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If you are familiar with the Atlanta metropolitan area, you may be aware of the different non-owner occupied residential and commercial properties in the area. Many of these building are in need of some attention and some renovations. Renovating these properties can not only benefit residents of Atlanta and help make the city better, but this can also be a great investment for the renovators as well. However, there are many details that need to be covered when deciding to renovate a property like this, one of the biggest being the funding behind the project. 2

Luckily, for Atlanta area residents there is a company that specializes in offering hard money loans to qualifying applicants that are specifically for renovating non-owner occupied residential and commercial properties. This company is known as Paces Funding. Fortunately for those ready to get started the Atlanta Hard Money loan process is very simple and straightforward. With Paces Funding you can often get the entire loan completed from start to finish in just two weeks or less. Also, you have the experts at Paces Funding helping you along every step of the way so all of your questions can be answered as you go through the loan process. You simply start online where you can download and fill out the loan application. Once the form is complete, simply fax it to Paces Funding where they will look over your application. Atlanta Hard Money lender offering hard money loans to purchase and renovate non-owner occupied residential and commercial properties 3 throughout the Atlanta Georgia metropolitan area. They are the best Atlanta Hard Money Lenders.

A Paces Funding staff member will then give you a call to discuss your loan and the upcoming project and get a better idea of your goals. That staff member will then guide you through the loan processing and underwriting process once your good faith estimate has been approved and help you through the entire process until your loan has been approved. The whole process is truly that easy and quick and with the help of Paces Funding you can get started on your renovation project in hardly any time at all.


The loan application process is simply, most because the professional staffs at Paces Funding are there to help anyone through the loan application process and to answer questions throughout every step of the way. Not only will they help you get your actual loan, but they can also help you find out more information on hard money loans, even if you aren’t quite ready to commit. If you may be interested in this loan or with an Atlanta renovation project, but you aren’t sure of where to begin, you can visit Paces Funding online. Their website is filled with information that can help you with the loan application process. They are the Atlanta area experts when it comes to hard money loans. Their professional staff knows how to make sure you get the money you need to purchase and renovate a local Atlanta property. They can help anyone with a solid credit history and the right credentials to get the money they deserve. If you are interested in getting a hard money loan or simply want to find out more about the process you can visit Paces Lending online at to find out more.


Contact Paces Funding By: Phone: 404-814-1644 (Office) By Fax: 404-814-1641 (Fax) General Email: Address: 3015-B Piedmont Road Atlanta, GA 30305


Understanding Hard Money Loans  
Understanding Hard Money Loans  

A local Atlanta hard money lender that offers hard money loans to individuals looking to purchase and renovate properties. Hard money loans...