xm¶v bp.” ]d-bp-tºmƒ kzcw Aev]w ]X-dntbm F∂v tXm∂n. “Abmw Dj. Dj taml≥.” {]k-cn-∏p≈ kzchpw apJ-`m-hhpw. “kndn¬ sNdn-bm≥,” ]Xn-hn-√mØ D’m-lt - ØmsS ]d-™p. “Adn-bmw. \nß-fpsS h¿°v F\n°v HØncn CjvSam-Wv. t\sc Hcp hc hc-°m≥ t]mepw F\n°v AdnssIcfn 99

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\º-dn-√. Ie am{Xw Xe-bn-te‰n \S-∂-bmƒ Nn¥n°m≥ XpS-ßn. C\n Fßs\ Ahsf H∂v ImWm≥ km[n-°pw.? Nn¥n-®p. Ccp∂pw \S∂pw Nn¥n-®p. “\o F¥m c≠p Znh-k-ambn shcpIv t]mse \S-°ps∂? ho´n¬ t]mIm- \ p≈ [rXn Bbncn°pw As√? ” B‚nbpsS Ia‚ v. “Hm F\n°v kvIqƒ H∂v amd-Wsa-∂p-≠v. sP.-sP. kvIqfn¬ In´-Ws - a¶n¬ ]ecpw I\nb-Ww. \√ am¿°pw thWw.” “AXn\v \o F∂pw H∂ma-\t√ hc-°m≥! H∂v t]mSm. \ns∂ F\n°-dn™p- I qsS? thsd h√ e∏Sbpw Bbncn- ° pw. ” “F\nt°m? ]pfn°pw! ” DS≥ Fßp\nt∂m Hcp sFUnb ]d-s∂-Øn. kvIqfn¬ \n∂pw DjbpsS ta¬hn-emkw Ic-ÿ-am-°p-I. sFUnb sIm≈mw. Ah¿ Xct≠? F¥mbmepw DS≥ Xncn®p _m{µ kvIqƒ e£-am-°n. s{]m^-k¿ ]se-°-dns‚ kΩ-X{]-Imcw Hcp t\m´p-_p°v XncnsI G¬]n°m-s\∂ `mh- Ø n¬ DjbpsS A{U v ssI°- e m- ° n. kt¥mjw tXm∂n. ]s£ AXv A[nIw t\cw \o≠p \n∂n-√. ]´n°v In´nb s]mXnb tXß t]mse-bmbn A{U v. F¥v ]d™p AhfpsS ho´n¬ sN√pw.? c≠v Znh- Ø - n-\p-≈n¬ \m´n¬ t]mIp-Ib - m-Wv. ImWm\p≈ hy{K-X-bpsS Im‰v t]mbn. icn. C\n X¬°mew Hscgp- Ø n¬ \n¿Ømw. AXmbn- c n°pw icn- b mb am¿§w Ft∂m¿Øv kam-[m-\n-®p. \m´n¬ sN∂n´pw FgpX-Wtam th≠tbm F∂ Nn¥ Ae´n. DjbpsS {]Xn-I-cWw F¥mbn-cn°pw? Hcp _p°v am{X-at√ Xt‚-Xm-bn´v Ahƒ°v sImSpØn-´p≈q? _p°ns‚ Imcyw hnSmw. shdpsX Ipiew tNmZn®p Hcp IØv X´n-°q-´n. amdn-amdn hmbn-®p. c≠pw I¬]n®p IØv sabn¬ t_mIvkn¬ C´p. ]ns∂ ImØn-cn-∏m-bn. BgvNIƒ c≠p Ign-™p. aq∂p Ign™p. Hcp amkhpw ]n∂n-´p. t\m se‰¿!. H∂pIn¬ Ahƒ FgptX- ≠ , kwKXn hj- f mt°≠ F∂v Xocp- a m- \ n®p ImWpw. As√¶n¬ AhfpsS AΩtbm A—t\m CSs∏´p ImWpw. Xs∂°p-dn®p tNmZn®p ImWpw. sO! CsXm∂pw th≠n-bncp-∂n-√. ]s£ a\ p ]d-™p. “t]Sn-°p-∂-h\v H∂pw t\Sm≥ Ign-bp-I-bn-√.” ss[cy-am-bn-cn-°p-hm≥ {ian-®p. C\n hcp-∂-Xpt]mse hc-s´. H∂pw \jvSs∏-´n-√t√m. t\m´p-_p-°p-ambn Ahƒ Xo¿®mbpw hcpw. \m¬]Xmw Znhkw DjbpsS IØv h∂p. hmbn®p. ho≠pw ho≠pw hmbn-®p... “ sorry for the delay in replying... We were travelling... stayed at Lonavla, Bangalore and Mysore.. Days went so fast... Got to copy the notes after returning to Bombay.” I≠-Xn-s‚bpw

tI´-Xn-s‚bpw hnh-c-W߃ IØn\v \ofw Iq´n. “Want to visit Kerala next year. ......Hope you had a wonderful vacation.” Best regards, Usha

IØv In´n-bn´pw In´m-ØXv t]mse. AImc-Wa- mb Hcp Akzÿ-X. kvIqƒ Xpd-°p-∂X - n\p HcmgvN apºv t_mw_bn¬ FØn. sP.-sP. kvIqfn-te°v {Sm≥kv^¿ sNø-W-

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IqSp-X¬ hmbn-°p-hm≥ Ign-™n-√. F¥mWv ]dbpI F∂dn-bmsX Ipsd t\cw Ccp∂p. H∂pw ]dbmsX Cdßn. s]¨Ip´n ]pdsI h∂p t\m´p-_p°v \o´n. IS-∏p-d-tØ°v \S-∂p. Pplp _o-®nse aW-en\pw NqSm-dn-bn-cp-∂p. At∏mƒ ]Sn-™msd N{I-hm-f-Øn¬ A∂sØ Dj ns‚ acWw Actß-dp-I-bm-bn-cp-∂p.

ssIcfn 101 kph-\o¿ 2014

C∂se-bpsS i‡n t{kmXkv Fs∂ Bthiw sIm≈n-°p∂p. F{X N¥-am-bm-Wv. Znh-k-߃ Hmtcm∂pw sas√ sas√ A\p`-h-ß-fpsS Nm¥p-Iq-´n-sem-´n-sbm´n CfImØ ASnØ-d-bn¬ ‘C∂n’s\ {]Xn-jvTn-®Xv ? ‘C∂n’s‚ a[p-c-°-\n-I-fm-kz-Zn-°th Rm≥ Fs∂Øs∂ ad-°p∂p t\ms°-ØmØ Zqcw hsc ]®∏v Xnc-X-√p∂ ]I¬ shfn®w HgpIn-sb-Øp∂ sXfn-\o-cn¬ \o¥nØpSn-°p∂ sNdp∏w. \nd-∏-In-´m¿∂ ]pØ-\-\p-`-h-ßsf amtdmSW-bv°m≥ ImØn-cn-°p∂ \msf, ‘\msf-’bpsS kpµ-c-kz-]v\-߃ Fs∂ lcw ]nSn-∏n-°p-∂p. hnS-cm≥ shºp∂ ]qsam-´p-t]mse kv\nKv≤ at\m-lcw. A\¥-amb km[y-X-Iƒ ssIsb-Øp-ap-b-c-Øn¬ \nd-™p-\n¬°p∂p. \∑-Iƒ \ndw ]I-cp∂ amcn-hn-√-pIƒ \msf-bv°mbv AWnb-d-bn-semcpßp∂p.

ssIcfn 103 kph-\o¿ 2014

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“ Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. It has the power to inite in a way that little else does. It speaks to youth in a language they understand. Sport can create hope where once there was only despair.” - Nelson Mandela

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ssIcfn 113 kph-\o¿ 2014

being that has taken on a life of its own. This partnership agreement has been a huge success with tremendous benefit to the Indian community. So far, more than 1700 students got the benefit of this partnership thus saving millions of dollars to the community by way of tuition discount. Not only that, many of the FOMAA member associations received sponsorships from the university for their local events like Onam and Christmas, thus making it one of the most popular programs of FOMAA.

Federation of Malayalee Associations of Americas FOMAA)is having an Educational Partnership with Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona from July 1, 2013. As a leading private Christian university, GCU offers students a traditional campus environment in Phoenix as well as offering students the flexibility of choosing to take courses online. As an accredited university, GCU holds both college specific and program-specific accreditations. With seven distinct colleges, including College of Nursing and Health Care Professions, College of Education, and College of Business, GCU offers over 100 majors and concentrations for Bachelor’s, Master’s and degree programs.

I continue as a volunteer for coordinating this program. For more information and tuition discount forms students can contact: Babu Thomas Thekkekara Coordinator: FOMAA-GCU Partnership Tel: 410-740-0171 Cell: 443-535-3955

After consulting with Mr. Ramon Rios, Regional Director Operations, of GCU, he came with a proposal of collaboration with FOMAA. As per the agreement, GCU will provide 15%scholarship on tuition per course to each FOMAA member. This scholarship is available to all current GCU students for their remaining classes. Students can save al-most $.3,000.00 through this discount program. GCU will provide a foreign credentials evaluation at no-charge to the FOMAA members and also will provide access at no charge to GCU’s career services department to FOMAA students and alumni. In addition, GCU also sponsors FOMAA and member association programs and events. Fast forward a year, we are very happy that the conversational brain child of Yinka and I is now a fledging ssIcfn 115 kph-\o¿ 2014

GET THE DISCOUNTS YOU DESERVE! AUTO Multiple Automobiles discount ........ up to 20% (Two or more cars insured in the same household)

Multi-line discount .......................... up to 17% (Add a qualifying State Farm policy)

Good Driving disount ....................... up to 10% (No insured drivers have moving violations or at-fault accidents in past three years)

Accident Free discount .................... up to 25% (Based on driving experience after insured with state Farm for three years)

HOME Home/Auto discount ....................... up to 25% (Add a qualifying State Farm Auto Policy)

Home Alert discount ........................ up to 15% (Devices such as burger alarms or fire / smoke detectors could qualify you for discounts)









Kairali souvenir 2014  
Kairali souvenir 2014